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Inspire & Ignite Prayer and Charlotte Lozier Institute

Kingdom Pursuits / Robby Dilmore
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July 15, 2023 12:31 pm

Inspire & Ignite Prayer and Charlotte Lozier Institute

Kingdom Pursuits / Robby Dilmore

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July 15, 2023 12:31 pm

 Today, Robby speaks with Capt. Jim Kinney with "Inspire & Ignite Prayer App". Along with Ingrid Skop of "Charlotte Lozier Institute". 

 Listen as they share some passionate information on some very important topics our world is facing.


Hey, this is Jim Graham from the Masculine Journey Podcast, where we explore a relationship instead of religion every week. Your chosen Truth Network Podcast is starting in just a few seconds. Enjoy it, share it, but most of all, thank you for listening and for choosing the Truth Podcast Network.

This is the Truth Network. Kingdom Pursuits, where you hear from ordinary people instilled with an extraordinary passion. Together, we explore the stories of men and women who take what they love and let God turn their passion into Kingdom Pursuits. Now, live from the Truth Booth, your host, Robby Dilmore. Welcome to Kingdom Pursuits today. We do have a real, real treat for you today. And the guests that we have are just certainly poster children for How Does God Take Your Passion?

and uses it to build the kingdom. So first up, we have Dr. Ingrid Scopp. She is with the Charlotte Lozier Institute and just an amazing pediatric doctor. Who is very involved in the right to life, specifically with a passion against these new pills that cause abortions. And I don't know the official way that that's said, Dr. Scott, but maybe you can explain it for our listeners.

Yeah, I'd be happy to. The regimen that is approved by the FDA is two medications. Mifapristone blocks progesterone, cuts off hormonal support for the unborn child and kills him. It's followed in about 24 to 48 hours by Nezaprostol that essentially induces labor to expel the tissue. It's a very traumatic process for women. The average woman bleeds for two weeks.

40% describe the pain as severe. And unfortunately, many of these women will see their child afterwards. The abortion industry is promoting it to women. They tell them it's safe and effective, far safer than Tylenol. Of course, none of that is substantially backed up.

But they are doing so for reasons that benefit them, but not women. And we know that there are four times as many complications for women as there are if she had chosen a surgical abortion. Yeah, wow. So you can see we've got a whole lot with Dr. Scott. And then we also have with us, definitely my good friend, but also a complete honor to have with us Captain Jim Kenney. And Captain Kenney was, oh, he was with the Joint Chiefs of Staff. He also was a YouTube pilot.

Can you imagine that? Flying way up their high and also worked at one time with Walk Through the Bible, an amazing ministry I hope you've been involved with at some point in time. And now he is very much involved in this Ignite, Inspire and Ignite prayer app. And so, Captain Jim, great to have you back with us.

Well, thanks, Robby. It's really good to be back. I enjoy every time you and I have a chance to share ideas and discuss what's going on in life and our relationship with our Creator. Yeah, and I know you too have a real passion for this issue that Dr. Scott's talking about.

And the good news is prayer is one of the big things that everybody can take part in in trying to combat that, right? Well, what we're trying to do is help Americans understand what's happening in America today. It's not about policy. It's not about who gets elected to D.C.

It's not about politics. It's a spiritual battle. Satan himself has raised up in a public way more than at any time in my life to proclaim himself good and to challenge every basic fundamental principle of American history, of American culture, of who we are and what we believe. And most of us are sleepwalking through that, and we're suggesting that the only way we really are going to counter what's going on is not elect a charismatic president.

We can do better. Not elect some politician that's making promises that sound good to us, but to get God himself involved in the spiritual battle. So we're recruiting prayer warriors to pray a single, simple prayer every day. We provide a new prayer every morning on their smartphone, and we ask them to join us and lift that prayer to God, asking for his help in the spiritual battle that faces America today. Yeah, absolutely.

And so they can get that app at Inspire and It's also linked there at as well as the Charlotte Lozier Institute. All that information is right there at But if you've listened to the show before, and I know Captain Kenny's ready for this, but speaking of prayer, right? Now the fun begins, but now it's time to place your night again. All right.

Yes, it is that time. And Dr. Ingrid, I know you're new to the show, so this is the part that we do. We get through this and it gives our listeners a chance to call in and win. But also have a little fun before we get into the seriousness of the topic that we have before us today. So speaking of prayer, guys, why do you think we say a-men at the end of a prayer instead of a-women?

