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Special Kids Chosen Moms

Kingdom Pursuits / Robby Dilmore
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May 4, 2024 2:15 pm

Special Kids Chosen Moms

Kingdom Pursuits / Robby Dilmore

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May 4, 2024 2:15 pm


This is the Truth Network. Well, we have a pre-Mother's Day special for you today here in May. If you're not aware that next weekend is Mother's Day, let me let you in on that so that you can make the appropriate preparations. How fun is that?

Mother's Day every year. And so along those lines we have Sandy Nieto. Am I saying that right, Sandy?

You are. I'm very proud. She is the author of, I love this book, the name of this book especially, author of Special Kids, Chosen Moms, a forthcoming book anticipated for release this summer. The book aims to help parents of disabled kids figure out how to navigate the new world of taking care of their special kids, obtaining them the services that they need. And you don't know this, Sandy, but my wife and I taught the special needs or however you want to term that adult class at our church at Calvary.

For years and years and years we had quite a large class, but they were mostly kids that were 18 and above up to adults that some of them were older than me and I'm 68, so they were pretty old. Well, that's wonderful. That is totally wonderful. There's not many special needs like classes in the different churches. I know and it's such a wonderful opportunity for every church out there. Let me just tell you that that group of folks can worship God in a way that will literally blow your mind because they are so wholehearted and when you worship God with a whole heart it's spectacular and, in doing that for all those years, I have to tell you, Sandy, that I met many chosen moms.

And I can tell you that they are. And maybe, you know, you have a son named Clay, right? That that's his story? I did. I did. I had him for 15 and a half years.

They told me he would only get to be three maybe. And God had different plans, so I got him to 15 and a half and it was, it was, yes, it was scary, it was hard, and it was wonderful, and it was fun, and it's just everything, everything. And so I love that you've taken, you know, like it says in 2 Corinthians, right, that God has comforted you and now you're comforting others with the comfort that he comforts you with.

Absolutely. And through that journey and that book, you know, I just know the need of it as people find themselves in that, you know, all of a sudden there's a zillion questions, how am I going to navigate this and how am I going to navigate that? And so here's this opportunity. Well, I guess I'm going to just go on to our next guest and then I got to tell you a story.

I'm dying to tell you this story because it's so indicative of how special moms are chosen, I'm just saying. So we got also very fun, I've had him a few times on my show, met him at the NRB a couple times, Jim Harman, and he's the author of numerous books, but his most recent series explores the prophecy of Daniel and very cool, it extracts, or he extracted two estras from the Apocrypha that relate to the end times, and so I think you're going to learn something about Jesus coming back, and Jim, always good to have you on. Good to be here again. One of the things, you know, I was listening to Sandy just now and I'm wondering if I'm on here for the right reason. My daughter, she was in 2000, she dove into a lake and she broke her neck at level C4 and she became quadriplegic. So we have a lot, I have a lot in common with Sandy in terms of her experiences. We lived with Jennifer for, I guess, 25 years. She was quadriplegic and we probably could write a book also, maybe we should get together sometimes, Sandy.

There you go. Yeah, she was unbelievable and I dedicated my last two books to her and, you know, she went to be with the Lord last year. It was a horrible experience that we had and I don't know how much you want to get into it right now, but yeah, we loved her and we know that she's in a better place right now. Well, let me connect maybe some dots. Like, Robbie, why would you take on these two particular guests on the same weekend before Mother's Day? Well, to me, and this is just my interpretation, but I'll bet Jim agrees with me, that in order to truly understand prophecy or what's going to happen in the end times, it's critical that you understand what happened in the beginning times.

And there were four mothers and there were three fathers. And so much of the wonderful, wonderful work Jim has done in the Bible is understanding, you know, certainly the love of God, which comes through both a masculine and a feminine love. And so this idea of special moms being chosen, I think is so appropriate to the idea of why we have to be ready, right? Which is the point of all your books, right, Jim? We've got to be ready and all our children need to be ready for his return. Yeah, that's right.

