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Home Rule and Christian Supply

Kingdom Pursuits / Robby Dilmore
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November 2, 2019 3:41 pm

Home Rule and Christian Supply

Kingdom Pursuits / Robby Dilmore

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November 2, 2019 3:41 pm

Welcome to Kingdom Pursuits, where we explore the stories of men and women who take what they love…and let God turn their passion into Kingdom Pursuits. This week we have Dwight Gullion from Gullion's Cristian Supply in studio. We also have author, movie producer, and business owner Christy McGoflin calling in to talk about her business Home Rule. As always, we have Robby's Dad Jokes and Riddles, and so much more right here on Kingdom Pursuits.

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This is the Truth Network versus where you hear from ordinary people instilled with an extraordinary passion together we explore the stories of men and women who take what they love God turn their passion into kingdom pursuits now your host Robbie Gilmore.

Have fun today on Certs I get to have two friends Arras.

While that happens everywhere you know God provides people I've had on the show many times as well as had a chance to meet them on and off you know radio so to speak.

So first up we have Kristi McLaughlin and Christie is one of the cool people out there that you know is this like you, overachievers like she has produced two different movies a long way off in the movie unbridled, but she's all also an author of several books, but the reason why she's here with us today is one of the many companies actually she started in her career, but this one is called home rule which is really near and dear to your heart right Kristi because this was something you experienced the frustration he saw a huge need in our culture for this kind of help right primarily. Had I landed it was boring not reading and writing like talking Oliver and we ended up going home with her when she was departmental when it is a completely different lifestyle. You know like typical parenting and we've experienced and often that a lot of people that challenges and raping a medically fragile child so we don't have answers for you there today along with Christie we have Dwight go of billions Christian supply been on many many many times and I've known this to has known Dwight for a long time and it's that time year Dwight where all the sudden wow are thinking about Christmas were thinking about a lot of stuff that that could be going on. Don't forget Thanksgiving and don't forget to remember that yeah yeah so you don't care is of a bookstore. I Thanksgiving what, what, where were you when you go with that old just gifts. In fact at my home we actually exchange gifts. It Thanksgiving because I we figure were giving thanks to each other and make a special deal that is will but you know there's always just a good festive celebratory spirit.

There starting me about this time and throughout the next couple months we like to just real. It's just really seems warm and in encouraging to to be in our workplace. There are ministry and all the people come in and seems seem to be really and I know you're focused on like we were talk about being thankful for what they have.

It's the traditionally the harvest time, which was when our ancestors were thankful and so forth. And of course the celebration of Christ's birth and comes after.

And that's not to mention the books over time by Christian billions Christian supplies so speaking of books will let you know is coming. Know you like doing what you call it when Stu takes a picture of himself in front of his favorite bookcase shelf. He still would do that and tells me that his books on angels later this keep flying off the shelf. Dwight even has a book on Christian ponds you may have heard this one. It's too meaningful. Billions you crack myself up on somebody's got to get credit so billions. There is a mile in the store that has clothing with Scripture verses right yes we just got a lot more than you can actually add your own verse.

If you want to. And so what you might be wondering what they call that I file well, it's sort of the adverse textile stretch there so you knew the end of all the shenanigans that actually have a riddle you could call it a win today at 866-348-7884 866-34-TRUTH.

All you have to do is tell us who was the smartest man in the first book in the Bible was the smartest man in the first book of the Bible 866-34-TRUTH 87884 866-34-TRUTH and if they can guess that one helmet that went alright get ready to call 866-348-7884 866-34-TRUTH who was the smartest man in the first book for talking books today of the Bible.

So in an out of the shenanigans were over Kristi you guys a bit open now. How long with home rule writing here and so how many cities because we are people listening in Richmond and people listen in Raleigh and people list in the Charlotte and be blessed in your Triad area will where where all do you guys covered this point where currently over now darling Wayne County in the Raleigh area so you know you now any everything in your house back home and I think a lot of people rely went through this with my father just does your go. This time I started in on that adventure and all it really is and then you quickly discover wow there some of these people that are really really wonderful with your with your loved one, and there's others that you like G how to get stuck with them.

You know and and I love you all thickly growing out there or care for aging parents to help parenting right like there (you're talking about that you know you are going through and apply to our medically needy paraplegic or rate and you want them to live every day and her and now it hard enough for speed kids. Actually, that's a big area but you guys doing billions as well right and and and certainly I don't know if you ever thought about the homebound kids that have health issues like no I don't guess I have.

