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A Magic Moment on Route 66

Kingdom Pursuits / Robby Dilmore
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October 26, 2019 6:14 pm

A Magic Moment on Route 66

Kingdom Pursuits / Robby Dilmore

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October 26, 2019 6:14 pm

It's a regular literary review show this week! Robby talks with Bill Morris and Herbert Burns the two fantastic authors of the new books "This Magic Moment" and "Route 66", about how the lord has lead them in both their lives, and their writing.

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Pursuits where you hear from ordinary people instilled with an extraordinary passion together we explore the stories of men and women who take what they love and let God turn their passion into the kingdom pursuits now live from the truth. Your host Robbie Gilmore while you are like at Disneyland on so much fun. I mean I tell you you're going to be so glad you turned in today or I'm just glad that I can listen to it's getting so much fun.

First off, we have a couple authors. With this we have William Bill Morris, we calling Bill but his name is actually William Morris and he wrote a book called this magic moment, a journey of faith with friends and the father's love and yearning to hear how he was at least got to sing with the drifters among us can be awesome for right anxious to hear about that and we also have a good friend of mine's son used to work for me selling cars, but he is an author God gave him a passion for the Bible and that route and so his book is route 66. Have you found your route in life and so that's really cool, but then on top of that, at 1130 we have the second episode of Jesus junkets unbelievable story of Brother Andrew going and behind the Iron Curtain curtain. It's epic. It's dangerous you're going to be so excited to hear that story and encouraging prayer comes on right after that unit we are loaded for bear on kingdom pursuits so first off, we got Bill welcome Bill.

So where were you calling us from today and wonderful. I love Jackson, Mississippi. That's a beautiful place is a bit it's a lot warmer there today than it is here, well and rainy and but whether a very pleasant otherwise. And so I'm thankful to be talking with you guys. So are you calling for a leader in Winston-Salem North Carolina so okay you had a magic moment, but I'm guessing it was more than just a moment it done magic moment is a medical holding. And by moment and moment experiences as well. Anything that happens throughout the book I realized was a moment that truly was magical integration of the father's hand, the stages that he allows us to plan. At times, and so also heard you know I've known you for years and certainly your teacher, your wife was my kids. That's right she is seventh-grade teacher six grade to fourth grade, fourth grade teacher. Both can attest to my three kids got Mrs. Burns was as a teacher and so now I get a chance to see what your teaching through route 66 which may have today was 66 books. I'm just guessing. Exactly right. And you know that's magical so just for speaking of magic, you know the other day I saw a magician down the street and he turned into a drugstore in a minute. Okay, now that so I once saw a magician so he pulled his hair out and if you thought about this, but if you fire magician you know what happens they get disillusioned about my personal favorite of my magician jokes this morning when the snake charmer went to get dressed up. When she went to get dressed up. She put on extra garter. You know what you say about that. So here comes the actual riddle that you going to win today if you can answer this Bible riddle in which verse in Ezekiel. I made gave you the name of the chapter which verse in Ezekiel does the Lord declare that women have the right to bear arms and and an obligation to lose their charms okay in which verse of the Bible. This a hard riddle. I know so this will really testing today which verse of the Bible does Ezekiel that the Lord declare which book book which verse and is equal to the Lord declare that women have the right to bear arms and an obligation to lose their charms 866-34-TRUTH 87884. Tell me something that you will have a half-hour to get this because we got these junkets, Nancy got a call early 866-34-TRUTH 87884 and if they can guess that riddle Jasper tell mother when a prize package. They know when a copier for a copy of this match, and take her Wake Forest football game against NC State.

So while we that we are even loaded for bear on the prize giveaway today because we know that this is not your average riddle.

You know that Jesus is clearly the answer but you know it might be that he is the answer in this country, but 866-34-TRUTH 87884. We want to give all that stuff away to the lucky winner and moving on. So, Bill. It looked like he ate. You actually got a chance to hang out with some pretty famous artist and how did that happen and how to get into that well in Washington DC in 1984. An insurance convention from a primary wearing a linen shirt anyway. Life could not be with me, but I sought out a house to class lately to place called Hoag H which show very very nice restaurant. Not sure they're still in business but be that as it may have a lot of entertainment going on that time and on this particular night moonglow were forming in the moonglow's coursework, famous book, so many wonderful songs around the mid 50s to late 50s early 60s sincerely would probably be their greatest hits but also one called the 10 Commandments of below anyway.