We don't really know when it's going to be for sure, so that's the main things to be prepared. So I do have time to tell my story, Jim, so I just got to tell it because I'm just, you know, it's just... So when you talk about chosen moms, in fact, I got to see this mom last weekend when I was doing the remote at the Middle Eastern Christian Festival, but Ryan is a gentleman, he's got autism, and I suppose he's pretty close to 40 now, he might be over 40, but I met him when he was in his teens.

And he is the most delightful man, you know, he will always hug you harder than anybody can hug you, you're going to feel loved when you're in his presence, and he's just an absolutely wonderful, wonderful person to be around, except at times, he struggles, like we all do. And I'll never forget, and I'd never seen this side of Ryan, honestly, I'd always seen, you know, I had been around him for years and years and years, but one day, his mom had given him her... He loved to play with keys, and he had his mom's keys, and for whatever reason, nobody knows, he took his mom's keys and he threw them in one of the closets there in the Sunday school room and he shut it, and he did not realize, and none of us did, that the door locked, and nobody had a key to this room. So we, you know, scurried around trying to find the right custodian, whatever, this lady finally came that had the key to the closet, and when she opened up that closet, Ryan went crazy.

And that's only where I know to put it, it was just crazy. And he slammed that door so hard, I guarantee you, anybody within ten or fifteen rooms of that room heard that door close, because he slammed it with all his might, and like anybody that's highly agitated, you know, they get adrenaline, and he's got like super human strength. Well then he turned with this rage on his face, and he turned towards his mom, which scared me, and so I stepped in front of him, I said, Ryan, what are you doing? And he threw me down like I was a limp rag, I mean, I'll never ever forget it, like I'm a big guy, I'm six foot five at that time, I was probably 230 pounds, and he throws me down to the ground like a dishrag, and he heads for his mother, and I'm laying on the ground going, this may not be good, when his mother looks at him, and she goes, in the most sweet, lovable voice I've ever heard in my life, she looked at him and she said, does someone need a hug?

And when she said that, Ryan melted into her arms, bawling. Now you tell me, I mean really, chosen mom, right? Absolutely, absolutely. And so I, go ahead, go ahead. No I was just going to say, you know, for our own child, for whatever reason, was made for us, and that to me is an honor, you know, to think that God chose me out of all the moms to have this child, and once you look at it that way, we have to really look at the situation, and when you see that you have been chosen, it's kind of relaxing, you're like, okay, alright, this is what we're doing now, okay, you know.

Well yeah, that's exactly the case, well that music means we gotta go to a break, when we come back we're gonna have a whole lot more from Sandy and Jim, oh, he's got some stuff to unlock for you that's really, really worth the wait, as well as of course, you know, we gotta play Mime's Shenanigans, so that's coming up, you got so much to stay and listen for here on Kingdom Pursuits, we'll be right back. Welcome back to Kingdom Pursuits, where we hear how God takes your passion and uses it to build the Kingdom, and as always, God's given us poster children for that, as Sandy Nieto has a passion for moms with special children and chosen moms, and she's written this amazing book, it's just coming out, which I gotta tell you, when you got a book coming out, you just don't know what a service you do to those authors when you pre-order it, because then the first week that the book is released, they have all these orders come in so that they can make the number one author in that grouping of authors, whatever that may be, so you can order it now, special kids, chosen moms, again, by Sandy Nieto, which is N-I-E-T-O, and then we also have, talk about passion, Jim Hartman has written numerous books on prophecy and he's got a special one, we're gonna talk about that in just a minute, but before we get to that, if you're familiar with Kingdom Pursuits, you know, we got to play some shenanigans, speaking of chosen. Oh, yes it is, and first, you know, speaking of shenanigans, Nick, I have to throw a shout out to the tuba players everywhere that listen to that, that Nick is a fellow tuba player and your parents, you know, they have a special child that loved the tuba, and they enjoyed that too, right? I was the only one, like in my family, that was like artistically, musically inclined like that, you know?

Everyone else went into business for nursing. Oh, but I gotta tell you that he was very talented, played in the marching band in high school and in college and all sorts of wonderful things, still composes music, all that stuff, so very gifted friend of mine and our amazing producer, Nick. So, speaking of chosen, you know, we gotta get our music going here, so you're gonna love this one, Nick. Alright. Or maybe, you know, Sandy or Jim, feel free to jump in here, so when you receive a letter from your county that could be reflected in saying many are called, few are chosen, what might that letter say?

