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July 27, 2019 2:32 pm

Pat Boone_Martin Bennett

Kingdom Pursuits / Robby Dilmore

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July 27, 2019 2:32 pm

Ann Ault guest hosts for Robby this week. The world Famous Pat Boone calls in to discuss his career and how God blessed him with the platform to spread the word of God and help others. Martin Bennett is on the show talking about his book titled Wounded Tiger

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This is Truth Network where you hear from ordinary people instilled with an extraordinary passion together we explore the stories of men and women who take what they love and let God turn their passion into kingdom pursuits now live from your host Robbie Gilmore well when God takes your passion and uses it to further his kingdom now, this is Robbie Gilmore in case could tell this is an old and I am just testing for Bobby Delmar. I'm sure you all know that Robbie has a shadow of the for this show called Christian car guy and I am so blessed to be part of the Christian card I theater in the spring of the 2015 Robbie knew that I had been voices for adventures in Odyssey so we we stepped out in faith that with just the two of us basically and created Christian cog I theater and we just finished the 45th episode of Christian card I theater with a wonderfully huge talented cast of actors is been such a journey, and I don't despise a day of small beginnings is amazing when we hear clear and obey God. You know we step out in faith. We go into divine freefall and are faithful in the little God can work wonders step-by-step. He leads us you know, I wrote a poem called divine freefall and I have a wonderful gas that is coming up real quick. You're going to just love his story and his book. But before that I'd also wanted to say I hadn't announced on Facebook in the last week Robbie announced that Pat Boone would be here today I think we had a bit of a problem and I will find out later, I'm sure, but unfortunately Pat can't be with us today but I just thought I'd read divine freefall which I wrote years ago when I was in the process of doing something that was intimidating me. Anybody know what that's like and I wrote a poem called divine freefall. I look back at the times he would call me to go and to follow you over the years. You tell me to go when I didn't know where and I gingerly plowed through my fears. I was Alice in Wonderland venturing out. I couldn't resist your clear call but I fought off the doubts as I jumped off the edge and breathlessly plunged into divine freefall I self the insulation and terror conspire relentlessly plaguing my mind. I groped for the light some Scripture hope flailing for something concrete I could find. I finally landed to my delight.

Holy Poppa had kept me from harm. I remembered once more that in spite of the fall. Underneath are his comforting arms. The adventure continues, gets even more challenging, trusting the promises made. But how much would we miss. If we say no to him. We are learning to simply do it afraid absolutely. We serve a God of the impossible possibilities is got a gram said God will take care of the impossible theft us to do the possible.

You know the key of course is you getting that clear call. You have to keep at it. All the ups and downs. That's what I love about kingdom pursuits. I get so inspired by people have followed their passion there call from God, and they don't give up. So I want to introduce to you my friend Martin Bennett and I met Martin through a mutual friend on Facebook and Twitter 2011 and I was thrilled when I found out that he had been the right-hand man of one of my heroes Keith Green last days ministry would have, but more important, when I heard he had a screenplay for a Japanese film because I also had a screenplay for Japanese-American film and both of our films were based on true stories.

Such a thrill to talk to a kindred spirit who not only was a strong Christian, but also had a burden for Japan, and a passion for his project, Martin. Let me read his screenplay and I and and since then his book brilliant and I was honestly and totally enthralled with this true story.

The script was stunning and the subsequent book was just amazing and I don't exaggerate. In fact, before I officially and it is Martin. I did this before when Martin is on that I would do it again I would read you with the well-known author, speaker, Ravi Zacharias said about Martin's book wounded. Tiger is an amazing, enthralling story of how the once obscure lives of an organ farmhand at a young coed intersected with a Japanese pilot who led the attack on Pearl Harbor with cultural insight and deep pathos. Martin Bennett brings to life. This powerful through chronicle of hatred surrender and transformation wounded, Tiger reveals how ordinary lives lived out faithfully to their calling can impact the destiny of a people and a nation. I wholeheartedly recommend Martin's work and know that you will find it equally compelling.

So without further ado welcome Martin Bennett.

It's so great to be with you. This is great fun.

