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Send Me, I'll Go

Kingdom Pursuits / Robby Dilmore
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April 29, 2023 1:37 pm

Send Me, I'll Go

Kingdom Pursuits / Robby Dilmore

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April 29, 2023 1:37 pm

Today's guest host Richard Shannon speaks with Hudson Hatfield of Hudson TLC Exterior Solutions. As well as Pastor Gregory Jones with Healing Ministries. Listen as they share their beautiful stories of God's guidance and providence.



This is Hans Schile from the Finishing Well Podcast.

On Finishing Well, we help you make godly choices about Medicare, long-term care and your money. Your chosen Truth Network Podcast is starting in just seconds. Enjoy it, share it, but most of all, thank you for listening and choosing the Truth Podcast Network. This is the Truth Network. Kingdom Pursuits, where you hear from ordinary people instilled with an extraordinary passion. Together, we explore the stories of men and women who take what they love and let God turn their passion into kingdom pursuits. Now, live from the Truth Booth, your host, Robbie Dilmore. So, what it is about ordinary guests, and I ain't gonna mess up this tag on too much, but I don't have no ordinary guests today. First of all, I got Christian and Greg with me. Hello. Hello.

These are producers. And then we have Pastor Gregory Jones from Healing Ministries here. And then we also have Hudson Hatfield, which is pretty much the next missionary extraordinaire.

He's not gonna like that I said that, but I said it and I put my word on it. Let's go. But Kingdom Pursuits, a time where we actually get to hear the stories and some of the details about the things that God has going on around here. And by here, I mean the world. Locally, at least. I don't know. I don't think, are we limited?

No, we're not limited to North Carolina or anything like that. Tell everybody's stories. That's awesome. That's awesome. But yeah, like I said, today, my name is Richard and I'm here to do the Kingdom Pursuits.

How do y'all do this? Anyway, to do this show and I am, like I said, an assistant where I'm just pretty much learning everything I can as fast as I can, as well as I can. I'm also a father of three, which is crazy because they're five, two and nine months. But that's OK because I like to do difficult things. Of course, I have a wife. She is incredible and amazing.

And they're all at home doing amazing things. I'm a business owner. I have my own kingdom pursuit. And so in that, you know, I do digital media, graphic design, all that little stuff, social media, nothing important, nothing serious.

But we do it for his kingdom. And enough about me because I don't like talking about me too much. Gregory Jones. I met Gregory. Man, I don't know, is it probably it had to be before the pandemic. Yeah, I think so.

Yeah, it had to be before the pandemic. So, yeah, get closer to. Yeah. So when we first met, we actually got to meet under these really cool events talking about racial reconciliation in the church. And so we got to have a lot of fun with that. And by fun, I mean a lot of pontificating, a lot of thinking of, you know, what it is that we can do to bring all the different demographics together. And we all kept coming to the same conclusion. Give them all Jesus and be as intentional as you can.

And when I talk about somebody that's intentional, this guy right here is the most intentional that I've probably met. Amazing ministry that he has. Your home church is Chriswood. Yeah. And so first, just how did you get to Winston? How did you get here?

Absolutely. I'm born and raised up in Youngstown, Ohio. And I tell folk all the time I sound country because my family's from Alabama originally. Roll Tide.

But, oh, that's right. And, but I went to school down, down at Anderson University in South Carolina. And I tried Charlotte when I was done, but it was just too much city for me from a small town hometown of 50,000. So that was too much.

So I heard about Winston-Salem from some folks and I said, you know, this is this, this ain't too bad. And so I've been here four years this month, four years this month. Wow. Awesome. That's awesome. And then Hudson, you're from Seattle. Well, I was born in Seattle, born in Seattle, didn't spend much time there, moved to California.

And then when I was young, we moved to Denton, North Carolina. Wow. Yeah, that is a little bit of a little bit of a move. Yeah. Yeah. Was it a like a job situation? Like how did you?

I think we were just a little fed up with the traffic and the busyness out there in California. Yeah. My mom works from home.

She owns our own business. So awesome. Yeah. She just was like, you know what? We're going to move to a little town in North Carolina.

I have no idea how she made that decision, but I'm grateful she did. Yeah. Spin the globe. Yeah. Bring it down. But I'm very grateful. North Carolina's home for me. So I love it.

