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Lantern Rescue / Lantern Rescue
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July 25, 2020 3:00 pm

Behind the Lantern

Lantern Rescue / Lantern Rescue

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July 25, 2020 3:00 pm

Mark and Wren discuss how they each became interested in the fight against human trafficking, the formation of Lantern Rescue, and the story behind the team's name.

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Lantern Rescue
Lantern Rescue

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This is the Truth Network welcome to lantern risk a ministry program dedicated to bringing the light into the darkness of human trafficking. It's time to light the way to freedom.

This is lantern rest. We tell the stories we talk about rest and we empower you to do something about it was once said, let it not be said I was silent when they needed this young lantern rescue why you have so much emotion in this is that you use the word molasses the abuse but give her a list as we try to sugarcoat the reality is this man was being paid to write these children take pictures of it provided through the Internet to another country to an American and known there… This is the level of abuse like analysis a loose term.

This is the extremist form on today show's you're gonna love this.

I remember every night now I am on my way this is going to be amazing. The story kind of behind the lantern. So how did this happen and how did God somehow another orchestrate such a team and you know what the original vision was what's behind the name.

We get to get all those things today so we have actually the two that were originally on the scene both ran and Mark and Saran start us off.

What would happen and Mark worked out.

We are passionate about getting our own stories are not a little bit later but we were working in my project met years ago and both of us were volunteering with.

More recently we met back up any kind of the flies and other and what we could get back that we decided to go off and do our own thing that with the cattle? If you want to be when God opened the door, door, and not your pushing open the open man in. He provides all the right people in all the right resources and really when I've done training together. In the past, rescue, stuff like that worked in other parts of the world in different capacities that you mention, but really coming together would like my our team, not just rabbit your PC and Allen Internet. There's others that really had to hearing from ownership how God brought all the people together, you know, and that I keep marveling today we had the meeting were up in DC he was doing different things in this area meeting particular. If you have a hand tape that would be taking off and the need for different resources in God to contaminate that your comfort and go lantern was, it wasn't hard to start. You know, I guess that's what I'm things like when you say you find that the Lord carries you through every step tomorrow and you know I often hear missionaries that God, breaks her heart for people group and that's from what I understand kinda what happened with both you guys lately definitely how I got involved And general I young college and I had a perfect day. That way very passionate about and she taught mainly about how both. Not in the form of human trafficking and organ trafficking officially part of the class. I thank meter in length international politics and not arena your very pocket. He would always donate money, she would donate if I got for a diligent and help and not wake you with my time fix the problem out of you know I would work with other group here and there volunteer a little bit inside me and at what I am in my heart and then got boring when I was working and got like I Cannot really reinvigorated my passion for and about the same time I was getting out of the Marine Corps. So I started to really knew how I could grow and do that full-time and I would hundred I was searching for and me marketing the same something back over a decade ago now finding out about my gravity fed your heart break because it and I remember every night for years. For that I would think like if I could send a message out to the basement of human trafficking. What I want and now it was all in the same method. It was always hold on, I'm on my way and I'll be there as soon as I can and I never knew what that meant. I never knew how it got there. I did now when I can be somehow calling about the money and really don't. And then you know me and Mike came together in a way that we get in front lantern and we started the team and now that has changed from I'm on my way to run away and will be there.

So what was in those classes were the things that you are studying that had you so convicted I know I learn more when I was learning by watching my classmates because we would leave you know the first time 17-year-old named very naïve to the world and in my my class and after she fell passionately from the class almost like a preacher saying like the child soldier there seven years old and had a machine gun and look at the sheet showing that like it there it's real it's not happening and cotton over and everyone picks up their books and they leave and I'm just will my questions and how to help you and my classmates are just needing to walk you like like horror movies real anything you finding a copy right now. When you and I was when I really started to realize that a lot of people don't want to look they can see the darkness but they don't really see they just grant that it is your back for a moment, but they don't do anything and that interaction is really what drove me to take the action that I have today. God made with the righteous heart that you want to make things right so I'm curious Mark would that look like for you, you know God start with not much. I would say that you are what matter how much writing or path you have God start with where you're at with me. I honestly was an individual who like Brenda mentioned aware of the problem. All little bit of it just you you read and then in other countries realize the will of the curry but really for me. What happened was at one point my family went through tremendous trial and that trial is a public speaker large below listeners because I'm sure there a lot more foster parent and my wife no foster parents and we also foster to adopt as though we've adopted children and we want to betroth with a wood adoption of the older boy what occurred was he ended up abusing my younger children. My three younger daughters and may never have never felt so hopeless those times.

