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A Heart for Children

Kingdom Pursuits / Robby Dilmore
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February 22, 2020 1:43 pm

A Heart for Children

Kingdom Pursuits / Robby Dilmore

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February 22, 2020 1:43 pm

Today Robby has Dan Austin in the studio The Executive Director of Joy Ranch, A Christian Home for Children and Laura Harris Smith the Author of The 30-Day Faith Detox and Seeing The Voice of God. Mind Body and Spirit Health for all of us Adults and Children alike.

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This is the Truth Network pursuits where you hear from ordinary people instilled with an extraordinary passion together we explore the stories of men and women who take what they love and let God turn their passion into kingdom versus now live from the truth.

Your host Robbie Gilmore.

We have such a treat today those listening. We have a dear old friend and we have some new friends and so first trough will start off with a dear old friend.

We have Laura Harris Smith and we've had her on a few timesheets come out with all these amazing books. Some of them are absolutely like a must read. As far as I'm concerned. But anyway she has a new book that just came out. Welcome Laura this morning really fun a little bit cooler than that. You're up there and Nashville right so it's probably up there too so here so how fun is this the net national religious broadcasters convention is next. We and I'm on my way to Nashville and I'll get to see you there. But we did want to get out the word about this new book. I love the title.

It says get well soon with that little when my public little bit and Eric Brown and every now and every invitation. The supernatural healing and learning to walk in divine health and so I know you guys are going to be blessed to hear Laura's information. She has some money things on so many different levels of us can be really fun, but also with us today we have Dan Austin and Terry Smith. You may not be on the mind but we got we got in the studio anyway and they are withdrawing ranch so Joram strives to serve some of the most formal among us children and prices through providing a safe home built on Christ love so you guys are up in Virginia. Yes, just in the edge of Virginia not too far from the North Carolina state line and on top of the mountain. There wonderful and so does just briefly withdrawing ranch ranch is a Christian children's home. We distinctly identify ourselves as a Christian home for children we take in children that are in crisis and place them in a Christian home setting use of family model to introduce them to the love of Jesus Christ to surround them with the truths of God's word. Very few of our children come to us with any experience in church or any knowledge of Jesus Christ and so to take them out of the world setting and put them in a loving Christian home is just, mind blowing to the home and very eye-opening to see what love truly is. That's beautiful. So working here you can see were loaded for bear today but speaking was during ranch so speaking of ranch cowboy that got fired from his ranch job wasn't crazy. It was just the rain and I know this rancher as 100 head of cattle, but he thought there were only 99 and Kelly rounded them up like there's more where those came from three years ago. You might be shocked to know this, but surprisingly, Julius Caesar preferred ranch existed very good rancher does the sleeping is a bulldozer and a funny is a laughingstock of Paul not only during the second and asked actual little so you can call and went today so in order to not be an utter sin. What two cows couldn't the Jews kill on the same day in order to not be an utter sin. What two cows couldn't the Jews kill on the same day.

If you know the answer that you calls it 866-34-TRUTH 87884 866-34-TRUTH and if they know the answer that Danny told all right well some great prizes today.

We got tickets to the Wake Forest basketball game and we also have tickets for Wake Forest and Notre Dame. We also have some books, of course, from parking and proceeds prize vault here that were talking tickets here. That's right, all you gotta do is tell us this.

This is a great riddle. I personally think to Know you will want to be an utter sin here. So what two cows couldn't the Jews kill on the same day 866-34-TRUTH 87884 Laura, you've endured that humor now for several times so you know God is done such amazing things in your own health. That is cool that you know that that second Corinthians passage, like God's comfort so that we can be a comfort to the comfort of all micros right to share and share little of your story. I grew up in the Lord didn't ever barely believed in the concept of going guy and now, like any weapon of choice. My whole life is the goal yet people tell me when they look at me, they can't tell that I'm not defined by that but I would have to draw me gloomy place to track your thinking you handle everything. My grandmother farmer you eat your vegetables you all that dirt. I make a double situation where it went on adrenal fatigue, I like to drink it. Adrenal failure called adrenal fatigue and I did not even know I take 3849 organ shutdown. Now you know what want to think not. Let me get Scripture. He presented himself to act as a healer like that in my mind what why I found myself having to cooperate with him.

