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It All Belongs: Love, Loss, & Learning to Live Again

Kingdom Pursuits / Robby Dilmore
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February 17, 2024 2:44 pm

It All Belongs: Love, Loss, & Learning to Live Again

Kingdom Pursuits / Robby Dilmore

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Hey, this is Jim Graham from the Masculine Journey Podcast, where we explore a relationship instead of religion every week. Your chosen Truth Network Podcast is starting in just a few seconds. Enjoy it, share it, but most of all, thank you for listening and for choosing the Truth Podcast Network.

This is the Truth Network. Kingdom Pursuits, where you hear from ordinary people instilled with an extraordinary passion. Together, we explore the stories of men and women who take what they love and let God turn their passion into Kingdom Pursuits. Now, live from the Truth Booth, your host, Robbie Dilmore. Oh, you're going to be so glad that you have tuned in today to Kingdom Pursuits. I can't even believe how God lines up such amazing guests.

He's done it again. And so today, first off, we have Homer Murdoch with us. He has got so many different things he does.

He's a pastor, but he's also has this amazing ministry called Touch the World Ministries. And so, Homer, welcome to Kingdom Pursuits. Thank you, Robbie. It's a pleasure to be here. And so what's your church? It's here in North Carolina, right?

It is. You know, God's blessed us. We thought we had retired.

You know how that goes? And we were living in Charlotte where we'd pastored a church. And then God led us to this group of folks up in the mountains, some of the sweetest people you've ever met in your life, honest to goodness. It's just, it's one of these churches you just look forward to going to because everybody's so sweet and agreeable, you know.

And just the Spirit of God just permeates a place ever, ever since. Matter of fact, last Sunday we had shouting in the church. How long has it been since you heard shouting in a Southern Baptist church? I mean, you know what? Describe that.

I need to know what is, what does the shouting mean? Oh, good Lord. The Holy Spirit just took over.

Okay. Literally this guy, a precious, precious man that had had an extremely difficult, I won't use his name, but had an extremely difficult childhood. Very, very, very challenging. Break your heart if I were to tell you, you know, brought tears to everybody's eyes as he was giving his testimony. But last week, God, he's been born again, you know, but he was still carrying this burden, this tremendous, reminds you of Pilgrim in Pilgrim's Progress, right?

Right. And he, he come across a mountain and stopped on top of the mountain and began to pray. And God, he and God just had an encounter. He had an epiphany, I think.

Right. And God just lifted that load completely from him. Totally freed him from all those memories and the baggage that he had been carrying. And he just can't be quiet. I mean, and he was shouting.

Oh, yeah. He got given his testimony and just, I mean, just started shouting, praising God, you know. And what a, I mean, everybody in the building, we just had tears all over the place. But it was such a wonderful experience. It just, what I call shouting from my childhood, you know, just hollering in a loud voice, praising God, you know. Yeah, that's what they did it the day of Pentecost, right? They were praising, you know, the works of the great works of God. It was beautiful. But yeah, it's a great group.

God's Will Missionary Baptist Church in Sparta, North Carolina is where it is. Great, great, great church. That is, that is so awesome. And then I also have with me, very fun. I have Roy Smoot, and he is the author of It All Belongs.

I love that. It All Belongs, Love, Loss, and Learning to Live Again. And so, Roy, you've got quite a story that you wrote about, but it certainly has its tragic parts to it.

But then, you know, God showed up. Yes, and first of all, Robbie, again, thank you so much for inviting me to be on your show here in Kingdom Pursuits. It's an honor and a pleasure. It All Belongs was written, co-written, with my late wife, Judy Smoot, and a dear friend, Melinda Foles. It's about the last four years of Judy's life, and what we encountered when she was diagnosed with glioblastoma brain cancer in 2015. Wow, and so, you know, that's obviously going to be a pretty heavy topic, and we want to certainly give that, you know, it's discussion.

We've got a lot of that coming up, and I'm really looking forward to see how he did learn to love again. But it is Kingdom Pursuits, and those who know my show know that I've got to do my shenanigans. So, with that being said, speaking of belonging... Now the fun begins, cause now it's time to play shenanigans. Oh, yes it is, and I have new contestants today to play I've Homer, and I have Roy to play in my shenanigans. And so, speaking of belonging, Nick, I know you're gonna like this one.

Ready. What generation does Forrest Gump belong to? Speaking of belonging, what generation does Forrest Gump belong to? You got any ideas on that one, Roy? Baby boomers.

