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Pursuing the Kingdom w/FCA

Kingdom Pursuits / Robby Dilmore
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August 12, 2023 1:09 pm

Pursuing the Kingdom w/FCA

Kingdom Pursuits / Robby Dilmore

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August 12, 2023 1:09 pm

Guest host Dr. Dwayne Carson sits down with the Area Director of "Fellowship of Christian Athletes" Bershuan Thompson. Listen as they share some powerful words of encouragement.


This is Rodney from the Masculine Journey Podcast where we explored manhood within Jesus Christ. Your chosen Truth Network Podcast is starting in just a few seconds. Sit back, enjoy it, share it, but most of all, thank you for listening and choosing the Truth Podcast Network. This is the Truth Network. Where you hear from ordinary people instilled with an extraordinary passion. Together we explore the stories of men and women who take what they love and let God turn their passion into kingdom pursuits. Now live from the Truth Booth, your host, Robby Dilmore. Robby's stepfather's funeral in New York. He would greatly appreciate your prayers.

I'm Dwayne Carson filling in for Robby. I work with the ministry called Date the Word. Today is August the 12th. On August the 12th, we're going to consider, first off, John 812. 8-12, John 8-12, then Jesus spoke to them again saying, I am the light of the world. He who follows me shall not walk in darkness, but have the light of life.

And when you think about how important light is, there can't be life without light. Jesus is life for people. You need Jesus today, so if you don't know him, we encourage you to call on him today for salvation.

That you might have life here, abundant life here, and then eternal life in the future. Welcome today to Kingdom Pursuits. Boy, do we have a great host, a great guest today. His name is Bershon Thompson. Bershon, welcome. Thank you, Duane. I'm so excited to be with you today. Bershon is the Area Director for Fellowship of Christian Athletes, and we thought he'd be great as a guest today because when we think about August, schools getting ready to start, and we're going to be spending some time today talking with Bershon about his great passion to make Jesus known in all these different schools around the foresight. You're not only in foresight, but you're up in Stokes County, and he has a passion that Jesus will be made known to athletes.

Bershon, first off, just tell us a little bit about yourself. Yes, so at the age of nine, I had a grandmother who would sit us around the table, her coffee table. It was a small one, but we had about 14 of my cousins around, and she just shared the Word with us and shared a snack or a meal with us. And so that's when the Lord started to penetrate my heart with the Word of God. At a young age, I was born again and baptized and all of that.

That was a time where, but you know when the Bible says that Paul and Silas, they were singing praises to God and the prison doors open, I still lived my life inside that prison cell with the doors open. And in college, I just had this encounter with the Lord after a basketball practice. That was the God of my life at that time, sports, played in college, accomplished a lot of things, but I was still empty and had a void inside. And after leaving out of a gym, I was in the parking lot, and one night I encountered the presence of Jesus Christ, and I felt like at that moment, the Holy Spirit came in, gave me fresh life, and showed me what his desire was for me.

His calling was to use the thing that had been using me all of my life for his glory. And I stepped out of that prison cell, so to speak, that day and walked into my calling of reaching out to young people through sports with the gospel of Jesus Christ. Now, as you were going through your teenage years, what sports did you play? Yeah, those years I did soccer, I did track, cross country, basketball, played a little bit of football until I got into high school and started to narrow my focus, and I narrowed that to cross country to keep me in shape and basketball in high school.

Yeah. And how far did basketball take you? It took me all the way to a NBA tryout with the Charlotte Hornets, it was two people left to select at point guard position, and they went with another guy that had won a national title, rightfully so, he had been on a 10-day contract the year before. However, God has a sense of humor, I always felt I would make it to the NBA, and so many years later, back in 2016, the Golden State Warriors contracted with me to be a part of their youth basketball academy, so I was employed and got my first NBA check from the Golden State Warriors, which is pretty interesting how God, sometimes it's not how you think it'll come, but it's in his timing and his design.

In his timing, right, right. Where did you go to college? I went to Charlotte, I'm a 49er, Charlotte 49ers.

You're a 49er, okay. In Charlotte, North Carolina, spent four great years there, and met a lot of wonderful people, that helped me to grow as a person, and that's where I met my mentor, Pastor Robin Gould, who just recently passed, but he helped me as a college student to really gain my footing as a believer, and it's just how to walk out my faith, and he took me under his wings. So you now work with FCA, Fellowship of Christian Athletes, tell us a little bit about Fellowship of Christian Athletes first, and then how did you get involved? Yeah, since 1954, FCA has been around proclaiming the gospel of Christ, and it started through camps, and it started in our schools on campuses, where we just share the gospel with young people and with coaches.

