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KP Laura H Smith_Jeff Barnes Podcast

Kingdom Pursuits / Robby Dilmore
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June 8, 2019 3:55 pm

KP Laura H Smith_Jeff Barnes Podcast

Kingdom Pursuits / Robby Dilmore

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June 8, 2019 3:55 pm

Robby's Riddles - and Answers

Jeff Barnes Talks about the Fellowship Christian Athlete

Laura Harris Smith- Talks about her new Book "Get well Soon"


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Versus where you hear from ordinary people instilled with an extraordinary passion together we explore the stories of men and women who take what they love and let God turn their passion into kingdom pursuits now got a new friend of my old friends so as to share both at first up we have Jeff Barnes and Jeff is the with the Fellowship of Christian athletes the will of the Western Triad North Carolina so Jeff, welcome to kingdom pursuits greatly and so when you say Western Triad what what is that mean for those of us who live in the Western Triad will I be area director that include by yet baby David. Okay, so when I think of the Western Triad. I hadn't really thought about Stokes County and Surrey County. So is that you know clear up in an honorarium I can think it is likely we we have a little bit of FDA going up there are very a couple of we have actively that serving the other.

Go out, some suggest, how long have you been there as the director of the Western Triad 20 13 February 2013 I would start yelling when I will like it, that that in them that 2013 the Fellowship of Christian athletes.

I think you will be familiar, but in the show today. There up to some amazing stuff. And even if you're in Charlotte or here in Raleigh today Richmond, Virginia.

I guarantee you, you have the Fellowship of Christian athletes alive and well in your area find a lot more about that, but were also as I mentioned we have an old friend with us today. We have Laura Harris Smith and we've had her on several books that she's written, but today she's got a new book it's called.

Get well soon natural and supernatural remedies for vibrant health. Welcome Laura.

All I should say.

That way, a very young and I'm a long time. You know that longtime friend along.

That's a good way to say that but no, you're not at all. I am that safe, especially since you're getting younger all the time because you have all the secrets to getting well soon okay well thank you for having me back. Looking on and those relisting longtime listeners may remember that Laura wrote a book it's feeling the voice of God was at what the titling of the screen what it wanted amazing book and we we did several shows with that book where people would call in with their dreams and so whenever I have Laura here. I mean if you got something you been wondering about what a day to do it.

Maybe one about carrots or you may be one about riding your bike in a course you can call her about those today at 866-34-TRUTH 784 but if you had that dream and you want a little interpretation from somebody who's really studied this and has some real biblical insight and physical wisdom. Today's the day but you know after I saw the title of a book you know it all has to do with, you know, feeling, and so speaking of feel. Laura tells me that training in the morning makes you feel better in the long run right laugh anything, okay my wife is feeling better after getting her. Fortunately she was never able to reference this chapter in her life.

Think appendix in that country.

I and since Bruce got to close the big blade of the sawmill. He's no longer feeling chipper know that with. That would try to got a laugh out of Jeff Llewellyn and you may have heard this number still makes me laugh every time I hear he sounded a little hoarse yeah he could feel a cold coming on as minor yeah you like that one minors with illuminated helmets say you may have seen this when you write your book it says it makes him feel lightheaded.

Alright so you know at the end, although shenanigans actually have a little in which to share and I have some pretty cool prizes, one of which is you could win this copy of Moore's book that I have.

Get well soon, but all you do is call and ensure which great runner and this actually a very difficult little on the be very impressed. Very impressed if you can call in with the answer to this today which great runner in the Bible felt run down after he chased Abner who stuck it to him with his backup plan which great runner in the Bible felt run down after he chased Abner who stuck it to him with his backup plan if you know the answer to that, Jasper.

Tell him what they could win.

They can win a copy of get well soon or they can win tickets Monday, June 10 Winston-Salem baseball game so you can after you talk about this runner.