I really and I had really prepared from for the other interview, and so on, but I thought just in case and you were so kind and I know your this is your birthday week and I think in there with your kids and and all that but you have so wonderfully step dented to do the show today and I just want you to tell tell the audience. You know I is that whole thing is of the faithful in the little he gives you power much what was the first step. The first step that got you going in in the direction of the wounded Tiger record and I will let you and everyone know that "it sure would be encouraging and rude like everybody in everyone's life no matter where you are, whether you're Christian or don't know the Lord really don't matter what, are you sure you're assuring us to do with everyone to work begins. You Scripture verse in Romans 11 the gifts and calling of God are your revocable God-given special gift to every man, woman, woman and child in this whole world what you know him or don't know him. Would you like God got it doesn't make any difference is giving you gifts and is giving you a calling. So those gift. You for your calling in the same phone book birds fly or increase we are going to naturally grab those things. God-given gifts for so that's were really all begins. Understanding those things and knowing that God's plan. What regardless whether you know what it is he does stay close to him and you'll know so from an early age. I like to write her teachers told me in high school it would be a famous writer.

I really didn't know what they're about. Have no aspirations to write and but as time went on I was best made with true stories. I was always drawn to true stories remember what they were, and eventually stumbled across the story of Judah going to bug Pearl Harbor.

I knew nothing about it and I was researching it I thought oh my goodness, this would make a film I have previously already spent a number of years researching and writing a screenplay on the life of the man John Newton who all of you probably know, is the author of the song amazing Grace life story behind that song is absolutely boundary years researching that running up the storage or knew what I was looking for, or stored structuralist concern" of Judah and how his life was personal use. Build hatred toward United you let Pearl Harbor back and course next year will be the anniversary of the end of the war to be a lot of attention on Japan and how were concluded but was hampered by Yamamoto and you let go talk to me called on a day of great joy for him story we all harbor towards the end where the story on his whole heart, mind and spirit was changed and turned around and you becoming friends with America and with American and beloved America you feel that happened and all the crazy things that happened during story is quite interesting to say the least. I just want to tell the audience that I wanted to have Martin on the rest of the show the last six minutes the show.

I have my buddy Ellen neon characters Martin, I just wait to tell more and more about Tiger state were talking to Martin Bennett today about his book wounded Tiger and I just have to I have to say when Martin I first talk. I think I said Martin. I had told him about my project and then he told me about the this enormous marvelous complex story that he he weaved together. It is just seriously indescribable and magnificent but the thing is, the next day I told Martin I said, didn't I Martin I said you know it's like you are film is the Japanese film is is like the Tiger mine is like the Tiger cub in the next day I went to my little enchanted village and there was a sign on the street and instead have your picture taken with a rare white tiger got up I just I could not believe it. And that is been a profound.

I personally that has been for me a profound message I felt from God to keep at it and boy, have you had to keep at it.

I have never seen any way you have.

I have admired you so much and and yet wouldn't you say that God's delays on his denials and the more you go the more the more there are reasons for it. Is that what you're seeing to world story router. Everyone we got here, but you have to have a reason why you want to come back to the verse in Romans 1120 calling of God in your revocable right. There's nothing you can do nothing the devil or anybody can do that will take away your gift where your calling. You make a wrong choice with marriage or career or anything else.

It doesn't matter your gifts and calling remain man. I had to really know Lord, are you in this project about telling the story of Judah, and I prayed about thousands of times 1.40 days in order. Only you know just been born on the wrong track. Let me know because I don't want to spend my life pursuing a false goal or something that should you go or money or like that. I want know you're in this thing so am convinced so full listing you characters. Going on yourself. You have to be depending on the Lord give you competence to go through the very difficult parts of the trial so Abraham had two sons, Ishmael and Isaac and Ishmael was basically in modern terms.

Got a got a great idea. You're gonna love it and Isaac. You Lord thing. I have a great idea to work.

So we are clear enough before we get into the truck about going to go and persevered better make sure you're in the truck. Yeah, your stop and yeah it's been extraordinarily difficult to get this project on track. Going to do, so I haven't trusted business partner who defrauded me out of virtually everything I have and I was under living in people's homes, but I was left on my phone scout for a year while old worked on the book project for different offers of funding for this project. One of them told me directly. I will raise the $425 million for the film, but we want to retain full creative control of the believer and filmmaker and producer. I want told the story right. I'm not a micromanager or control freak, but I have to have enough ability to protect the integrity of the story, so that was a dealbreaker. So I had to turn down opportunities that were good, but not the best and unbelievably difficult. At the same time, I will dispense with the Lord is with me that aptly go to work, screenplay novelist book form which the reverse usually done right netbook is going on to win book of the year award this one a bestseller status and number one disposed of four categories in Amazon currently has the highest five-star rating of any novel on Amazon, please so I can find dozens of people the best through the government for those listening stick with what the Lord made clear to you and it will pay off for the benefit of other people of the second burst is really been more reflected on minimum times as John 17 or when Jews bring the garden for 70 I brought you glory on earth by completing the work you gave me to do the very loaded and I don't want to talk about too long but his focus was bringing glory to the father. We do that is by completing the work he gives us to do trying to understand the foregoing. That left the boy give it a try, but I never really did anything. Yeah, but what the Lord is given your assignment and the leader enough.

