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Kingdom Pursuits "Road Trip"

Kingdom Pursuits / Robby Dilmore
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December 21, 2019 2:29 pm

Kingdom Pursuits "Road Trip"

Kingdom Pursuits / Robby Dilmore

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December 21, 2019 2:29 pm

Dr Jim Ingvoldstad talks about his book "Road Trip" A doctors call to Haiti. Robby's riddle was 1 number for the books..hint hint.....


This is the Truth Network person where you hear from ordinary people instilled with an extraordinary fashion. Together, we explore the stories of men and women of God turn their passion into kingdom pursuits now live from the truth.

Yes, it is in fact dismiss if you're wondering, look at me that way. Bill, I am always wondering very special Christmas Eve EBV BBE revision today. We got some amazing first off, we have Mike Swick.

Now he is the founder of this Wikipedia which is just, you know that's amazing in the bill Iago wondering again.

I am actually Mike is a talkshow host and he is got a show coming on in January, starting out, it will be at 830 Saturday mornings. If not for God.

If not for God.

And so, how cool is that a title yet admit Bill, I like that. If not for God so Mike is currently doing that were going to talk about my care in his story and then also you might hear the voice of Bill Mixon. He and O'Leary are here with a homeless point in time count so Bill welcome. This is a big deal. Good to see you sir, it's nice to be young again. Of course, and they that were to talk about this point in time count when we get to that. We also have with us an amazing author Dan it's Dr. Jim, try this ink. How do do Jim Dr. Turkic in his book, which I'm very excited to hear about this book, road trip, a doctors call to Haiti. Oh my goodness, I bet this is even have some stories don't do.

You didn't call the doctor meets the witch Dr. Wheatley did meet him and put that in there. I would think. Sorta they were to be hearing a lot from Dr. Jim and were to be hearing from Kristin which we have got to her yet.

Mike Swick, but speaking of count, you knew this was coming.

It is close to Christmas a speaking of count red blood count unless you thought about this is a communist vampire led blood count yes is a communist vampire and bargain store promised free averages with every purchase, but don't count on something if you knew this but using your fingers to count is really a digital calculator and I like that with you. Finally, like the afternoon you might like this one in a democracy it's your vote counts, but in feudalism it's your count the votes and the crickets like the Ellie was down for the count. No, so the end of all the shenanigans you not actually have a riddles you could call it a windy day. Elliot tells which book in the Bible do accountants feel they can count on which book I got DSM but please don't just get over being book in the Bible do accountants feel they could count on if you can guess that you because 866-34-TRUTH 87884 866-34-TRUTH and if they do that. Danny told her that when I happy to win federal tickets to see my fourth versus Florida State January 8, 2020 tickets while so you get to go to a wake forth basketball game and so all you have to do is call in 866-34-TRUTH 87884 and tell us which book in the Bible do accountants feel they can count on minute. I want to give simple riddles this time, something that people can and do so. We have Kristin O'Leary, a good friend that we've known for years is helped out in this and tell us about your view of the homeless point in time count where military you sometimes only go out.

It's very humbling and other times it's sad that very first time that I went I came across some toys that had been in aide-de-camp, and the children went there. The mom wasn't air, but they had been there that night and I found myself going back to that spot repeatedly throughout the count, trying to find the family so we can get them in shelter, but they had been theirs for some time and so it was just so sad to me.

I cried when I feel this is this is a big deal, on January 29 yes one time a year. The Department of Housing and Urban Development tries to get a accurate count of the homeless across the country and by us going out will probably have 75 volunteers go out around the county. By doing that we get to interview the homeless and get a better understanding of why they're homeless.

We have a goodie bag that we take out with resource information. Anybody that we talk to that would like to come in and get out of the cold is allowed to in 10 years of doing this. I've never had anybody actually take us up on that offer, but they all swear that they'll do it the next night, but it's a great way to fear about five things a Christian now now I have had people coming but most of them don't cry it's because you you know if I would I would go with her. I don't know that I would go with you where going to this time and I'll ask :-( we don't take them. If there is why there's a special group that goes in a van, and Dr. Jim. I imagine that what you saw in Haiti was made. You know this is this is a really difficult situation right.

Called the poverty rate will be the country that the world has forgotten and logged in the little island we go to in the faded part of Haiti designated as the as the art of Haiti that Haiti had forgotten though really I didn't know that there's a lot of little island in the day yet.

If you look at a map of Haiti in Port-au-Prince, 20 miles straight out into the bay from Port-au-Prince logging out of the net that is that's where we do all of our work.