All other thing I learned growing about nutrition and the combination of both the thinking natural landscape or natural that got me to a full recovery and LI basically along the way discovered one I call the wanting time you now believe that he lay her hand on somebody will recover and I love calling that miracle that experienced the miracle myself that I can't really didn't believe in that they got but they don't ever go to him and ask for the writing. Get well thing really wanted to bring those to camp together. That's what got done in my life born lacking in a book on boat it it is a book of over 200 healing prayer that you can pray that every illness you can imagine, including an infirmity index that alphabetized turn to it pray to think for yourself using Scripture but also what I call miracle Maggie and how to maintain your miracle to good nutrition. I am a nutritionist. I have a couple of degrees in original Madison and I will be a natural Doctor this time next year, so it was not so please, I'm curious. Dan was there something in your own life that kind of led you to join ranch is been a way that you could get back always had a passion for missions and for sharing the gospel story and been very involved in missions through the years, partly out of disobedience to God and try to make that up to God. But Lynn mission help them with some projects on campus right when you can see we got a lot coming up on the next segment we need your answer about two cows now what two cows on the same day I always 866-34-TRUTH to have old friend Laura Harris for young but my old friend Laura is get well soon and limitation of supernatural healing and learning to walk in divine health and I love what you said about a minute ago that you have those two camps of working to call down this miracle and and then those other people that are working on these things and to bring us all together and John Eldridge say something right along the same lines with mental health that there's with Christian counselors. There's two camps there very similarly that in the two don't want to talk to each other down because they think they down there like one is Baptist and the other ones you know Methodist.

I don't know what that I was literally at one time, which was now natural approaches to everything and we confine with, but I think that while there I went there about my other book the 30 day think it goes into great detail about cleansing. Healing that nutrient got to do certain things against certain elected in our body.

One actually came up to me when I was doing with work sheet that you can fit it might work to get along the way I lobbied the work began think I can you imagine how strong army of God would be healthy if we work together seems to work. Along those lines. Even enjoy ranch right down like I would imagine that prayer is fundamental to being able to manage you got my kids up there that are being faith-based ministry like we are the it's this intimate relationship with Christ while walking seeking him out and in his provisions in this direction's wisdom, insight, understanding to the heart of the soul of these children that were working with. She's talking about there. The God's people all come together and in faith. Call out to him. It's just amazing things that God is willing to do, is able to do all things we just keep his hands all the time so you're relatively new it a try ranch understand how to doubt about calling come about. I'm curious. I have been a director missions in South Carolina had pastored in South Carolina and been involved in mission trips and had led several missions was a set of church as the director missions I work with 63 churches and okay so it was like this association. Yes, and we always did family mission trips in man's mission trips and different kinds and brought teams up to help join ranch out and just I didn't realize at what God was doing but he was growing to love in my heart for more than just a love and passion for the ministry. Enjoy ranch. So what what grabbed just to be a smart element. God how I wasn't looking. I'm one of these guys got put some for me and I just saw was their child. There is something in you saw the term and it was just the need for sharing Jesus Christ with hurting families with hurting children and having done a lot of pastoral work and families working as as a support for DSS back in South Carolina, realizing just all that was involved in healing hurting child's heart so much to see that every child could have that opportunity to live a happy life. A healthy life of life with the knowledge of God now may want a beautiful thing you know when but by bringing Christ into the life of this hurting family you know I'm certain that often the children after they come to Christ. Guess what they do they turn things grow and you got a mission field like oh my goodness right here in your backyard. Opportunities galore will say okay but just the way God works in drawing people to himself and whether it's hurting physically like more talk about hurting them mentally like you were talking about just all of the social ills within our society, that family support her people. Part Laura your new book. What what chapter what experience would you say you can hardly wait till the readers get to root read this. This is what what what is the one that's like oh my way to Lacey this children about children earlier in the real Michael the Lord. I class and there were only five people there and I can learn. I have children at home who accurately ministering to make a deal. I will ever begin at last I chapter I think the action section of wine to contain fellow healing prayer in it. I was talking about why it can follow chapters on teaching on everything I was talking about number one defining how well you really want to be and I have excellent worksheet thing here on how to take inventory of your body, mind and.