Our desire is to see them experience wholeness and transformation through a personal relationship with Jesus Christ, and we also wanted to see them excel and be their best, the best that they can be, and so we're in place to be that bridge, to support them and serve them, and encourage every coach and athlete to be the best that God has called them to be, and that we know starts with a personal relationship where transformation can happen through Jesus Christ. Now, you, as you're listening today, there may be, you have a question for Brashon, you may want to know how to get involved with FCA, you may have a story about FCA, you can call in 866-348-7884, that's the number, 866-348-7884, and I want to add today that while I'm here with Date the Word, if you'd like to know what your birthdate verse is, call in to make that request, but Brashon, tell us about now how you started your involvement with FCA. Was it while you were a student athlete yourself? So as a student athlete, I was not aware of FCA in high school or in college until I only became aware of that, actually my senior year in college, I saw a group that was meeting upstairs in the Cone Center, and they had, that's how I met Dr. Robin Gould, he spoke that night, and I never knew it existed, and so after him taking me under his arms and me seeing that my purpose was to use sports to lift up the name of Jesus, FCA back in 2014 is when I was asked to come on as a volunteer to share my testimony and my experience as a student athlete and how the Lord, my personal relationship with Christ, helped me in that journey, and so that was my start in FCA in Greenville, North Carolina, speaking to high school students and middle school students, speaking to teams and coaches, and I began to, you know, the staff there said, hey, you're doing a, you're helping us a lot as a volunteer, would you consider coming on staff?

And so I made that move to come on staff, and that's how I came to know FCA. Okay, do you have any favorite stories about those early years of speaking? Who were some people you may have spoken to and how were their lives changed? Yes, so I do remember speaking to one of the groups was West Craven High School basketball team, boys basketball team, and I remember that being significant because they were in our conference and we would play them as a player, but it felt surreal just being back.

I just remember sharing also with their middle school, a gym full of 300 kids, and seeing 14 to 20 people come to faith in Christ, so those are awesome experiences. That is awesome, and being able to share at an early age with these players, how their lives can be changed through Jesus Christ, we're looking forward to hearing more from you, Rashawn, we're gonna go to a break here in just a second. You're listening to Kingdom Pursuits, this is Robbie Dilmore's show, I'm Dwayne Carson. If you've got a comment about FCA 866-348-7884, give us a call.

You're listening to the Truth Network and Welcome back to Kingdom Pursuits, I'm Dwayne Carson. I'm filling in today for Robbie Dilmore, and we are glad you're taking time to listen. I have a ministry called Date the Word, and with Date the Word, we give a verse for every date. We gave you just a moment ago, John 8-12, well we also have Proverbs 8-12, I wisdom dwell with prudence and find out knowledge and discretion, wisdom dwells with prudence. I like to define prudence to carefully consider the consequences of a choice, and you know, we make a lot of bad decisions, and we have to understand, you make your choice, then your choice makes you.

And so you want to get that prudence, you want to get wisdom, so that you don't make bad decisions. I also have something that we've started with Date the Word, in which we have a Bible verse to go for any number, and as we think about talking with Rashawn Thompson today with FCA, we're providing him a guide with Bible verses from 00 all the way to 99, and if you're listening today, you're wondering, well I play a sport, it doesn't have to just be football, basketball, baseball, it could be soccer, it could be softball, and you want to know, what's my Bible verse for the number I had, you call in 866-348-7884, and we'll give you that Bible verse. I had a football player the other day came up and he said, my number is 13, but everybody tells me it's Philippians 4-13, well I want something different, and I said, okay, go with 1 Corinthians 16-13, because that verse says for you to be strong, steadfast in your faith, be brave, and he loved it. And so if you want to know what your Bible verse is to go with the number that you wear or have worn, call us here at Truth Network 866-348-7884, hey we're with Rashawn Thompson, he's with Fellowship of Christian Athletes, Rashawn, FCA, is that just local state? How great is the influence of the Fellowship of Christian Athletes?

