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Kingdom Pursuits - A Full House

Kingdom Pursuits / Robby Dilmore
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May 9, 2020 12:47 pm

Kingdom Pursuits - A Full House

Kingdom Pursuits / Robby Dilmore

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May 9, 2020 12:47 pm

Kingdom Pursuits is "loaded to bear"!   Two gentleman helping Pastors and an author who took $2500 dollars and turned it into 150 million within 5 years.   Wait til you hear where he received his financial wisdom.

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This is the Truth Network kingdom pursuits where you hear from ordinary people instilled with an extraordinary passion together we explore the stories of men and women who take what they love and let God turn their passion into the kingdom pursuits now live from the truth. Your host Robbie Gilmore wow what a lineup we have for you on kingdom pursuits. I could be more excited about hearing all the things I can share with you guys today. Here it is Mother's Day E Charlies think that that's that's a neat thing to keep in mind the hours is we get a chance to celebrate mothers and of different environment that we ever normally do.

But along those lines will will get to some of that today, but first off, you know, an old friend been on here many, many times with the Sandy Bowersox energize ministries for such a time as this writer Andy because you know pastors are facing things like while we seen any of this, well first off thank your heavenly back I think on the way over here. It's been probably at least a year or maybe more since I've been everywhere so you know always love coming on doing your program probably and yeah I mean, who would've thought three months ago. That would be facing a pandemic where nobody can go and gather in church. I just saw the new challenging obviously were passionate about caring for pastors and other kingdom leaders and it's been it's been crazy in our mornings. For further forethought of us that meet individually with pastors every day. Those means are nonexistent and have been for six weeks and we become experts in zoom but it's not quite the same is yet to miss face-to-face interaction and connecting face-to-face been doing a lot of thinking this week about the value of connecting in person than the scriptural value of connecting in person and so were were ready to move on and get back to it for sure is not good for man to be alone.

You can say that again and so we Have August turmeric and I hope I'm saying that right. In August, is the author of the really unbelievable. Well, you know, one of those things one up Enterprises book. It's called brother John a Monk of Pilgrim and the purpose of life and so you know how fun that we can have you on today August and and talk about what was a very unique experience to be with you that I get your last name right. I liked it better to rack my will feel to Raquel and that's cool. That is awesome so what I understand is you have a chance actually to go to a monastery and hang yeah well back in 1990 called Duke University on beginning starting a company and art and guide to get that quote teambuilding. My ankle started having terrible deep deep deep depression in my mentor later called a Gandhi. And I was very and one of my called a few months later that he was betting the heart monitor Abbey outside of Carolina white men that get that many actually wearing a robe with a part-time monkey was getting up at three in the morning living with the monk in the back behind the wall and working with them in their business and he was spending it I just blurted out. I got up and how that would like 90 and went down there that I first met the other jockey was on the guest bath. They put you there. I jumping on your August you can tell, we can hear a lot about this really unique experience. It really as relates to the sort of where were going today and I really cool way and be hearing a lot more about brother John about this experience, but also we have with this really a phenomenal gas trip. Michael Johnson, who is with the Slavic Gospel Association and you may not notice this, but if you look closely, the Russian covert members are growing like nobody else's. Right now, and they feel like they're going to eclipse Chernobyl. As far as a catastrophe in Russia and this weekend I think if you look there doing over 10,000 cases a day there growing and so they're going to be number two on the list of cases of Corona. I'm sure by the end of this weekend which is horrible as that. Is it just kinda opens up a window for these folks are really looking for answers and Michael that's what that's what you want to talk about today. Thank you so much for your program. Yes, our ministry in 1934 and I worked on the front deck present about three years ago. So when the with the onset of the virus. I open a dialogue work in handcuffing the former Soviet Union along with the and they recognize blood could recognize which is basically this represents the greatest opportunity for the proclamation of the gospel in modern-day and everybody experience a very similar thing their hole and shake them and people walking around wondering what's going to happen if I catch fire so people are asking the tough questions. They're asking what could happen where life and eternity and so we were connected with roughly 6003 and 50 churches throughout the former Soviet Union and getting reports every day from ministry activity taking place where people are coming to faith in Christ: lifting them of resources to meet both the physical and spiritual needs of the people in the community on the virtual collapse well so you can see we got a lot today. Today show and tell me different ways. This really phenomenal in all God is doing, but now I gotta do my Ritalin so you know, speaking of Corona and seeking a crown, I saw classified ad in the dance and sing a man with toilet paper seeks woman with hand sanitizer for good clean fun. You love the stench and it is my favorite part so you know people are using the word lock down enough to know how to spell quarantine KW a RI think I get on so and I hope all the school teachers realize that their students will return in the new. The old man on same. I really like this and I've absorbed so many disinfectant soap and antibacterial sanitizing gels that recently whenever I go to clean the toilet, is there rental coming in somewhere, okay, you know that adjusting at home. I've heard there's board as an Amish electrician. That's pretty bored last night my house got TP the appraisal value just Dublin just saying is this is actually my favorite on the shortlist.

