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Alex McFarland, Nancy Hicks, Danny Spainhour

Kingdom Pursuits / Robby Dilmore
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September 21, 2019 3:43 pm

Alex McFarland, Nancy Hicks, Danny Spainhour

Kingdom Pursuits / Robby Dilmore

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September 21, 2019 3:43 pm

Robby has three guests on this weeks edition of Kingdom Pursuits. Alex McFarland will speak about the upcoming Truth For a New Generation Conference. Author Nancy Hicks is on the show to speak about her book Meant To Live. We also have Danny Spainhour calling in to talk about the Triumphant Quartet Concert at Pinedale Christian Church. We also have Robby's Dad Jokes, Riddles and so much more right here on Kingdom Pursuits.


This is the Truth Network pursuits where you hear from ordinary people instilled with an extraordinary passion together we explore the stories of men and women who take what they love God turn their passion into the kingdom pursuits now live from your host Robbie Gilmore order treat we have for it. We really do today kingdom pursuits and talk about somebody where God is taking their passion and is using it to build the kingdom we have with us. Actually, my good friend Dr. Alex McFarlane. Many of you would know him from many years been on the Truth Network.

In fact, at one point, have another Alex was the backup post for to talk live to remember those days. Alex allowed a note today to go and not really part of my aerial career because 20 years ago through a mutual friend in David Parson.

I met Stu Epperson and tell the story and how I was on to talk live Friday had neon and a week later as the first time I've ever been on the radio. It was I was nervous a little bit but it was there and you know here great week later he called me like it much time can you come back to the studio and Dietrich talk live again yeah gee thanks because none.

I want to get my name out there and so I get the hearing, there I believe it was founded. The engineer and we wait to be, you know like five minutes to show time and then three minutes and I said when will Stu Epperson get your visit only in Washington your your guest posting today and I will write what Anna did anyway. That's kinda how I got people asked me how did you get into Christian radio was interviewed by Stu Epperson and then one week later I was just testing the entire show. Well you know is your telnet stone Alex. I didn't know that we had David Parsons as a friend in common. So you knew David before you knew Stu walking away had this evangelistic what we have free for a new generation. This evangelistic ministry out of Greensboro, North Carolina, and one day you know somebody was at my door and yelled, I'm David Parson and I'm just heard about your ministry, and I want to know what you're doing and so the first person I met in the truth broadcasting world was David Parsons, and he stopped again. We had an office off of Battleground Ave. in Greenspring.

He stopped interested in hello and that I hear your reading a lot of young people for Christ and limit price for you and I thought wow, what a nice man. He is such a nice person and anybody that knows that the person is just a wonderful Christian man and he said he called me a day or two later got a friend you really really need me. I just have a gut feeling your lives could really do things for Christ and so we went and we had lunch with, and that was my first introduction to Stu Epperson's to originally was well. He may have known some other, and he maybe may have a different version asteroid list but David was the chairman of the Christian business men's committee in Winston-Salem else I would, and waited right in the way he was my he was my radio rep from WSJ asked and he had come when I was a car dealer.

There what the time was Bob. No pressure. Plymouth and and I invited Stu to the Christian business men's committee meeting that we had a David Parsons was the chairman of CBF seat and so I find that absolutely fascinating how God did all that but I'm I'm kind of let my other desk downs. We have more loaded for you today. Not just Alex not talked about truth for new generations, about two to Richmond. You can find out about that in October when you get to that in a second, but I also have with us today.

Nancy Hicks and Nancy as an author of a brand-new book, welcome, Nancy can't seem to get her on all your still speaking to Nancy so welcome Nancy hi Nancy, I see what was happening. Nancy, your kingdom pursuits.

Good morning. Can you hear his Nancy okay Alex, we hope we hope we get to visit Whitney. We hope we will.

There should, I think we got it now. Maybe now Nancy, yes we do were so glad your witness and you got a new book you just wrote yes I have a new book meant to live living in light of the good news Robbie by Carolyn at you really like Alex because Nancy has a book called mental live, and you've got truthfully generation conference coming up in Richmond so I mean is like God put you guys together so we could share some good news today where are you from. I am originally from Canada actually from Toronto.