I love it. And Carolina University? Yes, sir.

Currently enrolled in Carolina University, played basketball and yeah, love it. No. Was it a Bruins? Yes, sir. Yeah. Go Bruins.

Go Bruins. Come on now. Is that the noise that they make? I don't think I can.

I can't do it on the radio. It's ferocious. That's awesome. What are you studying? Biblical studies. Biblical studies.

Hey. So I studied when I was there. It was Piedmont International University.

But now it's Carolina University. So that's cool. That's awesome. That's awesome. And so, okay.

So your mom started a business or was it, sounds like an entrepreneur. Yes. Right. So has that what rubbed off on you?

Because you're also an entrepreneur, sir. Yes. Yeah, I guess so. She's always instilled that drive in me and my brothers and sisters to, you know, go out and work hard and create for yourself. And so, yeah, just recently started my own business. Yeah.

Doing some pressure washing and some stuff. And yeah, this definitely came from her. She's a huge inspiration in my life for sure. Wow. Like, yeah. Shout out to all the moms. Shout out to moms. Shout out to moms. Come on. I mean, Mother's Day coming up. That's right. Mother's Day.

Y'all, when is Mother's Day? I need to know. Oh, wait.

We're on the air. Pretend I didn't ask that. Oh, you really said that. I hope your mom is not listening right now. Well, I'm worried about my wife.

Something on Amazon is going to show up. Just don't open it. You know what I'm saying? But yeah, that's just amazing. And so May 14th, May 14th, because I didn't even get a date.

I was going to ask again later. But I'm glad you got that down. So y'all, y'all, if you hear me, listen, Mother's Day is an amazing holiday. I think it's like ranked definitely in top five, if I'm not mistaken. Father's Day is like top 20. It's like 16th. It's down there.

It's down there. It's like leprechauns and bunnies and what else? Muffins get better holidays than fathers do. But anyway, let's not get on that tangent or whatever. Greg, I and of course, we don't necessarily have to cover this segment or whatever, but I am absolutely fascinated by the ministry that you have been doing. But I also wanted to talk about there was a reason why. I mean, you went into church planting and and things like that was there. Is there anything you could share about us of like why you even decided to go into church planting?

Absolutely. When I first came to the city and whatnot and I saw some of the of the brokenness that was, you know, playing in East Winston. You know, I saw firsthand, you know, our young men who, you know, they knew more about gangs than they knew about the word of God. When I saw, you know, and not criticizing anybody, I saw how close there were churches to the vicinity of where this was happening. And I said, Lord, you know, we have to do something because, you know, I don't like the devil. And the devil's been busy trying to trying to get, you know, our young people. And I said, you know, the devil is a liar. I have to do something, Lord.

Show me what you want me to do. And I just kept seeing that brokenness and I saw there was no place that they could go to consistently to hear the word of God, to grow in character. You know, our young men, our young women, our families broken over and over. And I just kept praying about it. And I said, Lord, I have to do something. And he said, I want you to plant and I want you to minister over here every day.

Go, go, go, go, go. And, you know, I'm trying not to go too long like a Baptist preacher, but, you know, that's literally what started it. You know, if the devil's going to be busy every day and I call myself a pastor, I have to be busy going and reaching people every day for the Lord.

And that's literally what started it. I have got to make sure I do something to pour the word of God. Nothing's going to do it.

Nothing's going to fix the solution. No amount of money, no amount of, you know, goodwill or so-called human hope. It has to be the gospel every single day poured into their life. Got to plant these seeds and God's going to give the increase. Amen. Labor. Well, what is it?

Laborers are few and the harvest is plenty. Yes, sir. I know. And he said it like right in the top frame. I was a little jealous.

I was like, man, I'm not even that time. Like, man. But tune in. We have some amazing stories.

We have ordinary people doing extraordinary things, being the worksmanship of God. Tune in. You hear what's going on.

So then maybe you can figure out ways to get involved and maybe even be inspired to do something where you are. Tune in. And we are back. Man, I'm excited.

I don't know if you're excited, but you should be, because we have amazing stories. We were just hearing from Pastor Gregory and Mr. Hudson over here about their kingdom pursuits. And so we were already talking about, in some sense, that passion, talking about Pastor Gregory with Healing Ministries being the pastor. If Satan's working all day, you're working all day. It's like, what else?

