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Ministry in Word and Deed Prosecution Project

Kingdom Pursuits / Robby Dilmore
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September 28, 2019 2:10 pm

Ministry in Word and Deed Prosecution Project

Kingdom Pursuits / Robby Dilmore

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September 28, 2019 2:10 pm

Welcome to Kingdom Pursuits. This weeks guest are Ed Lyons who discusses The Persecution Project and gives information on how you can contribute to the cause. We also have Brock Agee from Le Bleu Water in studio to talk about the Mighty Muscadine Superfruit, and the Factory Tour open to the public on October 5th. On top of all that we have Robby's Dad Jokes and so much more on this weeks edition of Kingdom Pursuits.


This is good Truth Network versus where you hear from ordinary people instilled with an extraordinary passion together we explore the stories of men and women who take what they love and let God turn their passion into kingdom pursuits now from the tree.

Your host Robbie Gilmore will I am not normally we would say loaded for bear. But today I think you understand the minute they were loaded for lion lives with his weight on this for years. They Robbie faith you actually been here a great friend that we've spent a lot of time together at the RB etc. etc. he is with the persecution project may first talking on the network about Medina sign what's going on with that and add this is this is critical time. You know we've got it easy over here.

We have no concept of what those people are going to write this now. We really don't. That's amazing. Can't wait to tell you more about it and you go there about four times a year to four times a year so we talk about Medina song and then we also very very exciting, I just found out about this a minute ago where Brock AG way this you might know Brock is the blue bottle water but he's not just you so much more embarrassed like this mighty musket nine and it is like the king of the super fruits and I got a big event coming up October 5. Next is see how it's made event at the factory tour. You know we eat musket on since time of the year because they're in harvest. But if you ever want to see how it goes from Bloom to bottle and be open on the factory in Mikesell next Saturday. Yes, from 10 to 12 you have the doctors out there from from Wake Forest University and was mentioning that there's been quite a bit of money given to the research fact over $20 million a donor here in North Carolina and I said that right $20 million and it's done a lot for Wake Forest University a lot for the musket I'm great.

So we were very thankful to be part of this worthy research so we like wealthy kings here on King Street just put it all together for you, and you might note the connection to lion so speaking of Lyons right that is a lie and I understand you take great pride in families is practiced absolute.

This brought you eating with its family to come up with so you know, if you go to call over to his house stuff sometimes because you know the lines of busy. It could happen.

But one thing is for sure. I mean, you guys keep the main thing the main thing I got a very unique wonderful idea today on kingdom pursuits that everyone rightly rather than have the normal riddle.

Everyone who gives today to the persecution project and that would be, according to Ed lion that would be dandy. Sort of a dandelion and everyone that gives the persecution project gets an unexpected journey CD which were to be planets wife is a phenomenal musician and hands them to CD when I go into that will play some that music during the breaks so you can get that absolutely free.

All you have to do so the total. I am and go to we could know all day but anyway you go to kingdom pursuits and click on Medina song or go to Truth Network and click on Medina song.

Or you can go to Medina song and click on the deal is not right. You can spell the beta, which is MEP INA. It's our song and in that there you'll see that you have opportunities give eight dollars $800. Whatever is also to different levels right there and make sure it's plural Medina knows song others to asses in the middle of an is actually possessive, sort of, not plural is not more. I wasn't the right corner mighty.

There are none that were highlighting so man getting back to this event coming up next week. It's where is music to be there at the blue plant wears it enzyme by jazz because to be at 140 Theodore Dr. in Marksville and if you go to mighty musket

We have every all the details about the event that the founder of the blue little bit about the company is Jerry Smith and he also founded mighty musket on, and it's interesting because I was just down in Miami and even people would come by our tradeshow booth and you'd say would you like to try musket on table or catch a little funny because I've never heard of musket on their they only grow in the southeastern United States. Musket ions are our state fruit here in North Carolina and there really a powerful super fruit people talk about different berries and different açai berry cranberry. All of these different things.

But when you scientifically research the musket on it has more phytochemicals than any other fruits or berries on the planet.

And while the only grow here in the southeast United States. That's up to the good Lord survival bill blessed yes we are blessed are at it tells of that I might see in the word Rasputin are all sub written resveratrol there you go I knew was I did have a bigger Rasputin that is that he tried some, yet he was that Russian monkey could kill.

That was the whole deal.

