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Wrecked to Restored

Kingdom Pursuits / Robby Dilmore
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January 4, 2020 5:51 pm

Wrecked to Restored

Kingdom Pursuits / Robby Dilmore

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January 4, 2020 5:51 pm

Robby sits down with authors Linda Fergerson, Beth Burns, and fitness instructors David and Erin Jeffreys to talk about being fit and finding a mission in the new year.

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Kingdom pursuits where you hear from ordinary people instilled with an extraordinary passion together we explore the stories of men and women who take what they love and let God turn their passion into the kingdom pursuits now live from the truth. Your host Robbie Gilmore yes it is 2020 here on kingdom pursuits. It is the first show up at as a way of lined up just like oh my goodness, got a stake in these people's passion and used it to build the kingdom and really, how cool is it that I mean many of you are like probably like me thinking G for 2020.

I would really like to get fit for both spiritually, physically, all at such a Way Way Way, Brontė we have Darren excuse me, we have David and Erin if you put them together become Darren, David and Erin Jeffries with family ministries correct to restore welcome David yeah it's really fun and so it would just throw that concept up to you now here we are 2020.

A lot of people are thinking man that was one too many fruitcakes little too much eggnog. There's help in their absolutely absolutely ate it in so many areas of our life. There's hope. And so working organ to be talking about that in.

I know you be interested in somewhat vague. I had to share but also with us today we have Linda Ferguson and she is an author. This she just finished her third book in her line and butterfly series which actually talk to Linda on the other two books before so welcome back Linda. This is called a royal father. So, how cool is that I love that title. So I'm curious why did you call you book a royal father area. Follow the dark places that I come out of into the kingdom wide have helped me in working that I'm trying here that it orphaned mind that there are no persons. I said that that and that you belong to a royal father, which makes you two have been wrecked to restore it seems like we have a trend going on here: that we also have with this and I'm really very excited to hear about it because I know her story and I think you are, and I am actually love what I think were headed here with that and what we have Beth Burns and she is the author of a book called and how perfect for 2020 right launch your life, creating a life in service of God. Welcome Beth and so now it's time to launch you know it meant like today trying to get you to launch something and said added added.

Is this your first book breath and thinking on and on and our second book is launching right now. Action guided journal really is about dreaming and creating a full life when it's just not that straightforward.

So if this your first on the list in the kingdom pursuits number one. Thank you for listening to me that's huge.

But the idea originally behind the show years and years and years ago I was doing I was that ordinary people get a call from God to do extraordinary things and then they begin to walk into it. So how does God take your passion so you can hear that in Linda you can hear and Beth. You can hear and David Merin oh this happened, they were just ordinary people. Then all of a sudden something happened and God came in and they felt the call and then what you're gonna write a book. It may sound easy but I'm sure it is not even close. And then you gotta find all these things and God takes you on this venture. When you begin to walk into it so you listening right now like man with God, put on your heart and what's that passion and and what might that look like to actually walk into that adventure.

That's God is calling them into so just for speaking a fit.

You know I had to get my speaking of the Jeffrey may ensure your safety while exercising through their fitness protection program now is pretty funny.

But for protection program. What about that and I know I need to build up my fitness with exercise and good health but the same time, my body is telling me no way that's W.

TY, no way for those of you who protein yeah just forgot.

I like that he's smiling and Jeffries felt their work with the overweight was a good fit. You can Beth just, no doubt, but David being a pastor need to know this but David actually one of the pastors of the church are likely will get into that, but at times to help people get fit, especially the possessed right yes to get them exercised.

You know I'm saying yet it's a different kind exercising it out like visit Linda Blair at the other was at her name anyway. You know, at the end of all the shenanigans I would actually have a riddle which actually like this riddle today in a very excited about you listening that you could call in and win today which King of Israel was not fit for battle when he went to Gath and through fits and spittle went down his beard, which King of Israel was not fit for battle when he went to Gath and through fits and spittle went down his beard and if you can guess that you gotta call us at 866-34-TRUTH 87884 and if they do, Jasper, to wit: a book from the proceeds. Bright smile and boy do we have we have loads and loads of books from all these wonderful authors. We have all the time. I have to do is call us at 86634878849 Gotay am personally shocked but we have lines open folks, this is not a hard question.

This is an easy one. You got a free book, and all you do is call 866-34-TRUTH 87884 tells which King of Israel was not fit for battle when he went to Gath and through fits and spittle came down his beard and still no lights lit Jasper. We need better gifts or some for getting back to David, you are pastor here at tells about your church and a little bit about that aspect of your life. Yes, so student and family pastor at Union Grove Baptist Church in Lexington, so I just write down the road here are so thankful that the Lord has opened the door for us in this great church a great ministry.

Great opportunity for for our kids and for the students.

