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Sharon Ward and Hans Scheil

Kingdom Pursuits / Robby Dilmore
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October 27, 2018 12:15 pm

Sharon Ward and Hans Scheil

Kingdom Pursuits / Robby Dilmore

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Kingdom pursuits where you hear from ordinary people instilled with an extraordinary passion together we explore the stories of men and women who take what they love and let God turn their passion into the kingdom pursuits now live from the truth.

Your host Robbie Gilmore. This is one of the funniest things I get to do in life. I really excelled to host pursuits where we hear how God takes things.

I guess he made him that way like an special sauce when he mixed us up. Whatever that work really put in a love for homeschooling.

In the case of one of our guest today short Sharon Ward in the case of Tom child a host of finishing well.

He gave him if to know Hans is to know his passion for helping people understand and know what to do when they reach that stage in life where they can finish well financially and so we have that lined up for you today and welcome Sharon Sharon is really, really, really neat. Just I'm so glad we have a Sharon Ward is with billions Christian supply which been when it really one of the original sponsors of the Truth Network. If you did not know that I'll tell you that from Allstate one-man band from day one. I know from day one.

I was one of the sponsors back when I had Westside pressure Dodge Jeep that would help us to. But billions is always been there too, and there's a homeschool headquarters. The reason that there is a homeschool headquarters as they've always had somebody on staff that has a passion for homeschool and today that's Sharon Wright sharing God's gift of his passion for homeschooling definitely and I'm one of several we have mostly retired homeschool moms with two current homeschool moms and their two stores is king in their state in Statesville.

There's Nancy and Rhonda and inking their Sharon and Judy and hope and Jennifer and one of really unbelievably cool thing that the next generation is common right and homeschooling is just something that is happened in my lifetime I never heard of it when I was growing up and now it's it's it's really an alternative is wonderful for so many families what they had in colonial times. But a lot of oh yeah yeah way before I showed up. I think back in the Bible times a beloved billing stuff. I think they talked about it and became a specialization in training area and it became everyone went to public school in the homeschool law.

They started working on it. I believe in 1982 or 84 people homeschooling before the law was written. I came into it after that I didn't have to worry about whether I was legal or not that people did it before the end and they gradually wrote a really good law so well what one thing were saying, and when I find out a lot more about homeschooling today with Sharon and also Hans Shahi. If your listing the Truth Network a great deal, you would know he is the host of finishing well which is a show I get to cohost with him every Saturday morning morning.

Hans is good to have you on the phone this time the morning and I I have been shocked because you know I have not ever done anything like this.

As far as understanding Medicare and Medicaid.

In all these kind of things and involved in all that stuff.

This would've been totally out of my wheelhouse and then about what was a January concert we started doing the show your and so the next thing I know is I am kind of the disciple of of understanding these things from how you can finish well. As a Christian in the areas of retirement like Medicare and Medicaid, and Social Security in an long-term healthcare in all sorts of things, but it was like I was getting a baptism of fire because his people would listen to the show start asking me questions like I knows something about that stuff and all my soul. What is happened is this thing called open enrollment which I had now and next thing I know all kinds of people come to me Robbie, so I switched to this that the other and I'm like ma'am Hans, we gotta do it a regular kingdom pursuits because we don't have enough time just in finishing well to cover what all these people's questions are yeah well I'm people this time of year. You can even run ads on it legally built October 1 probably a good thing.

It opens up October 16 and December 7 in the basic premise of the sea, all over the place of the seminars the radio, you name it in your mailbox and you everybody feels like it creates birch, then you've got salespeople?

Stuff insert creates a lot of confusion. Now there is a tremendous amount of confusion.

That's reason really what I was glad that you were able to do the show this week because there are so many ads on it and I'm wondering if there was some kind of evil plot Sharon, have you thought about this that they would put this open enrollment. It's the same time as political ads. So if you're not looking at why you shouldn't vote for some particular which is every other ad and I don't know that me and I don't know if I remember them ever being as despicable as what I've seen this year.

I've never seen anything like what I've seen, and on both sides are mean I'm not taking any sides of the despicable and and then then we got here from 40 people about this is open enrollment.

