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Doug Small, Amanda & Brian McWhorter, and Harold & Jan Dyer

Kingdom Pursuits / Robby Dilmore
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October 6, 2018 1:02 pm

Doug Small, Amanda & Brian McWhorter, and Harold & Jan Dyer

Kingdom Pursuits / Robby Dilmore

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October 6, 2018 1:02 pm

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Kingdom pursuits where you hear from ordinary people instilled with an extraordinary passion together we explore the stories of men and women who take what they love and let God turn their passion into the kingdom pursuits now live from the truth. Your host Robbie Gilmore way are escaping the rat race today on can you pursuits you understand that little bit later as I get to my riddle about how are escaping the rat race today but we are so blessed today to have so many wonderful people with this we have Janet and Amanda have Jim Dyer and Amanda McWhirter. Very cool. Her children Matthew Easton and Ansley are sitting as we have a whole whole plethora of folks in the studio outside of Harold Darwin.

This master journey boot camp that's coming up at Carolina Bible camp in Marksville number November 1 through the fourth, but also on the phone with this we have done small is the president project pray. How cool is that. And the small conference church conference small church conference is coming to Asheboro's Shady Creek log and Shady Creek Baptist Church is October 18 to the 20th I saw the picture that log church on the website document looks really cool and there's a story behind the log church wonderful story with Bill came to North Carolina only God would raise up John the Baptist in this wilderness, and years later in his meeting. Stern, gloriously say came back to North Carolina built that log church almost a thousand, and out of it came to southern expression first great awakening and a thousand churches while that log church. This writer Nastro that log in that little log church is is the Creek still shady so that's cool so you can hear mantises can be awesome. And that's coming up October 18 we got the boot camp, November 1 to the fourth but also this Thursday is October 11 David Jeremiah, Dr. David Jeremiah, the over comer tour is coming to Raleigh's PNC arena. It's at 7 PM.

And guess what you could join me.

Stu will have the whole group therefrom. Broadcasting we would love to see it come out all you do is go to kingdom and click on the thing to order your tickets. It's absolutely free and it's going to be a huge event.

I think Stu maybe even calling in a little bit later to talk about that but as you might guess speaking out about this. Speaking of escaping the rat race.

Have you seen Sarah, but there's a dcom commercial came out and I I never watch TV, but I was watching my father and I saw this ad I and laughing about it ever since. It said mice may not dcom that got me thinking. You know I with my planning skills could make a much better and for dcom than what they have there. Although I like that mice limit to death, but I kindnesses I wanted to take their phrase in that little bit more to it. To really get something that has invited you non-same here we go get a killer deal on dcom mice love her to death. Rats say it's to die for. Start your own vermin diorama in your basement dcom. You can find it today in your local Walmart anyway so the end of the shenanigans you know I would actually have a final written Bible in which I have and so here's my five riddle say that Harold my final riddle for today and by the way, last week my guest on the phone answered the Ritalin so people can call and went south.

All the people that are on Mike's and on the phone and all this is a chance for our listeners to call and if so, then answer even if you know which this today. I have to say is my most classic grills.

I'm very excited to something actually answered. I'm sure you can, so be sure and call in because there won't be many and not meant to have it. One of the biggest prizes we've ever offered on can you pursuits if you can guess this Ritalin. Here's a which Bible characters slated Dragon in the Apocrypha I waxing eloquent. In fact, you could say he invented the dcom principal.

He assassinated the assassinated 866-34-TRUTH 87884's number to call in and win if you can tell us which Bible characters slated Dragon in the Apocrypha Apocrypha by waxing eloquent could say he invented the dcom principal in that assassin needed 866-34-TRUTH 87884 and if they can guess that Cape Town they can win a messenger.

November 1, 2000 that I hundred and $99 value. All you have to tell us is who waxed eloquently assassinated Dragon 866-34-TRUTH eight lights were like 866-34-TRUTH 87884 so Doug tell us a little bit about project pray.