Imagine the hurricanes just blister that plagues well he did and that the people who live on the water. They build their own out the little camera and there's that the Lord, it would be prime real estate, right, Miami Beach, Florida. All of the beat code high-rises look for them. If you don't have any money you could take out your plate and you get to live there right next ocean course if there's a big title wave coming in the brain that out but some I think in your thinking is not for God here. In both cases, I forgot I forgot I just the I've actually been to Haiti four times I did and we went on mission trips with the Raleigh first assembly and there is there is a there's been a lot of progress. I believe since the remember the earthquake I want to say was it 2010, but there's definitely a long ways to go. We stayed in a place called Corfu and out with a guy named Bishop Joel Joelle June and he had an Ashley took in a bunch of children.

You, in case you're wondering if there's anything that you can do to help. Yes there there is there is always something that we can do to to help end. It's interesting, and in Haiti. Everybody went that the people and a lot of people go to church and it's like they're excited to worship the Lord and and it's not something that they have to do, but it's something that they get to do and so was just a real blessing to be down there and I'm I'm sure we were blessed more than they were and if not for God so we got today show Mike Swick is his new radio show coming on 830 and Saturday mornings. If not for God, Kristin O'Leary and Bill. What's your last name and mixes with the homeless point in time at any age you and Dr. Jim. Road trip. I brought a doctors call the Haiti which this is a book on Amazon.

Oh my goodness rated rating. Find out more about that and we got all these for we hear how God poster children again is always on this of this particular subject matter. We got Dr. Jim say, with a road trip. Doctors call the Haiti Tristan O'Leary and Bill Mixon with the homeless point in time count and Mike Swick. If not for God a new radio show coming at 830 Saturday mornings on the Truth Network for exciting both in Winston and Raleigh so we have this riddle that has to be riddled. Speaking of count rights which book in the Bible do accountants feel they can count. We have Wayne is in Siler city North Carolina Wayne you're on the kingdom versus component so which book to the accountants feel like they can count on you think Wayne I think it would probably have to be the book of numbers. Think of me yes you I know there are obviously other answers and I hope William and Raleigh and Buddy and Mount Holly will both stay on the line because I would love to hear that the clearly be lots of answers because I think that accounts could probably count on most of the books of the Bible, but in this case it was the one that I was kind of making light of the name but thank you Wayne God bless, how are you doing this Christmas you know it's a neat thing about the word glass. I was looking at it this week and it has this sense the and it starts with a P like you might imagine, what, where, with what they call it that, in Hebrew, which means like house and so like that's gonna give you some kingdom stuff that's what he's talking about because his house is his kingdom and then it it has this at the end is called a final cough and it's kind of like the palm of God's hand and is also the palm of your hand so that you can receive and so is like he's got to the whole world in his hand and is coming out there with his kingdom for you it's it's a really neat word and so I'm like you I'm I'm blessed and feeling feel in the season so God bless you.

Thank you Wayne I appreciate you all very much, put on hold your winter we got.

William is in Raleigh. I hope William still with us.

William is still with us here. Good good which book will you get a set also and again I may not your winter.

I say you know you are exactly right but you can count on numbers undoubtedly quoted a lot in the New Testament it's oh great answer. How about you this Christmas point. What are you, why not, or how was your Christmas is your what are you what are your plans with my wife and reflecting on on life and being grateful for all the blessing that God has used me to help other people in all the good things that you dining grateful for my salvation is looking forward to the other thing that I do it me to helping other people. So how's you have you had a chance to do that this year will make sure I got I got to share Christ. On the third hour I got your Christ people in their own really.

And on this deal is always this man after own heart right here. You say you have your employment business. Okay one and when you go in you shared that is absolutely excellent here all the time.

I you listen to what's happening certainly and you know I get you draining everybody like the draining part got she don't want any backup. But what are is that when it comes to poker than a straight flush beautiful house in my right. The laws for the William I am I am I am beautiful thing that you do have a chance to see a lot of people in the thinking I'm sure to see the joy that's in your heart. I consented over the over the phone got been very good and gracious, and I've been blessed that working other places around the world and share Christ with people. There's nothing more that brings joy to me than to be able to share Christ with someone and especially to see them come to Christ. The best part of all yeah like that's a gift gift that just keeps on giving you for eternity thank you William God bless and appreciate so much. Everybody is in Mount Holly, North Carolina. But here on the kingdom pursuits tomorrow morning. Good morning, how are you today I am excited to hear your answer on answering the same number. You are exactly what we have another winner Danny so I know about prizes. We have two sets of tickets for tonight come up with a bone from the proceeds given to price fall fermented from Mount Holly. But somebody tell me your thoughts this Christmas.