However, I have been ending the last 17 years living in Philadelphia here anyway. I well and so this is not terribly far from Cincinnati, Alex, and you have a truth for the new generation coming up there, November 15-16, right we do have a conference there and a great thing to be up here at landmark Baptist Church and working to bring in Josh McDowell and Erwin Lucerne you other people but Nancy tells about the booklet. When did you write it. Well, actually just come out. You know these release date are fluid. So it's really out this month preordered cataract online and I thought it book in my belly for Gary and I was working in the marketplace and with an on-air spokesperson for QVC for over 10 years I was a stinger back in Canada day theater and concert work, but always a leader in the church and the whole time since I was a teenager and still really did bucket instead of percolating over years of being a leader in the church and watching the church keeping abreast, especially now that I have a speaking ministry and that's what I'm doing full-time to keeping abreast of kinda pew research and final report then all the theology report coming out of what's going on around the world and if the book that really is a direct saying this dichotomy that were seeing in the church today P church where the gospel is flourishing around the nation, South America, Africa and Asia need continent flourishing like never before in history in each part of the world by the contractors that hearing dark American Idol last decline until this church addresses the dichotomy that I'm going to benefit the majority world church in the hearts of the world and see the life and the finger and the desire and the hunger for the gospel in the power of God is the gospel call so we could save the today show the awesome.

We got so much talk that I still got Robbie's riddle to get going so actually today's riddle was speaking of birds and you know I love you thought about this Alex, but if you want to keep squirrels out of the birdfeeder, you have to install a climate control. Think about that time, there is a special day. She's a bird that is really good at holding stuff together and there are protected species really can't can't shoot them there called Velcro those about get you and a friend of mine told me of the bird flu. He's told me also that he thought it was a victim of.

Are you ready for this foul play file plague that you go to businesses.

This is part of the nontenure pursuit you get to hear my gentle like were not, that you write this, I did come out of the GPS device for birdwatchers and it will view a turn by turn directions. Think about it. It'll come to so with all that you know I'll actually have a real Bible riddle discriminate this morning. If you can guess this and calling it 866-34-TRUTH will get that for you in a minute and will get all that but which for letter bird came forth from the ark became a branch manager that 866-34-TRUTH 87884 when we come back to the prizes and almost going along with that riddle will hear more from Alex Dr. Alex McFarlane true for next-generation and mental live by Nancy how God takes your and uses it to build the kingdom day. We are so glad to have with us. Both Dr. Alex McFarlane truth for a new generation conference coming up in Richmond, Virginia folks up there and listen to WL yes, but even those people in rich Raleigh are pretty close October 11 through the 12th and Todd Starnes is one of the speakers as well as Kemal Salima and then there's another conference coming up in Cincinnati. As we talked about, but also with this is Nancy Hicks with her new book meant to live in Nancy is your talk about your book you mentioned your ministry and I didn't get a chance to hear the what what exactly that was live and online heart had many many meaning I went at me and the media template that's one thing but it's really got other meaning ministry actually started the live administering the church while I was working in the marketplace had outreach and evangelism, teaching Bible classes bent and I just helping people walk with God. I started the ministry after I graduated from seminary while I was still working on air for QVC and the ministry actually get to.

I go and he can't race that particular female leaders around the world in places like Haiti end and parts of Africa and Asia, which I think I mentioned on and places where again the gospel is really burgeoning and then of course I think a minister back here in North America. I love the US and Canada. I'm rethinking Canada and bring back the testimony and try to try to encourage the church here so I'm speaking that's what I do conference is retreat, preaching, etc. that is awesome so that was the word, but speaking is in speaking of speaking, I mean Alan yes that's that's one of his main things that he gets to do.

Welcome back, Alex will now we we lost his phone for minute word wouldst have an interesting phone time today on kingdom pursuits, but I did want to mention that all my goodness, you've got another lineup of speakers. Speaking of speakers coming from the truth for net new generation conference you got Todd Starnes Kemal Salima tell me about what you're excited about the speakers that you have, well earlier in the interview, the gospel in the United finding and Kemal.

