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Walk With A Stranger

Kingdom Pursuits / Robby Dilmore
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March 25, 2023 12:50 pm

Walk With A Stranger

Kingdom Pursuits / Robby Dilmore

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March 25, 2023 12:50 pm

Robby invites authors Terry Christian and Ellen Kennedy for a conversation today on Kingdom Pursuits and you dont want to miss this episode. 

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Robby Dilmore

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This is the Truth Network. Kingdom Pursuits, where you hear from ordinary people instilled with an extraordinary passion. Together, we explore the stories of men and women who take what they love and let God turn their passion into Kingdom Pursuits. Now, live from the Truth Booth, your host, Robby Dilmore. Oh, welcome to Kingdom Pursuits, what a show we have lined up for you today. I'm really excited because I have an old friend and a new friend that's going to be with us today. First off, we have Terry Christian, and Terry Christian is the author of What Did Jesus Say?

The Seven Messages from the Master. So welcome, Terry. It's good to have you on this morning.

It's my pleasure to speak with you. Yes, we had a mix-up last week. I felt so bad about it. Were you in Jamaica last week that I hear? Well, I'm in Jamaica right now.

Really? Where in Jamaica? Well, in Negril, Jamaica.

In where? Negril. Negril.

Where is Negril? Well, most everybody comes into Montego Bay, and then they go to the left and go to Ocho Rios, or they go to the right and go about an hour up the road to Negril, which is on the west side of Jamaica. And I'm a retired citizen now of Jamaica, a resident, I would say.

I'm from San Diego. And I came here 12 years ago with three years to live, dying of cancer. So when I came here to do my sabbatical for 21 days, it obviously, I captured my divine healing, and it altered the rest of my life. So now I'm in Negril, and I teach in the schools, and I teach to the people here doing my missionary work, and then I do counseling online and deal with my book that's my book is now becoming known.

That is just amazing. Well, about four years ago, I did a mission trip to Jamaica, and very fun. Just one of those trips I'll never ever forget. I'm trying to think of the name of the ministry there that deals with drug addicts and folks that have substance abuse. They have a camp there in the middle of the island, and I went in there to speak like we do at our boot camps for a week or so and deal with them. But then one of the most memorable things I've ever done in my life is we went, is it Port-au-Prince that's the other big city? And there was a Catholic, there is a Catholic ministry there to special needs folks because apparently, because of the voodoo or whatever, they cast the special needs folks to the curb, and so they have this orphanage with all these folks that were just literally thrown away. Have you ever heard of that?

It was amazing. No, but I'm not surprised of it based on what I see and hear and know. I've been spending about nine months a year for the last 10 years here.

I would come in six months as a resident, and then I would come back as three months as a retired teacher to teach. So, I've seen a great deal on this side of the island. I'm not surprised in anything that you would say. Darrell Bock Yeah. But these wonderful people were taking care of these poor folks, and it was amazing to see God in action there in Jamaica. So, I'm so glad to have you on with us.

But also today, I need to get on to our other guests. By all means, my good friend and one of the stars of Christian Car Guy Theater, I should say, is both Gracie Gastank and, right, both Gracie Gastank and Ellen Kennedy, the author of Walk With a Stranger. Ellen Kennedy Hey, how are you doing, Robbie? Darrell Bock I am doing wonderful. You sound more like Gracie Gastank than you do Ellen. Ellen Kennedy Well, I'm Gracie, and I'm just going to sit over here in the corner while y'all talk. Darrell Bock Oh, I like that. Ellen Kennedy So, thanks, Gracie.

So, how are you doing, Robbie? Darrell Bock I am so wonderful, and I know that you've written many, many books. But this new book, you know, it's got a neat twist to it. I really, really love it.

It's Walk With a Stranger. So, tell me about how you kind of changed Janier's or whatever, or did you have other books? Ellen Kennedy Well, no, this is a short story I wrote a long, long time ago. And it's been, you know, it's been in my files for a long time. And I really like the idea of it.

