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Blessings from The Bible League

Kingdom Pursuits / Robby Dilmore
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June 11, 2022 3:14 pm

Blessings from The Bible League

Kingdom Pursuits / Robby Dilmore

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June 11, 2022 3:14 pm

Today Robby speaks Michael Woolworth of The Bible League and Gospel for Asia. Michael shares stories of how the blessings from God and sending bibles around the world bringing more people to a greater understanding and a loving relationship with His son Jesus Christ.


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This is Chris shoes with the Christian perspective podcast with Chris shoes.

We encourage our listeners to engage the culture with Jesus Christ your chosen Truth Network podcast distorting a just a few seconds. So enjoy it. Sure, but most of all, thank you for listening to The Truth Podcast Network.

This is the Truth Network kingdom pursuits where you hear from ordinary people instilled with an extraordinary passion together we explore the stories of men and women who take what they love and let God turn their passion into the kingdom pursuits now live from the truth. Your host Robbie Gilmore have today on have our friend Michael Woolworth back with Bible league and you know the Truth Network is been partnering again with the Bible league, as we have this wonderful just amazing opportunity. Like if there was ever a time where people needed God's word. We have to be in that.

I guess there always is time but no one from such a time as this. We have this opportunity to share. We got amazing stories Michael so good to have you back with us Chicago area were Bible situated hope that you yeah unfortunately didn't get it and get it taught it up just quite sick. Could you say that sentence again. Do you mind, Robbie, can you hear me okay no I do I do now. Okay, listen brother you're sounding great. What a joy to be with you on Collier from the Chicago area were Bible league as our home base. It's a beautiful day in the Chicago area and I hope it's trooper where we're at today. Robbie so having lived in Naperville and first went no where in Chicagoland you live so so Bible league is the southernmost part of Chicagoland account is called Street number great in the Bible where our office is in.

I'm just over the Indiana line so I'm in God's country Northwest is probably not far from Gary Indiana had since Alan knew me well that's an attack. It was so that we have an amazing amazing show on tap for you today with the Bible league didn't end of the stories opportunities again for us to send Bible because one five dollars and one Bible $50 and 1000 since 20 and 500 sends 100 Bibles and again the number were to give it out a lot but it's 1-800-937-9673 or you can even go to Truth Network or kingdom pursuits.

If you feel led to gift those Bibles and really talk about all the fruits of where that happens. But you may know that the name of Ivy League is Bible league so Christian as you might imagine. Speaking of league so speaking of league you know I wanted to start a high here and I now I feel better because play shenanigans before we get into the Bible league, so speaking of league as I talked out you know I wanted to start a hide and seek league. Do you know it's a difficult thing Christian you know why why why was that the start of the pride secretly. You know it's it's it's hard to find good players. If you think about that. So you my girl really loves orange soda man know she knew that Tammy just loves orange soda. In fact, you know, sort of way out of my league. Do you think that's a crasher just fantasy yes yes all right and was seen for those wonder woman lovers out there so I don't know if you ever wondered it but you know how wonder woman got her new sward new sword sward you know how she got her new sword.

Any idea Amazon prime.

It helps if you're down there you know what I'm saying, so out I felt betrayed with my girlfriend trying to solve Bob league under I just can't believe I destroyed that. Anyway, I felt betrayed when my girlfriend joined a softball league without telling me. You know, wide Christian, I bet you can guess, joined a softball league without telling you that was underhanded and external since and my personal favorite on this league list of league jokes that I struggled with this morning because I guess simply diminishing against but I do love this joke.

I hope I don't destroy it. It's absolutely hilarious. Did you hear Christian about the new snail racing league snail racing league. Now, I didn't hear about that as you heard about Michael. It's a snail racing league.

I missed Alan. That's called the mass cargo letter for people in the stands but I want to hear how we league so any yeah we actually have a Bible riddle that you can call in and win today if you can guess this so in one chapter of the Bible in excusing what chapter of the book of Joshua.