There are church also has a Christian school, and I suggest a great opportunity that we have there to minister and just really see the Lord working and I were just thankful to be there and thankful to be in this area I and so when you guys came Aaron, were you doing the this kind of work with fitness in where you left yet. You have been involved with about 1015 years really ask her for a long time just part time for little bit and then moved into full time within the last year so is that something that you felt God called you to do a richly or something that like oh gods in this originally it was just kinda sniping passion for it just because it affected my life and I was really young by and I never really saw Houck connect with God always thought this was your spiritual life and then your physical life exercising doing on the sand.

I never thought it could connect her never understood how to connect until this past year so that for you right, you and your husband. How did that happen like always said okay honey were to write a book. I mean what my four daughters between 20 and 25 and started between 20 and 2021 2025 and we to say this, we have we come back to find out about the four daughters and launch her life is like going on there. Meanwhile, all my goodness this is not a hard don't disappoint me, which King of Israel was not fit for battle. 866-34-TRUTH 87884 little spittle action hi Johnny Erickson, people wonder why Jesus had to suffer so horribly. Why so much cruelty at the cross. Isaiah chapter 52 says that Jesus was so badly beaten some terribly disfigured that he looked on human likeness. In short, human I've read the Bible many times and I can say this close to the gruesome awful death of Jesus. All that pain and torture.

We have a clear and unmistakable picture but how much God hates first John chapter 2 says that Christ was deep appreciation for our sin.

God poured out his anger against you and your sin, and he poured it on Jesus, our Savior volunteered to take the blow sound, you would not have to oh thank you Jesus where we hear how God takes and uses it to build the kingdom.

We are so blessed today to have with us Beth Burns. She's the author of launch your life, creating a life in service of God and Linda Ferguson. She is the author of her third book in the line and butterfly series called a royal father, but I should also tell you that she is leading the tour group of women and Israel in March. How fun is that I'm jealous. Find out about that. We have David and Erin Jeffries who were with family fit ministries wrecked to restore so while a great timely time to have somebody on talk about the things for 2020. But first off we have this riddle that has to be riddled but before anybody hangs up because a person gets to you thought. Please don't think that because I always like to talk to you if you called me. I want to talk, so don't you know if it's all we got. I got you can see we have books, let me tell you, I've got books so you just hang on the line.

Don't get discouraged, we want to talk to you 866-34-TRUTH 87884's another time we got Earl is in Charlotte North Carolina earlier on the kingdom pursuits good morning I'm excited now that I have Earl to talk to so spittle beard King about and so here's my question because I think were tracking the same place Earl is ever Michelangelo did a statue of the guy. There's no beer out of any spittle come down this guy's face is clean-shaven is so I think you bait you may be a winner here.

You're exactly right Earl I think right were tracking the same guy but I'll say this because God the people that we want to have them win to so as you go into 2020. You know all what what what is kind on your heart that you would like to see God do this year while expected, the price is while that I would really like the 2020 would be for the Lord.

You like a makeover for me. Oh, and noted that people in my life. Like all wheel and I will buy made by my life like for my that is that you know. I can see exactly what is interesting that's kind of where when I asked for this year to visit that while these people that the closer they are to me the more I mess them up to this boat.

You know those are but mandalas are really close to the man you're exactly right.

That's a picture Earl God bless thank you for calling and I'm so I am so thrilled with your answer and in some different way you hang on so he can get your information God bless you have a great 2012 that you are right we have Patty is in Cary, North Carolina Patty Ron kingdom pursuits good morning. I am excited to hear your answer. Who was this spittle Riddler will there exactly right in so sent question to you what it what it what you feel God is what we kind of adventure would you like him to take you on in 2020.

Well, I tried to pick one word that I would like nightwear and I'm pretty sure it going now know about sharing the gospel and return me to go back there to remind me. Now that one guy so I want light I action there is no CS Lewis said right. We never met a mere mortal. And that's exactly thank you God bless you.

I appreciate that and and and I'm praying along those lines for you. I hope you have a 2020 thank you. All right, we have I think it's when in South Carolina when you're on pursuits good morning good morning good morning.

I thoroughly enjoy your program. It's a blast. Great time at, and now that you've called were having more of a blast so thank you well I would call her that David would training and and actually believed a good actor and he pulled it off. Got helped to laugh one of those things that like it gives authenticity to the Bible because he would make up a crazy start to write the story of how to make this famous king. Whatever you know spittle down the beer just isn't part of what let's throw in that it worked for him so. Same question for you what what what what what you feeling God is doing for you this year will your question. I'm not an coming into this new year.