And it's a way to kind of reach out to people and make them aware of how the people in the vinyl were real people. And they had real, you know, doubts and concerns and confusion. And so, I was trying to think, what would I be like if I was walking to a man, and I'd heard all these things, but I had seen Jesus die. And I was, you know, in mourning.

So, how would I react? So, that's what the story came from. Darrell Bock Oh, that's amazing. It's amazing. And so, we got two amazing books, What Did Jesus Say? and the Walk with a Stranger today. But as you might guess, since it's King of Pursuits, we got to have our riddle. So, speaking of stranger.

Oh, yeah, here you go. I don't know if you knew this was coming, Terry, but I have to get in my jokes. It's just part of what I get to do here. So, as you might imagine, I have a few ideas about strangers. Darrell Bock So, I don't know if you knew this, Christian, but a stranger attacked me with a triple-A battery and some sodium chloride, right?

You know what I was a victim of? Terry Darrell Bock So, a kind stranger recently taught me the meaning of plethora. I'd said it wrong, but he taught me the meaning of plethora. You know what you said to him, Richard?

You know, I mean, what am I saying? Terry Jordan Gregory. Darrell Bock Gregory. You know what you say to him?

Terry Jordan I don't know. What did you say? Darrell Bock Thank you, kind sir. That means a lot. It's a plethora, right? You liked that one, didn't you, Terry? I knew you were.

Terry Jordan I can see you guys keep the time going by with this stuff, so go ahead. Darrell Bock So, at the end of all those shenanigans, you know, I actually have a Bible riddle today for all of you. And so, you know, our riddle today that you can call in and win is pretty simple, actually. What did Jesus teach about strangers giving money? Ah, I bet you're wondering about that.

What did Jesus teach about strangers giving money? And if you can answer that, Gregory, tell them what they can win. Darrell Bock He doesn't want to do it, but they're going to win a fabulous prize. It's something very, very fabulous. Darrell Bock It is fabulous.

It's the book itself. Darrell Bock Yeah. Darrell Bock Walk with a stranger.

Darrell Bock There you go. The one you've been waiting on. We have this advance copy, and we can get it to you. All you got to do is tell us what did Jesus teach about strangers giving money?

Not giving money to a stranger, but strangers giving money. 866-348-7884, 866-34-TRUE. So, Terry, I know I'm very, very curious. Seven messages from the master, and as I hear your story, I'm very curious now where, how that fits in. Terry Well, I'll be like a flat rock going across the water.

Darrell Bock All right. Terry At 23, I had a near-death experience. I was a stutterer, dropped out of school. In my near-death experience, I had my awakening with the Lord.

I thought I was dying. He asked me, what did I want to do? And I said, well, do I stay or go back? I had a choice.

What would I do if I went back? And next thing you know, I'm in front of people teaching what Jesus said, and I'm only 23 when I'm seeing this vision. So out of that, I went on to become a motivational speaker. I did 2,500 speeches across America and Canada, so I'm very blessed by that.

And after an intense experience at 46, I was called away at 48 to produce this book and get into what I'm now doing. Darrell Bock Oh, I hate to jump in, but we got to go to a break, Terry. But when we come back, we're going to find out, right, about, I'm very excited about this, the seven messages from the master and walking with a stranger, which may have to do with the mass, just saying, and Gracie Gas Tank is all coming up, and your answers to What Did Jesus Teach About Strangers Giving Money.

You're listening to the Truth Network and Darrell Bock Welcome back to Kingdom Pursuits, where we hear how God takes your passion and uses it to build the kingdom. And today we are so blessed, really, to have with us Terry Christian live from Jamaica with his book, What Did Jesus Say?

