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Middle Eastern Christian Festival

Kingdom Pursuits / Robby Dilmore
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August 13, 2022 1:16 pm

Middle Eastern Christian Festival

Kingdom Pursuits / Robby Dilmore

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August 13, 2022 1:16 pm

Today, Robby is so please to speak once again with good brother in Christ; Saleem as the discuss the Middle Eastern Christian Festival in Kernersville NC on September 10th.

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Swim from messenger to bug customer goal with the podcast was. Hope you try to find your way in this difficult world.

Your chosen treatment would podcast was starting just seconds. Enjoy sure most of all, thank you for listening and choosing The Truth Podcast Network. This is the Truth Network versus where you hear from ordinary people instilled with an extraordinary passion together we explore the stories of men and women who take what they love and let God turn their passion into kingdom pursuits now live from.

I am so my that something's back.

We've been missing it for a couple years since covert happened. I was so disappointed. Hereafter, your is this is one of things I look forward to every single year since I get about nine years. I voice Liam the more I think like 14 like 14 years you've been doing this all my goodness I didn't realize it been that long. So for 14 years there has been something called the Arabic Christian festival.

Actually, the Middle Eastern Christian festival, and I even could get it right the Middle Eastern Christian festival. That's right.

It is the Middle Eastern Christian festival. It is been going on now for 14 years and we were part of that live for years and years and years until coated and so now it's back.

It's coming September attempts or just a month out this exciting event and it's it's there's no describing it in 30 seconds, where promos that are going to come tell you about it but I want everybody to begin to mark your calendar for you to be there live on Saturday, September 10 but then it goes on for church on Sunday as well right and all my goodness, your family needs to be part of this. What an event it. It is just a spectacular thing as it is the Christian voice of the Middle Eastern culture like you've never experienced culture and all the gods done. It's it's it's so spectacular.

But of course you know it's kingdom pursuits Lane and those people are listening and are expected. Rob is going to say something to play some shenanigans and so you know you as you can imagine that in a part of the Middle Eastern Christian festival is that it is one big team. It's it's all the same team as a speaking team in a what are the Carolina Panthers team fans do after they win the Super Bowl and ever wonder about that.

Suddenly, there lies the carnage. Ever wonder what the Carolina Panthers fans do after they win the Super Bowl. Nobody would have never lined actually they turn off the PlayStation go to bed and remember this.

I've heard some bosses think they tell you there is no I in team, but you can always mutter back to them is not so much you in there even though there's a tough one for you three mentioned codes got in the way of the team of their of the Middle Eastern Christian festival is why did the anti-facts are cut from the basketball team why Selim did the anti-facts or get cut from the basketball team.

I have no idea.

He refused a shot and my personal favorite on this list.

If this does not make you smile. I don't think you're human being not okay so I just found out that the Kool-Aid man you're familiar with Kool-Aid man. He plays on a baseball team.

Did you know that you know why Carmen now I don't have any idea why the Kool-Aid man would play on a baseball team. I sure don't use a picture that was me.

It really really does so in a very unique riddle today on the kingdom pursuits calling just this. We have a special prize package for selling Isaiah is the only mention of the word team. Did you know that in the King James version Bible. The only place you'll find the word team is in the King James version of Isaiah, which they mention three animal team three different animal teams involved in a certain order to get you over the home.

Not to make a donkey or full of yourself as you can guess those three animal teams you can win today on kingdom pursuits. Again, I might've had a hit in there and said you know to help get you over the hump not make a donkey of yourself or a foal of yourself you know we can we can help you out 864 87884's number calling women and they do that. Carmen so much that we missed three prizes from the proceeds prize. Yes you will and all you have to do is call in at 866-348-7884 and tell us what animals are involved in these teams. In the book of Isaiah.

It's in chapter 21 is talking about these animals can get you over the hump. You don't make a donkey or full of yourself. 866, now it's not that hard. 866-34-TRUTH 87884 and so nobody makes a donkey or full of themselves when they come to the Middle Eastern Christian festival on September 10 right it starts it would like 10 o'clock o'clock Saturday and Sunday. Saturday and Sunday. So 10 o'clock to come out there and if you seen this dancing, or the people around in circles like in there and that and like if you ever been involved in that.

Like how fun is that when you when you're doing that for Jesus like with all these people that are like the professionally know what they're doing and so they've helped a lot over the years to perform. And then there's the food like there's no asked describing.

I have no one that the one that is always my personal favorite Selim and I met him go off my diet like you are when we get there.

