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Banquets, Festivals, and Fellowship

Kingdom Pursuits / Robby Dilmore
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August 31, 2019 2:15 pm

Banquets, Festivals, and Fellowship

Kingdom Pursuits / Robby Dilmore

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August 31, 2019 2:15 pm

Robby has two guest this week. Kimberly Jorgensen is the Executive Director for the Salem Pregnancy Center, and she speaks about her work as well as the Salem Pregnancy Benefit Dinner. Pastor Andraos is in studio to talk about the Middle Eastern Christian Festival.We also have Robby's Dad Jokes, Riddles, and so much more, right here on the Kingdom Pursuits Radio Show.

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This is good Truth Network versus where you hear from ordinary people instilled with an extraordinary fashion. Together, we explore the stories of men and women who take what they love and let God turn their passion into kingdom pursuits now your host Robbie Gilmore cost of September. If you're a Gilmore and you're on the cause of September you get excited about some stuff.

I mean really excited about arrive because there's nothing at all happened in September. If you happen to live in this area and one of those things that we are always so excited about in this area especially with Truth Network is the middle eastern Christian festival is coming up to Saturdays now. September 14-15. This can be both days, but as you might know, we are always there live will be live on that Saturday with pursuits in Christian car guy and today for the first time ever in the true studios.

To my knowledge, we actually have Celine with us and sling welcome to kingdom pursuits. I know you're excited.

Thank you Robbie that excited to be here and share with you and the listeners about our festival. It's dancing its fellowship it so much and would only talk about that throughout the show, but also run the cost of September, which means that there's some really amazing banquets coming up, one of which is the same in pregnancy benefit dinner and it's got a really neat speaker Mike Slater will be with us, but we have Kimberly Jorgensen today welcome Kimberly, thank you, thank you for having me and so what's your role in Salem pregnancy. I am the executive director at Salem pregnancy. Are you really yes I've been the Executive Director for about a year now, but I was involved for about five years before that on the board. Amazing how God gives you a bit of an adventure right and he asked you to come on to join Salem pregnancy and then he keeps up the Miami area is so lame you right being on the radio is not something you're like laying awake at night going. I hope I did go beyond the way I shared with you before I'm on the radio first enough that you have such a face for radio. You can see it immediately. So Ed so you started. Did you ever dream that someday he would be the Executive Director. Now, definitely not. I am actually worked in international affairs for a number of years. I never thought I would work in pregnancy center movement that God had different plans will I understand international affairs lead to pregnancy all the time just but anyway, speaking of speaking and if you heard this lame I heard Einstein got along really well with his parents, relatively speaking, you may have heard that laying times with times height that speaks volumes right right right is and he talks with his mouth full is speaking in just think you can sit here and not come to and a man's home is his castle in a manner of speaking the same maze now yeah now you're wondering how we got through that and we survive with these wonderful, wonderful humor that you only get here on kingdom pursuits but anyway you knew at the end of the shenanigans that actually have a riddle Bible riddle that you could call anyone today so there were two and no even though you know the answer, pastor, and we don't want you jumping in and ruin it for okay how long so there are two animals who spoke in the Bible to John and her two different animals and spoke in the Bible tell you that one of them sort of made a donkey of himself saying here that I'm interested in what the other animal. You could say that that animal just he rattled humanity on town and if you know the answer to that Keith, Delwin had to set have the same care center this day. Thursday, September 12 at the Benton convention center and we also have four tickets to see Wake Forest football as they take on the Carolina Tar Heels on September 13 at the BB&T Field. There you go you got Wake Forest tickets and you can scurry the same in pregnancy. Banquets speak up with Mike Slater and that's coming up September 12 that's a Thursday.

It is is a Thursday and you know we are also given throwing free tickets just we mentioned the football game. We mentioned the banquet but were given free tickets to come play your musical instrument eastern you can actually there's no tickets needed you to follow up and park right flame and I had to get to come.

You get to dance now. I don't know if you've ever danced in the circle like in a traditional Middle Eastern's, you know, if you go to the Greek Festival which I like the Greek Festival but they don't actually involve you in the dancing right here. If you go that Middle Eastern Christian I am in the center you want to dance. Let me tell you they will be next thing you know and they will show you the how many steps it seems like it's like five different things that you necessarily keep it simple well for people so that they can get to it right away and then there's the Army it's getting to be lunch time and so I can kind of smell that kebab it's going to be cooking over an open fire. They have these kebabs that that that's one of the highlights of the input you got all this other stuff like long meatballs one of those called away: Gupta cost on their layout and ground beef and and spices and possibly investable than Dell tasty though. But here's the here's the real deal, I'm telling you the fruit is is in my opinion actually better than the Greek Festival but I would rather eat and I'm I'm being completely sincere and that and I love the Greek for. Don't get me wrong, but I'm same if you gave me the two plates is my plate of Greek and here's my plate of of the fruit from the middle eastern coast. The cough that it gets me every time in the kebab okay and the chicken don't forget to check in on and on and not I think the Greeks may have in the desert category.