The Seven Messages from the Master, as well as my good friend and co-star of Christian Car Guy Theater, along with Christian and other people that are here with us today, is the author of Walk with a Stranger, an amazing story, really just beautifully written, as always, because, you know, you may not know this, but Gracie Gas Tank, slash, Ellen Cowley wrote several episodes of Christian Car Guy Theater back in the day before we started using all of the Pilgrim's Progress. But anyway, I am shocked, Christian, I'm doubly shocked that no one has called in with the answer to my riddle. So I'm going to have to give them some hints. Are you ready for this? So the question was, in order to call in to win, by the way, you've got to call the number.

It's 866-348-7884. The question was, in the riddle, is what did Jesus teach about strangers giving money? I don't know the answer. Well, I don't know either. I decided to give you a hint. I'm going to give you a hint, but don't just chime in when you know it, okay?

So you might even say that he kind of coined a phrase when he did this, and there might have been something fishy about it, okay? And maybe that will help you. Yes, yes, yes.

It's all coming into focus now. 866-348-7884. It wasn't one of the messages from the master, I'm just guessing. 866-348-7884.

If you guessed it now, we expect some calls, okay? Because I can't just sit here and not give away, walk with a stranger like we have it here live for you. So meanwhile, getting back to my friend Terry, tell us more of the story. Like you, when we left you, you were, I guess, in your 40s and having another change of life. Yeah, well, I was called away to do this book, and I left the motivational speaking field thinking it'd be over.

I'd make a transition, you know, like everybody would think an easy transition, I've been doing God's will for this long time, why wouldn't it work? And when I got up the last day to edit the book thinking this is going to be a fun transition, my mom called me and my dad had a stroke. And now that wasn't much to me because I come from a highly dysfunctional family, very close to my mom, didn't see my dad for 20 years, so that wasn't it. But all of a sudden I'm back seeing my mom for three years, that is a blessing because I wasn't in her home for 20 years, so now I'm with her for three full time, that was a God sin, and then she passes on. And I develop a bladder cancer through an issue and that postpones the book, and I have a divine healing on that that still keeps me going 12 years later when I was given three years to live.

And then just as I released, self-published the book, I had emergency throat surgery and that took away my ability to talk and smile for three years on expectivity. So I have now come very familiar with the Book of Job. And I understand why, because this is one of those unique books, there's a lot of books about Jesus, this is coined a book from Jesus, there's over 500 scriptures put into this book in seven messages, and I've added no comments or opinions but composed it to read as if you're walking down the beach with Jesus, what would he be teaching on these seven subjects. And so I'm told it's a teaching devotional unlike all others because I am not putting in any religious opinions about Jesus, what he says is pure in and of itself. My calling, unlike other people, is I'm here to help the Christians build bridges together, knock the walls down, and open up the windows together so that those that are lost and can't see can recognize a consistency and a oneness and unity in us.

Now that's beautiful, absolutely wonderful. That's my calling, so I never participated in the denominational personality driven pastors, teachers, and religions of Christianity, but I've been raised and always stayed true to what Jesus said and what his apostles that we know about, Peter and John, said. And I leave all the other debates, the Orthodox, the Catholics, and the many divided Protestants, and the independent Christians that fell out of the whole group, I leave all the debates to them, I'm just here to tell you what Jesus said. And when you know what Jesus said, you know what Jesus would do.

And that's the only question in our relationship with Jesus, are we obedient to what he said or obedient to what people say about him? That's the big difference there. So moving on to Ellen, so how cool, I love, and by the way your book is beautifully illustrated too, so you can actually get to walk with that stranger as you're reading it. And so a little of, you know, what inspired this completely, it was just a change of gears from you, because normally Ellen's a mystery writer. And of course that's a mystery, there's no doubt, walk with a stranger is kind of mysterious. It's got a little mystery in the end of it there, it's got a twist at the end, but it's a twist straight out of the Bible, as our friend just said, you know. Oh exactly. And it's really a picture book, more aimed at young adults.

