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John Eldredges

Kingdom Pursuits / Robby Dilmore
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April 9, 2022 12:00 pm

John Eldredges

Kingdom Pursuits / Robby Dilmore

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April 9, 2022 12:00 pm

Listen again to this great episode of Kingdom Pursuits where Robby interviews famous christian author John Eldredge.

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Not cuticle off the Russian nightmare know the devil's nightmare here from it's time to man up challenging men step into their true manhood. Your chosen Truth Network podcast is starting in just a few seconds. Enjoy it, share it, but most of all, thank you for listening to the truth. Podcast network.

This is good Truth Network we are updating the studios here at the Truth Network and so were not able to do kingdom pursuits alive today so we picked a very special episode on the most popular that we've ever done of an interview with John Eldridge and so how fun you get to sit back and listen to that. Remember, the show is not live today. There's no sense in calling and they want anybody here to answer the phone were so grateful for your listening and will be back live next week with kingdom person kingdom pursuits where you hear from ordinary people instilled with an extraordinary passion together we explore the stories of men and women who take what they love and let God turn their passion into the kingdom pursuits now live from the truth. Your host Robbie Gilmore well here we are. Sam it's New Year's Eve Eve is so that something like that. Where were you well on kingdom research talk about taking your passion and use it to build the kingdom in my own world and my own ministries.

One of the neatest things I can't take my passion is with the mask on journey radio and messenger any radio inside of that is very much connected to the ministry of John Eldridge and so we have a real Trina started.

I don't it's it's it's amazing to John's usually always have a lot of stuff going on but whenever you get the opportunity to speak with him. I know without the work that God is done through him. None of us in this room would be the same.

You know him and got a dozen changes but his use. John and blessed John. In some ways it's it's been amazing to really just move my heart so much closer to God and affect generations to come in my family which I'm excited about absently for those who may not of heard of John Eldridge. He wrote the book wild at heart.

He does ransom part ministries up in Colorado.

He was the originator of the boot camp that we got about all the time on the mask on journey and so he everybody in the room today. If you want to introduce advice and we got the whole team got a good portion of them and is with us today. You hear him and messenger me and Brian and Harold and and and you and I and most of us met through the boot camp. Some of us met outside to be canceled and got closer through those bit the man that just I can't talk enough on how much God's blessed John's ministry and then made a huge impact in my life and for those of you know Corey got tied up can come in today, but literally he came to Christ us as a result of you know that and then the boot camp that he came to last time and and you think of the way the kingdom is literally expanding based on that the idea of a band of brothers and and and really in a lot less on the main questions you want asked.

John is when we get them on today which he is coming up with her schedule to have them today on the show. He's written. His new book is called restoration year 365 day devotional which is really different format for him. Sam, I've never seen one of his books in this format facility on format it is, you know, I think it's the daily dose of life comes at you and tries to strip you.

It seems like most of the day and I don't know of anybody that life doesn't income Adam sometimes pretty hard and this gives you this daily. What a boost. This little pushback to God in a way that anchors you for what you need to do throughout the day. I just totally fascinating for me personally and I know for you, Andy.

The daily prayer, which is also from John is a big part of our life right I mean I spend at least an hour a day kinder with John in and that he wrote the daily prayer that originally was the format of what I use and so you know it's kind of neat that I get to spend that time with God. But as a result of originally his enemies. That's true.

I've heard a lot of good things about the daily prayer.

I have to admit that I haven't fully integrated in my daily walk because it is quite long and it does take effort, but spiritual growth does take effort, but I will say the devotional similar to John's daily readings that he send out via email may take think excerpts from the books and what's really good about that is a very small but you have a tendency to forget what the content was and have them on a daily basis and then you go back and you'll see the reference to the book like oh yeah, that really spoke to me at that time and it seems to be timely and were more a reminder of something word may be had really considered that daughter in a while that you probably need to have a you know, some kind of recurrence of it so it's really you.

I'm really excited about having the book itself because it's just nice to have something on hand.

You know to be able to do the daily devotional and I when I read your wild heart.