Although we have a lot of people will bring them in with them in elbow ice you attracted always to my children. This is who what whether it's physical or or development disabilities often will point out to my children who a lot of work over with work store with this is to our Lord came for the rest of us that make it in it were just blessed the Lord came for these disadvantage folks that that's a special thing to work with those kind of folks in. I know that you've gotten some blessings out of that that were kind of unexpected if you got a story along those lines.

Kristi sorry I am even thought about that but you didn't know. I forgot about HIPAA.

No, I have that's right, this is your chance to call in at 866-348-7884. I really thought this was sort of an old one that somebody would get immediately. Who was the smartest man in the first book, the Bible 866-34-TRUTH 87884 so much more and uses it to build the kingdom today were so blessed that what is Dwight going in with billions Christian supply, which becomes even more vital to our community is always actually over 40 chain stores in the area have closed in the recent so if you're looking for Christian bookstore in your in Greensboro are you in Winston or Statesville.

Guess what glances is still right there available with more than ever, and we also have with us Kristi McLaughlin with home rule in a homeroom or they empower families to do direct care, believing that giving parents autonomy regarding scheduling facilities more control and flexibility will improve the health, relationships, activities, and quality of life for their entire family and so you know we still have a riddle that has to be riddled this question of who was the smartest man in the first book of the Bible so you can call us in with your answer at 866348788486634 truth, but in a while Dwight as all these other ones are closing you know you think it's good that your emphasis on homeschool in the use books and whatever they gave you a sort of a competitive advantage to be able to stay in business. I'm not exactly sure what it is is just the various economic and market forces that Bennett work in the last few years have caused there to be no to three years ago there was a chain of over 200 Christian bookstores closed in.

Now here this year, there's been one disclosing the think over hundred 70 of them and it's left a lot of communities without the light in the community that that for the last hundred years that Christian bookstores have been there's there's just like in Greece where there's no there's no Christian bookstore and in the city of drink and it's just amazing and shocking to me. But yes, it has to do with our unique atmosphere and product land and the fact we present ourselves as ministry and have a lot of community support songs from who we actually have a very big tree.

Here we have Phoebe Dillion who wants to attempt a riddle.

I guess and you know so tree be here on kingdom pursuits good morning are you on the clock that's really good because this is critical that your bureaus help and support billions right now by you know I would be in a really disappointed in some big doings can answer my riddle me that our King store right now helping customer support, but she was listening to her daddy Andre that's good 15 years old who was the first that excuse me, it was the smartest man in the first book of the Bible. Phoebe grabbed me up.

It's an oldie but goodie. It was Abraham because he did. He knew a lot and you're exactly right Phoebe, great answer and so you know I want to let you with a book from billions Christian supply but you forgot in the day. God bless. Right we got Virginia is in Lexington don't hang out with me don't lose. Don't and I got somebody else would go to Virginia near Virginia you're on the kingdom pursuits good morning I am good so in your mind who was the smartest man in the first book of the Bible and I really, everything building the ark. It's a really cool thing that you mentioned. No Virginia is that now I found grace in his father's eyes. In fact, is the first one that is mentioned that an and it's a huge deal that actually I don't know if you know this that Noah spelled backwards. In Hebrew is grace now if you spell those letters in Hebrew backwards. The way that it spelled Noah in in Hebrew, but you get the word grace and so it's it's a fascinating thing that that he can't is a picture and you know when were studying the Bible the first place you find a word is a significant issue into understanding the word. It's the first place. You find the word grace and then his name backwards. That way, so the number.

The name is assigned to.

So it's really cool stuff. Great answer. I say your winter and we have a book for you. So thank you so much for calling in today you have a regular agenda so we have Mike is in Sparta, North Carolina, Meijer on kingdom pursuits good morning.

I am excited to hear your answer. Who would you say was the smartest man in the first book of the Bible, smartest man in the first book of the Bible.

No doubt there you go ahead and absolute perfect wisdom because he was created perfect and clearly fail.

I like to have you forgot what we have to do today grout Deb about the what makes him the smartest man in the book of the Bible first book, the Bible will not only did he name all began okay. It was given to him to name all the animals he didn't have a mother-in-law but the most honest man in the Bible. Also, because when he looked it.

Even for you.