So it's a very short one, 44 pages, and it's only on Amazon in paperback. So I was just hoping that I could get this story shared with youngsters, you know, I have some teenage grandchildren and I'd love to have them understand this story, because I hadn't learned about this passage in the Bible until I was an adult, and I was just blown away by it, and I thought it was, what if that had happened to, you know, to me? Oh yeah, it is, it is one of those stories that really takes you, interestingly, you know, actually like what Terry was talking about, you're walking with Jesus, that the road to Emmaus, and you're hearing that, but the neat thing about that from my perspective is the whole idea of the whole idea originally behind Christian Kargar Theater, as you know, Ellen, was that we needed something on the radio to reach kids, because that's the next generation, and you know, his faithfulness is unto all generations, we get to take part in what he's doing with that, and so I could see, now it makes, you know, when you look at that book, it's kind of aimed at your own grandkids, right?

Right, exactly. Well, you know, you see them grow up and you want them to understand these things very much, you know, it's part of your heart, so. A friend of mine in Pennsylvania is giving a copy to her Sunday School students, and a friend of ours in Texas is ordering them as Easter cards, because they cost about the same as a premium Easter card, and you know, so. And what a neat Easter card to give people with children, you know, because it's a beautiful, like I said, it's illustrated beautifully, and what a way to take people into the story, because if anybody loves stories, it's kids, right? They just love the story, and it's such an engaging story.

I always thought it was, yeah. Oh, absolutely, and so I love what you did, Terry, that essentially as you're walking with Jesus, is he's sharing these seven messages, right? And here you've composed it in such a way, that's amazing. And so, as God took you on that journey to write those chapters, I'm curious for you, Terry, you know, where did he surprise you?

Like, I did not see that coming. I was surprised when the book was done, because it was bigger than me, and as I read the four Gospels at least a hundred times in the editing process, to make sure that every scripture location at the bottom of the page matched what was on the page, and there's 170 pages, it kept me very deeply involved. And when it was all done, and I realized I was guided to, as one of the reviews I got from Ivory Radio, they said, God was the author, and I was the pen that he used. And I think that is the most reverent way to say it, because when you get done with these seven messages, you learn more about what they're telling me they get off the ebook, those around the world, is they're learning more about Jesus than they ever imagined, because he's telling you what he said. Here it is. Here it is.

There's no interpretation, and because there's no arguments or religious debates, this is only what Jesus said to those who loved and followed him. So that makes it a unique one. Now, for your listeners, let me add in before we lose our time, I have a free code that I would like to give your listeners, so they can go and download the ebook in an EPUB or Kindle version. And this would give us some good feedback through your listeners, and it would be my gift back to you, if that'd be okay with you. Please, please, by all means, what is it? Well, the code is read, R-E-A-D, read his words, all one statement, read his words, and the website is W-D-J-S dot world. W-D-J-S stands for, what did Jesus say?

W-D-J-S dot world. And the code is read his word. Right. Now, if they would like to download the audiobook, it's under hear his words, H-E-A-R. Hear his words, they can have a free audiobook. I only ask them to send me a review, and if they get the ebook or EPUB, it's read his words. And they will enjoy it, it'll impact you, it's an hour's read, but when you're done now, you have now been indoctrinated to the purest of here's what Jesus says, and that is, that's what I love about it. So what I love about it is the timelessness that, I think as you asked me, I don't, I think what God has shown me, I never anticipated how many, how deep the divisions were among Christians.

I never imagined. One little question about that, read his words, plural, or just read his word singular? Plural, read his words. Okay, and hear his words. Okay, I missed that in my first go, so read his words, and you go to for either one of those. And so when we come back, we got more from Gracie Gastank and Terry Christian, and I'm sitting here shocked out of my mind that nobody has called in at eight, here's the number, maybe you forgot it.

It's 866-348-7884. What did Jesus talk? You're listening to the Truth Network and Welcome back to Kingdom Pursuits, where we hear how God takes your passion and uses it to build the Kingdom.

