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Middle Eastern Christian Festival 2019

Kingdom Pursuits / Robby Dilmore
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September 14, 2019 1:47 pm

Middle Eastern Christian Festival 2019

Kingdom Pursuits / Robby Dilmore

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September 14, 2019 1:47 pm

Robby is live from the Middle Eastern Christian Festival in Kernersville, NC. All guests are from the festival, and they discuss the different elements and attractions that they have for the people to see and enjoy. As always we also have Robby's Dad Jokes, Robby's Riddles, and a message that everyone should hear. So be blessed and enjoy all of this and more right here on the Kingdom Pursuits Radio Show.

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This is the Truth Network versus where you hear from ordinary people instilled with an extraordinary passion together we explore the stories of men and women who take what they love God turn their passion into kingdom pursuits now your host Robbie Gilmore are alive today at the unbelievable amazing Middle Eastern Christian festival that's at 1292 were corroded as well.

You got plenty done get here eventually they are going to be here till 6 o'clock tonight and then they're going to be worshiping tomorrow at 10 and then going until 6 o'clock tomorrow night. But if you want to take advantage of this opportunity of window of my command. The food is calming and the music is going and you get all the stuff it's right now is the time to get in your car and bring your whole family because this is a lot for kids. I got bouncy houses they got kite flying facepainting may got a lot, and not to mention an opportunity for your kids to see all sorts of stuff right remote. Yes, always tense for the different cultures we actually did love anything any other cancer or anything only have like nine different nationalities in this case it's really awesome how we all come together. It really is that we're here with Joelle and Rima, who been on with this before I even remember Rima story will get into bed a bit, but we wanted to make sure that you realize what a family opportunity is ahead of you this weekend if you can get over here today. Maybe you can get over here tomorrow to worship with them or share lunch that they if this thing goes on, and there's tense after tense and like you said you got the tent of the Lebanese right and so what what what people see when they come to your tent when they come to the Lebanese see the basic close of Lebanon and the conditional clause of Lebanon and what are the tradition I did know there were traditional close is actually a traditional hat for men and women home is called Bruce that the classic Red Hat green I'm sorry black castle coming off of it are bullish typos that moves and the one for the women is called. I believe it's called like go ahead Joelle, you're here and now she's not terribly shed. It's called a night if I got taboos and taboos look like.

It is a more of the cone is a nice long castle coming off and in that pool and so yeah every single tent whether you're coming to Syria or your your coming to a ran whichever one you go to, you get to see some of the things that actually came from that area and what a way that they celebrate their culture. But what they really celebrate is the love of Christ. So you can make your way out here but you know it is kingdom pursuits. So I have to do my brittle and you know speaking of the Middle East may not know this guy. Middle East does not need any psychiatrist, why is nomad people. One person you don't want to interrupt in the middle middle of the sentence the judge never interrupt judge in the middle of the sentence is not as funny. I see it's all good it's all good, and they just brought me speaking about this brought me food. It's a kebab and what is that this is about.

That's the way 000 okay that I rely my jokes which go Eastern European gymnasts electrocuted and polevault Eastern European gymnasts electrocuted and polevault right okay if you take a job in the Far East, Middle East, but in the Far East. You have to go through and orient nation. And the other all the shenanigans actually have a Bible riddle in today's Bible riddle. Very cool. You know if you can answer this, you can come out here in person do that and enjoy the food well you do that so here's the little you probably know a guy from the Middle East's second second son body was cured. You probably know a guy from the Middle East. His second son body was cured, who were what are their names if you know that you can come out to the least and Christian festival, we keep my weight on the go Wake Forest to play me on the Elon knot is not planing or their plan is the law and all you have to do is come out here were to be here for at least a couple hours and you come out here and tell us who you know a guy from the Middle East and his second son body was cured and when I come to your to laugh. I promise you can laugh and talk about your day, you come on out and see us. We would love to see you and we got plenty of Christ.

When we got all sorts of stuff much, much more to express why you're here so getting back to Rima and Joelle who you know it's it's it's it's quite a story that you've got.

You guys have been doing this for 13 years. That's how old was reminder first one soon as your soul.

When the agreement get sick so it was your little like four-year-old. Do you remember anything from Becton in the festival. Yes, actually I remember when I was little I remember at least as many ice cream Desi K. In the beginning of this when they had visited them for your kids.