You got any ideas on that one, Jim? Well, because of the abuse of our language, the word man has been generic for human, for mankind. And when you see that in Scripture, God is talking to all of mankind with a single phrase rather than try to use all the converted, contorted language that our world friends want to use to try to include everybody in the planet in the question itself.

And the word man or mankind captures all of it. So there's the logical answer. But you knew that wasn't going to be what I had for you, right? If you got one there, Christian, you look like you were just going to say something.

I have no idea. Okay, there you go. It's because we sing hymns and not hers. Just saying.

Ah, yeah, you knew that. So how about this one, Greg? Why do Muslims call the early call to prayer that wakes us up in the morning? What do Muslims call the earning morning prayer that wakes us up in the morning? Oh, what do they call the early morning prayer?

They call that an alarm clock. Come on, Jim. It was a little funny. So how about this one, Christian? During the prayer request, I asked the preacher to pray for my hearing and he decided to bring me up in front of the church and anoint me with oil and have the elders lay hands and pray over me. And when they finished, the preacher asked, how's my hearing? You know what I said, Christian? No idea. That's what I said. I had no idea.

I'll have to wait till next week. There you go. That's another kind of hearing. So, you know, at the end of those shenanigans, I would actually have a riddle for you to call in and win today.

And so along those lines, right? In the Bible. Here comes the big riddle today. In the Bible, who prayed? Who was it that prayed to walk on water? Fortunately, it wasn't in Egypt or he would have been in denial.

Just saying. Who was it that prayed to walk on water in the Bible? 866-348-7884 is the number to call in and win.

866-344-TRUTH. And Christian, if they answer that, tell them what they'll win. They're going to win one of the fabulous prizes from our Kingdom Pursuits Prize Vault.

There you go. And so we have all sorts of books and different prizes and he's going to find the right music to play with that. Every once in a while, see, we put them on a music mirror go around.

It's like, you know, musical chairs with music until they figure it out. But anyway, so you call in at 866-348-7884 and tell us who was it that prayed to walk on water. So getting back to Dr. Scott, I apologize for our phone system, Dr. Scott, but hopefully you're still with us. I'm still here. Oh, good, good, good. So could you tell our listeners, you are very much a medical doctor. There you go, since I couldn't say the other word. And how you got into that?

Yeah, thank you. So I am a board certified obstetrician-gynecologist. I've been practicing in Texas for over 30 years. And I have just become very passionate about this issue because there is so much gaslighting. Women are not told really the short-term and the long-term physical, emotional, mental health complications related to abortion.

It's interesting that, unfortunately, pro-abortion medical organizations frame it as a necessary health care, but it's important to know that 90% of obstetricians do not perform abortion. So it's really an issue that we're not often asked to deal with. Dr. Scott, I'm sorry, we've got to go to a break.

You can't hear the music. I know our phone system is really challenging today and I appreciate your patience with us very much. So we'll be right back with a whole lot more. You're listening to the Truth Network and Welcome back to Kingdom Pursuits, where we hear how God takes your passion and uses it to build the kingdom. And boy, do we have wonderful guests along those lines today. And I just ask your patience. Satan would very much like this message not to go out today about what God is doing in this battle against abortion, as well as the prayer app with Captain Jim Kenney, Inspire and Ignite prayer app that sends out this prayer for America every single day, as well as uniting people around the country in prayer.

This app is really cool. When you hear all the different ways that that can help, we're going to get into all that. But we also have a riddle that has to be riddled. And fortunately for us, we have Orlando, who has got an answer for us.

Orlando, you're not in Orlando. Welcome to Kingdom Pursuits again, my friend. Can you hear me? I hear you, although I know it's not so easy to hear me. Can you hear me?

Yes. So Orlando, who was it that prayed? Yeah, I can hear you.

It keeps breaking up, but if you can hear me, just I just want to give you some answers. Go for it. Yeah, I would think it would be either Peter when he has to come out and walk on the water or actually Jonah. Oh, that was creative, Orlando. I don't know if you can hear me, but I was creative. And for that, you know, we're going to give you two prizes because you had two answers. You know, that was just outstanding.

I just enjoy listening to you guys on Saturday. Well, thank you, my friend. Those were very creative. And I know Jonah did. He had a long prayer.