What else are we going to do? And so with that, I wanted to lead up to talking about one of the ministries that I have just been completely blown away by. And that's been a ministry that you've been doing with young men. Can you kind of.

No, that's not right. Can you. Yeah. Can you set us up and tell us about how that got started?

Yes. My first time, you know, going to, you know, East Winston, you know, what everybody was saying, the hood. I was with a missionary and we went into one of the communities and the Lord just laid it on my heart to do some work there. And when I was telling people, this is where I'm going, that's where I'm going. I said, you sure you sure you want to go there? And they start telling me about the crime and everything. And the more they told me, I start getting excited because I say, I don't care who you are. You're not more tough than the gospel of Jesus Christ.

You know, I won't show salvation for you. So I went down there, I saw, you know, the drugs, the drink and the fight and the whole nine. I saw, you know, some young men with some gang affiliation and whatnot. And I said, you know, y'all don't know what y'all up against once I once I start telling you the word of God. And so my heart broke in a sense when I saw it and I saw they had mistrust for the church.

I saw they had a mistrust for God that they've heard the same thing over and over again. And so I prayed and I just start going with some, you know, with burgers and snacks and whatnot. And I said, hey, how you doing? I wanted to build a relationship first because that's that's one of the one of the things that's important if you don't bring some folks along. And my heart broke for them. And I just said, I need to connect with these folks so I can tell them about the greatest relationship there is. And that's with God.

The reason why they're broken, the reason why they're with gangs is because they feel broken and don't have a connection somewhere else. And I said, if they only knew the love that God had for them and the mistrust that they have for this world, all of that will be stopped when they get to know the person and the work of the Lord. And that is there is nothing else in this world that's going to fix the problem going on with our young men that make up majority of the crime. And I said, the solution that everybody is looking past is Jesus Christ. Their soul being saved and them knowing their life is in their identity is not based on a color.

It's not based on the neighborhood. It should be based on Jesus Christ and not a thing else. And that's that's been that passion that I've been going, going, going, getting to know him, bringing him with me, discipling, doing evangelism. And I just, you know, I try not to talk too much, like I said before. But there's nothing else in this world that's that's just can have that power. So, you know, it's just my love for the community, my love for the people, my love for Jesus Christ and listen to him to go and reach people and reach them. That's I mean, that's awesome. And one of the things that I've been saying some sense behind, you know, closed doors and everything else is I haven't seen a better picture of discipleship in my life.

Yes. How I'm seeing him with these young men. I said something earlier. I was like, we might have to need some more chairs or something because he might have some he might have some young men with him.

Like, I don't know. But this has been definitely encouraging seeing you working with my home church. My home church is actually Edgewood Baptist Church out there with Todd and Hogan. Yeah. And so the fact that I'm seeing like, oh, they're in the auditorium. Oh, they're playing basketball. Oh, you took them to a camp and they went to a camp. And this wasn't just this wasn't just like, hey, we're going to open up our Bibles. I can guarantee you that they were open up their Bibles. But guess what else they were doing? They were working out. They were doing homework. They were doing all kinds of stuff.

And so, like, just that holistic approach of saying Jesus is involved in everything is incredible. Don't leave them out. Yeah. And so, you know, as heavy and as weighty as that is, I want to move on to some jokes.

I got to be like my like my my predecessor. Hey. They wouldn't be keen to pursuits without a joke. Right. I got a string of jokes. Let's go. Some shenanigans. Yes. Shenanigans.

Shenanigans is what we have in the first. Anybody can answer it if you know it. There are 500 bricks on an airplane and one fall off. How many bricks are on that plane? Christian, I don't know. I don't know.

It's four ninety nine. We're right. Oh, this is my greatest dad joke ever. I got better ones.

I got better ones. Trust me. Right. How do you put an elephant in the refrigerator? I don't know. How do you put an elephant in the refrigerator? You take the elephant, you open the door, the refrigerator, put the elephant in the clothes. That's how you do it. Come on, guys. Come on, guys. He's making it simple for us.

So then. OK, OK, OK, OK. How do you put a giraffe in the refrigerator? I don't know.

