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So Much Passion

Kingdom Pursuits / Robby Dilmore
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June 25, 2022 1:46 pm

So Much Passion

Kingdom Pursuits / Robby Dilmore

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June 25, 2022 1:46 pm

Today Robby is joined by so many guests including Jaime Johnson with Cross Fire, John from Energize Ministry; As well as the ladies from the Hope Center sharing what brings them passion for God and how His love is an amazing blessing.

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This is the Truth Network kingdom pursuits where you hear from ordinary people instilled with an extraordinary passion together we explore the stories of men and women who take what they love and let God turn their passion into the kingdom pursuits now live from the truth. Your host Robbie Gilmore wow is all I have to say we are loaded. I can't remember time that we were so loaded for bear on kingdom pursuits. How right. How does God take people's passion and use it to build the kingdom. Apparently he's got a lot of passion out there. Consider we got so many folks today that God has done that with all excited because most of mine never met before, but the first one I have met before so you Jamie Johnson's with crossfire.

They got some basketball camps coming up. Jamie welcome the kingdom pursuits in your program so excited, so you guys like there's basketball camps and then there's basketball camps right so crossfire might have something to do with not just you know the idea of of crossing somebody up when you're dribbling right and rating the email list incredible teammate Randy Sheppard with other players administer with that are basketball go-getters and that is what I also wrote about Schenker right so cool.

What an amazing things we have them as well as with energized ministry. One of my favorite ministries I've been known these guys since their inns since they came into being that we have a new list their newest member is John and see if I can say it right McKee on again on McKeon, she said, fast together like that McKeon okay so John, welcome, and so how long have you been with energized well officially just this since this past Wednesday. That's official, you're officially there, and so officially what you think. I'm interested in your view, what is energized ministries well will Fort Worth were here for recreation, refreshment and encouragement specifically for pastors because often times they are the ones that are not being noticed because they are pushing themselves out to make others noticed and refreshed and like a sponge. You have to refresh the sponges that it can get out and squeeze time for the sake of the nourishment of others while this might have hurt the sponge thing handy that's good that's good. I like that. Very good. Jonathan urge I'd like to gone. Jonathan is going to make it that name when he gets in heaven's name is actually John is also we we have Sharon and Brooke from the Hope Center is part of our threes ministry right and there in Kernersville so Sharon tell us little bit what in the world of the Hope Center ice to serve the community with food and clothing and just help them with their needs and their wells had counseling. They are so we just trying to serve our community. This way we know how that's so cool and it does not supply Hope which is kind of like the name Ford so you might adjust Sharon Carmen.

Speaking of hope. I right there I am, I'm back. It's time to play shenanigans that I can hear myself again. No fun when you get here it is mines on the radio just never said anything. I don't know if you knew this but I hope to be an amp millionaire just like my dad. He hoped to be 12 like so you knew this Jamie, but 20 years ago we had Bob Hope Steve Jobs and Johnny Cash now we have no hope, no jobs and no cash is and so you know Sam told me he's in the studio to Sam told me never want to get addicted to skiing you know why Carmen know why it's a slippery slope faculty. John even though I want to call you out of my so this is a risky and we might have to go on after hours of mass majority, but I'll say it anyway. I hope the guy we invented AutoCorrect. I hope he burns in hello there you go. It so with all that, you know, I actually would have a riddle which is coming so that you can call in Wednesday actually so cool is and I think it was nationality was finished but anyway was and asked borrower a bargain maximum Bible use float which person in the Bible use this guy to get his accent afloat. I think he was finishing a lie. I think he was finished is from Helsinki measures act slinky but anyway if you could guess that Carmen tell Dylan one of our three prizes from the kingdom pursuits 866-348-7884's number: 866348788 or if you can tell us who this asked borrower went to when he was down in the water.

You know what I'm saying 866-34-TRUTH 87884 and getting back to we haven't even talked to Brooke yet so procure with the Hope Center as well and so Brooke, how did you get involved with the Hope Center well actually involved before the food pantry was open so I really have to give Sharon a lot of credit because her like it was so infectious, just being and seeing her passion for the Hope Center and what she wanted to become instant when the food pantry opened and we started getting more and more families and the community that really we saw were in need post pandemic during the pandemic. I just really felt passionate about fighting for the community. I feel so like food is connection to your family are giving to them were able to help them connect with their families connect with their neighbors and are left in you know Jesus was all about that because he is the good Shepherd] and if the good Shepherd is to get the shape to lay down in the pasture. The first thing is going to do is make sure that they got green pastures right to have food and and so what a wonderful way to reach the community and you know what a neat neat thing and so speak in the community.