We've got counterculture mom. We got a bill you wrote that book, America's God and country quotation bookie will encounter the expert on our unit undergirding the foundation of America and started because word informing inspiring and mobilizing Christians today what the gospel truth for new generation we've gone out a note for the last 20 years, about half-million you have that in the event but are our goal is to promote the spiritual awakening, I love the Lord. I love the church and I don't mean to be given gloom.

But we in America are desperately in need of a great awakening, a move of God. We are becoming so dorky, so pagan and human standard week and the new Union seminary. I historically good. But now pagan worship and plan confessing to plan because plants are the source of our life day and it's basically animism and we are sending these to say a post-Christian era now where pagan culture largely we've lost the truth about God. We can't even definitively say what is the male and female anymore inmate in prison that are transgender. Now Democrats are wanting them to be given OB/GYN medical care. Although I really don't know what OB/GYN treatment.

A male would need, but we are in a very dark immoral godless era of our country time and this is no time to spare until her hand in desperation, we need to pray and we need the presence of God in our minute so I'm excited about the P&G conference district new generation because yes it's apologetics in the worldview. But it's also the principles of revival and spiritual awakening whereby believers of every age group can be used by God to promote the light of the gospel in our increasingly dark culture saw some Nancy obviously your book is kind appointed and that same action. So I'm interested. What are you excited about in your book that one man I can hardly wait to people read this that chapter or that story or what is it that would whet my appetite like man I can read this book. Well, I think what you know and I think I think what we are we following of Christ are okay yeah we need to go back for book take back the first thing you know I like we go back to aim Lombardi then right right at that payment and where they were.

They were not performing well even player NFL players were not performing well and I took them back and started eating. By holding up a football and paint gentlemen to be seasoned football NFL players. Gentlemen this is a football and so I believe with all my heart that going back to first thing is a call and it really emerges in chapter 3, which is the impetus NDM the centerpiece of the box which is getting chapter 3 is where Adam and Eve had separated from the God who is life and for the first time. Now there naked and when they were perfectly fine with and in relationship with God now quite there naked and ashamed and hiding and tracking God in that chapter 3 verses eight and eight. Can you think God when you try God you got going out into the garden after that and calling to them. Where are you and explicit undetected that question that God puts out included all creation. Where are you Academy and implemented in the text is the one that comes back to life. The book practical at Robbie practical.

It helped that okay so it's fine to talk about the cough but the fact of the matter is, we are seeing followed not just if not just nonbeliever at the secular world that struggling around and flashing around the bag of followers of Christ pounds, apparently look the same, something the and we can't just blame culture and so I believe with all my heart. We are not legal back to how Howard God gave to the church which were the power of the gospel is not God but the power of God in salvation and the power of the spirit. We've gotten bad with all kind of power and the people are looking at staying at the church is judgmental, hypocritical, old-fashioned to political and I did get a call to find… You know bickering with each other and stopping to this is an pointing fingers and blaming nonbeliever and left behind is reacting to all of the think bond to the God who called life really look you would use the exact same word that Alex named this conference on ashamed so I know it's hard Alex were not ashamed of the gospel is the power of God. You know, traditionally admissions the more on evangelizing culture is universal. The last Christian life is been there, the more the power of God being then I really think it is much as I you know I appreciate the wonders many churches in every city in the we've got a lot of resources Christian bookstores and things like that but the American church.

I was in the church in Europe and the West in general, the churches got to rediscover the power of the supernatural. We need to rediscover prayer that absolutely changes things in a big way. The presence of God you read about the great awakening.

You have a lot of my adult life studying revival working out times when the spirit of God was just so heavy and that in a city or region that people inexplicably just withdrawn two churches were they they would go into a town and feel conviction. You know have to just find somebody that could tell them about Jesus Franklin during the great awakening of the 1700s was in Boston and Benjamin Franklin quoted standards of what the whole world will growing religious so that one could not walk through any town in the evening that your install song in every home by every family of every street and Franklin mother what was the Christ by the British evangelist George Whitfield, but we need we need a great move of God's Holy Spirit and I was too young to really remember Jesus movement but I hear that in the late 60's and early 70s. It was it was kind of like that the Jesus movement was a great awakening. Not completely, but Lord's degree.

