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Michael Austin and Dr. Ken Redcross

Kingdom Pursuits / Robby Dilmore
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June 30, 2018 1:27 pm

Michael Austin and Dr. Ken Redcross

Kingdom Pursuits / Robby Dilmore

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Kingdom versus where you hear from ordinary people instilled with an extraordinary passion together we explore the stories of men and women who take what they love and let God turn their passion into kingdom pursuits now live from the truth.

Your host Robbie Gilmore. How fun is it that on this fourth why we not have my good friend Michael Austin Christian history magazine Baptists in America, so they were there were Dunkin' Donuts before they were there. I Michael subject they were timers and they were an American yellow line yeah our word to the predecessors were dunkers, many others in the meeting started Baptists they are and also with us today. Very interesting guest with Dr. Ken Red Cross and I would be me and Dr. Ken, I have to ask him to leave and asked a million times did you your last name to seem like you were destined to be a doctor. The good Lord so the tagline I have for Dr. Red Cross is bracing for bloodsuckers all right at all thing in the rain of the Florida lover were going. Dr. mysterious biting diseases on the rise as a Northeast transfer ticket explosion certified up a lot more from Dr. Ken but as you might guess. Speaking of blood man speaking of blood. I have a story close relative of mine. I have to admit is blind, but that this may give you an idea of what was going on. You may know that people take blood there called phlebotomist work for me before. If your veins are kinda sticking out your skin. They call that one time I was over this relative's house and she looked at me and she said Robbie are there any fleas in my house, if you seen fleas I said no I've never seen a fleet well how did I get this phlebitis like that is true, absolutely true story and I had to lean so along the line of phlebitis in red blood count and as you've ever thought about this could be a communist vampire my red blood count. Think about Dr. class told you really tell me that a bloodsucking arachnid from the moon would be a lunatic like you will write and I understand a lot of people come to Dr. Red Cross blood test or secretarial candidates know why it illuminates the typos. I have typos well are you and you may also know that a pessimist blood type Michael not that you're pessimist, but a blip pessimist blood type is always the negative well so it all begins. You know I would actually get to original lives coming in here comes the riddle with the Bible for list money talks. There's the question why do we need bank tellers is money talks. Why do we need bank tellers.

We have talking donkeys. We are talking blood in the Bible. Were you aware that blood talks in the Bible where blunt talk in the Bible 866-34-TRUTH 87884 866-34-TRUTH, but also heard this joke. I meant actually do it in a Christian card I show because it was keeping with the matter so this doesn't have to do a blip is just a phenomenal joke and because were at the show. I really want to share Michael and Dr. Ken is it okay we got plenty time we got ours.

He got time for my funny joke that I even my wife laughed at this joke and my wife never never went. Does she do she never laughs at your jokes.

She just despises them Gerard and she laughs at. But it's not. So anyway this this pastor took Giving shaves to men in out in his church because he wasn't making enough through the offering and so you know, one of his parishioners would come in there and he would give him a shave for five bucks and the sky was really just love it and and he came in there one time and the pastor left and his wife was there and as you might imagine what most pastors know his/her wife is name was Grace so you know is like grace and you did give me a shave and she said yeah but there's a difference.

My shaves her 20 bucks is leaning toward Betsy's as well. She says you know with your offering lately, you know, the pastor may be ashamed to tell you but I won't tell you that you need to step it up so you can pay me 20 and enemies is like okay I get it. I so didn't feel too bad, because at least he was given some of the offering and next morning he gets up and checks it out because man shave. I don't have any stubble. The second day still soft as a baby, not a single stubble of this goes on for a week and no beard coming back at all.

Just amazing second week, third week and now he's just dumbfounded. So he comes back in and of course the pastors that you know there shave everybody's like where if you been man goes just Dr. believe this man your wife was here last time was her and she gave me a shave and a Gucci ego so that explains it. She goes you know you've been saved by grace want to share it always. Okay, now that I've gotten by all that in your thinking about calling in really, because you know when the blood talks in the Bible 866-34-TRUTH 87884 866-34-TRUTH. I really am concerned about these bloodsuckers doctor can one wonder what is going on here I meet you guys so hard to follow about good material. I don't think were talking about bloodsucker there more time a year will we think about not only you know here in the Northeast, then even a little bit about Virginia. Even my my home state is even affected by the illegal talk a little bit about any particular line while and I had some friends were sticking with that disease and it is brutal thing. I mean, you have an intercourse. II actually hear North Carolina's not unusual in chitin course's during those I had Rocky Mountain spotted fever and I had a dear friend died from Rocky Mount spotted fever and so you got all that so there's all those things going on so we'll talk a bit about that and Michael you been so quiet you don't come along but actually actually direct you gotta expect this because the you know this run in the family speaking blood. I didn't solve my pretty good guide that I am slow right now my reading to keep up with you but anyway the cool thing is that Baptists in America.

