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Your Platform For Christ

Kingdom Pursuits / Robby Dilmore
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April 30, 2022 2:59 pm

Your Platform For Christ

Kingdom Pursuits / Robby Dilmore

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April 30, 2022 2:59 pm

Today's episode features guest host Jerry Mathis of Rays Body Shop. He is joined in studio by Dereck Mushayamunda from Christian Development Foundation. Bringing precious valuables to struggling villages in Zimbabwe.

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Swim from most concerned about customer goal with the podcast was. Hope you try to find your way in this difficult world.

Your chosen treatment would podcast was starting just seconds. Enjoy sure most of all, thank you for listening and choosing The Truth Podcast Network. This is the Truth Network kingdom pursuits here from ordinary people instilled with an extraordinary passion together we explore the stories of men and women who take what they love and let God turn their passion into the kingdom pursuits now live from the truth. Your host Robbie Gilmore. Well, good morning. Welcome the kingdom pursuits.

Certainly not Robbie Gilmore.

Robbie is in Alabama with the graduation of his daughter in college this morning so I am filling the kingdom pursuits for him and another having a great morning and I am extremely excited about this morning calls in the studio with me.

What one thing on the other side of the glass have Christian who has been wonderful this morning we had Christian cargo radio we got off to a good starting after we got on there and what I done this morning.

If he would've been over there because he certainly conquered and slay the dragon asked for sure, but also this morning in the studio with me is Derek much of Monday and Derek as menace is my brother right here and so having him in here sort like you going to get here.

Rest. Pull up a chair at the table and just kind of talk a little bit because over the course of the many, many years ago to ponder Christian church together in Sunday school class together and I tell you what I will love his heart and I love his passion for Christ will talk little bit about the that the village in Zimbabwe and also the fund and step in and and kind of the things they need one thing is prayer but there's also monetary things that they can certainly use will going to talk a bit about how you can do that and also how this whole endemic and all this. All of this madness in the world is also affecting the village and also and also how it affects getting support their one of the things also want to take just a moment to talk to Derek about is his job here in the Winston area. He has a job that sometimes not talk to Derek. It breaks my heart because I know the situations that he's put into and stuff and I know that God is working through him and act in a in a mighty way and it just humbles me and and and you know what, and he goes back to say this many times on the air. Special Christian garb caught Christian car guy radio is about, you know what, what if your platform is use it for Christ. And if you start telling your story to somebody who doesn't understand that you can do all the Bible, Adam, you won't to and they can argue that down but if you want to break it down.

Just tell your story what Jesus Christ is done in your life. The king argue that it gives you a great platform to be able to share what Jesus means in your life, and Derek is one of those guys that Matteo what he him and his family means so much to me. I had Kate even that can even tell you how much he means in and is in Donald's brother, both of them guys are my brothers hand.

Derek is good to have you this morning.

Thank you thank you and first I want to just talk a little bit about what is your occupation what what you do for living what they do for leaving is I work with out one of region down my offices located Baptist Medical Center but tied do happen to work in all the local hospital… Well, to way, I enter into those species send our work with the care team members which is nurses. The doctors when there is any kind of trauma tragic situations that happens in somebody's losing their lives. People are losing their loved one, somebody who is grieving in and working with those situations will also most of the time. Some of the people and out being organ donors are some of them you know being able to help others with the gift of life and things like that so so that work with on average makes a world of difference and how we just help to minister to these people who are grieving and having such a difficult challenges yeah and some of the stories and and I know that you shared those too much but is just you know it just humbly whenever someone was in that situation and Stephanie guess where in the morning as I get up and turn the radio on.

I'm hearing about a shooting someone was killed or somebody or terrific automobile accident where someone was killed and a lot of those come across something that they they cross your path yes yes definitely most of those people are the people that we end up working with because he is such a tragic situations that happen suddenly people lose their life suddenly and sometimes the steel to weigh the.