Well cited. We have our own daughter back to California and now Leo about 30 minutes away from the children when this Christmas can be really, really special that his sinful house just absolutely awesome I I I am excited like that because I've got three grandkids, myself and have them at different times and is this going to be a blast and that there's something about watching kids have fun that just gives you sensors on family is wonderful. Thank you and I really enjoyed the segment that you were doing earlier about joy in heaven joy in being the main thing the Christmas we really need just enjoy it. I think now I was think about the Christmas tree Saturday night. I get frustrated and once again I kind I keep trying to find myself back to that place of this is supposed to be fun but probably let's get her act together. So fortunately, Jesus keeps reminding me, and in the good Shepherd will take us there. So you guys have a great Christmas, buddy.

God bless, I appreciate your call very much. Thank you, thank you all right getting back to Dr. Jim so your book. Tell us a little bit about what God called you to know he called you Haley but he also apparently called to write a book. The book actually goes back to the college day somebody would come in the house. No road trip and we would get up and go. We didn't know where we're going. I didn't always ended up in kind of a good experience house that we got we could've written animal health important surgery. One day a friend of mine that what you think about the Haiti trip like 20 years and five years later, after being attracted and talking about and he explained that the woman had come to our meeting.

Our staff meeting that she'd been delighted for a group called Scout going international would bring children back to the state.

Thirdly, something she had met the nurse who was the wife of the Greek there and had the clinic, and one will be key lands become down you know whatever, but maybe someday I'll think about doing that and that they think about going that well about three days and there there there is the biblical number for you and not like that that well. I had this remembering yelling in the back of my mind that that will let go and though we did and then the experiences we've had over the last 19 years. Quite impressive or emphatically affected me in many ways and somebody said earlier in Haiti. People love to go to church to get way dressed up big event for them in the thinking they do spectacular same thing. There is no there's no need for anybody new rows (the you ask about going on too long. But blessing last year my wife and I that you know were not doing anything family lies and what we go down the log and that we we made a plan and she is another and we went down there couple days before Christmas eve and five days doing clinic and trading in their Christmas Eve and Christmas Day celebration which are way more religious than ours mean they might have one tree somewhere in the village and in the call about church you go to church at 11 o'clock at night on Christmas evening there till about three in the morning, but the most impressed thing was, I'll go back to my very first trip we have translator speak Creole and French and one man. I'm sorry that Ms. Thomas for you to hear more from Haiti from Dr. family got Mike Zwick. If not for God, and you can hear all that in the background of every and then Tristan O'Leary and what's your name all yeah Bill Matson with homeless point in time count. We've got so much more kingdom pursuits take to Robbie Gilmore here in the Truth Network podcasts of help make my pillow the company it is today, and now Mike Lindell, who by the way, I've met is a great guy, the inventor and CEO of my pillow wants to get back to our listeners for the first time you can get deep discounts on all my door products. If you go to my right now, and click on the new radio listener specials who never thought that my dream job would be selling my pillows and you're getting tired of these sleeping droughts, but you can get deep discount on my pillows, mattress toppers, bedsheets, and so much more.

For example, the body pillow is regularly 89, 99, but with a promo code get truth it's only 2999 remember all my pill products, the 60 day moneyback guarantee in a 10 year warranty.

Just go to my and click on the new radio listeners specials and get deep discounts on all my pillow products including the body pillow for only 2999 enter promo code get truth or call 800-942-9613 for these great radio specials is where we hear how God takes and uses it to build the kingdom. Today we are very blessed to have with us Dr. Jim Targum is road trip doctors call the Haiti. This is a book you can order it on Amazon there's still time. I'm pretty sure you get the Kindle version for Christmas. For some that again when when you order book for new authors like this, or maybe Dr. Jim's written 10 books but it it means a time for you to go back right. The boat given five stars you know it.

