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Breaking Invisible Chains

Kingdom Pursuits / Robby Dilmore
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January 20, 2024 1:53 pm

Breaking Invisible Chains

Kingdom Pursuits / Robby Dilmore

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January 20, 2024 1:53 pm

In today show, Robby speaks with Dr. Al Henson from Compassionate Hope organization about how we can help in Southeast Asia.


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This is the Truth Network. Kingdom Pursuits, where you hear from ordinary people instilled with an extraordinary passion. Together we explore the stories of men and women who take what they love and let God turn their passion into Kingdom Pursuits. Now live from the Truth Booth, your host, Robbie Dilmore. How fun today on Kingdom Pursuits.

I'm so glad you're joining us. I think you're going to be glad you did because we have with us Dr. Al Henson. He is the chairman and founder of Compassionate Hope organization. And so the Compassionate Hope is a global charitable organization focused on providing hope and a future to victims of potential human trafficking victims and religious persecution in Southeast Asia. And he also wrote a book called Breaking Invisible Chains, and it's available, of course, on Amazon.

We've got it there at Welcome, Dr. Henson. Dr. Al Henson Oh, it's wonderful to be here, sir. Darrell Bock Yeah, yeah.

I'm so excited. You may not know this, but I am the host of Landon Rescue, which is an organization that also operates throughout the world rescuing folks out of human trafficking, and I get to do that show every week. So it's a topic I'm a little bit familiar with, but I'm very anxious to hear, you know, what you guys are about, and how did you get involved? Dr. Al Henson Well, I've been involved with mission work in Southeast Asia for almost 45 years. One of my spiritual gifts, though, is mercy. I'm a mercy show. And through the decades, my heart grew more and more passionate about the children that I was watching who were being trafficked and abused and abandoned and the horrific things that were coming against them. So 13 and a half years ago, my wife Susan and I pursued the passion that God had given us, and we birthed Compassionate Hope Foundation. Darrell Bock Wow.

Yeah, I can imagine that has to be just absolutely heartbreaking. But I know, Dr. Henson, you've probably never heard Kingdom Pursuits before, but I have this part that we do that my listeners kind of expect, where I get to tell my jokes. And so today's topic is not a laughing matter, but we always like to start with a little levity. So speaking of chains, which I, you know, yes, yes, yes. So I love the word chains. It has so much potential when it comes to jokes.

And so, you know, you're gonna love some of these. I know you are, Nick. And I don't know if you've ever tried any real pun riddles, Dr. Henson, but a local pizza chain just folded. Nick, what do they serve now? Nick Loper What are they called? I know what they're called, like calzones. Darrell Bock Calzones. Nick Loper You know, it's always good to laugh.

Darrell Bock It is good. It's good medicine. And that's what our souls are meant to do. So I really like this one. And I've given Nick some time to think about it. Let's see if he has it. He's getting really good at this. He's been around me too long.

So what would you call an international chain of hotels that is catering to vampires? Got any ideas, Dr. Henson? Nick Loper I do not. I'm not good with riddles.

Darrell Bock Ah, here you go, Nick. What you thinking? You've had 10 minutes to think about it. You're gonna love it.

Hema Globe Inns. That'll draw in the vampires every time. So, you know, don't be watching a guy using a chain link fence to go sifting through rocks. You know why? You got any ideas, Dr. Henson? Nick Loper No, I guess they'd fall through the cracks. Darrell Bock Yeah, well, yeah, that too, but it's offensive. It's offensive.

Sorry, yeah. And I do like this one. Let's see if you can do it.

Nick, I have great hopes for you today on this one. I had to stop chain smoking. Why? Darrell Bock It's hard to light those rascals.

Nick Loper You know, they just won't light up. You know, you just go through a lot of bigs. It's a struggle. So you knew at the end of those shenanigans, I actually would have a Bible riddle that you could call and win.

And I'm anxious to hear all the different answers that you may give me today. And if you have this one, you will have a chance to call and win in here in a minute. So who was the most chained person in the Bible? Who was the most chained person in the Bible in my hint is they're not the weakest link. Who was the most chained person in the Bible? If you know that, you can call in and win at 866-348-7884, 866-34-TRUTH.

And if they can answer that, who was the most chained person in the Bible? Nick, tell them what they'll win. Darrell Bock Yes, absolutely. You'll be winning, you actually be winning Dr. Henson's book and Breaking Invisible Chains. Just give us a call at 866-348-7884, 866-34-TRUTH. Darrell Bock And after you read the book, we will expect a chain reaction.