The DM organ function is still well to weigh the end up becoming organ donors as well. In the process. So just working with all those tragic situations becomes very stressful for many people from care to members which is medical stuff myself and everybody else that we work with just the coordination and collaboration is is huge and that's where you just feel this presence of the Holy Spirit. When you work in those situations because people are just having such difficult times in sometimes they have no hope.

You know so you have to show them a glimpse of hope that is something bigger than what we see in frontal thighs, but that Christ Jesus is the solid rock that when we stand on him and family rooted on him. We we get tele-strength after what you did that in the molasses question because I know part of the answer, but what you do to not just prepare yourself, but keep yourself prepared to be able to because it is hard I mean that at this that has to be a difficult job know and that most interaction you have a somebody who's in that type of crisis. Yeah most of the times just preparing for that is really just letting the Holy Spirit used median and not be the person who was to go and educate and teach, but to a person who goes and listens. The listening is the number one thing you're doing Gleason to say about you listen to hear in then you respond to people according to how they are feeling and then work with them. From there, but doubtful myself you know I you not very good at doing my own self-care as well. Sometimes I talk to people like Brother Jerry Matheson.

Sometimes we just chat about these things and they pray for me as well – sometimes I just do little things at home that just keeps me out of thinking so much of work. Yeah, and was sit there you think about that and and and that that that career and stuff. It is this is just so important because there's probably a lot of organizations that may try to do something like that.

But what makes Derek different and that organization is the fact that you know what it is really about Christ is the hope. You know it's when you're there and you have no hope that as we were just talking about a dear friend and and you know without hope how you faced tomorrow. I mean there I just I really have really hurt for those people who don't have that, yes, very, very true.

You know, we find that these tragic situations bring so much out of us. You know that's where the rubber meets the road and we find out that many people who think sometimes they are in Christ. They find out that the they are having challenges that they are not you know finding strength in being in Christ but but that's where we tell them that when you are truly grounded in Christ and trusting in Christ in no way that she is your foundation then and omitted what comes your way, you will never be moved.

You will be like a tree planted by the reverse side way you can get all your strength from and and and you will never faint and uterine and never faint as well yeah and this morning.

Also, if anybody has a question for Derek and we get into more of the that that his his mission and step – that the work being done in the village you know if you have a question.

Just give us a call in the numbers 866 but make sure get the right number 866-348-7884 again gives a copy of a question for Derek and then dear give little bit about what you grow up and stuff where you from edge you listen to Derek talk you know it's not Southside Winston it wasn't for my neck of the woods. That's right, I'm actually from the deep deep South. So I'm from Zimbabwe all right able to talk a little bit more about that when we come back from break and again you listen the kingdom pursuits. I'm Jerry Mathis with my guest in the studio. There much of Monday. You're listening to the Truth Network and is only welcome back to pursuit out? Is that one with me this morning is good friend and little bit about his mission but got Andrew on the line Gwen take that call good morning we woke we do for you all.

I'm good how are you all that I never I never heard before. So I arrived this morning well in kitchen. He's next week you'll be back for sure okay well I and Tammy, his wife, yet yeah okay and you and me only air I haven't I haven't got a hold of them in one. I don't know. Will Tammy is also traveling with Robbie and they are out of the state this weekend so I will if you just come back next week he will be back in here and be able to help you out. I have a little little wet weather. Okay to give us a quick weather forecast and then will go to get back to Derek about that okay.

I think I went to an our night. Mostly cloudy with showers and farm below the upper 40 miles an hour.

Mostly cloudy with a high operating clear and Monday look remotely by indicating whether high-pressure that North Carolina all the way from where we are very very happy to have the weather forecast that it might be with the low and high any man other than any know that you got a career in as a meteorologist, then back to Derek K you just tell us where he said from the deep South where in the world are we talking about.

Yeah, we talking over Zimbabwe off because you know many times tell people that you know when I'm here.

