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A Criminal's death wish

Kingdom Pursuits / Robby Dilmore
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January 18, 2020 1:08 pm

A Criminal's death wish

Kingdom Pursuits / Robby Dilmore

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January 18, 2020 1:08 pm

Our guest Stephen Willeford discribes his herrowing experience when he risked his own life to take out a heavily armed assailant from committing carnage in his west Texas town.

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This is the Truth Network versus where you hear from ordinary people instilled with an extraordinary fashion.

Together, we explore the stories of men and women who take what they love, passion and kingdom pursuits. Now we have with us Steve Williford and he is actually the good guy with the gun that killed the assailant in Texas saving many many lives. Welcome Stephen hello good morning how are things are you in Texas this morning really we have a meeting the morning of project… About how well so those aren't familiar with the story. Could you share a little bit about it. Stephen of China. What happened while I have to do a little bit more water. Got a babe. I am betting on government foundation and locked also been so you can go on and put me in one premium to speak or whatever and I do want to correct your book because I heard when you think that I don't guy I did not be killed and fell so very clean and keep my mind story true and the I would on November 5, 2017 and the reason I didn't go to church to get a lot of people like your church because I was going to start my own call the next morning that the hospital when I worked a very long worked as a plumber at University Hospital and then Tonya which is very major have marked 300 are we have 3,000,000 ft.² at the main hospital and we have 19 satellite charger and one on call me. Pager anger have been a plumbing emergency, you have to take care of her hair and it doesn't matter one or 2 o'clock in the morning.

I stayed home from church at the restaurant for my uncle and my daughter came into my bedroom and that doesn't that sound like gunfire and I told her I Went so I went to my window open record. I know I was coming to pick it louder and walked into the kitchen and realize right away bit of work gunfire that I ran to my fate.

She ran outside, jumped in her car and drove up the block. I will my right below my fate and go to close the bag and the she came back into the house, but better a guide backpack gear shooting up the church and after.

Did you call my one morning she said I did.

There were I just got off the phone with my wife where you are working with the father daughter.

We were pulling power.

How a warrior at the what's going on. I prepare connectors. The church don't go over there are ran out of the how loading a magnet. My daughter followed me out and I did that I have abandoned this by daughter, beyond our turned and I looked at her and I believe at that moment the Holy Spirit was over because our thinking more clearly than I ever have my line. I looked at my daughter and I go back and offered love me about a bag.

Think of a handful of reminiscent and I may need it and I knew she could go about the load bag and come out with me have a gun fight and handbag, but I sent her back into the how busy work because I didn't want her followed me over there.

You already have or target that I cared about them than I can handle.

When I third liked it, but my daughter being a distraction and I hope our daughter watch me pale. I would fail. She would run the buy side. She would like talk. She went back into the house that I ran across the creek that ran across the street.

I yelled out and any kind of acted though why would you yell out ;-) all the product you walked into the garden man on whom the demons within them there. We know you are here are our story goes to November. Remember the game board all about a demon prayer inside her happening.

He had just shot Chris workman in the back. Chris work no and paralyzed from the waist down, many shot through his mother's breath and he was walking over to finish Chris and his mother all and he heard medial and Chris heard me yell going to church Urbandale.

He stopped what he was doing immediately and came out The church and started shooting at me.

They had every vehicle will 44 Preventability St., Doral drivers started student me at the carpet bombing the car behind me start arriving play football with her health. Those behind and I was able to help his father slide working the breath coming out of the bag of the pistol and got told me at that moment, don't worry about what and I was able to shoot film he had on plan.

Three Body Armor for your audience about the power class. Usually we carry class to Body Armor. The operon three Body Armor 130 have a broad and I saw him in the corners report that Freddie had a contusion on his left chest contusion on the back of the I believe most of the marble they get the best in later.

It really stop shooting at me. Start learning for the firm to get in the side of it. Turn to get in the work vehicle class III Body Armor. Sometimes though pros across the side like a backplate but it doesn't have anything on the side and I put a bullet where between the plates were, Velcro and I can remember side hitting kindly got in his vehicle.

He put two more shots fired window and I believe one word perceived it had to be a fee and the vehicle could block some of the glass in the corners report that he had a regular practice for He had almost walked on, bulletproof, but I was able to get a conference for him accelerated. Alternative or and just Grants Pass. That vehicle could go down the street. By the time I ran out behind the truck and into the street.

He was yours right there. But we have to go to break and so when we come back to you with those Stephen was deferred in Texas and we got a lot more, predicting the pursuits we have Jesus check is coming up 1130, which is the insanity of God talk to so stay tuned. A lot more can you pursuits, Robbie Gilmore here in the Truth Network podcasts of help make my pillow the company it is today, and now Mike Lindell, who by the way, I've met is a great guy, the inventor and CEO.

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Just go to my and click on the new radio listener specials and get deep discounts on all my pillow products including the body pillow for only 2999 enter promo code get truth or call 800-942-9613 for these great radio specials versus how God takes your passion and uses it to build the kingdom. Today we have Stephen Williford with us and he was the man who took on the assailant in the Texas church and we were share that story when we left her hero, Lee was in hot pursuit.

I understand you went nearly 95 miles an hour where in Texas exactly as it Stephen were born under people and Antonio bow southeast of San Antonio C really close to Mexico will know more early.

