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August 5, 2023 12:37 pm

Run & Support

Kingdom Pursuits / Robby Dilmore

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August 5, 2023 12:37 pm

 Today, Robby speaks with Whitney Miller of Lantern Rescue and Greg Mayo with "Support After Abortion". Listen as they share the passion that drives their ministries and their love for God.


Nakita Kolov, the Russian nightmare.

No, the devil's nightmare here. From it's time to man up. Challenging men to step into their true manhood. Your chosen Truth Network Podcast is starting in just a few seconds. Enjoy it.

Share it. But most of all, thank you for listening to the Truth Podcast Network. This is the Truth Network. Kingdom Pursuits, where you hear from ordinary people instilled with an extraordinary passion. Together we explore the stories of men and women who take what they love and let God turn their passion into kingdom pursuits. Now, live from the Truth Booth, your host, Robbie Dilmore. Oh, welcome to Kingdom Pursuits, where we hear how God takes your passion and uses it to build the kingdom.

And so fun, as always, God has provided us with some amazing folks to talk about that very thing. So first up, we got Whitney Miller and she's, you may have heard her many times on Lantern Rescue with us. Whitney's with Lantern Rescue and you guys have a huge event coming up, right, Whitney? Whitney, are you with us? All right.

Well, they do. It's called the Lantern Rescue Run. It's coming up Saturday, August 19th at Asheville's Bicentennial Park. And so for those of you who have gone to see The Sound of Freedom and you're like, man, God, what can I do to get in on what was going on with sex trafficking and all that stuff?

This opportunity is amazing. It's coming up at the, like we said, in Asheville's Bicentennial Park. Hopefully you've heard Lantern Rescue's show here on the Truth Network, but Lantern Rescue is deep in the midst of all that. Are you with me, Whitney? No, she's not with me. Okay. We're going to put Whitney on hold for a second and we've got another guest lined up.

So we got Greg Mayo, and he is with an amazing ministry called Support After Abortion. So Greg, can you hear me? Yes, sir. How are you? Wonderful. Well, we got Greg.

That's good. So we're having a little phone system struggle this morning, but nonetheless. So Greg, tell us a little bit about what you do. Well, I am an author and a speaker and I work for Support After Abortion. My focus is on helping men find healing after having lost fatherhood to an abortion. And so you're talking about men, right?

Correct. So Support After Abortion commissioned a study about a year and a half ago, and what we found is that one in five men will experience loss due to abortion by the age of 45 in this country. So there's a lot of men out there hurting, Robbie. And so interestingly, so this is Support After Abortion. With your primary focus being on men, do you also support women as well? Yes, the organization supports men and women who have been impacted by abortion loss.

I started with them first as a volunteer and then a consultant and then came on full-time in January to specifically to focus on men's initiatives to men's healing. Oh, that's awesome. So we've got her and we've got Whitney Miller back with us. We're hoping that that'll work. And so, Whitney, can you hear me now? I can.

Hey, Robbie, how are you? I'm excited that we got you on the phone and that you can, you know, this is such an important event and, you know, with all the, I guess, the wave of people being affected by the sound of freedom, it's a great time to actually put your feet to what God's putting on your heart, right, Whitney? That's right, that's right. We say it frequently, but, you know, awareness is a wonderful thing.

However, it doesn't save people, action does. And so we can all kind of join in the fight in our own capacity and I'm excited to kind of share that with you guys. Yeah, and so it's coming up, right, a week from Saturday?

Yes, we do. We have an awesome event that's going to be local to North Carolina, Ashboro, North Carolina, in fact, and it is our 5K Rescue Run and Human Trafficking Awareness Day. So while there is that awareness component, there's going to be opportunities for people to get more involved that day as well. So be able to talk to people one-on-one about what it looks like to not just stand and share, you know, voice your heart in it and voice, you know, your thoughts about what is going on, the atrocities that are going on, but it also gives you an opportunity to take action in prayer and petition and just a lot of other really neat ways that we are actually going to have some of our local leadership, our sheriff and DA, speak directly to what human trafficking looks like locally, which we're really excited just to be able to bring and shed that light within our own community so that we can really have open eyes to what's going on, you know?