Okay. When you do that, I just always want to remind you that authors, it means so much for them to you do, especially on Amazon, to rate their book, give them feedback, whether you liked it or hated it or whatever, it's always good to know. And to get that from people, so go on or Amazon, order the book Breaking Invisible Chains, and then by all means go, and for any book that you're reading, really, I don't care if it's somebody who wrote thousands of books, they love, love, love to get feedback. And so it's just a nice thing to do. They spoke into your life, so now you get a chance to speak back into theirs, however that works.

It's just like when I get an email from a listener or someone comes on Facebook or wherever it comes from, it's my chance to see what God's doing in somebody else's life, and especially if anything that he did through my life touches their life, what an opportunity that is. So getting back to Dr. Henson, so can you kind of give us an overview of what's going on now with the human trafficking situation in Southeast Asia? Dr. Henson. Where we personally, we don't do the rescues, but we work with government agencies and other 501c3s that do the rescue, and we become the family, the home. So we have now 65 homes of hope in Southeast Asia, and we have almost 1,000 boys and girls in those homes, and we've had hundreds and hundreds now that have finished their life in the home. One of the unique things about us is that we, as many as we can, we stay with those precious rescued ones until they graduate from the university. So we have almost 100 university graduates now from those that have been rescued out of these very horrible situations.

Darrell Bock That is absolutely wonderful. Well, we've got to make sure that Landon Rescue is one of those because they're always looking for homes and Christian places because it's a Christian organization, because as you know all too well, just like with Moses, he got them out of Egypt, but it took 40 years to get Egypt out of them. And so when somebody's rescued from that kind of thing, it takes forever, right, for God to work through, and not forever, but it takes a while for God to release them from all the bondage that's inside.

It's just, it's so— Landon Rescue Yeah, we focus. That's the reason why we don't call them orphanages because they're not. These are homes, and we understand that it takes a lifetime to—of the gospel and the power of the gospel and the love of God and education and food and a safe place and a healing place for them to be more and more freed from the bondages of slavery that have entered into their soul. Darrell Bock Yeah, yeah, it's in Exodus 6, right, there's that famous passage of what has become the four cups of redemption that are talked about at Seder, and he's going to take you out, I'm going to rescue you, I'm going to redeem you, then I'm going to take you to be my kids.

And so it's a beautiful picture of those homes. I love it, love it, love it. So we got a lot more coming with Dr. Henson. We got—Tucker is in advance, and he's going to answer for our riddle. I'm very excited about that, but we need you to call us with yours, or maybe a question for Dr. Henson at 866-348-7884.

We'll be right back. Welcome back to Kingdom Pursuits, where we hear how God takes your passion and uses it to build the kingdom, and clearly we have a poster child for that today, Dr. Al Henson with the Compassion Hope organization and his book Breaking Invisible Chains. And very fun, we have Tucker with us in advance North Carolina, and not too many people know how to say advance, do they, Tucker?

Dr. Henson No, they do not. That is very true. Darrell Bock Because a lot of people think it's like advance auto parts, but it's not. It's advance. Dr. Henson Yes, it's not.

It's advance. That's true. Darrell Bock You have to be from Davie County to understand these kind of things, right? Dr. Henson Yes, that is very true, yes. Darrell Bock So, Tucker, I'm hoping that, you know, you have an answer to who was the most chained person in the Bible. Dr. Henson It was Paul.

Darrell Bock Yeah, I would think too. He was not the weakest link by any means, no. Dr. Henson No, he was not. Dr. Henson He was not the weakest link.

He went through some stuff just like we do, made some errors, but he definitely was not the weakest link. Darrell Bock Yeah, I have experienced in my life, and I bet you have too, Tucker, that the closer you get to the target, the more the flak is bombing you. Dr. Henson Yes. Darrell Bock That is you.

Dr. Henson Yes. Darrell Bock That is your life begins to, you know, get traction for the Lord. You make enemies that you otherwise didn't have, and they're not happy about all his shenanigans.

So I'd love that you called in today. What about Paul's life most grabs you? Dr. Henson I think what the redemption, what God can bring you, what you are into and out of, and, you know, God can just bring you out of anything. Salvation will make you a new creature, no matter how bad you were. Darrell Bock In that, I think that's so powerful, right?