Did he make a major-league decision with a minor team and what chapter of the book of Joshua is actually pretty Hartman and what book of the nine months, but book of Joshua. Did he make a major major-league decision. I'm just not reading well today with a minor team 866-34-TRUTH 87884 866-34-TRUTH that you can guess that Christian tell mother when what they're going to win is a fabulous prize present McGinnis will having trouble today prize know where you go I got it all said 866-34-TRUTH 87884 866-34-TRUTH I gotta tell us is which book of Joshua. Did he make a major-league decision with a minor team so getting back to Michael and the Bible league, so since the last time we talked, you know, things are just increasingly like we need the Bible worse than ever and only doing today.

We are addressing what is arguably the number one issue facing the global church. What is that the loss of religious freedom around the world Robbie that the people who follow Jesus paid any price simply because they believe he is the way the truth and the light will stick to a group that keeps an eye on religious persecution around the world is pew research where they tell us to rethink the year 2021 is the most violent year on record in modern history for religious persecution will tell us there's no other religious group persecuted more around the world that evangelical Christians in the early will tell us that every five minutes outside of the US. A Christian is martyred simply because of his or her faith to listen but to give you some perspective on that will worship tomorrow right so happy by the end of the average long worship service hours and average hour-long worship service in America. That statistic I just shared means that 12 believers will die by the Internet service in other parts of the world be what we worship within the confines of safety we don't worry about to get beaten or jail because we follow Christ. It's an altogether different level around the world. I'm not saying that death is associated with every case of persecution, but I can tell you that it Bible league now in our 84th year of ministry we know Christians by naming specific villages in Asia, Africa, the Middle East and Latin America who are singled out targeted monitor they been beaten in jail threatened with death. Many of died simply because of their Christian faith. But listen, we want to share some stories today of specific groups of Christians in places like China and on the continent of Africa and in Latin America will take you to the Middle East, which are specific stories of gins were characterized by two things.

Robbie they love their love their enemies.

They will see people on them that persecute them as people to hate, they see them as the mission field.

They now need Jesus in it. Secondly Robbie, this is profound. They count it all joy. They count it all joy to suffer for the Lord Jesus and so we want to come alongside these believers. It's tempting when you hear those statistics and you hear the stories will share this our to have empathy.

That's a natural reaction, but our prayer is to take that a step further and families Christians exactly what the rank or not it into their suffering before the word of God in their own language to be able to endure and persevere will tell you how Bible he does that as we go along today begin God uniquely positioned us in the work of the great commission all over the world and what kind of flesh that out as we go along, but our goal Robbie is to bless 3500 persecuted believers again that we know by name at Bible league at five dollars a Bible we want to do that at five dollars a Bible so simple back told you $50 within $1000 puts that God's word and and and and hearts of 20 persecuted believers. These are members of our spiritual family together not transferred into their stock. Your friend will line and send in the Bible so wonderful and I know it's been my experience as we talked really been on the persecution they always have this amazing spirit of faith and comfort in honoring God through that so I can hardly wait for the stories you stated you and you got an answer the question you policy 663487884 looking forward you're listening to the Truth Network and not so blessed to have with us Michael Ward Bible league today as we are hearing these amazing stories of how God is working around the world in providing Bibles and the people that are need them the most like what a time to be able to provide this and so Michael I know our listeners are anxious to hear, give us a story you were addressing today what is arguably the number one issue facing the global church.

The loss of religious freedom and means of Christians are paid a very very heavy price to follow the Lord Jesus today Robbie we get to step another story I want to tell you about a couple of specific groups right now will do this throughout the entire hour. It really could benefit from your partners, and financial support. Today I will be taking to the Middle East and tell you about a man by the name of Ephraim who is he willing to buy vocational pastor. I'm just outside of Cairo, Egypt. That means any pastors a very small evangelical church in his former life before he became a believer. He was a radical. He hated Christians that Becky would destroy churches and assault people that called on the name of Jesus cut at a different plan for him. Robbie brought in the statement date became a pastor receives theological training and so he pastors a small congregation. He also owns a convenience store and I one day radical short update burn that store down to me today what his crime was. He simply displayed Christian tracks in Arabic on the counter that store these radicals would have nothing to do with that.

