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Frederick Ezeji-Okoye, Rick Eldridge, and Walker Armstrong

Kingdom Pursuits / Robby Dilmore
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March 16, 2019 12:30 pm

Frederick Ezeji-Okoye, Rick Eldridge, and Walker Armstrong

Kingdom Pursuits / Robby Dilmore

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Pursuits where you hear from ordinary people instilled with an extraordinary fashion. Together, we explore the stories of men and women who take what they love and let God turn their passion into the kingdom pursuits now live from the truth. Your host Robbie Gilmore welcome kingdom person. God takes your passion then uses it to build the kingdom and we have three phenomenal gift today. I'm really really excited about the show where God may take it. First off, we have Rick Eldridge and Rick is the producer and CEO of real works, studios, and they have a new movie coming out called when we last spoke, which features Melissa Gilbert. You may remember from the house on the prairie and another movie called the Trump prophecy welcome Rick. It sounds like you're traveling today and now you that's fine. That's okay. I am very excited about these movies because I saw that the stars that you have lined up in when we last spoke on. So the car lot. We got all the car go we like but though a lot of fun. Great start to find out about when we last spoke with him and find out about the Trump prophecy, but next we have Frederick MM 90 minute try your last name Frederick it's Telus Frederick the great Oakley is a G call you that I loved. I love love love the title of his book, which is who prays for the pastor and the topic that is definitely on his heart but is also on the heart of the Manson across from me was worker arm Walker Armstrong with the pilot Mountain Baptist Association may have a revitalized conference, for pastors and other church leaders with Mark Clifton and Steve Green, Tuesday, March 26 so Walker this is near and dear to your heart because you've been working with pastors for a lot of years the years been a pastor but a church planter been a youth pastor, associate pastor in the lot of things in the church and one of the things we do is we try to encourage pastors know a weekly basis right so you can see we've got a lot going on with pastors in the we have these wonderful movies and a course if it's kingdom pursuits. We gotta have a little so speaking of real the land where real words, movies are made. Think about it. It's called real estate's only different way and all of the sardine factory real job by promoting and they have a can-do atmosphere. Sardine kind of thing anyway. My daughter told me that anesthesiologist restless limit worked at the hospital really was a real knockout, you think about it, but that's what is real right and lifelong counterfeiters will tell you they never make any real money never to do at the end of all the shenanigans I would actually have a riddle for you to call in and win today. So let's get real. And what book of the Bible do drunks real to and fro for real.

If you know the answer that we have a new number today so heads up 336-896-0830. I apologize our 800 numbers on the bricks on the fritz, or whatever. So we need to call a new number if you know let's get real.

And what book of the Bible do drunks real to an fro for real, 866-348-7884. My two throwing a little hint there's two different books that takes place not just one so challenging 83368960830's Rick. They are your other movie the Trump prophecy that one. That one jumps on out there, really really got about a sold out all of the country. More about people together around its core.

That's fascinating because it's kind of at its core.

What other guess you talking, praying for leadership right thing for pastors praying for them and interestingly Rick. I understand that week after next. Is the NRB and you're going to be out there in Los Angeles. I'm a be out there so hopefully I'll get to meet you as a whole lot of pastors is to be a whole lot of leaders, religious folks and leadership across the country so that's a wonderful opportunity. Will Frederick I'm interested in your book out. Are you a pastor yourself, or how did how did God put on your heart to write this I will. You should believe on a witch like we could get on the morning you will all be a reaching all I'm right you know what I mean. You will leave on you Maha great. I made it Rick, I will buckle W.morning you right on log one something. What I am thinking long night will be the glory, you know how you make every month.

You we will Rick. I told the child of God create that environment will wash it going on with no legs up. "It is difficult for you Maha where we are all about grid where the call will all be a hot little. We encourage one another. We all want.

That's interesting Walker here up to the same kind of thing right with this revitalized, yeah.