He was on musket resveratrol it what's up. Well, resveratrol is one of those compounds. It's found in grapes and you'll find resveratrol and all of the European grapes all the wine grapes and any also find them in musket on send you people wonder what is the good part of eating fruits and vegetables. Why are they good for you.

Well we know about fats. We know that sugars we know about proteins but what your mention Robbie resveratrol is a class of compounds known as phytochemicals or plant chemicals and people generally know the word antioxidants. Now that's well known will that's what they are. But when you explore a musket on there is naturally over 100 different compounds like resveratrol. That's why we have named it the king of the super fruits. So for those car people out there.

When we say and I oxidant remember how used to undercut your car so it wouldn't rest well.

Just think about all your little cells and their rest in the ditches and resveratrol need a little musket I go down there and find out you know I either would use it or go see how musket nine is made. I thought that this might be really interesting to note that, you know, obviously go to make sure you get all the goodies in there.

You don't want to just overheated or anything well exactly right and the other thing guys for this is open to the public. And when you come out were not giving just a small little gift to the 50 people were given a full case of musket on juice 1232 ounce bottles.

This would be ever. $40 value to everyone that comes out to 140 Theodore Dr. in Mikesell next Saturday from 10 to 12 you go to see how it's made you going to see how these come in from the farms all over the southeast, how they're protected, how they eventually go into the bottle for healthy products while well and so the inner you could get some of that editing you could take it one how much you are going back to the San Howson I was post go November, but was taking a vet out there because we blessed pastors with dairy cows and dairy goats around Christmas and we want to bring a veterinarian that supports us out there to look at the animals before he bought and transferred ownership, but he just called like a week ago and said February is better for himself. Now I don't know when I'm traveling next.

While there, I did not realize that you you guys, you blessed pastors with with their businesses so they can focus on preaching teaching and reaching the lost dinner yet because they're there and start and over there can sit down you explain a little bit about the embargo that people face noted yeah the Norcia government has an embargo around the area about the size of Georgia so you can imagine pretty large area but there they really back in 2011 kicked out all the non-NGOs, nongovernmental organizations, and isolated the people of the new book. So I've heard reports, even someone coming from Khartoum, the capital of North Sudan down into the new area if they're carrying more than 10 pills, then the aggressor going through this embargo line. There thinking that they're bringing the men to help people from the rather than personal use, and so they'll suffer consequences for that allow. Imagine the health crisis that that leads to right and what we've got going. So again we want to go to Venus The whole idea is watch the video bill the hospital save a woman find out about that.

And again, more mighty musket. I'm working on these who are listening to an unexpected journey.

That's Ed's wife Lynn right Lisa. Lisa helps if I could read that's got you in a digit merits as well.

As the names of the but Lisa's. This particular CD really is meant to administer the people that are going through some pain. It is because she went through a lot of pain in 2016. After having a fusion of her ankle in which was nine years old and the fusion gave way. Finally, when she was in her upper 40s and so she had revision surgery.

Three of them in 2016 and the whole process is she still in pain from all of this, but out of that pain. She has written quite a few of the songs. Three of my thinker covers from other groups.

But she's written. The other ones and it is a ministry CD so if anybody's going through hard times which we all do, either coming out of our time going into it. Are you preparing so it is learns off with it as well and then it takes into some of these types of songs and in the idea is to minister to you through that again.

If you didn't catch the beginning of the show where offering one of these to anyone who will go ahead and and you know, go to the website commit to giving something to Medina's song that you know the that the hospital that's being built in the hospitals. It's all there. It king of or treat but you got a call in to tell us to send you a CD so that number is 866 and we will distrust if you say you gave Morgan send you CD 866-348-7884 so yeah you won't get a chance to get the CD by just going to the website. There you can give. But if you want one of these CDs and your to hear music up throughout the show.

From that, you gotta call us at 866-348-7884. An interesting thing. I didn't tell you this for you you you explain your wife's situation that she there was some reason that you write the fibular part of her bone in her shin right yeah when she was five she broke her ankle on the growth plate and the doctor didn't catch it so said it like a normal break and us over the next four years before she reinjured it and it became discovered. Her fibula hadn't grown so there's a large gap.

So that's the reason they had the fuse the ankle together, which was nine years old. So interestingly, when I got crushed between the two cars I totally lost my ship while at and I was in a cast for over two years and see her trying to get my leg back together from there big pieces missing and all that difficult area to heal it is.