You need to control so you is that many ice creams screens in whatever else I sent an interview come out if you want to preform you can eat as many but we there is food is absolutely amazing way to spend a lot of time on the next, but I wanted Joelle and Rima to give you an idea of their culture of Lebanon. So from your standpoint. Obviously you grew up here in United States. But your parents are from Lebanon. What is that you can say that old tarp Starbucks when you save it really well, obviously what's your favorite party or culture that you feel like you celebrate my favorite part of my culture is to maintain space eats family and how much families together and help me find family needs and the second part is the language I think it is amazing to speaking know another language, and like the language really takes you into the culture without going into the culture. I think that the language itself, mind and especially the way the Lebanese style language and stay its many different always came out in mind the whole and when any of the many spaces you know right away and so that's what you know right now many really is no different then all you know somebody from North Carolina from leaving in about a way in the Christian card. I showed you notice I went to the wholesale and didn't mention Tar Heel one time the same one time so are here we are. All you need to get out here to tell us you know I the Middle East and the second son body was cured, about get a chance to meet Joelle and Rima and I way to find other stories to tell me what God is doing here is we have probably the most poster children for the thing that you will ever find here today Middle Eastern Christian festival is 1292 Wicker Rd. in Kernersville, so you need to make your way out here. We would love to see you, you can answer this really got tickets to the Wake Forest Elon game. Are you to tell me is if you know about the Middle East you know a guy and his second son thought he was cured. If you know you know how Robbie thinks I'm guessing you would know that person and I cannot tell us you can win that and so one of the reasons.

Obviously, it's all about the love of Christ to make sure that but one of the other big big reasons that you want to come with me just share with you. Your fix to get hungry if you weren't hungry before it's it's fixed to happen so we have run you and we have Marina are here to share with us a little bit about this unbelievable I mean you can smell this probably anywhere in Kernersville you're smelling the cooking of what what is your favorite Marina, who I love them. But what is basically a path that is yes this good stuff is yeah cheesy pasta with some ground beef and spice it Middle Eastern spice and baked with a creamy sauce and it is baked altogether as it kinda makes almost lasagna casserole type it's absolutely amazing. So know not to give anyway. Family secrets but what would you say Middle Eastern spice.

What was that from your perspective, black pepper men no black pepper, cinnamon, yes usually just don't think of putting together powder you know and some allspice. Okay. But if if you go over the inside of it right. If you look at the pyramids and stuff yeah yeah so wow I mean I just said that it is extremely tasty had no idea. All the ingredients that go into stuff so what's your favorite my chicken chicken grass killer and his way over the chicken. You came in here for our you know yesterday I came in and they had this chicken that they were preparing we prepared and this marinated this. There's a lot that goes into that. What's an American. Yes, this is secret for tenderness and for most, and also and that definitely went out the oregano oregano yes you can send in your native language.

So you are you originally from heaven on Lebanon. So I said to people and from Lebanon so you get the hard question that nobody seems to know the answer to traditional Lebanese hat apparently has a tassel women's men's hat is called like it was the poor, yeah. With that many princesses use the window. You know you so wow I mean in this kebab is is like, but I got to tell you.

Okay I love love the stuff, and I love that stuff, so I call along meatball yes you can find the kebabs everyone you know my back but coughed all my goodness, I mean what you know what goes into my and the part and on me like a mixture of vegetables like tomatoes and you guys cook the stuff over grill. That's why the smell was going every year for miles and miles and then I know my my daughter loves this stuff, yeah, and there's this not any regular homeless like you just take a home and you start writing this chickpeas is you grind up chickpeas with tahini yeah you have to go to really grind me and it makes open sesame so that okay so you that's what your taste in the sesame while so what else we got here and the right eats you know it's content and ease that ice according to the Federation so you can have Wi-Fi and sometimes you you know and not as so so Lebanese what's the traditional right. It's the same one we see here which is mixed with noodle the past. Personality write up that I saw in your house to pick me in the league during the week at least twice yeah but then nowadays, with no car once a month moving over to Egypt so she can cook up some rice and we would pretty much make it very similarly, unless were making) another we would add a little more spice and maybe some tomato sauce yeah yeah you to the yes yeah write up a letter on the rise in the water's unique labor is something you just tried almond toilet price know you don't get this. You got stuff in the course like you say every mother probably has something to their family like man you know when I'm home. I'm expecting yes and no way would not write really all so you smooshed you wanted to file] is yes you want to try it.

I'm sure you're probably had that in mind, you gotta drive out here. It's on the road and corners are what you actually it's pretty easy if you take the main Street exit coming off of business 40 ride and you just turn at the CVS left you come over to work the road and you see you probably smelled leave the windows down and then you hear the music you be able to enjoy the dancing is just amazing and your family will all the bouncy houses and facepainting in their flying kites around before you know for the can yeah and absolutely wonderful so I'll open this up to, even if you what did you see it one of these festivals that you went home you really showed up like you really showed me something today. Some come to mind of a festival that you attended that you really saw God do something you like, man.