Well if I could just go back to what you were saying about the numbers, I'm sitting here thinking man, you know in school I wore number 20, and I just see you have here Galatians 2-20, I have been crucified with Christ, it is no longer I who live, but Christ lives in me. And I just love that verse, this resource is going to really be an awesome resource for us, for our coaches and our athletes. So now, back to FCA, FCA is not only local here in Forsyth, it's not only statewide, but it's also nationally recognized, and even beyond that, globally. We have FCA in about over 100 countries right now.

That's incredible. 100 countries. What a ministry, and how far does this ministry go back again? Since 1954.

1954, there was a dream, a passion, this is kingdom pursuits, and someone had a passion. How do we get the gospel to athletes, Fellowship of Christian Athletes? Now what are some things you do on a daily basis as a director of FCA? So one of the things that's really, really important to me and I'm passionate about it is our huddles. Our huddles are, so I work to develop those in our campuses, in our schools, as well as with our coaches, and our huddles are ministry environments where the gospel is made known and where they can come and live out their faith. And so, you went with me the other day to one of our team huddles with a football team where we had watermelons and a message, melons and a message, M&M moments, and we come in and we encourage them to be their best, we share a verse of scripture with them, and maybe a story of ours, I shared my testimony, and then we get a chance to challenge them to step into a personal relationship with Christ. And so, this huddle environment is so important because, think about sports, when teams huddle, they come in that huddle to be what? Encouraged about the mission, reminded about the mission, who they are. They're not only their culture, but their DNA, who they are as a team, what they've done and worked on, and the game plan. And for us in FCA, the game plan is the word of God, who you are, who Christ created you to be, be your best for his glory. And the culture and the environment and the DNA, who God says you are, that's like the huddle for us, we're encouraging them and then we're charging them, now go out and live out your faith. How often does a huddle meet?

Usually huddles meet once a week or every other week, depending on the school and the rhythm that that school has, but typically the average is every week. When we think about influence in a school, we were talking at a board meeting not long ago about how influential an athlete is. Tell us about that, the influence of an athlete.

Yeah, for our motto in FCA is to minister to the coach so that we can minister through the coach. Athletes and coaches, coaches have the superior influence, because as coach says, and typically what coach says, the athletes do, because they want to get better, they want to make it to the next level. So the influence of a coach is so important to helping kids just kind of discover that moral compass, what it is to work hard, what it is to push through temporary circumstances and get to that next level, how to make decisions on the field that will impact off the field. So they're learning a lot of these basic foundational principles they'll need in their career, they'll need it as a parent, they'll need that when they go off to college. And so the influence of our coaches is premier because they then pass that influence on to their athletes.

So influence is so crucial. I think about when I was a student athlete and things that a coach would say, there's what your parents say, there's what a pastor may say, what a teacher may say, but there's something about what a coach says. And I was struggling in chemistry. And when the grades came out, coach didn't have to say a whole lot. You don't have to say a whole lot to have said a lot. And he said, your grades must improve. That was it.

And I knew I had to buckle down. Teachers have that influence on players that can last them a lifetime. When we think about that student athlete, I heard a statement that as the athletes go, so goes the school. So why is it important that a school have a huddle? Yeah, because yeah, as the athletes go, so goes the school. If you look at that school and it's all jacked up, typically the athletes, there's no discipline, but when those athletes are disciplined and know how to follow instruction, just leaders that school follows. And that's really important because the environment that's created at that school, those athletes have influence on other students on that campus. And when they're walking the line, then those other students see that and they look up to them and they typically tell the line as well and follow in. And so we're seeing that when FCA is on a campus, there is a safe place for young people to go that want to grow in their faith, grow personally, and grow relationally with others. You know, many of these guys want to go off to college and these girls to play at the next level, where it's so important that they have a place they can go when the coach can say, hey, I need you in class earlier tomorrow. Hey, I need you on the field and I need you to be that leader that you've been called to be.

That safe place in that huddle is just a place to rally the troops, get encouraged so you can be ready to go off to your next level. I look at Jesus and how he grew. It says that he grew in wisdom, in stature, favor with God, favor with man. And I think from that athletic component, you're growing physically. You're taking care of your body. But there's also that component. You've got to be intellectually smart. The game of football is complicated, basketball, baseball. There are things you've got to be able to process quickly. So it's not just about your body, it's about your mind. But then that relationship that you have with one another. Old Vince Lombardi, that great football coach, he said to his guys, those men at Green Bay, football players, rough and tough men, you've got to love each other. If we're going to be a team that's going to win, you've got to love each other. And there's something about being on a team that you learn how to respect one another, support one another.