We got crossfire camps coming up so Jamie tell us what what you guys got lined up this year will follow. You got that layover lightly do locally rated start leveling all together.

Look crossfire back in 1991 are silent we been able to use camps in the last 30 years, probably to reach 23,000+ kids ages 6 to 18 boys and girls from beginners to you guys and girls apply college-level ball and to have some half-day overnight final cross from the moderate income for half day of our planning grills grading incredible that he can share more about that only overnight. We have more time with Robbie so we can do a lot of Bible by shooting grills and different instruction with that timeframe that will allow them is a blessing to use force like the Hope Center uses what they do. Clothing people beating people a lot was made to my job and what you guys to help people all watching the sports a great platform to connect with people that maybe are going to church in our heart and ready can add to this is to share Christ using support of the platform actually noted, they must be born again and I am so grateful Jamie that you to feel like his name should be Jonathan. It shouldn't be that's already limited from you.

Tell us about your your passion for basketball will write about the time I said that the music came on. I'm sorry Randy, we cut him off. Soon after way to let the break to hear from Randy and find out who that slayer was to be back and we come back 866-34-TRUTH 87884 we have so much more kingdom pursuits health centers in Kernersville energize ministries on my sled and what it opportunity to invest in pastors will be right back.

You're listening to Truth Network and your one of my favorite ministries out there really is in his eyes ministries been around them and their refreshment and they have all these hours for pastors, recreation but essentially the idea is you know to take care of these people are taking care of the pastors all around the country and we got John John's witness we got Randy and Jamie Johnson look crossfire and we got Sharon and Brooke with the Hope Center, which is an extension of the our three church there in Kernersville, and so we left her here. Randy was jumping in and I jumped To cut you off Randy so go ahead, you know God, you know to be black in country estate got around the basketball camp, 1990 when I'm playing at UNC at Baylor Jamie Beatty to guard the lab started just a dream of prayer request and the Lord is blessed now been 32 years later, 23,000 young people company can given the line to cry numbers but every represent this all and with the role models are out there today are coming empty and by God's grace pedestal to be a witness for the Lord Jesus Christ. You know the Bible Mark 115 to 18 and come, follow me and I'll make you become fishers of men and by God's grace we thought share the gospel.

Barack Obama, Clinton, Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant O'Brien, James DK non-Christians go to Asheville for the summer camp in prison. We could love his brother and to have it installed today way to do some of the children passion is basketball and somewhat a way to reach them where they are, that they can go after what they're going after. As far as you know, learn how to shoot and dribble and all that stuff in the same time learning about real live in offense and defense.

So is fireworks so Sharon I am very very curious.

I it almost sounds like you kinda have the vision for this originally Ryan. So how did you get the courage visions like go up to. I know Mike by calling my G because his last name is Jean Anapolis and so is it is an attempt to just keep it short. The calling my G so I did you go up to Mike and tell them pastor I got an idea. Well basically I had been working in a close closet in the church really yes and I had done that for about five years and they closed it down while and so left the church and which I had always heard about rhe three from our mission boards and everything's when I left the church this winter every three and then I talked to Mike and said that vision that passion in me that Clay posits.

It came about.

She's you ever think that because I'm really when my time from switching churches and I was heartbroken over there and these not close closet really that content of the passionate right right and so on the way home from a mom. Once the day travel along God told me since you will have close calls and walked him Kernersville area that is exactly what he did. Yeah and I just had to wait to the right place came about and so where is your hope center it's on hot oh, hello, wrote the 38010 Hollow Rd. just past sheets and Walker Dam LOL oh, I know that is now so were right there in the borderline Walker Tam you really are on the borderline easy to get to yeah and I went and won their Walker town says just answered.

People bring you stuff.

Oh yes, and that's kind of what you're hoping people will bring you a lot of stuff. We have losses that we always have stuff left over we pack up stuff from season to season so I got a closet full of fall winter close rate go out and so you did close in food but your you're more the close and it I take it that Brooke is more the food so and during that time I was also working the slime project downtown Winston-Salem to type sooner came the dial that's picked out, which I work my thumbnail and and so John sometimes referred to as Jonathan said John how did God put it on your heart to think about energize ministries well so my story with Andy goes back to bed. This past winter break. He came in with pastor disaster relief subsection energize ministries to Kentucky when the tornado hit my family back in Kentucky so I was in there and got connected with him and wanted to help out and so I spent a week or so with him helping families who were devastated and churches as stated by the tornado and get things in order to see you were in a church and you heard that Andy was going to Kentucky and you signed up.