If you get an email with the subject knock knock down open it it's a Jehovah's Witness working from home, and because you might want to tune your iPod and iPad or whatever to the new Corona playlist don't stand so close to me that's by the police to analyze the Bee Gees, take my breath away Berlin. Keep your hands to yourself that your I will survive. That's a given. Can't touch this MC Hammer and in my room. So yes, at the end of it all, that I would have a Ritalin unite handy. The Bible right in Revelation refers to one who brings the play in fact this one who brings the plague in the book of Revelation. You might think it's a ship because it's a sick baby and if you know what I'm talking about Collison when today's Ritalin 866-348-7884 866-34-TRUTH if you know why that would be called like a ship date 784 I know you're so glad that we got that over with before the break we come back. Oh my goodness, brother John, what's going on in former Soviet Union and what's going on with pastors and all that's going on with were loaded for bear pursuits stating got so much to find out about this on to say welcome back to pursuits where we hear how God takes your passion and uses it to build the kingdom and today we are. As I mentioned, just so loaded for bear.

We have with the sandy box Bowersox with energized ministry probably never been introduced to sandy box. I've had it all Friday night for every every combination you can think of energized ministries for those who don't. Now is a ministry for pastors. Pray for their pastors or for your pet. Pastors are monitoring to find out a lot about what's going on with pastors in this current situation with Corona and along those lines have Michael Johnson and he's with the Slavic Gospel Association is talking to pastors in Russia, you know. Specifically, as they are facing something that you know is a whole lot different.

What were facing here based on their resources and what that opens up for as far as you know and adore for the gospel and then we have August turmeric in his book brother John a Monk of Pilgrim and the purpose of life and I should put this together but let me put it together for you that monks have been living in isolation for millennia whenever a long time night and so they that date date they have some interesting wisdom here that August to become be able to share with us and you know, Annie was really stop by my little Simon is just you know I hello inside I'm still stunned by the real reason is that by the middle, but maybe this hint will help you.

You know you might remember Town racetrack sing this song dude dude Town racetrack 5 miles long and I don't even know who can't town racetrack inside you are dating yourself is that on the bobtail nag somebody bet on the bay. Okay there is there is that's not have to be somebody older than me to think what is a bobtail nag sound like an accident right so we got Dwight Killian's call again from our homeschool headquarters.

Dwight you are on kingdom pursuits good morning Lauren. You can came in with a good twang there said that my intro so Dwight untold you have a word for a while. Start with yes it is and I were excited to be providing credit card for honor your mother here at the brilliant Christian supply and also headquarters this morning here.

King and so I was tell you how much we appreciate you and how much we appreciate our mother. Yes we do.

We appreciate the Association's treatment with billions homeschool headquarters to see again is a great place to be shopping today. If you're thinking wow what can I get config on all sorts of wonderful gift ideas but also if you been struggling with homeschooling and everybody's kinda been doing that to write Dwight that you know we can use a few homeschool supplies you got some ideas don't what you're always said that every child is homeschooled that even if you don't have a even if you are delegating your child's education. The public or private school or whatever that it's going there when they are on their learning be taught well that statement is universally true. Now every child is being homeschooled at this time and so a lot of parents that are enjoying this new experience with being the primary teacher of their child. But there are others who are struggling in a little bit of encouragement that we are happy to be able to provide some supplemental material to whatever their school is required that we have some really good savvy experienced carrying graduated on Toll Brothers that work for us better ready to pray with you and advise and give you some encouragement to keep this one policy candidate or stop by accident but you get on Highway 52 N. towards King's ambulance to Salem To be in Raleigh again have to drive all the way up 40 if you're in Charlotte. It's a long way up 77 but when you get here.

52. What exit to get off Dwight very get off exit 123 King and away you go. Turn to the right see right there on their own right. Thank you for calling and Dwight my pleasure to speak with y'all and Randy. Things going well for you.