Oh, it's amazing. And so they don't have to run, right? They can walk.

Yeah, absolutely. You do not have to run. I will be walking with the best of them. But it is a walk run.

The reason it is a registered 5K is so that people that are avid runners, which I admire so very much, have the ability to also have it counted for their time. And so we wanted to make sure we had access to that for people. But yes, we want people out there walking. If you want to make a sign that says, hey, I'm a voice for the voiceless or, you know, whatever, that just encourages and motivates people around you, we would love that. You know, come on out, walk with us.

You can register to walk or run at the backslash rescue run. It gives you an opportunity there to register to walk or run. And then there's also a really awesome opportunity for our business community and corporate community to get involved via sponsorship. So if you are a business owner, small, big or medium, and you would like to just to be a part of this fight in a bigger capacity, we have opportunities for sponsorship as well. And all of these funds, Robbie, go right back to the field.

I mean, we are, you know, we're actually working on moving into 11 different countries right now. And so those funds are going directly into being able to access people that are trapped in trafficking across the world. Right. And one of the, yeah, one of the really cool things is you get to be styling and profiling if you register with a special lantern rescue t-shirt, which, by the way, those are great, you know, conversation starters. You know, a way for you to talk about, you know, the things that you're learning about that to help shine the light more on the whole subject, right? Nothing like having a conversation starter that you're wearing.

Hey, that's right. And it's a great way to get people's attention. So yeah, there is a register for those that register to walk around, there is a t-shirt specific to the event. We're hoping that this becomes an annual event ongoing.

So you know, you want to go ahead and get that t-shirt collection started now. But you're right, it is just that one more way to really allow that conversation to get started so that you can shed so that you can shed light for other people and to the, you know, the evil that's at bay. Right. And again, we want to let you know that if you go to, right, and if you look at the top, it says get involved, that'll take you right to the 5k run, if you click on that, get involved, or you just hit backslash rescue run, that'll get you there too. But just, and then get involved. And then obviously the rescue run is what they're talking about. You can register, it's $35, right?

It is, yep, $35. And we're just, we're really excited to have people involved in it. We actually, Dario just kind of came alongside of us and helped sponsor with it as well as Rage Ministries. So we've had two big people come in to sponsor this event so that it would take the burden of the finances off of Lantern, and our money can go straight back to what we want it to go to, and that's rescuing people.

Darrell Bock Yeah, absolutely fun, and what a wave of people that could be, right? If all these folks are showing up, and hopefully, you know, the news will pay attention, look at all the people showing up, you know, over this cause, and as people begin to, you know, again, put their feet to their faith and what they, what they, you know, feel like God wants to get this message out, and clearly shine a light on what has been kept in the darkness, right? Rachel Adams That's right, and we're going to be providing lots of resources and information out there that day as well.

We will have a boost out. We've also invited some of our local community NGOs, like the Family Crisis Center, the Pregnancy Center, out because they also see some of the things, some of the signs of trafficking coming through their front doors. So we really want this to be a community outcry. We want to make sure that people recognize there are resources available, where to find them, and then let's lift our voice for those that don't have a voice in the fight.

Darrell Bock Right. I've always loved that aspect of land and rescue is, you know, those poor children that are caught in all that, you know, God hears that. And, you know, we can help God's voice outshine, you know, those other voices that are asking for trouble, so to speak. And so it's such a huge problem. And it's such an opportunity for us to actually do something.

Again,, and then either backslash Rescue Run or just, you know, get involved, and you can go right to the Rescue Run that way. And $35, and I guarantee it's going to be amazing. So we got a whole lot more coming from Greg Mayo and the, and All He's Got Stories. We've got so much more coming on with them, but we also got Robbie's Riddle coming up.