Gotta move right now, so at least I can't do anything about the elections coming up in a couple weeks in battle all be over will be done with that part but at least we do some about this on because this is a subject that has probably as much or more confusion than the political ads will not know the end of every call. This 800-number go to the website. The car you go do something you get the pitch and so people just feel urgency and so they finally responded one of their automatic and then there they don't realize is not really get an explanation of the old Medicare program and how they are to stop it is a sales pitch for one particular Medicare advantage plan (the cat which is a point that I would really like to highlight right before the time in which I know you're waiting for anyone to get to that second is that a car salesman as a car salesman for all these years. If you want to create confusion. You know it, it's probably because you don't have a really good motive and it really ends up being a manipulation at and so there's waste to sell the input purposely create confusion and and so whenever I see a bunch of ads hitting me all the same time that seem to cause confusion.

I can pretty much tell you that that is not from the author and you can kinda sense something's up here or I would not be getting all these messages all of a sudden and there must be the enemy must have something big stake because he's obviously used a lot of his resources to come at me with some things and so what were looking for. As always, is Jesus. And if we can find them in the truth it's it's it's a really really helpful thing and so that has to do with finishing well so speaking of always and I got them I get the door I'll start anyway so speaking of finishing, why would an hourglass only take 1/2 an hour to finish. Think about that and it would only be if it was using quicksand. Quicksand would cause that distortion right and I'm pretty sure you thought about this the Scandinavians invented the finish line I and and with Thanksgiving coming.

I tried to finish the leftovers but foiled again. Are you men I like this when the ancient wall sculptures were finished, just wait for it was a relief right now we should hit the drum). I just think Jasper is laughing. Jasper liked it. Come on Hans it's really a relief. Now it was a relief. So there's actually little in a crossword puzzle.

What was Jesus's six 866-34-TRUTH 87884 in a crossword puzzle, a crossword puzzle. What was Jesus's six 866-34-TRUTH 87884 when we come back to your Jasper tell you which can win timing so call in with your guests in a crossword puzzle. I do like very clever.

Well come back to the day we have with this Sharon Ward with billions homeschool headquarters and what a meet passion to help homeschool families, we have Hans Shiley's the host of finishing well and he is with Cardinal show comes on every Saturday morning and this is kind of important time as it were given so many questions along these lines that not only going to open up the videophone lines to those who want to answer this very easy little but I'm shocked that nobody's called and yet in a crossword puzzle. What was Jesus the sixth 866-34-TRUTH 87884 but also if you got a question about open enrollment Social Security long-term healthcare, all those things that we talked about on finishing well and that's not being alive so you can't call on the safe. I have a question. What about this. Well, we have open lines here and we would love for you to call in today and ask on the question he would love to help you. 866-34-TRUTH 878840 finishing well listening. You always want as conscious question about any of the subjects that he talks about every week on that. We would love for you to call again that number 866-34-TRUTH 878849 Jasper if they can guess, this riddle in a crossword puzzle, what will Jeep what was Jesus sixth. What will they went though. When a book from the kingdom perceived price fall. Oh, and that cries all the new children's books, and also you be impressed with all the difference.

All you gotta do is call us at 866-348-7884 and we also as I mentioned, wanted open up the questions if you got a question for Han since you're not able ask him to show his prerecorded but you got a question about open enrollment. I got a question about long-term healthcare any of those things, refinements, that is, as we are sitting here Sharon says wow this is great timing. Because, you know, these are things about him right now. Got my did you say your mother is moving from one long-term care facility to another right and so you're right in the in the thick of some of those decisions and and you know where does Medicaid fit in will how do we qualify for Medicaid. All those things, which things are covered by Medicare. What is a Medicare supplement on learning. See Hans if you're just for a lot of us that are in this age group, and that's just come in. I was faster than we can understand it. Medicare is a real. We talked to work with a lot of people that are in the 40 running to the relationship a lot were able to help you and and so we again we would love for you to call with your question for Hans 866-34-TRUTH 87884. Now also I need to mention that the Wake Forest church day. If you're not familiar with Wake Forest church day I'm a tell you it's really exciting event and is coming up next Saturday which is November 3 and your hometown demon digs if your hometown is Winston-Salem. If you're in Raleigh are doing today.