How do you do it? You take the elephant out and you put the giraffe in the refrigerator. Come on. OK, I'll get serious.

I know those were too good. I get serious. The king of the jungle invited every animal to the kingdom for his party. Which animal didn't come?

I don't know the giraffe. It was in the refrigerator, guys. Come on. There's this man.

He crossed it. He crossed the crocodile infested river, but he didn't die. Why? Why?

Yeah, why do you because I got the guys? The crocodiles was at the king's party, but it turns out, unfortunately, he did die. He got hit in the head with a brick. Oh, gosh, OK, that's a segue.

Yeah, that's the same brick. I hope I made you proud. Oh, Lord. And so with that, that's my jokes. But I definitely want to move on from that because that might have just been the most embarrassing thing.

That was that was a train something. You may or may not be welcome back, Richard. That's OK, because I know how to put stuff in refrigerators.

Especially giraffes. I've been super encouraged by you. You're going to Piedmont or I keep saying Piedmont.

It's Carolina. I know. I'm trying.

I'm trying. And measuring in biblical studies and you own a business. And so how is that in some sense, that kingdom pursuit? How are you managing that together? Not just going to school, but having a business, but also having a business for the kingdom. Yeah.

Yeah. It's been a it's been a really awesome past couple of years. The way they got to just open up the doors and led me right into going to school, starting this business and just pursuing him. I definitely have a heart for missions and preaching the gospel, evangelizing. And then, you know, in the past, I had a I worked and I had a full time gig and God said, you know, hey, come with me.

You're going into missions. And so I dropped that and he provided and he always does. And and so, you know, I've just learned to, you know, as much as I struggle with it, walk by and walk by faith and not by sight. Yeah.

And I've really just seen the faithfulness of the Lord past couple of years just leading me right where he right where he wants me. Yeah. I mean, it's nothing I do. It's you know, it's not in my strength. It's just he opens up the doors that nobody else can close and provides along the way.

Yeah. There is there is nothing. I remember talking to one of my friends before and I said, as a business owner, I've never been able to understand more than now of what daily bread truly is. I'm like, look, if that check don't come. And it's like, I can't worry about that stuff.

I got to pursue the kingdom and those things will be added on to me or not added on to me because I don't need it. I don't know. This is business.

That's not mine. Yeah. But so with that, you're doing pressure washing. Yes. So there is nothing that communicates the gospel to me than hard labor.

Yes. So how did how did you get started in pressure washing? What made you just choose? I'm going to pressure wash stuff. You know, it's just one of those things. The Lord just fell on my lap. You know, I have a little bit of experience doing it kind of on the side for friends and family kind of stuff. And then, you know, just kind of one of those things was like, hey, I can actually make a business out of this and go serve people and show show Christ in my service to to others. And who knows, maybe have the opportunity to share with them. But but to go and do that service for others and share Christ's love that way. Yeah. And then also to use those proceeds to fund my ministry and in different mission trips and different things.

And so, yeah, it's it's just one of those things fell in my life and it's and it's worked out pretty well so far. And God's just blessed it. Did we say what ministry you're working for Hudson and what your what what what's the name of your business? Give us that really quick. I don't think we ever got that information. Sorry.

It's a Hudson TLC exterior solutions. OK. Yeah. You have a website. Yeah, I do. Yeah. Hudson TLC dot com.

I'm on Facebook, Hudson TLC, tender love and care, baby. That's what we're all about. And so, you know, power and soft wash, roof wash, house wash, driveways, anything, really anything that can be cleaned. I'll clean it. And so just remind me to get your business card before you leave. Yes, I got you.

I have a humongous driveway that I know I'm not going to. Got you. That's that. Make it shine.

I'm not doing make it shine. That's right. And for the last thirty five seconds, can we get what what is that ministry? What is the ministry that you're involved with?

Yeah. So I'm involved with crew at my college campus. We started a chapter of crew there. And so we do Bible studies. It's summertime now.

So we've slowed down a little bit. But we do Bible studies on Tuesdays, fellowship nights on Fridays, spreading the gospel on the college campus. And also, I am currently preparing fundraising and using the proceeds from the business to go to Ukraine in the end of May. I'll be there for a couple of weeks, bringing in medical supplies, food and preaching the gospel in a dark country right now, you know. Amen. And that's crew CRU, y'all. CRU. Yes, sir.