What a great thing to talk about on 4 July because they really had a strategic part in what this country became they did.

The Baptists were there in the beginning, and they were dissenters going on a straight now so you know that humor is is well-placed here because the dishes this is your great great history of of of great people who overcame they were dissenters and they overcame know the more I look into this, but I discover that today we are now today the Anabaptists of the past and those were the folks that were persecuted by both sides, both for Catholics and Protestants after the end, Baptists, and I think the Anabaptists is that's where we are today because it is made effective fits right in with your joke and great times all over the religious yeah and I'm so glad you finally told a joke on the ticket happen. I could happen. Well, you may have the answer that you can call us at 86 611 talking blood 866-34-TRUTH 8788 phone to find out more about these bloodsuckers Anabaptists they all fit together. I know how that will figure it out versus where we hear how God takes your passion and uses it to build the kingdom down this Fourth of July weekend were blessed to have Dr. Ken Red Cross who is sharing a message of you know thing to be a lifelike there's there's some tics out there that are bloodsuckers that are really going after last summer and find out more about that and Michael Austin with Christian history magazine and their latest article article about the Baptists in America and right before the break, which I should say one more time if you want to call in and win today.

Just tell us where which blood talk to in the Bible. Any place that you saw blood talking in the Bible, we would love to hear that 866-348-7884 but your fix to get into some I really wanted to pursue where you talked about the that a lot of where you see the church today being kind in the middle between one group and the other group is kinda dissenters take us where you're going, Michael and Mayor Michael might've lost Michael will know that I'm sorry I'm here you're here I was, I'm fighting a terrible cold so I was put on the Q caught a little bit but yeah the when you consider this movie. I get.

I considered a movement as opposed to a denomination if you will. And of course it has become and out denomination but the reason I call it a movement is that there's no particular, you know, big celebrity persons like Martin Luther or Laura Callanan or somebody like that. It started a movement in and became his namesake. Baptists were you when you consider something like this movement yet to look at its history to look back and there's a couple of 200 year or at least 100 year cycles to go back into the 1500s where you would find these people who are called Anabaptists now under the column Anabaptists well they were folks that had a second baptism. That may sound strange to people, but in those days the course in Europe and in the 1500s.

Christianity was basically the Catholic faith. Now there were other very strong traditions.

Christians coming along since the time of Jesus rather unnoticed because they didn't have a big name in the big brand and the control of the politics and control of nations inch relationship with nations and all that stuff that the Catholic Church had but these folks actually started reading the Bible, which by the way, in the 1500s. That meant your blood you got to have burned at the stake where you got killed in one way or another. It was pretty bad stuff you know everybody was sharing a dagger in the and so it was life and death and think this is an important thing that we today in our comfort. Forget that the Christian life was a matter of life and death. In this era and the Anabaptists because they were dissenters and I love this term to center that that is characteristic of Baptists today because you find Baptists everywhere and you find all kinds of Baptists they keep splitting keep splitting off the wonderful tradition when you have a difference with other people.

You don't go over and kill them or take their blood you go your own way and you start something new that a lot of people object to that. Specially our brothers and sisters that have unity of above all, the problem is that so much of our unity above always unity on the wrong things, but we still have people seeking unity about the Baptists gave us an amazing tradition of dissenting and if and if you didn't it didn't work, you just kept on you kept on because you have your under conviction and these people were under conviction of what they had read in the Bible about baptism. That baptism wasn't something that happened to you when he had no idea what was going on when you are over the age of 19 the Catholic Church were baptized and met that cannot shield your fate as a Christian make you a Christian that was your entry point but the Baptists discovered that no baptism actually is is a declaration should be a declaration to your community and to your society. You are now a believer in Jesus Christ and you are a follower is like you know I didn't.