Again, we are so blessed today to have with us Ellen Kennedy, the author of Walk with a Stranger, and she is also Gracie Gastank on Christian Car Guy Theater, as well as Terry Christian with his book, What Did Jesus Say? The Seven Messages from the Master. But here's the part that's just got me shocked. Nobody has called in with my riddle.

Like what? Okay, let me give you this one more time with my extra bonus, my extra bonus hints, okay? 866, you can write this down because what you get by answering this, you get Gracie's book. Like we have it right here, and we're gonna give it to you, Walk with a Stranger, maybe your grandchild or somebody, man, you know, who knows, who might come to know about Jesus just through this book.

So 866-348-7884, 866-344, truth. And the question again is what did Jesus teach about giving strangers money? Or excuse me, what strangers giving money?

What did Jesus teach about strangers giving money? And you might say that he coined a phrase, and there was something fishy about all this thing. And when you go look at that, you know, you can't help but think, wow, here you go. Not to mention, let me also say one more plead so that somebody will call 866-348-7884. That, right? No one has ever guessed wrong in the history of Kingdom Pursuits.

No one has ever not gotten the book. So, hey, there you go. All you have to do is call us, 866-344-TRUTH. So, Ellen, same question back to you is when you were, you know, I love when God puts you on a project, and then he comes, and you're obedient, and you're obedient, and you do what he asks you to do, and then he comes alongside and just wows you with a project, something you did not see coming. What was that with this project for you? Well, I just thought it would be nice to take this short story and put it into pictures because, even though, you know, it's a story that adults relate to as well as children, but I'm not an artist per se, so I got in contact with a local publishing house, Light Messages, and they said, and we worked together, and they provided the illustrations and helped me get it published, but they were really pleased to be able to help because they really liked the idea of the project. They liked the story because it, you know, it really does, it does sort of encapsulate what it's like to realize that Jesus is right there with you, you know. And so, you got to see your vision because it is illustrated so beautifully, and I'm, I can, I know exactly what you're saying, that when you got to see your book, you're like, man, look at this.

Yeah, it's like when I, you know, when I did a Christian Car Guy theater episode, I'm sure you can understand that, you know, I write the script, or you write the script, or Ann writes the script, and then when you hear amazing actors like Jesse Cordy and Ann Auld and Gracie Gaffney and Ellen Kennedy just start doing the parts, then it all, your vision comes to life, and it's like, man, God, how cool is this? Yeah, it really is. So, yeah, go ahead.

I'm sorry. Well, I just want, I just wanted to point out that it is on Amazon, and it's under my name, E. E. Kennedy. So, you know, and it's, that's the only place that can be found except from me. Well, it's also, by the way, if you go to Kingdom, if you go to Kingdom Pursuits, I have it there, and people can just click, as well as, what did Jesus say? It's there at as well.

I want to get that one, yeah. But by all means, right now, we have two, we have not one, but two Riddlers that are with us, that have a guest for us. So, we're going to go to Tina is in Durham, North Carolina. Tina, you're on Kingdom Pursuits. Good morning. Good morning. I have a guest.

All right. If you give a man a fish heat for a day, if you teach a man to fish heat for a lifetime. I love that. That's, you know, once again, you win. But it may not have been exactly what I was thinking, but I still love it, because you're right, man. If you do give a man a fish, he eats for a day.

But, you know, you teach him to fish, and the next thing you know, he's a trout fisherman. That's amazing. So, we're going to, since you were the first person to call in, we're going to send you the official copy of Walk with a Stranger by E. E. Kennedy. All right? All right. Thank you so much.

You're going to love it. Oh, thank you for calling in, Tina. It makes me feel so much better. God bless.

I hope that our other caller is still with us, that we have with us. Scott is in Winston-Salem. So, Scott, do you have another answer, perhaps, to what did Jesus teach about strangers giving money? No, Robbie.