Many of the mainline churches kind of pushed back against it doesn't always young people coming into their churches and T-shirts and long air. I think we need to ask on the Lord please give us a do over. Can we have another another words you I agree Nancy your comments all my music break. Find out more stuff from our sponsors.

But in the meantime, Alex's conference is all their Nancy's new book is meant to live. You can find it on Amazon so much more. Since the truth that were podcasts of help my pillow the company it is today, and now Michael and Ellen by the way, I've met is a great guy, the inventor and CEO.

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Come join us this awesome partnership always with Pinedale and you can get tickets by doing what you can go online I and you'll find triumphant concert there or if you're in the area you called about the church we have here online ticket that I or your Pinedale Christian church or 336-788-7600 wonderful Danny thank you so much appreciate you coming on ensure that and by the way, if you want to win some tickets.

We have some hear that they have supplied us with so all you have to do is answer today's riddle and right to tell him what the wind trying to find out where you go and all you have to do is tell us what four letter bird came forth from the ark and became a branch manager 866-348-7884 to win tickets to triumphant which for letter bird came from, came forth from the ark and became a branch manager, Alex, don't worry, I still have my day job and work were were thinking through my Bible chapters come up with an answer, but maybe some your callers will call am hoping I'm hoping that we could raise these tickets. Triumphant is coming, but you know, one of the things I have loved for years and years is your passion and I really think that I'm excited because you know like my daughter who is 20 years old is going to Samford University and it's there in that age group that you have always had a passion for these are the next generation that wow you know when I see her come on fire for Christ that does give me all kinds of hope and so that next generation is a big part of what you're doing yeah yeah and about reaching college I came to the Lord when I was in college, but I've always had a real heart for that demographic is much as I believe in education and it's been my privilege to speak it out. I've lost count well over 200 American universities and mom and dad need to know this, that, unless your child goes to a solidly Christian University Liberty University help sponsor actual work, and I'm very grateful for liberty helping to underwrite the tree for new generation event and liberty is a great Christian school, and there are others, but unless you go to a solidly Christian school.

I can guarantee guarantee that your kids are going to be taught of globalism relativism unit globalism really undermine and minimize this American sovereignty and the uniqueness exceptionalism of America. Relativism says there is no ultimate truth will make our entry. It will really be and in worst pluralism that all views are equally true. And regarding humanity and sexuality. There is the view of egalitarianism that everything is equal and you you dare not you dare not say that anything is different, sexuality is commensurate with heterosexuality and you can't say there are objectively male and female. My point is probably got right there very well college in America has become four years in $100,000 to discover that you can't know anything and that that's part of the reason why you and I literally get email every day of the week. Parents are like me and I don't understand that my my child was a leader in the youth group and great you know excited about church walking with the Lord and now they're in college and there an agnostic, or their skeptic. And it's because so much of American education has become more about indoctrination rather than the pursuit of truth and that's why you need to come to Richmond… October 11 12 Mount Vernon Baptist. The website is truth more toward truth for a new S inspire and equip your young people to know what they believe and why will be able to defend their faith confidently in any situation and while we love people equally.

We don't lowball ideas equally. We don't love Alcala equally on all people are equal in the eyes of God, but all worldviews are not there are many worldviews that are fall. There's one worldview that is comprehensively true worldview. Nancy is listed from a standpoint of young people in your book went when you see that: wow.

I told Mike today about what I heard and I have to say that I again believe with all my heart yet millennial. We know I have done one right now. I doing a dual degree in grad school at Harvard and undergoing chemotherapy while he started law school there and that our understanding is that man graduated both of them graduated from top-notch Christian, from top top-notch Christian college and my daughter-in-law. Now it well.

