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Kingdom Pursuits - A Blessed Insurance

Kingdom Pursuits / Robby Dilmore
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April 4, 2020 1:19 pm

Kingdom Pursuits - A Blessed Insurance

Kingdom Pursuits / Robby Dilmore

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April 4, 2020 1:19 pm

Bill Mixon hosts the show and welcomes good friends helping the homeless in a big Kingdom Pursuits way!

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This is the Truth Network kingdom pursuits where you hear from ordinary people instilled with an extraordinary passion together we explore the stories of men and women who take what they love and let God turn their passion into kingdom pursuits now live from the truth. Your host Robbie Gilmore this is Bill Nixon, a regular on Robbie Christian Argyle radio show and occasionally Dylan has a month ago when Robbie and the way this week were masculine early boot camp.

The world felt a lot different than it does now.

Tomorrow is Palm Sunday, which commemorates the entrance of Jesus to Jerusalem. This is the day we remember and celebrate the day Jesus entered into Jerusalem as Savior and King, as Jesus rode a donkey into town in Jerusalem, a large crowd gathered in late Palm branches and their cloaks across the road giving Jesus O'Boyle will hundreds of people set shouted hosanna to this son of David.

Blessed is he who comes in the lame of the Lord. Hosanna in the highest heaven for Jesus was arrested on holy Thursday in his crate crucifixion lease celebrate this time with going through difficult times.

Right now, but nothing like Jesus had to go through then and there been many times since then. Where our nation is gone through even more difficult times and came through it to the other side. Tomorrow marks the beginning of holy week that final week of Lent, we celebrate this special time as a unity, brotherhood, a family of Christian believers and we need to look for ways to make a difference in God's planned and in the neighborhoods that we live in Philippians 413 is a verse that's always come to mind difficult times for me. I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.

In Philippians 44 rejoice in the Lord always. I say it again rejoice, let your gentleness be evident to all. The Lord is near.

Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer and petition with Thanksgiving present our request to God. The peace of Christ, which transcends all understanding, will guard our heart and mind in Christ Jesus you know that there folks that are going to far more difficult times than those listening in the audience and I not some of you out there that are blessed like me and my family and we've got a regular check come in through this difficult times that some of you out there don't have a regular check coming through this difficult time and I want to say it's not a time to be proud. It's the time to let those that we know in our our church and in our small group in our family and our neighbors know that we were going through a difficult time. Let those folks be blessed in helping, but there also folks that are going to unbelievably difficult time.

Their homeless and I have had the pleasure and the joy to meet some unbelievable folks that run the ministry in our area called city with dwelling and we've got Tracy Moore and Emily Nourse on the phone joining us this morning Tracy are you there now. Thank you and Emily are you there see my blood pressure came down just that quick Jesus the folks that just absolutely thrilled me. It just is amazing to watch what they do and the other folks that they work with, like John and Mark Leah and Louis and Tom for since January 1. It's a group in town is tried to find a place for homeless that don't have a place to spend the night to find a place to spend the night we got some wonderful programs in town. The Samaritan Bethesda center.

A number of churches that pitched in and when the homeless couldn't find any place else to lay their head.

They would come to the place sitting with dwelling and this wonderful staff would get on the phone and they would find a place for somebody to go add the warm and safe and protected during the night. It's sort of like watching somebody put a great big jigsaw puzzle together with the backside up. It is just amazing to see how they were able to cholera in almost every instance, find a place for those those folks delay their heads down, but we've got a new facility.

A new building that does so much more work. It allows folks that are homeless to come to one place and to be cared for and prayed for loved and that the different pieces and parts that are necessary to help them get back into the mainstream of society to figure those things out and I would love for his ladies to share with you some of the things that city with dwelling stood Tracy what what can you tell Bob Browning found that out at community character font that in your now on we now have great training and are always coming from the right and how can we help and how can we help each person and actual way fleet that I have ever place out there. Number one, March 31 and energy can work and more one online over a longer period of time, noting really that an accountability chair. Try helping and articulate their goal and work all and when they take a step forward and one step back where here or any current one that ain't sent me have been Catholic and I Can't stand that an urgent way around lowering the number of individuals and client contact downturn and preventing people from having Internet shelter here.

You have become. Now at something I want to talk about the conversion work at one of our back mainly pulmonary and very is in effect and that really get me and Amy have our ways to clean our and maybe romance and optical that recognize relationship.