So you got it from your county, whatever county you live in, and it reflects the idea of many are called but few are chosen. You got it. That's right. Alright, you're on a roll.

You're on a roll. Okay, let's see how you do this next one. Why was Frodo chosen as the ring bearer in Lord of the Rings? He was chosen, for sure. And it was not easy to carry that ring. You got any ideas on that one, Nick?

A little more hard, a little harder. He cared about his precious. He did, he did.

He cared about his precious. How about, how about you, Jim? I mean, that's kind of a prophecy movie.

You know why? Actually, I don't think I've ever seen it. Oh, okay. It's alright.

Well, if you read the book, I assure you, you get the idea that it's hard to break a hobbit. Oh, boy. There it is.

Ah, yeah, there it is. So how do you know it's a Hispanic that is destined to save the world? How do you know that? Speaking of prophecy, here's another prophecy one. How do you know that we got a mixture of prophecy and, you know, chosen all in the same riddle? How do you know it's Hispanic that's destined to save the world? I can see I've stumped the panel.

I do not have my hand raised. He is the chosen one. There we go. Yeah, you knew it was in there. So, and last of my actual jokes before we get to the one you can call in the win. Why was Jason Momoa a terrible choice is Aquaman? This one's hard. I gotta tell you, this is the most difficult, but I think you can do it, Nick. You're good. They should have chosen someone who looked more Finnish.

He wasn't from Finland. Oh, yes. So with all that said, you knew that we'd actually have a riddle that you could call in and win today. And so if you can answer this riddle, whoa, we got prizes for you. So what was the first choice in the Bible? So the idea of chosen comes from a choice. And what was the first choice in the Bible?

And I do have a hint for you. It's in the book of Genesis, but also people are dying to get in there. What was the first choice in the Bible?

And as I said, it's in the book of Genesis, and people are dying to get in there. And if you know that, you can call us at 866-348-7884, 866-34-TRUTH. And if you can guess the first choice in the Bible, Nick, tell them what they'll win.

Absolutely, yes. You'll be winning a prize from our Kingdom Pursuits Prize Ball. Give us a call at 866-348-7884. That's 866-34-TRUTH. And the shenanigans are over unless you call. Oh, yes, somebody calling immediately. They know it, 866-348-7884. We would love to hear your story. So Jim, I got to tell you, I am definitely intrigued. I've read the Apocrypha myself. I love it. You found this that connects to Daniel, these Estrada, Estras.

Estras, yeah. And this is a whole book on this issue. What would you like to share on the air to whet our appetite for your book? Well, I've written three books on Daniel, and I really only plan to do one. The first one was a blue book, and I did that back in 2018. And it goes over the five different visions that Daniel was given.

And then last year when you were in NRB in Orlando, I did the white book, which was the final countdown. And that was based upon Dr. Christian Weidner. What he had done is he had actually unsealed the book of Daniel. And he wrote a book that was 454 pages long. And I said, Christian, can I take your information and condense it? So he allowed me to do that.

I took his and put it in the final countdown. It's only like 100 pages, and it summarizes what he came up with. What he came up with was astounding.

He found that there was another decree back in 1537 that started the second fulfillment of Daniel's prophecy. And this is like all new. I mean, it's like a paradigm shift in our thinking. And when you first hear it, you know, you can't believe it.

But he's like number 10 on Amazon right now, because I think people are starting to catch on. But my white book, the final countdown, really summarizes what he found. But then last year, I was, you know, just my daughter, who was a quadriplegic, I got a call from her nurse. And she said, Mr. Harmon, Jennifer's nonresponsive. I need to call 911.

And I said, you know, fine. And she went into the hospital. She had been a quadriplegic off of ventilator since she broke her neck in 2000. And she actually had to go back on the ventilator. She was in the hospital for 68 days.

And during that time that she was there, I would be there most of the days, and I would be praying for her and advocating for her to, you know, to try to get help, help and get her out of there. And during that time, a lot of times she was sleeping, I was actually reading a book of the second estrus. And you know, it was taken out of our Bibles, you know, back in 1885. And so I did some more research on it. And I found out that it actually was in the Bible when Paul was around.