It is an and you talked about what she was going through the rehab that place to call it might save the children leg cast for two years. I mean, it has about as big around as in about an inch around that people look at me and I go as my save the children leg that's really and so the amount of physical therapy and stuff that she is when she did she say she was in a cast for like a year's every time she had an operation was eight weeks with her leg up is so she's in bed with her leg eight weeks and and then the process of rehabbing that whole thing and I want that like to begin with, and so really, really, really, and so you get the idea that this is a musician right and ends. This is the way that she is dealing with this internally and she's writing songs and whatever. So this this CDI. I had a chance to listen to it as I was put the music together for the show. It's it's a treasure it and bless you, and you can just go to kingdom pursuits in Lincoln order the CD if you want to. But hey, for the same amount of nine dollars.

I think it was for the CD you can give to Medina sauna and get this email you to do is call us 866-34-TRUTH 87884 and while you're at it, you could be drinking a little mighty musket nine order or you could just get the tablet because Brock people that have cancer people that you know there's all sorts of maladies that this helps. One of the biggest which is for those of us you know besides my leg situation.

I'm a cancer survivor so you know this. There's 27 publish articles what are they saying there is that is the benefits of my musket nine combat well and our event next Saturday, October 5 were going to have be blessed to have the researchers that have been involved from Wake Forest. The lead researcher is going be showing all of the results and Robbie. This is been a blessing to journey from the beginning where we just started in petri dish studies. Now all the way to phase 2 human clinical trials, and I think that the thing for me is to sit back and see this and think about one of God's creations. This musket on great and thank while how powerful he is, and knowledge you talk about your healing process every two years and they're just fine and amazing things from different cell lines.

Inhibition also in cardiovascular with a heart you know people know that grapes are very protective for the heart and in particular in our study, we were able to show and demonstrate that taking the capsules opened up the arteries. Over 4% in just 30 days of taking this product so I will allow the researchers at our event next week to really go deep into this but yes, there is now 27, published abstract papers that you can find it.

Clinical and just researching Google musket on grapes and you see a lot of information about this is the king of the super fruits again October 5 as next Saturday between 10 and 12 there and David County. The name of the road is 140 Theodore Dr. 140 Theodore Dr. everything in a kind of open moved the door so that nobody can come in and see how this this process of how they make you know both the juice and the and the and the pills and and then also you got the doctors there to talk about these things.

He has had me a great time. It's a it's a free event. It's open to the public. You will you hear the research will see how the products are made, and is well you will receive a free case of our juice. So come and join us and open up your arteries just just to say, open your heart as well and believe that that I either live… A number events with you guys and I can tell you that juice is awesome and so you know what a fun way to open your arteries are mean to say that.

Also, you know this is huge for people, stomach issues and internal because what I understand they're discovering that this this probiotic thing and introduces needed bacteria into your gut. Yet what what's interesting is when people take probiotics you're introducing you know bacteria into your body will what they're finding with this is you know, one of the asides of the study and just there what they're found in the research is actually helping people build their own healthy bacteria. This was interesting to me. I didn't know they ask us, the researchers how much of your body is human sales and I thought wow, 100% right now where only 30% human. The rest are where a big microbe home field where bacteria basically.

So the more that you can promote this silent anxiety attack when you have lots of that that that's what they're finding with the musket on Robbie that it's helping you build your own healthy bacteria. So, great stuff that yet because I know a lot of folks struggle with all kinds of stomach stuff and and and wow you know what it drank a little juice. I mean I can do that in due also to things all the same time find out about your health. Again, absolutely free event is going be next Saturday you don't want to miss that. And in the end they can give you whole case by commandeering a case we got 1232 ounce bottle, so this is an incredible gift from our CEO and president said please come take advantage of it and if you can't wait until next Saturday.

Go to a food line go to a Lowes foods go to in Ingles and get mighty musket on juice and then come and join us. How cool cool and so getting back to the persecution project which, again, these are folks that really could use some grape juice) is a horrible psychodynamics used mighty musket. I yeah this is this is an a critical time over there and how many trips would you say you been over there like a lot Robbie can't how many years of even grabbing the sum going on much wealthier with persecution, project foundation and so 2 to 4 trips a year so she could take harvesters kind into a situation there that you experienced China. Give them a feel of the landscape will just imagine you're in the area the size of Georgia humanitarian embargo around there for many many years Anson off planes from the north Sudan government flying overhead, not the howitzer on the ground you hear them coming and the slow roar or you know nothing about open up the tailgate their cargo planes and so when the tailgate opens up you're not sure you eat. It sounds different so you pay attention a little bit more new.