I have not heard about it. I'm very excited to hear about, I back in the prayer movement. I was a pastor for many years I taught three Bible colleges and in the process of that I became aware of what was happening at Multnomah Bible college. Joe Aldrich like your audit was taking pastors from whole city 4050 7080 been in these 200 backers get on the bus on Monday morning glided down right there for and I got just commandeered me down the middle of that into and that movement is going on with the head, but I begin to realize that my call was not primary teacher, pastor, I think all of our pastors get confused about. I will call in and out of that you teach and everything else and I think that really is the Reformation the new Reformation called Lake church a house of prayer for the nation and that we great commission and that really is what this conference is all about it like a great bark great awakening in this nation that would result in a massive turning back to God and I could not agree with you more beauty of what is prayer is he does the work you're trusting God to be God rather than you be God.

So we gotta turn to the one that is God and you do that through prayer and these boot camps that we have coming up the messenger and a radio boot camp. They have within them. What we call a code of silence. So after the speaker speak members have an hour to go out and get with God in prayer).

You know you and some of that and and that's where the fruit happens right.

That's where we see transformation.

That's where we see people's lives changed and so I wanted to have the wives of some these men on here and Harold's wife Jan is here.

You want to introduce the listeners to wife. This is my sweetheart of many many years we've been married 54 years. We actually got engaged within six weeks of our first meeting.

She is a wonderful wonderful lady and without her I wouldn't be anywhere near what I am and so you have the idea Jan I know because were good friends to bring Harold to our Thursday morning patient businessman's right right now not retired from Ingersoll-Rand in computers in with ample warning or years are in computers for 44 years just so happened 16 years. This can't on the campus nation so he got a different art when they brought him back to life.

It was not the first man that I so he went to camp to get the new heart. All our heart back, but I knew how her lap right so when we come back we have more from Jan we have more from Dr. and you have figured out who is this person that waxed eloquent in slaying the dragon 866-34-TRUTH eight 788-4714 pursuits, upstaging a passion. We have small project. Pray you need to hear his passion for prayer. The small church conference coming to Asheboro Shady Creek Baptist, but actually they have that log building more than 1/2 part of the cool October 18 to the 20th and then we have Jan Dyer and Amanda McWhorter who are wives of men come to mass and journey boot camp at the Carolina Bible camp in Marksville that's coming up November 1 through the fourth and then on my mind again about David Jeremiah David Jeremiah is over comer tour move the powerless to powerful that's coming up this Thursday, October 11 7 PM in Raleigh's PNC arena. Those tickets are free, like all the stuff you can go to King find out about the small church conference.

Maybe suggest your pastor 10 all about the master journey boot camp course links are there to go register course were giving away a free boot camp adventure to some one, all you have to do is call in and tell us which Bible characters slated Dragon in the Apocrypha by waxing eloquent. You could say he invented the dcom principal. He assassinated that Dragon 866-348-7884's number to call in on that one 866-34-TRUTH we left our hero Jan she was describing that Harold had been retired and then unfortunately have heart catheterization where his heart stopped and and well and so I don't know if hair was like this, but I know that when I lost my heart in all his years in the car business. My wife would have told you well.

Robbie sits on TV sets and watch TV doesn't do much anymore with any outside activities.

You know he's he comes home at night turns on the table.

We don't see him again and tell or interact with a much and over the weekends is watching football and just doesn't seem like the man I married. There are passages in her red gala. She asked for just and really experience to name because the whole time he was working he was in computers and he would work like around-the-clock because the job had to get done well when doubtless taken away from an 867 I had just began to learn that I had a different Carol from the one that rescued me out of murmur dysfunction first 20 years of my life. I had a poet I have learned could not get say enough curvy things in right. He was excellent father mentally to latitudinal and all the boys in the neighborhood came in. Morse spent time with p.m. this season of his life when he did not have a damsel to rescue email or a job to go to fire a banner to find. I could see that he really did have a new battle and that was to retrieve the treasure that I had known for 40 years. He had lost himself in his work immediately after his open heart surgery 16 years ago this October the he went back to work and work became his life. Well, 10 years ago today. No, 11%… His adventure… Summit mistress.

