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Live from the Sweet Water Baptist Church Car Show!

Kingdom Pursuits / Robby Dilmore
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April 27, 2019 2:23 pm

Live from the Sweet Water Baptist Church Car Show!

Kingdom Pursuits / Robby Dilmore

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April 27, 2019 2:23 pm

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Kingdom pursuits where you hear from ordinary people instilled with an extraordinary passion together we explore the stories of men and women who take what they love and let God turn their passion into kingdom pursuits now live from the truth.

Your host Robbie Gilmore.

We are having so much fun out of this sweetest car show ever. Today, Georgia Sweetwater Baptist Church as we continue on in the kingdom pursuits we find people taking their passion for cars and they're using that to build the kingdom. I mean, how fun is that an not to mention this church and how they use that to build the kingdom, but I think you're gonna be really interested. Our first test. Jerry Cass actually Jerry and Kim hello there, so good to have you guys hear what a beautiful day for car show just a little breeze. Jerry apparently your brother had a brain tumor and that led to some situations that God used really to change your life in a way it did, obviously in a lot of ways that's kind of understatement.

Well, we 17 and it was an pituitary gland which is right behind her signs Between your eyes and was a very difficult operation other than the fact that not long before he was diagnosed a doctor here in Atlanta had perfected a tech that was minimal, so most people pass after a year or two from this kind of brain tumor. With this new surgery may take a lot longer. Problem was.

My brother became very and could not understand why God and we spent decades talking about this, unfortunately, but what he could not understand is the blessing that was given to him. He didn't die in two years he lived until he was in his 50s. He finally passed away and I kept trying to tell him the whole time. God, you know, God would let this happen to me acid you don't know that God does a lot of things for a lot of reasons. A lot of times we won't know why until we get the and so Kim your the sister-in-law and when you met his brother was Eddie already been through this process of scary linking the facets and slicks is hard to understand understand the personality differences between him and Jerry that expecting way less and so but how old was he would you guess when you get there. This should be 20 years so he's been on for years and years and so would you say would you say he was still better when you met in definitely definitely an pituitary gland this with his emotions so just me talking to Lehman say something he Said that's help, but watching him deteriorate so hard the car park came in and the end of the story is never quit and he was finally saved.

So God got to: 190 call crime except the Lord and Savior so it was a good ending to how long ago was that I will years ago. So shortly before he died, yes, yes it was probably about a year before he died. He finally called me was God got hold of think the big mistake he made for me was when my grandmother died removing her stuff down there, he went up in a U-Haul van with me for 10 hours talk about so that was a mistake that counts is a divine appointment that you got to move in the U-Haul and so you know how amazing was that conversation when he called to have your brother call you know, it's one thing to meet somebody else to Christ, but have your brother call you with that moment. I mean, oh my goodness it was it was so can you tell us about that conversation I had been talking to preach the gospel to him and he call crime and I told the civil talk to me and he said just ready for called message you. You're feeling this because this is where God put you and I said do you said I know you've been reading about.

I gave him a Bible's and even read the Bible and I know you believed that there was God, not before this happened to Jesus here. He can help you with this and he said he believed that Jesus savored your center.

That's not why this is how is it may be why we don't know why this is happening to all of us are sinners.

He finally said I believe there on the phone that night, not in the emotions for me for relief were joy so many different emotions that hit at the same time because what you know what I'm talking finally know God finally that that work and I saw that sometimes we plant a seed. We never get to see lots I and for me I got to see it blossom so it was his wonderful course of the good thing for me was he was the last person in my family to be said.

Everybody else is already safe off my whole family will Kim you were on the debt, you realize he was talking on that night or did you find out later I found out later that I really seen again that did you see a change in him. After that process where he was a little less bitter or I believe so he never came out of the shell so much as he in his head he kinda got stuck in time.

This hard time. And and and truthfully a lot of self-inflicted hard time dealing with other people because his social skills as a recluse right that he was more relaxed seemed and when it was time for him. He died coming, unexpectedly, but I could see that he was ready and he could accept he the bitterness was gone. So is that something that happened is that fairly quickly from the standpoint of you to know in one day they called and said he was gone. Ellie able to visit them in the hospital that we would go sometimes spells that call. He lived close to my mom and dad is not calling and weighed about five days to go over there check on labor of visiting us and we live here portion Atlanta area and we he had called and course being here they could go over there so they called no answer. No answer. Finally called the Sheriff and Sheriff died. Initially it was sad for mom.