Now the Anabaptists word was saying they wanted a second baptism because he wanted to baptism after they actually come to faith that it was their choice.

Now here's another interesting thing because I think you will see, or I will I would like you to see how the Baptists fit into this American experiment with what bloodsuckers before we get to the bathroom and back during the American experiment. Can you imagine landing in Jamestown with all the bloodsuckers you tell that Virginia there were tics all you guys write back to you. You're right, it would take gaming everywhere and we didn't get a chance to learn about that really got you think about you mentioned before Rocky Mountains spotted fever and different back. And what working online. Believe in your mention how debilitating it can be so damaging it because you can write April to July and we always get out we enjoy our family we go camping and have a good time to give to the times when you're right.

The bloodsuckers are out waiting thing with being of it is been such a change in our weather guide noted look a lot warmer than what it used to be and what happening at that particular living even longer. So what are some strategies so that we can make sure and especially when you're going to church and a lot of picnic and think of this time year.

Make sure they were out there making sure there were using some bug spray, bug repellent talk a lot about the natural one that can help keep them all, but make sure that were also wearing long hand and long sleeve then you want them to be light-colored because you want to be able to see that kick on your skin and leave the creditor can be but died of a poppy feed so you want to make sure that you're looking for that enduring body check that you come in and out with your family and even your pets and everything so it's important at this time of year, you recognize that if you get this rash, which we kinda call a bull's-eye rash writer look like a little bold. I fight where you were bitten, you start to feel kind of glue.

We are not yourself that the time to say you know… I wonder if I've been bitten by a cake and then talk about some of things that we can do to really make a difference. So if you catch Lyme disease early and then again I'm totally ignorant like I am about Anabaptists. I just wait for Michael but I am totally ignorant about Lyme disease. Although I've known people that had it. It can be. It's it's it's better if you catch it early, go absolutely. In fact, it really can't because a lot of tech that we have to live the need to be quite hundreds aren't so great you can get a lot of false positive meaning that you could have been bitten by dictate, but then you're tested negative and collect another month later so you want to make sure you get anything at the yes we can treated.

The good thing it robotics to help doxycycline is beneficial amoxicillin. A lot of us are familiar with. Also treated take about two weeks, almost 3 weeks of treatment, but big talk.

Now that you got to hear a lot about in the news that the fact that you have about 20% of people who no matter what you do to treat line and get better. They have to eat the joint pain into summative printed you're talking about Robbie can be absolutely debilitating.

The good thing is that I talked to patient alive.

They come to me because they know they only use them different approaches that are at all like a little bit closer to the earth and one of them is actually a medicinal mushroom mixture: 88 deeply. Now I mention a BPM particular because the left affected the number one immune supplement in Japan also love the fact that we have data we have 20 human clinical files that you can read it a B to learn what is this medicinal mixture doing what we found is that it robustly boosting your immune system and yes what you want because Lyme disease expected chronic an issue with the new system being affected and being a increased inflammatory state and we know it. Inflammation caused her to leave so as not only aids that important but vitamin D were learning about the ability to also boost our means that I love when these discussions come up guys that don't require a prescription you to think that we can have and are covered and make sure everything is more natural and I think I gave it anything goes well, to be able to heal naturally, just like the way we used to before we had pharmaceutical company so it's interesting to me like the tics there.

Hard to see and and's and so was a religious spirit right. Michael that that spirit was coming after the Anabaptists in so many different ways but fortunately you know they stood alone and said hey for us that you know this is this is what we believe in. And interestingly you know you had said earlier that they can have a big name you get more than John the Baptist. Amini was was he a Baptist Michael. He must be coughing again right on Michael.

I have to actually put them on the air. Go ahead Michael, I'm sorry to interrupt your your train of her for a moment and asked the doctor more about those symptoms when that chick actually when you find that chick on you and you remove it because it recently that I had that experience. I had a take. I found it was kind of on my shoulder. I was needing a little bit and and where you find out about Michael and his band were still waiting for that talking in the Bible at 866-348-7884.

You can call in and when the day we left hear from you.

Where do you find out about talking blood in the Bible 866-34-TRUTH 87884.