And this looks like a long meatball. What is that thing called reclose Gupta cost Carmen. It sent off to Ms. this – GREs member Costa but it sounds really good and I'll try all you can smell it from about 40 miles from Kernersville.

They start talk to. I don't know what all is in a constant.

It is absolutely spectacular and then you put that together with the got home is that only you guys have.

I don't know where you get it. It's not like the home is to get the grocery store.

This is a homemade homeless homemade hummus yes and usually involves some garlic in it makes it that tasty. It is very tasty. In the name of the pita bread and and then there's the kebab right yeah the D she she stole what we call it which is the chicken kebab with some spices that day you will really enjoy hearing such that the desserts were wait for later to get our just desserts here in on this, but again the idea is like.

Can you imagine in your wildest dreams.

Like I realize there's other festivals around that you might take your family to to see some culture. But when you come to the Middle Eastern Christian festival.

The unique part about it is, there are all these cultures are right next to the Israel tent is the tent for Syria and right next to the tent for Syria is the time for Jordan and right next to the tent for Jordan is the 10 for Egypt and like wait a minute I thought all these people and other Christians always, but it's the Christian voice. The biggest we are united under the banner of Christ and Christ unite us even though that honor Florida for enemies in the Middle East and people really are fighting each other and don't while being like each other but under the banner of Christ we are all loving each other and so very cool after just list of the Christian car guys show on my main things I can point out now is my friend Selim is from Lebanon, yes I am from Lebanon. I was born in Lebanon of parents from northern Galilee actually relay Palestinian patents.

Yes and when did you come to United States. I came in 1978 I came as a young man 19 years old I came to study and I couldn't go back.

Actually Lebanon was in the Civil War that I had to stay back and this beautiful country and were so very, very glad we can hear a lot more that story a lot more was coming on September 10 and if you're not hungry you will be that it's coming September 10. It's the Middle Eastern Christian festival.

We got so much that so and so many can call anyone talks about these teams of animals that we know there is something about something that is not your listening to the Truth Network and come you missed out in waves so we want to just spend some time talking about what is coming September 10. Again, the Kernersville, North Carolina. If your listening in Dayton Ohio this morning. Are you listening in Richmond, Virginia. You may be listening in Raleigh and Charlotte where it is you are I to me. I've never experienced anything quite like it because as we described not only obviously their food and dancing and culture and all these things, but here you can sit there and have a great discussion in depth discussion with somebody, a Christian from Israel or a Christian from Jordan or a Christian from Lebanon or Christian from Egypt or Christian from Syria right all these different true and and and then and see that beautifully. They brought their culture with them right. They didn't leave it in the Middle East that that they have an understanding of family that's very unique right then just really ought a close community that love the family and and we get our strength from the family also being together and caring for each other and this could not be made more obvious tend in our just found out during a break that during covert when most churches struggled differently Arabic church which will get to why that was name that a little bit later in the show. It's really cool.

The story differently Arabic church baptized more people in 2020 than they ever had previously and so showing a listers Selim how that you know why that happened. You feel like we all know that during covert people stayed at home and didn't have much to do but to we we put an effort to stay connected to Internet through Zoom Skype and phones and made calls they made visits made meeting spiritual meetings, Bible studies, you knock on doors you said and stood outside so that people would say that we even visited each other but we stayed like at the visitor would stay on the porch while the other people inside the house at the door or stayed away away from each other.

We connected together and we built each other and that will we we wanted everyone to feel that they're not separate not alone and really that there made a difference in their hearts and our hearts. All of us and we really supported each other.

We have people that lost their jobs. We make sure that they ought you know, supported, and that's what the church is right. Yes, there is a family and community as a completely brothers and sisters in the Lord your spectacular so getting back to your stories. You came to the United States as young man yes and then so how the world did you end up like at the friendly Arabic church when it what was the story behind that. It's a long story but would make a little sore test. I came as a young man to LA actually California stayed there. I mean went to college and ended up coming to North Carolina with family. I followed family and my brother older brother got married in came to North Carolina to Greensboro, North Carolina. I came followed and finish my studies and at that time in 1985. Things really got bad at home in Lebanon that we couldn't go back at the same time there was a a a retired Baptist missionary coming back from the Middle East. His name was Bill Hearn and he's the one that started the our church exiting Greensboro. He started that with them home Bible study in Arabic. He spoke Arabic very well and found us in town and gathered us and wonder one of the family opened the home to start this meeting and that's how they did begin a community or church started, there were your Christian when you came. I was in the Catholic faith and Catholic religion but actually inside I was not a Christian.