Innocent people will see that this is can be a great book so I would mention that we all sat with us Tristan O'Leary and Bill Mixon with homeless point in time count, which is coming up January 29 and yes. Besides, a trip to Haiti. Bill and Kristin would love to see you volunteer for taking part of matter and I think that like you heard from both Mike and Dr. Jim. It's amazing thing that you go thinking you're going to go help these people. And it turns out they help you last supper that like Mike you talk about which Mike switches, if not for God and so you go to Haiti and they're all dressed up like you talked about and will and and you ask him what's up with that the there was a guy named Chuck Reich and he's he lives out in Arizona now, but he was down there taping for the ministry with Joel, Jan, but I he went up and he said why do you want all you Haitians. Why do you dress up for church and he said one of the ladies came up to him and she says were dressing for the king and I said that is great just dressing up for Jesus. So that's what they said. I think that's that's that's really really cool so speaking of dressing up for Jesus. Get ready for January for the first week in January 1 Saturday of things, actually before, but can you share with our listeners little bit of what God put on your heart.

Giddens is Fars.

In fact, actually like the story of how you came up with the title for your show.

Well, the pastor at our church.

The lambs chapel out in Burlington we have a River campus as well.

He quoted a verse from the Bible and he he said no. This is in Psalm 124 and it's funny I look throughout the whole chapter of Psalm 124 and the verse wasn't there but it did sale of the chapter and it said if it did it not been for the Lord was on our side now.

May Israel say if it had not been for the Lord was on our side when men rose up against us. Then they had swallowed some quick when the wrath was kindled against us. And I said oh my gosh I said that that's that's it. That's the show was if if not for God because the truth is, as if if it wasn't for God where where would really any money any of us be were were blessed to live in the nation that we live in mean there's a lot of people who would love to live here me. I wake up every day and night. I thank God for another day.

There's a lot of people who work better than me and they're not here today. People who died younger than I was in and just really blessed man and you know I wake up in the morning and I say that this is the day that the Lord has made, I say I'm gonna rejoice and I'm to be glad in this day and I were discreetly when he sees you today.

In that same outfit Tristan described Mike for the listeners little bit what what what you see right there, well I'll tell you when I was walking and I said I thought I was following Santa Claus in red and sweat suit, kind of blue are looking with the big picture Santa Claus on his back and not excessive sand on his chest and the fat and I got the green shirt underneath it.

To give you that whole festive like oh my goodness he did he stay in their own pom-pom ball on the back of his sock. That's the anything is and Kristin asked me. She said are you going to the mall later as we try to get my picture.

Well work that out after the show.

There's a lift involved. You know how it goes. Bill, yes I do. So speaking of lists right you're making a list, you're checking it twice. What's up with this almost count will Kristin I know from doing a lot with the jail and prison ministry and she's help hundreds and hundreds if not thousands of women get from very disparate situations.

Homelessness to being very successful in life. So one of the outreaches that she did when she let a program like that was to reach out and talk to these ladies that were in desperate need of help and I just loved watching the interaction in the grace and the skill that she has is your story or two. Kristin, you can share about some folks that you met on the street and were able to get through your your program. Yeah right.

I do recall it's very tempting when I go out and meet somebody that is just desperate for help and has has gone through so many different things and uses so joyous.

I remember a young lady that had been walking the streets for 12 years. Wow, and she weighs tired she is very tired and she came to my program and she she met me at the back door. When I came to work the next morning she had made me breakfast and was so grateful and she said I miss my thank you for the best gift I've ever had.

I said I have any gift annuity and she said that one band is the best gift that I've ever had and she was amazing going through the program, she ended up working industries for the blind and after she finished the program and am just a very, very, very lovely lady name is Eva I'm there.

I don't think I'll ever forget. Even now that I've heard that it's like oh my goodness she tell me stories about him going into the post office and trying to find somewhere near the table or some wishing upon a sleeper you noticed that walking being so tired and am different you know what date they call the ambulance a lot people that just can't lock it just walk just one pocket reminded Jesus how much he rocking under Harry's feet just stared down at Betty. He was so amazing and she really really really truly was one of us, grateful women and a man in the inside that story. The you can't share this and understand if you can't, but I'm kinda curious what would lead somebody to walk like that when she heard was somebody did she just is trying to find some way to go. I think she just had things that happen in, I've come so close this year to understanding really truly understand people that are homeless and and it is scary, scary, and you know, society has has has put up roadblocks for seven some people I know II had a young young man here just a sick grandmas I need is a computer and an address and I can get help, but I don't have any of those things and so I was I've really spent a lot of time thinking about that and I think if they have mailboxes down it social services for people to get their food stamp card or whatever and sale near 10 in crisis control numerous places.

I think that we should be able to have a place that that homeless people can go and get mail if that's one of the drawbacks of navigating whatever assistance they need, but he called me several times.

