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Christians are Pro Life

Kingdom Pursuits / Robby Dilmore
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May 7, 2022 8:58 am

Christians are Pro Life

Kingdom Pursuits / Robby Dilmore

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May 7, 2022 8:58 am

Robby Interviews Pro Life future of the Triangle a group of post-grad young adults who are on a mission to stop abortions. Joining them on the pursuit of the Kingdom is Matt Christian from Christian History Magazine. together they discuss the Abortion problem facing America today!


This is Stu Epperson from the truth. Talk podcast connecting current events, pop culture, and theology, and were so grateful for you.

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Your host Robbie Gilmore wow for such a time as this.

We have such an amazing show lined up for you today am so excited because we have a whole host of folks in here today, led by actually some is related to this in the Truth Network Victoria, Farmville and Chelsea Smith, and Christopher fed Q all with a pro-life. I let them explain Victoria why don't you tell us more about your organization. Yeah. So we are an extension of students for life of America. Our group is called pro-life future of the triangle and we are a group that exists for young adults who are postgrad so they can join us enough to be a student and then we do some pro-life work in the Raleigh Chapel Hill enduring area and Chelsea are my understanding is actually the president of the yes am the president of the group as well as the community organizer for what's called the abortion feces campaign in Chapel Hill on the main thing we have going on where where you know kind of grassroots effort, specifically in Chapel Hill on yeah working on this cause and so for such a time as this right Victoria like can you give us the latest update on what you're seeing there. The Supreme Court, oh man yeah so that's been the hot take lately so we are cautiously optimistic. Obviously you know it was a leaked opinion which is unheard of and him we do want to see Roe V Wade be overturned. But right now we're just stunned. We're still trying to know continue our efforts on despite what they are, may not happen. Big big big job ahead of this year, regardless of where that comes down from very excited to have y'all on today and then we also have math with us whose with Christian history Institute Christian history magazine and Matt you guys just did a article. The Christian experience of divine healing is our culture could do some divine healing. It sounds like the welcome mat. So glad you're just joining Christian history magazine. From what I understand it through. I am a representative not long ago what data or more represent our Michael as mine.

So I'm looking forward to have you on that. But you know it's close to Mother's Day and you knew Robbie was going to do this so Carmen was all set. So speaking of Mother's Day, I got quite a few free comments to get ready and become rapidfire here so you know why is the computer so smart right because it listens to its motherboard.

Why do what you call a mom who can't draw you would call her Tracy just sent the why did the cooking drive because his mother was away for so long and why the baby strawberry crybaby one about one well because his mom was in a jam.

These things happen. So what are the mama say to her full right it's passenger bedtime yet to be a horse person past time of so what did the mommy spider say to her babies.

He said humans are. She said you been spending way too much time on the web. This is an oldie but a goodie with the mother broom say to the baby broom along the same lines, it's time to go to sleep and I do love this would Carmen my mother said you want to mount anything because you put said you want to mount anything because you poke me. I said oh yeah and she said, just you wait and I so this one is not totally upon, but I think good my mother gave me the greatest gift anyone could ever give another person. She believed how faith but more that she gave me a belief in Christ so all mothers have intuition and great mothers. Carmen have radar teachers have radar, so three years old. You said mommy I love you 10 years old.

You said mom what ever. 16 and all my daughters that this bond are so annoying that 18 mom I'm leaving this house 25.

Mom you are so right at 50 I don't want to lose my mom and at 70 I would give anything right to have my mom right here with me like that, and the motion and if I actually would have a Bible Ritalin. I have one I loved so here we go.

So here is a Robbie I upon.

That's not cornea with mother in the Bible have week.

I but she was an eyewitness to 12 pupils. No answering people to call in with 866-34-TRUTH 87884 you call in, and when and if they do that. Carmen, what the know when one of our marvelous prizes from the king and pursue price about so nevermind what you might've heard Matt say just call in with your answer. 866-348-7884 866-34-TRUTH so I am really like Victoria Fonzo. I have to first of all tell everyone that her father was the original host of truth talk live here on the Truth Network that right John and is now pastor John Wright.

Yeah, he's a pastor down in Jacksonville Florida. Paramount church. So if you're down there and be sure to check it out any Sundays at 1030 so those of us who listen to the Truth Network for a long long time. I remember John was before Stu was the host of truth talk live. So, do you remember those days was your dad.