You want to see your teammate success and you don't want to let your teammate down. And then there's that fourth component, though, that you are developing a relationship with the Lord. And one of those things that comes about with that relationship with the Lord is developing character. I like to make a statement, not just for athletics, but for all of us. Dr. Timothy 2-5 tells us if you're going to play athletics, you've got to compete according to the rules. Well, don't expect your gifts and talents to take you where your character can't keep you.

And I think that's one of the great benefits of FCA. They're helping to develop a key component, that of character. Your thoughts very quickly. Yes, the character is so important because your talent, it'll take you far. But how long will you stay there?

How long are you willing to stay in that position? Your character usually upholds you in that. You could end up being disqualified in a second.

We see an athlete kicked out of a game and all of a sudden you've lost that opportunity. Hey, this is Kingdom Pursuits here and we're talking with Bashawn Thompson. He's got a huge passion to have Jesus made known through these schools with the coaches, the athletes, fellowship of Christian athletes. See, we're going to be coming back in just a second. We're going to talk more about him, about how you can get involved with FCA, how you can be a volunteer, how you can support it. Thank you for listening today. We'll be back with you in just a moment. This is Kingdom Pursuits with Dwayne Carson filling in for Robbie Dilmore.

This is the Truth Network. Good morning again. This is Kingdom Pursuits where we're talking about the things that God has put in our heart to give us a passion. What is your passion? What do you want to see happen?

The difference that you want to make. You think about Nehemiah, he got a passion. He wanted to see lives be different for the people in Jerusalem, the place Jerusalem, the walls needed to be rebuilt. He had a great passion. Hezekiah, boy, he had a passion.

He wanted to see revival for his people. I'm hoping you've got a passion and today we're with Bashawn Thompson. He is with Fellowship of Christian Athletes here in Forsythe County and Stokes County. And he has a passion to see coaches know the Lord and make Him known and through those coaches impact the student athletes in Bashawn. When we think about Forsythe County, Stokes County, how many student athletes and how many schools do we have?

Yeah, so we have about 42 schools in Forsythe and Stokes County at the middle school, high school and college levels. And there are so many student athletes within those. We've calculated roughly 15,000 or so student athletes and when you talk about students, you're talking even a broader number, 42,000. So there's a lot of young people's lives in the balance that we can encourage and we're excited.

We get the opportunity through the vehicle of FCA to help come alongside them and help them navigate life. In the journey of sports, there's so many athletes that have been so much better than me, but many of them, as you mentioned earlier, were disqualified because of character. And it's not saying that the athletes that made it are perfect, but you really need that coach or someone coming alongside you to help you navigate the choices in life. Many were disqualified because of simple choices or choices that had a huge negative impact in their life. They disqualified them from their athletics, from their academics, and so I felt like so many more players from my high school team should have gone on to college, but did not just because of simple things like going to class on time, some of the basic foundational things that disqualified them. And so we make about 1,000 choices on average as humans from the time we wake up to the time we lay down.

Student athletes, especially quarterbacks, there's even more decisions that are added in, and those decisions really impact our destiny, and so it's important that the character component is developed so that they can make these sound decisions, and we know one decision that'll help build their relationship with Christ is to accept Him as their Lord and Savior. That's the starting point, isn't it? It is. You gotta get first things first, and one of the things that you offer with FCA is a risk band. Tell us about that risk band. You've got it on right there.

How does that work? I see a heart. What does that heart stand for? Yes, so this is the four, we call it.

This is our tool to help us engage people. The heart stands for God loves you. That is a symbol, the first symbol on this risk band. God loves you, and He sent His Son Jesus, and God so loved the world, right? John 3.16, He loves you. That's the first symbol.

And God demonstrated His love toward us, and while we were yet sinners, Christ died for us. Okay, so the heart? The heart. The next symbol is a division symbol, so it's got a dot at the top, a dot at the bottom. The dot at the top represents God, the dot at the bottom, humanity.

Okay. And then there's a division line. There is a division line. In between, and that line stands for sin. Sin separates us from God. God, of course, we know the story of creation, God created man.

He created everything, it was good. Created Adam and Eve, they sinned, they fell, and that's the fault. Sin brought the condemnation, and so we know that sin separates us from God.