So they destroy the score and rather than retaliate.

Demand has no money. By the way, to rebuild rather retaliate. Rebel pilot utilities done is retaliated with the gospel and he began to seek out those that even those that persecuted him and invited them to learn about Jesus using a Bible study program for Bible league, and so week after week as these people would, they would learn about Jesus Christ as I can tell you that about 88 people almost 100 associated with the story that I just mentioned this man persecuted simply because he follows Christ. There outside of Cairo, Egypt hundred people come to Christ. But I could tell you it's a trick to a terrible place to try to find a Bible and that's what these people are praying for a day when you come to faith and believe we left. Radical Islam. Your family puts tremendous pressure on you.

They see you as disgracing the family. They want you to renounce bright but I can tell you these new believers Rob either focused on Jesus there praying for 100 Bibles right now in Cairo, Egypt, and there will be to study. Another quick story from the Democratic Republic of the Congo. A man by the name of Bruce is he's a pastor there.

One day his sons went missing three sons, Gabriel Titus in and there was a carousel within the Democratic Republic of the Congo during the news right now they a Christian to wreaking havoc on various parts of that country. But they killed these boys and again rather than retaliate with violence.

Pastor roosters in his congregation would go to the neighboring villages.

They had a sense of where these people came, they began to invite them to learn about Jesus to learn about forgiveness and grace and again in that story alone about 150 people have come to Christ dear in the remote part of the Democratic Republic of the Congo, and so I can tell you, these are couple stories of Christians that are willing to suffer. They love their enemies Robbie and they count it all joy to suffer the Lord Jesus and so I know it's tempting just to feel some empathy for these believers are to pastors is sons were killed there there about her store was burned down again for no other reason than being a Christian, yet we can step in of the story instead of exactly what they're praying for at only five dollars a Bible. I could tell you together a Bible he can Truth Network it said we want to put the Bible in the language of the receiver into the hands in the hearts of 3500 Bible. As believers we need to do that by July 4 of this campaign will go on forever but it's an opportunity for us. As you wake up wherever you are today and you say Lord I want to be a blessing. How I bless the persecuted church from half a world away is your opportunity and I can tell you Bible league is just simply honored in the pastorate listeners you been amazing and you're given were simply asking when you do it again and this time on behalf of the persecuted church five dollars and the Bible. How many can you send today so I'm I'm really curious about you. It said in the case of the man outside of the Cairo Cairo Egypt and and I'm guessing also in the Congo. Those were Bible league Bible studies. Could you explain how that works out his works. Robbie, there's a place on earth will be administered for 84 years were we are not connected to the local evangelical church that God's blueprint right for the gospel to go for it. When you invite people in the kingdom life so were not were not alone. There were connected orders will be: a resource churches let me say what doesn't characterize those it doesn't mean they don't love God doesn't mean they're lacking in love brothers, it means God has implanted more difficult to live out your Christian faith.

They they don't have the resources that you and I do figure in the United States. And so we have created a Bible study in all the languages of the world of local churches can use to invite people to come learn about Jesus. Even those that would persecute them in Robbie at the end of that 8 to 12 week study as people learn who Jesus is and how you died itself out you put on by when Jesus says you want to be great in this kingdom the Lord to serve until about 8 to 12 weeks of that study, people begin to press professed faith in Christ there connected to a local evangelical church and we Bible, he promised them a Bible you know what is so elementary to Christian faith so easy to find your US is so difficult, especially where Christians are persecuted and so they can't find Bibles like uniform and Robbie that's what you and I as followers of Christ get to ask your listeners what you step in the stories of people like Pastor roosters and his pastor. From there, and admitted that he of the Middle East stuff on a daily basis, but again they don't complain.

