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Bare Necessities.. Living Water

Kingdom Pursuits / Robby Dilmore
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May 21, 2022 3:06 pm

Bare Necessities.. Living Water

Kingdom Pursuits / Robby Dilmore

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May 21, 2022 3:06 pm

What does a Scientologist, a Jehovah's Witness, and a Hindu have in common? Find out today as Robby speaks with Taun Cortado with Gospel For Asia; and Michael Austin from The Christian History Institute.

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Damage almost from the masculine journey podcast where we discover what it means to be a wholehearted man your chosen Truth Network podcasts starting in just seconds. Enjoy share it, but most of all, thank you for listening and for choosing The Truth Podcast Network.

This is the Truth Network kingdom pursuits where you hear from ordinary people instilled with an extraordinary passion together we explore the stories of men and women who take what they love and let God turn their passion into the kingdom pursuits now live from the truth. Your host Robbie Gilmore, apparently. I turned off my mic instead of getting number six this is the first never had that situation happen, but we got some new equipment still getting used to, so that's okay. We will figure it out as we go, but we are loaded for bear today on kingdom pursuits and first up we have Tom Carr taught over with the gospel for Asia Tom, I hope I got your name right right so wonderful and gospel for Asia that Truth Network is partnering with you guys again.

I'm so excited about this as work or talk about clean water, which is a real need right now right all dated water need throughout the world right now. I know you care throughout Asia and Africa now well be amended the water that live Jerry all time, yet will are are likely water in it. Amazing how many reading and love water well community that had the water and got the coming year by lockdown.

Everybody got now Asia and Africa, the Lord Jesus right for well but it are able to provide clean water back 20 2020 rotavirus. Provide clean water, appreciate Truth Network argument got often Painted the water. Other other African guided your list are making a different they are making war.wastes with gospel assume regular Truth Network you know in this amazing website with all social resources are unbelievable but is a wonderful link will take you right to know how to pray for and if the Lord leads to give to the idea here of clean water through the gospel for Asia since up today we have a good friend of mine who is been with us many times as Michael Austin is with the Christian history Institute. Welcome, Michael. Michael can hear me okay we got another challenge. That's why we call Michael back.

We may have lost Michael about Michael being with Christian history Institute and the idea of history since you know you know I had to do my riddles of the kingdom pursuits and speaking of history so it is time to play shenanigan with severe winter where Robbie got the word. Owners of the kid they had that show on TV.

She manikins and so you know I like to play shenanigan you know that Christian that we do so were going to get to our riddles. Now so speaking of history. How did Christian, you want about this. How did Louis XIV.

Feel after completing the palace adverse on what you think.

I have no idea Robbie would help Baroque.

That's what he felt that we did so Michael, are you with us now. I am all right we do have Michael with the Christian history Institute as well as encore, but was thinking of history today on my riddles. So what did ears are what did Alexander the great and Kermit Kermit the frog have in common. Michael D got the idea, Alexander the great and Kermit the frog have one comment line is looking over him like he knows that their middle name is the same Alexander the great and Kermit the first and last Teutonic that's a little funny and then I now that this would be a major history buff Michael.

She should be able to get this.

What was the biggest hit movie in ancient Greece many ideas on on the biggest hit movie in ancient Greece, Christian, you got idea gladiator what it what you think Michael Troy story.

That's what it was.

Troy Stewart existed that I knew it okay maybe do better with this one. So here we go.

Why is England the wettest country in the world I met you wondering you probably wanted that for a long time. Why is England the wettest country in the world you know that when Michael world England is because all the rain of the team you got one word in their right. That is the queen of England has arranged for insert for 70 year and 1 mile to go back to the Roman Empire. So here you go Michael another ancient history question.

How was the Roman Empire cut in half.

I was the Roman Empire cut in half what you think Christian is like a cake, by Paris Caesars so so there's some groaning out there somewhere. We know and at the end of the shenanigans and those were shenanigans today actually do have a Bible riddle for you to call him and winded sortable by little anyway so you can get this one, which is what kind of lightning did no one use not like what kind of lighting kind of lighting did Noah use on the ark, 866-348-7884. What kind of lighting did Noah use on the ark 866-34-TRUTH and if you can answer that Christian mother when they're doing with our fabulous prizes from the kingdom pursuits prize mount there you go. All you have to do is call in and tell us what kind of lighting did Noah use on the ark, 866348786634 truth and I enjoyed my shenanigans today. Always do and thank you both Michael and Tom for putting up with some you know that we get yes yes you are Michael and I'm glad that you're back with us and so Michael last night. I was just flipping through different things. I could see and I saw on TV and I saw a special that the Christian history Institute did on CS Lewis. It was some. It was based on mere Christianity re-familiar with Alan Nelligan have to go to a break when we come back looking to find out more from Michael Austin with Christian history Institute and Tom with gospel phrases. In the meantime, go to and check out you can do for waters you're listening to the network and went back her passion and uses it to build the kingdom and were so blessed today to have with us Tom Coronado with gospel for Asia and Michael Austin with the Christian history Institute and well you have all kinds of colors who have some idea now is lighting on his ark, which is amazing. So all those that are calling please stay on the line because I do not want to talk to you even if somebody else guesses your answer. I still want to hear from so first off if Christine is in Durham, North Carolina Christine neuron restricts good morning what you got for Slough. What kind of lighting did you think Noah had on the ark, he really did. He really did and it's really cool if you ever studied a Hebrew of that of the big window that he had some indication in those letters that it actually brought forth its own lights and they didn't have to go through all those dark nights. I don't know what you think Michael is that was a good history.