I called it the Lord mistress the way the motorcycle because I sent I'll never write you again because this with which he wanted to drive back. I had cautioned him many times and he would not listen to me so many anorak and Al-Anon. There scratching his back to Brian praying and balance in the this rare. I have the, prayer warrior because so there was that there was the situation and so now how cool is it we have Harold side of that story but I bypass it for minute working to get to Harold in his eye. The story first to go back to Doug and I am just blown away by what you guys are doing because I think that with God is where all the power is in the churches, wow if we could find a place there that's that's where it's going to happen).

Yet you know and were talking here about about a prayer in Mr. I think for many pastors, the churches become the mistress, we have fallen in love with the bride of Christ. It's always wrong to love another man like and we look even members. We look for our satisfaction from church on Sunday, rather than having a vital daily relationship with the Lord. It happens to people that are focused in the how do we recover healthy you know it really. Right of the powers not important not to relationship what he average eat only 10% more than printed about 20% or more than 200. This is focused on that congregation to duck and understand your statistics and so if I didn't mistress may not use it. Only 10% of churches 350 or more so only only only 10% of the churches in America are larger than 350 members really that's right, only .7 larger than without. Only about only about 20% larger than 200 week we are a church where we are a nation of churches doesn't actually have a church in America. Half of all churches are 75 or list probable conferences that are focused just on conferences. How did you leave virtual awakening in a church that's the typical Church of America pastor.

We also designed by people from any given church for 499 bucks and get a free lunch.

I can't beat that.

The one of the teeth in my studio just said 38 people and is that 38 people sort of an average that the national across the board for all nomination 75 little bit but expected to about the 775. We are typically single filtered 75 people would be like 10 families or maybe 15 families tops. If you think the point I would hate to get the weed through the statistics at about 2.3 people going to Kurt Burkart look like that delete that way. So summer than a minute. 28 or nine cars loads coming but you know the thing I like about that statistic faster when I think about it is the intimacy that's there because when I don't know when I'm not around a thousand people is a lot easier for me to get real with the smaller group like and there's more to weekly romance with large purchases America about 30 small tactical units of Christians needed to do more than just come together and bring their favorite make a difference in the nation. This is really where the strength of our future lie. I got I got I got into this little bit because I'm I'm finding such a fascinating discussion. Jan was shaking her head like crazy a minute ago when I said that smaller group make embassy and you shook your head like no no no, it doesn't.

What payment in the group that we worship is more learn out of the small smaller you and because we have lost so many we are now more mature and open to embrace. We just wanted, so that initially it was religion are immediate family. There's always a big or family or to an ever-growing that was in the morning, but now we have been with our group for 43 years and say we seen the maturity in the road and the willingness to look for every tribe and every nation.

We thought, and Hispanics. The follower and had classes, so there is this the sense of community that I'm I'm I'm seeing is more available with with a smaller group, perhaps.

But that community really is. If it starts on a foundation of prayer right because if these people aren't there in mind the right tractor. Yeah, I think. I think what we've been doing unconsciously is trying to win people to the church rather than win people to Christ. We think we people winning the Christ week, but we win them to a Sunday to Sunday experience rather than a daily time over an open Bible we reduce product to look to a list of things you get to God become very self-interested and I think what God is trying to do lovingly is to get us to begin to open our door choir to begin to pray for others, particularly the whole generation kits now 40% of the young generation were not raised in church.

