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A Rescue Mission

Kingdom Pursuits / Robby Dilmore
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December 14, 2019 1:54 pm

A Rescue Mission

Kingdom Pursuits / Robby Dilmore

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December 14, 2019 1:54 pm

Robby talks with Mark and Jamie about there mission to rescue Girls who have been human traffic victims. Make tells a story of risk and victory.

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This is the Truth Network person where you hear from ordinary people instilled with an extraordinary fashion.

Together, we explore the stories of men and women who take what they love and let God turn their passion into kingdom pursuits now live from your host Robbie Gilmore. What a treat we have for you today were going a little bit incognito.

We got some sensitive stuff to talk about today on the Christian car garage is kingdom pursuits like I'm rarely ever got out of the here hunting receipts were God takes your passion and uses it to build the kingdom. I have Mark here with me. He is with lantern rescue which is USA based organization conducts international rescue operations for people suffering from human trafficking and satellite this is a gigantic issue. Mark, as is in a you know when we talk about going in on rescue operations. I mean, you're literally going in where people are being mean. This is life, and that it is it is for us. It is for those there were extracting their way to the epidemic.

It's a crisis. Again it's it's lantern Eliane PRN lantern rescue and Morgan. We talked a lot with Mark today and his wife is here with us to Jamie Jamie you and actually if you're here in the studio you could get to see that Marcus hit all this, which is really fun Christmas time is like that. So, speaking of Christmas time.

We also have Peggy, I want to say your last name right. Is it console over console over. Oh, I knew I could get it eventually. And Peggy is a Bible fiction writer and right you got a new book coming out but you two like to go international right that Bible fiction 03 brought all woman.

I miss read your bio situation so your book like that. The star name or in an Sheppard Potter Spier actually true stories Bible part okay good good good well speaking of not so true stories. Today's riddle thinking of reindeer. I know the young ones right here right now.

I think with me so are you familiar with what Mrs. Claus said Toussaint on that first morning, I like playing here and how about this when this is always to you name often rained I give you a hint. You got or dancer prancer vixen people get him mixed up is not Nixon. It's vixen commented Cupid is not a is not got little wings it's qubit with a T bid with another guy. Donner blitzing and then a lot of people forget Rudolph's it actually makes nine but there is 1/10 reindeer. Did you know that you know you didn't know that. Did you know that Jamie about Mark.

I did not know. I know it's actually my personally favorite Christmas joke yeah there is 1/10 reindeer.

It's olive you might know her from Olive the other reindeer along those lines in I don't know if you heard about Mark but Rudolph's report card was pitiful was really serious and you know I how bad was it. He went down in history that I got. So with all that said, you do at the end of the shenanigans actually and I'm you can answer this one because I know you know your Bible, but because we gotta get a caller to call in at 866-34-TRUTH 87884 but who in the Bible had reindeer feet, and here's a quote he said he makes my feet like that of a deer and sets me on how I place in the Bible had reindeer feet 866-34-TRUTH 87884's number: when a finger that Danny known what that went well when kingdom pursuits prize. All you have to do call at 866-348-7884 and tell me the author of that quote. I'll even give you hints in the book of second Samuel and he said he makes my feet like the feet of a deer and sets me on hype (I never use the way you got this book coming out and tell me a little bit about is that the star name or okay people read the Bible story of God well Joshua 910 are elected. I think okay so working gets more than that.

I know that if you're like me you got all my goodness, Mark, you now can you. I know it's sensitive information you can tell us where you went and whatever but you know how you get word that this is going on in the inch gotta go do can you take us through one of these stories a little bit so that we get a feel of what you're doing. Sure will lantern specifically works internationally.