Your same rowdiness on my hometown, but hey are hometown deep it will be play in Syracuse but the really really cool part the reason why you may want to come from Raleigh or Durham or Charlotte or even Richmond is that for $20 you get a game ticket plus admittance to the church day program which starts at 10 AM and they have NFL star Jason Brown who is come to North Carolina to help start this farm to help the poverty-stricken.

He's going to be the speaker there but have great worship music you get a box lunch then you get to go on to watch Wake Forest take on Syracuse and all you have to do if you want take advantage of that opportunity is call the Wake Forest line, which is area code 336758 DEA KM's guesstimates transferred the deacon's 336758DE a K so Sharon you started homeschooling your own children only have one daughter. I tell people I cheated as a homeschooler because most families have 3 to 10. But even if you only homeschool one you're still homeschooling still setting up and I did lease we started we were going to kindergarten through second and I went to my first conference. I came home and my husband said who are you kidding you're looking at high school now. We started out just gradually give her freedom and more time to be king and we ended up staying in it for the flexibility that we could travel with my husband when he worked on we can visit with family. When it was appropriate when they were down, we can take our holidays when we wanted and she loved learning all the way through. She's grown now. She still loves learning that part of it is as homeschooling you can do two ways you can bring school home but you can change your whole lifestyle and homeschool and look at education is lighting the fire instead of the feeling of a back row celiac that is awesome and so it became a whole way of life for your family than it sounds. Yes and and in a completely different kind of thing more like I think the Jews taught in no walking alongside the road. Yes, day by day exactly exactly and Hans you're out there teaching every day about open enrollment.

So here's your opportunity to teach a little bit about that this open enrollment is in the end, all because it's only in raw open enrollment for one small part of what's going on and a lot of people get hooked by that we do you like to do something and then a lot of times will enter into something just based on one presentation and will end up rolling in a Medicare may not be the best alternative for them. Don't start till January 1. And so they really have a delay before they really find out through experience with all about.

So fortunately, this year the disenrollment. Get into one of the Medicare plan, then you realize January.

The best thing you have a three month period, which you can get out of disenrollment little bit confused in what I wanted to add. We couldn't possibly cover the book and you know my book. I've written a couple of book one bookstore example I stuck it is a workbook that has a chapters quickly on Medicare, which is not as interesting reading. Just really walk the whole I can make glad to send any of the listers they don't even need to answer riddle go to Cargill a copy of you care about book MS out go and I let see if I can remember the name of the book here. I don't have in front of me.

Usually I do so I can say it now I think it's the complete Cargill guide to planning for living in retirement by certified financial planner Hans while I that's you thought could never be done, but I did at this time looking chapter in the book about several stories of client are a part. He called. Wait. Just walks you through that stuff but really a bookstore tell the story will client is able to help through some writing things.

I'll help that I learned which would be important for me inside decided to go on Medicare part a and part B which unfixed to be there since I'm 63 next week. Get close.

Hans then open enrollment would mean nothing for me right I mean if I didn't want to go to Medicare advantage. I don't have to do anything I can stay with what I've got because I'm not on Medicare advantage in open enrollment does everything to do with me well to point except drug drug so that little you didn't want to Medicare and anyone investigated you need to worry about. But in order to get on part D or if you're already on a drug plan same open enrollment.

Allows you to go in and evaluate all the part D plan L possibly change to a new one. You have work. See Sharon must take the test after you learn the material.

Then you have to be tested and that part is going as part of schooling that, and lifetime, which is why like homeschooling because you learn to learn but I'm confused on a lot of this. I have a friend whose husband is younger than her and they delayed her going on Medicare until he retired. I think I think I remember that but I'm I'm like what age do you start Medicare what HD start enrolling in this age 65. Go you go on Medicare the first of the month or your November 20 or 93 you would go on Medicare November 1 unless you have other friend you have other group then you could delay your enrollment till he retires, but that may not be the best option. She's older than him.

The work group and they might really want to look at this enrolling her from the group insurance to see what it cost to get on Medicare and Medicare supplement and a drug might cost less in the coverage better than the group say that sherbet certainly something out of this confusing and that which is the reason I'm so glad that we have finished well here on the Truth Network and would love your questions 866-34-TRUTH 87884 as a member to call in with your question. 866-34-TRUTH or you may have an answer to what I thought was really really easy riddle in a crossword puzzle.

What would Jesus, six 866-34-TRUTH 8788 passion kingdom.