All three millennial and I understand the decline I and I can tell you I spent much time with millennial dwelling night peaked at Christian colleges and colleges generally but Christian colleges in particular yet radical decline there all demographic, leaving the church badly yeah is winning and our variance with that but let me go back to the millennial have to say that when I come from a very teaching type church. We have no shortage in art. In this particular congregation about 1500, just outside of Philadelphia and nondenominational. It is high high high value on biblical knowledge and love of Christ and his kingdom.


We have no shortage in North America.

Biblical knowledge we have no shortage of material which is one of the things that inspires me up around the nation, they don't have what we have today to be discipled and it's not for lack of information. If not for lack of King. I really believe it, for lack of encounter with right now not raise his arm and leg first thing that I was talking about the supernatural thing, when God so we got so much more to call is 866348788. Your past and to build the kingdom today were so blessed that Willis Alex McFarland with his truth for the new generation conference coming to Richmond this year.

It is called unashamed. You can tell there unashamed.

They've got Todd Starnes and Kemal Selim as well as many others lined up for that coming up October 11 and 12th and then we have with us Nancy Hicks, who has a new book she's just come out when she's also a speaker meant to live and I'm interested you guys both talked about speaking a lot of colleges have you speak it. Have you spoken it Samford University, where were my daughter is Nancy no I have not's nephew Alex, no I haven't. I would love to do well in Birmingham, Alabama. You know that pastor courts his brother used to be the president of the college and really yeah I did not know. Yeah, and it is my experience. One of the first thing they did with us was took us on a prayer walk speaking up and we went around each of these buildings and we prayed for the teeth above the faculty: professors Alex for and they did. They had all these different touch points but it was really one of the more remarkable things that I got to experience some of the things that they were sharing with us on how the you know it was biblically based in the way that there are bound and MMA have you know like liberty. They got you know you have to get some in convocation credits and stuff like that of you. And so they kind of make sure that the students don't get away from the Bible. Harvard taking PhD.

I was really $3750 for three hour course which I you know upper echelon grad classes. That's probably about normal, but I was going through the old gate. Cambridge ship at the Harvard campus and it was a cornerstone in this gate as you enter the Harvard campus verse from Psalms is Christ the city and I felt wow and I was looking at hundreds of kids going in and out how many know that this apparently was one of the verses that was kind of very special to the people who built this Christ for the city and out unit. If you Google how Christian started the Ivy League will find out what you know, one of the first president of Princeton was Jonathan Edwards an incredible philosopher and leader of the first great awakening but Harvard and Yale.

William and Mary Brown Cornell. They were all overtly explicitly Christian schools and yeah Alex. I actually mentioned that in my and I think it fascinating that today. I think one of the things that I and I'm steering and I talked about actually for The Christians that I'm seeing better credit again reacting to each other to got some form of the gospel. We can talk about that is no gospel at all. Again, reacting against the cultures react to each other, reacting against what incline I know you are going in our home. We wanted to make sure we caught our going of court. You know the number one prayer of our our lives for our children is that God would draw their heart and their heart so Raven could God's heart to Christ heart and all the other thing that we we pray about.

Think about our list of prayer requests. Everything is going to unfold and I am most concerned with how my children how my my family love Christ well and block the Christ.

Well dear Keith event that I really be in our our church today in the church today in North America. I think it's wrangling on and I want to make sure that when my bloke.

I know when they were heading off and going to college or high school and then heading off to college I wanted to make sure they kick the tires of their day. I wasn't, I did actually win everything mandatory that they go to a Christian college I was more concerned that they knew the living Christ and could stand knowing how to think not want to think how to get got it no infinite what it is how we can know him. We will never exhaust. I don't want to be afraid of what my kids are gonna learn. I want them to shake the tree and I want them to kick the tires and I want them to ask the hard questions and I don't want to be afraid and I will spend a lot of time on my faith in prayer for them in my number one prayer for them will be God drive their heart live there full into your own. I pray I don't I don't think the fear I don't want to get involved in fear game II want to keep my eyes on Christ and when to keep my eyes on on what he's doing and not get distracted by all kind of things that are going to cause me for a trip and stumbling hold my kick a little more closely. You're out of here last heading out so I know you will is so much more prayer followed by

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