Well, it's been estimated that 80% of Protestant churches in the United States or plateau decline or dying. And when you begin to Canada try to suck that in is pretty overwhelming.

We have 94 churches in our Association in six counties, and that number pretty much plays out in our situation, and so when pastors are overwhelmed they feel, paralyzed.

Not really sure what to do to address the problems that create this decline in the church and so were trying to be proactive in helping churches do that. So this event right is $25 and by the way, we can tell him what they when Rachel did we. How can I gave out the number to call, but Rachel did tell him what they can win if they answer riddle to well they can win their choice between Fredericksburg, who prays for the pastor or two tickets to the revitalized conference. They two tickets to the river. That's a $50 value is for an and so yeah if they come, you've got right Mark Clifton and Steve Green what what what of those people going to hear what Mark Clifton heads the revitalization replanning team in the North American Mission Board and the Olanta areas, the Southern Baptist, American or North American Mission agency and so that group is led the charge in replanting 100 dying churches/PRT speak wow so a lot more coming up on praying for your pastor and the pilot Mountain Association conference as well as him or find out more from Rick Eldridge on millwork Studios. When we last spoke and we owing under call 336-896-0830 talking real here is that with this Walker Armstrong calls him Walker North Carolina Ranger pilot Mountain Baptist associations revitalized for your church with Mark Clifton and Steve Green. Anybody that is interested in leadership in the church. Believe me this is really provoking what they are going to share. It's coming up on 26 March Tuesday from 9 AM to 3 PM. Tickets are $25. You can find out more about that as well as who prays for the pastor the book by Frederick I won't try's last name is his book is there kingdom pursuits are taught as well as Rick Eldridge's movies. The releases when we last spoke in the Trump prophecy, but Rick just a little bit of the story line on when we last spoke, what would set movie about book to our little girl dad goes to get mom decided to get handled country life goes back to work and drop the kids off at the grandparent. The grandparent happened to be played by the character Corbin being that person, place, the father, grandfather and other two-bedroom little small ranch cold and great-grandmother, which is chlorine bleach but who has been shipped, generational issue with these young girls all related 92-year-old grandmother with dementia great-grandmother and outsource the connectivity of all of these relationships in lot of fun. There's a lot of comedy in it, but the story of these two young girls who you deal with with forgiveness and addiction in their own lives. Through the course of all that happens to the full story setting in the 60s you got your great cars. Like I said earlier it's like a car show every day on so it's fascinating. I think it blows me away to think here we have Melissa Gilbert when I think of her. I think of her as a little girl from the 60s. It was really fun for Dr. Darby, Carolyn, who played the other roles you Melissa really was a great mentor to that because she did right where they are so dynamic was really a lot of fun just beyond cool and so when is that movie coming out the third quarter of this year and it'll be in theaters all over the country course everywhere else usual worksite about that with you starting to read about the marketing of the edit the movie that I'm beginning to screen it a few places. There is interesting that your mentioning the generational issue at hand and and and during the break, Walker and I were talking about, you know how three generations ago the church situation was completely different than it is today and share what you're talking about the churches that are failing 70% of them are in urban areas.

Yet within our particular denomination.

We just got research we could go press research that in 2017. Of the 855 churches reported closing so we knew there were more of those reporting over 70% were in urban areas.

What that means is that in those urban areas are going through a lot of change in a lot of turmoil.

They lose the presence of the church in the area and this is significant blow to the community thinking what that means for the families and individuals in that whole generational thing and so here we have a guy right this Mark Clifton and said again 200 churches were revitalized over yes I will. Last year of the revitalization replanting team help to replant dying churches over 200 dying churches across United States recapturing rescue those churches. It's is really and so some what's going on there.

Obviously prayer enough we can connect with God or man, you can't hardly get any closer than that right Frederick I mean, that's gotta be the where the rubber meets the road right there, as I'm sure you listen to this thinking will agree.

Now we can take away praying so as you started to process that in writing a book.