Not sure if they're gonna drop bombs on you're not in 2015. I was there seven days. I was bombed four times were hiding in caves had to jump in the foxholes.

Numerous times we missed a soup or the use of core jets come through to shoot missiles and I we missed one of the souk was coming about 15 minutes. We are in the village having lunch we left 15 minutes after we left. They came through and shot four missiles kill the young boy at another time or on a Sunday morning 10 AM meeting with pastors and all of a sudden on the other side of the mountain north Sudan's army started lobbing artillery shells into our area and one hour they shot 40 and at 11 AM. They stopped suddenly, and I turned to the pastor and said well what we do now and he said he looked out at the middle of the field where where their church met under Trina. So we go out there and we worship and not knowing they'll imagine that not knowing if during the worshiper to start shooting artillery shells in your area. I went out there with this pastor and of the pulpit had shrapnel holes all throughout it because of the bomb so that there lobbing in and so that's what that's kind of the situation. The on the ground. I went over to this hospital. Dr. Ahmed Zacharias hospital in April and saw lots of women waiting to have their children get checkups from Dr. Ahmed in their meeting under a tree because they didn't have a maternity ward right so that's why building this hospital in the Sudan, so we got a lot more coming up on that. You hear more from Ed's wife. So a great time to call 866-34-TRUTH 87884 given CDs lady got a call Robbie Gilmore here in the Truth Network podcasts of help make my pillow the company it is today, and now Mike Lindell, who by the way, I've met is a great guy, the inventor and CEO of my pillow wants to get back to our listeners for the first time you can get deep discounts on all my door products. If you go to my right now, and click on the new radio listener specials who never thought that my dream job would be selling my pillows babe, you're getting tired of these sleeping droughts, but you can get deep discounts on my pillows, mattress toppers, bedsheets, and so much more.

For example, the body pillow is regularly 89, 99, but with a promo code get truth it's only 2999 remember all my pill products, the 60 day moneyback guarantee in a 10 year warranty. Just go to my and click on the new radio listeners specials and get deep discounts on all my pillow products including the body pillow for only 2999 enter promo code to get truth or call 800-942-9613 these great radio specials is being mean he CD an unexpected journey. We want to give that to anyone who gives anything to the persecution project during the show today you just got a call ended. 866-34-TRUTH and we will get you one of those CDs. It is conical that she's singing on the 23rd, we want to get out of phone number of for those who don't have credit card you know they did, they just want to get by phone and that number to call the persecution project directly to give to them is 888-201-5245, that number again 888-201-5245. Doubt you disses leave a message they'll call you back.

But after call it number.

Call 866-34-TRUTH 87884 will get to the CD right at the up fantastic and so allow I mean for me and I can try to relate to her journey yet and obtained going through that time the a.m. interestingly I wrote a screenplay during that time I was going through all the surgeries that really ended up leading to a lot of of what I do today so you is an amazing there's there's a saying, don't waste your pain. You know pain can you drive you from God or drive you to God and through the pain is a lot of creativity in God drawing you close.

That's what Lisa said throughout this ordeal. She's been going through still in pain but she says she will change it because she's really drawing closer to Jesus Christ and you have need of the 23rd Psalm. She's singing that I write and rewrite it and was she didn't write this all but she wrote the song that sits right behind it and and she's torn out her soul because he does you know he's gonna restore her soul.

He had a CT scan of you know she's gonna walk through the valley was shadowed and you know that's just beautiful. I I really am excited for what you know she's able to offer in your ministry together you are. You know in in is is you are talking about, you know those over there in the new. The mountains you know and I'm seeing that but by the way, go, go to Medina watch the videos. He was the Medina considers this woman right in the thing that struck me about her. As I watch that is the hope I made you don't get any sense that this woman is anything but the love of Christ and hope in her heart she doesn't look scared. She looks like worshiper right she is seen as she's a strong Christian and she uses music you know a good tie-in with with Lisa and her CD she uses music to minister to people there, and she teaches in a Christian school teaches English. She is our one of the ones that really use we use to distribute female hygiene kits to women throughout the nubile region. We bring those in for the ladies and us. She's the head of that somehow you am just curious, how do you get that stuff in when they want to let you have five pills right we go through the South, South Sudan and through the areas that are under control of the Sudanese People's liberation Army, the other the ones resisting the attacks.