But anyway, back so you have the food and you have the what the real deal is, is to bring your family out and get to see people from Jordan people from Israel people from from Iraq and Iran, and Egypt all sitting down, all loving each other what that's that's true to say in the Middle East. All these people are killing each other, hating each other but here we adjoin under the banner of Christ and that's where our peace comes from because we have something you know I the Lord unite us and now one cause, and under his wings and his Lordship and a love that we received from the Lord. We extend to each other and we want to extend that to the community. Also, and it's absolutely beautiful because they actually identify themselves with different booze, so to speak where you know there's people from Egypt and here's the so that you can go visit this people group their customs are different from the people in Egypt and you can kinda get a feel of that and they have all sorts of neat things going out with you and go back. A lot of that. But meanwhile, about over it. Same in pregnancy yes yes this is a completely different world right it is it is a completely different round and an when you go to work in the morning what's what's on your heart, I'm I'm curious. Kimberly like it should Executive Director. Now you're walking in. Wow what what is God got you thinking about let you know I have to say, whatever. I'm starting to think about in the beginning of the day is often not what I think about at the end back on because God always in God is doing amazing things at same in pregnancy and on. I like every day I just get reminded that God is telling that of miracles, and that God still works in small ways and big ways and sell at like sometimes in the morning. I got two young kids in the morning.

Honestly, my thoughts are a little bit different when I leave the office.

It's amazing to me that all right your miracle stories more of Selim and you know I haven't. Just shocked that no one is holding all these gifts that were given away 866-348-7884 which animal is simply rattled humanity. 866-34-TRUTH 788 member states where we hear how God takes your passion for got poster children for that day and uses it to build the kingdom and I am so excited about having with me. My good friend Selim. We never got them on the radio much always do this fella predicted Selim on the radio but I have as a captive audience, not a cast on Middle Eastern Christian festival where you are. Really, I am so pumped about is coming up September 14-15 in Kernersville. It's on Wicker Road. It's really really easy to find a course that that that their Facebook page. It's also kingdom If you just want to figure out where that is.

It's going be going on the 14th and 15th and we have also witnessed Kimberly Jorgensen who is the executive director I understand of the Salem pregnancy center here in Winston-Salem with their speak up event which is happening September 12 at the Benton convention center, their registration closes September 8. You need to go register now again you got a kingdom pursuits and do that or you can just actually put them Salem pregnancy banquet in Google you're all the way up there. But right now I am most excited Selim because Valerie has riddled my rental and the you are on kingdom pursuits can so my brain which was the other animal that really rattled humanity in regard that was a sneaky thing to do when so how cool you get all these tickets and all the stuff Valerie I'm so grateful that you listen to, you know, why do you think I mean, since you know you got Kimberly here and I've got you, and then both speaking, why, why did she listen why did Eve listen to that serpent. I mean, you know I it's to seems like while I can't world right now. Part of women especially that you probably create your you now have the perfect table when I think that was the root and Eve, she just wasn't satisfied with all that she had. I find it so fascinating that Satan was the most beautiful, but he went after when God made woman he made something even more beautiful and he couldn't.

He couldn't deal with that and so now as you guys are redeemed and where our dreams. We can be more beautiful than ever. And so thank you Valerie God bless you. I appreciate you answer the riddle today you have an alternate training. I guess I'm telling you, if you can make it up there to Kernersville, it will be an absolute blast with it and were gonna be out there really would love to meet you so please rate Tom… Bless you Valerie all right's well. I'm excited that we got that now I had a chance to talk to Kimberly will bit during the break in. I found out Kimberly is actually a lawyer yes and so if you thought Christian car guy was a oxymoron is just getting III think it's more than fascinating. It really is a God begins to train us and what he's given gift just be able to do good works that were prepared in advance and so wow I mean clearly for you to go through law school and all that you studied in international law and family law and and here you are now at this place where the law is really where the battlefield rate. It is, and I mean I never would've expected. Where I ended up mean that I know that God has placed me at Salem pregnancy at this time on purpose, and that it was God's plan and it certainly would never have been 9 Negative Way.