I was thinking along the same line. Really? Well, I'll have to just, I'm shocked and aghast that even with my great hints that, you know, Jesus had this conversation with Peter, and Peter, you know, he was supposed to pay the temple tribute, according to the Pharisees, and he came in and Jesus wouldn't even let him come in the house. He stopped him and he said, hey, Peter, if the king's son, should he pay taxes or what a stranger? That's what he actually said.

You remember that? And he said, but so that we wouldn't be offended. He'd write, go catch a fish, and guess what's got it in his mouth, right? A coin. Anyway, you two are a winner, as always, Scott, and so we will get you another book out of The Truth's Prize Vault, all right?

Or... Thank you, great show. Enjoyed it, Robbie.

Or I could mention that if you go to read, or actually if you go to, you can either get the audiobook free by typing in the code, hear his words, or get the book to read, read his words. All that, Scott, I appreciate that. I appreciate all you do, man. All right, wonderful. Thank you, Scott. Thank you so much. God bless. All right, bye-bye.

Bye-bye. So getting back to you, Terry, how neat that this is available to our listeners, and I'm going to take advantage of it if nobody else... I really want to read it. I think it's a blessing by Divine Design that we have both been given the opportunity to share this program, you know, Walking with the... Is it Walking with the Stranger? Was that the book?

Our guest book? Right, it is called Walk with a Stranger. It's exactly right. Right, and so when you consider that this one is Walking with the Master, in essence, they are what we call basically the same, just uniquely different.

Oh, I'm kidding, really. And where she writes a story that puts that human touch in it, where people can feel it in the heart, mine is very pure spiritual injection, because if you're a Christian, then here is your injection, here is your blood transfusion, because there's no opinions, and there's no suggestions, and there's no comments, and I have nothing to say except, wow. And the more you understand what Jesus said, the more it means to people that are proclaiming their Christianity. Well, I think it's so neat that you were able to take that much scripture, really, and put it into that kind of format, and that's why I'm excited to read it. Well, you're going to find out when you read it that message one is called the Christ. So everything Jesus said in the four Gospels about coming from heaven and going back to heaven is in that part.

The next one is called the Father and Son. Everything he spoke about, that I could compose in all four Gospels, is in that one part. Now you really understand the relationship with the Father and Son and how he taught from that point of view. Well, I like most, to open the eyes of Christians, you know, we've heard about the book WWJD, What Would Jesus Do?

Well, I believe this book, WDJS, answers that. If you want to know, what would Jesus do, you must know, what did Jesus say? There you go. Once again, we've got to go to a break. I'm sorry, Terry. It's a damn break.

Yeah, well, we'll just break it up. We'll be right back with more with Ellen Kennedy and Terry Christian. Go to christiancargill.

Go to and get both books, by all means. You're listening to the Truth Network and Welcome back to Kingdom Pursuits, where we hear how God takes your passion and uses it to build the kingdom. And today we're so blessed, blessed, we are blessed to have with us Terry Christian and his book, What Did Jesus Say? The Seven Messages from the Master. And Ellen Kennedy, she's the author of an amazing, and I wouldn't call it a children's book, it's kind of a teenager or young adult's book.

It's called Walk with a Stranger. And as I mentioned, both books, if you go to and you look, there's a slider that just changes messages every few seconds. And so, you'll see it there under Walk with a Stranger, and you'll see this beautiful pair of shoes, sort of a beautiful cover that they got there. And then, The What Did Jesus Say?

is there as well with a link to that. But don't forget this is important, that if you want a free copy of Terry's book, you can just go to and put in, read his words, or if you want to get the book to read, or if you want to get the audiobook, you put in here his words. And that's just for our listeners here on The Truth Network, so grateful for that. And so, Ellen, it's so neat to me that God has given you this gift for mystery, right? And, you know, one of the things that I just think is so cool, if you happen to go to and you look at the cast and crew page of, you'll see that Ellen's picture, she's wearing these glasses and she looks like she writes mystery novels. So, I have to know, man, when you had that picture taken, did they say, now we want you to look like a mystery writer, or did that, the glasses that you normally wear?