And I have a chapter in the book that goes into, you know, why that was the case. And Ezra should never have been taken out of our Bibles is what I discovered. And there was a man named, there's a book in the Bible called Philemon.

And people wonder, well, what is that? Is that a book in the Bible? Yeah, it's between Titus and Hebrews. And it's a short book, it's only one page long, but it's a story about a forgiveness. And I remember when I was first became a Christian, how much it really teaches us how we should forgive our brothers when they do, you know, do something against us. But Philemon had a slave that was named Onesimus. And Onesimus had run off and taken some of his goods and Paul converted them. And after Paul converted them, he sent them back to Onesimus, I mean, back to Philemon and told them, you know, about forgiveness. And that's why that book is so important. But here's, I'm going through all that to tell you, Onesimus actually said, well, what are the books that I should be reading now that I'm a believer? And there was a man named St. Melito of Sardis who wrote the first canon of scripture. And he gives, it's very clear, and it's in my book on Second Ezra, how the book should never have been taken out.

It was actually, Paul was using it, everyone was using it. When the people came across on the Mayflower in 1560, it was in the Geneva Bibles. It was in the King James Bible of 1611.

But then in 1885, they took it out. And what I did when I found all this, there's a, and it's actually a prophecy for America. And that's the thing that's so astounding. And I go through the, how the prophecy actually shows all the different, and he talks about wings and kings and things, and it's really about the presidents. And it actually shows from Herbert Hoover down to Barack Obama. And then it goes from there from the, since, you know, Trump to where we are right now with Biden. And it's a prophecy about the things that are happening right now on the earth. And it's just amazing how, yeah, it's amazing how all this ties in with where we are in time. Darrell Bock Well, we, that's, I'm very anxious to hear more about that.

And we're going to hear more from Sandy and her book about chosen moms. But we also have a riddle answer. So we got, Randy is in Mayfield, North Carolina. Randy, you're on Kingdom Pursuits.

What were they? Randy Good morning, Robby. Darrell Bock Good morning, how are you?

Randy Love your show. Darrell Bock Oh, thank you, thank you. So what was the first choice in the Bible?

Randy The first choice in the Bible was made by Eve and Adam when they chose to eat up the forbidden fruit. Darrell Bock Yeah, we've all been dying. What a great answer. That's an absolutely spectacular answer. We're going to have to give you the prize.

It wasn't what I was thinking, but it has come before my answer. So I'm going to give it to you for sure, Randy. That's so awesome. I'm so grateful for your calling in today.

That is a great answer. Randy Well, God bless us so much. He gives us free choice.

Darrell Bock He does, he does. And we'll be right back with the whole episode. Welcome back to Kingdom Pursuits, where we hear how God takes your passion and uses it to build the Kingdom. And again, we have two wonderful guests along those lines today. We have Sandy Nieto, the author of Special Kids, Chosen Moms, and Jim Hartman, the author of numerous books of the End Times and the Book of Daniel and all sorts of interesting stuff. So along those lines, getting back to Sandy, I guess when you started this journey of being Clay's mom, you had some challenges in that you really felt like God put it on your heart. Can you take us back to, like, writing a book is not the easiest thing in the world, as both of you guys know. And, you know, how did you feel that passion so hot that you actually began to write a book? Sandy Well, I really felt like the Holy Spirit was nudging me to not necessarily tell my son Clay's story, but to write a book for moms. I couldn't find anything and to write a book for mothers, but to weave his story in and out. And that was it took me 10 years after he passed away to actually start writing it.

And this year, Mother's Day falls on his death date. And it'll be, yeah, so it was really, it's touching. But it means a lot. And I just, I know the anxiety and the fear that moms have, I even say in my book, I talk about how men and women handle it a little differently. And men want to fix it.

But the women are more emotional. And they're doing the everyday. And it's, it's, we're in a battle. And and we have to guard our mind and we have to just, my biggest plug is worship, scripture, prayer, we have to stay in the word, because our minds will just go crazy.

And I just feel that that helped me. And it's like an athlete that's training for a sport, they eat, they sleep, and they live that sport. And we have to do that with scripture with our with our children, and whether they're special children, or just normal children, but we have to run the race. And we've got to be sure that we've got God's Word in our heart. Oh, that's so it's so beautiful, because unfortunately, I also know, the divorce amongst parents of special children is rampant. It's really hard.