So we go into the counties.

There are 17 counties and in southern court a fun state and we we are in 14 of the 17 but imagine Robbie that you're in this area the size of Georgia and there is only a handful of hospitals think they have about 180 primary health care clinics, but only a handful of hospitals in an area that size. Only one hospitalist referral hospital. I run by a doctor named Dr. Tom to tenant from he's exit from the United States but lives over there. I married a Sudanese woman is these there permanently now and he trained Dr. Ahmed Zechariah who was the one were helping build this new hospital and that was Dr. Tom's charge to Dr. Ahmed. You know, let's go build another hospital in a different area so people don't have to travel days and days on foot to get to this hospital. No paved roads and I think part of this is the woman's part is that he doesn't have a baby.

I mean childbirth is still very dangerous over there and I yeah if we can do anything so that were unfit. You know Brock was her talk my fees to that there are involved with were on phase 2 of building this maternity ward at this hospital and Duffy's.

One was the structure so we have the foundation laid, we have the walls built.

We have the roof put on.

We have the electrical wiring in enemy of solar power panels installed in our phase 2 that's fully doing the inside were to tile it were going to put windows and doors in gonna paint all all the inside stuff so phase 2 of the hospitalist were hoping the provide now see have the doctor yes and and certainly you know, it's cool that the projects underway, but the persecutions almost the Ahmed the faith that in spite of the persecution is what blows my mind. But you describe the city to me yesterday and tells him that I Parker I visited that in 2016 had nearly 5000 homes in that that village 4950 of them if I'm remembering correctly, they had the north Sudan army had dug trenches halfway around this village and is the whole area was littered with shell casings every single home was destroyed in the village people displaced they know each home 4950 has an average of seven people to adults, five children, on average, so do the math that's a lot of people being displaced not just displaced but killed in a Nazi AEP picture that you're in a city in your in your village and they build a trench in. They lay there with machine guns until they literally flatten the city with machine guns. It's it's it's really unthinkable in your talk about some of the buildings in the middle. Amazingly, the only building that was left standing was the church building, but even there when we went inside. There were bullet holes through the doors through the windows through the sheet-metal on the roof so it had been shot at the school building had been bulldozed by the north Sudan government so yeah and this is one that is that they're doing this is three reasons.

Primarily, there is a a religious component of the largest community of Christians remaining in north Sudan live in the new. The mountains 1.5 million people in this area. 30% claim to be followers of Jesus Christ. Second would be a political there is a party that's in opposition to the national Congress party those in power.

They are in north Sudan. And then there is an ethnicity ethnic reason, the government of north Sudan. Kind of relates or feels like their more Middle Eastern Arabic, whereas the new body very dark Africans, so there is religious, ethnic and political reasons for this. How I can go to kingdom pursuits. Click on Medina song you go to treatment. and do that or you just go to Medina song or you can call 888-201-5245. You give eight dollars so you can give $10, whatever you want to give and if you call back to us.

We can give you one of Lisa's CDs, 866-348-7884 is the number to call and we want to give as many of these away as we possibly can add is graciously supplied these and bring even more if you want to call in and take advantage of his wife's ministry which you noticed that's a beautiful thing to see you know I would imagine there were times that you know what she was going through all that you're going over there 4 Times Years Pretty Lonely Pl. to be. But you have a family as well. Yes, yup, we have the three children of her own and wanted their three only children once 25 married to grandchildren now is give me to grandchildren and amended oldest daughters 20 and my youngest is 13. So there there really spread the parts they can act like only children, but there are three of them so you know, back when Stu went there when it had biggest concerns. There was water I was echoing what were in a different area than the area where we were with Stu.

Okay, we were drilling wells right below Darfur which is in the Western side of Sudan and Stu went to visit that area with this boy, what a trip that was. We are now repairing existing wells in the new book area the size of Georgia. We've repaired 681 so far. Since 2013 when we began this project so it's all kind of health related were the largest supplier of medicines to the new region building this hospital providing safe, clean water, all the bring health and essence of the women have one more segment one more opportunity for you to call 866-34-TRUTH 87884.