Let's go. And I'm not seeing a wedding ring. Oh, he's available.

No, not available. Listen, I'm working on the ring. All right. Well, ladies, you missed out. But to tune in.

Eight, six, six, three, four, truth. Come share. Encourage these guys. Do whatever you can.

Tell your stories. We'll be right back. We'll be right back. You're listening to the Truth Network and And we are back in pursuits.

I am Richard in replacing right now. Not today. Don't go crazy. Don't go crazy.

It's just a day. I love beloved Robbie Dilmore. We have some incredible stories. Yes, we do. We have been speaking with Hudson Hatfield and he is explaining to us how he was, you know, on our business, doing ministry. And now guess what, y'all? My God's going to Ukraine and I want to know one trips. I want to know one. How in the world did that even get set up?

Because to me, I would be like, oh, well, Ukraine is just kind of closed right now. And we'll figure that out. So.

So how did that how did that get started? Yeah. So actually, my girlfriend, she went this past summer as a girlfriend. Yeah, I had to throw that out there.

We try to we literally try to give him away. I'm sorry, girlfriend. We're sorry. What's your name? Caitlin. Hey, Caitlin. Hi, Caitlin.

Yeah, she's awesome. That's just completely threw me off now. I'm sorry.

I'm sorry. But she. Yeah, she has a she also runs a business.

She she it's love, loving life, 365. And she makes shirts and different things. And she does her design. She did a design for Ukraine. Her heart was going out for obviously the situation there.

And she sold all of all of these shirts and took that money. And her and her sister just went into Ukraine, just completely no plans, nowhere to go. And just trust that the Lord provide.

And he did an amazing testimonies of people coming to know the Lord. And and yeah, receiving hope and a seemingly hopeless situation. How long was she there? She was there for two weeks last summer.

Yeah. And so it's been on her heart to go back. It's been on my heart to go since since I heard about everything that was breaking out there. And yeah, you know, if the Lord calls you and it's one of the things you just go.

And so it's actually amazing. We got in touch with some awesome connections there in Ukraine. So we'll have a place to stay in Ukraine. And they're putting us in contact with some amazing organizations, ministries that will put us right into some of the some of the worst places in the country. Yeah. And we'll be able to go and bring some of the physical needs, but more importantly, be able to go and share the gospel. And bring the only thing, like you said, the only thing that that can fix the situation. Right.

The only thing that can heal those broken hearts and and bring hope in the midst of just incredible suffering. And so that's that's very excited. Yeah. Very excited.

Richard. And is that yes, we need to just pray right now for that, for the people in Ukraine that are going to hear this. Yes.

And just for Hudson and Kalen, I mean, yeah. Yes. Give us give us a prayer. Come on, please.

For sure. Father, you do amazing things and we are your worksmanship and you send us places sometimes where we may even question like, I'm not sure if I want to go there, but it is you who give us faith, is you who give us strength. It's when we're weak, you're strong and when we're strong, you're stronger. Father, right now, we just want to pray for our friends here to be faithful, to not be deterred, to not get caught up in anything else but your glory. These people need to hear the truth, whether they're in war torn places or the most affluent and amazing, cozy places on the planet. They need to be saved.

They need the gospel and the saints that are remaining there. May they be encouraged. May they be working together for your glory. In Jesus name. Amen. Amen. Shout out to the prayer, bro.

I don't even know we could do that. Christian radio. You know, I'm used to like the sandwich, you know, it's like you start with a prayer, you do your thing and you end with a prayer. That's the thing though.

That's fire. Okay. God does not want us to have, you know, like it has to be a schedule.

No, it doesn't. It does not matter when you pray just as long as you pray because he wants to hear you. He wants to bless you. He wants to bless each and every one of us. Right.

You know, when I thought about when Hudson was sitting there talking about going to the Ukraine, it's like Isaiah says eight. Okay. You know, when it says who, you know, who should I send?

Send me. I'll go. You know what's crazy before that?

Come on. You know what's crazy before that? The thing he said before that was woe is me. I am surely about to die. What? Before he said send me, he experienced the presence of God and said, I am surely about to die.

There's times where we are surely afraid, terrified and understanding the task before us, but also in the fear of the Lord. Like, who am I? Like, whatever.