I it's just not what I had expected and I had my plan set out all did that when I was in high school I knew I was going to join the foreign service and I was going to travel and that's what I was going to deal. I never actually even applied for the foreign service, but I did work for the US Department of State have my masters degree in international politics that on that. I just and I was there at the State Department for four years and it was a wonderful four years and I left my time there. I never regretted that decision and I thought got placed me there and then on we moved to North Carolina to start a family and on. Selim may disagree but there's not as much international politics happening in Winston-Salem is there isn't easy so that when it really the next path on until I started trying to break into that legal market and use my legal skills and so I worked in family line and estate planning. And somehow all of their skills in all of those things that I worked on and did were the perfect edits for Salem pregnancy care center and that's why not now and and it couldn't be more clear that that is Graham's study so you know I'm more than curious what a cool story and and and and they always are.

You know when you really see what God's been preparing us for but I imagine that you see situations all the time where all my goodness you know the law is so helpful to to what you're actually in the midst of their at Salem pregnancy. Can you give an example of that.

And I think that right now it's just with the live seminar just changing constantly. Right now, within the paralyzed nave management abortion lies and everything else that's going on and people sometimes they're worried about the legal situations is to why they're choosing whether teasing life or abortion and and and sell. It's coming out every day and different ways likely got contract line you got constitutionalize and you've got an women's reproductive lies. I mean you got all of these things and they're all just and centering and so on it.

She's Darren I'm not working as an attorney and practicing law and not practicing that button.

Understanding the background is is definitely very helpful just to make sure that we navigated well because it's just a deterrent of everything that's happening from friend politics to legal issues to the societal changes so you know it's it's kinda cool. I don't plan my guess often you know like the kind that happen within know I worked on sling because I was excited about and then I get a expert on international law that just happens to be on well a lot more expert you know about is is you look out across that part of your horizon and your you know your experience there with international I know it's lame in your case you're from Lebanon. Nine yes and so those those law international laws are really, really affecting your life, like every day, your friends, your family, oh yes, that a lot of the things that goes on in the world affect the you know Lebanon in the Middle East and even I still have family there is sure the life get affected and in fact, Lebanon is in the middle or in the midst of struggles also international countries or political systems against each other in Lebanon is the ground for that battle that struggled right in on so that's something that you know III find fascinating. What was there something that that attracted you to that part along when you were involved was actually an practiced law for that either. I got my not my law degree is a step up from my politics degree so I worked in human rights and religious freedom sell and now that's what I did at the State Department for four years in the burial of democracy, human rights and labor and and because as cliché as it sounds. I always wanted to make the world a better place and and I know it's such a clichéd term and overused that that is what I wanted to deal and what I set out to do and I think that I have.

So that's frustrating.

So it is somebody you working in the State Department states of America with religious freedom so would that affect somebody that was in Lebanon that actually came into our consulate or whatever under religious freedom was that something that you guys would then try to help them.

Yes, how did that work and it's just been a long time ago for me. I'm trying to remember exactly. And basically we just and we created the religious freedom report every year at something that still available that you can read on and that document the situation in every country, including in Lebanon and all of the Middle East and I was actually there during Arab spring on and so mostly you know if if somebody came into the consulate. They were misspeak because I just don't remember, honestly, but banning a lot of times it would be like an American citizen or someone connected with the US in some way going into the consulate and we would make sure that they are safe on and then we called out and in certain countries. The atrocities that were happening on and that was kind of wet the office I worked for was more of a office to call out the things that were happening and it was other offices that worked on the other side of it so it was very silos out my week reports through the reports to Congress. He reports to Congress there publicly available.

You can still find them in the State Department website and they are read by scholars and such.

Because these indicators to show like how the situation is changing, said there used in social sciences and by Congress to make decisions. Well I heard the five cases where converts converted to Christianity and saw the refuge in the Western Western embassies in Lebanon where local employees did not know employed by the fact that Frank will be right back. David is been here for yes Robbie Gilmore here in the Truth Network podcasts of help make my pillow the company it is today, and now Mike Lindell by the way, I've met is a great guy, the inventor and CEO Michael wants to get back to our listeners for the first time you can get deep discounts on all modular products. If you go to my right now, and click on the new radio listener specials who never thought that my dream job would be selling my pillows you're getting tired of these sleeping droughts, but you can get deep discounts on my pillows, mattress toppers, bedsheets, and so much more.

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Today we are so blessed to have with us Selim with the Middle Eastern Christian festival coming up sometime for September just couple weeks, 14th and 15th on Wicker Rd. in Kernersville, it's good to be lives can be exciting and we have Kimberly Jorgensen with the Salem pregnancy center here in Winston-Salem.