I didn't know why Christ died.

Even though I warship runway or another Christ and went to church but I didn't know why Christ died and then actually at the Bible study I learned from that missionary that Christ died for my own sins and aunt into and and verily I started learning the Bible and actually within 1 Year Friendly Ave., Baptist Church adopted this home Bible study to become that home mission and we started meeting in their building and that's where we get a lot of name friendly etc. that we ought friendly errors okay were different were not the Arabs that are portrayed on on the news, you know, fighting and killing each other. We are the friendly and now are they like it you know if you've been hugged in your life that there's nothing like a hard coming from the people from the Middle East. I don't know how to explain it other than I know because I've been there and it's people like that. You know I will not have seen them for three years but I know it's coming soon as they see me they get a big smile on their face and it what it is its grace. Selim, you know, like I feel like I'm their favorite when I'm in their presence. And that's how you will feel if you bring your family out there like there to be so glad that you came to find out their stories to find out what you know what is going on with their culture and and asked them questions like, you know, what's that funny hat mean rugby you won't be surprised even on a Sunday every morn every Sunday morning we see people that they work together Saturday but then Sunday morning day Haq and I mean as if they never met before, and they are connecting. They will they share their lives together and live together and and so yeah and then and so it's really just really cool opportunity to understand a whole lot of things about that area from the people that did really their faith in so many cases is really really been tested to the point man you know they've been through some unbelievable persecution in order to make the journey to even be a true church right actually couple weeks ago I was well with the person that wasn't familiar with our group.

He was also from actually fee was from Iran and you speak Arabic, but we spoke English together and and he was surprised that that we were.

He was invited to one of our picnics and he was invited. I mean, surprised to see that each person each family was in the picnic has a different story.

And they were all persecuted every one of us.

Okay, one way or another we are here in this country because we were driven out of the Middle East and everyone have every family every person have a testimony how God moved on into this area do to to live our Christian faith. Here Ryan and and you know in 119 Psalm you know Blessed are those who keep his testimonies right and seek him with their whole heart and that's the second line of the hundred 19 Psalm and throughout the hundred 19 Psalm it talks about the joy of testimonies because they are the rejoicing of my heart because when you hear these testimonies how God worked in these people's lives.

It it it increases your faith. It increases your love for God and you can see right God living out what's going what's going on through these people and every one of their stories and often stories of like unbelievable testing within their own families and illness write that that that if they've gone through since he been in the United States. Yes, here in the states are. I think God for the freedom we have to celebrate our faith in our testimonies and shadow testimonies. We have the freedom which is God bless this country for this freedom that we are celebrating actually at the Middle East and Christian festival.

That's exactly what were doing. We invite the whole community. Did the faith community and everyone to come and celebrate with us the DVD common faith and the love of God through Christ Jesus together right in and do that with dancing in the millions and and the and the sharing of course you know the food it's it's a big part we get this. The wedding supper of the Lamb.

From what I understand their offer and Costa understand Psalm 150 says that we celebrate God with all musical instruments, singing and praising and dancing. Remember our yes yes and express our warship through dense also and that dance is is a circle dance for reason right right that resemble unity and holding each other and God want to see it to be united. Remember when Jesus prayed in a John 17, he prayed for our unity to be 11 circle yes as is. It's really really really fun.

You know, and I entered for judgment free zone. Nobody looked at me because I couldn't keep step you believe that Carmen not one person they looked at me funny and I was not afraid to answer you shocked… I guess they either friendly and gather freely tried not to embarrass anyone to learn to dance. So as I have all their stuff for the kids to write, you got the big blowup castle you got a thing for the guests. The festival is children friendly. I was inflatable with the playground and facepainting and old kind of other kids are having a blast, or even the parents are enjoying the culture it's it's something to take part in and mark your calendar.

September 10 11 how fun that he'll actually worship with them on Sunday morning like this can be going on under the tent. Be right back.

A lot more was your listening to the Truth Network and is certainly saying that today with my good friend Selim and draws is that how it's pronounced near the competitor right in the house and row us a love that with the Middle Eastern Christian festival, which again is coming up September 10 through the 11th of. I haven't mentioned it already. Let me mention that it's FREE free. There is no charge to get in Mr. slick. Yes, enjoy the festival and the year of fellowship and fun and food so there's no charge to park there is no charge to come course. The food is gonna cost you some medicine to be worth every last penny that you pay is no charge to dance is no charge to to come spend time with that people in that tent.