It led me into such a different impact different change but every one of his books that I've read become my favorite in yellow Green Lantern and Yolanda can get better than that in on and watch God work through John Anthony Iannone went into what ended up becoming the one handing over the stages right way really unpack some that father by God and I am in and watch you to that new man. How can you get better than that. You know where my other favorite books he did was waking the dead, you know where he did a lot of the pre-talk about Jesus's teachings and preachings, and how they were in for streams and just the way that he anchors you back to Scripture in a different ways really been pretty cool thing that fascinates me salmon your own story.

It was his and and again this book, like so many of John's books is aimed right at your heart, because he realizes that for the action and that was the miraculous thing that happened in your own life that led to your own book.

It did the night I went to boot camp.

It was in advance boot camp and John did some teaching on the Goodhart insulin people anchor themselves into the Scripture that says the heart is wicked. You know you can't trust it basically right to paraphrase and and and John really helped open my eyes to yeah that's true, until you receive Christ in your life right and then he puts in a heart of flesh and remove the heart of stone and for me, just the awakening of the Goodhart in a really led to what became Goodhart ministries, which eventually became a book of a daily devotional and I and all that God took through for my path. That was what led through John is on the way that that he has a way to regenerate has someone that speaks to their heart in a certain way you and John's been that kind of person for me and that when I've seen him live a pretty one tape or read his books are just something about that that really helps take me to God in a much different way than I've ever seen. And so is almost like there is a gigantic paradigm shift or awakening of your own heart and so interestingly that let you back to God and back to the Scriptures which you signed a new light and that led to the devotional. So tell us a little bit how that worked. You know, when you began to go that like many things with God. You know he for me anyway he takes me on a journey that I never intended on it.

It started I was at a company in Indiana and that I forgot to him it's a little Bible study. Some three or four of us met in every couple weeks into the Bible study and then I would was reading preparing for the Bible study not find a Scripture that really spoke to my heart and so just consented to those three or four and Is Cir., Scripture and and that kinda grew over time, and then it became where I would write something scheduled lay on my heart about that Scripture and in that end up becoming was called Bible verse of the day in and watch God grow that ministry to where it went from that company to when out to 1500 people a day across six continents. It was just amazing to see God grow that and then some point God said going to make this a book like the unity that you know is that the confirmations it would come in a God has a way of just tendency reminding you and I will get an email somebody out there. I did not say what you put these in a book format and that really became the thing that in I wrote this book can put together these leaves the daily devotionals and just watch God the really work in my life and visiting those distillations again and in our. Interestingly, we have Harold here is our oldest up team member never failed to mention that makes us feel better. Well years old as me.

Harold is just like this a little bit older know is I is I think about Harold's story, you know, heat heat, his wife and he started coming to my Christian business men's committee meeting in Marksville every week and this John Eldridge's ministry and and all these things that led up to boot camps really had a profound effect on you.

Even in retirement. Yeah, well, one of the things I've been thinking about here the last few minutes were missing. John's call and I thought back to our last boot camp.

John teaches about spiritual warfare and I didn't know so much about that, even though I been a Christ follower for most all my life is perfect for when we come back to find out about spiritual warfare and maybe why have been able to get up which I never so all you listening might be praying that this will be able to get through John and we can find out more about the book. In the meantime, I'm dying to find out about Harold so we got that coming up Satan so much more king and oh by the way, I don't have a riddle today because we are expecting this full-time talking about John Eldridge's new book restoration year.

That is just come out. It's a great three and 65 day devotional and boy it's really great thing really begin to think about what you can do in 2019 and and you know how God and you could grow in your relationship over the year, but when we left our hero Harold.

He was sharing how you know God kinda came after you. In the last few years yeah of when my sweetheart now started attending your meeting, I was encouraged to attend boot camp and I guess I'll be like Corey and admit that I went under duress and I don't really want to do this, but please Robbie and my sweetheart and found out that it was something that really meant a great deal. It was really good experience for me and I had not previously had a quote band of brothers.

I didn't know what I was missing but since then become a part of this group and gas that outside boot camp. I never would've met with had an opportunity know any of and yet we share a love for God realization that the we need all that we can get because like I said earlier before the break. I didn't really understand spiritual warfare like I do now.