Oh, he could be. The greatest generation. It's like that, it's Gen A. Oh, is it Gen A? Oh, geez. Gen A. Very nice. Okay, all right, all right.

Right, right, right. So, if I bought a shirt and some neckwear, a shirt and some neckwear, I don't know if you'll get this, Nick, cause I don't even know if you know who the Mamas and the Papas are. But if I bought a shirt and some neckwear that used to belong to the group, the Mamas and the Papas, what would the problem be? I have no idea who that is.

You got any ideas? You don't know who the Mamas and the Papas, you're gonna know in a minute. I know the Mamas and Papas, but I don't remember. Well, here's the problem, all the sleeves are brown, and the tie is gray. Oh, geez. Oh, I remember that song. All the leaves are brown, right, yeah, and the sky is green. Oh, geez.

Okay, all right, yeah. And what, I know, I have so many cause it just tickled me so much, what group does a racist chicken belong to? What group does a racist chicken belong to? A racist chicken. A racist chicken. It belongs in the frying pan group. I like that, Nick. That's good.

Or the Ku Klux Klan. That reminds me, Nick, of my new nickname, right? My new nickname is Rooster, do you know why? Because.

Nick, you had to put up with this all the time, right? And I love it. I love it.

All right, all right, we got a few because I just tickled myself so much. What kind of pasta doesn't belong? Anti-pasta. Anti-pasta. Close.

Anti-pasta. You got it? No.

I know you know, Roy. What is it? I have no idea.

No. I was gonna say penny pasta. It's the impasta. Oh. Impasta.

The impasta. And this one will make you think. What clubs do drivers belong to? What clubs do drivers belong to?

Hmm. What clubs do drivers belong to? Sounds like a golf joke.

It is. Uh-huh. The driver's club. The golf clubs.

The golf club. Oh, gosh. That was a good one.

Way to go, Roy. You're on top of it now. Maybe you can get this one.

Also, another one that just tickled me, so I could not not say it. How do you know a hat belongs to the little drummer boy? How do you know a hat belongs to the little drummer boy? I'm thinking something with marching band. I used to do marching band, so that's where my mind is going right now. Oh, well, it could be, but in this case, he has a pom-pom-pom-pom. Cheerleader.

Cheerleader with the pom-pom. All right. Another one I just couldn't not tell this joke. What's black and white and obviously belongs in Neverland? It belongs. You know, that's the idea.

It belongs. What's black and white and obviously belongs in Neverland? I think Barbara knows.

She's sitting on the couch. She's shaking her head. Michael Jackson? A pan-da. Oh. Pan-da.

All right. And the last of my regular old, but I could not not say this one too because it's too funny. Who's the Chinese knight looking for his belongings? The Chinese knight looking for his belongings, who is that?

Chinese knight looking for his belongings. Sir Ching. Sir Ching. I was trying to do something with Ching.

Good old Sir Ching. So with all that said, which double-crossing disciple, and it's Colin Wynn, 866-348-7884, 866-348-7884, tell us which double-crossing disciple tried to fit in but didn't belong. The double-crossing might be a giveaway, 866- That's a bit of a pun in that if you think about it. 866-348-7884. If you call in and win, Nick, tell them what they'll get.

Yes, absolutely. You'll be winning a prize from our Kingdom Pursuits prize vault. Give us a call at 866-348-7884. So we come back. We got your calls plus. We got more from Homer Murdoch and Roy Smoot.

We'll be right back. A lot more Kingdom Pursuits coming up. You're listening to the Truth Network and Welcome back to Kingdom Pursuits, where we hear how God takes your passion and uses it to build the Kingdom.

And as always, God has given us poster children for that. We have, oh my goodness, Homer Murdoch, what a wonderful, wonderful pastor and amazing man that we have with him, and his beautiful wife Barbara is with us in the studio as well. They have the Touching the World for Christ ministry.

Wait till you hear this story. I'm telling you, this will be worth you listening to the show today when we can hear from Homer the story of how he found that ministry. And we also have with us Roy Smoot, and he's the author of It All Belongs, Love, Loss, and Learning to Live Again, which I know, you know, it's interesting.

We're all kind of buried in the likeness of his death, right, and raised to walk in newness of life and so many different ways that happens throughout our lives. But first, we have Lee is in Winston-Salem. He's got to answer to my riddle.

Lee, you're on Kingdom Pursuits. Good morning. Good morning, Robbie.