I was glad because they did not find him if he'd been dead for couple days so I was happy that they didn't find him, but she was always got upset. She still is.

She thought she could be a smart many different from God's time to go. None of us can stop and I lost my father about a month ago and he kind of that morning as I left the house and we were his caregivers.

My wife is binding and as I left the house that day. He couldn't talk dehydrated appointments dog Lockton, but he gave me this look in his eyes like the only an hour and I actually said to him I said that it's okay to be back and I will be back for lunch will be back but you know on my way back home for lunch. My wife called me to tell me that he was going and and I've regretted that GIs should know don't know this is the thing in the incense got new and and he's working through that thing so I know there's a car story and here's some of my brother because of this had restrictions and he loved to ride a motorcycle docks and so things like that that he tried to do all his life.

Mom and that's not a candidate and I can't do that then Corsi passes away before they did.

You know none of us want to see your kids that we still have three more segments live today from Sweetwater Baptist Church car show ever and we have got more women find out this is not just any ordinary person that is where we hear how God takes day where I live from the sweetest car show ever here at the Sweetwater Baptist Church in Douglasville, Georgia, where again, it's interesting that they've taken their passion for cars and use it to build the kingdom, and they've been doing this for a number years and is really amazing event, a way to share the gospel with these people that have a passion about cars, but when we left our hero Jerry. He had the lost his brother and and this was a lesson for his parents apparently bit led to a car situation so to get to that generated it did so one of the things the doctor said my brother with his situation was. He could ride his motorcycle anymore. They were afraid of him bumping his head, making things worse so important. Mom and dad through his whole life count on that. You know you can't do that can't do that and so was that summer when he was 17 when he was really young on the motorcycle he would let them run yeah me he loved writers motorcycle motorcycles and the doctor can do that and so they would leading to his whole life and towards the end he wanted one of those three will motorcycles and would fall over and not wonder that when you pass my decibel.

I wish I let them just had some fun in his life and so little bit after that will part a journey towards intercourse again. We did know he was passed I was looking for a car. I had a Mustang when I was younger I wanted another one is looking at Simon he he was helping me out about this is my new one this time not work so well thought you known and I was looking at the Mustang I have is around Rauch industries Jack Rausch lacing that this is note for those who don't know that much about mustangs or even even a lot of people know a lot about mustangs may not know about this Rauch Mustang, but I'm in all my goodness, you have to see this thing appreciated and how many horsepower. This pushes 700 hp hello how many of you out they've ever driven a car with Kim. If you give the score was 700 hp, a lot of car you ever really gone to see what it would actually do a lot of car. It is there. There's scary fast get a be real careful if you ever just had to know just put it down. I put it up there couple time I got the right places then forget when I was worked for Buick. They come out with this GSX. As I recall, it was 750 hp and they built 500 of for the FBI.

They built 500 of them that were production cars. We got one of and I was supposed to transport over to the state fair, which was grounds were not far from where we were and I started down the road and I went. I just have to know that I am. Oh my goodness, I mean it when I can see what you call it beast this cars 700. That's a lot of horsepower horsepower, especially when you have all those tires on there to try to get to the ground, but I still like some of it does funny thing is it's a manual transmission, and even when you hear just casually driving and you cannot step on it.

When you change gears. It'll still get little little loose is very careful. I've put in fourth gear and put it down and it broke tires loosened offices. This exit is scary. So anyway you are looking mustangs will get to the story mustangs in the wood seen this Mustang where well by the way, you will find Rauch Mustang around and you don't and so my dad has a whole 55 Thunderbird and we had gone to a show up in the morning after my brother passed away.

My brother was buried in Indiana and coming back from the show. I'm actually not that it would be that far to go over and see Greg on the way home and see Essig about that too and we stopped in Indianapolis, which just happened to have the world's number one Rauch dealer and here's the weird thing police pulled into this hotel. We checked in and that's what you can find that dealer just go look at the rashes and so I pulled it up and it was like a mile away from us. So we went. We looked at the place was in operable. We walked and looked at all of and, like we came on home and on online a couple that a week or so later in this new one was there and gray car with Eddie's own stripes on what I like that and called a look that when he looked at it and really give much more thought and then, a couple weeks later she comes. This is your next year letter from his dealership and were anything open it up and it was a warranty accident extended warranty for a car like my name seemed to wait a minute I start looking at went online to look at that car in the Vin number for the same and I call my guess at what you do what I said I warranty extended warranty for car, the one we've been looking at his Marshall to send that to you so he had bought this car. It was on its way down and he was going to surprise me in the day. The car got here and so he bought the car in and hopefully, like RC felt bad because he would let my brother to the steps he wanted me to be able to do these things, so I enjoy it as much as I can I drive it is not a garage and drive it for your brother and I do remember him so not try to for my dad my mom's car and truck try to enjoy gone down there several shows Sarkar back to that moment just when because they don't deliver these cars on the normal carton so the guy calls it's on hauler disclosed no calls and I said hey looking I live on Healy were coming to my house that I live on a hill be really hard for you park when we meet you, shopping centers and we picked one we got behind the shopping center were you there can we get the pictures but he opened up the back door and the ramp and other stuff and got in and started the car of this is not street legal.