I don't claim to know all of it, but I do know now that there is a battle taken place that is going on in the devil's warning mouse so with all that he can do and I need to have a band of brothers to help me fight against that. Be aware of what's going on. The unseen world around me. It's an amazing thing to learn and to realize just how precarious our life on this earth is now that that idea band of Brothers would've been something you know I thought I had a night at the member Christian business men's committee, probably for 15 years and I had these men and I prayed with them every week, so I thought I knew their story pretty good, but you know as we got into it deeper into understanding, you know what it means to put on a mask for what it really means to be authentic with your brothers and tell him what's really what you're really struggling with, and the whole idea of of those things came into an intimacy in a group that you really don't get in less you understand that you know some of what the Scripture teaches on that whole area of hiding hiding spiritual warfare you get to get her. We talked about as God opens your eyes is as is the coverings are lifted from your eyes and you can see more clearly the really to walk with a group that understands those concepts as well, and that there there's not a place that I can go and be more vulnerable than I can with this group of men herein, and be able to share my heart no AMI be judged or or be in their hearts are good towards me and that is me know as you say things I want to hear what they're going to say things out of a good place usually lead me right back to God, which is where I need to be in on. I think that that the power that the power of being able to walk in. That is just amazing. And you know that that's the interesting thing to me is I can assist like God came after me in this way. In other words, I was in a complete, even car salesman all those years and then in a started my relationship with Christ.

He put me in Christian business men's committee.

I had a group of men irately played with and understood those kind of certain parts of that.

But then he brought Sam and Darren and you guys into my life to take me deeper and deeper.

We went and then you get to watch new folks come in like Bryant and Brian know you been with us for what, three, four years, probably five maybe 33 and it's been a journey for you to kinda get to the point because if you Microtel Brian is not like all goody I get to talk on the radio at but God's enabled you to to be able to to face some things and and and get closer and into share from your estate with them in the boot camp that I went to my first Boot Camp warriors think with masculine journey yet mean God's been taken me outside my comfort zone for a long time now and I would never thought that I'd be on the radio like why am I even here. Be honest with you, but this band of brothers has meant a great deal to me. I wouldn't be where I'm at with my family.

He's done a great deal of my life on the home front for me. Without this message, I wouldn't be who I am today.

Certainly glad to be here and with Nina John Eldridge has meant the world to me in my life. Along with this band of brothers in our tradition of talking about somebody when they're not here.

Corey could make it but the story we understand and I never got to hear it. So I thought it might be interesting to hear it from your perspective is averted a little bit from Cory's perspective, but the outcome was.

Cory came to our class boot camp received Christ and then got baptized right there and is turned into this phenomenal disciple I've never seen anybody just so hungry and thirsty and just man just I just amazing to see what happened but from what he tells us about a year or so ago. He tried to quit and Brian is his boss and so I would like to go back into that story for minute and tell us what happened with you in court. What that date.

Here comes this guy obviously must be pretty good employee have heard that from several sources. What happened well long story short, obviously, would make it forever but you can make it long because were we not John Eldridge you Cory was going through some tough times.

Personally that was pretty evident that he came to me that you know what, I just don't think I can do this anymore think the stress was getting to them.

There were a lot of things going on behind the scenes that he just couldn't take and he Nina basically said you know I'm going my notice in quit now. I continued to kinda seek out okay so that's before you got there. You had sort of a get together that you did last year that will soar like a boot camp or you took some guys off right.

I did everything in that group or guys know he was now okay so I met Corey about a year ago your into my thing. I think he started with, but basically sediment quit now. Three. Four days later I was still going after his heart, and you can do this right you know you can do this and finally broke down setting. I think I'm a bad decision and I'd like to stay on if you let me. Of course I was willing to let a minute he could do the job and that he could get through all the stress took that opportunity to note talk a little bit deeper with what was going on in his personal life and just listen to what he had say nothing was really good time for us that that time I invited him to a boot camp for the masculine journey.