How are you doing? I'm excited to hear about this double-crossing disciple. Oh, double-crossing disciple.

Let me see here. I believe that was Judas who was also called Iscariot. Oh, man, isn't it tragic? And – I know, right? How many times – the reason why I've been thinking about that all week is that a lot of times I don't feel like I belong somewhere and I try to fit in. Yeah.

I feel like I'm not where I ought to be or whatever and I feel like, man, I need to try to fit in and be like the people around me rather than be Robbie Dilmore, which a lot of people think is completely silly. Right. Right. And so I – Right, but I – right, but I – excuse me, I get that.

I understand that. I was active duty Army back in the second surge into Iraq and now I serve in the Reserves and, you know, being a man of faith, you are very much a minority there and it's, you know, it's one of those things. You're, you know, cranky, you're hungry and you just kind of want to let it all hang out, you know, and be one of the guys, maybe you'll feel better and it's like, but then am I really being who I am? Am I really being who God has created me to be, who God has redeemed me to be? No, I'm not. I'm compromising the very core of my existence, the person that God has made me to be. I am not being that person.

I'm being all these other people and that's not fair to me and that's definitely not fair to them because now I'm not being a good example to them either. Right. Right. I kind of went on a – No, I love that. I love that, Lee. You know, and thank you for your service. By all means, oh my goodness, like we all have the ability to have radio shows like this because of the military and you folks that have served our country so beautifully, so and it really is, you've given me a lot to think about there because I know that, but unfortunately I'm a dirty double-crosser. I mean, aren't we all, I mean, given the right circumstances, you know, the right push, the right, you know, yeah, it's like maybe I could compromise just this once, you know, kind of thing and then the next time it's like, well, I did it once, maybe this time it's going to be so bad. Yeah, it's that slippery slope.

I'm like, yeah, like you said, we've all experienced it, you know, in varying areas and levels and things like that, you know, what DS Lewis in one of his books waxes eloquent on that subject, you know, that every wrong impulse in a man is like, is but a good desire turned wrong. Oh wow. Something like that. Oh yeah. Yeah, I love that. But yeah, I guess it's like, yeah, I can, Oh, I can see how this would work in my favor or I can see how this would, you know, benefit me or Hey, my family, you know, if I can make, you know, an extra, I don't know, $500 by insurance fraud, something like that, who am I really hurting?

You know, something like maybe, maybe a bit of an extreme example there. No, no, no, no. I mean, we've all, we've all been there and, and let me just tell you, Lee, wow. I can't tell you how much you appreciate your call and all you've given us to think about today. So wow. Keep up the great work, my friend, and we will talk again soon, I hope. Have a great day. God bless. You too, Robbie. Thank you.

Bye-bye. So, all right, we, speaking of belonging, right, we have this book. It All Belongs, and so I'm very curious, Roy, that title, It All Belongs, and of course you included love, loss, learning, and to live again, but how do you, from your perspective, how did that title arrive?

Thank you for asking, Robbie. When Judy was doing a lot of her artwork and her studies and her spiritual direction studies, which she completed, she did a lot of studying relative to what really life was all about or what's in life, is probably a better way to say it, and I remember her saying several times when we would talk about things, good things, bad things, rough things, when we would pray about whatever was on our hearts and our minds, and she would come up with this saying, Well, it all belongs, whether it's painful, whether it's beautiful, whether it causes you to bust out laughing, whether it causes you to weep, it does all belong. Our life is full of everything on both sides of the good and the bad, and that is where the title came from when I was working with Melinda Foles, and we fleshed out a little bit more about love. The first section of the book is about how to love and how to live, and we talked about her studies in Sarasota with Expressive Arts and her spiritual direction practice for people, and How to Die was the middle section, and then How to Survive was the section that includes my journal writing for about two years, and It All Belongs also shows a great deal of beauty that she did in her personal art, her mandalas and her creative art that she did right up until she did Leave This Earth. So the picture that's on the title, I mean, excuse me, on the cover of the book, that was your wife's art?

Yes. Oh, it's absolutely beautiful. I just wanted to say before we move on a little bit further that you may be familiar with a passage in Deuteronomy called the Shema, which is, you know, hear, O Israel, the Lord our God is one, right? In Hebrew, it's a lot broader than that, to say the least. And I don't know if you knew this, but the Jewish people would have that Shema on their houses and on every door in their house, and they would also, you know, say it every morning before their feet hit the floor, and every night before they put their head on the pillow, they would recite the Shema, which we, a lot of people will say when Jesus was asked, you know, what was the first commandment, you know, they'll say, Love the Lord your God with all your heart, but when it says, What was the first commandment? Jesus actually said, Hear, O Israel, the Lord your God, the Lord is one. And that idea of ahad, which is that word one, it means it all belongs.