Ms. reliving her show you all the different things about you know what it's like to be in Galilee or you can go over to Egypt and find out about the pyramids or you can and and and and you're going to do this with people that are Christian from the area that understand with how their country uniquely stands for Christ and in spectacular ways. I've never had a conversation with anybody in any of those tents that I just wasn't wild with what God had done right through that particular very unique culture. God is moving. God is moving not only in our mates, but everywhere, and the Middle Eastern Christian festival is a testimony for what God it has done and is doing like we started speaking about the. The multiple cultures that we have we have like maybe nine countries represented in in this festival on in our church actually and we are all united express in the love of God, and let's go back to the food it had for money, but if you're hungry and your cannot you cannot afford it will offer your meal on this, they will for having a job seeing that as well and so we have to get to the just desserts because you know we we talked about the cost in the pita bread and and then there's kebabs all my goodness are the kebabs and there's Thomas and and and these different things which they may have something new and exciting Mr. chicken but what about the desserts owe the desserts sweet for the radio sling.

We have found we homemade Nestlé and the prayer book lover also you heard is baklava what is Greek but in in in in the event it is how you handled baklava yet in the Middle East. There also have baklava baklava.

Not but love. Gary so there's this year and then and I've seen visitors are two cookies that that are powdered sugar looking things like that and I'm just saying I'm not an expert. I don't I just only eat better and that I was.

My wife was with me here.

She would give you all the details but you knew you get the idea. This stuff is. I mean, you guys are going to be and I love this right your church family is beginning to make preparations to do the baking to do the cook to prepare these these these different foods and nearly smelling it all over Kernersville on September 10. Yes we all the food are prepared ahead of time and except the to get the grilling the fresh-baked and really at citrate and it's not about raising funds to hold festival. It's about fellowship, to fellowship and celebrate our faith and the love of God together and to food is sold. Yes, at a minimum price just to cut on the cost of the hold festival that is not about raising funds. It'll know and you'll get a sense about your get a sense that these people are so happy that you came right that they are so delighted to share their testimony with you to share their culture to share their life and and it's it's it's a beautiful experience again. I got to do it for all these years and I was so so grateful and I heard from Celine this year were going to do it again. It's coming back and again September 10 and 11th and then that worship service Sunday right in and so when people come to your worship service Sunday. Can you come to share what that's like, well, yes, well actually we are to do language, share ministry we worship in English and we worship in Arabic actually Sunday mornings.

We have two separate meetings one in English one in Arabic but Sunday, 11 September when we have a joint service under the tent and everyone is welcome. It would be mainly in English. There will be some Arabic songs but the message and the sermon would being in English and in the audit.

In order to honor our guests so at come experience the Arabic songs and worship how the people of God can be united worshiping him and so that's kinda critical.

The airport Arabic aspect of it right because you know you can imagine maybe a being American that if all the sudden you found yourself in Lebanon or you found yourself in Egypt and you found a fellowship that spoke English you know you would feel so much more like okay now I understand INR more and feel more at home.

I guess to some extent and that's how your people feel right when they come to an Arabic word that was part of what brought you originally when you will be here when you went to that Bible study right. Actually we make. We we it's our purpose to feed it to make people newcomers at home. Okay. And in the church is not only to worship God, but also our center of fellowship making home, making the people comfortable and at feeling welcome. So yes, the Arabic church is as a center for people to come and feel comfortable and feel at home and that's it. That's even because part of being a disciple right is to feel like you are the bride of Christ and and that you are the sister bride. You are his family and every aspect of of what that is to wear there to support you if you're hungry they're going to support you.

If you're persecuted for your future and if you're needy. If you need a job you know and all that that happened during closer to your community. You guys expanded right. We only grew. We grew in numbers, we grow spiritually and in numbers didn't cultivate S and S it's it's just a beautiful beautiful thing and again just sharing that you know this.

This happens once a year and what an opportunity coming in right here in Kernersville, North Carolina, and aware of your coming from Raleigh or Charlotte, I guarantee you, and I've had lots of guests come from Charlotte over the years. Lots of discomfort already and every one of my like Robbie, I just cannot tell you how much even I had some people come from snow camp. One time that was fun.

Larry Georgia my friends at slow missionary homes came from snow camp, that there shall live out there one year and you know it's just been fun fun fun fun. Never had anybody say man this food now now know there snow on the food in their want of food because it always cooked on the grill's right there right and in so that smell is wafting over you know that that that delightful smell that I'm sure that the Lord is been so pleased with the incense that's coming from the food and the prayers. And so you guys are even praying right now big time about this right, we are praying right now that God moves between us at that at the time of festival. And God touches the heart of people.