Turns out I couldn't even go to the boot camp which was pretty interesting. Altogether, but it was good to see him come to Christ. I don't have help solve the email that John Eldridge sent out with their boot camp that they did in Australia. There was a individual who is bad greatness furniture line out because your talk about somebody was that John sent out an email that some of the staff clearly sent a video out that one of the participants wanted to be baptized, though in a here is this video of John Eldridge baptizing a brother in Australia and in our band of brothers Cory was actually baptized in the lake at our last was really neat to see the parallels on a while and were blessed now to have with us John Eldridge's new book restoration near welcome John guy I we are just thrilled absolutely thrilled and maybe got to hear that for a moment that you would send out that video of the man being baptized at the boot camp in Australia.

At the same time. In our last boot camp in November we had a young man except Christ and asked to be baptized in the lake. There here in our boot camp beautiful and we are. We're just thinking about the fruit of your ministry. We you don't know this but you're being joined by all the band of brothers here from the masculine journey radio show that we all are disciples believed me of your ministry and your boot camps in those kind of things we been doing for a number years, so we are excited about your book. Tell us a little bit about all you know I love devotional. I think they work because their short.

The truth is I've got eight books on my shelf right now and I've only read the first chapter of all three. What I wanted to put out something that was short and simple. No credit daily pause for you could read the Scripture here thought and then it guided prayer just helps us reconnect with God in a busy world. No man that first entry where you talk about getting a word for the year. I can tell you all the guys in this room has experienced this at a personal level, and what that is done for our lives, just that one little piece of the book if if if people took advantage of that.

The intimacy that that leads to for your whole year is unbelievable helpful. I started practicing that will a number of years ago. Now I'm thinking I do it and we would do it with our kids when they were at all her kids were younger we would sit down somewhere around the first of the year. It doesn't have to be on a specific date, but somewhere you're starting your year and really has two part one is the crate.

Here I hate we've got a break coming up, and this is definitely a subject that you can want to hear about that when I talk that which is his first entry in restoration year by John Eldridge got so much marking the proceeds, please state the right, we are updating the studios here at the Truth Network and so were not able to do kingdom pursuits alive today so we picked a very special episode on the most popular that we've ever done of an interview with John Eldridge and so how fun you get to sit back and listen to that. Remember, the show is not live today. There's no sense in calling and there won't anybody here to answer the phone were so grateful for your listening and will be back live next week with kingdom person last show of 2018 to have with this John Eldridge and his new book restoration year, which is a three and 65 day devotional and right before the break, John. You were sharing about your first entry January 1 for I love this worry you talked about what would your theme. What to ask out the question listen for what would be your theme for this upcoming year for me and I there's just no way of explaining the fruit in my life.

Of this concept of asking God a question like this and in listening yet. It's what I was suggesting was to take the first step is consecrating your year leadership to his love of family. I do it personally really good in our ministry or we consecrate our calendar to you we we give you the choice is working to make about how we spend are eerily consecrate our funds.

We consecrate our play or vacation time consecrate your year to Christ and then ask him. Jesus what are you saying over our year.

Do you have a word for us to you Scripture. There being to the year and now that were brought out almost out of 2018. I can share one of my words over this year that Jesus spoke with help from Scott strange at first because I'm normally a healthy guy and that's not a category tend to worry about grateful to say actually end up being huge for this year because with a number of things come in some accidents and injury thickness surgeries and art in our family and to just pray praying health praying life letting Jesus guide us into that was very reassuring. It was some of the prominent over the year, but also some guidance and some direction. Like you said over the years.

It's just been a huge practice for I adopted my only job is I've been doing this a couple years. He's had it on the podcast of Lance Marx which is an amazing podcast I could not recommended any higher than a podcast I listen to that. You know he's been talk about this a number years and I adopted it to the point where not only did it for the year, but I I asked for one every day and like this morning I have a Christian cargo show to do and I was little unsure where I was gone and he came right in and said Robbie were talking annoying and and he gives me this word is just phenomenal what it what it does for me and I know Andy is here and he gave you a real blessing.