It's definitely flood lighting.

There's no doubt about that. So were to get you a from pursuits prize all thanks for calling Christine God bless you by let's see we got Scott is in Winston-Salem Scott neuron kingdom pursuits good morning.

Thank you so Andrews weather forecaster class classic. They really are.

That's right. And I like the moonlight idea that to Scott. I like that we deserve something from that answer. So I appreciate it very much a blasting 11 Miss J Singh and on on Christian cargo. Did you hear her sing with the okay.

Mrs. J. She apparently knows what, lighting, Noah had to thank Scott appreciates colony got J herself on the phone now. Miss J what it is you think about Noah's lighting.

Wow, he had the SON how you you blew what a great answer happy SON man I wish now that Mr. Bello prize from the prize well for that answer is just world literally out of this world. Thank you Miss J appreciate so much.

You blessed me so much this morning. God bless have a great week. I buy one of my favorite favorite favorite things about the audience. The Truth Network is way that they pray and so one of the reasons that actually I so delighted to have Tom on with us today as we can be praying for all those who desperately desperately need water in Africa and the different places where they're getting mad but also my friend Michael Austin with Christian history part of the reason I wanted to have him on today as he had called me yesterday and told me about his diagnosis with stage IV cancer, specifically pancreatic cancer and and so Michael would it be all right if everybody just pray with you right this second.

What you will let us do that for you. So if everybody listen would just join me because this is difficult diagnosis work is over cancer me know that I know that very personally is Michael Knowles. So Jesus, thank you for Michael.

I thank you for this opportunity to partner with you in ministry in so many different ways and I just come on his behalf. Right now, Lord, I know that you are going to heal them one way or the other but I just pray that you would comfort them that you would give him a song for the season in his life. Help them to know where where you would have him saying and what you would have them do during these times that you would comfort his family, comfort him through this and if it be your will. Lord, that you would heal him in such a way he would be able to share that testimony were so many that would give them hope that are also in difficult places or the thank you again for his life. And thank you for all those that are listening right now that are praying with us in Jesus name I pray, amen, wow answer Michael you know what what if you got what is God got you working on right now what I have never experienced in my life. So many people in Revelation.

I am so grateful for prayer prayer with learning the Bible that the prayer right one. Much, and boy have I ever people all over the world. I'm amazed at how many there are. Reach out to me where my prayer has revolved around if you will. You will.

I will encourage me and showing me that all I want to pray for real whatever that is no and not just wonderful book. James one reminds us that when we are in trial or stress such as this might occur. All joy so and so, so I message because the issue and he mentioned that the Savior from the very beginning. He healed people live wonderful the Gospels permit perspective now happening all over the world.

Ministry are are bringing healing you actually shake my mind my my dictation.

The feeling gospel around the world.

I am so grateful for them and also for sizing healing power of our Savior write Michael in Tom I know you got stories listeners just love can you walk us into an individual story are familiar with. As far as this clean water by way Michael okay I'm about to add you to our staff prayer how it happened that one story are medical and one area very dry.

Eric the hot and a worker after noting the low around asked people how like that.

Archie what local and now you went there and there was a woman getting water and Dr. Reagan that fellowship now child shall mark God and God that all five dollars like water per family for a year. That kind of power to that and WORKERS with next to your water.

Water unbelievable.

For once, you imagine how horrible I mean literally. I have a friend that was part of a group of 400 pastors in India and there down to 2400 and the Clean Water Act got so much to do with this going on that.

So again you go to There you can find out more about you see the clean water and wow $1400 will will actually drill. One of these wells hundred and $40.

I received 10% of the way there. It's all we come back we got more with Michael Austin Christian history Institute and Tom court, you are listening to the truth and had with Michael Austin with Christian is in Tom court, with gospel for Asia. They are digging wells out there in desperate they needed places when there's so much going on in the world an opportunity we have to partner with them here.

Truth Network and allow a hero or you can just take part. Like you said five dollars just how many days did you say tonic, but it provides will provide water for one year is amazing. So wow, you really make a dollar.

Which only bylaws of a $70 by lover bread these days are five dollars. Either you can you can buy water for all those years for a family for us is amazing and it's interesting. I was interviewing a gentleman in Afghanistan yesterday and they were talking about all the millions of refugees that they have over there. I'm sure you guys are involved with gospel Asia and how you know literally for like $40 you can feed that whole family for an entire month of lockdown, and so it's so neat how God moves in and and provides these things along the way she does that is through our prayers and our calling out and so I wanted to get another story. For I love the stories on the story along the waterline. Families who can't read water opportunity that unity and try to find out what it would be the doctor that you are legally active source of water where you get your Creek and pointed to the large pond that was fairly and they had water Buckingham standing in their and all that other stuff that We questionnaire where you go that log right side on that side we going the other side. We don't get an Beltsville training Landon well liked water filters and water well just educate folks on how their family health strong transformed the water noted throughout the world. Whatever the numbers are brought 22nd child sizable art and in hand. Touch the lives of those needed discharges personal acceptance.