You're not going to want to miss that. It has to do with rescue, and I cracked myself up, so I know you're getting excited to know about what that's going to be. We got so much more Kingdom Pursuits. One more time, Thank you, Whitney. Welcome back to Kingdom Pursuits, where we hear how God takes your passion and uses it to build a kingdom, and so fun today. We have Greg Mayo with the, their website.

And the really huge issue that not many people talk about is how many men are affected by this. So we're excited to talk about that, as well as we've talked about lanternrescue's Rescue Run. Whitney had to run because she's, you know, talking about the run somewhere else. But anyway, you know that we got to do Robbie's Riddle. So speaking of rescue. Yes, it is time to play shenanigans, and Greg, I know you're with me. Feel free to play along. Awesome.

Yeah, there it is. Behind the explosion that went on is my joke music. Anyway, so we got a few riddles for you here, and I know you guys are wanting to answer this. So how do you rescue a dying computer monitor? How do you? You got any ideas, Greg? How do you rescue a dying computer monitor? Well, you got me stumped, Robbie. Ah, that would be a screensaver.

Yeah, yeah, a screensaver. Ah, why did the lifeguard fail to rescue the hippie drowning in the ocean? Maybe you've heard this one, Christian. I don't know. Come on now, it's a hippie drowning in the ocean.

Why did the lifeguard fail to rescue him? Richard, got any ideas? How about Greg? I don't know. You got me stumped on that one too. Oh my gosh. He was too far out, man. There you go.

So this is actually my favorite on the list. So I had to leave my job at the cat rescue center. You know why? Why? They cut me hours. It's one of those that just tickles. I've laughed about it all morning.

They cut me hours. Anyway, you did not know this, but Liam Nelson will star in a new thriller where he rescues the wrong woman. You know what the film will be titled? What would a film be titled? Oops. I like that title. What do you think, Greg? That's a good guess. I don't know. I was going to go with uh-oh.

I think they're titling it from what I understand. Mistaken. There you go. So here we got to the actual Bible riddle that you've been waiting for. So you can call in when today at 866-348-7884, 86634 truth. If you're digitally gifted, see if you can peg this one.

All right. So what woman in the Bible would you certainly not want to be rescued by? Let's see if you can peg that one.

What woman in the Bible would you certainly not want to be rescued by as poor Cicero was? 866-348-7884, 86634 truth. And if they can answer that, Greg, tell them what they can win. They're going to be able to win a prize from our prize vault. Right. Kingdom Pursuits prize vault. The Kingdom Pursuits prize vault.

Yeah. How excited is that? It's a fabulous prize, by the way. Call in.

Yes, a fabulous prize. 866-348-7884, tell us what woman in the Bible would you certainly not want to be rescued by? Cicero was, and it didn't go well for him. But anyway.

There's two or three I wouldn't want to be. So anyway, Greg, is it his phone that's got the background thing going on? Yes, it is. Oh. Are you in the ocean, Greg?

Am I what? I think he's driving. I think he's driving. He's on the move. Are you on the move? I am.

I'm heading back to Indianapolis from Birmingham right now. All right. Well, we got it. It's cleared up a little bit.

So anyway, Greg, how, I mean, I'm wondering, you know, like everybody's got a story of how, you know, God impacted them with this particular idea of, how did it impact you personally? The idea of working with men and abortion. Right.

Yeah. So when I was 18, my girlfriend had an abortion. And again, at 22, a different lady.

And to be honest, Robbie, I drifted for a long time. Nobody was talking about men and abortion. Certainly nobody was talking about men and abortion healing. But it impacted me. It impacted me emotionally, spiritually. I drifted from God. I bought into the idea that because I had been a barf, God no longer wanted me, that I was unredeemable. And it wasn't until I was 39 years old and I got in touch with it, started working toward healing by working through some books I could find with my pastor and a therapist. And that's when I realized, okay, God will forgive me. God will heal me. And I think the most important thing, Robbie, is that it occurred to me that God could use my story to help other men that were impacted.

That was the big moment for me. Right. It is absolutely huge that God comforts us. That, I mean, that God, I'm trying to think out, it's 2 Corinthians, you know, I'm trying to, golly, I'm lost to reference. But, you know, the God of all comfort comforts us so that we can comfort others with the comfort we are comforted with.