Lincoln able to week. Thank filed individual family Carolina conversation at the line at Latin work getting back and getting back on family and having a family and Pam Temple Park again ranging Asheville, North Carolina to Phoenix on every night and my family they can think like children during an we do try to be an organization that listen font that is able to act in at the last way that made. That's 12 people and what the last two months now, people sent Mike well I sing I know will also are helping get into permanent apartments in the permanent housing to your story along those lines will yeah actually and that diversion work on a lot. I helped her are and that helping get back into housing and may have applicability and, security and formula that they pay 30% in their income and we facilitate and housing appropriate housing. But what an waiting on an infection beckoned me and all power bill there like a cut on me and on and transition into a heartbreaking commercial get back to that in a minute come back of like Emily to talk to us about some the program she started. Thank you ladies for being here that the outlook but about what you've got set up. Hoping to get started. Once we get on the other side of this virus absolutely. I think ordination. Tell dwelling all sheltered your aunt went over and over time, I really did all starting at community on their allotted traction, kind and gracious. Feel like they are metered more so that there really depend on three worshiping all invalid on right at a rate of no we are really looking at their. In the meantime, one of our community will shower that we have a mobile shower trailer here at dwelling able to really hiking. I think part of what working out my and we are not able to open in a way that we needed and really matter. I think the conversation are people and among them, make them one thing that I had the pleasure to work with was Tuesdays and Thursdays. There's an opportunity for the homeless to come in, get coffee and snack in the sit, talk and share was amazing to me, but especially Lily.

I just love watching how Lincoln get somebody to open up and then help them accept the advice and assistance that's available there. The way that the staff and the volunteers work with the homeless in this facility is just amazing to me.

Can you share some of the things you sing. I think it really really merit or community together along with one another and were only at we are united help all and I think that that really the power organization and hearing people worried and holding them at creating what he had earned artful Lee opened her heart and her ear are able and when we know working with Grable to help move people into different areas that nobody connected with family or housing or addiction or whatever that is, vulnerability and on.

We really focus on that everything that happened around chocolate and creating here about where people don't walk in faith. We expect something from them really building community that better for each other better together.

What are some things that individuals and small groups and Sunday school classes, churches can do to help support a ministry like you don't want to know when or where only frivolity.

I'm down on our end to share stories equal in your world.

Donations are greatly appreciated on both financial and Winter Park out to really needed it. All the diversion work will dollars able to help our happy alto Arduino with the mobile shower trailer and product and their talk all of those things reminded me that we are hanging out goodie bag and in the building that Mark gathering in our parking lot and or have other option is that form of meaning in a bottle water easy. I think smoking about drop off a donations can be made on filing at work and that were hopeful that we will be able to get grow our partnership.

At the Emily cannot, on the other side of that Apple result, people just coming out because I can assure you when you show your your team. That is something I think of how God our when we are most in and when we were serving our neighbors and there's the get replicate out at doing it and we want your back connection got all and so you might invite you to come in the artifact and right now that little different. I am familiar with Holly Hilson understood Winston-Salem rescue Mission that I know that over the years the folks that have gotten in those programs that is made to the end of the program then been venting well over 50% success rate whether all Bible-based faith-based recovery programs, but it's amazed me over the last 15 years that the Samaritan that your awful lot of folks that end up homeless that end up with absolutely nothing.

The builder life back up and make it back into mainstream society. It always seemed to me that the first thing they needed to do was to discover some self-worth they needed to figure out a way to realize that God did not intend for the end up where they were and that if they could understand that God love them and once good things for them that they could latch holding the helpless available, how much success if you sing with folks making it back into a successful lives at with retracting the narrative that the world how dark the preventive during that week. On that are are not working good thing that they are worthless that they would get a job in a The link and thought that one of our role church. It warming recap David that there's no point rushing whatsoever and that God does not think that the world not and I do think that there's a dignity that comes along with that that and I think a lot of our people have no on the other side of only in part community has reminded them they are and along their part of her and I think one of the most important thing you filing well I will after starting the love it if they're starting next video together when we had our gathered on the beat and Richard, beloved in our world that get pain due on outside human now that we higher and though you are measured because there are different for other than while I think are our ideal. How would people and a great night for some people that African reality and so there's really not far from what looked like the part played accountable to each other in a mutually Christ tells us that we've got to see success feel like we are supposed to do things right. What I read. We make an effort show the love of Christ.

Those that are around the needed Ed there are lots of groups out there that would like to make a difference if they only knew Hale always found that if you could get folks to pray for something and that you got that on the radar screen that to that prayer and that attention and then checking in on health, health, success is working that they will feel a call from Christ to get more involved. So one thing I would encourage everyone out there to do is to pray for the home and to look for opportunities in community to make a difference in the lives of those you know Jesus points to make will be back in just a moment, but I'd like you to think about in your community where you could make a difference in the home was motion and if you're in the Winston area like you to look up city which will not work with the share this on that analogy. How did you get involved in the I pastor at church entered by and help at an organizational development will what time 20 that grant rate effort negatively on if and when that in the dead of winter had to go and providing help her or different church location area and a lot of conversation and thinning and observing the work that was happening out. I volunteer like huckleberry and Emily on a number of individual and are different and connected. They were meeting I ever fire and light and building relationships venting their time listening and then something in little way even if it is okay we were sheltering break treatment barrier that were preventing them getting that toward housing or toward hell or toward wholeness in terms of overcoming addiction on it was really tiring and then on that and I help facilitate getting on my side and went three nonprofit and data and we were now on and we were gifted. They church you start a pilot they operation at about 10 years, that author and an extension grade 8 and then we pick a big leap of faith. About a year ago, and finally here on Spring Street with the dream of opening up on anything where we connect clearly being in relationship help but their political we provide mail for about 300 individual because if you don't have in a directory now can't get credit on don't have an IP area per significant hat and where to mail it back to our very basic foundational thing that method for granted in life, we are able right here like nail like find one thing that really I think during an individual individual time to our door and we are very limited in our ability and let aunt more than a couple people at a time and that provided a shelter range healthcare provider when you and I thank you. Get a prescription renewed on it very humbling to listen a think me that I thoroughly take for granted that black be able to enjoy every day. I found a call for a prescription refill on it often and nature, for someone that were there for they know basic aim and often time that opening that door that that is Eppendorf you learning more about the person being in relationship with them and helping them articulate what they get anything. Can you think of a success story.