Is there any good news here? As you get to the third symbol, yes, there's a symbol of the cross, and that speaks of redemption. Yes. It speaks of when Jesus, He came, He lived a perfect, sinless life, and He died on the cross, and three days later, rose from the dead, we know, and He died for our sin. He forgave us, that gave us forgiveness of sin, and through His shed blood, we have remission of sin, and now, obviously, through His resurrection, we know that He's sitting at the right hand of the Father.

Yes. And that symbol represents that Jesus rescues you, you and me, from our sin. We were once in a relationship with God. Sin happened, it caused a division, and we were separated, and then Jesus, through what He did on the cross, and being raised from the dead, redeems us, and restores our relationship with the Father. And now, as the church, as God's holy people, we're called to serve here in this world, and to live out our faith, and share our faith with others, and that's what FCA's here for.

But the last symbol is the challenge, it's a question mark, and it's challenging you and me, and it's saying, now, what are you gonna do about it? Will you trust Him? Or will you share this good news with others, so that they might know Him, and make Him known?

So that's called the four. Yeah, the first step is to know Him, and then after knowing Him, you make Him known. And so, this is a great tool for an athlete to wear that wristband, a coach to wear it, they can get that from you, and when we come to those different puddles, you pass those out, I was with you the other day, at a school, and you gave about 80 of them out, and it's just a great tool. What are some other resources that a coach or an athlete could be getting from FCA to help develop their faith, and make their faith known? Yeah, so we have the four wristband, obviously, we just shared, we also have a discipleship tool called the CORE. The CORE is the eight essentials of strengthening your faith. The CORE, eight lessons that talks about growing as a new believer, and an older believer, if you've been in the Lord, it's a great discipleship tool to help you grow in your relationship with God. Now, if I wanted to get that, how would I get that from you? So you can reach out to us at, share a comment with us, let us know you need it.

Go to,, and you can share with us in the comments, just reach out to us and say, hey, I'd love for you to contact us, share some of your resources and tools with us. We've got a Coach's Bible, for coaches as well, that want to grow and have a Bible, with Coach's Bible, nice leather bound. We have the athlete's Bible, and it has 365 devotionals in there. It has icebreakers, it shows you how to execute a huddle in your school, and we can show you how to use that tool and that resource. So we call it more than a, it's a Bible, but it's a life resource for our athletes, because it's topical as well, if you're dealing, struggling with feeling too much pressure, or confidence, or anxiety, fear.

It has verses that will encourage you on those particular topics, pride, things that we all deal with in this world. Folks, you may not know this about FCA, so again, if you, a parent listening, you want your son, your daughter to have a great resource, we've got this athlete's Bible, and give the website one more time. That's

That's Now Bershon, how if one of our listeners wanted to get involved with FCA, what are some ways they can get involved? So they can get involved as preparing watermelon, just simply serving watermelon, serving ice cold popsicles, water bottles. We get to engage with a lot of teams through feeding them, and then we get an opportunity to just share a quick encouragement with them, so doing that, coming to hand out the Bibles, coming to hand out the four wristbands, helping us just like you did the other day, so that we can engage with coaches. Great ways to serve at our events as well. How about churches? Yes, we love churches to come and be a part, and we invite you to come and be a part of what we're doing.

You can serve a team meal, and- Friday night football. Friday night football, you can have your youth pastor, or you could come in as a lead pastor and share with the team and just encourage them in their journey. It's just so great when we can partner together, because FCA is not a church. We are a ministry that's called alongside the church. Called alongside the church. So pastor's listing, be involved with FCA, youth pastors.

Get involved with this FCA ministry, reaching into these public schools in unique ways, ministering to them as they are going through a very formative time. Hey, you're listening to Kingdom Pursuits. We're talking about cultivating our passion, sharing our passion, and Bushawn Thompson is here talking about Fellowship of Christian Athletes in the Western Triad area. We'll be back with you in just a couple of moments, and we're going to tell you some other ways you can get involved with FCA right here in your hometown. This is the Truth Network.

Welcome back to Kingdom Pursuits. I'm Duane Carson in for Robbie Dilmore today, and we're talking with Bushawn Thompson. He's the FCA director here in the Western Triad area. We talk about Forsyte County. We talk about Stokes County. There's FCAs in other counties. Do they have FC in every county right now in North Carolina? We are working on that. We have territories and regions, and if FCA is not in your county or school, let us know, because we can work at making that happen with that school to get it to every county of the state. Well, and that was going to be one of my questions as we start to wrap up today's program.