There you go. I knew it was in there somewhere. And therein lies the whole, like, man, in so many different ways. Nobody can speak to it better than you, but I'm very curious, like, how did you come clean with your pastor?

I mean, that had to be a really awkward discussion. Yeah, so we serve such an amazing, you know, yeah, so we serve such an amazing God, and a lot of times he'll push us out in ways we're not ready for. 39 years old, I'm in a men's book studies that I'm facilitating at my church, and we're doing a book that has nothing to do with abortion at all.

In fact, it was a book called When Life is Hard. And so one night, there's maybe 12 or 13 of us there, and the Holy Spirit said, hey, Greg, share that abortion story. And I was like, no, no, we're not doing that. And the Holy Spirit said, no, seriously, you, you need to do that right now.

And I did. Scared, trembling, throat dry, you know, the whole thing. The amazing thing that night was that by the time I locked up the church and got my truck, three other men had shared abortion stories that they had never shared with anybody. And so there was this moment of, hey, I'm not the only one dealing with this. And so the next morning, I called my pastor and I said, man, you're not gonna see what happened last night. And I was, I'm getting chills talking about it right now. It was 14 years ago. I was so excited because I wasn't the only one, and I thought there might be a pathway to healing.

So after that night, scared to death, it was game on from then. Darrell Bock So what was your pastor's reaction? Scott Horner He said, God is good and gracious.

Thank you for listening to the Holy Spirit and sharing that last night. Darrell Bock Yeah. And I'm sure that there's many people out there right now that are saying exactly the same thing.

And I've heard so many times, and I believe it's so true, that you're as sick as your secrets. Scott Horner Yep. Darrell Bock And that to get stuff out there like that in the light of your feet, not only provides you healing, but then again, connect with so many people that can provide, you know, them healing. And you know, and I may have shared with this story before we did, Greg, but I was commissioned, I guess, by Liberty University to do 100 interviews over there with their counselors over a weekend at the counselors, I'm trying to remember the name of the convention anyway. It was the Associate of Christian Counselors Convention is what it was. And God just gave me that question.

Like everybody that sits down in front of you ask him, how did God comfort you in the area that you're now comforting others? And everybody had a story, just like you do. That they had been affected by whatever it was, if they were on a suicide outline, you could count on the fact that they attempted suicide. If they were working with divorce, you could count on the fact that they'd been through a really nasty one or their parents had been through a nasty one or, you know, it was just time and time again, I saw that. And then there was this abortion assist person like what you do. And she sat down in front of me and her husband was sitting next to her.

And I asked her a similar question to what I asked you. And for the first time ever in her life on the air, she shares that she had an abortion with her husband sitting there and her husband did not know. And she even said, he does not know this, but I feel like I'm supposed to... And then right there, I'll never forget as long as I live, like she came out with it. And you could see her husband's love and forgiveness and expression, everything could not have been more supportive. In other words, we think that people are all going to judge us when we come clean.

We think that they obviously are never going to talk to us again. You know, Satan has got us convinced that if we share that secret, you know, this is going to be... But actually one of the biggest things that ever helped you out was just getting it out in the open, right?

Exactly. And well, what I found then and my pastor encouraged me to do was share the story more. And that was kind of a scary prospect, but I did. And within a few years, I was going anywhere I was invited. If there was a group at a church with three people or a room with a hundred, I didn't care.

Recovery groups, I went to homeless camps, places where they do training and reintroduction to society for ex-convicts. And everywhere I went, Robbie, every single place, at least one man came up to me and said, look, I've never shared this with anybody. But you know, when I was 18, when I was 21, when I was whatever, and I started realizing that there was power in a man being willing to step out and share his story because it somehow gave other men permission to share theirs, if that makes any sense.

Oh, it could make no sense. It could make more sense, Greg, because you know, I have my own story of being addicted to pornography and I have an opportunity to speak to that in all sorts of conferences and different things. And of course you can never share that kind of thing. And there aren't lots of men that come up to you afterwards, right? To share what their struggle has been.