Again they count it all joy to stop the war. Jesus and they simply want to endure and persevering to do that when you can open a Bible and be reminded of God's precious promises and today listeners you can send that at only five dollars a Bible Truth or dial 1-800-937-9673.

That's 800-937-9673 so like you guys have these Bible study I saw the numbers like their spectacular how many of these things you guys have going on around the world. Well, you know I start serial numbers to get to the millions of our eyes to gloss over, so let me say this week we have the opportunity to bless about 240 people every single hour day. That's what the average comes out to and we seem jolly millions and millions reach in our eight decades of ministry were on track. Given our 1 billion Bible or biblical resource relatively soon, but probably we could not do it without listeners like yours but your these pleased to hear these calls to action and they get involved and let me just mention three people praying for Bibles right now just to take this a step further. Ahmad is in Malaysia is a civil engineer.

He was beaten by radicals when he came to Christ. Please pray for a Bible is an appalling to tour guide near the Himalayan mountains.

He was beaten when he came to Christ.

Please pray for a Bible and a nine ours in Zimbabwe, Africa. She's a widowed mother of three her husband was killed by the bulk of a ROM regime but she has three children. She wants to raise them to know and love Jesus and she's praying for a Bible and all of those people. Robbie, every Christian were talking about today are people that we know it. Bible lead to soils been worked dear members of our spiritual family they'd come through that Bible study. We just talked about and where will Ella that we promise them a Bible door waiting for that.

I can tell you is the eyes and ears of Bible leak somebody to get the travel around the world and meet so many of these heroes never think it's a joy for me to let them know items Bibles are praying for their calming their calming spectacular thing. I bless my mind if they get them in their native language. How many languages do you guys have again that that you have. You know it it it hundreds it stated in the thousand years what happens will be due. These type of wonderful radiator abused people want your this great needle for what we got boxer Bibles in the basement a bit got replaced the church. Years ago I don't rush down to a station of a Bible, send them get them on their way. The problem is if you are in Zimbabwe African you speak them, but if you're in China you speak Manor near the Middle East you speak Arabic and English Bible knowledge does you no good. And so the intentions are great there. We always recommend station came to like a local rescue mission.

But again, that's were Bible league is been uniquely positioned great decade beyond the frontline be able to work with trusted Bible Society translation team that works to translate in modern contemporary language where it's needed. And so again you can trust that Bible he will follow through with everything more promising than that to get the Bibles in the languages of the receiver and so probably that's the unique opportunity we have to dig in at five dollars a Bible to get Truth Network a Bible league of said by July 4. We celebrate our independence.

Can we speak and we also meet this important goal of putting the Bible into the hands of 3500 persecuted believers at work anywhere.

I think more about about 10 to 15% there, and so your listeners are responding.

There's no question about that, but a long way to go in there there's a group that can get it done if the Truth Network listening family brother. I bless my neighborhood we have a Bible study knows and explants seven afternoons flow night and we have one family was bringing in exchange students, and so we had a girl from Africa and we had a girl from Japan and the girls from they were both teenagers and there they are teenagers are not gone and fascinatingly, the girl from Africa was born Christian and actually was.

She came to America. She was afraid she wouldn't meet any Christians and so she was so delighted that we not only were Christians.

But you know how to study their but her friend that came from Japan and she really, really struggled with English and she was not a Christian as she came into this Bible study and and you know we've been studying whether for I guess almost a year and the and the. The language barrier is is really in a you you think about that.

The advantage of having somebody in their culture speaks their language and then they have a Bible in their language because as we've been trying to witness to this young lady and whatever the challenges of the language barrier are significant.

It's just you yeah absolutely absolutely out Robbie.