If he didn't pray that walk on water, he sure should have, you know. Thank you, Orlando. God bless you. All right. So moving back, because we had to we had to cut off Dr. Scott right in the middle of our answer. But when you were talking about how you originally got into your practice and right, you had two different patients you were dealing with, and both of them are greatly affected by this tragedy, right?

Yes, absolutely. One, every successful abortion kills one of my patients, and I would put forward that damages the other patient. Women fall into this action in crisis.

Often they don't know that there's other options available. So that's why I'm outspoken because I've just seen many of my patients harmed. Right. And the Charlotte Lozier Institute really does a lot of work on raising awareness and understanding because there's a lot at stake, but there's a lot going on right now in Congress about these pills, about what the FDA is involved in and all that stuff, right? Yeah, absolutely.

The Lozier Institute is science and statistics regarding life issues. So it's important, I think, for Americans to educate themselves because, again, they're not going to hear the truth from mainstream media. The abortion industry silenced any dissent.

But yes, absolutely. At the level of legislation and in the court system, there is a lot going on. There's a fight to protect women from this dangerous procedure and, of course, to protect their unborn children. About half of the states are now trying to enact laws to protect these children. Are they trying to enact laws against those pills?

Are they turning what? Are they trying to enact laws against those pills? Well, the case that's going through the court system right now, the Alliance for Hippocratic Medicine versus the FDA, is actually trying at its heart to provide oversight of the FDA. The FDA on politicized issues like abortion, like transgender medicine, like even COVID, has gone off the rails.

They've allowed themselves to pursue ideological political agendas rather than following the science. And nowhere is this more apparent than with chemical abortions because they've removed safeguards over the years so that right now a woman can order chemical abortions over the internet without any in-person visit, without an ultrasound, without labs, without consultation with a doctor. She can have it delivered to her mailbox for totally unsupervised chemical abortions. And, of course, the reason this is being allowed is they're trying to get them into the states that are trying to protect unborn lives. In Texas, I am still caring for women suffering complications of chemical abortions because they're being illegally provided to women in our state. And in some cases, as young as 12 years old, right?

There is no lower age limit. The FDA is required by law to do testing on drugs used in the pediatric population. They never did that testing regarding chemical abortion. So they just, you know, for political ideological reasons, want these pills to be readily available.

They don't seem to care about the complications. We know that one out of 20 women ends up in an emergency room within a month with a complication. We also know that about five to eight percent of these women will require surgery because their body cannot complete the abortion on its own. And often in emergent conditions with hemorrhage, needing blood transfusion, with serious infection. This is obviously a horrible way to treat women regardless of how you feel about abortion.

These pills are dangerous and have far more complications than surgeries. Oh, absolutely. And I know, Captain Jim, that certainly you've been holding back. I apologize again about the phone system, but I'm sure you've got a lot to say on this issue. First of all, I think abortion is the darkest strike in American history. Slavery was terrible. There have been other things in America that have been wrong.

They've been self-collecting at great cost in some cases. But abortion continues to linger, and I know that it brings a tear to God's face every time one of His creations is destroyed this way. So Dr. Scott, thank you for the stand you're taking. It is critical. If America is ever to be blessed again, my God, we've got to end these lunatic abortions that the public seems to disregard as an issue significantly.

But you don't, and I thank you for that. What we believe is, and Franklin Graham just recently said that all the demons of hell have been released against us. We're in a spiritual battle, and we need to get active. And the active way to resolve spiritual warfare is through prayer, because the only power in the universe greater than Satan has got himself.

We can't defeat it, but we can ask God to do that. And so we're recruiting teams of prayer warriors that will pray the prayer with us each day. It takes about a minute and a half to read the prayer that we send you on your cell phone, your smartphone. The download of the app is free. Go to the website and read more about us and find out more about what we're doing. The website is

And again, it's absolutely free. And we're looking for people who believe that if God doesn't get involved, the America we've known and grown up with is lost. And we've been successful.

We launched the trial site about 10 months ago, and we're looking at statistics the other day. We've been successful raising literally thousands and thousands of prayers to heaven, asking for God to intervene, and all kinds of things like abortion, like family issues, like what's going on with the endorsement of child emulation as a reasonable way to fix dysphoria and gender confusion. But not only that, the attack on homes, what's going on in the schools, the grooming that's going on, the attack on families is just amazing to me. In fact, today's prayer talks about how every single day it seems there's a new threat that arises to the American family. From legitimate sources, from the White House, through WHO and CDC, and as Dr. Scott's explaining to us, the challenge is amazing. The only way we're proving to stop it is getting God involved. God's hand of power, we can pray and shine light, shine light, and boy, there's some stuff coming out I didn't believe could be.