And they've never told anybody, right? And so it's just a huge thing, a huge opportunity for all of us. So we're going to be back with a whole lot more with Greg Mayo and the support after abortion, as well as we got Sandy who is in Colfax, North Carolina. That sounds like we got Sandy Colfax coming on. The baseball great. I don't know.

But anyway, she has got, hopefully, maybe he. You're listening to the Truth Network and Welcome back to Kingdom Pursuits, where we hear how God takes your passion and uses it to build the Kingdom. So blessed to have with us today. First off, we had Whitney Miller with Lantern Rescue and their rescue run that's coming August 19th to the Asheboro Bicentennial Park.

Again, you can go to and just get involved and register for that. And we got Greg Mayo with support after abortion and their website But very fun. We have this riddle that has yet to be riddled.

What woman in the Bible would you certainly not want to rescue you with? And we've got Sandy who is in Colfax from what I understand. Sandy, you're on Kingdom Pursuits. Good morning. Good morning. How are you?

I'm good. Have you ever considered that you're Sandy from Colfax? Oh yeah. I used to get that at work a lot. So did you ever pitch them anything?

I'm sure that they've called them and missed them too. Oh yeah, yeah, yeah. So I'm very curious. And of course, there are different answers to this, but what woman in the Bible would you not want to be rescued from, Sandy? Well, probably Delilah, because especially if I was a guy, because she'd want to cut my hair off.

Yeah, and then they ended up losing their eye. But a woman wouldn't be a bald woman either, so. Yeah, she would be a tough one, wouldn't she?

I hadn't even thought about her. Wow. That's the scary situation, man. What's even more unbelievable is how many times, you know, when obviously Samson knew she was out to get him, he didn't stop. Yeah, that's sin for you. I mean, it's crazy. It absolutely is. Yeah, that's beautiful. Well, thank you so much for calling in, Sandy. I'm so glad you listen. Yeah, I love your show. I love your jokes and your subjects, and you have a really super ministry.

I'm so blessed and so blessed that you listen. Thank you, Sandy. Have a great day. Thank you. You too, Robbie. All right, bye-bye.

I love that. I never got a chance to talk to Sandy Colfax, but I have now, and she is delightful. So, Greg, getting back to your ministry, and so I'm curious, do you get a chance to actually talk to men on the phone now, as part of the support hotline? Yes, the Port After Abortion has a helpline, and when men call in, a lot of them get filtered to me, that one-on-one support, that some of them, Robbie, they just want to talk to somebody. They just want to be able to tell their story. A lot of them, it's been decades, and they've never shared it with anybody, and the relief they experience, and just having a man listen compassionately, a man who's been there and understands their pain, it means the world to them, and it also allows me the opportunity to help them find the right healing opportunity for them, right?

There's so many different avenues out there, small group, one-on-one, clinician, weekend retreat, you know, it goes on and on and on, and so after talking to a guy a few times, I can help plug him into what's going to help him the most. No, I bet you can. So, I'm curious about another thing. You know, I do a lot of ministry with the Christian Car Guys Show, We Have a Jesus, Labor, Love, where single moms and widows call in that have desperate needs for car repair, and, you know, a lot of times they would call in very upset, and, you know, I could tell they were very anxious and very suspect of whether or not I was just a rip-off artist of some kind, even though all I was trying to do was help them, right?

Yep. And very untrusting, and so, you know, as I would pray through that, you know, God, the Holy Spirit, urged me to always ask them to pray early on in the conversation, and then he gave me a prayer, a very specific prayer that started out with, you know, Lord, I thank you so much for Julie, who, you know, had the courage to call in today and ask for help. It takes a lot of courage to do that for, I know it's really a hard place to ask for help. And it was interesting, and, you know, that prayer would then lead to, you know, how He would bless them and all that kind of thing, but it was interesting that God gave me that prayer, and I cannot believe how much peace I could sense would be on the other side of the prayer versus the person I was talking to before the prayer and the person I was talking to after the prayer, that, you know, God would somehow or another touch their heart and they would all of a sudden trust. So what I'm curious, because obviously you're doing this and you've got some people who are very emotional on the other end, has God given you something to help those people with their prayer or something to say or, like, somebody's calling in with that, what would you say or what would you pray or what would God give you to give them? Chris- Well, we talked as support after abortion about the four steps when meeting someone impacted by abortion.