Their benefit dinner speak up is coming September 12, which is a Thursday to be at the Benton convention center and their registration closes on the eighth so we need to get you registered. If you want to attend that event and right now I got David and Colfax who's been hanging on the line. He wants to talk about the festival. David, you're on kingdom pursuits good morning good morning how are you I'm excited are you excited about getting some constant and sends him kebab. It's gonna be a blast.

You will bear two years ago and I will rent their hearing it on their and I thought well on the rot over there and see I got delete of the laymen I got to meet you and college.

James Banks was there and yelled praying for my wife who has Alzheimer's. Yes, I and it was a wonderful experience. I think I got to talk to Celine later. I called and told wonderful things God did for my wife that she was a she was losing weight and she was helping her put a heavy reflex well I wanted you to know a good day that y'all prayed for her. She has place to do that and he gained all her weight back on a whole hundred and 6 pounds now and but when I went there to the festival. I thought about you Middle Eastern people I had not been around Middle Eastern people and usually the only thing I feel the news is terrorist and I get that feeling you know when you see someone from that area and so but when I got there I had the shock of my life that I think people who love Jesus and love me and based such kindness. While I was there and provided me with so much more what I knew about maybe some people that Jesus can make it different in our lives and unite us together. So in the food there was delicious. Thank you for sharing it with yes it was great. I just I was so excited last year. I don't think you had it and this year during now that you can do it again.

I'm hoping Lord willing to be there again. I will look forward to seeing you do that story about your wife just kind of takes my breath and think you know how many things David like that where we find out in heaven that we prayed for and had no idea what God did you know that is just more than cool that the he gets the glory for stuff like that but I I am just really touched by that your phone call I I'm just blessed out of my socks. So thank you my friend and I'm very thankful for you David for sharing because that brings you know joy told our hearts to hear your side of the story and your experience and I could never say it better than what you just said about the festival and the, the benefits offered suggested being there in the community sharing the love of Christ with our local community think. Have a great afternoon. Will look for missing said Kimberly.

I find this absolutely mind-boggling that I really do mean David's prayer being answered, and I think about the person going up the same in pregnancy all the time you come across mothers that are in this crisis and this is life and death for me and this is life and that and for such a time as this, there you are, and you're the one put your arm around that mother and praying. I would imagine that you're playing with that staff person that is playing with that mother and and and you see stories like that where God intervenes. Can you share some that you seem like yeah so on. Actually, I was reviewing some of the stories before I can on the show and because we have a small group of our moms who are willing to let their stories be shared and on white really can't expect any ways we got at the typical situation where a woman comes into the center and she finds out that she is pregnant. In the past she's done drugs and alcohol and some of them have even been in jail and on.

She may have had an abortion in the past even and felt like her world is over and that she had to have the abortion that's I can't see that that's really at airports thing but that's that's what society has told her she had to, but then she finds that she gets pregnant again and she still doing some of these things and realizing that her life is over.

And so she thinks, and on because she doesn't want to do that again and that she still feels like she has to say. She comes into our center because she wants to know if there she's really pregnant because she doesn't believe the test and so many people.

I don't believe the test at 45% of pregnancies are unplanned and so this is not something that she thought was happening again. It couldn't happen to her again and she comes into our center and what we see sometimes there is moms on date when they choose life for their baby.

They also choose life for themselves and so it's not just one life.

It's too lives that are changed and on and looking back, I found really in a small percentage of stories that allow us to share than that I found were stories that were almost exactly like that and that they are now clean and sober. And because they nothing else could make them change their path that this baby and this life and in one of those stories and the father became a Christian and said there is another life saved. So in that story. There's three lives saved by this one moms decision to come into a center that she knows nothing about.

And because she thinks there might be better answer and and found it and found help and can help in countries and was empowered by that and change not only her life, not only your baby's life now only her father's life. But generations to follow. Because now that baby you don't know who that babies can it be and who that baby is going to be just as I was listening got something I never thought about thinking about it.

I went to see overcome her last.

Okay, she seemed not that I can just tell you that wow like wow sure that in the movie overcome or there's a young lady whose she did know her father was still alive because her grandmother was the one who raised her due to her father's participation in drugs and all these different things and now he's a Christian and as a result of the movie, which I won't spoil it for anybody there's a whole Lotta life.

Let me just and I sit there thinking as you said that there is no such thing as an unplanned pregnancy and I don't mean that. Now that's true. I agree with you wholeheartedly. I know you worm get mad is that God got planted I think about my own granddaughter I think about all the time.