I taken a bus pass and try to continue to encourage him and I do not think that that that's one of the beautiful things on here and right here from from both Dr. Jennifer Mike is if you engage like you actually go work Jesus asked you to go. You're not learning things like who would've thought that wow you just need an address where people can mail you your food images. I know that's again you're being obedient and and Dr. Jim.

That's kinda what you ran into down there to write Micah working directly with when I was down there when the earthquake get and that was one of the first places that we like the I called McIver medicine that set up a little thing in a one room school house that had survived but yet everybody that the thing about the Haitian people. They are very community oriented, and they all take care of each other, which is fabulous.

It's my house and ask you to do you remember when when they used to say they have Haitian time.

You remember that yeah so when they say I'll be there in 30 minutes. Just count about an hour.

Yet we don't need a Jamaican time to that.

Maybe it was Caribbean time has to do now is that it's okay. We got one more site you can see these amazing stories. And here's more cool stuff to build the kingdom. Today we've got Mike Zwick with his new radio show coming on the Truth Network 830 Saturday mornings.

If not for God.

You can hear that they think there's some passion in their hearts can be exciting to hear what he's got, as well as Kristin O'Leary and you know, rumor has it that your family is responsible for some terrible things in Chicago is my calf. There was you're the only O'Leary I've ever met my life Kristin but you know I couldn't help it but you heard that your entire life where you know a good portion of it now. Are you married great way originally was, is that your man is my married name that's you. I have an Irish maiden name is Larry however however they are with the homeless point in time count as well as build old Mixon there's another organization I like to lift up my work on this and it's called city with, which is compilation of a lot of different organizations and resources for the homeless in our county and it gives them a place for the mailbox.

It gives them a place to get resources. It gives them a clean place to get counseling and their doing the overflow shelter for those that can't get into our regular homeless facilities. They have a number of churches that are making it dear spaces available for the homeless. So if you're looking if you got a heart for working with the homeless. Please go to city with and see how you might fit in there and then in our area and the United Way is heading up the point in time count but all across the nation. No matter where you lead. There's going to be volunteers going out January 29 to interview with the homeless to offer him resources that to help. So if you got a heart for homeless with you got a ministry dealing with the homeless. That is excellent way to broaden your your understanding of your community and make a big difference in your community and if I may add some people might not be able to participate in the homeless camp physically, but we have church members that so the bags admit the bags that we take out seven years. We did have a lady when Yahoo had lost track of her mom and found a couple years later that her mom is homeless and she donated 50 sleeping bags at Air France to take out with the bag so that the people that we encounter that were homeless could have a sleeping bag so they're looking for gloves they're looking for.

Hats are looking for socks and donate any perishable nonperishable want something small. This easy to open like fruit and sellout dry socks drive so wow said Dr. Jim another side but you can say your last name for the people again so they don't know that they call me in 80 okay so in your book.

What's the chapter that your you can hardly wait to people to read like you wrote it, and you probably were in tears after you wrote that chapter. If you're like me when you write something that God just put on your heart and like all man I didn't write that God did what's what's that chapter in your book chapter when logging and we were on the back of the pickup truck driving around in the flat baling or live and are and that this little girl came running out of the flatbread ran up to the back of the truck to me in the lobby night and then not work.

Been there, but monitor down on the bed of the truck running and when I thought well maybe I can eat it like I couldn't do it running down other people running whether that will maybe revert by thinkable I can put in my mouth and then no way I can piggyback out then once again back with her mind. Something think in remembrance of me like my wild red line, and that's I remember I remember that story every communion that is awesome again.

The book is road trip doctors call to Haiti and like I said, you can still get the Kindle edition for Christmas. It's getting this downloaded immediately and away you go it on Amazon. We got Mike Zwick were to give him the last word kind of because we got a show coming up what he wanted the listeners to know for sure about the filtering in a 30 Saturday morning. Well my people were asking me what is what is your purpose of the show and I woke up this morning at five clock and it is a quote by Charles Spurgeon and sinners be damned. At least let them leap to hell over our dead body. If they perish, let them perish with our arms wrapped around her knees, imploring them to say it held must be filled. Let it be filled in the teeth of our exertions and let not one go on warned and on prayed for, so we just want to see sinners saved while I wish I asked Dr. Jim thank you so much for being with us today.

Thank you for listing the kingdom perceived truth, not at you. Encouraging prayer followed by the start. Now.

Thank you for listing. Thank you

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