That's meeting them in person, on the phone, whatever. The first one is check your judgment, the second one is walk in compassion, the third is invite them to share their story, and the fourth is connect them with healing. Now, the reason I say that is because a lot of the guys that call in, and in fact our study that we commissioned a year and a half ago shows this, a lot of the guys want secular healing, and what that means is they're not ready for a Bible-forward message. And so I go in, in the best way I can, and try to figure out who I'm dealing with.

Because what we found out, Robbie, is that a lot of guys, you know, when you get to that place in your life where there's an unplanned pregnancy, you didn't get there unscathed. So a lot of these guys had father wounds or they were wounded in whatever church tradition they grew up in, and we have to get to that core problem and find out what happened. And part of the way we do that is we just ask a lot of questions. We let them tell us their story and where they're at, and then in that way we lead them down the right path. But the biggest thing is to be curious, and that's where all the questions come from.

I got to get to know you. You know, a good friend of mine's a pastor in Indianapolis, and he once said, I have to earn the right to share the gospel with a total stranger. Meaning, first this guy has to trust who I am and my intention, kind of like you're talking about with the people that call in on your car show. So that's what we do.

We try to figure out who this guy is, what he needs, where he's been wounded. I've had guys who called in, and the first time I talked to them they tell me, I don't want to talk about none of that Jesus stuff, and I ain't a Christian. And I say, well, I am. And we talk, and some of them within six, seven weeks, one of them five months, they end up start asking questions. And they say stuff where I'll be like, well, you're different than most Christians I know. Well, what they're really saying is you're different than the Christian that wounded me, right? And then they want to know, so what kind of Christian are you?

Well, and that's my crack in the door. That's my opportunity to share the gospel, to share what Christ has done in my life, to share how Christ wants to heal him, how Christ still wants a relationship with him. Because at the core, for a lot of these guys, I would say the majority of them is toxic shame. They honestly believe, like I did, that abortion is a sin that they cannot be forgiven for. And when you can convince a guy that, yes, not only can you be forgiven, but Christ still wants a relationship with you, and Christ has purpose for your life, that to me is life changing right down in the core of that man. You know what I mean?

Darrell Bock Oh, absolutely. Because what they're sizing up always, you know, the same thing most, you know, I do when I'm in, you know, meeting somebody new, I'm sizing up, is this person in it for me or are they in it for them? You know, what's the purpose of this encounter here? Do they have an agenda of some kind for me? Or do they legitimately care about me? And so by you asking those questions and being sincere, I mean, that's the big deal is you're really trying to figure out how to help and they can sense that pretty quick.

Darrell Bock That's beautiful. You know, there's no doubt that there's a huge connection, in my opinion, to learning and loving. In other words, you know, the way you love people is to learn about them and to learn, you know, how you can help. Because sometimes, you know, the way you think you can help is no connection to what they really want. Greg Love Right. And so if I push what I think they need on them instead of finding out what they need, then I've really not served them at all and I've really not served the kingdom.

Darrell Bock That's beautiful. Absolutely. I once heard about these missionaries that when they reached these places that have been under rhetorical persecution, their biggest need was just simply to share their story.

They didn't have anybody to talk to. So we got a lot more coming with Greg. I'm very excited about it with support after abortion.

Stay tuned. You're listening to the Truth Network and Welcome back to Kingdom Pursuits, where we hear how God takes your passion and uses it to build the kingdom. And certainly what a neat opportunity we have today to have Greg Mayo here with us. Support after abortion, again, the Holy Spirit's idea to contact Greg. I had a chance to interview him at the NRB and see what an amazing gift God has given us in this ministry to men, because I know that the same is very true about women, but so few people see what effect this has had on so many men, on actually grandfathers and fathers that undoubtedly forced their daughters, all sorts of interesting stuff. Have you ever had a call like that, Greg, where there was a father who had forced his daughter to have an abortion?