At intermission, on. I went up to say hello to and they welcomed me and then clad McFadden was my greatest tenors in all of rock 'n' roll.

He was the lead for the drifters at that time it in the earlier stages. Anyway, I got Karen with them and singing a little clad son Billy make better. Well guys will rehearsing Bobby Lester, who was there virtuoso lead singer on most of their song almost moonglow songs heard me. He'd been kinda coach and gently show the gash group and they stop their rehearsal came over and gather around me and finished up the song with now is doing a song called Danny's home late famous black ship in the lamplight's 1961 and he said, baby got to that shown whether you do the lead on this thing will back you up blessed me and I'm never even had a mic in my hand on massacre show. Well long story short, it happened and then all these other singers in the audience will come up to me won't know what group is normally with so I knew that something very unusual.

It Hemingway out of the Lord that I mean these guys enabling national only.

Back home long way back to the hotel and the taxi looking out the window and it was huge pool of the moon first Lord did this really what is this something you click and then I heard that voice and audible voice say Bill, this is about my glory and I'm going to be healed you in due time, but I'm me about a year later picked up the Clarion ledger, Mississippi's largest newspaper whole front page was covered with a story (Barnes original by saying who was disabled and living in Jackson been a train car collision a few years before and the boys hit me again to one of my back her divorce. Now you know why you saying with echo. Take care that began 90 friendship lasted 26 years. It was truly almost dead band's most formal and how I got another segment here with her Burns is six or Route 66. You can say tomato tomato around the roof and you found your route in life that more from this magic moments estate finally fulfilled searching for since I can't order them there and all is well and uses it to build the kingdom today were so blessed that with Bill Morris is the author of this magic moment journeys of faith friends in the father's love as well as Herbert Burns. He is the author of Route 66. Have you found your route in life and as I mentioned, both books are available. Derek and on Amazon but you can find both just click on them in order as well as a little bit about the story but we're interested now. Herb how did you feel God led you to start this project of Route 66. Thank you Robbie when I was working as a instructor for Cytec. There was something I was trying to do. I guess from a prideful situation.

I was trying to be recognize and it took a lot a lot of work.

I worked on this for a year and required a lot of people being involved in what my effort was that I failed.

But being competitive. I try to do it again the following year, and I failed again so we should point us to God, you know, I surrender. This must not be your will and I'm not going to pursue this route anymore the future will it will be done so we should point person God. What can I do for you is not God. What can you do for me anymore so I was still in listened and guess what.

Following year when I was trying to accomplish came seeking me out. I was one of five people in America to accomplish was trying to date but you said what kind if you his response back to me was her usual talents to spread my word so had to think for a minute when I'm an architect teach animation teach game design taught classes in Ukraine with try success partners. She did so I said well you know I've read in your Bible. I really don't know your word. You have a Christian until a Sunday school class and read the verses in the Bible, but I have never read the Bible from beginning to end. Route 66 is my journey from Genesis through Revelation so each book of the Bible that I read. My heart was moved to create a context to create an application for a real world and Christian living and also did a digital painting for each book of the Bible so this knowledge by the way, is a real treat digital paintings inside this book. When you see it is that you are here.

Somebody was just moved by this book and then he's an artist, so he creates his painting and even cooler here in the takes the faces of people that you felt were inspiring.

Along the way and use those incorporated in an illustration.

I wasn't thinking one day with my wife. We were trying to get some weedkiller for kids and walks us that this gentleman got beer.

Looking many eyes.

It is just like my spirit is attached to logoff asking my names her Burns I'm writing this book about the Bible would be possible if I took your picture and used it is an in my Bible book that I'm creating. He said will surely sound the release.

His name is Morse. Nice LTD are thinking he became the face of Paul in my book. So anytime you see Paul mom illustrations that's Morris and there and there's all these different faces that you think you're going to see throughout the book, and so many wonderful illustrations well well you as I was listening and processing what you are saying. Somehow or another I missed that while I got the part where you got a chance to sing with moonglow's and and what happened there with those people. Why did that experience when when you said the spell fall, small voice said to you now. Do you know why I had to sing with moonglow's are why I gave you the opportunity sing with moonglow's. How did that connect to what you just read there in the newspaper. I guess I missed that somehow well me go practice needed someone in his life he would pretty much unknown. Even though we had in my opinion. Certainly one of their best baseball horses in all of rock 'n' roll. And when I found them coming. When he answered the phone hurting demand bereft of any joy. Nothing going on. He was an alcoholic, broken, spiritually, emotionally, basically a lot going on in this train car collision.