I'm it's pretty easy for me to say pray for your pastor friend have a good friend. He sat upright for your pastor to bust the drives around us is text this and pray for your pastor but I'm fascinated by an entire book on the subject. Can you take us inside your book a minute and share a little bit. What's in there. I'm rooting going on might go.

I'd be the minute now. I think that ministry I am so passionate about my calling on all my pill that none of God who actually booked on. It'll get bought out himself on the date that he made on I realized that I might go.

I am going through Dr. I have to retrieve my fellow goals. We need to love" came the role of minutes a week. You know how what a phenomenal point you just brought up states that a second since I got Walker here and also Rick feel free guys to check time and anywhere that you feel are necessary but the very man I was talking about his ministry is to pastors is named Sandy Bowersox is one of my best friends actually and and I went on a cruise with him and that this was a pray for your pastor cruise thing and had all these pastors on board. Now I know Andy's a good friend right and so I know his family real well and so were my wife and I are out on the deck and I'm watching the loneliness of his son, wanting where is daddy where is daddy because daddy is ministering to the pastors and I couldn't help but think to myself, oh man, Andy.

You like to have that little boy but so many years and yeah what you're doing for pastors is gigantic, that there's no doubt that that's huge and I all I find I wish that somebody had said Robbie. It's not about selling to more cars it. It's so much about your own family and if your pastor right Walker you see the same thing without seminary 600 years ago I was in a marriage conference on an orientation for new seminary students and their spouses, and one of the founders of Christian counseling John Drakeford and his wife did this panel discussion I said look to the left of you and look to the right of you one of you will be divorced in five years and I was offended by that at first I thought it was ridiculous and then he went on the report next to doctors. There was a dead heat. At that time between professionals of lawyers and ministers going through divorce and I experience that 20 years later in my life and so does that call home at all the they still have this Rick yeah yeah I deal with the a lot of a lot of) churches around the country because of the work that I do in the travel that I do. Yet God, and I think what people don't realize a lot that anyone in leadership in many ways globally there kind of at the other chair where everyone needs something from them or hurt their needs word of wisdom. Whatever happened to be and yet they have no one to go to bed and no one to really be able to open your heart and share with think about what Frederick is doing his part praying and lifting up pastor you so needed and in understanding the position of anyone in leadership whether corporate leadership for any any regard, someone that the head of that that organization is probably a very lonely person at their core. Yeah, I know I haven't run several car dealerships is which is completely different. But you are there you are, and the responsibilities that you feel can so easily outweigh that of being the leader your family that you know in your mind, but it's it's a scary thing. So you know that that that praying for people in leadership or attending conferences, and I was like this is this is really helpful that God is put in these things on Frederick's heart and put them put them on the pilot Mountain Baptist Association, and again I love the idea of the movie but we gotta get real here because nobody is called and it could be this phone number really, and struggle within the Christian progression so I'm testing to see if you know the answer to this riddle, but also as a friend so I'm troubled our phones at 336-896-0830 is a number call in and tell us let's get real. And what book of the Bible do drunks real to an fro for real. 336-896-0830 and since I didn't get to hear my prices right music. You know, we can tell him once again what that when can you do it.

Your mind is. It just makes me feel good when I hear that my payment was one of those things she's getting ready so that they know what will they win, right.