Looking at the face of you know one-year-old three-year-old you know, just young children. My children football the time and living through that whole experience counseling our own children dealing with the older boy going through the whole process that put me in a place to be toward the needs of those who are being sexually abused and that forever changed my life that I would have to give attention to that and then you got continue to move in different directions and hopefully you know it often one of the first three I get volunteer think I did with my life was to go and be part of an extraction to human abilities and a member being the same look and the girls there that I saw in my children at times when they were suffering and I didn't want. I did want to child in another country not to have the same rescue opportunity if my children are my children were not trap it was just an sexual abuse issue, but the pain was there and they had a deal to get there. Although, thank I want to see the kids over there get the same care and treatment, and so it really is always good when you meet another blizzard out there who offer themselves under abuse, sexual abuse, because we hear from all the time and then we also have those blisters who are, you know, close party to someone who is being abused and you know that look when you see a child who looks depressed. Not natural for a five-year-old or eight-year-old you know it's just not that they shouldn't have such depression on them because the way there there there being misused, though, when I see that I received what he that the places we work the girls whether their younger weather you know.

18 every week. Sometimes the operating rescue from older girls will be the same look rescuing them quickly is only really the first small step in the right direction because the therapeutic counseling. The message of hope. Jesus, all of that is what bring the light back to the eye. You know, because through the guys are the window: you can see it in our victim but I love the end of those guys later love you as I month later they were talking today about going back to pick a country to the those two children that were rescued that we covered in the last episode we can't wait to rebid the family correlate with picture we do that and out to the right will change the light in the mouth.

My faith that's the absolutely beautiful thing I love about lantern rescue is not just you know taking them out of the darkness, but then providing light that can get down and the cracks of of where you know Satan's attacks them through such brutality that we really can't even describe it I think is cool that God provided ran with this rescuers heart and input you guys together for such a time as this really dinner.

I did you note to the cattle greatly and organize their military background covers detailed intelligence in a way that so needed in the fight and an allergy every one of our team did you commit no reality TV of course.

And honestly the next point that you need as well that we work with are just amazing that God is bottom altogether. You know, I marveled at this radio show Rob is ready to show the leap of faith for all but one were nervous about the exposure who were like we do a radio show Lord know you were doing, we don't do that about we do, but here we are doing a show and when I get back and listen to sometimes even feel the spiritual depth of my team and in our spouses than everyone.

I just marvel at the Lord. I might man Lord you know you exactly what you're doing because I went around the world trying to find tactical people who had spiritual insight to say anything worthwhile ready, so it will flop house where I think we we just don't look great, but let me say oh my, you were to meet Alan and you would not want to be on the baptized team. God is amazing.

We find more behind the lantern rescue is a faith-based organization that conducts international rescue operations for people suffering from human trafficking lantern specializes in sending former US special operations law enforcement and intelligence personnel department with hallucinations and assist them in reading specialized units combat ongoing security from genocide, terrorism and human track is a nonprofit charity.

They offer services free of charge to their host nation.

Human trafficking is thrown into the second largest collective human world reaching an estimated $50 billion in annual activity lantern rescue was developed rapidly to combat trafficking and operates through a train international network in order to rescue women and children, sex and labor slavery and facilitates holistic gearing up for operations right now and you can see how you can support welcome back to lantern rescue so much fun today trying to lantern getting back to how the amazing thing is this the first is to know what God has done to bring the scene, gather but moving on from there. I know listeners are one then what happened your so what occurred you would God, you know, called on your heart prepares you spiritually and emotionally to you note to commit whatever you want. You know and how it needs to do and and be in that we were at the fight against human trafficking. I know it individual.