We recently completed a Bible in Japanese and people there that come to know Christ to know God spoke Japanese so unfortunately back in just a minute with Michael from the Bible league. In the meantime just got a working to present some using the Bible he Manor said five dollars one Bible and $0.50 one 500 and you're listening to the Truth Network and and were having a lot of fun today with Michael in the Bible league, hearing how God is, you know, taking his word all around the world and I know those of you list the Truth Network are so blessed like I am to hear amazing Bible teaching you know every single day and and and hopefully you've been blessed by just you know a word or two or 10 or 15 this morning that you covered on the word of God that spoke to your heart and exactly the place that you needed it, and you imagine the amount of the pressure that these people are and not having that available.

Like will meet these people in heaven someday and they're gonna go home and you you you you don't have any idea what that Bible meant to me on my dollars that you spent it's it's it's just huge is mnemonic it really is Robbie and you know I travel the world. I meet good users, pastors, evangelists, men and women who make up the kingdom of God, and I asked them what keeps you going in light of all that you face all that you've gone through all that you face on a daily basis of a persecution never takes a day off. Always there anything you know it's verses like Romans eight the sufferings of this present time are not worthy to be compared with the glory, you can open your Bible in the midst of being singled out monitored torture of people in jail threatened with death, and that means everything to know that God knows you intimately because a lot of these believers again in Asia, Africa, the Middle East and Latin America lobular employees is where Christianity evangelical Christianity makes it maybe 1% of the population you should know that Christians in America know your plight are responding to God's word to me to be able to open it every day that a true blessing adapter were doing today. You know where the word Christian persecution in the news, you know, here's what you'll find in Nigeria, a college Christian woman was accused falsely accused of blasphemy, Bible radicals, you know what they did they beat her with blank set her on fire did the same thing to a man 74 years of age in another part of that country. We know the pastor that uses Bible that we fit in previous campaigns.

Robbie in the country of India. There was a group that tied him to a fence post one day 150 radicals block export kids in school uniforms as you can imagine that they teach them to hate Christianity but an early age.

There they beat this man nearly killed him, and yet today with conviction, Robbie Deacon say it is a joy to software for the Lord Jesus and thought five dollars a Bible extending the persecuted believers that we know by name if I believe all of the regions I just mentioned, and will make sure that we get that what they need in their own language first will come to saving faith. Sometimes only the last few months, mostly stories are expressed to cirque du believers. They need something to fill elementary the Christian faith and yet so hard to find as they are persecuted for the name the Lord Jesus to Robbie great to be with you today you been a great advocate.

You ask your listeners without reservation to support the campaign work with less than current listeners you get it out of the park.

If I can use baseball speak and were simply asking when you do it again, this time on behalf of the persecuted church at such an honor really is such a neat thing is, as we enjoy the word the way that we do and and I know that that's the beauty of the truth listeners as they you know, if you listen to Christian cargo show last hour. You nominate people called him adjust the lighting the lighting in his law and ends of you think about, you know, one of my favorite passages as in Mark where he talks about, you know, those who leave lands mother's sister's brothers for my sake Masonic sake the gospel not fail to receive 100 times as many as 100 times as many in a mother's sister's brothers lands all those things and persecutions that it has been my experience that is you've ever thought about this but it's really fun.

The counter hundred mothers and counter hundred brothers and counter hundred sister's because I really since I came to Christ.

I've added like unbelievable numbers of mothers fathers sister is it's a well over 100. But the interesting thing about that to all those blessings. One of those blessings that you get 100 times is persecutions and how is that a blessing with these people that are in that situation when they read their Bibles, they can begin to counter hundred mothers and put their persecutions in there with that right Michael to give him perspective Robbie Lee. I was in the Middle East.

A couple of years ago we were near this area, Jordan, Iraq border.

There's a refugee camp there to member after the sod regime. A lot of these people were forced out, and they were in this camp of about 90,000 small evangelical church. Are we partner with begin to offer services to these families. Many women were were a widow infected family time talking about. You died fighting for a woman husband. She had eight. A radicalized person. She wore the Fallbrook only the rectangle. Cut out for the eyes.