We have even testimonies that God Dutch people and cold people into ministry and in the mission field. Let me share that we share 11 of the testimonies varies. We have a man that came in and did a Christian man that was actually asking God where to go. He God has burdened his heart for ministry for mission work in Reno and he came to the Christian festivals at least interested festival God spoke to him and and and that and he ended up going on mission to the Middle East next to 11 yes. As a result of coming right there.

Actually he was a policeman. Oh, how is little MRIs. When we got one more segment from the Middle Eastern Christian rest will come in September 10 and 11th this year.

That's just a month away you're listening to the Truth Network and say so much fun having Arabic. Excuse me, the Middle Eastern Christian festival.

It's coming to the friendly Arabic church there in Kernersville North Carolina which is on Wicker Road. By the way, of course, it's all going to be really clear to you on their Facebook page of their website all at the friendly Arabic Christian church there in Kernersville on Wicker Road and is coming September 10 and the 11th we have pastor Celine and dramatists. This is correct yet where this is from 11 I want an amazing story, but I let me just say or maybe let you share how encouraging is it to your church. When when people come to visit when you see we love people. We are the Middle Eastern people love fellowship and it really is a whole celebration is to celebrate and fellowship with people around us and is so encouraging to know that people are interested, whether to come explore who we are. We have people just have curiosity who we are and they were surprised we were friendly and his hair, and many people really, you know, come to worship with us and welcome us and we express our gratitude to this land that open their heart and in its heart and the people loving people that welcome us into their mitts and neighborhoods and we we want to fellowship together and express our love and it's really, really, how cool is it that you try, you were drafted in resisting the danger in Christ you were drafted in to the body of Christ and by the way, that's, you know Jewish in an original nature came from the Middle East right and and quite often. I'm not sure if I was Jewish. In the beginning I don't know where regret I'm right on ancestries go back to northern Galilee where we Jewish we came from Jewish background.

I don't know. Actually, I did death benefits of DNA testing. It didn't go that far.

It just told me that I was partly from that area apart from the northern side of like Turkey and Syria and southern Europe. That's why my DNA initially but you are saying in a during the break. How critical what it says in acts chapter 2 is about the five aspects of the church that that we had original church there in the book of acts. Yes, the book of facts tells us that in in in chapter 2 and verse 42, says, and they continued steadfastly in their postal doctrine and the teachings that's what the church does and then it says fellowship and that's where I want to stress some more on fellowship fellowship is not only just gathering one meal together word that she should church people church the people of God come together and share the mail fellowship is living life together having fun together trying together. I mean doing life together sharing each each other and that is elation is the exact opposite of church what it is. It is in it when it continued says fellowship in the breaking of bread, and in prayers and then it says they were praising God together and these five aspects of our Christian life. Make make what will we are but do you sleep fellowship is misunderstood.

Fellowship is living life together daily life by staying connected and and and again it's just an opportunity that is really unique comes once a year and it's in this area to really and I get out of your Lebanon some speaker comfort zone, whatever that may be income on a mountaintop experience to see what it's like in other cultures right to see what it's like in a ran right to meet an Iranian if that's friendly access that are left to meet you know Syria and that's friendly because you don't necessarily picture these but when you meet that Iranian that's friendly like you won't forget them as being friendly.

You want will yes we friendly friendly Arabic church okay and the friendly Middle Eastern Christian festival and fellowship with us. It is that were corroded again know it's it's it's a gateway like you know spend an afternoon exploring some things that you just never would've imagined were that way that that what is heaven going to be like when literally all these countries together are all like you know in in their tents and in the they were all bring their cultures with Olympic yes people that come and visit us visit with us can bring the whole family enjoyed couple three hours with us explore the the different cultures we have different cultural tents representing I still have a Dexter honor I had on the whole Turkish I think are sitting on a camel saddler some erotica all these different ways that they can engage you in each 10. It's really cool how much work you put into it and you don't want to miss this coming September 10 and 11th.

Again, the Arabic Christian friendly Arabic church in Kernersville and Wickham Rd., Middle Eastern, Christian, set thank you Selim.

How much fun was that thank you for hosting hours with friends and don't forget the cost that we will be in Costa and for you, your GoToMeeting cost and when you listen to because encouraging prayers coming up and then that's followed by the master journey starts here now, followed by sign the man up with the cuticle also much truth matches on the Truth Network thanks for this. This is the Truth Network

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