One thing that impressing upon the coming into 2020. A lot that can't be that my know you to my favorites need to don't need the Irish in me. I think I weigh yellow sharing a good deal more, which is my last name. Actually, my Irish ancestors see so much prejudice about being Irish that they changed Delmar to do more and that's where that came from yet. Sorry I didn't mean interrupted just when you're on a roll, but I did think I little factoid here that my word here is an actually for the first time in my nine years and thought about doing a vision for Christian biblical perspective doing the Lord in that and when you said that, I mean my guesser jitney tethering and elbowing and so Aaron what you tell what why did that excite you. She was talking about the vision board that something that I'm actually going to the store after you leave here to get some supplies at a vision board really we are on. Well, now I got to people that know what a vision board is that there's 1/3 one here has no clue what is a vision board when what is it cost effective for one day, Gordon and Maggie think you can actually YouTube what other down and turn a template Christian template for that patient board and different area family and business or hobby. They Scripture verse what your goals are in. I think probably our friend here would agree that promote at the believer to really think the Lord about that. My idea back so if I'm not understanding you got this poster is got a picture of this that you feel like that's obviously based on Proverbs what is a 2819 where there is no vision the people perish, and cast off restraint right so that back and back. Talk about writing plainly on the on the tablet for my board. Yes, I see looking different areas of our lives.

That's my loved one day my vision and that what vision for me in the upcoming year. I'm have to go play my vision all the way home on Suboxone. Well, thank you so much. I kinda feel a little guilty that I didn't get to Linda or Beth in the segment get back with our guests but we had some wonderful callers and how I learned some about a vision board and just stuff our listeners on the very exciting.

We got so much more kingdom pursuits coming up jampacked it into the last 2%.

God takes her passion to build the kingdom. This being our first show of the decade make an impact. As we all look forward to 2020.

This decade in income to see where God is taking us. And so we've lined up David and Erin Jeffries with family fit ministries Linda Ferguson who is her new book, a royal father which is very excited about it and wow if we could just get rid of that thinking we had to do everything on our own and that orphan spirit. It would be huge and Beth Burns, the author of launch your life, creating a life in service of God so we can finally get back to them now. We got Beth so that's where you calling from today. Wow is it cold up there and okay well it's all right that's that's why you need to launch your life because it on July 5. Your answer so I yeah I was hoping that we could do that.

So how did your husband and you decide to sell their four daughters are they removing their neighbor moving forward.

Kindly spirituality the vocational engine entered the good work today on the program I we started working with a friend and Dan on Frank.

There are a started work with their children about moving forward in creating a life and then a draft of mentor ministers that will have to get out for lunch and now we do workshops and classes with you one-on-one travel all of the country in a little bit international work helping people in their 20 figure how to really dream and not in a secular pursuit. We are not ministry and ministry that we do believe in a full life got an apartment of Christianity in particular, we define ourselves all back. God would have in mind filled with a lot of biblical samples.

I knew my go back to the wall. With that in contemporary terms like why Ashley was about 58 so we try to bring the Bible alive. Today's date world working people like dedicated to God have got you there careers and their actions just that my ready apostolic Bella so as to is as you listen to when I last caller and actually Aaron just got this vision board that they're describing for 2021 is a conjure up in in launcher life of the board that same kind of intention ourselves and authors and speakers and helpers of young people. I it's not very straightforward today in your 20s. Now you try to work with young people as well as older people trying to mentor young people and issues and issues of underemployment be getting a college graduate, underemployed versus careers with which they are getting a degree in just a straightforward today and it was family night. I have adult children so my 59 straightforward.

Today, China launched job or career or life.I compared to when I was when I was doing my first professional in my first job while moving on the Linda and in your book right the royal father so is is you listen to this discussion then you think about is, is the main character from the line of the butterfly coming now through to the royal father is at the same character Linda very cool so they have been living this intentional life that that they've obviously been through similar to your story that I get a sense that some of the things that God worked through with you in the original book in the lion and the butterfly, and now are finding is here that the orphan spirit and so as you look at 2020 and I couldn't agree with you more.

And interestingly for me, what you don't know is that I lost my father in March and I found myself for the first time, like oh my goodness, I am an orphan in my both my parents are dead and and and it and I am now the matriarch name of the oldest male in the family and like all the sudden all sorts of things happen to me and you know what came on me was the orphan spirit like and inserts really try to get connected back to the father because I recognize that that's that's a big part of what happens is that orphan spirit is looking for someplace to come in and he'll come on, you only there yet but had different places thinking process took place. As I read it thinking it had done. It did take me to the study of the book of Esther and how after an orphan and she came into the king down for such a time. Is that and I are be in California last March, 16th year to the date when I will be leaving to get Israel in my room.