I also have my brother Jerry Mathur's and people say, but there's different last name and yeah that's my brother so when they see him. Then they say all we we thought, you know you don't know if your brother from Zimbabwe. I say yeah that's my brother to so that's how much shall we got close with our brother Jerry and brother Dale and others in their family but again they are really have adopted us as part of the family. He is well, but we have from Zimbabwe, Africa, the Southend Park Tuesday about the southern part of Africa as well and when you moved here. It will really what what introduced you to Christ and not a love's story and know that they want give a gift opportunity just hear Derek for a couple hours just to just to talk about his life story and been introduced to Christ and just a snapshot of what that's about because it is it is really cool. God's gotta recall story with you and your family. Yes, it's amazing that good can be able to pick anyone from anyway. You know he's a good audio file wonders is a God who can make the donkey talk you know if he can do that he can. How did you mean that you may what I yeah he is an amazing God he can. You know if he can do that yet he can sure do that with me brother, Jerry, and anyone else so peeking me out of Zimbabwe through air missionary was send by part of the Pinedale Christian church Church of Christ here in Winston-Salem in the 50s to Zimbabwe and was able to work with my parents who became Christians is they became Christians. The then we were born to them and is a result of that, we all way you know kids will became Christians as well and and that's the reason I'm here today is is just our miracles after miracles. When I reflect on my life on things that happened along the way. After we talk about that would talk about that that village must Monday village is predominantly Christian and stuff but me saying that I also know that surrounding that village in a push in the in that country and also in lot of other African countries is the big movement for the Muslim is sorta stepping in there and stuff and that's why she is so important that as a Christian to make sure we keep our you know that influence in their because that's it was life or death.

Basically, yes. Hornaday talking very true very true so we are really grateful, even for any persons who do make contributions and help us with small things that we take to the village to assist the kids who don't have pencils or sharpeners. All we don't have a room Abu call any little things that they can use for education things that will show them the love of Christ Jesus, because we also have a look East in the Africa in African countries where many of the African countries are looking is thin looking is means having all the Muslims coming down and they are also coming down in the name of aid in helping out, and as a result of that they are beginning to influence people in another direction, so we really have to keep salted on Christian values and Christian principles so that all these people that we work with in all these villages when they are processing the I never moved from what they believe and from the Christian doctrine that we teach them yeah and then wild but because I'm a come back to this a couple time before we get if there is any. If it got astern your heart after happy here in Derek talk us to discuss you to go to the website and make sure I'm right is EMC DEF, is that correct yes they should be able to go on there and you'll see kind of a, you know the story in the background the history and also opportunities to be able to donated to give vent to be able to you know help build the kingdom of God over there and and you these are our brothers and sisters.

I mean, that's our family over there and we got that common thread of Jesus Christ. Also, if you go to that website you will see some of the all some stuff this going on over there me with the sporting events. The school staff digging forward, the whales in a getting water out of the ground because is a big issue over there. Yes, very, very true brother Jerry sated very very powerfully because those things are things that makes the world of difference. You can only be practical with the gospel when you can be practical with the gospel. Many people can then say all we love that Jesus that you talk about. He's a practical Jesus, so that you just don't tell people go and be well, but we care enough to make sure that we meet your physical needs.

As a result, it converts and translate into the spiritual as well, which is what we want for the people that someday when we get to heaven, you know, we can all rejoice together and say this is the journey we have been on and we all have been redeemed by the blood of Christ Jesus.