And so how needed is it? Because that will be a challenge, right? Oh, absolutely. And it's what happened to me. We had been married for five years. And I had two children. My oldest son, Brett was two and a half.

And my youngest, you know, was just born. And I mean, I, my husband couldn't handle it. He just could not deal with it.

And so after, after a little bit, I actually I called my parents and I said, I've got to do something with clay. He's, he's just getting sicker and sicker. We lived in Houston, and it was very humid. And he was throwing up a lot. And so my dad told me that he ensures a lot of the Ronald McDonald houses. And he goes, Why don't you try Tucson? And I said, Okay, I'll do that. So I called the Ronald McDonald house. They were so amazing.

They almost were like, they felt bad. They go, Well, it's $10 a night. And I'm like, Okay, what else? And she said, but all the food is free.

And you can come down here. And I was able to go to the hospital and look at doctors and talk to them. And I lived in the Ronald McDonald house, myself and the two boys for about two months. And then, then my parents helped me move into an apartment complex the exact day, but I didn't meet him that my current husband moved in. And we've been married 31 years now.

And so it's just our whole story is just so beautiful. And his little girl saw me with clay. And she came and knocked on my door. And she said, Hi, is your little boy special? And I thought it was so sweet the way she said it.

And I said, He is. And she said, Well, kind of hold him. Well, you can she was years old. And so she would come in and hold clay and I showed her I said now he's blind and, and he has a feeding tube. So you got to unclamp it, you got to unhook him for a speeding pump.

And so there are all these things. And she loved it. She just she was so good. And then her little brother came and would play with Brett. I've never met the dad, you know, through any of this and then the older son would come and just I just bike over there and just sit around and we talk. And at the time he had just turned 12. And he turns 45 this month. So we've been together a long time.

So we've now once I finally met my husband, my current husband, which was so amazing. He he saw me talking to the property manager and I was crying and he called the I left and he called the property manager over. He said, Who was that lady? And why was she crying? And she said, Well, she can't afford her electric bill and her son is on a 24 hour feeding pump. And he looked at her and he goes, I'll pay it. I was like, sweet. So I showed him I just married him.