Which is what original medicine is going back to the creation looking at the timeline of your life every thing were talking and when. Whether emotional trauma that happened in the timeline of your life and what resulted in your body, mind, years later, linking know that the body mind and spirit fighting the guy didn't you get you had a prayer the prayer of faith. We look at Scriptures on my you know the healing Scriptures and fell and then just knowing knowing how to approach it with your faith. That's kind of you know in my own life times I get frustrated and in prayer.

Jesus will often tell me Robbie is it the faith in them that you're concerned about your your faith in me like you're looking to them for their and you look into the situation for your answer. Are you looking for your answer and it's amazing how many times I go in the wrong direction. Their exactly so those of you out here listening, but right now you you need to ask about this to cow situation now. We don't want anybody out there to be an utter soon that would be horrible so you know you what two cows. 1.Jews not allowed that you got tickets or if you prefer book just because II cannot believe this easy question. My audience, 8663 for 87884 as a member to call him when 866-34-TRUTH 87884 sedan is can you put some flesh on maybe you I know you probably can't give specific names but can you try to tell us a story of a child that you've experienced.

And since you been there since July that you like oh my gosh, look what God did here we we have one of the residents that multiple situations of abuse parents in jail and just never heard of God had no knowledge of God needed someplace to live, how old are they we can take children from ages 5 to 17. If we get a child in before they turn something to keep them until 21. That's what our licenses is good for, but this particular young lady is scummy and she's just been in a culture shock because all she has ever known as evil and pain. She's 14 and sudden suddenly now she is exposed to love concern support system and she's just kind of torn right now this is old stuff. So what I'm comfortable with what I'm used to. Cannot really trust others a motive behind this kindness right I'm being groomed, yes, except I have been abused many times before, so this is just a different twist with a different angle and trying to just watch her slowly open up and realize what a second is not a motive here. There's there's not, you will hear there's not meanness or wickedness here this something brand-new to her and so she's been a joy to watch her start opening up.

Oh, but you point out a wonderful thing that we all expect to hear the gospel respond and that everything is good and in a week or two now know this is a law process to somebody who's experienced this kind of the trail at this, levels like oh my goodness, but a mission field. Nonetheless, because you been put place to begin the process of of what would be a healing really Laura Wright.

It's a healing talk about the different miracle actually very scary that 20 years ago and I would like why not getting better on the right and well here it is not healing right now is a good and we got Annie Bowersox Telus Mike and Friendly's can be on the phone.

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We really should do no good friends a long time so yeah you guys want one of my favorite ministries that help me personally I don't how many times well you're right everything all over but were offering. I believe now real-life story about your most romantic movie of the year they'll prescreen the public coming Friday night February 28).you can already be at your local pastor or you want to let your back no great date night will opt for their Friday night 7 PM.

Get the details on our and let your pastor know and I would love to have you will be targeted not so much, you gradually getting young people really lift Acord this bill but I'll probably want to look for to have a big problem yeah it's it's along the lines of I can only imagine can see the same. It's good to be a blockbuster. I've seen the previous four looks absolutely outstanding actually come to hate him to be in Nashville on Friday as I would love to be up there with you guys, but so energize ministries. Not only do they have their own website. Energize but also energize ministries and Facebook and new Information or to write any) on that note. Not website and look forward to people over there. You mentioned earlier the lien date a lot about working far behind it and you so what about no expectation to say since I got you on the phone if you do, and the his heart is prayer for your pastor's. I mean, like spiritual leaders are all out there in the midst of the battle is my guest with us today and so Annie would be remiss if we didn't remind people to pray for their pastor Woodley elevated great power. I know I know that prayer is always part of the afternoon matter what.

I'm sure that overall, the leader, but absolutely like to get off drugs and prayer that later family they needed and whether one word or bar chapter matter at all at all on board.

We appreciate that that acknowledgment their prayer the great working class so much.

Have a great morning. Thank you all right. Moving back tomorrow as you get a chance to hear all that. I love you always are digesting what's being said and so I'm very curious your take a moment letting everything from what he said yeah commercial. We understand that God is a God, and everyone can't have been describing can be summed up in this 1.if you are going for home.

You know if you're just buried in your thinking what I believe I can get better.