We want to do so for me yeah I will find it and were getting very close to the right people to get this project into the garment of the film, but of the book. The book is out there to conversation last week with people want to do a national campaign with me in the stomach tomorrow so you just hang in there, but your faith and trust in God believe that is calling on your life and the gift is given you are there for purpose. You give them opportunity will bring, but you gotta stick with it. Yeah, absolutely. And nothing is wasted. No unit, and I even in the intensity of being part of your prayer team. You know, I am so aware that one thing does lead to another and there's because you you really threw yourself into learning about producing and and I mean you just the way you present days as it is so profound it is so so well-done so professional, I mean I would say you have to most Hollywood producers these days. You know and you know also, you had mentioned that one time that Joshua and Caleb.

The fact that it is discouraging when so many slimy films are done and with ease and in these times that were in.

And yet, here is a film that is.

I mean, it is mind blowing and you and you get the book on Amazon to buy the way, but it in a here is a film that is so brilliant and you said you and I discussed, but it is a Ben Hur. It is a been her caliber. It is so at an end and the story itself is so goosebumps, so I mean you know the whole Joshua Caleb thing just to talk about that little bed were a group of 12 people were promptly inspired out and they came back and yet the good land, a great place to go but will never get the joint land that have been Walt, that is, it can't be done, and they discouraged everybody but Caleb and John Lord called out you look at old miracle good to get your lab we need to go get it.

But there is about report on the people they gave up to give up hope, and it was really a terrible thing but Joshua and Caleb. They never gave up hope and they both entered into the promised land, the world of the story goes, people believed were never to accomplish anything they don't notice people say I believe God will fulfill his purpose in my life and on the go for those people to God and bring them that brings glory to God and honor Tuesday right absolutely never really noticed the transponders were killed by God himself killed them all the Khmer was really upset with those people so be careful about discouraging people. We have a commandment from God to encourage one another, they updated the board.

We must encourage discouraging people that is really a terrible thing to do.

I know people that feel that call. I know that myself since I got my book hearts desire to Japanese-American love story in 2001 and when I got it and read it overnight. You know I had put it by my bedside with a 15 other books I have read and and but I finish that book by the next morning and I said this is got to be well. I can cushion for Hallmark Hall of Fame but it's also that it's a brilliant it's a brilliant story and is a beautiful story is a true story and so I'm in and I have been through it man, I when I so empathize with you because I mean so many Christian media conferences in aware what it has slasher films just now.

I shouldn't say that, but you know Minnesota's films that they get seen know there's some that are brilliant and wonderful but the thing is it's like you know that this is something profound and and then people do tell you to face oh will get a do that in over get a make that happen, and then then they down to you.

Now he just had a curiosity with the title of the film mean having the book and wonder Tiger represents a number of things that in the general represent the nation of Japan in 1800. Japan was closed. The Western world and an eight if it was Cmdr.

The black ship, and they were forced to open their trade doors to the Western world, and they wanted.

Once they realize what was going on the world and help backwards.

They were scores progress in the machines on energy and everything they want to catch up so they rapidly try to do a great job but never felt that they were expected by the Western world by the major powers and no matter what they did, how they activate it like they were treated like a Little League team by the major league baseball players and was open to them and you'll see the and in the book as well.

So in a sense, there were a great nation but they were wounded by the opinions of the world and again you'll see this in the book was born in the year of the fire and he had potential for greatness and you want to be great but the wounds of others and is owned well okay that's really funny enough, that is, on the other is on my phone but I will. I wasn't able to okay you so sweet. God bless you get high hold on my I don't know yet C old buddy Robby Gilmore here and you know I've developed a real soft spot for my below been waiting for the lowest price ever offered on my pillow arrived with their patented interlock fuel system American-made not to go flat. Believe me, I've had mine for over five years now. It hasn't fully machine washable six day moneyback guarantee and a simple four question filling process right now get a two pack of my pillow premiums for only $69.99. That's right, only 3499 per pillow which is the lowest price ever offered on radio or TV now 1-800-942-9613.