Get your CD or call go to the website. 888-201-5245 call persecution project. One more song one Marla segment here pursuits stated music of Lisa Lyons. It can be for yours absolutely free are you to do is give anything to the persecution project. You can go to kingdom Medina, or you just call 888-201-5245 and I think when you hear the courage of this doctor that there be like oh my goodness, what do you hear what what we have. This man is somebody we need to support one you gather the people, and in the New Bern amazing Medina wonderful beautiful strong woman, Dr. Ahmed wonderful beautiful strong man and godly so there was a time where he was having coffee or tea at a little shop in another village and and Antonov came over he was in the shop with the number of women I think was about six or so in the shop owner himself and the engine off. Dropped some bombs and salt.

They ran out of the shop jumped into the nearest bottled women went in first. Dr. Ahmed laid on top of the women on one side shop owner laid on top of the women on the other side.

The bomb hit close to that foxhole on the shop owners side the concussive force in the ground because both men to come up above the level of the earth the ground and the shrapnel from the bomb killed the shop owner and Dr. Ahmed suffered 17 shrapnel wounds himself and he was covered with the shop owners blood. Everybody thought Dr. Ahmed was killed in the bombing as well. When he came to the concussive blasts and now I can yeah and knocked him out, and when he came to and started walking around everybody panic thinking he was no whatever they imagine seeing someone covered with blood, but he he saw that he was wounded but they weren't life-threatening so you know what he did. He went to the hospital and started treating others who were injured in those box and so you know that's a kinda guy that we need to support him in on my goodness that's a live and treatment treatments free there. You know, the people come from all over the place walking to get there and he doesn't charge them search adjusting how beautiful it is of your listing right this minute that God provided Brad Phillips, who decided add lines for these people to find these heroic Christians just phenomenally heroic Christians there in the Sudan that you could hear about it today and find a way to support them. I mean, and who knows it may be like Stu says a baby walk around and heavens of the unites of Asia.

Yeah, thanks for giving to that hospital because my mom had had me there and that Dr. that was so brave. Got a chance to do what he wanted to do and sanitary circumstance of the areas a doctor you can imagine how heartbreaking it is to have to do medicine out under a tree right yeah amen. And so the idea again is right. Go watchmen to go watch the video right.

Let's build a hospital in a let's save some women would save some suit Sudanese Christians in a bit bit. Obviously, you know, this next generation that's come up.

These children are to share Christ with their the people that are currently bottom. Yes, it was also started a chaplaincy program in that hospital so some of the local nubile pastors are visiting on occasion visiting the via patients but also ministering to the doctor and to the nurses that are there were constructing some housing for visiting nurses visiting doctors sort were trying to really holistically provide for the people that are in the new book.

We sure do appreciate the support of your listeners and everyone else who supports PPF's Adele Wade if you know you're going give you know your image of the persecution project is to get opportunity right now to call so you can get the CD well we got a couple minutes left so call us 866-348-7884 as a member, call Keith, the producer, get your address so that we can get you the CD can send it.

Bless your wife know and to know that she's yeah she's supporting this right. She was excited yesterday when I told her about the idea. So yeah and and what a beautiful lady. You get a chance to see her playing the piano in the back of the know… Really, really amazing to me. Like you said, don't waste your pain and and and maybe her and that something you know I love the what God gave us here were kingdom pursuits that you know how does God take your passion even through paint brand and use that to build the kingdom as Dr. Tom, Dr. Tom Katona, you can say that identity have to learn some Sudanese lawyer, Brad is quite a bit of Arabic aerobics. The national language than the Dr. Ahmed wonderful wonderful man so Sedo is allowing a little African just because you know it. Send over here because it is a metal ion was the last what you are really only a few seconds until I listen to some you think that they need to know about this just the people are lovely there wonderful people you know some bits of privilege and honor to bless them. We are doing a lot of discipleship and evangelism.

Besides these medical outreaches, you know, we provide about 18,400 Bibles each year to the new per region. We do another 6500 audio Bibles which are in Arabic and English.

Even Muslims up there coming to Christ with these audio Bibles.

From what I've gathered, if they're requesting these because we put high Arabic on there in the trying to master high Arabic kind of what you find in Egypt but through the process of listening to the Scriptures, the coming of Christ. And it's amazing thing you got work to find out more about it. Medina again I give out the numbers and you can persecution. 888-201-5245 thank you thank you greatly off to college. Comments on the Truth Network here now. Thank you for listening

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