Although we do consult stateside and we tried influence on the bills that are being currently looked at by Congress but our focus is internationally in particular were focused on the traffic routes to America that we worked in the lease worked in the Asia-Pacific region right now are just computers traffic routes to America. In other words, there are people in America bringing in slaves. Yes, yet not to slaves but not really slaves. Although their slavery around the world. I mean 41 million people are held in slavery but the trafficking, the sex trafficking, human trafficking is under $50 billion industry it's it's drawing fashion. The drug cartel because a girl is a commodity that can be used over and over, and now the ultimate user of trafficking are your larger nations particular our team is is right now is in 2020 were very focused on the traffic routes into America so these are places like girls from South America, Central America and the Caribbean and yeah there if if they can invest in game for trafficker cartel group can bring a girl to America, then that's a big big bang for their buck. Forcing America this great country living is a great country. It is the largest consumer of child pornography and that is what you pornography breeds this in America was maybe a summary thorough countries.

The orphan crisis, breach, trafficking is homelessness and in orphans on the street here. There's a demand for, and so were you were very focused working on that and having great success but is overwhelming. There is just great deal. Just so you get a call.

I guess from Netflix so so basically it works in different ways.

Intelligence comes to us in different ways, but the way the way the way that we work is very unique. We like to work with the governor governments the sovereign nations that we work under. So if we get a country X are in games that were their work with the Atty. Gen. work with the general of police of that country. Although some of those countries are fairly corrupt and some of the police bosses are the actual ones moment trafficking rings, you know, but we try to work with the governments at the highest level and we establish space in understanding with them.

Where there free of charge were nonprofit were volunteers that keeps things very clean because you know where Christian brothers and sisters in and we want to see a kid rescued in and then in here about Jesus so but we do interface with those governments, as well as our own and our goal is we try to set up a unit within that country, we train, we specialize in training so we try to find out of their police force a SWAT team works with us well again.

I'm sure that we can all be praying for Mark and his team will lantern rescue, but also if you feel it needs time here. They could certainly your donation lantern lantern is coming for Mark find out about the call Robbie Gilmore here in the Truth Network podcast of help make my pillow the company it is today, and now Mike Lindell, who by the way, I've met is a great guy, the inventor and CEO of my pillow wants to get back to our listeners. The first time you can get deep discounts on all my pillow products. If you go to my right now, and click on the new radio listeners special who never thought that my dream job would be selling my pillows and you're getting tired of these sleeping droughts, but you can get deep discounts on my pillows and mattress toppers bedsheets, and so much more. For example, the body pillow is regularly 89, 99, but with a promo code get truth it's only 2999 remember all my pillow products, the 60 day moneyback guarantee and a 10 year warranty.

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We have that today on kingdom pursuits.

We have Mark with lantern, rescue his wife Jamie and all their wonderful children all seem very passionate for the kingdom they been googling about dear feet ever since, as they like me are shocked, personally shocked that no one is called in to win this book today at 866-34-TRUTH 8788 fair for all you have to do is tell us who said he makes my feet like the feet of a deer and sets me on a high place and I've been told it was in second Samuel, so this should not be hard 866-34-TRUTH 87884. We also have Peggy Kingsolver who is the author of the star namer and on chose which were to find out more about that her turf workbook and the sequel to the shepherd tolerance by so I like. I guess Mark you get to meet these girls is not extensively sometimes. I did recently get to come back around and visit some girls that we rescued six months ago and that was a special time just because letter interaction during a rescue submittal and I sometimes will you know were not I'm not one that's doing that we would facilitate aftercare but to see the 16 months later and to hear their stories and in the learn that they were in other excited about learning English during school. Their name Jesus made and accepted Christ are wanting to be nurses, doctors now just fantastic. Plaintiff and have a life down and down and freedom. Freedom in Christ, which is even like wow it's it's like absolutely amazing. Again, it's lantern rescue all one word I guess. And if you're for googling that lantern and right now we have a it was Christmas time and it's that time to raise funds.

We have somebody just gives the $50,000 donation matched now to the end of the year so I will really push and trying to match that 50 grand were none of us are employed by Lynn and rescuer were volunteers so which and do the best where we can and so this money is being used like literally to buy plane tickets to go dance is covering the rescue operations.