If he's got to lay you down and blind you in the middle of the road to Damascus, he's coming after you if you're his guy. Dr. Henson That's right. That's right. And he can do some remarkable things in our lives if we just let him. Darrell Bock That's so true. Well, I'm so glad that he did it in your life, Tucker, and certainly glad for you listening today. Dr. Henson Thank you very much. Darrell Bock Thank you. Dr. Henson Thank you very much. Darrell Bock God bless. You have a great afternoon. Dr. Henson God bless you.

Hey, you have a great afternoon, great evening, too, and stay warm tonight. Darrell Bock All right. Dr. Henson All right.

Thank you, sir. Darrell Bock So, Dr. Henson, I love that you have these houses, and they're in Southeast Asia, and so what prompted you to write the book, Breaking Invisible Chains? Dr. Henson Well, so many people were listening to us speak or share, and, you know, these are really God's stories. And what prompted us to write the book, the book is not about us. It's about God and the power of the Gospel, and it's working in the lives of these precious rescued ones. And so what prompted us to write the book is to encourage the faith of others. You know, we live in a culture now where so many people are deeply wounded, not just these children, but a lot of people have a lot of internal slaveries in their own life, you know, of fear and shame and unforgiveness. And so what prompted us to write the book is to encourage people that the power of the Gospel and the love of God can work in their own lives, to set them free and strengthen their faith. And then secondly, just encourage them as to what God is doing in the lives of, in Southeast Asia, the children there that are, you know, it's a plague there. And this is really the new face of modern day slavery, human trafficking is.

Darrell Bock Oh, yeah. Well, in a way it's been around since clearly at least Moses and before then, but, you know, blessed are they who keep his testimonies and seek him with their whole heart, right? That each one of those stories is a testimony. And they speak loudly to all of us. And I was thinking as you were talking about people that are bound in slavery and all that stuff that's in Isaiah 61, right, that he came to bind up the brokenhearted and set the captives free, right?

But the idea of all that is the power of the Gospel because that is what he's talking about in that passage, that the Gospel is not meant to just, oh, we get to heaven. But while we're here on earth, and I'm talking about me personally, like, man, I had, and I have, I shouldn't say had, I was thinking about when you're talking about slavery, you know, I resemble that remark. You know, just last night I was trying to not eat this bread that my wife made that was unbelievable, you know? Dr. Darrell Bock Yeah, my wife last night made a coconut cake, and she asked me if I wanted a piece, and I ate a piece, and after she slipped off to bed, I would have got another piece. Darrell Bock Get behind me, Satan.

I tell Tammy sometimes, you know? But, you know, it's fascinating, really fascinating to me how certain things in my life, the Gospel set me free, but it was very intentional. Like, just like those homes, you're very intentional in covering these wombs and asking Jesus to come in, and it takes a great deal of prayer, and it's a process, right?

And it doesn't, it's not a short process, but it's a long process, but every one of us has these things we can be set free from if we really get in there and ask God to help us. Dr. Darrell Bock Yeah, and I think an important part of that is that the Gospel, you know, Revelation says that God has put the keys to the Kingdom in our hands, and that is the Gospel. The Gospel is the key to the entrance into a relationship with the King and then into the Kingdom. And the beautiful thing about this is that God is using ordinary people, like our nationals and our leaders there, and men and women just like you and I, who have been set free, now to go by faith and surrender and obedience and bring that Gospel for us into some of the darkest areas of humanity and see the power of the Gospel. So it's a beautiful story, not only is this God's story of the rescue and the healing and the restoration, but it's also God's story of how he uses ordinary people and their people who are willing, that have a willing heart to serve him and love him and obey him.

Darrell Bock That's beautiful. And so of those stories in your book, you know, obviously you don't want to tell too much, but we would love to hear just a sense maybe of one of those that really gripped your heart as you were writing the story that you probably recalled what God did, and it was like, wow. Dr. Darrell Bock And one of the stories is of a young girl, nine years old, we call her Ellie, obviously that's not her name, but in the Philippines specifically, all of our homes there, the boys and girls that are being rescued into those homes are coming from what is known as the OSEC darkness, online sexually exploited children. And Ellie's story is that, you know, she went to visit her aunt one night and to spend some time with her aunt, and the aunt woke her up in the middle of the night and said, hey, I got a friend I want you to meet. And so she carries her into another room, and there in the other room is a male on the other side of the computer.