But don't go a couple hundred mile compared to me. It's really close to makes it okay. Yeah I know I lab you would to provider are rebated to take the pill be the third-largest baby I bought really big loss. It is again II have been barred.

You know that after breaking the plug recommended foundation and a abdominal work anywhere.

He would he was running down the street that could about 150 yard. I ran out into the street and the accelerating away about one last stop for the back window.

They can stop in and like down the back window shattered and the police told me later that stop had gone through the back window went through the driver side and it just right and the left shoulder blade.

No for your audience. I will tell you, good sign bridge not that good a spot. I believe God directed everyone of the bullets to be where they were and I don't believe that God wanted them to be found.

Church either MM AP have been pleased when I had to set up a perimeter like a never good idea helped our community that needed it so badly and I'm seeing him drive over the hill and he disappeared something in the just can't stop thinking can't be in like this you give away and I looked off to the left side and their baby pickup. There at the stop start and I ran over and I tapped him on the window and at that got to stop the Baptist Church of an the guy sent me on the phone when an officer.the next thing I hear the door lock come open on the truck that any strain person but just witnessed a shoot out from his truck would have accelerated.

Let me end of their but this is text were talking about were not known for arsenic, though Johnny let me year and I didn't know his name.

I didn't know who he was. Just complete stranger and I look over and there's a long call then built them with a Western add-on little bit better and it had to of a long form skull on that and I love it that you need on the phone and he never said a word. I climbed up the McNabb of the accelerated and turned the corner and struck Jake and he's on the phone with my mom.

One, they put them straight into dispatch and the as we ran across the road.

I again thinking more clearly than I ever have in my life. I dropped the bag to clean out my gun and I thought it only had one round of the top of the magazine and one round in the chamber I have to round in. The man still has a factory body armor guy looked over and I told the benefit I tell them. Hurry, hurry only had two rounds left. I never want to read red and blue light or my light and he told them him or accelerating and going straight through to dispatch so that he was talking to dispatch we will pursuit and at this time we were just chasing down the road in the direction you left and we were passing cars started. We were gone over 95 miles Broglie it was a white knuckle ride were trying to give them straight. As we passed the Ojai wave came across so they would know where that at some point we came in view of a mechanic of that that the gray SUV at the back window that felt and we were catching and I turned them out starting at the general if we catching you're gonna have to put them off the road and I will bounce a lot, but kind of mouth and yet I think that, and I'm thinking seriously, right way and they probably think it always one maneuver is we can't lump all you pulled onto the right hand side of the road at this point I had the window down on my and I reached the rifle out the window and opened the door and I was going to step out and use the door. Johnny struck the shield and I was going to reengage.

But before I got my foot on the ground accelerated again. He hit a road, looked over the vehicle and ramrod back up onto the highway and Johnny tolerated optical door shut started up again and got about 3/4 mile up the road both the way around occur toward Dr. (father wrote this time ran through Banff and out into the field about 50 yards of grout stop and I told Tanya just get down below the – just just right under seek it down below the – I didn't want anybody else to be a target and I opened up the door and I laid my rifle across the hood of the truck and I started yelling at an amount real proud of the language that I bided you that I think God will forgive me, but I wanted him to be know that I am first or am I aiming the driver side door and window. I was parked at an angle, but I couldn't figure in the vehicle but I was yelling get out get out and they estimate that it was 5 to 7 minute before the police finally showed up and I heard a police officer from the side.

The driver get out your vehicle and I will talk to my left and about 50 more guards approach be lived. A police cruiser and he was standing behind his door with a pistol in his right and a microphone and an image that briber get your vehicle to him but… All thank you Lord. The police are here laid the rifle down on the hood of the truck started to the back of the truck with my arms up our palms out orca officer you may contact eye contact with your looked at the gate. The Mikey said not you there at that moment I knew he knew who I was them that I had a better tactical progression. So I went back over to the truck and pick my rifle up and pointed it back down the shooter again and waited. And I guess it was probably another 10 minutes or so, or several other officers and I started going out there they are looking and I knew at that moment I am all the life along the hood of the truck and walk around that are noted on the back of the toolbox are driving school box and then I was trying to stand in the shade of the truck that they unseasonably hot. It was 90° November and I'm trying to get my feet in the shade because I was I was barefoot. People say why will you barefoot when I started her and the socks are new each one of those shop was aimed at a neighbor or a friend, an innocent. I couldn't take time to put my shoes on. I had to get over there as fast as I could. I took what was essential about a minute left if she could go ahead but I guess what I want to tell your listeners today are you know God call God calls people.

When God calls you answer that call. And I'm not talking about just me but God call people like Julie workman he got shot through the brush. She was emergency room nurse. She was able to get up and try tourniquet on a life in her interchurch God call going with you.

Retired Marine. He got he started yelling out he got shot five times the Started yelling out hallelujah hallelujah even in their praise God and the started ordering people what they needed to do in the church to save their lives and then went a little seven euro girl came up going I'm scared well is Stephen Williford he's brought you by the Second Amendment right Second Amendment. No giant player there you go and let God.

Jesus junkets come and ride up with insanity of God's heart to thank you so much. Listen listen to that fixing the proceeds. Thank you Stephen God bless,

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