It really does. It means, Hear, O Israel, it all belongs. The word is hadad? A-H-A-D, ahad. And so as I was listening, I couldn't help but think, we had a caller a little bit a while ago in another show, maybe I did, and they were talking about the prayer that they prayed before they'd get up in the morning, and I have tried to, not as successful as it sounded like she was, try to say that before my feet hit the floor, and I, you know, I love Hebrew, so I actually say it in Hebrew, so it's really, really fun, which actually starts out with the word Shema. So it's Shema Israel, and then it says, Yahweh Elianu Yahweh ahad. And it's a treasure.

It sounds like your book is, because you kind of put that all together. So tell us about your love. Tell us a little bit about you and your wife's relationship. We were married just over 39 years, and we dated before that. So we were together for 41 years. And we met, we were teenagers at the age of, I think it was 19, and we were together dating and marriage until she passed at the age of 62. And I remember the first time I saw Robbie, I was going to an event in college, and she was at the top of the steps, and she had on a, this is in the early 70s, and she had a green outfit, and she had green eyes, and that was it, that was done. One of the beauties of it is, she was dating somebody else.

Oh, oh, I hate we got to go to a break, because I was just playing green-eyed lady in my mind at that moment. You can see we got much more to come with Roy Smoot and his book, It All Belongs, as well as, again, my friend Homer Murdoch, Touching the World Ministries. We got that story coming too. Oh, you got to stay tuned.

It's going to be so awesome. Thanks for listening. We'll be right back. Welcome back to Kingdom Pursuits, where we hear how God takes your passion and uses it to build the Kingdom. We had so much fun we're having today with Roy Smoot, and It All Belongs, Love, Loss, and Learning, as well as my good friend and pastor, Homer Murdoch, and this is actually only the second time I've ever met Homer, but I have to tell you, he's like my best friend. Like, you've never met a man like Homer.

Well, I guess we never met anybody like anybody else, but Homer is definitely a gift, and his ministry is touching the world. And so I heard this story, and I just knew my listeners needed to hear it, and we're going to get more to Roy's book in a minute, but I want our listeners – I want you to hear this story. So Roy, you're a pastor of a church in the mountains, and God had this ministry for you, Touch the World, but can you share with our listeners how that came about?

Roy Smoot Well, Brother Robbie, I can. Yeah, we were pastoring a church up in Todd, North Carolina, and as was my habit every morning and still is, I walk a mile or two or whatever, and I was walking one morning up the New River, up a road up through there, and as I got about halfway through my walk, the Lord just – and I was just talking to him as I walked, and then the Lord clearly spoke to me and said, and I'm going to touch the world with you. And it wasn't a great ethereal experience, it was just a clear word from the Lord impressed on my heart. And I said, well, okay. And I just kept on walking and praying.

And you know, this is kingdom pursuit, right? My passion has always been just to serve the Lord. I have no passion to do anything other than what He calls me to do. So I was pastoring a church, so happy.

God was blessing the church, just unbelievable. And so I said, you know, okay. So when we run into difficulties, I said, Lord, this was your idea, not mine.

So what are you going to do about it? But I had been in the industry and business and knew enough to know what I needed to do. So that was in 1998. So we put together a steering committee, steering committee put together a board, the board put together the constitution bylaws, all the government permits, the state permits that we had to have, 501c3, all those certifications. And so it began with the work in Haiti, was our first work in Haiti. So backing up a minute, because I got to hear the story before, and the part that touched me was there was some ladies that lived on that— That's funny, yeah. That's funny. I was right in front. When God spoke to me, I was right directly in front of two lesbian ladies. Their home there, where they lived, and we had befriended those. Barbara had baked them some apple pies, and I'd carry them up, and you know, we'd talk to them and everything, just try to love on them, you know. And it was right in front of their house when God said that, you know, that he was going to touch the world through me.

And matter of fact, that ministry with that particular element of society has also blossomed and we were— Right. In other words, you've got to love on everybody if you're going to have a chance to reach anybody. You know, we're all sinners on some level, you know. And so, you know, if you're going to touch the world, you're not going to do it by thinking you're better than anybody. No, you're not. And if you don't—listen, Robert, and you know this as well as I do. If you don't do it at home, hey, you're not going to do it anywhere else. Right. So if you're not doing it at home, don't expect God to call you to some beautiful exotic place over—and by the way, he doesn't call you too often to exotic places.