And the Philippines is such a horrible place for this because it's not only impoverished, but they speak English. And then she was asked to do horrific things. And so we call her Two-Faced Ellie because that's actually what she called herself, because at night she was living one life and then she put on another face to go to school. Eventually after staying with her aunt for a while, she went home and she thought, oh, now I'm safe. But not knowing that her mother was a part of it, her mother wakes her up in the middle of the night and puts her in front of a camera. And this went on for five years until she was rescued. And she actually wrote a poem. It'll break your heart, but it was out of her heart.

Monsters are after me, she says. And then her poem ends that in their homes of hope there she found true love and understood what true love is. And that story, by the way, one of our partners is Tim Tebow and his wife Demi and the Tebow Foundation.

And they have a video out of Ellie's story where Demi is reading her story and the poem that she's written. But we're grateful for the Tebow Foundation, who is partnering with us there in the Philippines. We have two villages of hope now, and there are six homes of hope and four more under construction in the Philippines. We actually are connected because the Tebow Foundation is actually on the Board of Land and Rescue and very much involved in what we do, so there's already the connection. Because he does—you're right, that foundation is doing phenomenal work, not just in the United States, but internationally, because obviously yours is clearly an international organization. Tim Tebow Yeah, I would say that, based on my knowledge, the Tebow Foundation is doing as much internationally as they are nationally. Tim himself was the son of a missionary, and his father was a missionary, and parents were missionaries in the Philippines for many years. Darrell Bock Right, which part of the story of his own, I guess what you call, faith story had to do with—they were on the mission field, and you probably know the story better than I do, Dr. Anson, but it was very much connected to his parents' mission work.

Tim Tebow Yes, yes. And he tells a story often about how he met this young boy on the streets with many difficult problems medically, and how God touched his heart even as a young boy for the least of these, which Matthew 25 speaks about. It says, when you've done it under the least of these, you've done it unto me. And one of the joys we have is that when we wash their feet, when we rescue them, when we restore them, we give them water to drink, food to eat, education. It's as if we had done it unto Jesus himself. What a beautiful reward to serve the Lord in this kind of way.

Darrell Bock Absolutely. So wonderful and so good to have you on. We've got to go to a break, but of course we'll be back in a moment with more with Dr. Anson, but of course we would love to hear from you. 866-348-7884. Maybe think of somebody else that was chained.

866-348-7884. We'll be right back. Welcome back to Kingdom Pursuits, where we hear how God takes your passion and uses it to build a kingdom. And again, what fun we're having today. And it's a heavy subject, but by the same token, God's doing amazing things with it.

We have Dr. Al Anson with us. He is the founder and of course chairman of Compassionate Hope organization, and his book is out on Amazon, Breaking Invisible Chains. And as you hear, this is stories. I mean, amazing stories of what God has done in these young people's lives and testimonies, like we've discussed here.

You can find those, again, on Amazon, or you can just go to I put a link there for both the organization, Compassionate Hope, as well as the book, Breaking Invisible Chains. And again, as always, if you've got another answer to my riddle, I love when you guys do that. You guys often have something that blows my mind, so feel free to call us. 866-348-7884. I'll bet you we can come up with another book for you somehow.

We would love to hear from you. So Dr. Anson, I would imagine since you've obviously been doing this for a long time, that COVID had a real impact on Southeast Asia that I don't think most of us in America have any sense of. Yes, absolutely. Especially the OSEC children. The Philippines, by the way, is the number one country in the world for this atrocity.

And I think Mexico is number two, because in the Philippines, it's 16 times larger than Mexico. But when COVID hit, as we all know, many of us were forced inside and being forced inside, this increased the availability opportunity for online sexual exploitation. And we've heard statistics like that things increased 300 percent during that period of time.

And so the number of children that were being abused and wounded and hurt in this way increased tremendously during the pandemic. Yeah, because when you think about it, it's a supply. And as people went inside and they isolated, Satan had them where he wanted them, right? Absolutely. And I thought about it this week, the idea of idle time.

Oh, man, what did I do with my idle time? Unfortunately, there's all sorts of idols. And that's one of the most horrific that I don't think so many men that are involved in have any idea of what they are bringing on the world by their hunger for that. Because, like you said, the demand increases.