It had. He was a man just about to leave this earth anyway. He didn't even have any of the records that they had recorded tape-recorded all these famous songs at all. And then he had none of it.

Nothing no joy in his life, and I convinced him to let me pick him up and take them over. The ranch house had every single song that ever recorded did that and then before I knew it a few years ago about five years ago mine and they will be an honor letters longer than 10 years ago, and I will be an honor out in LA and he wanted me to go with them to the rhythm and blues foundation did you actually lead them to Christ at some point Bill well I can't say that I laid him league are you yeah I was a vehicle used if you want to know something specific about that bar alone in our journey. See the moonglow should broken up so me in those groups did action disbanded on stage somewhere around 1960, so Harvey puke while later became a very close friend of mine Harvey made Berry Gordy said do you know the Motown thing anyway Harvey helped arrange all his stuff brought Marvin Gaye and there's no they still there was still tension between the I was sitting in church and God said to me again that in audible voice that Bill I want you to call Harvey Kaelin how much I love you detail in the print explosion you do that, so sure enough, I did call and I told him that he said one must both do that.

I said except the unit we talked a little while longer. Next thing I know they going to Boston to sing and Symphony Hall of the doo-wop Hall of Fame and when Prince gets back. He called Marcy, brother Morris would sing his church life: he should never seen Harvey like in all my life. Should we mean.

She said peters will Ever need a hand. You know I have such a hard time with it. Took ceiling buttons without good you would just want like it said Marcy cared about him. He bought all my meals. She talked about going on the road again what to say yes it will imitate what happened last week and I told that we got try to get equal time. That's that I can see God clearly was at work and be clearly at work throughout the entire book. As you can see it's called this magic moment that's available again. If you go to kingdom but also want to give her the chance to, you know, of all the different chapters that you obviously had a right at the chance to write to which one are you to be the most excited that people get to it like a man I can hardly wait till he read the chapter about Nehemiah when I was in Ukraine had a really injured moment was in a car hit a bump and it just through my back out of whack and I could barely walk the walk. It was hard to breathe in my translator was Pablo and Pablo carried my bags around wherever we went on me.

He had a servants heart and just like Nehemiah. He was a servant to the king he had had a servants heart as well so Pablo became the face of Nehemiah in my book because of his servants heart and your vats.

That's something that will remember forever is service to help me out.

You know how cool that God gave you that opportunity to go through the Bible and also find people that obviously you know it's it's neat that you connected faces which are literally in their own way, an image of God, right yeah faces to things that were being spoke, sure, just one more story quickly, wife and hour out at them. A Mount Rushmore see this man off in the distance. We have to take a break. Let me know now offer to disassociate this man walking towards me. He looks like a John the Baptist big red beard as he gets closer and closer to Missy's got a red shirt on since Jesus savings got across, so I ask if I can take his picture. He said yes. Long story short, he became a face to tell me about yourself.

He said, well, one time I got sick and I lost my eyesight for several months and people are praying over me putting her hands on me. My eyesight came back. So what were you doing now. I say well I didn't have transportation so some veterans gave me a vehicle okay what are you doing now sit on driving across United States sharing the gospel.

So here I am at Mount Rushmore see this man a distance walking towards me and I'm drawn to him. I take his picture and he tells me this amazing story, God changed his life and he connected me with him and he's he's one of disciples apostles in the Last Supper of painting that I did while well that is just so beautiful will bill what some you don't want the listeners to miss that's in your book nature of our Lord help what we began on a journey with them. We begin to anticipate things just like herb and alluding to begin to expect things to happen when you see it being played out. You see that the next thing you just looking for another miracle in an they happen throughout this book.

Once the flight was canceled out to get to LA and not the man in front of me and how I see there too long stories. One) kingdom pursuits again. Bill Morris and her burns now you can go look in Ezekiel 13, and I actually stopped my audience.

I can't believe it's in Ezekiel 13, where there magic. Thank you for listing to kingdom pursuits out to Jesus coming right up. What a story about brother and going all over the country on an adventure and expect to hear all about that

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