This needed but first of all, if you're asking form for that you can run through the dictionary pretty quick there is time to give you a lot of times it is. So yeah mindless clarity this past year and for me, going through some of the life situations. I had a really thought it was specific to that, but made a whole great impact on my life because it was so much more than that there was clarity that I got on my place in the kingdom. I mean kind of you know, really got to be part more of the ministry here. There is a lot on just the kingdom itself in just my you know, family stuff, things that this wasn't necessarily my situation. I thought it would be about God's good like that he gives you what you need to hurt some of the other words from the other Gazans, India's but clearly was perfect for me.

Last year we were talking about this on our recent masculine journey radio podcasts that you know sometimes that there's an expectation. He continues on that theme in a different vein, interested to see what this year's word will be mostly that's a neat thing about doing it. John is it you got it, let go that one word for the year which is hard and you get a new one.

I know I know toward toward the end of the year. It's become so precious to me that I'll wait for the next one because I don't let the current lingo. The idea is actually were building on right it's not you know love doesn't continue with the theme or clarity doesn't continue course and wants to continue that we want to build into into something new.

So yeah, I'm looking forward to it, to taking some time inquired consecrating your cry thing. What you saying over the year you speaking to me. Give words of hope you have words of promise for me and then guide.

Write it down.

Don't trust yourself to the member 3 x 5 card and I like your I forgot I forget a month later John this is Sam let question for you.

We talked in our last radio show this last week about getting this advanced wording in several of us would have gotten one for the year. But what was really cool was to see how the words he gave individuals last year, tenant contributed to the whole group then your band of brothers as you walk with.

Have you seen God can intertwine the words you know that maybe you have a guard has are some the other guys for the really impact each other. Yeah court right because you're doing life together and you know it friendships appropriate there. You want to know what your word or what's God speaking so I can be an advocate for you in that and I and so I can help you remember and so I can help you interpret thing he would do with our adult children now and and to remind them of all, don't you remember. You know that the unexpected bill, you know that whatever it is when you can remember what God said over your year, you promised abundant night.

It doesn't feel like abundance right now, but let's continue to pray praying today so we can help me right for each other's heart and that way, exactly. It's John. I'm excited.

Personally for this book quite a bit in your books and the gods laid on your heart. Over the years and just meant so much to me. Starting plotting heart fathered by God waking the dead. I can go on just you know how much they broadened and brought me deeper in my walk with Christ and with the father and an office of the Holy Spirit as well, but I'm really excited about these little glimpses each day that he has is that what I've always loved about your writing is you make a point but then you always take people back to God. You know, and taken back to that source.

I'm excited about the daily reminder of hay likes busy but here you need to get back here with God every single day and anchor yourself, whether that's with the word with its with the reading and I'm excited about the impact the kingdoms can get from this book and I thank you for writing.

Thank you this, but in fact it's a lot over the 3 to 5 days to get by very different thoughts and know God can be very in that we try to do with it is focused on restoration so it's that it's a bit of a guided journey and sometimes through prayer, sometimes with just a question at the end of the reading to think about the purpose of being speaking more wholehearted this year. Speaking speaking more restoration from our past seeking more wholeness in Christ speaking for life that he has for the idea of restoration year. This won't be kind of a potpourri year, a smattering of smorgasbord no different thoughts. There's really a an overarching purpose to it. Were looking for more restoration. I find it fascinating that you, your word was healing last year and then here comes this book on restoration and and we always know from your ministry that it's aimed at the heart which is one of the most delightful things about it but you add that into restoration and I and I heard you say something that may been in the podcast is where I heard you say it but it's so profound. It's just kinda guided me all year was that one of Satan's primary objective is just to destroy your union in the get between you and him and if he can do that then then it's the opposite of healing. The opposite of restoration and so much of what you've got there is going to help with that word that goes back I guess a couple years for you to union and end up at healing yet.

I'm glad you brought that back up whatever the assault could just be chronic disappointment could be a traumatic could be a betrayal by a loved one by a church against you, but the attack always ends up being against your life with God. Trust in him.