I am to be honest, I was so young. I don't remember that pay for my time. It was said to be 20 years ago or more. Yeah, probably, that was yeah night so I'm I'm 24 and 50 or four yeah there you go so you did you remember living in when you guys moved to Florida right we Debbie moved to Florida when I was about 77 years old so I I remember living in Winston-Salem now.

I mean, I loved it. Great place and so those of you who know Stu Victoria is his niece because her mother is Stu sister. That's how that works behind on his family things together. Chelsea so anyway very important right that they were pro-life because otherwise we would none of us be here to how did you get involved in pro-life so I personally always just being polite was the right thing really was involved in anything in college I met some friends that were very involved in some work at local pregnancy help center with volunteering with then I realize what women were actually going through and just, you know what actually the abortion industry was like. And that's and is it okay I can't, you know, ignore this anymore. I need to do something about it. So did you ever in your wildest dreams anticipate that someday you would be the president of this kind of organization I did not expect to be know in Chapel Hill doing this work with these awesome people on yet deftly not I was president of the underground club at Pitt and that was awesome but I can't say that I really knew where it was good to go. After that, and it's really cool to be part of this campaign now in Chapel Hill, so you were Preston of the undergrads program. It really University of Pittsburgh. Yeah. Really.

So obviously you went to. That's what I did. Yeah, I went to Pittsburgh, so wow and in Victoria.

You went to some different colleges right because of your swimming career.

Yes, I started out at Oklahoma Baptist University, and then I transferred to NC State and as in athletics as a summer heaven time All-American Division II swimmer like not just unbelievable. So we got a lot more coming from Matt we barely heard from them. We have even heard yet so much more can search, stay tuned.

And if you got that answer about my cornea Joe 6634. Welcome back to build the kingdom were so blessed to have with us this whole group from the future of the triangles pro-life organization with Victoria Farmville Chelsea Smith, the president and Christopher Fitzhugh as well as Matt Christian coincidentally works for Christian history Institute in Christian history magazine store all those named after you.

Matt okay throw that out there but anyway Matt so how did how did you met Michael and he hooked he ended begin to come to work for the Christian history Institute like a lot. My father and he would think about the work. They are thinking about trying to string. Eventually somebody in getting a little bit older legacy with an my father who know my background in terms of loving knowing Christian history of think about the Bible and think surrounding the Bible. I would be a good and that this should not be able to learn more and talk about. Just thinking that begs the question, Matt. What what you find most interesting in Christian history on a really good question. Obviously bold maybe say quite interesting.

Throughout that thing and work through the ages. People I think, which ironically is great but to me thing about red correct date and time is really quite let's really be like to spend hours and hours and hours and hours and burst in seeing how every single letter every single job every single every single story points to Jesus. Like I mean every single one of them. Just this morning I was looking at Jacob, and and Rachel their shenanigans. There with all the switching around that got happened with Leah and do you remember when when Jacob met Rachel.

What happened was he rolled away the stone from the mouth of the went well right you know it's it's not like somewhat of a hint of the fact that the Big Stone would get a rolled away from the mouth of the West there were painting a picture for all of you who understand that the idea of rolling away the stone is going to be there so I mean the whole thing is like. I think working to spend eternity. Just marveling at the way that God painted this picture in so many different ways and then you get a chance to see that with the Christian history Institute just beautiful way so since you joined them. Well, switch gears like I can do what I want to so obviously Christian history is getting rewritten right this minute through what's going on with Roe versus Wade at and hopefully a great deal of prayer in all this.

We also have Christopher Fitzhugh who is with what we meant a chance to hear from some Christopher Christopher tell us your your take on the current events making history will with Victoria where she says that we are cautiously optimistic note, it's never happened where leak like this come out from the Supreme Court and we are really really want to know this decision to go through with you know overturning very Wade and so we look at it with different radio voice by the way. I appreciate his voice like first time on the have yet so recklessly.

Yes, and so when are you do you have any expectation of when working with no I believe that the decisions must be released as an as they originally said June July next possible date of Thursdays that courts cannot decisions would be May 16. But we really don't know they could talk about my Sherry with a window without right in with that with that what you see is the next step for organization like you like there's a lot of unbelievable amounts of work to be done to bring awareness to that, just that they overturn. This is not because of the battle by anybody stretch the imagination right that just go back to the states, dubbing a federal protection anymore, but also the back to state something will still have work to do within the states and folks on states more you know, and so how do you see your guises rolling that Chelsea yeah sell our campaign has really been preparing for this moment, you know, we didn't even know that this case will happen when the campaign started, but would you really just an grassroots effort.