The produced woman on earth when she make my list. Absolutely not want to go out and never slip on the couch one time through a godly moment For these never put them on the couch. Did I got a distance you. You obviously given a lot of thought to this Mike and since I got you right here in this. This is more than fasting year there was a moment right even eaten the forbidden fruit and now Ada got a make a decision because he I can choose Eve or I can choose God documentaries Eve or I can choose God and it says in Timothy that he was not deceived, he was able to see Adam will see him right in man himself right back in the garden and we stand underneath the tree of knowledge every day and we have world we choose God moment in that moment what what what decision to make. I mean, you know, I thought about that, like I that that's really really hard if I don't eat this my wife is going to be in knowing what he was thinking but I guess we'll get to asking that question we get up there. Go to why I'm I'm interested in your view of that one set of atoms all think about.

I have my eyes close. I think that would be it a tough situation. We are Christie Christie, what do you think you made the right is now white) yeah, I think he wasn't deceived, so I did do some about the serpent but I'm talking about that moment after she ate now she's standing there and I will do so that now I think I think it's easy for us to say because we don't have the second as I thought about that. I wonder you know I really do and I'm in Ascot about this. I got there. What would've happened if Adam hadn't eaten it to Eve Actually they were divided but I don't know.

I so Mike, you got us all pondering up here. What was your thought on that. It's a picture of Jesus Christ will go secret or drop live without. Oh well, now you make me want to cry. Three. The promise of the Redeemer. Genesis 315 anomaly before the foundation of the world laid God knew that Krause was going to have to die across the back, God had to manifest himself in the place to come to earth to know what it was like God don't know what it was luck live luck. Miami don't know what it will block to be a great sleep. He could be born as a baby, so he had to manifest himself in the flashes of child be born and live a human life because it took a human man.for man because the blood of animals is no longer no good reasons.

So I am thrilled works of network that we have such listings out there was faith was such wisdom, that's wonderful, Talia, think about that all day on a less awesome, we are no we are told of most important verse in the Bible. Last year, say it sickened him if he could. During the study. If you have a humble mind, a receptive heart and time spent in a book you can learn step from that book that you don't even know losing their interests watch what all that I know I know there's two people with an increase in the light completely. God bless you Mike, thank you so much man, that's awesome. Have a great afternoon.

I didn't win, but are you on the books man you want airtime, plus a book where you get it so I will put you back on hold so that we might send you to all our little segment with Christie and Bill and white we got a lot more coming from Berlin's Christian supply at home rule you find out more about those in kingdom

What you may be looking for a Christian bookstore.

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Just go to my and click on the new radio listeners specials and get deep discounts on all my pillow products including the body pillow for only 2999 enter promo code get truth or call 800-942-9613 for these great radio specials earlier how God takes to build the kingdom and both are just a day of got huge crashes in so many different ways and they both so multitalented is it's amazing all the things that I know they're are involved in. But first off, we have Dwight go in with billions Christian supply which you know they got all sorts of stuff. It's not just books by any means or anybody stretch the imagination. Family decor declaration. You know, things for Christmas decorations all kinds of cards and what are some of the things he wanted to soar like a Christian department store because you know we have a gift section with all the luck you just mentioned home to core and always know about how the the in Old Testament Godhead, the Israelites were supposed to put the law and God's word on their on their walls on their doorpost, and so forth and so always encourage people to decorate their home with inspirational sayings in Scripture and so forth, but ending in get into things or things are make for great gifts for birthdays and your holidays and so forth. Greeting cards we sell this stacks and stacks of box greeting cards all the nice little ladies at the church that went one thing about you know in Christmas cards but we got we got those all out and so forth. And then you know we still do sell a lot of the music CDs and DVDs of movies and so forth and I would have liked looking to see what the your other early guest here what movies that's she helped produce videos she produced real Christie telling you did just one in 2014 and just one in February this year right at me, I'm not really bridal and I now actually fired by brand and carry North Carolina care with girl, and an politically incredible and founding only now that I got there for several years so that we can find it in in so another thing that actually are seeing more and more is his Sunday school curriculum right it's one of those things that you know you may be wondering if you want to start a Bible study on your own, or whatever you guys constantly as we do have a large selection of Sunday school and in the children's church and VBS materials and do standing orders from other churches and a lot more churches call this your recently to fulfill their orders and were happy to ship until if it's a little alleyway to come to states looking would be happy to ship to them.