Yeah, you could have hoped. I mean there's car rentals, and who knows what all expenses that she has. This is really staying safe houses.

We work in the countries you know we was we can't really stay in hotels that we say in the safe houses and our assets are key people we know we have intelligence that goes before sometimes and we build a reconnaissance team that developed the network that we need operate in that country does a lot of moving parts. A lot of things involved so there's a $50,000 match. In other words, if you could give $50 is getting it doubled, correct, and so right now the people Nelson of this gift comes in dollars. It gets matched automatically every $30,000 that that's that's going on so speaking of intrigue I'm I'm intrigued on. You know the on chosen part of the star namer there Peggy tells a little bit about what the readers would would be able to experience by reading your book can guide you capture capture around Alliant with Israelite character book with father Dr. after the battle after battle father and high-caliber court file. According to Dr. Glick battle field of battle.

Later I battle between their and so there you go.

So wow that sounds like intrigue and still intrigued over here with my friend Mark like oh my goodness what what you see coming for 2020 2020 we had to email you back some memorandum of understanding, all you understanding between us and to countries. Right now the really trying to help.

They really want to help to deal with the tracking issue you and that's that's what were very focused to get these two countries right and so when they start doing that than that means.

Now you're trying to get with their officials so we arty have delivered on recon trips and everything worked out the space in agreement where the training unit one particular country in the second country retraining 2020 and what we do is we should begin to take them in and see with their intelligence network looks like, you know what they know about their tracking issue and now these are countries that had heavy numbers of girls were being held in brothels and nightclubs and things like that so were actually train them. We began to develop that intelligence network sometimes as from girls that we've rescued you can tell us where others are sometimes as we begin to do what we call like salt rescues with that team first where we in removing girls in the daytime out of brothels in situations like that in the mostly we move over into some of the nightwork we get intelligence have paid this particular club is selling girls and they show up around midnight or 2 AM this coming time frames we going we raid those will rate those places we document you know everything is done there and we ultimately try to make arrests as well of the club owner if you know and then we extract the girls out some kind age. Average age like in Asia-Pacific spot nine years old.

Average age in the southern South part of our country is about 13. Mark what kind of danger is involved. It sounds like you to dangerous summaries operations. Do you have security with you know we are security where all it's our team is where we specialize in sending former US specialized law enforcement intelligence personnel so we are we are the team to the security where word wearing body armor, kids, and most of our raids you know where well-equipped are you know well, we can always be better equipped vessel raising funds for the dinner where we equip ourselves to going to do the operations well and obviously at this point time had a whole lot of extraction, something even my team has collectively rescued in the thousands.

I personally about 54 months ago was on my hundredth case and that was my 100th you know, rescue operation and those little nine-year-old girl and so it's it's it's with a lot of places, like 2000 19,005 countries and 11 different deployments probably 5050 rates so as his wife. I'm curious your take on this. Jamie well you know it's a SLI are our family night the Lord laid on my heart for years to pray for children, especially who are being abused on those years I was primarily thinking his children in United States and anxious children being abused and she's heavy on my heart really heavy in my heart and I will pray for them constantly that their abusers may be unable to be assembling too sick to abuse and an alert at Cincinnati to rescue them and in a couple years ago it came and started telling me this, and any like the stars are lining up.

I think this can happen is really overwhelming may and I told him later had nine Gander Lord would answer my prayers and he departed answer and so you know I'm getting to see children while our picture and after all mine and so far so good. As far as keeping your husband safe. So again it's lantern year, we have a $50,000 match that's out there.

So it's lantern lantern if Lord puts on your heart. Certainly I know he puts all our hearts. Pray for this, and we've got this going on here. Thank you Peggy for joining us today our book again is the star namer and the unchosen.

Thank you for being with God bless have a great afternoon Jesus jumped it's all just a second to so much truth

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