Well, one of the guys I'm working with, one on one right now, his daughter had an abortion. The mom knew. He didn't know for nine months. And he called in when he found out. He was very upset. He's a Christian man. He told me that they didn't tell him because they were afraid he was going to be mad she got pregnant at a wedlock.

And so we've been working together for four months now, and he's still struggling pretty hard to come to terms with that. So you're right, Robbie, it doesn't just affect the man and the woman involved in the pregnancy, the mom and the dad, it affects other family members. When I met my wife, on our second date, I told her my abortion story.

I felt like that was an important thing to share. It couldn't be a secret, right? But a lot of men keep it, but a lot of men keep it secret. And the numbers in the study we did, we found that 57% of men we talked to, did not have a decision or a part of the decision to go forward with the abortion.

57%. So there are men out there, Shirley, that pushed their girlfriends or their daughters into having abortions. But the majority of men didn't have a voice at all. And indeed, 71% of the men in our study said that they noticed an immediate adverse effect inside themselves, like they knew something was wrong. And the most startling thing about that for me is the next two points, which is 83% of men in our study said that they could have benefited from talking to somebody or tried to find somebody. But listen to this, Robbie, only 18%, one-eight, 18% thought they knew where to go find help. So what we got is a whole bunch of men out there hurting that want help but can't find it. Yeah, I mean, there's all sorts of stuff out there for women, obviously, but probably not enough. But certainly, there's nowhere close to that amount out there for men, which is one of the great opportunities you gave us to come on and talk about it because therein lies the opportunity. Now, everybody listening now knows there are these resources for men.

If you come across somebody that has the story or you yourself have the story, right? There's no charge for this. They just go to, right?

Right. You go to There are so many opportunities. We have a product in-house called Keys to Open Healing. It's a six-week study. But we also have links to all kinds of other programs because our thing is we want you to come to us and let us help you find healing. And my thing for the last several years now has been to give men a voice, to let men know that it's okay that you have pain about this, that your pain's real, and that there are people that can help you. Yeah, my novel, Almost Daddy, The Forgotten Story, the main character, Ben, he stays away from God for a long, long time, Robbie, because the messages he got were that God didn't want him, he was not redeemable at this point, right?

And he got those messages, unfortunately, from some Christians that were putting out bad information. So what we're trying to do is put out the right information, that you can find healing, and that you can change your life. And part of what we do with guys, we walk through programs, is the final step, which we call finding purpose in your pain. So you had this pain, you found healing, now that becomes your purpose. And that kind of circles around to what you talked about in the beginning, Robbie.

Yeah, it really does. In so many ways, you know, our struggles, you know, other people are watching and it gives us an opportunity to share, you know, essentially, you know, how God comforted us. And it's really, really cool, like, and once you understand, you know, and you see somebody going through something really horrific like that, realize, as they come out of it, you know, they now have a new platform. It's like one of the things, I'm a cancer survivor, and I often have an opportunity to talk to people, you know, that are in the midst of a cancer struggle at some point in time. In other words, all the things that have happened in your life give you a new platform. Absolutely. So it's absolutely beautiful. And so, you know, clearly, you've guys, what was something you wanted to get?

Oh, I ran out of time, I forgot to ask that question. But I'll give you the last word, Greg, what else would you like our audience to know you get a chance to say? Greg, if you're a man or woman hurting after abortion, go to or call 844-289-hope. We have lots of people waiting to help you. Don't let another day go by.

Yeah, Thank you so much, Greg. And thank you for listening. We appreciate you so much here at the Truth Network. And we got a lot of great stuff coming your way. Encouraging Prayer with James Banks coming right up, followed by Masculine Journey starts here now. And then Nikita Kolov, it's time to man up. Starts at 1230. Thank you all for listening to the Truth Network.
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