The Bible stories don't know we all better in Christian classes. Not speaking out Bible stories that's going to break but I want to throw it out there one more time. I am shocked, no and no listeners called in yet to tell us which Bible characters is hundred $99 value, and I know it's hard, but Samantha has the answer which Bible characters slay the dragon in the Apocrypha is not in the regular 66 apartments in the Bible or Jerusalem Bible. He waxed eloquent… He assassinated him 86634 truth so much parking so blessed today to have with us Doug small. He's the president project pray in the small church conference coming – girls Creek blog and Baptist Church October 18-20 and Jan and Amanda with their the wives of messenger to boot camp team. Some of them get tenure. But she got 10 overwhelmed by daughter coming back from out of town last night, but this Boot Camp coming up in Marksville November 1 through the fourth and we are given away a messenger to boot camp to the person first person calling and answer this suite wonderfully have to, but I'm asking both even if the first one gets it the first time I go to is Carol McGough to Chris second by Chris stay on the line. Even if Carol answers it because we want to make sure we get this Boot Camp is somebody that can go so and we might even have another one for you Chris up to see this day I don't don't don't give up on this.

We got Carol is in Kernersville, North Carolina carrier on kingdom pursuits. Remember what Sean you think well there Bella Bella McGregor Isabel in the and so you know Bell is actually a God that was involved in that book Bella Dragon Simon say you're absolutely right that Bell and the Dragon is involved in our there's another character there's a character that actually waxed eloquent and so maybe Chris got that and so I hang out with me Carol. Did he get you did you get your information okay hang on, put you back in holdings you get your information, I might go to Chris is in Oxford, North Carolina, Seattle get a lot of folks call me from Oxford so I'm just blessed Chris that you would call me from way up there, but a Durham welcome burial. I thought you had Bell to you're both right Isabel in the Dragon so that is. But that's not the character that was the start of the book Bella Dragon you know how the Dragon got gone. I it is really a cool story. I gotta tell you, here's what happened. Chris, the Babylonians had this Dragon I thought it was amazingly cool and so they took this by the character that is pretty well-known throughout any hands-free hung on the lines.

Then one time and this guy came in there like you need to be wowed by this Dragon you need to worship this Dragon like you know they wanted to worship Nebuchadnezzar. This Dragon can do everything that it and so Daniels like boots are character are characters like you know I could make that Dragon go way I can slay a dragon in two easy steps in there like now you know you that Dragon will eat you he he breathes fire is burning up in all the stuff so Dragon so are character makes up a ball of wax in here and feeds it like Decon to the Dragon and the Babylonians because he killed her Dragon it's a great story. I don't units in the Apocrypha it's in their area have Bell and the Dragon in our character so somebody else can still call him in. We appreciate that you appreciate you calling Carol 866-34-TRUTH 87884's number to call him if you know that character that I had not mentioned by accident somewhat. Carol rarely promised our listeners that they would hear the other side of this. You know from your perspective.

Well, from my perspective have to do my sweetheart the credit for me being involved in our Thursday morning Bible study and also the boot camps have to admit that I was a reluctant participant in both of them. When she first brought up the thing about the Thursday morning is too early. I want to get out of always know a person who like to rise late, but also pressured to go to boot camp and I didn't want to go. I thought well it's not going to do anything for me.

I was wrong about accounts boot camp is a great experience. I encourage you ladies out there to get your husbands authored us and get them involved because it will be meaningful to them. Even though they think it won't be so that's my encouragement to you ladies to let my sweetheart. Push them out the door yet God gave us all a masculine heart. The man the women he gave a seminar in there certain things that appeal to men and we been talking about the church and and and believe me, we want to advance the church but inside of that, you know we want and invent something worth dying for.

That's that's a battle to fight something worth dying for, well, to get that kind of passion back to that kind of experience in relationship with Christ takes some work and the intro always talks about a band of brothers and the I now have friends that I never would've had came as a result of being involved in the boot camp in there's big Jim little Jim Andy, there's a lot of people Gaither and so it to me. You get a relationship that you're not going to get any other way. Many of us are stuck in our beliefs and we think that anybody doesn't think like we thank is not worthy of my friendship. That's wrong that's in there now that's that's that's cool dark. I know you're involved in in the same kind of a battle up there with with your ministry and attack right onto said there yet or thereof in in every city we could get pastors to become a band of brothers. This conference need conference*for laity in local churches is sponsored by get to get this by vocational office for Southern Baptist ministry and got pregnant Baptist. The whole group in the closing private which is a Lutheran organization and others are behind because until we do become a band of brothers and two week got out of our denominational silos and we begin to realize that bound the Kennebunkport theology archival theology is different, but it's the theology and the centrality of Christ that the nation we need and so I hope this out of the concrete. Across the Carolinas band of brothers, pastors and laity will begin.