You know, not just when I get off the finale got work in their heart and everyone involved with. But at that moment. We had a call that hate their the need for an organization to work against the traffic route to the state of governments, not before.

And no one was truly tackling that objective overseas on the truck route directly to the state for had the means or resources or training in all the you and honestly that's where we fit that for you and I both like we can meet that head on and go. We had our first job the day you know immediately that we would like. We performed it and then twiddle us to go, what we do now know it would love to meet the demand to 90 information on The paper is running for meeting meeting and what really sets us apart as an organization is an organization try to come in and they do great things and great we don't ever talk on either document and they want to go rescue anyone they want to run out safely and go back to the faith and you can't rescue her buyer way out of this crisis you have to really get to the root of that enough what we've done is we've gone in and we knew when we got countries you know this trip, we might not rescue anyone if it might be training the team the local asset and making them capable as possible and going to aftercare organizations and making sure that they are vetted and ready to take the victim and making sure this infrastructure in place that were not running and grabbing someone.

Now we do it now connected on the street next dated back with the same template being an even worse because now I think you and I think that with everything that passionate me and Mark care for this you know I started when I was 17, just so confused by everyone in the world wasn't out right now that might if I didn't talk about. I don't find on the radio and on the new and in my personal story like you do.

We weren't here it when a hot button topic front. It wasn't something he was trying need to be again for something you know everyone's value that these random causes about saving some brought in some foreign forest and how did he get there, we can forget about it because it we are really passionate about. We are willing to put in the extra time and actor Africa really do it right. The people are never traffic again and it broke truly decreasing the number and not getting one decking for another. So can you comment take us back to that moment, here comes this call and I know both you guys. I'm sure prayer was heavily involved in. Clearly you know God's put this call in what were you sensing from God. At that point in time and does that have something to do with. I'm sure you had come up with a name pretty quick. We did and I will let richer little bit about that because you know there's a lot of meaning behind our name, our tagline or logo. It represents our call yet though I see where lantern rescue the lantern way motivated by the Underground Railroad here in United States and have more meaning than just that by the Underground Railroad did utilize lantern for signal PayPal for signal or anything and something that over the years millennium that trafficking and then slavery in United States and all that that I really started to feel this guilt I get is the right word that there were these abolitionist back in United States. It was so passionate about ending slavery and how ashamed they would be if they thought today and found out that there are more slaves today than there ever were, document, and that broke my heart and I just wanted to continue their legacy and their mission and remind people that this site is been going on for hundreds of years. We are not Neil lately rescue the new organization.

But the fight is not Neil and not really why we wanted to use the lantern and also lantern that we are not really about how these yummy marketing you start thinking no one else want to luck and make my pretend it doesn't exist and put in a box somewhere and we want to bring the light bring the lantern and just illuminate and show people that you cannot-miss anymore. You have to accept the disability people will never find a better life by going into the darkness will bring on the light is the only way to get back. How cool is that I just picture there really are two different kind of concepts between the signal that she was been on your heart. Apparently since were 17 rennet hold on were coming. You can see the light ahead of you, but also the light to the rest of the world which we been doing more with the radio show which I know is really a difficult concept to embrace. I know that person on levels that most people wouldn't, but you know to actually bring light into you know the inside of what's really going on here that's just absolutely fabulous it is and we play were lighting the way to freedom. Sometimes you know what beautiful thing to watch that we really are doing it because I going to countries that don't know how to get the freedom like they wanted and even the law enforcement wants to aid in the issue and they know their children be attracted. They know how to tackle it but they do not know what to do with a little like the way it's like we literally get the like the way this is the way how you do it and then on another thought about it when you're in a rescue and a girl group in your victim in trafficking, for she was nine years old, you know. Now she's 15 or 16, she had no idea how to get the you know she has the desire you missed an opportunity.

If you have the know-how and so were able to like that what were able to go.