And then he gets anointed. Yes. He gets that. What was it?

The cold on his lips. Yes. He's empowered in some sense to give faith to in some sense. God commissions him now to where he says, oh, I'm going to go. Absolutely.

This is that's what happened. And that's that's missions right now. Missions is you answering the call to go like Hudson and Gregory. Y'all are two examples right now. Right.

Because let's not get confused by any means. Come on. Like, we're in the mission field here, too. Yes, sir. This is a mission field. Where we are right now is a mission field. And so wherever you are, there is a call.

That's right. And I mean, in any authority that I guess I have, we best be answering it. You know what I'm saying? Speaking of answering the call. Gregory, once again, I'm like I'm totally blown away about by your ministry and you impacting these young men, because I don't think that's not going to be something that's going to probably be in the paper.

That's not something that's going to probably get like some kind of award or anything like that. But there's going to be treasures in heaven. Oh, yeah. And so in thinking that like what is in some sense, I guess you're playing now, like you have these men, you have been doing these things.

Seems like there may even be younger men coming behind them. What's your plan for that? Absolutely. And, you know, going off what you say, you know, whether it's in a paper or or anywhere else, you know, to know that their name is written in a book of life, you know, that that itself is a reward to know that you went from not knowing God living in darkness to knowing him being brought into the marvelous light and knowing who he is. You know, the prayer that I've always prayed, as you know, that there, you know, as Jesus said, I want you to prosper just as your soul prosper. And so, you know, the entire approach that that I have with them is, of course, that they come to know Jesus Christ. But also, you know, that they're they're learning academically. They're learning what good character is. They're learning, you know, the value of getting up there at Edgewood right now and working before I came here.

That's what they're doing right now. And so, you know, I bless my soul when earlier this month I baptized two young men. Wow. One of them was a gang member up until one month ago.

One month ago. And I've been working with him, started a basketball. He's one of the reasons why I started a basketball team. Not having a clue of anything about basketball. I've never played a day in my life to this day. Don't know how to shoot.

I can barely dribble and walk. But I say, Lord, this is a gospel opportunity to where I can reach somebody for your name. Hallelujah. And so the mindset that I have is, Lord, how can I multiply that? You know, Lord, I don't I don't mind going into, you know, what some folk play some places people call crazy.

I desire, you know, you know, to go into who can come behind me. A lot of these young men now we get one a license or we drive for me sometime to pick people up. You know, even some parents have have come out to help for our tournament. They've came and helped out with food. Some of the other boys are leading in Bible studies now. These are those who, you know, we're fighting.

You know, I've had to show up to their school before because parents couldn't get there. Yeah. And so, you know, it blesses me to see what consistently sharing God's word with them, showing up and being a part of their life, an event for ministry, not going to do it when you try to change your life.

That's right. So, you know, I have staying power now that, you know, I'm I'm here to love you, to share the gospel with you, and I'm not going nowhere. And if you think you're going to run, I'm still coming for you because I want you to know who God is.

I want to love on you in a way that you felt that you could not even receive in this life. And so I've watched as God has transformed life after life, family after family, situation after situation. The gospel works. That old song, the blood still works.

It's never lost its power. But that's the goal. That's what we're doing. I see them coming up and I'm grateful to God that they lead now and lead another young man.

That's incredible. Hallelujah. We was about to go to church.

I was about to start shouting in here. Definitely. We're going to finish up and we got more to share. So tune in with us. Thank you so much for listening. We'll be right back. You're listening to the Truth Network and Truth Network dot com. And we are back.

Kingdom Pursuits is Richard filling in for Robbie. Listen, God's sending people to Ukraine and East Winston. Yeah. What?

It does not matter where you are right now. As a believer, you have what we call an oil costs and oil costs is this Greek word that implies that there are people that your home, your base, that there are people around you, that you have the influence that you have to reach to to have to be to reach out to. It's a beautiful thing to follow the call of the Lord. And you're hearing it today. You're hearing it. We we heard about a young man growing up with an entrepreneurial spirit. Right.

And then hearing a call to go. He said missions. I don't know if y'all heard that, but I heard that he said missions. He's not just planning on one. This dude's probably what you can probably go everywhere.