We come together for common cause and make it different in our community and our Sunday morning to celebrate this awesomeness as you are saying that I was recalling I interviewed a number of pastors out of Dallas country north of Israel that has the giant cedars. 11 and I all these pastors out of Lebanon and they they told about how prior to the invasion of Syria come in the country and all that went on in a nobody talk to each other you know they were Baptists or they were Catholic or they were no Pentecostal or whatever they were patient when the enemy came flooding in the town everybody was running for their lives. All the sudden the pastors locked arms, and became a band of brothers because they saw this, the enemy was overrunning but I like, I couldn't believe more strongly Doug that the enemy is overrunning America. I mean, if spiritually it's it's downright terrifying and and wow if if we as pastors and leaders in any way in churches with lock arms to come up against the enemy.

I mean, that's a beautiful picture and I couldn't think of a better way to have a nap and then through those prayer meeting were brothers dwell together in unity. God also set up on the edge of my throne and in command blessing in that place. Our problem is is there is a formal enemy and it melt down now in the nation, but the difficulties not intimately just not qualified for the blessing of God by our love for one another that's that's great stuff we have.

Carolyn was in Clayton North Carolina, who feels like she has an answer to our rental.

Carolyn year on kingdom pursuits.

If you think was the one who waxed eloquent against this Dragon. Now how did you ever get there before you are late. Now you're exactly right your winners pigeonholed and get your information while we talked to Laverne. Laverne is in Richmond, Virginia Laverne, thank you so much for calling today. Do you know who it was that Decon experience, and wow, so you're exactly right. Thank you for the up there in Richmond today. I bless you, thank you alright so we have solved the riddle here is the interesting thing is to me. God keeps throwing outgoing again you said you want to say some yes he was something that the Cold War Cold War theology is prior in the word and that's what we need to be mapped 24 seven, not Sunday. Wednesday night and tonight we are Christians with the Holy Spirit in us 24 sent from so much for coming up from the messenger team and Doug and I last segment of kingdom pursuits. So stay tuned.

Got so much for coming here have not passion to build the kingdom.

Today we are having so much fun really Jan and Harold Dyer and Amanda and Brian McWhirter which week we got Brian here now and they are wives of the men of master journey boot camp come into line of Bible camp in Marksville, North Carolina that is coming up November 1 through the fourth of the way that that works is the men come in on a Thursday night so they don't have to take off until they can come in after work on Thursday and then they all day Friday all day Saturday and then they leave around 12 o'clock on Sunday, and as we described before their talks but more importantly there's government silence times and and like us and we have Brian McWhirter here. He's one of our speakers amazingly gifted individual.

If I do say so myself and for you personally, though it was an adventure didn't start out there. You started out in Oconto boot camp.

I did my first camp was 2013 2014 Sam Mayne who is a part of the messenger, and he invited me to go work with Sam little reluctant at first eventually said yes and amen. Obviously it was a blessing from the start I learned that God was my father never knew that before a lot of the wounds that I'd carried from the past seem to surface that was really only the beginning been four years and unraveling all that stuff yet so I'm really curious to see if your wife would be willing to share a minute. From your perspective, your husband goes off on this adventure. What were you thinking back and think really I think I now I don't think he and then when he came back anyway roaring and thanks and thanks and kind time that they have anything that I don't think I think the interesting thing for me is it not only did he continue to comfort boot camps but you yourself went captivating in Colorado are and so you you began to get that and so wonderfully. God is blessed your family now and you and you got another child and so you got plenty just right there to work with, so we wanted to share it. We got some younger folks with us today and Jan and Harold when I go back to Doug and and and again you can respond to you know what you're here and there. Doug, are you still with us but I was wondering what what your thoughts might be along those subjects of of God is your father absolutely in the whole issue of rediscovering personal relationship with God. What Sounds so much like that experience. I have a number of years ago called Curcio alum Emmaus Road experience is where your challenge to think about God. Open your Bible go alone and this is really what we did with person as well. Encountering the presence of God in a way that this radically changes your own life.