Darrell Bock That's so beautiful. So Jim, turning back to prophecy, which is so so the way I'm understanding the story is, unfortunately, you were literally in the midst of the struggle with your daughter. When God is when God is opening this door for your heart on this issue. How did that speak to the issue with you and your daughter? Jim called me and I told her, Yeah, I know that you didn't need to go to the hospital. And then she stopped and she came off the ventilator. And so she actually ended up passing away after she got out of hospital. And so we've been devastated ever since. You know, but we the way we've gotten over this whole thing is because I know beyond a doubt where she is. I know that she's in the New Jerusalem. When she was in her bedroom, I bought her at that every day and she had a faith in Christ she actually broke her neck in 2000 a couple years after that she wanted to get baptized so she got baptized where she broke her broke her neck and so her story is really an unbelievable story how God I mean because she had to live with the quadriplegia and it was hard for her at first when you know when you're laying in bed and you can't all you can move is your neck and your right or left arm that was all she could do is just to move a couple things but she really taught us a lot because you know she would go to all the classes she'd get into a wheelchair we had a van we would take her to all all her classes she got her master's degree in counseling really she just had him yeah she had amazing amazing life and we're still going through her things I believe she's probably written a book but we haven't found it yet because she was a good writer and we're hoping now this it's been almost a year since she passed away so we're going to be looking into possibly doing something with that but I mean we know right now that she's in the New Jerusalem and we're that's where we're looking for this world down here is not our home and that's our message of all our books is to get ready like Robbie was telling you earlier Jesus said in Luke 21 36 watch and pray I catch you worthy to escape all these things that are about to happen and that's what our ministry is about is to get Christians ready because a lot of people are living for here now and I'm telling you that's not where we don't want to be here no no I love it Jim I do and sandy Wow what a what a great Mother's Day show where is getting ready if you're not ready you know it's coming up next Sunday guys we'll be right back with a whole lot more Kingdom Pursuits stay tuned you're listening to the truth Network and truth Network calm welcome back to Kingdom pursuits where we hear how God takes your passion and uses it to build the kingdom and so fun today we have sandy neato who is the author of special kids chosen moms and again I've told you that that book is coming out and it's also I should mention that both books or Kingdom pursuits calm if you go to Kingdom pursuits calm you know the whole information links to get them on Amazon all that stuff is all there as well as Jim Hartman his numerous books on on the book of Daniel Daniel and again if you get to Amazon there you can access any of his books but if that's all there again it at Kingdom pursuits calm and so sandy this last segments kind of short and time goes by so fast on this show I want to make sure you got said everything that you not everything right maybe but at least some something that you didn't get a chance to talk about today on the show that you wanted to talk about well it would probably just be to encourage moms to stay in the word I mean if you can there are apps out there that you know pray as you go the you version Bible app the dwell app that can just help you the biggest thing is fear you're always afraid they're gonna die on your watch and that's it's just this fear that that we have and as long as you just keep yourself in the word with the Lord it it's yes we're chosen but not for a stroke so really sorry that's good well and I still I get so tickled because I think of this one comedian that says it was Jim Gaffigan that said you know what it's like to have he says a fourth kid I say a disabled kid imagine you're drowning and someone hands you a baby and that is exactly what it feels like it's just you're you're overwhelmed but we have to trust him obey him give it all to him and and let our children see that let our our other children see that we're doing that and no I love that it's absolutely what a precious thought I've never heard that that's perfect and what would you do you know because again following the Good Shepherd and being in his words you couldn't be more right and I know Jim you you agree with that wholeheartedly but I want to give you a chance to say anything that you want to make sure you got said in today's show well sure I mean you know just thinking about it how God put the two of us together today on this show is amazing because my daughter Jennifer if you want to I know the word is really key because you know she loved the word she brought a lot of people to Christ but the thing about her and about people is you could actually see Jesus in her life and that's the thing that you know you have to really ask yourself do they see Jesus when they see me or do they see you know someone that a grumpy old man that you know is not really following the Lord so that's really what we need to ask ourselves is Jesus really in control of my life is he directing me is the Holy Spirit it do I have the fruit of the spirit in my life you know that's really the key to you know being ready when I say be ready to make sure you're not like in the church of Laodicea who says they're they have need of nothing and Jesus says I'm gonna spew you out of my mouth and I believe that's a picture a lot of the church today that are just living for here now and they're not living for Christ and that's the message that prophecy countdown is to get ready and live for him because he's coming and you want to make sure that when he calls his home that you're gonna be one of those that it's taken to be with him and because that's that's the message of prophecy countdown and my wife and I began this you know back even even before Jennifer was here we were always looking at the word and trying to get people turned to Christ and that's that's our heart is to be ready right because time is short I can assure you it you know depend on what happens it may not be for that person you're talking to it may be for you you know you don't know or you know death comes unexpectedly and so it you know you may not have another time to share that word that you wanted to share with that friend the chance to share Jesus right and not only that but obviously you know Jesus might come back and the last thing I want to do you know is not give somebody an opportunity you know to spend eternity with the most wonderful unbelievable life you know that you're talking about in that New Jerusalem gym and especially right that the the moms out there with special children or the dads as the case may be because from my standpoint sandy the dads need it just as bad as the moms right exactly they they do they do as they are trying to like how do I fix this and they got a lot of questions to that man we all got to stay in the word whatever your situation is here drowning in some of the hands of your baby you know you you need Jesus and oh my goodness I I am personally very excited to go read these two Estrada's am I saying it right Jim as well it's yeah it's as dress it's Jim Harmon though you a lot of people do call me Hart Hartman but there are men that is Jim is yeah Ezra's three-headed eagle the red white and blue books just look for them I am excited about it and again you go to kingdom pursuits calm and get those books so thank you Jim and Sandy so much for being with us today it was an absolute delight and now man you guys got a treat coming encouraging prayer with James Banks followed by the masculine journey starts here now at 12 o'clock and then Nikita Koloff man it's time to man up so much truth coming at you on the truth network but man I can't tell you how much it means to us that you are listening so stay tuned thanks this is the truth network
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