The Lord showed up and prepared you are, your life like at the time and he began to download a lot of things in there to launch this book and talk about it and he has kinda saying having to deal with the Israelite taking women, Israel and I have to call the Lord to develop really over whole lifetime. I'm here I am launching into this whole thing. Bringing women out of dark place helping to recognize who they are. The royal daughter that they're in that time and that damn that's absolutely absolutely beautiful so barren speaking of dark times of the questions that you couldn't help but ask you said that God, the reason that you ended up in this ministry, as God took you through one so could you start that story force might start. I guess at the start David nice story how we we met in college and got married in had big dreams and desires and hopes to just live a life that we thought God called us to to be in the ministry and just through circumstances and just different events on we ended up separating and then in divorce for about seven years apart but over the last couple of years got her start on marriage and get what was the date I'm terrible with dates went February 18 we were God will unite us in and we got remarried by yeah and it's all about them. The listeners) something that just like oh my God there's hope. Writer and there's hope out there is there is hope that when you go through those dark times. Sometimes you don't see it.

You don't feel it. I never thought I would be a product of divorce that both of us were raised in homes with both of our parents, church all the time reading the Bible and Christian college, and you just never thought that that this would happen in your in your life, but that there is hope in thing now, on the other side. Now it is filled with hope.

On the other side. But when you go into that time that dark time, sometimes there you feel like you have no hope that looking back at you and their people in my life that God placed that reached down and I know prayed for me and reached out to me honest. That's how we have a passion now to reach out to others because how can we, how can people learn of how to have hope.

If so, don't share our story. Yeah family fit has a lot bigger implications to this absolute has do with family and being so we say that little tidbit for those of you this is me off another segment to go. Stay tuned. We got so much for coming up from family fit all.

By the way, if you go to kingdom you can find out about family fit how to get them involved in your trip.

They were so blessed to have with burns. The author of launcher life creating a life of service and God Linda Ferguson, author of the third book now for Lyman butterfly series called a royal father and she is you just heard is leading a group to Israel in March and so if you're interested not just contact me and I will get to Portland and also if you're interested in family fit which will be more interested in a minute.

Then you go to kingdom start, find out all about that but along those lines. We heard Aaron's side of the story of what family fit ministries is there that was a dark time for you to absolutely and I think our our passion and our burden comes from.

We just encountered so many people that find themselves in this dark place and with no idea how to get out of it is seems as if there's no hope in and in our case we didn't even realize that we were in those dark places until we were there. And then it wasn't just that we visited these dark places.

We dwelt there and that was exactly what Satan wanted us to do you know where we we dwelt there and an art story tells a little bit about that, of how how we were in church ministry and we were leaving and Aaron was leaving the choir and we were doing all of the right things Excel taking care of ourselves spiritually, and we were feeding other people, but we will work feeding ourselves, and we didn't realize really the state that we were in until it was too late and what we have learned now is that even when we think it's too late. It's never too late for God to restore hope and do a miraculous thing. It's so family fit ministries. This is a lot of things. It is so it is there some fitness stuff that we that you do that dumb and I see all these people lost all his weight but family fit is a lot to do with opportunities to bring hope to the families that it is it it is predominantly just about health and being healthy in our relationships, being healthy and her families being healthy, having healthy relationships with our kids and are in this people around us, but what we have found is, as Aaron has launched into her own business of health coaching and I'm in the ministry and pastoral ministry with what we have found is that our physical health. Often times plays a big role into our spiritual health and we don't feel well when we would all act well, we were just not up to par, then that affects us spiritually and when our spiritual health is affected in our relationships are affected and when I hover the wheel, but it is. And so the people are close to you are affected by almost all those different things, both emotional and physical and spiritual. There's all sorts of aspects. That's right, every everything you know when when we're physically healthy.

Then I can I can live a life that is spiritually healthy and have a greater impact on those people around me and my family my own house to the students that I minister to into her just the doors and got opens for us. Just all works together. But the other thing is just jumps out at me is I actually have two friends difference close very that are both divorced, but I can tell there's a sense of in both cases they really long that the two to have what you guys have it and in some cases there actually working a little bit in that direction and wow what a benefit to be able to contact somebody that was like yeah we weep in comfort with this comforted now you know you're you're in a situation to the comfort of others, and so moving along to Beth, who is launching your life down there in Cincinnati are up there in Cincinnati.

Wow, what is in this book that you just want everybody like the one part that you can hardly wait till they read this chapter, you can hardly wait till they read this part.

What would that be Beth section about the book is about God and dreaming. We think that the world is in sore need dreamers and people can get one thing right. And if you and how you made your where block closely with God. You can't figure out those figure out those dream dreams, you can create an intentionally created but we would want to offer young people hope.

Walking with God when later hours a week in some kind of job you want to yell at each egg I've got my hand what Eric profession in minutes.

Not that the quarter we would want to capture people desire for training it to me and I want absolutely wonderful and Linda same question to you how well we can ask questions.

Anyway, Linda. What in the letter you very very excited to read about the real father you got about 20 seconds. That year father that's absolutely awesome again. Her book royal father available on Amazon as well as launcher life creating a life in service and family fit ministries) kingdom

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