Yeah, and we sit there and you thinking of what what some of the things that we take for granted here in the United States. I went up the couple to go to Jamaica step one of the things I just notice just stepped off. Don't even consider to be important. Makes a huge impact there in the same thing was about when in the villages step I love looking at the went when Dierker come back from a trip and I think I might ask you about in a moment you tell me think you're planning a trip in the next this this calendar year, and I know haven't been able to because the pandemic and stuff. So look for that but also you see those those those pictures and in the videos and stuff where you know just the joy it brings for child to be able to get his own pencil and updated and a pencil with in a race around it and in our kids take for granted will take it for granted. It makes a big difference it makes an impact. Very true. You know to me as I grew up everything that happened became miracles you know when I was able to get it. Third off a piece of pencil when my mom would get to pencil she would break it into three pieces for me and my brothers so that we would share that pencil so that became a miracle you know when we were able to say today we are eating a full meal. It was a miracle when we say today we are going to have something to put on it was a miracle so it wasn't anything we took for granted when we pray we pray for things we never hope to see but when we know that Jesus provides and then it becomes real to somebody provides a pencil to a kid who never dreamt of having a full pencil on the on but you send a pencil to these young little boys and gals, then they are going to say it's a miracle so miracles are in every way. Depending on how you look at miracles. Yeah, you know, and you think just a pencil but then also say when there do a sporting event and how how many tell tell me a little bit in an the numbers me whenever you will do an Adventist school. I'm enough. Seeing the pictures and it is this looks as far as you can see these kids are and are just coming to be able to. One thing get that into say that people love and own of the more poorly also seen that is working through Jesus Christ. Yes, we can have lots of kids come together at least 5000 kids at the time that come together just to play soccer and then we minister to their hearts and be able to talk about Christ Jesus, the love of Christ Jesus and how you American friends have shared since all couples send some money that we can be able to provide for them to see the power of love will be right back with Derek and he was the first you're listening to the network and studio with me little bit about what the mission ends in the probably and you know how you know the how important it is and is not just them anytime we get opportunity to be able to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ.

We need to make sure we take advantage of that.

And God is certainly put Derek and in a unique place. I mean we sit there and you look at his story and stuff where it all started with Dr. Pruitt coming into the village and stuff and then you know it was not Christianity was not out even if there was even a hint of Christianity.

At that time they came in and he goes back to what were talking about working to pursue what it's about is just just having our passion.

We had a passion to bring people to Christ and when he first stepped foot in that village that village was his focal point to bring Christ to that village and just look you know I don't know if he could have ever imagined the impact of what he was doing would have no years later and stuff because it's a huge impact and really not just that village but is apt sit there and you see I think of the villages are seeing that an end and what they have and what you know it's because of Jesus Christ working through that opens doors and opportunities to step in and as you mentioned and I we talked about how many would show up for school outing. The Kelso yellow usually at least once a year will you have not been able to be hallows, but since you been able to make a trip because the pandemic and then their rut before that was sort of the unrest was going on their political unrest so it's been a little bit of gap in Tom, yes, yes it is been over two years that we haven't been able to go back to before then we used to go every year so this July. We are planning another trip to the village and to go and do ministry work. There is so brother Jerry alluded to, all explained very well. We go and meet with lots of young people in the village that the desire to know about Christ and continue to be pumped up about Christ Jesus and in the goodness of Christ so they continue to see all these miracles when we get there with pens and pencils and all the other donations that we carry with us and in the gifts that the gifts that people contribute to its drilling a water well for us, then we are able to put your water well for them in in some areas that the ladies who used to walk 5 miles maybe they're walking 2 miles now, and so on. So that makes it well don't difference with anything that anybody contributes to what the work and you don't think about them in just the just of water for drinking and and that type of stuff, but also that sort. It is a game changer. As far as growing goes on main to tell a bit about that. I may not see in some of those pictures of those those gardens in Stefan and that there were just draft fields now of green and then producing fruit yes yes water is life. You know without water. We can't do much. So with water. We can do a lot. That's why we really emphasize and focus on drilling wells in in in the villages in the remote parts of Zimbabwe where I feel at years end, and many people they walk miles to a social clean water. Otherwise, many kids and and I have a lot of parasites in their stomachs because they drink dirty water from the same places the columns of the wild animals drink from muddy water and as a result, many of them get C can die but when we drill, clean water, we can be able to create gardens that many people can have a piece of land for each home so that they can be able to grow vegetables and and carrots and tomatoes things that can keep them their bodies nor extensive as a result of these guided you and talk about, you know, it's not like it is here, the stage of your own.