Use the promo code get truth that my you to have a soft spot for my pillow. It only $34.99 a pillow 6998 for to call 800-942-9613 or go to my don't forget use that promo code get truth and uses it to further his kingdom except today I'm not even sure where to build get Pat back on, but I thought I'd give it the old college try down the way Mark just in case I'm so sorry that we didn't get this and get that that apparently he couldn't understand the numbers and all that good stuff. So anyway I am I'm going to introduce Pat and then possibly hopefully Keith can you try to get him on that that you got and how exciting you're getting him okay welcome to live radio anyway. You know where so blessed if we can get through to Pat because I hi just my brain was filled last night as I was going to. He is seriously a legend in his own time, as was his ancestor Daniel Boone. Yes sir and Pat had and is having a brilliant enduring career. He is amazing he can keep going like the Energizer Bunny and I do believe we have to have an ally, but I'm that we do it yet. Good gumdrops but I have to introduce you real quick in the he is a actor, singer, composer, writer, TV personality, the list goes on. Most important, a conservative Christian brother in the Lord at one time he was bigger than Elvis folksy up.

In fact, in the 50s and 60s.

Pat had his own TV show 57 to 60. They did 115 episodes and Elvis was the opening act for Pat show in Cleveland.

Pat sold more than 45 million records. He's in the Gospel music Hall of Fame voted the third most private star in the USA, 57, he did most wonderful movies of all genres. Although as a teenager because I was partial day pull-up and anything that I love. He asked his wife. Surely, if it be all right did have his first screen kiss.

I just love that. I think that is great and it shows in the midst of all that heady, exciting career. Pat maintained his faith in the Lord and still does.

And he still going strong despite the usual earth life ups and down. Now I I was blessed to go to Israel Pat and Shirley Bowman their family and friends in 2007 and now Shirley is in heaven, and Pat said she changed her dress moved to a different mansion Lords getting Pat the strength any needs but before I officially welcome. I have to say this about that trip. I have to share this group was at Caesarea by the sea in Israel and I was perched on a rock at the Sandy Beach and beautiful see and pack. Pat walks towards the water singing love letters in the sand on that sandy beach and it was just great because what hit me was that Pat was singing about love letters in the sand in the land where Jesus walked only goosebumps and welcome. Finally, Pat, so glad to hear your voice. I get. Now, buddy. I am so excited to have you on the morning on the phone number I call you I know you know monkey wrench into your 09 it. Hey, blessed are the flexible for they shall be stretched right II just wanted to find the Lord that I have to say this being faithful, we were just talking with Martin and I were talking about the faith on the little and he can ship however much and the amazing thing with you is that your whole amazing career started with a local talent contest right I was in high school up to and I am planning to be a popular but I just love to do it and I had a piano teacher Maori to play in any keys so when the word got around that there was a new old on June 16 17 years old common thing for your ladies luncheon. Whatever or high school program and the known long anywhere, anytime I go became known that you would think nothing and and I do that a lot and I wound up doing a radio show on WSI on Saturday afternoon featuring on parade. Yeah, and I got I introduced the other kids around that form some way on the radio that was before then.

When I enter the contest for the Québec amateur hour and I amazingly one that fit me to New York with an audition only an audition to get a house and I got on the show and I won three weeks of the role and that that was off and running him in the result of that was a recording contract and began the recorded age 20, but in the meantime I had married Shirley Foley yeah by high school sweetheart and moved to Texas what I was on my way to being a teacher and preacher and a little country church in Slidell is teacher, preacher, and they call me back to New York for the final medicament through our three-time winners and I was winning that they told me the cards and letters that were coming in by the hundreds of thousands.

But then I went on Arthur Godfrey's talent scout show while I was in New York about one that Ted Mack but that note on the Godfrey show. Yeah it was really professional show. Waiting to hear what I wanted to back show.

I won the Arthur Godfrey show on Monday and that provide me from the back show which was amateur.