It's usually jungles and pits and snake and spider and scorpion infested places, you know. But you know, we started with Haiti and then it just kept going. And we prayed. Our board prayed, prayed, prayed, prayed, prayed, prayed, prayed, and that's how the board was assembled.

God led me to one man, he and I prayed, and then so on and so forth. And so essentially, how are you touching the world these days? Well, we have work in 16 foreign countries. We have active work right now in 16 foreign countries. Some of them are closed countries.

You won't see them on our website, which is Now there's another Touch of World Ministries that does a fantastic job all over the world. They're located in Jersey, it's, we' But God's led us to several countries, and God would lead—Robbie, we have absolutely the best people in the world that oversee the facilities that we've built. We're in the process now of finishing up one in just south of Nairobi, Kenya, in a village there. It's a beautiful facility.

The title of that particular compound is Echoes of Mercy. We have a full hospital, school, church, and we're just finishing up a full, elaborate children's home, just a beautiful, beautiful children's home there, with the third floor where we'll have offices and housing facilities for mission testing. Yeah, amazing, like God just—he rose up all that from that moment in front of those ladies' houses.

Yes, without any funding, you know, and I always listen to people on the radio. I grew up in a pastor's home, as you know. My dad was a great old mountain preacher, and so I grew up loving the Lord and wanting to serve the Lord. My dream was—I can remember when I was a kid, my dream was to be able to say, Lord, wouldn't it be really, really nice if a man could make a living serving you?

What would that be, a win-win? And it really was. I had two dreams. One was to own a Biltmore house, the other was to make a living serving the Lord.

Seriously, God fulfilled the greatest one, which is being a servant of the Lord. We're going to live in something better than the Biltmore. Oh, isn't that the truth? And I think that's what he showed me that day at six years of age when I was sitting on that hill looking at the Biltmore house, I said, Lord, I just—I've got to buy this.

I asked them the price, they told me 32 million, I said, save it for me, I'll be back when I get the money. Six years old, seriously. But God just did all that, and he would lead us to someone. I don't know how we identified the people. God did it.

He rose them up. Oh, the best people in the world, I mean, oh, Lord. To me, it's very similar to your story, Roy, that God raised up that lady to help you write that story. There you go.

You're right. Melinda was a great resource for us. Homer, it's great to hear your story about all the work you're doing around the world.

You're in your team, that's wonderful. Looking forward to hearing more of yours. Melinda was brought into our life, full transparency, Melinda's also my sister-in-law. She's married to my brother down in Texas, in Fort Worth, actually, and she's an experienced writer. When I was thinking about putting this book together, because I made a promise to Judy, I promised her, based on a lot of people telling her she should publish her artwork, and all of the art in the book is her original art, hundreds of images, and the words and the meditations and the thoughts and her pain and her gratitude to God, honestly, her anger at God about what was going on and her then acceptance of what was going to happen. They told her, publish this for people so they can hear from you and your art and see how you used it in your ministry, because she was also a spiritual director who did retreats using art and expressive arts. And then when I did a lot of journaling for a couple of years to try to walk through the grief that I was experiencing, people, a few key close people read, I allowed them to read and I wanted their feedback, including a spiritual director and a couple other dear friends.

And they told me you should publish this. Well, Melinda and I were talking and using her background, we decided to combine them into one book. And this one book is, it's not a book really to be only read, it's a book to be experienced. It physically is a beautiful book. We wanted to that to reflect Judy's art. It's also a book to journey with and to experience with the three sections of how to love, how to live, how to die and how to survive. There are spaces in the book for people to write their notes, there are pages.

My wife, June. You know, the thing about art that I, you know, me myself, I'm not, didn't grow up with that kind of background or anything, however, you know, when I was about, I don't know, in my late 40s, we went to Russia on a cruise and we stopped in St. Petersburg. And there we went into the, I can't think, maybe it's the, I can't think of the name of the art museum that's there, that apparently the Russians stole all the paintings that the Germans had stole from the French. But there were several Rembrandt paintings there. And I realized there when I was standing there staring at Rembrandt's where they're taking Jesus off the cross, that there's something miraculous, that it's actually a wonder of how somebody could paint such a thing.