A well drilled your call, and the guys down a few miles away comes in his truck and has all this nice fancy equipment injures your wail in and day you're done as a whole different process than yes Zimbabwe in Zimbabwe is a whole different process. Just being able to do really well. We have to have at least $7000 to do that US dollars to do that and and we have to source of these drilling read from the C deal Zimbabwe which is about 400 miles away. So just to hire him to come down to our village they remote parts of the country they are not that eager to come out there because if they are read breaks down when it's way out in the remote parts of the country is hard to bring it out of those places.

So it becomes very expensive, even just to bring that to the village as well. So each time we go we try to drill more than one well so that is with ringing their read to the village and sometimes we may not even catch the water. Also on that one real so so just pray for fall for waterway and when we do drilled area and little extended for this expensive element is not cheap is like everything in the villages just so much more than what you think of it being here in United States. But man it's it is needed there in Stefan and then you go back to. Usually will do a fate like soccer, football, or how how safe talking US song about his football tournament.

Stefan seen some of those pictures of those those kids and stuff you are able to participate in. That is again is just awesome yes yes yes we those sports are key to young people. When we bring the young people together and Socha can bring all kinds of people together in and it brings people from different villages will may have different views different feelings who may not have known Christ Jesus. But when we bring them to our village to say we are coming to play soccer your you are coming to play silk out with us, but we are going to pray before we play soccer, then these brings and introduces Christ to everybody.

So we continue to focus on how the bitter ways of bringing Christ the good news of Christ Jesus to every child in every village. So we take opportunities and advantages of flour having Socha bowls and having Socha tournaments, which is football for us like brother Jerry says yeah and you know the thing about the beauty of that is all the sudden, those kids from your village who know Christ and if sector Christ. All the sudden become missionaries to those village jurors that are surrounding that come in for tournament because there also excited about what's going on and they're excited about what Jesus is doing stuff so their share in that. Yes many many many villages now are catching on fire because they see the excitement that the kids from our village brings to the tournaments in and to all of these events and now they say what is it that we also are missing we are missing something here and at the end of the day they find out that is Christ Jesus, that the MEC once you have them.

You also will be on that solid rock in which these young people are the foundation is on and built on in the excitements just candles and lights everybody to weigh everybody just glows with the joy and the peace of knowing Jesus Christ even just the relationships that builds up in these villages that may be different. Some debt villages that didn't know Christ now coming to know Christ chest changes their lives you able to see some of those pictures you talk about just lights up and I tear what I am just as a small my face is thinking about it off just thing about some of the pictures and stuff that'll see the kids and stuff in there getting getting ribbons and and and then the best. If there they get a jersey or something me man is just little things that just the smile they have on their faces just absolutely awesome.

Yes it's it's amazing though too many you know people like Miss Mayr are you know message so who does that so much. You know, Sunday school class who correlates everything that we need the small things bandages things that just don't seem like the emitter here by the emitter so much there. When you see these kids who just need a little bondage for the wound that they have them and many others who do that in the community. We thank you and we appreciate all the support we would like to continue to appeal for more support Everyone come back the top just a moment again about the website and how you can do that and again made it adjusted. Also morning this morning. Listen the kingdom pursuit for back in a moment you're listening to the Truth Network and pursuits Jerry Mathis with my brother in Christ that Erica would talk a little bit about the much Monday village and also about the about the website to be able to go on I want to make sure we hit that again before we get off fully rep at the show but it is said, there's so much need there and is a kind of mischief you've called the conversation, you know that just takes a lot of money to do that and is doing some awesome work is not just in that villages also villages villages in the village people that surround that villager able to see Christ in Stefan is sort of all years ago were Dr. Pruitt went and had a vision to bring Christ to that area of the world and is deftly producing fruit now and the little kids are even doing that even to soccer and stuff. There will say I share Jesus Christ with others. So if your leaden beginning is kind of kind of brings your interceptor want to know more about it and stepped Erica, how was you that McGinty go to the website. It has me not has a lot of photos and stories, and able to see what God is doing and also an opportunity to be able to give and I know there's some areas. I know through our dark church with Morris. She does a lot of collecting stuff and everything even the little things you don't think about you mentioned Band-Aids or aspirin are in order for couple times. We really did a push for sunglasses and sunscreen. Yes. How can we do that what what would be the biggest need right now.