Today's gifts we have with Sharon Ward with millions homeschool headquarters, which again just if you've never been the goings homeschool headquarters got new and used correctly, but more importantly than that they have always folks that can help you. You know determine curriculum determine what's the most common question yet. Sharon oh, I think my favorite. When is this is where you give us our books and I was like no or hand me seventh grade and I'm like okay tell me something about your student I finish six like you they like their favorite subjects today like hands-on do they like books are they visual learners.

Are they auditory learners. Plenty want what are your goals where they had it in there looking at me like he's just hand me a box and you can do that. There are curriculum that are all set up but you don't have to. You can work from so many different approaches and it's overwhelming. And one day we had family come in and the ladies like to know what to do. Don't know what to do and giving her ideas and white walked by and he put his hands up and went where your free. I don't think she realized till the end that she didn't have to meet certain thing as a homeschool parent. You determine the curriculum you determine the goals and the needs for your child is so similar to me and what Hans does that, you know, when I started to realize what's going on. If you call Humana and guess who you got to get the one choice right yet and if you call Geico, IVC, Geico. But if you call somebody that understands the whole process, then you could at least get the rounded approach to say okay well this is what happens with this and this and this and this and not there's nothing like you know having some information to help you make decisions on my lap times this one, and billions we have a table at the bank and people can pull five or six different math curriculum, spread them out on the table and compare them. Is there a way to compare DM Medicare supplements absolutely most folks it's really not readily available on the web, which really interesting because people that make it available really just want to get you with the prospects of the tell you one thing though start up on that answer your question here we have 1/4 computer programming is actually available on my website so you go to Cargill black medic and go to Cargill and get on Medicare rate calculator Medicare supplement policies are exactly the same so the standard so a lot of folks don't know so we typically white people you plan for the Jeep possibly though I know I'm throwing out an F plan is exactly the same matter what company by we have a great calculator going medical in their ZIP Code and whether there a smoker or not they put in their age and whether there married or not just going to give you a printout of all 40 some companies that offer up all your ZIP Code is very simple, actually. And so the solution is really the youth is part of the deal memo. We spend most of our time is just explaining Medicare all the letters and such. So you really need to get educated on the program and once you do it early and compare supplement balls. All persons so I can question since right now just brought my mother-in-law back from Texas and she's on Medicare and she is really concerned about having just sold this house that is going to affect her what she calls extra help for her drug plan and so when it comes to extra help. If you are on a Medicare advantage plan that involved at all. Your on that kind of drug plan or is it still the same whether Anna Medicare supplement or your on Medicare advantage extra help doesn't matter either one extra help your mother Paul, mother-in-law qualified some prior day as income to well is she obviously qualified for and I'm not 100% sure guideline you required federal government when you come into some money… What I would just say I really will on the air don't want to outline how you might get around reporting those that okay yeah anything that we do is obviously completely legal and proper and electron but we really would need to put our heads together and figure out a way that whatever money selling out doesn't throw her out of the asset. There probably are some ways and in therein lies the stuff is so complicated and there are so many different angles to all these different things that, but those really as it turns out now that I'm experiencing so much of what happens and finishing well.

Hans the long-term care thing ends up being the actual life changer thing that you really get involved in because you Medicare Medicaid.

They have their effects on your finances, but all my soul and all the sudden you start talk about nursing homes and what can happen and he's gonna take care who and what all is involved and that this is it's a life changer but is your mother-in-law one point she doesn't plan.

She does need to notify Medicare change and grab your North Carolina that will open up a special enrollment.

She is able to change Medicare plan or just get enrolled one that works. She can do that anytime you hear in the same goes for your mother's changing nursing home that a change of address change of her situation so that's going to open up a special enrollment. Make changes regardless of manicured damage. Ignorant question when you just mentioned change of address is Medicare different and each state or is it nationally. All the same. Will Medicare itself is nationally all day just wherever you are.

The Medicare supplement which are not Medicare advantage plan their Medicare supplement. They vary by each state code within the now just different but the same planet same F plan energy planner that kind of thing, but it Christ differently vastly somebody like Florida and they moved here from discount and vice versa.