Well okay so Ashley goes a little more back because there is at this point out. When I lived in with right and my family knew him and everything we knew him and in their ministry when it was starting up and so connections go all the way back. And so my mom got connected with him when he was coming to Kentucky and at their command and so do you live in Kentucky. No, no, no, it's a funny so I lived in five states. That's how I live in Florida. Currently but you went to Kentucky with Andy Yana Monson was from Kentucky. That's all okay will put together eventually, but so anyway you get to Kentucky and like you see. Did you see God show up in Kentucky. I mean I Jimmy's Academy kind of people who love the Lord and help them out when you were supposed to help one another out when know your brother suffering you suffer with him, and you build the body up I go my leg. So if you got a story in Kentucky that like you knew all okay this is where God showed up right here went to do this and then also you saw some.

Oh yeah, Pastor Bradley, so there was some right now is enough thousand Yasser Dawson Springs. I was like when there were a main section in Kentucky where a lot of the tornado hit and his whole roof was collapsed with and on and so we got to help on is because they were pouring themselves out to to help others and in donating that all essentials and what not.

And so, but there in the midst that their roof was slight completely stop and so there is there's people out there helping roof and then I was in there and they had like upper level in their church.

And so there was a lot of stuff they have is complete and organized. And so I got to work with some of the people that I had never met for just really organize that stuff so that they can take what they needed and distributed in the process just goes so much smoother.

Consistently people need and so is really cool if that got really help them out now is very encouraging them and for us. Each modification and so did you picture yourself in aisle six months later on the radio talking about energize Mendez that some you ever dreamed that single day. But here we are at that yeah so that's just, you know that's what I thought about for sharing for for Brooke.

You guys probably never thought well you know God can take me on this event drama to go places I never dreamed of.

That certainly is happened for you.

Jamie ride you guys have been all over the world is real Australia different Olympics and places where we can do basketball clinics playthings oversee #8 we had a lot of opportunities.

I've been in people around the lowlight music, like sports or able to crawl that crown.

I heard a bit warmer. Guess you know being all academic pastors. My dad talking out years ago.

It was great.

We grew up in the church. I we know that people are not to come to church and if it were not living a holy life. I would go to church either on the bar wherever start this platform is aflame over speed of the year. We can use for an international language gridlock right to seduction by some outside the church. We come alongside the church. We want to get a blow plugged in the local Bible believing church with a degree of team effort and Randy are you on speakerphone. Are you regular phone because your phone is not it's not coming in is good is Jamie's phone that's for sure. Anyway you can. I better not. I think so. It is just a bit of echo in the background, yet never your radial arm know quite a few times on all aquarium buddy… I sometimes I apologize sometimes our system is just trying to hone in that that's that's all right will get back to Brooke because we didn't get a chance to break in the segments are Brooke, how about you. How did God put it on your heart to do some like this well during the pandemic lonely first shut down.

It just just this feeling of fear with just my neighbors and I would go and check on that and see what they needed and how they were drilling down there my neighbors during the night when you need him to go to the store like an ideal can help you with the kind make election like I'm to feed people and I think this is where my goodness that's a passion you should be on kingdom pursuits. It's like perfect right I'm shocked you ask singers out there and nobody's called in 866-34-TRUTH 87884. You know who got that exit the flow 866-34-TRUTH 87884 you heard what Carmen said it's a mystery gift. Who knows what you could win because you're listening to the Truth Network and is your passion with John McKeon with energize ministries Randy and Jamie with crossbars ministries and Sharon and Brooke with the hope center and so how wonderful is all that and we would point out that during the break we had a discussion about the asked situation of acts you know I do hope I didn't confuse people. The whole idea about family and family and is not involved, I was just making a joke about Helsinki okay the idea of the acts they were there were there were some profits and I will say that this trigger profit does not have a book named after him. Okay but he was involved in getting this accident, the flow because this poor dude. He borrowed this acts.

And while he was chopping. You can imagine. He swung back and asked one who went right in the water. In those days, man. It took a lot of money to buy accident, so he was in deep weeds and didn't have the money to pay for the acts and so this very helpful.

Profit comes along and floats that the accident deal like while you can imagine the supernatural.

So were looking for supernatural stuff in the show today. I know you are a bit but getting back to our hero Brooklyn. We left our our story you I I'm still sitting there like you went door-to-door during the pandemic to your neighbors only doors did you go to you now, I don't actually know how many yeah because now everybody was nervous to go to the store hours how you I was happy a lot of our neighbors are retired or able to get out and so I wanted to make sure. Obviously, everybody had what they needed and that was kind of where during that opportunity to really fight back against food insecurity, but also just to let the community that we need this kind of thing where they need food or they need clothing that I would you know you need a ghastly champ that I'm a mom and that's what I want to leave my tail.