My daughter had her when she was 17 she was married, but I was not really thrilled about her getting him a lot in my life be like without Lila. I mean like God knew what exactly what he was doing and and and the beauty of you guys being there for these people for such a time as this and and like you say that that life that baby turns around men and make some men turns around women and girls and makes them women absolutely and and in so many ways you know that that that brings life you know Robbie, there may be an enemy in the minds of humans and people some some kids are unwanted, but in the eyes of God. No one know there is definitely plan right now, so we still have more can we have been talking about the musicians that we need for your worship leader. Listen up the next kingdom and we do have poster children for about today. I hate I would get sling back on. At some point time to get more of his story with her to break. We don't have time to get all in here today, but also he is with the Middle Eastern Christian festival which is next September, 14th, 15th, and current so you're just tuning right now it is the family event of family events. One opportunity to meet these different cultures is like going on a mission trip to the Middle East right there in Kernersville, and all you do is show up on work the road Saturday the 14th or go to church with them on the 15. How fun would that be and then enjoy the festival and then Kimberly Jorgensen was sale in pregnancy and their benefit dinner speak up is coming September 12 at the Benton convention center. Registration closes on the eighth when I get that in a minute before you that I was saved so lame. We need some worship leaders right so if you're in a worship team somewhere and you want to get we have opportunity for you. Don't Riesling. Oh yes, come on over, get in touch with me and will put you on the stage and work with you. Let us share the love of God in songs and gospel music okay to the community. Actually, the festival is not only full Middle Eastern Christians that come it's for all people. We celebrate the our heritage. Christians share heritage with the community and so were talking. Free kebab here sewing when I read have to tell you if you are, you're in a worship team and you what you don't have Saturday the 14th or 15th. They would love for you to come on, sing a couple of songs that are good, but he does need to record that mate that we view their Facebook pages, such as length of their kingdom procedure does call me whatever you want to do will get hooked up with Celine because they were hoping to get like four different worship teams out there besides their own worship teams that are going to be doing the damn stuff because we want this to be a absolute festival about moving over to our this this this banquet is a huge deal because what you just heard Kimberly describe is only possible by the money that they raise for this night this banquet which your goal this year is like $200,000 is it's a huge golfer as it's our largest palaver and that we know we can do it and add it. It's so necessary. We've got services.

We got more services happening at our center are and our client numbers are. We got 25% and more clients this year than we had last year and our appointments are even more at. That means that people are coming back and they're getting impacted and in a positive long term way and now we can't do that without finding and we are a nonprofit. All of our funds really come from the community and and said this is this is vitally important and if you come to the benefit dinner. You'll learn a lot more about that you learn a lot more stories that I didn't share here you get a copy of her annual reports it that you can really see on exactly what were doing and it is $75 a seat or $550.

A table of eight and to get a benefit but it's worth it. It's going to be an evening just of entertainment and on information and encouragement and so it's well worth it and it's going to be at the really fun time to when you get to see God show me because God has been protecting these children, you know, when he uses us in whatever ways that the other with that we get in on so you know what opportunity to take your wife for whoever you might be connected to her by table of take your company and say you know I'm I'm in a play about this thing and I feel God put it on my heart to make those kind impact in people's lives because it it's it's the wife I mean it's the mother, but it's also the father of these children to this greatly impacted absolutely and in fact were starting part of the reason for that additional money is for starting a men's initiative to reach out to the fathers to because it's so important absolutely and I for one, am excited that it's like 10 minutes to lunch time talking about dropping and kebab and home medicine and all the stuff in the music and the dancing but but you know I have pictures of my granddaughter. I have pictures of my daughters all you know they have different blues in their set up so that they can dress up in the traditional Egyptian stuff. Yes we do.

We know that booth that you can then dress up in Middle Eastern close and thick photo for souvenir at all, or you can meet somebody actually was born and raised in Jordan are born and raised in Egypt and get an idea of the Christian face of the Middle East and it's a different face and it's a different smile. Honestly, was a likely sanctions is for sure is that it looks like the other terrorists, but no you see the smile in the liver bill you could make the person persons that really stood out that Christian faith really have get a hug from Camille. Oh yeah, you've been and and and their stories and and what God has done in their lives amid all that stuff miracle story after miracle story is there and waiting for your family, your kids, because Olympic egos have stuff bouncy houses. It's it's meant to have families out there all you said to Betty children friendly a lot of activities for children that they can enjoy throughout the two days so I'll let a couple opportunities. What a wonderful servant with us today on kingdom, since I would again urge you to fill the time.

There you can link up to the register for this wonderful event at Salem pregnancy or find out more about the Middle Eastern Christian developers. I'll be there so I would love to see you on the 14th and 15th and you know Stu if you did not know was very, very, very active in Salem pregnancy care center and I'm sure that neither the 12 so thank you for listing pursuits. They do now for prayer with James Franks, followed by the journey starts here in our 12

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