You know, starting Wrigley from the attic we call it, but we do the rest you, you know, the rated we pull the victim out and then to continue that lighting the way through the aftercare process and how you know you can find true freedom" tagline means a lot as well to assist more than amazing. And you know I picture you guys starting this new thing you gotta have a name and then you gotta have a logo.

So is there a story behind that as well. Will you know the logo is that lantern and you know the main story, knowing that we you know of known her for lunch and knowing your heart for drafting in her study not only the knowledge but history talk about abolitionist it out if that will work.

You walk in her office party walked in her office. She got up on the wall you every parade abolitionist like a small museum you know about you, slavery in her office and knowing her passion. That way I did the note written fund when they find a name that represent what were doing and he left that are left out. We came to the lantern didn't hesitate to give up that name.

We also get accepted it and love it. You know I can't help it determine which of those abolitionist some instance you know way more about it than I do. I'm wondering which one really grabbed you that you would put the picture up on the wall and all those kind of things and what were those signals back them. I have a couple pictures on the wall, though, the department always comes out look of an hour and Harriet have been. I have her picture and now cannot really give a painting that was done for me to hang enormous frame in my hallway so picked out, but there is also. He tricked out who wrote uncle Tom Tappan and the famous quote from Abraham Lincoln when he met her way clear the little lady that started this great big war but was another way of bringing the light all that there is a picture of Jonathan Walker and he was branding the payment brand with access meaningfully file because he was helping a free slave and advertisement a primitive hand with at that I would take the punishment any day. If I could free slaves and got a brand that he boarded the badge of honor in and out of that we have a Frederick Douglass and Abraham Lincoln is pretty well-known one, so the wandered up in my office right now by you know I'm always looking for more staff and reading more about the people reading the biographies and imagining if they were here today, what would they do what with what I would like that. I'm how disappointed would they be where would they fight and accept that I'm to try to think about that and to remember that I have all these amazing tools nowadays and I'm able to hop on a plane and you anything and back. Daniel Harriet Tubman was trudging out on foot to bring people to freedom back and forth and risking your life all the time so she can do it. Back then, I can definitely do it now and so do you actually know what the signal was still pure, lanterns, what were the what was do you know what the signal I'd like that for coughing or houseware player could stop you get ridiculed you know if any of the harbor to get away from authority or whatever that would look like I'm a slave going across the field, what with that lantern look like to me, it would always.

I believe the upper left window of the house I would leave it burning up in the window that is that his clothes were also used heavily. How did this on felt that they would have hanging out to take "dry and different types would mean certain things about the flavor and garlic to house the safer or if any. And so Mark you guys got together but then all of a sudden you needed a bigger team.

It would appear you come together. We had a go to like, you know, hey, could we put a team together to take this challenge and it really look about people who have ductal guilt in their life.

Obviously, but clearly we both came to the same conclusion about we closely work with in the dog thing you know for sure that we know those individuals are able to do what we have to them and operate such a great way and love the Lord and our wonderful family people so that was deftly the next step. You know, and a lot of people take the thousand people effectively and email it from the show a lot, you operate with God, and I wish we had space for everybody who had a heart but it is the catalyst of specialized you know effort together. We do a lot of training together a lot of eating and things and so were were family. You know, but we are you know excited about the future. We've got so many things by covertly been operating in a lot of intelligence work will gathering a lot of assistance for cases over see you were excited about a rescue and 8° and that we helped with so I wanted to show them that what you're saying so you know internally we had upon the creative team that really we use the four fees that Ren called Ella, that is preparation and prosecution protection and prevention that we have to meet those core feeds into our team has to have the ability, capacity to do that we gotta be able to provide preparation. We gotta be able to broad prosecution help and aid in that we got your protection of those both are spelled RT make those working with then only the victims and then we got quick prevention in place to keep her from happening again. I time this is susceptible and lightning that would be a good word so that I lantern today is your listening. I bet some things are like not for you on your thinking on what you have for us in this and again we would urge you to pray.

First and foremost, God starts lighten things up. Things are going to get a whole lot better and specifically for the team. Mark obviously ran and CC and Alan made some more, some children so thank you for listening him that were possible.

So you can find for G this is the Truth Network

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