You yourself could be dashing there at the desk. Now listen carefully. This is a tricky riddle here. I am very excited about somebody will call and when this really knows the Bible which great runner in the Bible felt run down after he chased Abner who stuck it to him with his backup plan, 866-348-7884 is a number to call in and when so Jeff tell us a little bit. You are a coach and I've obviously you were involved in fellowship athletes, but how did God come after you with that to think wow I this is some that I really see some fruit my life. Some I would like to do morning coaching the eight way back Gilbert Downey and Glenn heard about the eight I actually broke my little skirt. That one my call light on parking lot. Glenn and pulled up the door and out in the got very able and begin to tell him I wanted and he often Glenn backing about the carport of the tell them what you told me well of the 80.

This group of been playing with the list of exactly, really, about leaving Glenn while I mean talk to God call in getting involved saw the voice of God grabbed the black, wow and Laura, I'm interestingly I'm in the same kind of question because you got so many different things. Your pastor and and lots of other projects. How did God get your attention on this getting well stuff. Well, sorry. I will block my lie about five years now and I will tell the story of how that idea and I think I fly not on I had a difficult time getting up at me because I did it often how my right now get back to the church and dad and I get basically got my company where I couldn't believe it was that I didn't think I would and I ran myself into the ground. I was on the brink of renal failure had no clue that that was going on and that the college renal Eagle, adrenal burnout, and it didn't work all of your screen all my goodness I Laura reviewing wow I did not know that I'm not myself very anxious. He was going on with that we can hear more from Jeff Barnes and Harold in Moscow has answer to our little so I'm very excited about that too. So you got, you can't miss this to find out about Abner and his backup plan. We come back 866-348-7884 versus where we hear how God takes your passion is to build the kingdom and today we are so excited to have with us Jeff Barnes with the Fellowship of Christian athletes the Western Triad and Laura Harris Smith in her new book, which I now finally I was really inspired. Get well soon natural and supernatural remedies for vibrant health. Well, we had spoken, feel, and we went all on the on the line to get this really answered and my riddle, which was which. Great runner in the Bible felt run down after he chased Abner, who stuck him who stuck it to him with his backup plan and Harold in Marksville feels he's got the answer will nearly still with us a call back. I'm sure or if you have the answer. By all means we would love to hear from you. 8663 for 87884 as a member to call in Laura when we left you, I've known you longer than five or six years was this after we met. I wrote like God on a little bit so I tried during that time, and my organ no early basically like a bag of adrenaline to be able to dictate thereby help you carry people on your back.

Run out of a burning building nine and dad and I don't have lately it would not a it was it was something that I felt like every meal became a finally I could not that I could not in any way be business as usual in when I had blackboard been defeated and then order it would organ the real buying but wanting like I knew that I was already in the middle of the book deal. I knew that you held me was going to require me and out a lot about it and I did and didn't want backup backup and now I actually have that book but an active degree in original Madison and Gothic to open the door one, one right after the other meeting is to help people get get well body that had become even more than my publisher on my branding. I'm just really thankful you have very good bank will be alive and thankful to be yet sharing with the world how we remember our bite of the apple to hold so that is awesome. Got Harold back if we don't miss out on this riddle. Now Harold you kingdom pursuits.

I hope your phone is doing better this time yeah were good.

So which great runner in the Bible felt run down after he chased Abner who stuck it to him with his backup plan will not see now, not only did you know the name but you said it without any type of slaughter which inverts the cell. Yeah. Who was he was brother Joe Webb.

After several warnings he refused.

So Abner thrust the back of his peer best backup plan show that there is, this is a gory story is, but it's an interesting thing it really is that the Bible when they go to listing all of David's mighty men you know they give him a great deal more credit than they give Joab's joy was kind of a scoundrel, but his older brother.

There was, in his only son of a hero and ends and spoke of his being one of the fastest runners. This time element so can you relate to that Harold, you always please me on my journey about my own when I was a young guy was pretty fast.