Doing great, but I will get up there to see you before too long.

All right. Thank you thank you to my cell getting back to August.

You know from your perspective. You spent how much time with the monks where I've been going down there.

1990 oh been leaked through problem on our identity, which I find absolutely fascinating and so, from your perspective, you know.

Here you see a lot isolation in the course be handy as I'm sure he's very interested in this and so is his Michael. What are some of the things that you've gleaned that we would think appropriate for the current place. A lot of people find themselves target sheet because that me know how we could take something good out of something bad and have a lot to be like the month at the contemplative that monks the most important thing is that the electric plant and we can be more contemplative and an opportunity where were always complaining that a long time. I myself a bubble bath instead of take you on what the people going out get by, but the wonderful time to take stock of your life to ask yourself the big question, are we living the life I look like. Are we right with God.

Are we help right now. I'm astounded at how to out of the monks do that lets the actual structure way that you know I mean I think that's good but is the question is how do they.

How did they actually integrate that so that it's effective what the first thing they do get up at and going to church. I got a church the day and in between the morning to go to work.

They have called back with me getting quietly old Scripture rather than reading your letter truly use you might just take one, one for it and contemplate and see what that brings up that meditation and they spend on in between the services in the morning so they got mafic 730 involved in elected to be that well, but they are constantly contemplating a Medicaid and I find it when I'm there during the break about all things that always been and I find it what you want you're going to work briefly after you've been there for a while exploded peacock, but after you've been there for like five even when you're at work.

Briefly walked the lottery doing something out. Things are coming into your mind constantly kind of entire state so that that's what they're aiming at how they want to. So August. This is Sandy here. I just want to bring something out you know couple months ago I was having dinner with some friends that had recently visited a a monastery place and I was sort of certain critical about it because I thought what in the world is the value in having these guys like runoff and not see anybody there. They're not out like serving they're not doing anything visible that we can see and I will and I was just in my spirit like that sick. It's a great discipline it's it's sort honorable to think about it, but I really didn't see any value in what they have to offer as far as to advancing the kingdom, and that the comments it came back was you know what is the most powerful thing you can do as a Christ follower is to spend time in prayer and it totally changed my my outlook on it that honestly and if you can find men that are committed to the value of prayer like that, then by all means I would love to have their prayers in our ministry and I'm sure there are many other so I just wanted it be if you had any comments about that and and why like what Drive somebody to embrace that are calls them to a life of solitude and prayer like that because III appreciated. From this perspective, then, and a few months ago.

I just like agile get it, you know well a lot unbelievable, thereby write another book published on your business school and out right. Actually more directed technique of their motto is clear and what or more rate and they will actually argue that the father's capital is not met, but there delight the whole idea of the ripple effect that, for example, there Mark monitors the work preserve all learning and library so they're the ones that read the entire Western culture to Aristotle, but also if you actually start or dumdum at Canady Valley traditional hospitality always welcoming people bear, and it's amazing the effect like him, like me, I been absolutely changed my life and I've gone on quite a little ministry where I naturally basing all of my ideas writing with the belt that I experienced at the monastery to other people for the ripple effect are your USB clicker and the right audit.

I pray that they're doing the entire world know the interesting thing handy as when I was in Jamaica last summer on the mission trip that I was on there was that I went to monastery there but they were the only ones help in the special needs people in the city and it was coming. The mom and they they were doing the prayer but then in between that you know they were cleaning babies and stuff that was after all my goodness, the work that they did like was not being done by anybody you know that you ashamed to say there were no Protestant denominations in their inner doing that they are and I thought you know this is amazing look through this and you can't miss it.

I mean if we come back, waiting a chance to talk to Michael and get his insight on all that welcome back to where you have a clear loaded. We've got August on thing that right with his book is called brother John that were talking about today a monk of Pilgrim and the purpose of life and the Bowersox of energized ministries for pastors in the course. Michael Johnson with the Slavik Slavic Gospel Association is Russia's covert, 19 crisis gets bigger and bigger and Andy are crisis is like we lost a pastor in South Carolina you suggest this week. Yeah, I was on the way over here around.