Things that you offer, and that would be one of them. If you're listening and you're thinking, I don't know if my school has a huddle, you can check with Bushawn and he can let you know about this. If you're interested in volunteering, you can let him know also. But there are other things that are coming up, and Bushawn, I'm privileged to serve on your board. I know that we have a banquet coming up, because you have to raise your own support.

Is that correct? That is correct for all the things that we do in ministry here to serve these coaches and athletes. And you're not just the only one on staff. There are other people on staff.

They have to raise their support, and then to buy these Bibles, to be able to provide the Bibles, we do a big fundraiser every year. It's a banquet. Tell us about the banquet and who's coming this year. Yes, this year's annual banquet will be on October 26th.

It's a Thursday at 6 o'clock. And we'll have our featured speaker, will be Daryl Strawberry. Daryl Strawberry.

Yeah, we're excited. For some people, you may not know that name, but if you come through like I am, if you're about 15, back in the 80s, you know about Daryl Strawberry. He played baseball for the New York Mets. He would go in and play baseball for the New York Yankees.

But he won a World Series in 1986, the New York Mets. And Daryl Strawberry is our speaker? He is.

He's a nine-time All-Star, four-time World Series winner, as you mentioned. He's going to be our speaker. He's excited. Him and his wife, Tracy, have a ministry called Finding Your Way. And he's going to be right here in Winston-Salem, speaking as our featured speaker for our banquet. Now how does the person come to the banquet?

Yes, so we have great opportunities to be a part. You can come as a sponsor. We have levels of sponsorship. There's even one that will give you a private dinner with Daryl. There's a sponsorship level there, or sitting at his table at the banquet.

And there's other levels as well. Or if you just want to come and just get a base hit seat, what we call it, just an individual seat. You can buy a ticket for that.

You can find that information on our website as well, Now this is Thursday night, October 26th. Where is it located? And it's located at the dash stadium, truest ballpark.

How about that? For Daryl Strawberry, we're in a baseball park. We're in a baseball park. I think we're going to have even concession stand food, like a baseball game. Yes.

Hot dogs and burgers. It's a fun time for us to be there. Yeah. Hey, we've got a caller. Kimberly wants to know the number for her sons who played sports. Good morning, Kimberly.

Good morning. I understand you've got some sons playing foot, which foot sport do they play? Two at basketball and one at football. Okay.

Actually, during high school they played all of them, but in college, two basketball and one football. What were their numbers? Twenty-two.

Alright. Twenty-two. Right off the bat, Second Timothy 2.22. Flee also youthful lust, but pursue righteousness, faith, love, peace with those who call on the Lord out of a pure heart. That would be the first verse I would give him, Second Timothy 2.22.

Well he did that and he was one of the few people that got married as a virgin, so very excited about that. To be commended, yes. How about number one for my football player?

Well, right off the bat, I'm going to say this, I not only give a verse, I give a chapter, so Psalms 1 is for number one, but then Hebrews 12.1, therefore we also, since we're surrounded by so great a cloud of witness, let us lay aside every weight and the sin which so easily ensnares us and let us, here we go football player, let us run with endurance the race that is set before us. That's awesome. Yeah. And the last one is 55. Fifty-five. Fifty-five is going to be getting us down into the Psalms, Psalms 55, Psalms 119.55. I remember your name in the night, O Lord, and keep your law. There's also Isaiah 55.9, for as the heavens are higher than the earth, so are my ways higher than your ways and my thoughts than your thoughts.

So a couple verses there for 55. I love that. Well and my boys had, were fortunate to play with Johnny Evans boys and Jim Branch was also instrumental with their FCA, so we're thankful for y'all. Oh, that is awesome.

Johnny Evans is a great FCA staffer that's born into me so much. It's great to hear. Thanks for sharing. Kimberly, thanks for your call. Blessings. All right. Thank you. Bye. Well, this is Kingdom Percent. We're with Rashawn Thompson, and I want you to go to that website. Western Triad FCA dot O-R-G, and we want you to be a part of the banquet, put on your calendar, save the date, October the 26th, come and hear Daryl Strawberry at Truist Stadium. This is the Truth Network.
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