I know you know I'm still pretty faster than Olga that that's that story is always just, stuck in my head like oh my goodness coming like well you could tell Abner really had a sense he didn't want to kill them run, but he wouldn't stop so well I would have to look have to look it up to make certain, but actually I think they were related. Maybe cousins. Well, it was definitely related. He was a cousin of David's Joab was his right mother is now having Veronica Abner was also related to Joab and will well something for us all to go look into thank you Harold your winter and you get Laura's book and you can be dashing to the vesting so thanks again, thanks for the God bless the butt look well it's good to always to hear from Harold and we got Jeff back and so Jeff, you, you took on this first place with the Fellowship of Christian athletes and so I kinda grew from there. I will you all for those who don't know what's a hunting coach and volunteer about on campus who are doing it the student led organization of the always be representative, faculty and staff and so I do not know that so they have their own leadership there in the school as the students themselves of the leader are going to carry out the meeting want to plan their activities are there to help them in any way they can answer questions or unlock the door lock the door back to go get my order to help him with transportation on the need to go to activity the retreat will go to the very very important part of the bill to actually do the leading and suicidal coach.

Did you know when you want to start the chapter when you go to start a new chapter in new school. How do you figure out the leadership. What are you looking for. They elected amongst themselves or how does it work. Usually we thought about who are interested in developing at 3 AM. Usually, the word gets around. Somehow we plant you who might be helping get it started and then we go to Outlook who are the leaders on the camp athletes on the Particularly those who are interested in FDA or start to get up and we just start in the ground floor. Usually I get them together and claim them with the report on how to do a good huddle next to the huddle huddle meeting and that the provider that usually there will not train them what the proper way to you with regard to their job well and so what's what is it that look like from a numbers standpoint, you went in the Glen high school. How many people did you start out with. Well we started out at Glenn years ago there were five or six or eight started then it grew from years we would have 3525 on regularly meeting the last three or five years we had as many as 40 to 70 a lot of it depends on the talent and skill and the desire of the huddle he got there, the one who brought you sure that's absolutely true that's absolutely true and I can't help but wonder, switch over the Laura for second because I obviously make sure we get everybody lived equal time. Laura is as you started off on this new project versus the other ones what what were some of the things that God put on your heart you wanted to get covered in this book Roddy White.

I will really do a new way of eyeballing a farmer's daughter will really get passionate about helping people understand that if either the temple of the Holy Spirit in opposition from another camp, of which I am one day but now there there are no other group of people that I: the one done get of which I think 1.a part Avenue but people believed that in order to be well all you have to do is get and I have had many miracles that if they can play in my own personal life. I mean, including the one that I did but I feel I'm told I lived it all, that I would now take 18 to 24 95 I turn everything around 90 and gone, and yet the word he miraculously cuts my body and maybe cooperate with graphic make by now I can feel at the beginning going about the thing travel to different places I met in by the people who you really click back on that and they were yet will allow the Lord for healing and and I even tell the story in the book about how I actually fell during that time broke along in the book you read my journal I said I know exactly stories myself.

Along those lines. So you go to break when we come back and hear more from Jeff Barnes in the fellowship of person athletes in Florida get well soon. Supernatural remedies for vibrant health is where we hear how God passion and uses it to build the kingdom.

Today we have Laura Harris Smith in her new book. Get well soon natural and supernatural remedies for vibrant health and Jeff Barnes with the Fellowship of Christian athletes the Western Triad and when we left our hero Laura once again we got cut off by the break and and you were talking about you know the difference, and linear chapters in your book is a difference between healing and miracles. 12. Really one day get a Lord high buyer in the picture that they would forget. You may not be different and you look at the Greek word great works but if it definitely definitely something you want to isolate look at that print out and the study data that you know the Greek why the Greek word for miracle get me an infant work, infant and quaking at The man I want to die freaking and then the whole thing behind you know at healing if they wanted record paper example is Eric hey I weekly therapy or cure, and we we pray for miracle and unfortunately we get and it brought. Interestingly, I'm I saw in your in your chapters but then I also thought about is you're describing it my own life I had lymphoma. In fact, when they called killer cell lymphoma and it was the same kind of thing where no man came from another church actually looking for that God told him that there was something here that needed healing all and he came in he anointed me with oil, and he prayed over me and I was covered in these tumors. At the time and three days later I didn't have any like literally save my life. And you know I've never forgotten it was in 1996 so that seemed like a miracle to make trips that have bloomed and I was I was.