She and counter programs can reach good right.

She was denied an education because of her social standing and that part of the world, but she found this program for Bible league.

Robbie, one of the things we do as you encounter people engage them in God's word you find out they can't read you got another problem, and so we been able to develop a program that gives the gift of literacy if the Bible is the source of the reading assignments. As a Christian band Christian women that teach the program all over the world this moment was delighted to finally learn to read and write in the Arabic language. A big family. She had eight kids and out of graceful response.

She came to saving faith like seven or break it. Bryce, who was number eight that didn't come to Jesus that was aunt Betty was 14 at the time he was a suicide bomber. He filled out the violent Islamic time.

Pick a place where you were gonna blow himself up and kill others in the process his mom noonish and prayed nonstop for salvation and when it came, he was beaten nearly to death by the radical to find you finish the job at some point we caught up with them.

Several villages over where all that happened and when I sat down with him.

Robbie, through a translator speaking the English the Arabic I said augment what your Bible mean to you and I can tell you it 14 years of age I was away by this boys maturity in Christ, Michael and I can go here were Jesus says they'll hate you because they hated me first is that I can go here worked as persecuted, but not abandoned, struck down, but not destroyed.

I go to the great commission were Jesus says I'm with you always, and I got tears in my eyes. At that point needed to because I get a great burden to the other young men and that 20 years of age broken singled out to become suicide bombers to something awful on the name of a radicalized religion and yet he wants to reach them I can. The pastors around the elders in that church. They said he's the real deal.

There's 100 already come to Christ it was that was a couple of years ago. There's 200 more Robbie that have come to Christ, but he might like.

My point is a perspective yet is Arabic Bible and he learned very quickly in his walk with Christ with a bounty on his head. I still wonder but find it a bit better. She mocked with a bounty on his head. He is taking the gospel there in the Middle East to people who needed most. He doesn't see these people is that the enemies he sees them as a mission field and at five dollars a Bible today we can get these Christian new to the faith members of our spiritual family and perspective that I can tell you this, see the precious promises of God played out about difficult places of the world Robbie. Let your listeners know about this. You just working

The phone number again if you want to is 800 937-967-3800 937-9673 there some aspects that story like first that there was this mom that couldn't even read and liked what a blessing to actually give her the dignity and the honor of coming to know God and the read about him and and then her praying and all for this poor young man that was so deceived and then all my goodness, how is he, you know, like my friend Bob, my Christian junkyard guy says what I thought made me disqualified, made me uniquely qualified with this guy is uniquely qualified to speak to these other young men that are so deceived as only he can and and they can see his love in his eyes as they're beating them I'm sure will you know what it Bible but what you're going to do. I mean come on the world.

The big problem right at the big meteor that story came down to one Bible. It came down to one person willing to share within it Bible the person that led young augment to Christ and I can tell you one gracious God, willing to bring people from the grip of spiritual darkness. God making good on his promise to redeem the world and we could be a part of it today. Robbie working as well as the hundred 937-9673 we got one more short segment with Michael so looking forward to so awesome to assure Michael 800-937-9673 you're listening to the Truth Network and and for the people of God right like he's given us this opportunity. I will in amazing times we live in when you think about it that to love the nations that that God has blessed us in so many different ways to live in this country to have the freedoms that we have to make the money that we make and all that stuff may not seem. You know, I know it's hard times right now will gas all this other stuff that is interesting to me and I can tell you this is one of the ones that not only the Truth Network supports Robbie personally supports this once and an arm and a jump in his finances. This show is over and take part in this blessing and I'm in a guess that I'll never even think about the money but got gone because I mean this this need is so much bigger than any need really that I have it to think about you women that can't read people that are being persecuted. All these things, Michael. What a blessing it is to take part in this really well you would Robbie be a great friend of Bible league, your listeners a been incredibly kind over the years we've worked together were coming back today were just shared a few stories here, there, the persecuted church. These are people that are paid a heavy price simply for believing that Jesus is the way the truth and the life you want to finish up in the country of India. But as I do that five dollars into Bible which said can we do this for 3500 persecuted believers want to do that by July 4 800 yes word 800 Y ESW awardee Robbie you been doing a great job given out that number and of course Truth Network or the kingdom's pursuits. A website that just like the Bible league banner may kill your most generous gift and I will get that goal will sing the hallelujah chorus and will be gifts of all sizes, but one of the groups Robbie that that can benefit from your help today is the country of India. This is the land of Gondi.