I want to show them that connecting with the community and Sharon you you you observe this need, and you put the blessing, he was so gracious to take over that part of it really yeah she has a good passion and we work well together and I can see that is really where someone my favorite verse that I live by is Matthew 2540. We served the King says we serve the lease of the brothers and sister you serve Jesus Christ and again that is my passion. All we can see that is the hope center it's on all Hollow Rd. in Marco Tempest is either she and so that's easy to remember. If you're if you're in that area which I know if you're in Virginia today and some people in Ohio and their thinking what the sheets were those are gas stations in North Carolina right, Jonathan. Is that what they are in Florida now.

I don't think of what they have great food to manly hotdogs, really cheap and I just not yesterday said Jonathan in here since you've been there since Wednesday I went to Lowe's I would love to know manually what 17. So how cool God's got started putting love for you and on for this ministry and what you what you sense God has on your heart that you going to chance to do work so I'm here for summer internship this is a session 2 with an internship. Oh how cool yeah so I'm so two weeks, one year, when there and really I'm so we going to do some to VBS is already vacation Bible schools and and and indirectly assist the pastors and their load and you know giving to the kids because they're now pouring themselves onto that and have a bunch of volunteers. Of course, but by its there's just so much going on. But what you actually deceived onto to VBS yeah what what was written. What were your duties in these repeaters well one of them out so you wises now VBS is all young kids and they wanted in the driver seat and pushed all the buttons so yet I guard it with your life to have us on the massive energize Boston. I gave them a tour and if speech encourage and pray there their pastors. One do that cool yeah and then handed out bands handed out on these pamphlets that they cannot go through this really that spectacular that that you get a chance to do that in and so I'm wondering Randy if you guys got a story of of the child, or something that that just come to your mind that I know the listers would love to hear how you because you guys have those evangelistic opportunities. Kids come to Christ is one of those stories where somebody came to Christ, you never wrote a guest in a million years. We had our overnight camp which is for middle school junior high and high school from right state to those in your listening audience were up here in Asheville. I can come to overnight camp. We have a lot acute, parents would say you know they're just not into the word. There is not just not in the more likely want to be, but they'll come because the basketball and then they'll make a decision for Christ. We get a call we get a email that a son to different kids that you came to camp that we get the praise and glory and honor the Lord our coaches about 2025 of all sold out. The Lord would teach them everything they could learn in basketball at Duke or Carolina Wake Forest Campbell going to share God's word with every day. It's kind of a Christ centered spiritual basketball boot camp for Jesus. Though there is a lot of lot of Lotta stories a lot of emails and not reduce kids from single-parent families will turn away 80 campers if they have legitimate deed and some these kids come from the inner city doll back in the high school and then been able to be a witness for Christ during the school year, which is our goal. So Jamie, how about you is one particular face you actual story of a young man that stuck out to you and in the ministry always startled it rain that I go back to the way got some administrate that it come to our camp. Our basketball program like Sam Smith play basketball at Westrick allow University and now Marion love the Lord speaks quickly and you got another one that Tim Lewis or a ministry came to Christ and outside of the Lord's will. Obviously he was in a bad situation and got called bad Christlike college ball and is now coaching with us to got another two brothers brothers are great until you go someone and jump back in, who were both the ministry brainwashed about that you would God decay. Jeremy's own staff down in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, and dies brothers on staff year in Asheville. They came to teenagers or off the path and middle school Lord touch their hearts and now he went to high school, as is the influencers and then went into full-time ministry. We just prayed God by the likeness of the ministry that God let use what we find in her hand at the basketball at the hammer if it's a spoon.

Cook like Christian ballplayer. Whatever it is that you use that platform to share the gospel like these ministries are doing.

It's also so how do people sign up if they want. There's child go one of these camps where they need to go in and they need to do it.

I can go to our

We have a half-day option Hendersonville next week will have 520 young people stick to 12-year-old a week off and then Asheville will have the about 148 ACA Asheville Christian Academy. The following week 6 to 40 girls are probably for the audience is listening. Today our overnight camp we had at Marshall University.