I got I just want to encourage your pictures with this.I'm not quite on and I heard a look honey to go to First Bank at 12 I looked at the 90th. I would like a cable or what I know I'll be there ready look different to different one. Get that hearing and get that miracle to research what does our law research and I realized that miracle. The Greek word for that instantaneous work of God to establish.collect like a preaching kind of wonders break at everybody get it more of a process word college again, we are taking people through trying to get healing body, mind, or spirit, and like believers will.

I can't help but, what is required. Therapy cure a lifetime. We pray for a miracle and unfortunately we get a hearing but just need a product that you have to cooperate with God you can lean on the rest of the body of Christ, beautiful product that I think you come out more hole on the other hand, riding along those lines, we want to mention with joy Ranch the part of the process is to have their right and how families can be and usually come back and talk about how families can get engaged with joy Ranch getting paid for Laura's book got all that's enough, and you know we got another set of tickets to give away to another foreskin. Maybe you have another Jeep and sitting on that you ever think about people from other soon before you call us 866-34-TRUTH 784 we have some wonderful folks got on that very thing. This poster child for this. This concept of God's that lived in Austin Terry Smith with joy Ranch and joy Ranch strives to serve some of the most probable among us children in crisis. I love that is sort of a mission field with children that are in other families are in struggle.

You talked about that one girl's parents were incarcerated and another providing a safe home built on Christ love in the mission field that's along that is just unbelievable. And we also have with us Laura Harris Smith, my good friend and author.

Her new book, it will soon an imitation of supernatural healing and learning to walk in divine health and how could families if they hear. This may go out.

How could we pray for joy or how could they, what would their response be to what your messages so many ways that families or churches even can be involved in the ministry of rescuing children from disparate situations. Obviously we want to talk about prayer and the importance of that we covet prayers sweetly. We ask regularly for people to be praying for us.

We can't give specific details and and in most cases, about what our children are going through, but about to just cover us with my blankness with prayer are so valuable to lots of mission trip opportunities. I know there's always a families or individuals or churches, church groups that are looking for mission places that they can go and serve God, and I feel like you're making a difference in what we have lots of opportunities for people to come and participate in the ministry with everything from the actual physical work of maintaining God has blessed us with 62 acres. So it's a great deal of work to maintain all of that about the buildings and properties and stuff to which we have an educational resource Center on campus where we tutor our children.

Most of the children come in without a good support system for education and so were trying to work with the schools and help them get their grades up, get up to grade level but also to instill in them a passion for learning and also to come and help one-on-one with her children, or cook a meal for the cottages and come and sit down and eat with her children just all kinds of different ways that might be listening in God's purpose on your heart. I would point out that if you go to King in you can find out all about joy this there's links we've given them history their joy Ranch go to King to percent. I'm sure there's joy joy and on Facebook.

We try to post regularly pictures and information about the ministry and what you wouldn't turn on money and some will absolutely not. I will not give me a chance that we are a faith-based ministry. We are not affiliated with any particular denomination either so let's concern yourself with that in their statement of faith and always there at their websites so you put on your heart to do that and just go to King pursuits or joy and the way to go and Laura.

Her book you might be shocked to know is the kingdom pursuits. We would love for you to order it, but the other thing I would add is that when you order a book you know and you get it from a new author. Think back on Amazon and write it and say what you mean so much to the authors to have feedback just like people in radio we never hear Howard and I dynamic on right now I understand what you want to look at block. I like missionary to Galway. You can't go when you're asleep at night.

Go by to three different because you know what a neat thing to become somebody's health could be radically changes as a matter of reading this and just the prayers that are involved because if you get God involved this my heart is really all three, and I think I did because the world is trying to find wholeness by segregating those three parts with aggregate Trinity Protestant. And we were made to Trinity hard-working vegan and the book of Janet McCartney let our whole were treating those three parts of our Body.

My beautiful really is and pick something on the books.

Laura considers the dream book just my favorite. Personally like omicron.

So tell about how to books. Well, when you record the voice of God. I think that when five years old now and I believe were in our print just because I believe it birthright of every believer to hear the voice of their father, including at night and then we got 30 day which really is a book about a and how to clean out any competent in your faith that maybe preventing you from getting ahead in life. I help had and that was really an ever done all the stuff is the kingdom find out about joy Ranch Laura Harris Smith provokes so grateful that you listen to Persian prayer were James Franks, followed by the master journey starts here now 12 o'clock so much truth.


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