I can tell you, longer days when Gandhi promoted a nonviolent Hinduism business employees work. It's a crime of pretty much to be a Christian if you share your faith in somebody is unhappy about that. You can go to jail and a lot of times when that happens you beaten your mistreated your family loses touch with the automated incredible price to pay. One of my colleagues there would would hop in the car with his wife.

You go from village to village. He said Michael filming this multitrillion different languages and toppled just as no Christians allowed over here it says it's a crime to carry a Bible note no evangelism allowed except that's that that's the environment we live right now we know a pastor not too long ago that Eva spoke use family were taken out to a reservoir falsely accused of forcibly converting Hindus to Christianity. Robbie.

They drowned the entire family to make a point there's no room for Christianity within the walls of India and yet I can tell you in on precedented numbers.

People are coming to say I'm forsaking the world and I'm going to follow Jesus. One of the most troubling things I worked outside of Carnatic India is a seminary that we support. And finally, we provide them with Bibles with new pastors could use. They will take these men when they graduate from seminary out to the edge of the town that particular band. They got shoveled. They won't dry.

They will take Dick their own grave grade will be buried in, but it's despicable to say we're gonna have to suffer. We may have to die to see the gospel to go for. Are we willing to do that. I can tell you Bible league known her 84th year of ministry we been able to see that people are serious about Jesus they're willing to suffer and that's why were asking your listeners discussion of the story of these Christians let me tell you real quick. In one minute time.

The story of Jayant who was he at one time a radicalized Hindu lobby would burn churches.

He wants all Christians.

But God gripped Astarte became a pastor receives theological training with your church planter training Bible league where there is emerging communities of believers, and yet no church. We help provide that training for that type of environment and so he went through that. He said God where should I plant a church gets on a bicycle goes into a village or as far as he knew, never question never church and I can tell you. Long story short today in that village of 1000 Robbie more than 1/2 of that village follows the Lord Jesus know lest you think it came easy. Let me say what happened. Jayant houses burned down, not once but twice. His wife was assaulted. She was raped many in the congregation have been beaten.

Some have died, but which grew conviction today, that man Jayant can say we counted all joy to suffer for the Lord Jesus, and we love our enemies want to see them come to the saving faith of Jesus Christ.

They need about 500 Bibles right now there outside of Carnatic India and that's why were doing this kingdom business today how one opportunity. We can even think about all the that's involved with that but the cool things from my perspective, is God is right there with them and then they not only have Bibles at Bibles in that language which is I can even imagine trying to know witness to somebody like that but you have people in the culture that have the Bible in their language and enabled administered with people that you know that understand what what it's like to live there and and know what's going on there and it's really spectacular.

The resource that that God has given the Bible league and severed and tell you Jim's five dollars sends a Bible and $0.50 10 $2000 since 20 and 500 sends hundred Bibles again. It's congressional kingdom or one 800 yes word if you're good at bomb non-digitally gifted. I can't find all that out so I just go with 800 937-967-3800 937-9673 thank you so much Michael.

What a spectacular show opportunity here.

Although the Bible he was doing excited to be part of it to be with you Robbie think.

Thank you so stay tuned yet so much truth terminology and purging fire, followed by the masculine journey starts here now, then the key to call off, it's time to man up at 1230 with a Russian nightmare.

How fun is that much truth in action. This is the Truth Network

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