You can't win a professional show on Monday and be declared at the following. I thought I'd all just about being the result of all that was a national exposure was the recording contract directly with the million seller million seller number one ain't that a shame and for the next week 40 weeks. I would never start usually had one record going up another going down and that's what I was told that I do have one more hit record chart record and then Elvis buddies with friends and competitors. I was just the recording and and during that same hectic. I graduated from Columbia University with kids.

Surely not for kids is 23 when I graduated from college. Now on the cover of TV Guide my New gardeners surely little girls remove all happening at once and here I am thinking I'm going to be a teacher, preacher, old entertainment, they would not be the last yeah I got had different ideas of my my desire was served, and I realized this one along all my doing God's doing something me and for me and so always through my career, I had the distinct belief that he had built me a platform.

Oh yeah which I could. What I hope to do as a teacher, preacher little class of kids, but maybe I won't book bestseller teenagers and 26 Windows 20 02B yeah Lord as a pop entertainer yet and so you say we only have a few seconds left in this before the break, and we only have six minutes on the other side. I was good has had that beautiful song that you vote for Shirley. But what I would love if you would mind and I know she is as you said, she's moved to a different mansion and how much you love her and I know God is giving you strength. But the thing is, I would love to hear the Exodus story that X yes so can you hold onto the other side will bless you, I having your you and the cool thing is, as it is not only not only you know all the entertainment and the platform you have used so mightily. Pat blogging would be a conservative Christian with tell it like it is that I love it.

Hold on for the last, his kingdom and talking with the now famous legendary famous Pat Boone and his amazing life. If you want to reach Eileen and an enormous amount of information about him go on Wikipedia or anything else on Google is just amazing that he, as I said to you Pat. I guess that you pack so much into your life. But we only have about six minutes and I want you to tell the Exodus story would have a little bit of the song at the end of it. If that's okay. I just love the song, I'm thrilled with the stories that you go for it will don't believe everything you read or work there don't have it right but I just most accurate.

Yeah, I growing up as a kid I was a Christian from the age of 11 and I read Matt. 10 3231 woke me up for me and I'll conference him before my father in heaven.

He denied meal after denying him for my father and the Angels and an 11-year-old kid can understand that and I realize the most important thing in my life would be to compress Jesus with my life in my mouth and and I do so I and reading the Bible is my family. My hope growing up. I knew that we were reading about Jews and and all about Israel and Jesus himself Jewish and I had read Leon Uris eventually exited Olga when I heard the karate piano instrumental version on all I wanted to think it, but the word of the word that I sat down begging me to help get you go to bed. For all four kids in the morning and I would think about record one more time. I'm just trying to get an idea word melody put the needle down all the words just came by without the exited bomb bomb bomb ball. The word game. God gave the land to be. Tell your grab started to write words so wouldn't forget something quite started writing in a 20 minute… Melody lays suggesting words and I wrote down the words and when I finished I turned over what I was writing on it was running on the back of the leader later after the song lyric was accepted by the public about Preminger, the director produced relatively low. Yes the melody was saying to me and God.

Melody downloaded it down like dictation will.

But years ago I was in Israel and that God would show him the Holocaust Museum and a great big burly man named Charlie up and you one of the executives came up to me and he said you don't know what the word you wrote me like that, you know, I believe I do. Because of the two had I read all about exited in the Bible book in the Leon Urich book by that name and I do know a lot. Well we know we'll campaign underway no real Jewish kid noble words that you will now and and I cried there – will game 11 write words that no second Jewish national anthem landed nine God gave to me and all morning wanting all to know words a minute thing. The melody is not the melody goes all the way until I die. Land is mine yet they want the Jewish kids to grow up knowing the word yes and I just feel like one of the reasons that I was born absolutely and would play a little bit of that song just a kinda close but I tell you I tell you that story just fills me, and now it's hanging where real quick and the wall of the righteous Gentile God thing you wrote to Corrie 10 boom and so many of the Jews during the Holocaust. They know that I'm on board. I'm a little biblical I know God gave the land to you forever. It is there.

There will never be the land.

Not only that they're coming to know their Messiah. Amen that's happening a lot is in it and that's what it seven is prophesied to the Bible so much Keith you want to play a I1 minute so I want to play that song whatever we can in a minute but had thank you so much. Seriously you are a treasure and that song is good ago echoing through the halls of eternity.

I'm telling you, you know, God wrote it down.

I know you took dictation. I totally know what you say and I'll bless you bless you brother in the Lord and will be

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