Ages 9 to 18 air-conditioned dorms all-you-can-eat three gymnasium and go to website cross by me or you can call us at 828-255-9111 and we can give you all the details and not it's not like I VBS camp brother. It's like I can't basketball camp with Jesus every day for kids that are kind of like college ball and be a great opportunity for them to learn skills that they want to advance all our coaches to play Division I Division II balsa wood take the beginner right up to the college prospecting would love to have him here in Western North Carolina is also money in class Ist pretty easy remembrance Across American guy Jesus that crosses our salvation bars the Holy Ghost and fire the basketball terms of Davis at about 30 years ago still uses that term quite often you will be back in a minute with more of the kingdom pursuits and we got John sure how to get up with what what you could do with energize ministry as well as Sharon with the hope center part of our three will be right back. Oh, think about the act.

You're listening to the Truth Network and We hear how God thinks you're fashionable. So wonderful. I like ours just feel like poster child for forgiveness. He always different, amazing people that God gives them. These visions like I can turn the still badgered going door-to-door like that's just awesome man is just awesome how God gives people's passion for basketball or for recreation because you energize ministry right but the guy likes did like to jet skis and and four wheelers now is stuff they turns it into a ministry like when they originally told me this idea. It was like what that what God has done through his faithfulness and an end.

And those passions that is given to Mrs. more than spectacular as you think about it now. For me personally, I have a passion for riddles and for my jokes. Anybody that knows me knows that and so I have an who has an answer for me and you are on kingdom pursuits. I'm hoping you can tell us what the answer is to the to the prophet that made the ax float hello I am here on My one year Bible yesterday. Their daily reading 20 point think I dropped that anybody asked them if they know light was borrowed and then he and I and does not let you think he was from Helsinki. The never-ending debate is it Alicia or Elisha know that you got a lie John with a J Alicia with an S and I never-ending question, but this one is the Alicia character, the one that had 12 oxen that he right is it is him wonderful. Thank you. Anna makes me feel so better to know that somebody out there like you have a great Saturday. God bless you guys firing by very much. Thank you. And so John this is your opportunity man to tell people like if they are want to get involved in them.

That kind of thing.

What should they do. Yeah so you love your pastor and you and help them go help them out. Just go to energize you can sign up the newsletter and go to the Facebook page and keep up with that energize ministries on Facebook has an amazing Facebook presence in the and one of the things I follow like they got a golf tournament coming or or their VBS where they're going to be on their VBS tour and the post office likes to buy got another must be related like distant cousins or something. Is it the fact that they they do and and so you want to keep up because you know there's so many cool things energize gets involved with, not just you know recreation for pastors but like relief when when a disaster hits you can almost count on the fact and is gonna be there is on the pray for your pastor to or likely prayed for the National religious broadcasters convention you want and be praying for you.

I'm just telling you it's a wonderful wonderful ministry. If you're in the prayer that kind of thing and for the hope center right. How can how do you Sharon. How would people what what kind of items do you need mostly okay. I'll start with the close. The alternative broke the okay for Clay. We need not clean in season close and they can drop it off like a Wednesdays or Saturday from 9 to 11 and like summary like you need shorts, bathing suits, yes I know T-shirt is that kinda stuff to write sweater weather right for jackets yet but hey, if they can swim friendly takers circle and how all goods to right so and Sharon about food. I know you need food.

I mean you yeah casually we Really need. We do nonperishable's. We just make sure that it day we acetate box food.

We love breakfast food like Sears makes this classic yes no fruit shovels reduce Chef Boyardee and anything like that. And so, what's the actual address on Oak Hollow Road you don't it is at 30 800-1380 1801 old Colorado old old hollow sound scared and it sounds like they should write a poem about old all around in Watertown. Yes, this occurs will address easement and so Randy or Jamie. Either one will go with Randy. How about your list given once more how to get people signed up for camps you think Randy got knocked off already. There is there going to Jamie about buddy. Thank Cheryl were playing yellow into his website calls are and right now they all live next week later in July. July 5 11, the overnight lot 21 and then Robbie wouldn't get into this but maybe Culligan ball as far cauliflower basketball. Warm rain while preaching church as we speak and presently speak in middle school, high school universe Bible verse, you don't think outside the box were not good enough. We have a college basketball. We have the All-Star game we play senior from Wake Forest do what say all I can be found on the website getting Balenciaga absolutely wonderful more time it's crossfire ministries. Thank you all sis today. I love in the studio on the phone so much fun and mostly because you listen today. Without you we we don't have a shelf office place. So thank you everyone for listening. We we love our listeners hear the Truth Network and so for that you get some really great stuff coming away, encouraging prayer with James banks followed by the masculine journey starts here now at 12 o'clock. I understand this can be a great show. I'm hosting followed by this is the Truth Network

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