Yeah, that's for sure. And Jim, you know, recently I heard John Elder just say that God had given him some insight that I think is amazing, that as time grew close, that we were at the end of the war. And if you look at the end of World War II, you know, certainly things got real intense, because when the Japanese started to see they were losing, that's when the suicide bombings started. And, you know, that's when everything got way, way, way, way worse, was at the end of the war, a lot more vicious and more desperate. And so here it possibly is that if there was ever a time, because I think Jesus was really clear, that apart from me, you can do what?

Ah, right? And so the closer we can get to God, which is prayer, by the way, and the more we can do that, the more chance we have, right, of really affecting what, you know, what it is that we're doing, but also, you know, praise and thanksgiving, all those things are part of it. But Dr. Scott, I love the education part of that as well, because, you know, education is critical to that, right?

Absolutely. I think if we could explain to our friends how much abortion harms women, they would lose their support of it. I mean, they erroneously believe that this is an action that women need in order to succeed, and what we see, in fact, is that not only is it harming them, but it's breaking apart the family.

The causing men not to be responsible for the children they create has led to so much single motherhood and so many other social ills. Yeah, it's really, you know, and again, I was thinking about this, that, you know, one of the greatest things we can do, besides obviously prayer and all those kind of things, is just have happy marriages ourselves so that people can see the value of marriages in the way that we love our wives, right? And the way that we, you know, because people want that, and they want joy, they want, you know, love, they want all those things. Well, as we illustrate that, you know, it's a beautiful picture of that. So we've got so much more with Dr. Scott and my good friend Captain Jim Kinney coming up.

Stay tuned. You're listening to the Truth Network and Welcome back to Kingdom Pursuits, where we hear how God takes your passion and uses it to build the kingdom, and today we are so blessed to have with us Dr. Ingrid Skop with the Charlotte Lozier Institute and, oh, what wonderful research they have on this subject of life, right, and the value of it and those kind of things. And Captain Jim Kinney, a good friend and quite a character with Inspire and Ignite prayer app, which they've got going on this amazing prayer for America that goes out. Can you imagine the power of every single day, a prayer, all these thousands of people praying the same prayer at the same time that God would rise up, you know, and help us in this battle? That we're fighting for him and that people, you know, the only way we're going to affect this culture eventually is Jesus, right?

We desperately need him and those are the things that we're working on. So, Dr. Scott, the story of Charlotte Lozier herself is quite fascinating, I think. And so tell us about the founding of the Charlotte Lozier Institute or about Charlotte herself. Yeah, a lot of people are not aware that the early feminists were all pro-life. They were fighting for the opportunity for women to have equality, but they also recognized that women are different than men. So women do not need to be treated exactly as men.

They wanted their children to be welcomed and to have opportunity as well. Charlotte Lozier was one of those early feminists, our namesake, but we actually were born out of the Susan B. Anthony Pro-Life America organization. SBA, as many of you may know, is the largest pro-life lobbying group in the country, but Charlotte Lozier is independent. We're a nonprofit and our goal, if we're nonpartisan, our goal is strictly education because we recognize that the narrative is driven by pro-abortion forces. The Guttmacher Institute and many medical organizations and mainstream media are very pro-abortion. And so Americans need to be able to find a place they can go to learn what does the science really say about this issue.

So is our website. Regarding what we're talking about today, we have a site called where they can find quite a bit of information about these abortion pills that are so harmful for women. Oh, it's harmful for women. But let me just tell you, it's terribly harmful for men as well. You know, I had the unbelievable privilege years ago when Liberty University sent us to the National Association of Christian Counselors convention and they wanted me to interview 100 Christian counselors in 100 days.

And during that time, I interviewed, I don't know how many people that worked on that. This is what Christian counselors do a whole lot is counsel people after they've been through an abortion and not just the women, but many times the men. And you may have heard it said that people are as sick as their secret. Well, people have an abortion is one of those things that they keep secret, and it makes them sicker and sicker. And so it's amazing to me the harm that it does not only to the mother, obviously, I mean, horrible, but also to the father that may have been really involved in that, but also the siblings that that that may know something about it or the parents that might have, you know, put leverage on the poor girl to have an abortion she didn't want.