That's one of the things we hope will happen out of this movement across your mind with the leak here some people that really their life to the project. If there churches and shepherding and you know they make a lot of times I just love the idea of putting in community like that. They're all there and this prayer session together and then obviously they can share their struggles and and and also their victories yet and I think you underestimate hunger among the laity laity to to really experience God and seal vital renewal. I really believe the next revival believe you have one will be a marketplace revival I think to pastors and churches will be swept into the hunger right now appears to be just the people you're talking to their professional clergy there laity who just wanting to get away over an open Bible and encounter God. That's the absurd receipt. It's not the church explicitly called out a little. It's the church diaspora's own in the culture and it's it's heartening to see this. This agency of laypeople hungry for God across denominational lines that experience base more about prayer in word kind of revival atmospherics growing in the nation.

I feel that Harold you been around even longer to me. We always got to get to the eighth joke right. That's okay it don't hurt bad, but from your viewpoint is you is you listen to Doug and you're seeing that there your church Christ. So there's another denomination in Boca but you know I see that out of your church as well. Course the Carolina Bible camp where we can have this is your camp. Yeah, we're were involved with CBC supporters would love what it offers kids go to camp in the summer or seven weeks of camp and kids come from all over the 10 and it's available for use like were going to do with the boot camp as well. So it's a terrific facility and one of the neatest things that Brian my note feel the same way I do is that we have 15 guys coming from the North Carolina boys Academy right and one of the things that we do that were gonna do again in this boot camp is called listening prayer, where you actually are just sitting with these young people are from 13 years old which are pretty uncomfortable, listening for God to speak, but it was a remarkable thing to what see what God did with these young people that were just listening for God, yeah, I think a lot of the 12 €15 were little skeptical never heard God or they can't hear from God over and over. We sell many stories of your prayer group EP. I told my story, but can you tell the story of your group. What actually happened.

I would say the biggest thing that happened and I heard specifically from God. It was really centered on Joshua. He was one of the attendees there and all I kept hearing was courage and you could just sense that Joshua knew that something was going to require any proceeding as I he received that you and Sam screw. I was in their endurance group. While so that was how things really blew me away was we were really no time to decide is just too advanced for younger people like that, but as it turned out great talks all the stuff we did work near the effect on those guys is just simply prayer it was actually my first experience I was encouraged and I was courage beyond and all these guys came up to me afterwards. It speak to Mr. Robbie tonight. Is that really God speaking event.

I hear this.

Did you know so-and-so that's you know and each time they think they got inside of the things that they were unaware of and it really really increase their faith. And I know that it sure prayer conference coming up.

Doug bet that if those pastors hear from God think they get a pretty good direction to cope with absolutely. We do have some scholarships available that we have a couple whole church scholarship. Your entire leadership team from your church contact you get the message to us would be glad to help all church outfit camp, I may mention again that small church conferences, narrating the and if you need to scholarship your pastor, the kind of thing again their email is there.

The connection to their website project. Pray and and Doug's information is all there.

Can you

They would love to hear from you.

Any question that you may have her anyway that you can partner with them or pray for them as well as a course to mass country radio boot camp is coming up November 1 through the fourth and you know, I know my wife. I can tell that Amanda and Jan and all would know her really really glad that God came in to our lives to help along those lines. Did you have any other words that you want Sherman prayer lives specially now and understand that their husbands and I think I like I like that to go and come back first thing I that's really well said. Oh well it was worth waiting for. Thank you so much for Liston to kingdom proceeds. Again, I urge you to go to Kenya to find out more about all these, don't forget David Jeremiah coming up Thursday at the are PNC arena and again I use blisters and ones that make the show. I'm so grateful you missed the day and remember so much truth to match on the Truth Network journey radio starts here now at 12 o'clock followed by

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