Well, they had the choice between Fredericksburg, who prays for the pastor or two tickets to the revitalized conference again I would mention if you go to kingdom this wonderful resource. As you can order Fredericksburg you can find out about these movies, how they are promoted on Facebook and YouTube and always to watch the trailer you can find out about the pilot Mountain Association revitalized conference about Steve Greene and all these people coming up Tuesday all their kingdom One of the source of my jokes and so semaphore kingdom pursuits, and upstate got poster children for that today we have Rick Eldridge who producer, CEO of real works studios their new releases. When we last spoke in the trunk prophecy you may know their movie. I think it was the gift was effective movie. I'm thinking about Rick that you guys had such that was a tremendous movie yeah we we really set around the midterm elections last year and it back. Just last week Walmart Placement of the DVD we really are good DVD so it's available now. I DVD it anywhere you bite by a product online with Amazon or iTunes or whatever or just go to your local Walmart pick up on the shelf, though available out there now. So what gutsy are you going to really get down to it, you know, it's one thing for God to give your passion to know, like the on the radio that I think about man to be in your industry that has us so many working parts and so many different things. How how did God lead you where you are. I'm curious my my music I would be conquered and recorded early in the 80 and related like the lady that that will through a process of meeting near the old Bell gospel data score movie and being visual to my music just kind of brought to life in a different way kind of led me to transition was in Orlando so I worked at the time on the back lot rent reduction at Universal Studios backlighting bond up working with is the universal bear in the Orlando area growing building, right place right time, but God used me there. I tell people I used to tell stories that were three-minute they were called song.

Now I tell stories. There two hours and we call a movie but same thing retell the story in many ways that's communicated in the Bible you many times you would hear and talking to someone, a stranger who would come up and ask him a question he would begin by telling a story and about halfway through the story the stranger with you talking about and you realize that parable. Story a big part of the Bible and a big part of the way that Jesus would rich Cristiano put it one time like this.

He said the house and enjoying him.

He said you know. Ask anybody if they can remember three words or even the Scripture of three weeks ago.

The the of the pastor's sermon and then ask them if they know the dog's name in the movie Wizard of Oz and you can find out that stories our you know this just there's there's things that are really there, but interestingly the more gifted speakers use stories you know when you when you hear those those sermons as well. So I I am, I have to ask the other question because it appears to me you spell your name the same as John Eldridge is, is there any relation I have done a lot of work with the publisher and be ahead of the publishing department. Mark I got it together.

One time back when he was good, comes no backbone and we we we try to figure it out and I'm sure probably somewhere down the line where where but but yet we could find a tray, but I'm sure that's awesome you know another one of the accounts really really gifted to do a lot for the king absolutely so Frederick, getting back to your okay so you had that you have that the thing on family. What's another impact area for praying for your pastor. Do you think I brought all possible without so little love to read the Bible because they want the I apologize for one second because your accent is, hard for me so I'm guessing there's a few listeners at Mr. but I finally think I have it. Did you say gifts and raving so yeah this threats right STRES stress all okay now I got it.

I apologize stress so you know I will, without an audible preach be called preach don't really time with when you get to a point where the Obama now all about. No, like all racial about it go on my you find out the culprit preach bill when you help you live, balder… Why you want to know Walker shaking his head over here like on my ass all yes yes yes Walker when when he said yeah I think he's exactly right.

Nothing couple with that is isolation. We run the pastor's all time that give up abruptly really have a train wreck in their lives. And if you look beyond the symptoms you phone calls as of the sentence of failure and a sense of a lack of productivity and success and so that stress couple with isolation is a recipe for disaster. Like I said earlier, 80% of churches in the United States are plateau declining or dying in Protestant churches and often times I would pastor's experience that their church they often feel like you're the only one and and that that creates think the enemy uses that to get passersby themselves and start talking themselves instead of spending time with God. Instead of spending time with fellow pastors who are in the battle with him and were trying to return the change that now that that community is I didn't mean for any of us to do this is the Lone Ranger. It's a fascinating thing that you would mention Frederick S preach about all the time that you know it's it's a really hard thing to stay connected and to take that time when you're being pressured for your time from your family are being patient for your time to visit these people in the hospital you're being pressured for all sorts of different you know advance and and without God to guide you through that. That's a hard thing and so prayer is just as I think about the heart of what you're writing about Frederick. That's huge. And where you got accurate to your people told they think Boyd got got it all together. He got the look, you got everything else but then when you get the below there there. Secure and about themselves. The court everything about the about performance than what they've done last her neck. I find that in many times that translate all kind of leadership but a specially good pastor and be aware that you get them alone and they're very secure in many ways about their own and I get that we we need to come around the baby. The accountability and the connectivity just like all of you girls name. She was a Disney star number years ago and near the end of the interview I said can I pray for you and she went in tears so nobody is ever asked, and she went on to tell me all the different temptations that she faces a star.