So it isn't all about what the girl chooses. You know, that's a that's another big part of that story. And so, you know, everybody is harmed by this. And it really is is great for me to know that, Captain Jim, we are working on it with an inspiring night, right? Captain Jim, did we lose you?

No, I didn't hear the question addressed to me. Absolutely. But the moral decay that's happening in abortion, I think is a critical element in the overall view of what's happened to morality, civility, and our culture, because of our embrace of this absolutely abominable sin that God abhors.

How can you say to God, God bless America, and then endorse the pill that Dr. Scott is fighting so hard to get word out about how evil it actually is. And I want to go back to your World War Two and I'll just say just this at the end of World War Two in Germany, Hitler knew he was lost. He had no chance of winning. But he lashed out in all kinds of terrible ways causing tremendous harm and personal injury to the very last day when he committed suicide. And I think Satan is there right now. I think we're coming to the end of all this. And he is lashing out in ways that we haven't seen before in my lifetime.

To pull down, bring down, create darkness, hold people in darkness when light is available just around the corner. So that's why prayers are important in this spiritual battle, which includes this battle for the unborn. And the battle for our children in the school systems, in the transgender movement and all of that.

He is so active. I believe some of the people commenting on, for example, the Target thing, they don't get it. I don't think Target would have been in near as much trouble as they have gotten into until it became noted that they were paying an avowed Satanist to design their Pride Month stuff. And I think that was the tripwire that caused Target to have so much trouble.

And the same is true with the Blood Light thing. I don't think it's initially the transgender thing that would have gone away. But the sponsor of that said, well, that old advertising was fatty and poor humor and bad humor, so we need to change the whole direction of our market. And that's what triggered it. The people that are doing the analysis are trying to defend the ones who have been boycotted.

They don't even understand the reason they're being boycotted. So it's really interesting to me to watch the battle that's going on without any spiritual light to the problem. It's absolutely crazy. And Dr. Scott, you know, they talk about the girl having freedom, but, you know, many times they're coerced in horrible ways to have those abortions, right?

Yeah, absolutely. We just released this study that demonstrated that only a third of the women who'd had abortion said that was what they wanted. A quarter of them said it was unwanted or coerced. One out of four women. And many women, even if it's not coerced by their partner or their parent, the life situation pressures them. So again, two-thirds of women reported that they were pressured.

They thought this was the only option they had, but they reported it was inconsistent with their value. How does that not hurt a woman's emotional and mental health to women? People know that the unborn child is living. Everyone's seen ultrasounds and video of these children. They know what they're doing, and yet they do it anyway because they find themselves in a corner and don't feel they have any other option.

But yes, of course that's going to hurt. And like you were saying earlier about the frequency, one out of four women, one out of five men, 20% of this generation is missing because of abortion. And sadly, it is a spiritual battle, but it's one that often is not addressed from the pulpit.

I agree, half of the people who have abortion are Christian. And so there are men and women sitting in the pews suffering with this secret, and we do need to address it as a church. And the other part of it is we've got to get the secret out.

I even have dear friends, who would have guessed? But once they got it out, the healing that came to their family and their friends, it's absolutely an amazing opportunity. You know, whatever your secrets are, obviously we got an opportunity to share that with God. But I really, the more I've thought about that idea, we are as sick as our secrets, that those secrets are what really indicate something that we are trying to hide. And when we're trying to hide, obviously, we're not moving closer to God. And so when we move close to God, like through prayer, right? Jim, and I mean, this is through prayer, you know, this is our answer to get all the secrets out and get stuff right out in the light, right, Jim? Yeah, and I heard something just recently that's so profound, it's changed my life in terms of viewing what's going on. We just heard a sermon about David and Bathsheba, and one of the key points was that your next decision is your most important decision. After David fell, then he tried to cover it up, and every decision he made was to hide his sin. When God calls us to repentance and forgiveness, and let him heal the problems, and every time we make the next decision in the wrong direction, we're making ourselves sicker, we're separating ourselves from health and forgiveness, and we're losing our own identity in the process.