So everything from connecting churches pregnancy resource centers to even going door-to-door and just talking to people about what pregnancy resources are available, why life matters in getting their thoughts and just truly even listening to them in hearing where communities and what what they think in yeah really grassroots and just person-to-person connection. So Victoria, how about you what it where you see you know you your role in this organization: yeah so I I definitely think our biggest role is to to educate people on the resources that are available. Because there are resources for women they can receive help.

They can choose life because of the resources that have been put in place and for just what we do in Raleigh, and Chapel Hill are our biggest mission. Right now I would say is to make those resources available to people I Chelsea mentioned we go door-to-door and we do that we have pamphlets that we give people and we work with a nonprofit called standing with you can check outstanding with and they have, you can put in your ZIP Code. It's really cool, and wherever area and just so many resources will pop up. If you're women in need and you don't know where to go for help. It's a great resource that you can utilize to to get that help because I guess Chris mentioned it's going to go back to the states and some states are going to completely outlaw abortion. Some states will not, of course, we will all states we wanted to we want to see it completely outlaw it because it's its so that was my role, you know over the years I've had a chance to interview so many different people and one time I had a mandate to go to the Christian counselors convention that had they wanted me to interview 100 counselors in one weekend and so was I was doing those interviews. Everybody that was interviewing people for four abortion stuff, you know that that was involved in counseling and those things. Guess what every one of them had their own story male and female of an abortion in their life and all my goodness, what horror of what guilt, what pain, suffering, all these things are bringing and but most know have no idea when they go into this process of what they could be starting you know when they when they when they are making these choices so I just think it's just it's amazing because it honestly my old guy like me talking so many people on the list but you know you guys write obviously you know in your 20s in college-age know people you're their peers. Delaware were on the sidewalk outside of abortion clinics anywhere like that.

The people we see our Rh, you know, and that we relate to the most in yeah really just try to connect to our peers in somatosensory. Same thing with you. Like how cool is it that you're here with Christian history magazine and and you're a lot younger than Michael Austin.

By the way, it sounds like it's you and and and you know I love that in Psalm 119.

This is his faithfulness is on all generations right.

He established the earth and in Abydos and so here comes this next generation right of Christian history Institute in. I imagine that you can relate to the younger people in and think of ways to engage them in this idea of Christian history right yeah yeah a lot of things that are so unique that a lot of people don't realize whether Kurt acquired their denomination things and I think it should a lot of light on the day you are even controverted. Go back to the first thing to worry about the nature kind of the person that I can answer some the questions that they read in regards the Trinity as well.

So on the subject of abortion. Pro-life. Historically this is not a new thing is noted not part II know that picture that I know you might be a little bit more cognitive that went back to believe in making 72 Think It Will Be Way and really desecrated the nature of human life and the fact that people were degraded, not having actually goes back clear way way back to even the idolaters in Abraham's time and that we know for sure in the time of Egypt that they were worshiping bail and then they were literally burning those babies in the fire. I mean like oh my goodness and it was just you know a way almost to promote to promote an open sexuality like it's not all that different really is. It that you know all these people were brought into this and an idea of all was free love, even in those days, right because you know we all have the same urges that we had back then and there and so it's it's an amazing thing. How you know. Apparently God keeps facing the like. Here we go again. I will you know put the lid on this baby you know it all and know nothing new under the people God's name.

Now we are so where we saw smoke. Thank you Matt we will be right back with a whole lot more from Victoria Chelsea and Christopher Matt. Stay tuned. We got so much more.

60 by the way, nobody has called with my corny answer and we have a prized way.

Really, some from the truth.

Price weld 866-34-TRUTH 87884 I think your and uses it to build the kingdom and I am so excited because we have a good letter on the line we have Rob's in Greensboro. He is an answer for my corny joke Rob you're on the pursuit I love your name.

I definitely love that so anyway. Who do you think it was that that she had 12 pupils you know she had. We guys who might that be your correct absolutely correct.

You know I was just this fun facts know and learn.