I never even thought about it but wow you want to call to pray for people in leadership or an not realize that actors big part of car I will be right back to build the kingdom. Today we are so blessed to have these wonderful just to poster children for that Walker Armstrong the pilot Mountain Baptist Association whose revitalized conferences, but Mark Clinton's deep dream March 26 that's Tuesday and starts at nine goes to three.

The tickets are $25 you can get free ones.

All you have to do is answer my riddle. Let's get real. And what book of the Bible to drunks reel to and fro for real. 336-896-0830 and then we have Frederick's and ZZZ. I will call Jo who prays for the pastor, his book again. It can and Rick Eldridge, producer and CEO real work studio since our EEO real work Studios and their new releases. When we last spoke in the trunk prophecy we lost Rick somehow. But we still have Frederick still yet all right well I was asking.

I Walker what he was excited about. I think this talk about that and will see will last you that question. Next, and hopefully we get Rick and ask him a question. What are you really excited about what's coming up to this going to be cool and your Thomas but you got a marriage retreat, for pastor Jean seven through ninth.

We have a marriage treat for pastors and spouses up at the code Billy Graham evangelistic training center is phenomenal place. Phenomenal ministry.

Dr. Gary Chapman author the five love languages is going to be our speaker Richard King's more who's a phenomenal writer and producer and arranger music in history. I have you limited studies last words I just run the CDC is phenomenal.

So I'm not thinking wow what a powerhouse to have up at the cove to take your wife just have a hope that you know that's the very thing over talk about us run it's family and it's receiving and it's you know all the things that like Frederick wrote the book on this letter I sent some Frederick. I'm curious in your book. What's the one thing that you are really excited about that. You going to pastor reads this is going to impact what what is it about that book that you just are so excited that people get a chance to hear me about many many will me right now it through Bill like I like what you believe you will like everything is on me.

When you talk, you know that everything will be like one minute that demo McEnaney will feel like the three I'm giving up will feel like the Lord no longer with me like that made it like about it all made it. Good luck believe that none of my that's the key word right there. As I was saying is that if they can get their heart back yet. If they could get in a like and it's fascinating to me Rick that John Eldridge will tell you that in the movies are like a smelling salts to get our hearts back to see that there is hope and and and there's a big part of movies that bit. Tell that same story that Frederick start to talk about what you're doing for the general public and so I'm curious about your own heart. Rick what what project are you on personally but it really is your excited about that's giving you your heart back doing a project I'm writing now which was written by Ken Blanchard and Wally Armstrong will probably quarter to providing a get script finished but it's historical Mulligan and if you play golf before it is below. Yeah okay I checked it into the wood. Great great belief that it drop another ball hit it again and it's a phenomenal story, Ken Blanchard wrote one minute manager a lot of you multimillion dollar business books that then Wally is a former PGA Tour pro and together they created this book about this corporate executive that you through the game of golf.

We he learns about a do over, or Mulligan but for him it's all about getting him a look at it like it yeah I think that's important for all of us because you know what were not perfect people and were going to mess up and to make mistakes and take some of that stress. But Frederick talking about, know that God offers great minimum we see every all I am so grateful for all you guys today on kingdom receipts. As I mentioned, if you go to kingdom actually find out about Mulligan and Noah's other two releases all about real work Studios course Frederick spoke to pray for the pastor. You can order your find out how you can attend this conference.

You can order the tickets click on the link.

It's Winston-Salem March 26 9 AM to 3 PM.

We are so I am excited I got was amazing. Thank you for listening today and join us now stateroom for the journey starts here now at 12 o'clock followed by all sorts of truth

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