Find out about Michael to stick welcome back to how God takes your passion and uses it to build the kingdom today. Here it is a Fourth of July weekend. How fun is that. And we have Dr. Michael Austin is with Christian history magazine and their latest article, Baptists in America and Dr. Red Cross, who is been having a fascinating discussion about bracing for bloodsuckers. These mysterious tic explosion is gone on by Dr. Red Cross is also to interesting insights for us to hear a lot more from him as we go through the show today, but right now we have regulars on the line so we can get to those don't have their name lessee easily get me a name and a minute but and we got Dr. Aust about let me take Dr. Red Cross back real quick. Interestingly, just on a completely different subject, when you get to Michael's taken a minute.

But before we go there at your website.

There are some wonderful which by the way, there's a link at or you can link to Dr. Red Cross which is not hard to remember his name to Red but yet some recipes and I sorry had a recipe for butternut squash soup and one of the main ingredients I see that that intrigues me. I'll tell you why is turmeric and so I had the disorder are really sure my wife would prefer I didn't go into on the air.

And so I read somewhere that turmeric is the answer and I read about this recipe actually for turmeric tea which was done with coconut milk and and a lot of turmeric and so I started taking out every morning is in hopes for my other condition, but almost immediately after I was telling one of my friends are set on what I'm doing, but in all my joint pain has gone away. My knees don't hurt. This doesn't hurt that person said want you taken a bunch turmeric and I said yeah nice about there you go. So I really I was shocked at the effects of that turmeric and I guess there's a lot of studies being done on that but I see it's a main ingredient in your butternut squash soup yeah I love talking about to take a greater right natural anti-inflammatory or anything. It's been used in Indian cuisine in particular for thousand of years and always been used and anti-inflammatory. You know they would study and once again without knowing the exact details that I can imagine that there may be a reduced incidence of dementia in that part of the world because of the tumor and it. As far as inflammation and may have been a little anecdotal, but the point is we do know patient feel better when they take turmeric. I love that again because it doesn't require some anti-inflammatory that can affect their kidney and I love that you can naturally instill in me is yummy and butternut squash soup that looks absolutely awesome and I'm assuming that and I interestingly I see that has coconut oil in it to those which I understand, and minced garlic.

There's all those things are in there and got purposes right to talk about men then your thinking about something that has the benefit actually anti-and another word having cramping and muscle pain, abdominal pain going down the men and benefit patients who had irritable bowel syndrome program then they benefit from peppermint oil.

All those things are meant to be medicinally and once again you know kind of healing from directly from the earth would you look at that all the blessings that we have right here in front of it and figure out how to leverage them and take advantage of them for help each and every day we finally we got married on the line and she has answer terminals.

We don't go there, Mary. You're kingdom pursuits good morning. I'm so glad you called in today so do you know where the we got the case of the talking blood in the Bible. Now, like out. Yeah, it is just talk to Christ and you know that's a fascinating thing and it that that God would use that terminology that literally his brother's blood was crying out and that would almost indicate that you know the blood had a life after the body of Abel was gone. I I find all that.

Absolutely fascinating. Mary that's I'm here I am exactly right.

I'm so glad you called in the day I you may be aware that no one has ever not been right on kingdom pursuit's in the years and years that I have done this. I've never had anybody get one wrong and so the chances of you being rough exactly right.

Thank you Mary God bless appreciate you call in well. We also have key Keith in High Point. Keep your on kingdom pursuits component good morning, good morning. I was going to play the book of Genesis about Cain and valuable when God, the blood was cried out by being able to call like that lady got it for you are exactly right Keith and you called and so I'm really really curious in your particular insight. Seriously, what what what what does that conjure up in your heart that enables blood was crying out from the ground conjures up in law apartment meaning. Anything especially bought the blood is being shared through violence today from that point of time. Up to now people been murdered. Abortion, the blood is crying now study about World War II World War I. Think of all the people over there, Ben McGurk Outlook around in Outlook company blood crying out there blood is been crying out anything. God knows everything there is no about crime. That's great stuff Keith got bless you and thank you for your I'm so glad you called in and you shared that they gave me some more insights, more stuff to think about today so you blood your show was blessed. I will gladly give you to you to buy some Michael I'm so glad you know, I asked him to cut off both my guest during the break and so between jazz from offscreen or producer. One of liberties are at and in these guys. We finally got connected again, but Michael was your blood crying out that that took grabbed and we we gotta find out what happened because when we left our hero for coming so they consider Michael. I don't know if it was crying out I was just curious about the symptoms because what's so important about the doctors talking about no early discovery of this then and what can be done and so yeah I recently had discovered kick, collarbone area under my T-shirt and in our scratch away there in and pull something out there. There was a church and then here is two weeks later and I've got this a nasty cold. So I got my attention with her symptoms. I like to know more about a minute if the inflammation that he described is that something is going to be very noticeable. Or is that something hard to detect no point occurred the way that you're describing.