I know you can't hear the bump, but we'll be right back. You're listening to the Truth Network and Welcome back to Kingdom Pursuits, where we hear how God takes your passion and uses it to build the kingdom, and if you don't hear the passions in this, I don't know what to tell you. So, today we have Dr. Ingrid Scopp, who was just, I had a chance to meet her at the NRB and talk to her in person, and that interview, by the way, is at, that podcast of what we talked about at the NRB. You can find that there at, but as well as we have my good friend and amazing man, Captain Jim Kinney.

He's also a pastor. It's his Inspire and Ignite prayer app, an amazing prayer that's gone out for the whole country every single day. It's absolutely free at Inspire. It's called, or dot U-S, You can get that app.

Of course, you can find out all about the Charlotte Lozier Institute and the Inspire and Ignite app at And, very exciting, we have Ms. J back from Greensboro. She is a listener.

She has a story for us. So, Ms. J, can you hear me? Yes, I can hear you. I hope you can hear me. Oh, yeah, so let us hear your story. It's the same situation with the radio. You've got a lot of static on my end, but I think you guys can hear me.

We can. I'm about 17 years old now, and I'll turn 18, and filled with a lot of unforgiveness, bitterness, because of the lifestyles I chose and things I was put in situations for. I became very bitter. Anyway, I fell in love with one of my high school sweethearts, and we ended up pregnant. I didn't know what I was going to do, and I was in turmoil. I wasn't a full believer of God. I still heard about him, and I did have him kind of near me, but I just didn't put him first. So, I ended up telling my mom, and she took me back down to South Carolina.

When you get in trouble, some of the girls that moved up north, they were sending them back down for your elders to kind of talk to you. So, I got something back down in hopes that I wouldn't do the abortion, because that's what I had my mind set for. When I was sitting there, I got to meet my dad for the first time.

That's another whole story. He was there, and he talked me out of doing the abortion. There was a great aunt that was there, and they started opening up the Bible and telling me things from the scripture. Not my dad, but he was someone I thought was just my uncle at the time, because I remember going back down there to see him every summer. I always wondered why he would always run to the car and put money in my hand and say, share with your brothers and sisters. I just thought that was weird. I never gave it a thought, but it was his strength that at that time told me that he wanted me to not do the abortion and to come and visit him in Washington. He worked at the White House.

He was one of the carpenters that was there. I took that opportunity, so that was my line of hope and my lifeline for me down there. I just hope anybody that might be listening to this, if you have a lifeline that's thrown out to you, please take that lifeline, because that lifeline saved me from having my abortion. And you have a beautiful daughter, right? Oh, yes, I have a beautiful daughter, yes. After that, I had a daughter, and after that... Well, you know, I happen to know the best part of the story, right, is that if you choose not, then you get a chance to have life, right?

And in so many ways, our children bring us life afterwards, but if you're one of those folks who made the other choice, you know, and you're listening, man, find somebody you trust and you know will love you well and open up your heart. It's fascinating to me, while I was doing those interviews years ago, I had one lady who had never told anybody, like never had told anybody that this had happened to her, and with her husband sitting there right next to her on the air is the first time she ever shares it. She unloads, and I could see the compassion running out of her husband's eyes and all that went on, and I could see the healing, right, that just came from this secret coming out. And so what an opportunity we all have to do that, and I'm so grateful for you, Ms. J, and for you sharing that story.

And so, Dr. Scott, we only have about a minute left, but I wonder if you could take that and give us all a closing thought. Oh, thank you. Well, life is beautiful, and I agree. Of all the women that I've cared for, many who had unintended, initially unwanted pregnancies, when they carried that child to term, every single one of them grew to love that child. A woman is a mother already, even before the child is born. There are 2700 crisis pregnancy centers in our country. No matter where a woman is, there is an organization that wants to reach out and walk with her through her difficult situation. And again, for so many women who've made that choice, and it's heavy on their heart, there are churches and these crisis pregnancy centers offer post-abortion recovery programs. So there are people available, no matter where in the walk a woman is, who can come alongside and help her to obtain forgiveness. Oh, that's a great, great word, and what an idea that, you know, of course there are all those centers around the world, you know, that are Christian-owned and operated, and clearly, you know, the love of God's there and those connections. I want to remind you to go to Kingdom Pursuits to find out more about the Inspire and Ignite Prayer app and get involved in that, as well as the Charlotte Lozier Institute, all there at Now stay Truth-tuned. We've got so much truth coming at you. Encouraging Prayer followed by Mask on Journey and Nikita Koloff. This is the Truth Network.
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