I just noticed when looking at this the sheet that Robbie sent me about your movies that we have something else in common. Christie, I have eight children and nine so I think were held out of the norm here lately out of the norm and people think Larry and working at home now at Carlisle and went back really something on your burning around helping out. I actually have a couple of working for right now and working and earning all right get work done or do you want exciting thing that I think that when you write and not yet you are, whatever really good thing. Okay bring where my week. What if that art now probably still looking now. Something like now I think battering or elderly people or somewhere right and that I think bridal think about going. For example, go round and round back from that document. Anything Robert telling you what the leading war room and community like Billy Brown in effect any way things are happening around anything, let 90 there during I think a lot of overwhelming now.the very first day dear Gary Frank we did. We started off in a little fleamarket back in 1992 and the Lord is blessed, bring things to you like about writing, but nowhere. Medically really looking at heart that's cool really let that really is and I teach special needs the church where I attend and have for years and years and years and know what you said about these are the ones that Jesus came from. I can't even begin to share the things they have taught me. That's right yes I just like oh my gosh they understand a lot of things so much clearer than I ever could consider looking through such a different lens and the, the joy that they have in circumstances that I can't even imagine. And and and different things that are along the way that like wow I'm got I never would've gone on this adventure had you not drawn me to it.

And now that you have it you know there's all sorts of blessings on it which is really kind of the theme of the whole idea of the original kingdom pursuits shuttle was to have people that God took him somewhere where they didn't really know where they were headed in the next thing you know we opened up all sorts of doors I see that in both your lives. I mean it's just been a constant thing is I've known you both for a number years of an you know there's been trials along the way.

In both. In both people's cases gives you both of you had children, you know where you had your struggles right that's right yes I had some health issues with them our son and then the had a baby daughter passed away soon after birth. So there's been struggles, but again like back to what Robbie said we we are so blessed and so spoiled the Lord said, take such good care of the sink and and it's this or that we should have this a grateful heart. Every morning when we get up and to think of all of what he's done for us and how we don't deserve anything any of its in you know, like I think of categories cuts both places of service for a lot of folks that desperately need. That is when somebody needs that, healthcare Christie, I mean, it's hard. You know how hard a place that is to be. I agree that we all got great family time telling no example of one of our client that I can talk about my daughter.

My daughter for not writing any way that throughout her body. No great pain, allowing another break we got one more segment is also thinking to write about, you know that's a giant for those people in that situation.

That's a huge need and I can imagine facing homeschooling without a Christian bookstore somewhere around I mean wow talk about the curriculum and all is more Christie more than men when we left our hero Christie. She was the middle of her story about her daughter and I don't interrupt that further. So go ahead Christie bring out back. I like a lot of oligarchs are electrically bearing building lot about that and one. There are a lot of people really really family that I that I now work through work that America child like Mike really hard people and you can that they might like Elkhart off the light lab and how grateful I know right now grateful. Why do I get hired.

There's no doubt about it through. There hardened their caregiver and really know and you rearrange your light are concerned, we work with my daughter had gotten home for 11 and we went thing with me and I have to be a better way now you mean late work during the day and all night and your child or work or literally light with with the medically fact of life and light got one thing we can help and honor on their comp in your area are either indifferent about a lot of people already here about about parent school where they would allow that there a lot you and I understand that family that and that we we create feel like they're part of hot air with the family and I'll out how the member and I know it will not work this this segment is cut short. I'm sorry Christie yes you can hear her passion for home was absolutely huge. And if you got home go to kingdom but want to give you a minute Dwight because this this homeschool thing is, it is a big deal to. Oh sure, yes it's continuing to grow. There's over 90,000 homeschools in North Carolina alone of meaning you well over 200,000 children being taught that way and our stores provide a full line of love and our stores in King and in states where the two that have a full line of new curriculum of all various homeschool curriculums. Huge selection of used curriculum it at budget prices would accept the trade-ins of your use curriculum for cash or credit in the store and then I have a great staff and awesome staff of graduated homeschool moms that are ready to pray with you and talk to you and hold your hand and don't don't be afraid to come on see us and we be happy to fix you up and then you season ones come on CS's will happy to match prices if we need to with online and you know we can ship to you whatever you need, but the we love to see you and boy it's a blessing to be on the show with you Christie that was that such a good testimony and that she give up what is a website that you mentioned that right there about this kind of fascinating that the there's a prayer segment coming up that I recorded actually yesterday would change bank on. That's called encouraging prayer you know what it is called fight to praise their literally fighting words and he's gonna quote how we have to fight sometimes rude to be able to praise.

That seems like exactly what you're talking about Christie right there is nowhere going to be fighting the price of thank you Christie.

It's always a pleasure to have you in all that you're doing as well as you do.

I bless Christian supply certainly has as well as home can find them either wanted kingdom thousand purging prayer followed by the radio so much truth you list are somewhat like so much fun. Thank you so much for the called

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