The pups in the mall and the note that we had one lady that the one of the hospitals escorted L gave her a year of machine the oxygen machine that was have charged and put her in the Caleb come over the Lee then had to figure out how the world to take care of her but was able to you think of a couple success stories you'd like to share with the listeners on yeah there that I wanted to struggling with addiction on and had several Foreign and that fact. You went your program and was able to overcome her addiction and finally on data whenever shelter and then, ever, ever. Never mind when able. Then he housing in an area by able to get a part-time job with volunteer went on Thursday morning.

She still very active and involved and is actually going airport and a board member yet that we actually are article in our cancer Board bylaws with related bylaws to members of our board either experience and with the past or are currently during an though we effectively build one is a relatively before and perspective and not a fact and wait around the table when the board is making proficient arm critical on able to stay in touch with why we here my recopy entity actually is very involved in connect with Emily on M1 and inflating and calculating development dwelling that a great Orient pattern.

I myself at first where the individual started on Aardvark and my fear is as a board member and leader in filing well that I think Lori Emily might have landed all that she like to share on and I know you know any doubt that you got a particular story that comes to mind. On one man that actually connected for several years on and did I run the main site. Though I was a lot more affected a lot of mail. I connected with her and there was one day showed up at my fleet here and she can't building your ideal babble. I all but he came in our unit really gather together and where all on my own and I had a look on at length about conquering dear faithful living on 18 by my people were very, but with really incredible thought is that men in our congregation find each is a bit and written words of admiration and hope all throughout Egypt and federal, and even footwear having been fully rented.

I think the unique habit and give it to her and she laughed and I did while later on message from her that she had made it down in South Carolina covering how well on and I was grateful for that.

And she showed back about hard wood finishes wonderful slowing and we get back with like everybody likes our city's homeless state rendered real and I think that right now with everything in our world and with our neighbor.

During my mention of feeling real and on and on. Did something happening. One of the reasons I got involved Gideons go wielded.

Replace swilled gently used Bibles in the hotels and other areas. We got some the are good enough shape to be used, but Ed, I just had that the best time passing out Bibles to the home was coming through with it. It's amazing. Hell, grateful, happy and supportive in most cases that the homeless that of bit there really looked after and taking care of all the other people that are homeless elder, every wants to. Well, there are some exceptions and there's some incidences that break it but as a whole. It is really caring and loving community of people looking after each other, which is a little bit difficult to exploit.

It's a really neat place to spend some time. The other thing that really blows my mind is the quality of the staff that you've got helping you out there that there are some of the neatest people of a permit. Would you like to share a little bit about John or Louis or Tom or you really have some wonderful people helping you in your ministry that we have an incredible people that did not work job part art: are they sure show on not never a labor of love right your plate there and I quote John come on 35 years on a director of Salvation Army for many many years in the community. Wealth of knowledge in relationship with one of our people. Every need any help, mail, and you know it. I mean, there's something so powerful about called Mike that when you walk unit not just go our JoJo are here you are."

Lewis is really gifted and truly they are concrete. Our greater higher just the world accountable day.

I mean, I don't think that the exaggerate our really efficient in our privilege that love our bird entry matter now on we don't get very storage and Mark when you drive he made a run back and forth all of the different entry picked up lunch for our people and calm in your guy when everything you it and nobody does it because they have to. Every single article genuinely want to begin really with our neighbor were valid in here and I want to say that everybody in our listening audience.

If you don't know what I mean Bob. She goat the not encourage you to do a little bit a study of that in the Bible and those of you that want to be sheiks and not goats. I want to encourage you to your prayer life to add the homeless in your community on your list price for the homeless in your community to figure out a way how you can make a different if you're in the Winston-Salem area are you trying to design a program to work go to cities with and look at that webpage and pray over that webpage and that ministry find a way to be Christ in your community, your small group your Sunday school class. The things that you can gather together and take to the whatever organizations working with homeless and if nothing else go and look at a way to make a five dollars donation binder name on their pray about. Think about the folks need to realize shoulders across shoulders European got a responsibility we thank you for the station rubbing in your prayers like so much time.

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