I just was thinking about what working to talk about you know and and I sort of wanted. I took to Titus and talk about our logs a little bit. I think I think you been up to Virginia where we have the only unspun 700 acre mountain property. We've been leasing for the last few years and a few years ago I started to believe that God wanted us to purchase that property and to further develop it into a full-time true kingdom leadership retreat center and so were we made that commitment. At the end of last year were only a few weeks away from having to fulfill that commitment and honest I have no idea how that's gonna happen. God's always seem to show up at the 11th hour for us, but it's it's a big need. It's over million dollars that we still need to to purchase this property but I've been spend a lot of time up there and just praying and seeking as a guys is really what you want, you know in a couple interesting things have happened. One evening just last week, and maybe you can help me with this. I was like honest, I don't know if I was listening to this or reading it from summer but it was a women's devotional and it was a lady that was given this women's devotional again.

It's pathetic that I can't verify you heard or read it but I remember the content of it and while it wasn't intended for man. She may think she made the point that all through the Bible, God met man on the mountaintops electorate looked all through that that's that's where God's preferred method apparently of communicating with me was on the mountaintops but he never did that with women. God would always come to the women be at the well being in the kitchen being in the grave like where, wherever, for whatever reason, God seems to come to speak to women, but he prefers are often will choose to meet with men on the mountaintops and I've seen that happen over and over and over on our mountaintop in Virginia right there and I had I was I was up there last week with just a couple guys and I was remembering how many times I've seen God breathe new life and new ministries into man sitting around a campfire and when you know when I thought about that of the spiritual value of fire, but there's a lot there also and so she's been reiterating to me over and over, and then you know you mentioned there were there were the earlier this week in the last couple days. There was another pastor suicide, and right before I write. I read that news I was I was in my mind contemplating more insight that I feel I guys downloading to us about the value of connecting and how important this property is for us to be able to meet one-on-one with pastors to see pastors not just connecting with us as human beings in face-to-face, but connecting with God and so I don't know why I feel like you know you know how radical we are. We live on this on this while limb of faith, expecting God to show or were not going to survive from one day to the next and so really you know II yesterday I city I love the come on your program but it's really I want to ask for the prayer support again of those out there that do support us if you're not familiar with our ministry like that's really all we ever ask you for your prayer support right there.

Everything we do is a gift, everything we do cost us financially, but the only asked that we make is for people to pray for us and so I'm here right now for that specific reason or just a few weeks away from asking God to do yet another miracle one that we believe he's promised to us so that we can continue to serve so that we can continue to pour back into healthy spiritual leadership so that we can continue to see new ministries born in birthing and we always say healthy.

Leadership leads to healthy ministries and healthy ministries lead to a better ability to fulfill the great commission. So that's our spot and I I love I love talking with August here about the mocks thing in the end, I could probably do that all day and another program is the new insight to me. I know you got other guests and Michael is been said never a very patiently and all the time. He's got the Slavik pastors that he's dealing with. And so I'm really interested in your insight well thank you listen closely conversation I literally monk my conversation I asked her about 20 years ago when I was in Russia and ministry of prayer as well or down on the cold much greater much power created entire light won't come down that way and to you later got into the unbeknownst anybody but the pastor said to me. Thank you. Anything ill-equipped well, what if the nature of the public. We know how much more difficult it is to be a Christian in America than in the year that the bias that people have so many distractions. And kids grow up and one moves to New York. The other one was the California and like your job more important your family and end and meet and we see the struggle that you have. You don't have no God can get get at got it given us an opportunity to return nation and that's only focus that much of most of our energy and I think that there's some level of truth to that, and I really think about that. Got it and we live in a wonderful company good country and we have all kinds of resources that certainly have the opportunity to use the skill the got it given to expand his kingdom but he is right. We have many distractions here. I think the challenge and since fastening though coven kind of evens the playing field but does it with the other thing about this well because many years ago. The Russians decrease have made the statement that he was going to eliminate religion from their entire nation left Bible and glass in a museum in St. Petersburg and at the time we were ramping up early ministry you got the point were brought birthday.

The people in their living room in the basement who clicked gather the people from the villages that were and now the country opened up and we help to build a lot of churches know people have been a lot more free to come in 10 churches throughout the country. But now the COBIT can't attend church with which we are here so there back in our apartment in the back of their homes, not necessarily listen to radio but there but there experiencing worship in the same way we are known to zoom in to the Internet and so it's not that anything all that new to them and they are adapting to this new reality, but what they are experiencing is there's a tremendous mama need particular when you get past that he of these families who lost their jobs. They lost their income to the children who are living in orphanages, the orphanages are closing down other respected functional homes and so the questions in those areas of the aware of who is in need and they're doing everything they can't minister to those people, both important you and will try to get resources to them through Christ over COBIT ministry so that they can so that they are equipped with tax and Bibles than others, but this Becton looked kind of thing I can meet their needs.