But you know I have to tell you this other scribe that was one of the reasons I was excited about having you on because this other thing happen to me. I am diabetic type to you know the kind that abused himself so many years and now I gotta get on the straight and narrow and my A1c by the end of this year was like and 7.1, I reached a new high, and I found myself trying to figure out a way to to get control of all that, and almost every night I would going to the pantry and I would just have this craving for something like gotta have something I don't know what it is. I just wish it would be good for me because whatever it is I'm eating is just messed me up and so I got when I just started premise of God. I know that what I'm really craving is you but can you help me out here. What is it I knew what my supposed to be craving because I know I'm one craving.

As you and what he came back and told me immediately was Robbie. When's the last time you took communion and I thought about it in in some churches in America calling you names but they only have communion, you know on the Sunday night when the full moon happens in the East on the sixth day of that we know they they don't ever do communion and saw I was like wow I don't remember the last time I did communion. And so I started a practice of actually in my morning prayer time of taking in Jesus. I actually have a little passage on my on my phone where I read it and take my own communion with me and Jesus every single morning. I know it's happened lack I quit craving that stuff in my completely Amazing what I'm talking about that in my A1c I just got ejected 6.1 is drop the whole point amazing for you.

There are bringing together the in that one can they would get more I liked it but they would leave the Lord more steeper natural thing in the camp would take more personal ability or another body of the Holy Spirit.we would become really intended. If we draft about why there is a Christian and look at this over 200 healing prayers.

I book the book that believed in miracles and felt like to bring together and allow people and a lot of by price really think right at the neck out of the all that it can be just by the way those prayers are in here. I mean, that's the one thing about books. I mean she always has tons of charts and research. These three things that were that was like seeing the voice of God had all those what has all those wonderful charts and whatever.

And this one is similar and has all these very specific prayers for very specific illnesses and you know it's interesting to me Laura that years ago I just felt called by God to to write a prayer you know is the Christian car guys just Harper and I posted it at my website and of all the things that have gone viral and Christian cargo most downloaded thing that I have my website is that Carper wow that people are hungry for prayers, yet they are they are and so I saw that you had all these new book I'm like oh my goodness I'm thinking Jeff that with all these athletes want to take care of your body that this this is a helpful subject and you know I know in my own sons Casey was a basketball player and one of the ways that he actually got a little discipline in his life was through interchanging as I am kind of thing sure you have a problem with the world and change the way we feel that gratitude or to move throughout the pipe and walked out talking about the struggle, but I find it that deftly want everybody because honestly and in the same thing for athletes and for what were talking about, but my father passed away in March and he actually died of malnutrition because he quit eating wow and you know there's all sorts of ways as we go through the grieving process that I'm negotiating ways that I could help him Abaddon and and and all these different things that I saw firsthand what happens to your body when you know you're not getting the proper nutrition and try and all the other things that are associated with that which clearly affects your spirituality consuming you know how you do that, but rest and I'm thing about that to Jeff, you've got all these athletes rest is a critical part of what they might be missing out on in the lives or something that does FCA work in those areas are trying to help athletes actually out with disciplines like that will affect the way up not going on. Maria directed you go to try to figure that FCA will try to encourage them to take spiritual view try to make sure their focus on their spiritual well-being met translate them to find and let me in the other area and I got this questions in my mind ever since I started this interview was just as you ever seen actually somebody come to FCA and then come to Christ through that will absolutely yeah most frequently at our 30 go to another very similar to hear that story when we come back. I'm very interested. I want to hear what actual story like this with the guy we never thought ever that when we come back more from Laura on get well soon right supernatural remedies and natural fiber health sometimes all accidents are really accidents all their stay deliberate pressures designed to make it look like if you hold the staged accidents can be dangerous and even deadly criminals behind the register and only one thing money from an insurance claim.

Don't take advantage of the situation to claim excessive damage and injury to the driver of pastors in the other vehicle sometimes adding passengers who were even there.

The injury claims. If you think that accident was not really an accident at all.

Protect yourself call the police and take pictures of the damage people on the other vehicles for license plate licenses and registration. Tell your insurance company that this could've been a staged accident and whatever you suspect fraud.