Medicare advantage plan. They have network so and can be one of the one of the reason like a lost builder we lost your on the other for second one of the reasons you might, you said and then went away. Okay, so over the Medicare like your mother-in-law Robbie where she network she's in a networked out of the need to get enrolled in a North Carolina, really after changer plan to a North Carolina you do not struggle. The network about in the same drug of the stuff is when you change address that you need to look at all since the changing of address. I love that changing the address you know that it one point, Sharon, you changed your address.

If you look at me like you know exactly what I'm saying and so can you come to take us out when you change your address that changed how you felt about schooling your daughter will try to get where you are coming from them now. I'll even be worse. My background is. I have a Masters in education. Okay, so I taught in public school and then I taught in private school and some not against public or private. I just think homeschooling is the best so when them when I changed my approach and came home and focused on one student.

It was very different, but I felt like that's where I was called every time I'm hearing this. I'm thinking there's so many guidelines in the Bible we told to be good stewards, which is why Hans is helping people finish well.

I also felt like even though some people were saying you're wasting your education on one child. I felt like that's where I was called to be and the same thing when I went to galleons. I had looked into going back into teaching at looked into something and looked into tutoring and someone like Missy called and said would you be willing to come work here and I said let me come talk to you.

So we sat down and talked. That's the biggest thing that I'm feeling today and that's really cool that you would say that again up close listing may have missed where I was going but I think Sharon got it exactly are we change our address it at to heaven from you know what, 34, 71 transit so to speak. You know that's my real address and so when that happens a lot of things like your perspective changes but think about how important it was that Sharon got the personal experience of teaching her daughter that way so that now. Right, she's able to give that gift to parents to come in with that wide-eyed look. We got so much more finger proceeds will go find out about Hans a change of address. When we come back today. We are so blessed to have with the Sharon Ward with billions homeschool headquarters. There are two locations in Statesville and King. And if you hadn't been on my word.

I mean, what an amazing place that is aware of Tom child a host of finishing well and the author of the complete Cargill guide to what is it I couldn't do it twice a complete Cargill guide to living in what is it Hans complete Cargill guide to planning or living in Rick. I missed the planning part C that's just my life and never black. Anyway, if you have a question for Hans. You can listen to this. All I got a question you call us 866-34-TRUTH 878-848-6634 truth. If you can do that digital thing and I am personally shocked. I thought this was one of my easiest anybody ever read Stu Epperson's book would immediately know what I was thinking about.

I would think and and and and I want you to give your fellow hint besides Gibson's book. I start off by saying the word. Speaking of finish right and I was talking about the finish line and all the stuff in a crossword puzzle. What was Jesus sixth 866-34-TRUTH 878-848-6634 to so we got a chance to hear from Sharon about her change of address. We didn't get to hear yet from Hans and Hans we we talk about Medicare and those kind of things long-term healthcare taxes and all that stuff and finishing well but we don't really get to share the wonderful faith that we share. Hans and so I would love for you to share a little bit of the story of how you came to the Truth Network well I was on the circular station I want to get on the radio for several years after I published the book I just thought it would be fairly easy to just go through all the seven subjects that we do and we haven't really got a lot of the you and I working together and so I went and found the station actually called on me trying to sell me add that while not as my message longer than 30 seconds. But I would be interested in doing a show. Long story short, I ended up on the circular station. We did a couple of shows probably three shows and one of those shows person called in one of the book wanted to do some business with. But then she said that she really appreciated this being on the and so I called her back and you know it really really nice that you know called Daniel a show I just got it straight with you when her again so belong in the short of it is on the radio so so so the lady just thought she was listening to the network which he was really listing the circular station picked up on our show.

Anyhow, long story short, I called the network and to find out even before I called like were you rebroadcasting my show led one thing to another and I was over there meeting with you and we started to show. I think that it was the Lord at work. Let me write to the radio and Truth Network so there you go. I call and got appointments will have people bring in used books to sell and I'll be pricing in deciding if we can accept it and they'll be a lady on the other side of the table who look over and got that's what I need and you have it come in that morning for her to buy that afternoon, or even while she's there, and it just amazes me how God works things together just like the timing of this is hitting what I need and your tongue that are ages and we need to start planning ahead so I just love it and and it reemphasizes the need for prayer and how we connect with God say God we need you can still put you in places that you never would have dreamed about as a car salesman always think of the story. I'll never forget it because I had a friend actually Pete Branstetter who was used to be the city manager.