It was because it was inside the trailer, it is allowed car lives inside the ticket that we had driven and we drive it unfortunately was not where I worked was in the car to go to work in any other chance we get mountains go see her folks go down to my folks and they do. He's older now is 87 years. Also needed to drive as much as you stupid. They have some shows around down there. He's driven it wants that he's he he can find that he's got a 55 Thunderbird that he shows and he didn't like anybody to drive his car so he won't drive there. He did wanting.

He was shot he got in it went through and got in third gear look down on we were doing 80 oh yeah, but that had that had to be so cool. It was this, and so did you sense God smiling. I'm just curious, take some my whole life God has blessed me and I mean I could sit here for hours and tell you the number times, God's blessing with my job with my wonderful wife of my life this church meters and just little events where I could see God taking care of and you know the car you know this is to me anything.

I have came from God is all his and he just lets me be custodian.

I saw that 57 wagon. I was good to see if it was a nomad. I don't think the letter but I was like oh my goodness, I think I like wow that somebody got a project there, but it's a you know I'm sitting here looking at all these cars and that's a blessing just to see this is your biggest out.

I don't remember ever seeing this many cars here before she had a wonderful dinner included motorcycles this year so this first race cars and old cars and new cars and cars and what you what year is 2014 is not new anymore.

We got some 40s. Six.

I think I'm hungry over here 4131 so I went once we got some old get some new ones for everybody and selling of you guys been going to Sweetwater temper will be three years all I need story from middle school year older than me. All other churches glory for those for listing is the pastor's wife right so we had three circumstances we got to church for several years and You're here just to let you know you not calling for 15,000 Facebook where he saves coming back sorry sins away. He told us Algeria's civil guess where were going to church next Sunday so we can be on location for anniversary and finally we were here. He was raised enjoying the first day off just just to make sure we join Pastor Darrell's 11. Once he got bit, he was on fire from the get go and ask gives that she was gone for 15 years, Alabama this warlord sending and he came back tears as he still had the fire, will he still had the fireplace he had grown in a biblically he knew the Bible a lot better grown there so not putting here great things here, great things here after the most baptisms in your area. Call CV events and understand everything I've been involved so we got so much more coming from this we water car show going on today in Georgia where they take their passion and uses it to build the kingdom. Today we are live from the Sweetwater Baptist Church suite suite car show you're going to be so glad to attend. In this segment we are loaded with Elvis Elvis is in the building is definitely in the building. He is here. Anthony Curtis yeah he may sound Greek, but he's got the Elvis thing going on and what God has given him a very unique passion. Passion for and and actually you impersonate Elvis all over the world all over the country in Las Vegas actually from Las Vegas or you been there many times and just clarify one thing I'm attribute artist I'm singer-songwriter entertainer is attribute artist with this calling.

Elvis, you know that so last night we went to eat it Mexican restaurant just you know that there's a Marriott keeping and when they realize who I had you know in my party. They start saying in the Elvis song a Marriott you. You're picturing this in their singing love me tender and Elvis kicks but it did happen, but what was even better than that was when they said what song which is the first when you wanted to sing with teddy bear.

And so you know, here we are. I know it's a cappella but my audience needs to hear teddy bear from Elvis. I can try the pellet barbecue and everything is here we go for Jesus look maybe you love and literature around the main lip moving you right there. Cool how God is taking you on such adventures with with this. What's it called artist attribute artist yes attribute artistry yes yes I've been blessed and fortunate I am from Las Vegas Nevada called little place called Henderson.

It's 20 miles south of this trip and I actually just got started really full time blown in 1996 and I did a little gig called the taste of Powder Springs and next thing I know people want my autograph and this and that and asked me to jump up on stage. I did two songs. The guy hand me $50. Next thing you know I'm like take a man can that he says yeah and I said right in and we just got started from there I never had voice lessons or anything, I'm just self-taught and everything. I just listened.