There's going to be people that figure out how to fund that, that are making money doing that. And if your listener doesn't understand or know, America is the number one demand. The men and women of America are the ones who are demanding this kind of horrible garbage the most of any country in the world. That's exactly, unfortunately, not just the, as you said, the online sexual exploitation, the sexual exploitation, but then, unfortunately, because then their hunger grows all the more, then they literally go over to the country and it's worse. Yeah, in Thailand, for example, I've heard this statistic that over 50% of all of their tourist dollars are directly or indirectly tied in somehow with the human trafficking industry. Another statistic in Thailand that the government issued that they say they have at least 12 million children that are at risk in their country. That's only a country of about 80 million people. So that's one in every eight human beings in Thailand are at risk. In the Philippines, the ones that are perpetrating this are family members. 70% of all of the children in the Philippines that are being trafficked online are by a family member. And 70% of those that are being trafficked are 12 years and under.

They're just going to say that one of our youngest, and this is unbelievable, but the youngest that we've ever rescued is 25 days old. Darrell Bock Yeah, it is unbelievable, but I know it's all too true. And the scary thing is that statistic isn't just for Thailand.

It's for America, right? I mean, when you dig into the statistics of who actually is the perpetrator, quite often, unfortunately, it's people that are desperate for money because of drugs or whatever else they do. But they often will turn to somebody that they, like you talked about, an aunt or a relative of some kind. And so it's something as parents, as aunts and uncles ourselves to be looking at that, man, if something is going on with a child that you know, that you can just tell they're not themselves or whatever, just because like you were talking about, two-faced, I forgot, Annie, or two-faced, the girl you were talking about? Darrell Bock Ellie, Ellie.

Darrell Bock Two-faced Ellie, yeah. They're doing one thing during the day and doing, and forced to do other things at night in order to, you know, meet somebody's drug habit or whatever in the world if they're being exploited. And not just like you say it physically, but you know, often with that online, you know, that's easy money for a lot of folks. And just scary, right, that those kind of things go on. But that's why I'm so grateful, Dr. Henson, for obviously not only what you guys are doing to help the people, but now, you know, you're sharing this information so that, you know, a broader audience will understand the horrors of what Satan is meaning for evil, but God's used it for good. Darrell Bock Yeah. And if anyone is interested in being a part of this movement of God, the movement, the gospel movement of love, we have a very unique way in which people can be involved. And you know, in many ministries like ours, they have adopted a child.

We have actually adopted a home where someone can become a part with, maybe with others and actually taking a hard ownership of one of these homes of hope. Darrell Bock Wow. Wow.

That's amazing. And so if they go then, of course, to, what is it, Darrell Bock Yes,, yes. Darrell Bock Compassionate, I keep saying compassion, but it's And there you can, I'm sure they've got a donate button and see how you could sponsor, you know, one of these homes and what might be involved. Because again, I shouldn't say again, but those who listen to me often know that, you know, it's one thing to give a one-time donation, but when the organization knows you're giving regularly, then they can set budgets and stuff based on, okay, it's $10 a month or $5 a month or $20, whatever it is that you can do when you do that, then they know, okay, it's okay to go ahead and, you know, buy this stuff, right? Darrell Bock Yeah, and hopefully, you know, if one becomes aware and has an understanding of a home and the children, and we give them a lot of information, my prayers are one day they'll actually go and spend a few weeks there and go and just love these precious rescued ones and be involved in their lives. And that's really how, you know, the Scriptures are clear, go, go and see the fields that are white in the harvest. And so our hope is that brothers and sisters will end up going and visiting and being a part of one of these homes of hope for a few weeks.

Darrell Bock Oh, how cool is that? So yeah, I mean, it's interesting where your treasure is, that's where your heart is, too. And so as you have a chance to give towards this and pray towards this, then oh, an opportunity to actually go see this home I've been supporting, like man, you know, God is, God's at work. And I would bet you that many times they think they're going over there to help somebody, but the person that really gets helped is them, right?

Darrell Bock Absolutely. I can't tell you how many times I've heard that from people that have gone, they'll come home and say, I thought I was going to help them, and actually they helped me. And what it really does is it turns our hearts towards what's really important, what's really valuable in life. Darrell Bock I hate we've got to go to a break. Those are such wonderful words, Doctor. We'll be right back with, again, it looks like we've got a caller and more from Dr. Anson. Dr. Anson You're listening to the Truth Network and Darrell Bock Welcome back to Kingdom Pursuits, where we hear how God takes your passion and uses it to build the Kingdom. And of course, boy, what a show we've had today with Dr. Anson. He's the founder of Compassionate Hope, and that's And he's the author of the book Breaking Invisible Change, which is available on Amazon, of course, Breaking Invisible Change, and also there at You can click on the link and get that. And so, Dr. Anson, we just have a short period in this segment, and I'm wondering what you want to say that you didn't feel like you got said in the other parts of the show.