Ellen Well, I usually wear glasses, but I did pull them down my nose, and it's a selfie. Darrell Bock Was it really? Ellen Yeah, yeah. Darrell Bock Oh, it's such an amazing picture, it definitely looks like a professional did that. Ellen Well, thank you.

I'm not a photographer, but that one turned out okay, you know, and so, my husband laughs because I'm never happy with my pictures, but this one was okay. Darrell Bock So, of your many mystery novels, which is your favorite? Ellen Well, I was telling a lady the other day, the most recent one is called Incomplete Sentence, and the reason I like it best is, well, you usually like what you've just recently written, but the reason I like it best is I told her, it has more God in it than in the others. They all have, you know, it's all, all my books have turned to God, you know, my main character is a Christian, but this last one, she is confronted, my character is confronted with a villain, and then originally I decided I was going to have her beat him, beat him over the head with a frying pan, but as I started to write, it wouldn't, I couldn't get that to work. So, it was so funny. Scripture came into her head, and it was like, if your enemy hungers, give him to eat, and all this, and so she starts doing that, and it calms the bad guy down, and in other words, she doesn't have to attack him, she does what Jesus would do. I was astonished because it wasn't what I had planned.

I planned for her to have a knockdown drag out, you know? Darrell Bock Tell me the name of that one again, slowly. Ellen That's called Incomplete Sentence. Darrell Bock Incomplete Sentence, like taking a census of the city or something? Ellen Like a sentence, like, you know, S-E-N-T-E-N-C-E, you know, sentence. Darrell Bock Oh, incomplete sentence. Ellen Yes. Darrell Bock Ah, like a judge would give a sentence, yes.

I get it. Ellen She's an English teacher, and also, but this guy, this guy skipped out on his, he skipped out, he was found guilty of a murder, and then, but he manages to escape, and so, you know, and then he comes back, and it's scary. Darrell Bock There you go. Incomplete Sentence is the name of that book. So, Terry, I know we just have a couple minutes left. What did you want to get said today that we haven't had a chance to say yet? Terry Well, I would just like to say, I just think this is the perfect divine moment of the two books that you have. They're both complementary, and I want to say to your audience that I believe that this book will transform the quality of their walk with Jesus.

Ellen Wonderful, that's great. Terry And I think that this book will give them a cleansing of the mind of all of the religious opinions about Jesus that take us away from what he taught, like you were, like the author was saying, to feed or to help the person as opposed to beat them with the skillet, right? When people say, WWJD, what would Jesus do? Well, he taught us how to love our enemies, how to have no hate, how to be their light, how to watch truth, how faith, believing, asking, giving, charity, forgiveness, prayer, fasting, loyalty, marriage, children, divorce, adultery, all those subjects are covered in just one message for message for called I am the way, the truth, and the life. He said, No worry, no anger, no revenge, no swearing. So there's 40 things that I put there that God showed me Jesus said not to do or to do. So you know, I mean, the words of Jesus stand alone in truth, power and authority.

Why are we so distracted by the opinions of what's said about Jesus? What he says about himself is pure. Darrell Bock Well, thank you so much, both Ellen and Terry, you guys are amazing. I want to tell you, anytime you get a book like this, whether you get to read his words or you get Ellen's either of those books, always go and give them a review. That means so much to the author, and it's so encouraging after they've stepped out in faith like that.

So again, for the books. But most of all, we're just grateful for you listening, because you guys make the show, all you listeners. And so we're grateful. And now you got so much truth coming at you. You got encouraging prayer, followed by the masculine journey. Then it's time to man up with Nikita Kolov. So much truth coming at you on the Truth Network.
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