I know you always going to be money for sure. Yeah diff definitely you know that some of the biggest needs that we have right now it's water water water because again once you bring water to people.

It really brings life to many of the things that dilute dead. It brings life to the dead. So you know it's it's really like when Jesus himself, you know, just wrote Lazarus from the dead, you know he everybody thought everything was over, but when he came into the presence you know he was able to redirect that situation. This is exactly what you would do you know it may seem like it's nothing much that you are doing the contribution.

But when we get to heaven when they little boys and little bells comes to you. Matthew 2541 and following you know you know you I saw you sir, you are the one who made me to become a Christian, you.

How did I do that you are from Africa, from Zimbabwe.

How did I ever do that you you know when you send that money to drill the well now we drink the water. We always thank God for your contribution to it the way we think God for the pencil. I wouldn't have gone to school.

When I got that pencils. I then trusted that God really exists and God truly is there because I was praying for a miracle that they'll just get a pencil. So these are the things that we need the most soul couples we need pencils, pens, we need to. Of course you know money to drill wells as well. So these are very important step in again. What was that website. Oh well, I just now gave him a paper way it's hold on. Second, welcome back to that just a moment and stuff but you know it just makes a huge difference in Stefan Ennis.

You know I always will say and I say this continually in Derek's army say it probably a million times and always want you to make sure you give to your local church but you know what, do a little sacrifice.

Every now and then if it may be saying okay this week. I may not eat out for the next year. One of my meals during the week and number ticket money and I want to give it to somewhere that's really make an impact for Christ. I just encourage you to do that.

It may be that know I know when Tyler was younger, my daughter be like some of the things like a ice cream us up every now and she wouldn't have issued save money to be able to to give for something special with the support little support your local church and especially if it's a church that is got a focus on missions.

I will tell you when I'm looking at churches I'm always just blessed when I say the church has a focus on missions because I know this you know that they're reaching out of the Tronic to bring Christ to that, to the world out there, so if you'd like to get more information own mush Monday village on Derek on the ministry there on his stomach, brothers and stuff that are all part of the team and stuff it. It's all right there is Seth give you the website and I am in it is EMC DF EMC DF and you can find. There's a donate button and you think you know what if I can only give five dollars. It really isn't worth anything, but if a lot of people gave five dollars that every little dollar makes a difference. So don't think that and Derrico agree with me here. It doesn't necessarily have to be you know you have to talk. I got up there so I gotta dig the whale, but you may be able to give a little bit the sum to help you and your brothers and sisters going to help dig the whale yes yes what what ever contribution like brother Jerry say you know you give makes a tremendous difference because you are making, you know you all contributing towards the kingdom building.

So what if a portion you are able to give you know many of you have done great things, like we talked about Ms. Mira. We talk about Kathy Joy's someone from, you know, to buckle veal who is working on trying to raise money for the wells. Now any of the people who would like to jump in and help us to do that would be a tremendous blessing and when we get to heaven.

That's where we will really see there real blessing, absolutely. And again I would give the website again is EMC DF Derek man. It is been a blessing having you here this morning. I hope that something say this morning.

No cheaters step out of your comfort zone and just become villas that you are a minister everyone of us have a ministry in front of us.

If we just go ahead and accept God's calling. Thank you for listening to kingdom pursuits. Rob, you'll be back next weekend. Hope he has a safe trip back to North Carolina. God bless. This is the Truth Network

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