I'm so glad several situations want to just jump right on your mind that one) that person. Yes, people not knowing that this in a way Christian. Some people don't even know that that is some people Christian and like your hair so that all know this is not the first question you know that so to actually be knowledge for PNC you for what you are and celebrate with you. You know, obviously, this is really really cool stuff and stuff that your family I mean, it's a way that you can visit all these countries without having to pay for airfare to go over there because I see the people that need God brought us together here since unique situation we have here at this church because you have questions all over the Middle East. These countries don't usually like people from these countries are usually long yeah outside of this church setting to be united in guide is such a special special thing to be a part of, and to be able to share with everyone here in Curtis L and around the world brought us together. You know there's always been so many like Common Pleas conflicts between countries in the country. But this just brought us together and that is a beautiful yes we see that picture is, people move in the area and more more people are coming in the area all the time people probably think all these people speak my language or at least I can relate to them because you know and so they come visit and then they find wow there's somebody else for my country. And so the next thing you know that they feel more at home. I would lay in and share the love of Christ with them that they may never have never experienced. Ultimately, that's how you really get in the family while wonderful with this trial is amazing right here in the truth that were podcasts of help my pillow the company it is today, and now Mike Lindell by the way, I've met is a great guy, the inventor and CEO. My pillow wants to get back to our listeners.

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I remember the couple were you Christian while you lived there. Yes, I said, I imagine that was a difficult situation if there was only 2% Christian and now that is really sad so that would be a perspective, I never leave you know Saddam Hussein was like somebody, but from your perspective something else knows what you think.

A lot of what this is why I Christian just like me.

My name is Mary.

I'm guessing name is Ryan is really really sad that I never would've guessed that those wars would lead to that but I did. No license was obviously even believing Jesus means in English if you sign and how you know you said about where you actually start even before last, feeling my father sent much more different than Chaldean comes from. This is only one.

So when you came here.

How did you find this church altogether.

We are one family please write the same language, even if I talk worship together. How did you find my bag Cherokees to help comes from different countries was 11G when I was 28 job.

I know so very political person know you're not Tom. I know I can't help but think that you keep refugees from coming in from another country because if you saw Marion use our competencies from Iraq you know you would think this be somebody we may not want in our country, but she's exactly who we want our country.

When I think about it.

I'm so grateful that we had opened the point that you thankful in your life number is increasing now is yes is the laws changed. Unfortunately my mother was particular issue that they close the borders to some extent to refugees especially pleased, and so you have friends that you know trying to get in line 1 twice trying I'm sure Alyssa would love to pray for your mom mom mom purpose. So we be praying that God will open the door because right now there lived in the country where the sea over their house of the people noted right and really really scary.

Do you have any siblings, sister. So, how cool is that sister come with you at the time when you actually so you got her here only one I'm coming when like my myself feeling you want to just anyone changing my speaking of passion we have is amazing were here at the Middle Eastern Christian festival live and we have my my my is here my you are from. From Syria I knew why I made that mistake was to me from a rack, but you're from Syria. I'm so grateful for the hospitality you will show us an amazing time by with this is all the stuff for the kids, which is your specialty so somebody's think about bringing their family. Can you share a little bit what you guys have in store for you have a lot that we have to jump how facepainting we and we have the kind of guy. I thought I night of the Lord and flying is written in Arabic and English. I don't think Jesus loves you right there on the kite flying above the festival here if you're on your way. GPS is 1292 Wicker Rd. Try as you go to your like I wish everyone was there.

That's why you are so excited about Jesus. We want everybody to hear about going to all you folks are making excuses about going to Middle Eastern world going to strip your family customs get your passport in visa just what your car driving here where you are to the next two days is absolutely amazing and you meet your family, sister and brothers and sisters, yes, is it Iran-Iraq and it only in Israel and Palestine all these places so as it really and then there's the food but it's it's something that I think the children it will be something they would never forgive no pictures of my daughter with all the different is I got all the different outfits that are very specific reading my you would not believe they told me about all the spices spell this for like 20 miles away skewers and this is so, if you Lord only for fly other things tell me wonderful thing even if you come to the church how long I think that so how did you find out about use. When I came from another someone from when I went through the study and when I graduate I see the people you see like Western Christians like us who have no idea what you're part of the world from Christian to your heart till all how we can how we can pray for appreciate our brothers and sisters all these countries, the family of God, wondering why are Western sisters clueless about this is going on below help you.

I guess people think social religion that is normally beautiful and premium works including pray for you right prayer make a big difference. I lived alone for many many years and I still and I we know he is still beautiful. My heart you know I help you all say this is our pleasures there would be all my goodness this pretty close to you know it is always just a glorious relief to see the Christian faith.

That's what you will see there you get a chance to see what God is doing in the Middle East is clearly there, working in the hearts of Syrians and Jordan time Road followed by all

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