And now you've had the cold and in fact the nuclear, coughing during the break and that thank you note absolutely could be a tickborne sort of illness because always look like flulike symptoms for some people, you can have some of that joint pain remember lines of the old are learning we found out about it a night. 75 and only what we did it because there was a little area and align Connecticut were to look like a juvenile rheumatoid arthritis. In other words, all these children were having joint pain. We don't realize they were all in this area where there was a heavy burden in a short enough had this particular bacteria so you're symptoms typically about the flulike symptoms from other people happy. Joint pain can absolutely be related to the tick bite that you actually had earlier and it's important that to go when do your best to get those lab test but clinically glad to back negative, and that all is negative report that I mentioned earlier that can happen it be interesting to see how you felt after you were treated with antibiotics and then even later with the ADHD fee that I mentioned before, to boost your immune system and decrease that information.

So who knows maybe the good Lord has a plan for me to be on today. Help you get treated for something like a tape going to limit the and I really mean it from the heart me know when you go for that lab test what you ask for you going to take it look I didn't bite want to make typically that will have line ending in look and outside of the window for you so that you and I get the blood of your positive in me back. Show up because you had time to respond sleep. About a month out. If you have been a month out and yeah being that window to where someone like you came in you had a tick bite. I personally would still probably treat you with antibiotics.

First, and in the event of your symptoms over time, recognizing the data that window going to have to trust them or not available.

Get the bed along those lines. Getting back to my original question is I don't forget these things. Michael religious. That tick that happened to the poor Anabaptists write the Catholics, the Church of England at the time they both had been bitten and which really inflamed them when you think about it right with Haley and to the point of taking blood. The point of taking blood that would cry out to God right that did later would help form this country and so the antimatter you know just they they were dissenters. But it's interesting to me that I don't. They didn't ask try to convert everybody like you need to go our way or to kill you right now to write that I had a regulation right where I wanted to be.

But that's okay. When we come back I be so excited here somewhat. Dr. Red Cross has three more what Michael has stated to your will to build the kingdom of today were so blessed to have with the stock we have Michael Austen who publisher of Christian history magazine.

Their latest article Baptists in America and as always I will mention for both my guest, Dr. Ken, Red Cross's discussion is on pricing for bloodsuckers and many other things that have to do with inflammation and illness that we been talking about today. If you go to kingdom you can find links there to Christian history magazine. The latest article, all you can do to get prescriptive inscription not prescription. See what I call it subscription get a subscription not a prescription for Christian history magazine or really if you check out Dr. Ken red crosses which again Dr. Red

It's amazing all the recipes and the different things are. But exactly what he's talking about about inflammation and those kind of things Dr. Red Cross I you know you have such a wonderful spirit. I love hearing you talk.