Call us at one 800 tell him my CV. That's one 800 TEL and ICV, a public service was from the National insurance crime Bureau user renewing your mind with Dr. RC scroll. I want to say here's what I'm going to do this. I want to do it and I want us to form any questions about it all have to do in the Christian world Lord lay this on my heart for the Lord led me to do this, how to the Lord later in Scripture, or are you just trying to spiritualize your own desires. Don't get me wrong, God does leaders providentially and he does call us to move from one place to my what I'm saying.

My obligations upon thinking that maybe what God wants for me to do in my life is to do this or to do that I have to make a decision on the basis of the revealed word of God, not on the basis of feelings, or hunches guesses that's magic, that's not for today's special offer renewing your mind.or pursuits where we got take to build the kingdom today were so blessed to have with us Laura Harris Smith in her new book.

Get well soon natural and supernatural remedies for vibrant health. I should tell you that you grudgingly pursuits right now and just click on that book and you can order it right there from Amazon arenas go typing. Get well soon and by Laura Harris met the marital show up in you know when you get a book like this is always so encouraging to the author. If you go back on Amazon and rated and share how you know how it affected your life in those kind of things as authors write Laura.

I mean that's huge to you to get feedback and also of course Jeff Barnes who we left we are fixed to hear this story and I know you're on the edge of your seat like me at this guy that all man I wish you been here and you had to feel like God.

Now I know why you have me with the Fellowship of Christian athletes. Jeff, what's that story you hear one story group huddle coach down the square weekend treat one of the plan to go go at a family. Mark Beverly was a boat. One of the female leader or Grendel little red flag to let it go and we drove down on Friday that Saturday night at the meeting forever by all.

Great work on the speaker to give the patient that young man that came at the very last second. Went forward and will play complete God thing that was made available at that moment on that weekend for him to be a mad environment and you cry. It was beautiful how God worked in women's girlfriend out of the I know in my own life. Certainly a story I used to teach high school Sunday school class at the church where we go, and I remember this one girl dragged her boyfriend week after week after week, and he and he would look at me like what we talk every week. It was a similar thing today. He's a pastor, a very amazing pastor Mike you know my own daughter goes to.

She doesn't have any idea of the story, and she goes to hear him speak at this of the church and she's like to have.

There's the most amazing youth pastor you've ever heard and she goes out about it.

I was like oh man that girl a drug into Sunday school. She has no idea about and my wife did that with me and Laura, I'm guessing you probably affected if you and your time to telling the story from a couple weeks ago. Actually we pastor a church in Nashville create fellowship story about how well one time he felt he was trying to come and stay in Nashville with wicked daughter and that mom and aunt thinking about what and what was happening way around that time. When I plugged in 1980 around 940 Eric and Allie Nashville with telling her that her group a girl okay now girl, you need to begin praying for your husband, Buddy and Frank had that God would bring him in Allie my life and congregation and that the prayers were finding agreement in handing with the Holy Spirit and then God convicted me, the lot that I think that's the way it happened but anyway I do love that story yet. We have influence over the people that died bring him to iPads and you know we have to make sure that we are following. In fact, when Hanan and what he wants for our lives and prayer.

Dad just what would you as you got on this radio show this morning.

What were you hoping that the audience how would he react your message. Find out about the Fellowship of Catholic athletes and father students what what would you hope they would do what with the response. I think mostly I would hope that they would understand the great impact that you have on Country and in athletics across the world influence that word keyword be administered. Billy Graham what the code will impact more people in here that most people will in the life and the fact is I was in my coat. I felt like I have an impact on the code itself and I know that as we go to help them help minister to them and encourage them in their own faith that their faith and out into 13 get the passion that we have that ministry I think most people in this country have been coat or are coaches will become from Tom, I've got to get a plot just about every body well and were we just have a few seconds left. What would you like as a response to what you've written here, the people obviously come out by the book, but what else. Well I would love for you to realize that we are aligned and even when he is your passion like writing better. Thank you so much for my wonderful just Laura, Jeff, thank you and got some comments on the Truth Network encouraging prayers up next Tuesday to Emily, thank you so much for sharing

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