As you know that without that, will you, Doug made a difference in getting me living water and open up the door for that family.

And when that happens it reaches generation after generation after generation after just like our generations write Michael and history proves all that out then it sounds always so thankful for the Christian history Institute. What you guys do you know water. I so wherever I go I have to pay attention to what I'm not doing that helping people all over the world and critical thank you, what you are doing and the incredible young person you already and am well the well water was so important we live in a village what what would you call the church.

There are no McAdam Road and how in the wilderness really work for: ashram monastery and water was actually critical. I learned there no impact on people like that you are describing waning course in India.

Anybody they're not like likely to get a method of you from or more and reality. Even today, so water is so critical. And of course how many wonderful and credible examples of how water is described in the Bible. Source of life and being the living water is a living bread are our father in heaven our daily bread that bread our Savior and got in the water. He said I am the living.

I am a living water, so like what an extraordinary way.

The gospel their way through the vehicle of any importance. Water when Moses threw the tree in the water so spectacular and and what are some of the neat things it from your standpoint tonic that you're seeing it gospel for Asia right now.

I do know the ship started all over Asia and now hospital no badly. Michael it back in progress. The Navy Clean Water Act of 1 million back from the city that their work back water along the low water allowed.not what God item that I way change is not cruciate like then there realizing now that JD is no Michael Antone face with this because you know we know that there's is horrible need like yesterday when I was sitting there with that man literally lives in Afghanistan and I could see the look in his eyes, and you got a whole different sense of these people that are in desperate need. When you see somebody he was just with him yesterday and ending this stuff is real and our prayers are so desperately needed in our resources are so desperately needed in an in whatever way that God puts it on our hearts to help in all you have to do is go to kingdom pursuits, our excuse.

We got a instance there Truth Network is the link there to clean water.

You'll see it obviously with gospel for Asia.

Click on that and see how what the Lord would have you do. Along those lines will be right back little bit more from Michael Austin and Tom court totter with gospel for Asian Michael with Christian history Institute of your listening to the network and takes and uses it to build the kingdom and now from where I show with my friends at Michael Austin with Christian history Institute and on totter with gospel for Asia and you know these every day a new challenge comes on all of us and I often think you know how we have an opportunity to share our blessings and as we do, we come to get our minds off ourselves and onto however that works because I know Michael Monday morning you you got awful chemotherapy treatment, numerator Ali and out after treatment, it wiped me out and not only to do water yet because what what happens when you have talked to the body network there putting me on purpose process that will cover the whole body is affected by that electronic target cell but in doing so that there is.

My whole body all by an how important water is all you can do is flush your system with warm water you how many situations, Bill, and you're looking for help solution water and I think that's a great segue into some I wanted to bring those who don't know Michael used follow the ashram and then the and those people in India, the living water came and saved him just like Robbie's following people in Scientology and living water came and said to follow him.

And so it's kind of amazing. I've always thought my friend Michael and I we both came out of some really weird places in order to get to be where we are at Michael and let cool. The Lord water and also praise the Lord's prayer. Now we talked a little bit about our prayer and I share something that I've done recently been as you might imagine. In my situation I have been running a revelation daily and I discovered Revelation 58 verse our heavenly father on his throne, surrounded by four creatures. Most preachers are each holding a heart Golden bowl filled with and which are the prayers of the righteous get a hold of this picture on our heavenly father, Creator of heaven and earth collecting our prayer Golden bowl so people know that their prayers are being collected by our father not getting know all the prayers that we open because they are in the Golden bowl. I know so prayer and the power of prayer and of course Leon what we pray for our father's will, but know that you have mentioned an application going to show up and say no I really appreciated it and now buying us with water. Our father never forget any of the reading of one another. We are enjoying places of the kingdom. When we pray for one another by living bread and living water, just can't couple minutes left want to make sure you got said anything that you wanted to get said on-site show. I really appreciate what Michael had prayer is the lifeblood of our started with prayer. Pray daily neuropathy.

We have all night prayer meeting of every quarter in writing. And at Michael said, we know that no everything is on prayer everything provided to all. All but as a ministry our heart and are passionate Lord prayer Lord guide and I just appreciate Michael yet prayer to be collected and have made together background all Wanted to say that I don't backup like agricultural gout instructed alive yeah I such a blessing and a day at work one night, now is the time negative live in prayer.

Thank you both well. I laugh about that on my way as witnesses. Scientology and what would you call yourself Michael and I had a great distance really had the guys and I bless and wow, thank you for listed network and again go to to share what you can even your prayers for Michael and gospel for Asia by all means, and now stated gets matric coming at you, encouraging prayer followed by the mass concerning the truth and the truth. This is the Truth Network

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