I took taught Sunday school. He needs a lawyer and he called me one day and said Robbie I want to buy up Jeep for my son.

I said okay and ontology. Well, he's real, specific testable house real specific real specific needs to be a two-door Jeep Cherokee. Well, when you talk about Jeep Cherokee's there is 1/10,000 that may be a two-door. They make very many to doors. I was like okay so we just eliminated 99% of the jeeps out there and he said and then he wanted to be a five-speed right manual transmission. I'm like okay now you just a lot of the you know 10 that were made that year you you maybe found one but died. You know, maybe you one every other year were not talk about a lot and he goes an old by the way it needs to be read this I would give her a red two-door Jeep Cherokee with a straight drive right five-speed on the floor okay.

I would tell your son start praying because it's a tall order right there. I'll do my best, but I've never seen one in my whole life and I'll just would just pray and we'll see what happens if I had not lived this experience, I would not believe that very afternoon that very afternoon a man pulls in.

He wants to trade a Jeep Cherokee. Guess what it is. It is a two-door straight drive and guess what color and you got out I was like I dreaded for Ed and I called Pete my said buddy, your son is got away with what I mean you know where you were. You come up with that, thing. It's like wow unbelievable they know God has his agenda.

We have hours and and so you know it's it's it's amazing special prayer is is a huge part of I think finishing well, especially because it's a really really complicated time, but it's really nice to have a Christian like Hans to call and say here's what I'm faced with my mom and and and the different things that come up. The whole idea when I heard you say give away the book through me know he gives away every week. All you have to do is go to his website and get his email and say Hans I would like your book and and he will send it your way and is this made the bestseller list on Amazon or some Hans I saw you. We've been very fortunate that my publisher needs money on. I don't know.

I wrote the book. I'm flattered that the author did all the book but I I'm free to give way and I give more of a way that we sell happy to do it because I know that it's good to give people the teaching in the nation that they need to make good.

A lot of those people they end up calling us up for the advice and the end of doing business work will license all over the United States that a good thing. I want to add one thing with God at work got it work, but he made it work double because the radio secular here in Raleigh. They did me wrong, that very same week in a very, very much way that I was. I walked up all kinds of messages just let down like I don't have to figure all that stuff here some weeks later work were doing shows in the unreal have so happy to have it because again it's scan like we have Pete Rosenberger who has a caregiver show on Saturday afternoon. It just for such a time as this are so blessed to have people like this that are called to such unique positions like like Peter and Hans it because more and more of us find ourselves caregiving more mosque more of us find ourselves navigating these waters of long-term healthcare and things that I never really ever thought that I would have any understanding about it.

That's amazing thing that right this minute.

I'm afraid I've stumped the panel. I can't believe I did it. Jasper if you ever see it happening all these years of doing the show that I stumped the panel. Nobody called in with a little delay okay alright well it's happened, have to spill the beans.

I hate to do this without giving away a book that had happened right in a crossword puzzle and talk about the cross. Okay you know what I'm saying and there were words from the cross and Stu Epperson wrote a book that was originally titled in. Here's little trivia for you seven words of life and the tree of death see how cool is that. That was the original title but as publisher didn't like that so they change the last words of Jesus, but there were seven of and the 61 remembrance of speaking of finish. It is finished right.

That is a crossword 61 right right before sit in your hands I commit my spirit which is the seventh word from across which just gives a little free meat thing. But if you go look at the seven anointing in Isaiah 9 and you have to fulfill right I love Alex is also filled right well what was upset the sixth day of creation. It is finished right the sixth anointing is to fear the Lord is becoming wisdom the seventh is right. It is the light in the fear of the Lord.

You see when you give your hands under the Lord spirit you like. I understood why I'm good. You've got this God and so will you go. I mean how cool is that. And so we all are going to finish well. If we change her address.

That's the point.

Okay. And that's one 807. You know whatever that looks like in your life the way you do that by accepting Jesus as your Savior. Well, I am so grateful for Sharon and billions Christian supply Hongqiao close to finishing well of course find out all about them at both millions and cardinal right now we are moving forward with more truth on the Truth Network.

The journey starts here now at 12 o'clock followed by Siebel magazine so much truth Truth Network

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