Dr. Anson You know, I was thinking about that. I think I would share this, something that I have grown more and more in my values and my faith system through this, and that is the power of God's love. I actually believe theologically that it's when someone begins to experience God's love that hope occurs, and that hope will lead to faith. And so what God has shown me is that his strategy for all Kingdom expansion is heart-to-heart, life-to-life evangelism and discipleship. And how do we open the doors to the hearts of those who do not know Christ? And the way is just go find a way to love them, and begin to show them the love of God. And then they'll open up their hearts to start hoping that even themselves can be free from their chains of slavery and free from the chains of sin, and can come into eternal life and into the Kingdom of God.

And really, it's this principle that Compassional Foundation is founded upon, is that when we receive these children, we receive them in the love of the Heavenly Father, and we become his hands, his feet, we become his fatherly and motherly heart to these children. And it's amazing how that kind of love, they begin to feel safe, and then in that safety they begin to hope again. What they've been through, I call it, it sucks all the hope out of them.

It's hope killers and trade killers. Their hope and dreams for lives have been, their lives have been killed. And when they come into this kind of safe, loving home and family, all of a sudden they begin to hope again.

They begin to dream. And our purpose is to help them to find out who they are as the sons and daughters of God, and then to fulfill God's eternal purpose and plan for their life. So to everyone listening, just go pray, be filled with the spirit of love, and go just love someone. Darrell Bock Yeah, that's well beautifully said, actually, Dr. Henson, that, you know, just to feel safe and whatever gives you a reason to believe that there's good people in this world and that you have a chance at this. And so when you look at the future of compassionate hope, and we ask people to pray for you guys, is there specific projects or something we can be praying for you?

Dr. Henson. Yeah, we have four locations that are homes of hope that we're turning into villages of hope. And for time's sake, I want to explain what those are, but that would be a purpose of prayer. And then here's a major request. You know, sometimes you're doing something significant, and it'll lead to something even greater. Thailand, for example, is a country where the gospel has been for well over 100 years, and still it's less than 1% Christian. And my last trip over this fall, I had a personal invitation to join the royal patronage. And what that means is, is that I will become a part of an association with the royal family and many businesses and organizations that are tied in to that. And the way they invited me in, I will now have the opportunity to share the gospel at the core of Thailand, and be the gospel there. And so I just please pray for this opportunity that God has set before me as his son and his servant to share the gospel at the core of leadership in Thailand. Right, which is to the point you actually spoke of a minute ago, that people will see your good works and glorify your Father in Heaven.

In other words, here are the people of this government going, man, here's this unbelievable, horrific crime thing going on, and here are these people, are they coming in and helping us? You know, what's behind that, love? What does that mean? What's behind that, love?

What does that look like? Well, let me tell you the reason for the hope. That's just a beautiful, amazing story.

I love that. And I'm going to be praying as soon as I get off the air. Well, why don't we just pray right now?

Lord, thank you for Dr. Hentside. Thank you for this open door, this opportunity you've given him. And I just pray you'd give him boldness, but you'd give him those compassionate eyes, that heart that he has, that the people there could see that what he's sharing is the best news they could ever hear.

I pray that the Holy Spirit would enable him to provide that message with such an understanding, despite whatever language barriers or whatever else is there, that they would clearly get his message of hope and that they would have a chance to meet the most wonderful thing they'll ever talk to in their life in Jesus. We pray for his sake and his glory. Amen.

Wow. Amen. Hey, thanks, guys.

And Lord bless you. Oh, thank you, Dr. Henson. And of course, we want to thank all of you listening, right?

Because without you guys, we don't have a show. So we're so grateful for all of you listening today to The Truth Network. Again, go to to find out more about Dr. Henson's compassionate hope in his book, Breaking Invisible Chains. Now stay tuned because you've got so much truth coming at you, right? You've got Encouraging Prayer with James Banks, followed by The Masculine Journey if you're here in Winston-Salem. And then it's time to man up with the key to Kolov, The Russian Nightmare. It's all coming to you on The Truth Network. Thanks for listening.
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