Elvis was in all of his is this you were here with Tony Orlando yes yes we just did a benefit for Tony Orlando and TG Sheppard and Jamie Jamison Kelly lying Mark Swanson wrote suspicious minds. They call me up on stage to open the show. For we did a benefit for Joe Esposito which was Elvis's longtime road manager and his wife just passed away with a rare cancer and I'll be darned. We raised in like $100,000 and that's what I was on site tell listeners how you saw God moving that there is something God gives him a passion for Elvis and he also has a pet if you were to sit with Anthony for any length of time it wouldn't take you long to figure out this is a man of you lovers I'm sure most first and foremost I have been very blessed in my passion is always been.

I tried daily to put Christ first in any and all things I do. He tells us you know in Matthew 516. He says to let your little light shine so before man they'll see your good works and glorify your Father in heaven. That's what I want to be all about and I want someone to say you know what he may be a singer this and that but he puts God first, he's going to have God first as far as him in his house. We serve the Lord. There's no offense to ways about it.

And that's why am so blessed so blessed.

It's just I just gotta give my Lord and Savior, all honor and glory and praise from this day forward until eternity in the ultimate healing is absent from the body is present with my Savior for much also cut me to sit tell us about your friend that you brought with yes yes yes this is Michael population. Gentlemen, great men of God.

He has been around for a long time actually grew up with our pastor Darrell T Jones right here Sweetwater Baptist Church apologize. We lost power there, but worth the Sweetwater Baptist Church have the sweetest person. However, here in Douglasville, Georgia, and where they taken cars and turned it into an amazing event for Jesus, but we apologize that some of the breaker broke on our remote equipment and we lost power there for medical we got back on and went right to hear from Michael; welcome. Glad to hear so we heard the you're the brother. I mean that you know that pastor Darrell for a long time but tell us your role here in this event. Well, don't know that I have a rollup just like cars and motorcycles in people's show about your role here at the church. You know, I just love the Lord, you know, and just do what I can do share that love. You know not where the of his love and compassion and mercy and grateful for the love and be compassionate and merciful to others.

So how long have you been coming to Sweetwater probably have three years now so about everything still got that same time, and so what if you seen God's way. Since you managed the churches just exploded since been here the heartbeat of the church is what impresses me with had four weddings since have been here in every couple got married, has one of the pastor to preach the gospel during their service given imitation in all four weddings got saved and that just blows me what unheard of really it's just the heartbeat of the church that is that in the same thing when we do a car show argument to share the gospel and working have an invitation to minute and that's part of what the heartbeat of this will and and it's obvious from all that they do what were also trying today with my darling Darlene, could you pull your microphone up there you go. That way we can. I can hear you now, Darlene tells about your role here Sweetwater well I do have a bunch of different stuff on the Sunday school director but I'm one of the leaders in always work in children's ministry. I was I was rice with my grandfather's preacher said there was never an option.

Do you want to start. We always just priced it from a position of any kind anything Down in front of me.

I just tried load if you don't want me to date. Yes. Blocking this in several different things that I really wanted to day that got shut the door out and I need that he did sign that if he doesn't sign so I can't help but note the Harley-Davidson shirt on what was fine that I owe you all your the one that I was expected critically to be over there. Really, that's your bike I didn't see you drive up on it.

I mean, that's cool for Valentine's Day from about five years ago I and my bail and so who rides in the sun, my boundaries around here somewhere.

She got the sidecar and I've never I've read a lot of motorcycles. But I've never written one with the sidecar. What was the secret. It's learning to stay here instead of lying laugh and took me into figuring out that in the car you have to stay here. You cannot lying in the first card that was almost a disaster. But it was a it was a big learning experience. It's a cool bike What's the you know in your time here Sweetwater or stuff like that. My husband found the church since he was born so and all that.

Is there a particular thing that you've seen happen that you distance while God is this distance amazing on five tell me about. I was here when I'm previous pastor here finally came and I left him to some hard times we got down to probably 40 people coming to the church insightfully and and I was one of the men and I was kind of despairing. I was thinking other semi churches that are that are just getting up and shutting the dollars and where is this community, they at least this one and understand you only had like one person one child in the week and really counted each program because I didn't come right back then. Then God sent brother Darrell and Stony Brook house. Wenda the pastor search committee when they got some downtown and shake your patience with us as we lost power and a lot of fun out here and still Georgia you can go on an amazing invention maybe

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