I actually did a podcast this morning only that the reason that the Jews teach in the midrash that that her eyes were weak is that they were dirt. They were identical twins Leah and Rachel. And when they were born to Laban's for the trickster that everyone knew that there was a perfect match for them. That was Esau and Jacob. So Leah knew that she was supposed to marry Esau and she wept and wept and wept and wept because this guy was marrying these foreign women. He was a wild man and so because her eyes were weak. She couldn't go out in the sun to attend the sheep, which is why Rachel was tending the sheep and that amazing well it's with, you know, the only history that we have other than the Bible to go on is is written in the Jewish oral tradition and then written down after about a real actually yeah there's lots of places you can go to get the information in yeah I find it fascinating again what I know is that that clearly you know there was a big shenanigan right in that lane and that Leah pretended to be her sister and and really cool in that same teaching sense of our role were not now, if there were identical twins. They were both babes on the same thing that that I think is actually helpful is that when Jacob found out according the same teaching that's written several different sources. By the way, and big risk that when Jacob found out that Leah had deceived him. He woke up yelling right. He was mad when he woke up and there wasn't Rachel in the bed with him and he could tell by the week eyes at this point in time and he said you are a deceiver and the daughter of the deceiver and she said all and you're not. Was it not Garcia goes to Laban says you know what's up with the shenanigan and he goes well in our country.

We'll do it like you do it right. He said in our country, the firstborn gets the unit gets the goodies, however, that works so you know it really is a sad commentary on the on the.

The result of sin. Yet God redeemed it all because these are our grandparents ran right. It's beautiful. Thank you Rob I appreciate you get mad and let me out being a role for a while and I'm think a lot about this devil. He will let me come under programmatic element and were looking forward your price that comments can you pick out for you here just a minute. Thanks for: ask Rob God bless thanks for listening. Alright so I've been thinking about this like man let's good to Christopher here so Chris rock you would with weird tongue about Abby Johnson. During the break and you said you'd watch the movie unplanned and it really made an impact on you. I'm wondering before that. What made an impact on your actual life for you to just say man, God is not want to follow God, what happened there.

So my faith is big portion of that I'm Catholic and I'd always been a pro-life but like I guess I just had never thought of myself, like needing to take action on this and that's where seeing that the movie and pray Like it touched my heart and kind of put a little seeding bear to say I really should start taking action in my life. It's worth my time to do you know learn more about this in mind, because the Abby Johnson story. If you're familiar with. It was the Catholics that were out there and it was 40 days for life. That's was out there praying for Abby Johnson and you made the fruit of the putting the prove the putting was a meeting right there. You know I'm Sam like you know these prayers are obviously the oh my goodness, if of Roe versus Wade does get overturned, you can't say that what happened with Abby Johnson in 40 days for life did never affect on it and so yeah yeah so with your Catholic faith. It's okay a lot mom but love it. Tell me about that yet, so I cradle Catholic but I grew up in a way that I under stand the importance of my faith. The points of it in my life so I was kind like a falling away Catholic for until about 2018.

I came back to the church and I have been someone happened. If you don't mind. I dislike digging what I what happened. I was searching for meaning in a lot of areas in my life that all I found was emptiness and eventually I came up like with the going on the faith that was implanted in me. I know what I'm doing now is not working for me in my life.

I am hundred percent sure that I do know I'm still Catholic. I did eyes have not been practicing so I'm going to make a conscious decision to know the backside going back to church become more involved and try to approach my faith in the way that I've never really experienced growing up and said that's what I started doing about 2018 and its easily. The smart decision I'm in my life and time subtract my life is gone and on the hundred and now in section 16 Psalm which says the sorrows of those who chase after other gods will be multiplied just say in the Godhead to rid the world so that we do when we go searching for meaning you find it anyplace but actually in in your faith in Christ means just where it's going to happen and I think it's absently beautiful that that he got your attention at such a young age were you not like me. I was 30 some odd years old before I got my attention, but same thing shenanigans all over the place. Make Jacob look like an amateur. Anyway, how about you Chelsea how I found my faith for me.

I was also raised in a Catholic household, but like Christopher, kind of. It was really something I took into my life like I just have been the church now and then I in God. I had a friend that was like having a Bible study, will you come to it.

So just going to support him. It wasn't really you know anything.

I was looking for and I met these people that were talking about their personal relationship with Jesus and they were just like you I had never met before. Like I was just amazed by how like joyful daywear and I was just been so curious.