And so when I think about your daughter's, I mean, your wife's art, there's a lot there. We're going to be right back with a whole lot more Kingdom Pursuits. You're listening to the Truth Network and Welcome back to Kingdom Pursuits, where we hear how God takes your passion and uses it to build the Kingdom.

So much fun today with Homer Murdoch. He is pastor, of course, up in the mountains, and he's got Touching the World Ministries as well as Roy Smoot, the author of It All Belongs, Love, Loss, and Learning to Live Again. I want to let you all know, we've had several texts on people that want to get Roy's book. And so if you go to, that's the easiest way that I know of, just go to, and you're going to see it right there on the front page. You click on that, it goes to the link to Amazon, or you can go to Roy's website there, which is It All Belongs, Love, Loss, and Learning, I think, dot com.

But anyway, it's all there at, easy enough to get the book. But Homer, I've got to know something, okay? So my grandnephew, who came to the Lord out of Tennessee, coming across the mountains, a great story I've got to share with you sometime about seeing a bear. But anyway, he just got accepted into Brevard. Is that anywhere close to your church? Brevard is probably two hours away. Brevard is a couple hours away from here.

Bummer. Well, do you know any good churches up near Brevard? I don't, but I know some people that we've done mission, corporate mission work in Africa with that live in Brevard. Oh, I'm going to check with them and see what church they go to. He's going to need a good church as he begins, he's going to play football up there.

So I'm pretty excited about that. And that's my grandnephew, it's my brother's son. And just a fantastic story, he's one of those, you know, he's 65 years old and I've been praying for him I don't know how many years, and he came to Christ last year and I got to baptize him. And his grandnephew was with him through that experience, and he too came to Christ.

And he started leading Bible studies with his football team, and it's amazing the discipleship that's going on, you know, as a result of all that. And so it's pretty amazing. But anyway, unfortunately we have a really short segment and I talk too much, so, Roy, I just wanted you to have a chance to share anything you didn't get a chance to share about the book that you wanted to make sure you got said today. Thank you for that, Robbie. As far as getting the book, a very simple way to also get it is to go to

There you go. And it takes you right to the site and then there's a buy button and people can get it. This book is about, as the title says, Love, Loss, and Learning to Live Again. And we wrote it and put it together and designed it with a great deal of help from other people to be a service to anyone, which is almost everybody when you think about life, who is going to go through grief and loss and is also going through it or has gone through it. A really key message though, and this is from God, there is hope.

There is hope. And the last section talks about my journaling and I was told that not many men express the feelings that I expressed in this and I hope that this helps couples and men to do something along those lines. And don't be intimidated by the art. Judy always said that art can be what you do when you cook, how you raise your family, what you do in your garden, or art like this.

And it is an example of how to travel through a very dark time and then move into a time when light comes. And my wife, June, was part of that. She and Judy were very dear friends. And one time in church, June came up to me after Judy died and looked at me and she was one of two people that told me this, I am so angry at God for separating you and Judy.

Which is a natural reaction. We can't say anything to God because God hasn't already heard. All of us know that. And right away my heart said, I need to listen and be with June because I know the pain and the grief and the anger that I was feeling. And we became very dear friends from that and then ended up falling in love and getting married.

But when I talk about pain, there's one thing I want to share with the people. There was a time, and it's in the book, I was driving home from the grocery store and there was a very powerful storm going on that cleared very quickly. And I saw a beautiful autumn, or excuse me, winter full moon.

And I used to call that a Judy moon because she loved the full moon. And I pulled off on the side of the road and just broke down and wept like a baby in my car. And when I was able to gather myself, I finished the journey home, got in the house, got in our house, and I looked out over the eastern horizon and the full moon was still there.

And I looked through a small window in our door. I need to pause for a moment. And I looked at the moon, Ravi, and I said to God, thank you for this pain. Because I realized at that moment, and there was a warmth in my heart that came from the love that I had for Judy and her for me and God. And I realized that that deep, incredible pain that so many of your listeners have felt, that came from the deep love that the two of us shared. Wow.

This book is about that. There you go. It all belongs. Hey, we're out of time. I really, really do. We have, again, the Touch the World Ministries is Homer's, again, it's

Is it Homer? It is.

And again, it Both of those are ways to get up with that. And we thank you so much for listening today. Yes. You got so much truth coming at you. Encouraging Prayer with James Banks coming right up, followed by Masculine Journey. And then it's time to man up with Nikita at 12 o'clock. Stay tuned.
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