You pull over the Lord, wherever the Lord tells you. That's that's the answer. I like that. Maybe it's Winston-Salem.

Maybe it's Winston-Salem. No. Right. And then you have another man, young man that is reaching out to young boys. Do you understand how like when we talk about things like VBS, I think it was at least as far as like I think Baptist.

It was like 85 percent of people in church now were reached with VBS. Yes. Now, think about something like that. That's a week. We're talking about this brother right here, Pastor Gregory. And so with them, like all the time, all day, he said he's going back to them when he leaves here. Well, right. Wow. That's a Paul and Timothy relationship. You know what I'm saying? That's real.

That's real discipleship. And I'm not saying I'm not, you know, blowing the smoke or saying anybody's doing anything wrong. I'm not saying anything like that. But Gregory said, I'm not going to throw a block party. I'm gonna be on the block. Oh, right.

Like, first of all, that's a that's a bar. Somebody said somebody saved us. But they're like, we're he is out here to make disciples. And that is our calling. And you know what, Richard?

Yes, sir. I'm kind of jealous of him, of the kids. Yeah, I know. That is one thing, though, now that I think about that. Now that you say that one thing that we should all consider or whatever is being a part of a ministry like that.

If we I don't know if it's maybe my mom, somebody that was older and wiser than me said, if you feel like you lacked something and you have the ability and the resources to provide that something, do it. Do it. There's no reason why we should just leave this to Gregory to minister to these children or anything like that. And what's beautiful is I'm hearing about Ukraine. I'm hearing about East Winston.

I'm not hearing anything about projects. I'm hearing stuff about people. We're talking about people. Kingdom pursuits. The idea is you are following the kingdom.

And guess what? The kingdom is God's people. I mean, I guess you could kind of theologically play around with that, but, you know, like our goal is to be reaching people. Jesus came and was reaching people. And when we have these businesses, when we have these missions, when we have these ministries, that is our pursuit. And then what else could we do?

I'm extremely, extremely intrigued. How can we support and give and pray for you? Moving on to not just Ukraine, but everything coming next in your life. Yeah, definitely be praying. Just be praying, you know, because God is just so faithful. And I just have full confidence that he's going to provide and all of the ways to advance his kingdom and to reach those lost souls. But yeah, just be praying and joining with me and prayer for the people that we'll have the opportunity to minister to in Ukraine and here in Winston. And what Pastor Gregory is doing, just, you know, it's about people. It's lost souls.

It's people who are hurting and are lost and hopeless. And the only thing that will bring fulfillment and the only thing that will bring us that hope is the gospel of Jesus Christ. That's the only thing.

That's what we've been hearing this whole morning. Whether it's here in Winston, whether it's in Ukraine and Lebanon, no matter where it might be, it is the gospel of Jesus Christ. That is the only thing that can save us and the only thing that is worth living for. You know, and so, yeah.

Yeah, be praying with me and, you know, I obviously need some financial support to be able to go there. And so I'm using the business to fund that. And yeah. Yeah.

Yeah. I mean, I wish I promise you, if I could, I'd pay for some plane fuel with my prayers. I promise I would.

If I could do it. I've seen it happen. So, yeah, like, listen, I'm seeing y'all's houses out here. You need them pressure washed. And they dirty, too.

They dirty. Also, Greg, what about you? Definitely prayer. Prayer works and prayer changes things. You know, we're going into some of the hardest communities with a lot of stony ground and folks who don't even want to hear the gospel, folks who have been broken for generations. And so prayer, prayer, prayer.

Also, folks who are just willing, who have time. You know, we do so many different things. You know, we have Bible studies at Buffalo Wild Wings. Sometimes just go and get ice cream and hear from the Word there. Prayer, you know, there's ways to support financially. But nothing is more important than coming out and praying with us and staying with us. In Jesus name. In Jesus name. Amen. Kingdom Pursuits. Richard, I'm going to close us out right now.

We only got 30 seconds. Ladies and gentlemen, thank you so much for listening to Kingdom Pursuits. Greg Hudson, you're phenomenal and love your stories. So thank you guys for showing up today and just giving us some time and some wisdom and some encouragement. So thank you all for listening. Have a blessed Saturday. You got so much truth coming at you right after this. Take care.
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