I like what is this that they have. I don't know what it is but I want that and so that kind of through college just kinda set me on that journey of trying to figure it out really making faith like the most important thing in my life as just that spectacular. Yeah I mean is God is is so really good. I wonder about you. Matt, how about you when did you have that moment where you is like, well, I've been shenanigan is my need to my personal life, but mostly a matter of understanding. I grew up in a very home where of the Bible truth and apologetics as well as all of our questions like draft really for me been mostly a journey of discovery I knew was that I knew what he stood for and all those things but maybe kind of a time where I really became the reins of my fate is starting to think about when I was to go to college about life. I really thought that I did make it my own in order for it to be real because you can only hold along with your parents. Well, when I allow my thank you, thank you for Christian history Institute Christian history magazine again to give you 20 seconds your radial family. Some of the closes out with LOL okay the pressure is on just said thank you so much for having us in your show. Always happy to share relevant gang and check us out. Check us out and they rally Chapel Hill is everyone's well. Robbie forgets that he is one more segment and I did this. That's all good because this gives me an opportunity to hear from Victoria, which is where I was trying to get as it is. I've had that time with her and whatever server you get to hear stories, but nobody got to hear because I know your family's faith in your father's faith but never had a chance to hear about your yeah yeah I guess you know when I grew up in a Christian household and I was raised that way in my both of my parents and they were always very very intentional about teaching us about the Bible and I really appreciate that. Maybe when I was younger I didn't. I didn't realize how much I appreciate that now as I'm getting older and on the world. I really having that foundation is just invaluable. So I went off to college and mean was swimming amino because here the know your story.

Swimming was like man everything yeah that's kinda what happened to say it really wise and it is sneaky because I didn't even realize it until I had some good success. And then all the sudden I started not having as much success and that was devastating, but for something that's when I realized like okay this shouldn't be that devastating where it is my hope truly lie where does my security and identity truly lie and so on through that.

I just my last two years of sending out that state. I really had to learn those lessons I graded my identity line.

I realize my identity lies in Jesus and and so it was that it was a good journey but I deftly had to experience failure to get there. I know that feeling is not a fun lesson but it's a good line and and and think of right and God really brought some awesome people in my life to NC state. My two best friends and their Christians and so yeah I mean it's been a long journey but I I definitely have learned that God does sometimes he does use hardships and in pain to bring us close at hand. And so that's kind of what's going on in my life is really neat this week.

I was looking at the Hebrew word for judgment which is misfit and when you look at that word in Hebrew, the letters each letter in the Hebrew language is a picture of something and and so the first letter and that word is a man which is Messiah or it means more to a great deal extended all scooping water, but the idea of judgment as guess who's on the throne that would be Jesus. The second letter is a shin which is the idea of fire or refining rights that make sense with judgment like okay Jesus on the throne and I'm getting refined yeah yeah and then those of the than the letters that jump out judges judgment. The third one they just grabbed me this week. I always knew it, but I hadn't really put it into perspective. The third one is the letter pay which is literally the face of God and so the point that it that it that all the sudden just showed up to me was like his face is in the fire if you will turn to that face another words like Shadrach me shack and Abednego they didn't get cooked because right, they turned to face the face in the fire right he's there and and so when you look at when you hear you can hear Miss but to you here the ma'am you hear the shin and that sound is the is the pay and then you hear this tough that the that the end Miss but well then that last letters of letter Tov in and you may have heard that idea of Tov in the Bible is goodness right so he is going to these going to heat you up in the fire so that you will turn your face towards him like like like Christian why keep on the contest and it could be his new name. When Christopher said he hates us up in the fire swimming or you know whatever our situation is a will turn to him because he is going to bring out the goodness and you've heard this right that heats up the fire of the silver until the silversmith skims off the dross and can see his own reflection in the some extent right. That's what he's doing through abortion. Unfortunately, right. There's a lot of judgment going on with that and so getting back to you working directly with our state. You guys be in Raleigh. It does seem like for such a time. Is this your right word.

You need to be with that of Rachel's definitely.

Yeah, we are in a place where not only do women need to support retrying offer by air are laws being made that really matter.

You guys are right there where we lobby in and do things is is is our state will obviously you can see the fire burning right immediately if this gets overturned and be people marching on Raleigh trying to get a law to make this happen in North Carolina and is really a beautiful thing to think while here's a group of young people.

I you guys have more power and you think because you represent the next generation.

So thank you all so much for being with us and for sticking with us for this last segment was coming. That's why my producer was sitting in her poster.

Meanwhile, encouraging prayers coming up with James Banks. It's on Mother's Day, as well as all masculine journeys on Mother's Day and then the all yet so much truth, Nadja on the Truth Network. This is the Truth Network

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