I'm curious how God came into your life and how you knew that he was calling you to be a doctor help people along the lines which obviously helping thousands during the third graphic request and actually mean for me as a kid I knew that I was always kind of one of those unique kid that most important thing for me in it and it did kind of run to my bank now II adore people and I love making people happy and healthy so you know I always joke that you know, I know why he why Jesus had me hear what the heck I do about what a doctor and so it kind of help me throughout the years recognize that I kinda want to put myself out there to hopefully as I'll say anytime you guys see me on airing shows. I may do about changing lives and how I can do that and I've been able to do that spiritually, because if I would even have enough time on the show to tell you guys how blessed I am and helpless. I've been every step of the way from Weatherby medical challenges are things that you complete that we all deal with good and so blessed and and and so I I love the focus on on patient and that spirit, in fact, just to be figured out why my first book came out is called bond minutes about bonding directly with the patient and how we can have that relationship so that your doctor can like a member of your family that I'm convinced that if we go to the RFID initiative collective members of our family dental and health care outcome and create what I love to call patient nirvana so you live out the blessing that I proceed I want to give them back to each and every person that I touch throughout my life for as long as to be here so been a very slow progression from people that want to get a warning which, when done it any other way differently. That's awesome and and Michael. We've we've heard about your faith many times because you been on the show lots of times, but I'm curious if there's a story recently where you dismantle Outlook what God did with this publication or maybe a reader called in and shared something that that that literally you just saw. There's no way this could happen unless God did it well that happens all the time and I think what happened on the show as is touched me, and what Dr. said about a couple of things as convinced me were Gore confirmed to me that his creation are father's creation speaks to us. It spoke to it. It spoke to him from the earth, blood spoke from the earth to enumerate his job from his creation. He created no spice is the spice trade was. It is an interesting historical story to look at from the point of view of the Christian faith because actually where our Lord Jesus was born and raised was at that point, the focal point of the entire world. The trade routes all went through the Middle East. They still do, and the spice trade they came from India into Europe and and around the world change the world to change the economic economics of the world from frankly from war to two food substances. Similarly, you know we we we human teams have come a long way from killing each other over our doctrinal differences to inspiring each other and to discussing and reasoning with each other and that's another principle that our our Bible teaches us is to reason our father himself should come let us reason together and so this magazine. By the way folks can can get a subscription without cost to the magazines or quarterly magazine and it is Christian history magazine.ward. Folks can easily go on their plenty of opportunities to donate donations welcome but not required to subscribe. So ignore those opportunities and go if finances are an issue. The supporters of the ministry are are so intent on increasing the distribution of this magazine and willing to send out that your subscription without cost.

Every time I read these amazing stories and Anabaptists of courses is an inspiration for a couple of things that we talked about that that that issue that I was just speaking about why there and how the Baptists had an influence on our politics in America and distinguished America from really all other nations in the world. This idea of independence and where did independence come from the Anabaptists had an independent relationship with God. Apart from the church. The church were saying your hours rebaptized you.

You belong to us. The Anabaptists said no I've heard the voice of God.

I've heard him in the quiet of my meditation. I've heard them in the quiet of much of my slumber at night as as David also talked about that you know it made.

She had this concept would is his heavenly father was actually repairing him and restoring him in his sleep.

So the Anabaptists had had an experience of God independent from the church and when I started reading the Bible, which changed everything. At the time of the Reformation. When the Bible, starting to get translated into and printed and distributed. This changed everything were still dealing with this today, but what that did was it allowed an independent relationship of the believer to his heavenly father through his word is Scripture and that became a foundation concept and idea that was the founding idea of America that we have and that's why we call it Independence Day. We are in the end, and independent. David broke away from a an oppressive monarchy and also broke away from a state church.

Those two ideas distinguished America and display what America is all about, which is independence. Truth.

The truth of God, and those elements that created the nation's that actually it was set up to rule itself. You know, our politicians and our rulers, so to speak. Our our our president on down throughout the entire Russ politics I we may have been given permission by the people to have the powers that they have that is an expression of extraordinary independence that was never experienced throughout history.

Dr. Philip release to get on with life and family, and in that when we celebrate on 4 July. Dr. Wheatley got to take the conscience that the Red Cross is to with us about a beer with. So we gotta take precautions against these bloodsuckers what it what it what other word can you share real quick.

In the last couple minutes. I got alright so yeah we talked a lot about blood in so many different ways right and we will circle back to holiday than when we plan to go out. We want to go out and enjoy our spiritual time with our family. But we also want to be terrible.

Recognize that there are take the time you bloodsuckers were calling him smart cover-up misuse of natural bug spray. Think about apple cider vinegar citronella teaching something like that and a spray bottle and also think about making sure that you're aware of by Paychex when you come in and check the animals that leave just known to the art treatment can make a huge difference and also talk to your doctor if that relationship that I think we ought to have my book on and make sure that your doctor would like a number of your family so you bond isn't just about the doctors it's for patients to understand how they can go about trying to make that you create that relationship all absolutely attractive primarily for a patent for all a book of the matter what you do all of them. And what better way to have a good relationship and understand what makes doctors to, and more importantly for this to understand what we can do outside of things that we can talk about I make household things like that. That really allow you become close to your patient so I want everybody happy and know right now healthcare is a challenge and I wanted to be that way for too much longer. Thank you so much Dr. Crossan and Michael Austin again.

Father information is right Their websites which is Christian history and the course. Dr. Red right now. Stay tuned.

Got so much truth coming up for you on 4 July weekend. The masculine journey starts here now 12 o'clock followed by cycle magazine. Thank you for this

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