So the main canal. It's a different life over there but it's not that different now than it was before the wall came down to adapt very easily and it is a wonderful partnership we have in the report we get back about people coming right through this phenomenal now that you bring up so many different things that she just got wow there is an economic side to this.

That is to that's a big no hammer that's being swung in for pastor same thing and the right may not.

I've talked to lots of pastors alike are giving is down to two thirds and in the and therefore there is some things like that. Yeah I is I think when you're when here violently back out.

We recently sent out a survey just to ask Larry pastors one of their biggest needs. You know what are they concerned about an and I was actually genuinely encouraged to hear how many of them said, I am struggling because I miss connecting with our people and it just goes to show like pastors truly have a calling and a heart it's a God-given passion for them to get up and do what they do and often with little recognition and affirmation, so you know this and were ready to get back were ready to hear the word directly from the mouth of a human being face-to-face and an experience corporate worship together. So one more segment common with August turn goal. Johnson and Nancy went on. Welcome back to kingdom pursuits when we hear how God takes your passion and uses it to build the kingdom and I'm marvel. I really do. If things that God brings to his church the people like and you clearly were gifting for pastors and in this lodge that you know and and I've been there and let me just tell you, oh my goodness what a wonderful opportunity to pray for men to be able to go up there that are spiritual leaders and meet with God because it it has just phenomenal piece of property, but just phenomenal way that it feels the spirit that's up there when you go up there and an opportunity to do that is another's anointing there for sure, but also the gifting of of Michael and and his heart for the Slavic people and clearly you know how cool is that.

And then we got August allied August you have a business axiom that right. You wrote this whole book on on on the monk's view of business and and how that worked out financially and clearly we could use some business sense in these crazy times rightly Went. Could you say along those lines for you know all these ministries that are struggling financially.

Well I have a lot like what you think. I'll like what preop might I spend a lot of good luck Mike Bell and and I might keep working on learning Russian language and I hear from a lot of my friend to let that I know how much the struggling leaders. But I really admire what is doing and trying to do it anyway. I'll be staying at the box all about and that that was what I wrote my book my book of John asked with an essay contest by $100,000 and five Burnett. They called Well that the question what is the purpose of life and what I said I can't bend becoming the best person we can possibly be dealt with but I took inspiration from St. Paul's like to note mob felt emptying the heat you completely stop yourself and I make the case my book that what that what we don't. But most especially, we forget our selfish motivation more that we would become and other work in our own felt you beat the forget our self-interest and I illustrate not only how the monkeys that idea that's mounted but how I bet they might be a $2500 and 3200 $50 billion over about eight years by using exactly the monk template for how you can run the business based on my time can you give us like a two minute course real quick because I think probably pretty good compound.

There okay example I well that people want to become I get promoted of our people are but if you think about leadership. For example, the purpose of leadership not make me think that it's for me to make other people in the morning especially. I get other people promoted faster I get about go by job. Forget all about my own and fanatically getting my people and I still invest no okay by Dale Feldman on one point in the morning we you forget your product forget forget your your commission and fanatically take care of what I keep in my pocket covered all the money I living the right kind of like extra ministry also resuspended in our cases printer now. I like everything all nice and cool. Yeah, that's that that's a common thing; we we got just about a minute left or two minutes lesson like that could choose to share with our listeners how they can pray for you guys in in your current situation. Well, our prayer is that God would continue to open hearts in the country that we serve them to the word and that and that and that they would prayer for current*to go out and clearly preach the gospel to the people and the government leave them people in our youth work and then BMB did you want to begin a website we are providing daily prayer updates and daily prayer request want to play with. We can get the Mac segments out of its SG, a Slavic Gospel working okay/until you that anybody that it can exit doors in Kirkland will be blood and you Andy obviously need to pray for lunch every minute of every day for the next three weeks. You got it energized is our website and August to rock is pretty easy to find him online. He has his August they can find all his books brother John the one on business. Obviously there's a lot of value there August. Thank you God bless you guys all for being with us today. How fun was all that so listen I should tell you that it was a horse ride a horse of the apocalypse he was bringing the plague of the day right where you guys know you're on your own is a sick day, Menasha on the treatment. This is the Truth Network

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