Your competent your your union with good trusted name because above all else you want to protect that frequent prayer of blind Jesus healed light union with you the ball. It is persistent in the world that we live all God heal our union with you because it's from our union that everything else blow hope, our strength lies passion everything like the daily prayer.

It appears that the book is aimed as well helping us understand the life that comes through the resurrection.

Yeah yeah I don't know why I don't know why this is but most Christian have a hard time keeping front and center.

The idea that God is very committed to your wholeness to your restoration miracles of Jesus the words of Jesus. You know the healing of the blind, the raising of the dead. All of it is designed to to drive home the message and the message is restoration on your relationship heart while I hate we have another break so we we have one more segment with John and his new book the restoration year 365 day devotional again.

You go to kingdom and click on it right there you can order it from Amazon and we got so much more, state that the kingdom today. We are so blessed to have the team from Aspen journey, but more importantly, John Eldridge's new book restoration year is is now available which Sam pointed out in a ransom is just like this on phenomenal resource you can go to kingdom pursuits and find a very good ransom heart and there's so many resources. There is just unbelievable. Just as you know from the books of the videos the tribe is amazing just the stuff you can get from there by joining understudy and how much that's really meant to us in individually and collectively as a group is been pretty cool.

John is you talk about the restoration year takes me back to my very first boot camp out of frontier ranch years ago and one entry things that you say or spoken is in Jesus came to seek and save that which was lost in honors on this people that hello had always heard it is the lost right and just looking at this thing okay this is all about recovering what's been lost in the daily reminder that the enemy comes every day and tries to steal a tries to rip away and and and take away joy for me is a big one and I gotta be constantly reminded of the enemies trying to steal that joy which for me is entryway to everything else in on so just right.

Going back to just that one passage evening and how much that really leads back to that restoration is such a good first man came to seek and save all that was locked all so hopeful, so good to go into the new year with that Jesus bore saying in me and in my life that the enemies trying to think Sam when you mentioned that is trying to steal your joy. Most thing about that joy that we were thinking about before the program started and insight gets involved and we don't get John for a good little bit and that was what I was referring to earlier about our boot camp this last one year, you tore your legs up you couldn't be there. Robbie has a problem in there and has a problem and it's like okay Satan is trying to destroy the whole thing and yet look at turned out what happened with Cory and so he lost again way. Go guy go away depressed through that and then warfare.

Sometimes this is is there, but yes, with your encouragement.

So many times. Believe me, you and I know Amy feels the same way you know that weekly podcast you guys do. This is just hugely refreshing for us running.

It is a stone. Robbie is probably couple years ago but I ended up going to the Tetons and was out there in the West for some time and ended up. I think ahead 80 podcast built up that I hadn't listened to the distance started listening to them and I listen to him almost like 40 of them gladly so came back and talked about it a little bit and I think all of this was started listening to them in their daily or weekly occurrence, definitely.

So they definitely of blessed, blessed my life and I noted that the teams that you went out to Colorado Springs absolutely came out last summer and that was a great time.

You know I wanted to get some time with you John, but your busy man and I felt like it was better for others. But it was really good time at every every unite we've been to the boot camp.

I think we you know, our team doesn't excellent job of replicate, but there's something different about and this is what the thing said there something about going to Colorado and experience that they're just having the team there at some time with aloe. I talked with right before we had him on for a discussion about his book and so it's really been cool being part of ministry and to staying in touch with ransom heart message. I obviously have tribe member whatever but one thing I wanted to ask you to John R. I think Brian and I both were talking about before the show a little bit. A couple things I read all things new.

Last year it was really good and really gave me a different perspective of what's on the other side of you know what heaven is going to be like, or what that when things are fully restored. I read the part of their daily reading from yesterday and was talking about were created for happiness, but with the understanding that happiness doesn't fully recount common to all things are restored.

There's that and then there's this idea that you know here on this side of the earth there's always thing I wanted to do the bucket list with the bucket list can be completed to know because eternity's eternity and will have that opportunity. Most things that he's putting our heart will have the opportunity to do so much what you really and think about it. You do think it was like the eternal worship service in the sky which is will definitely enjoy worship in but it won't be what will be experience in our hearts so I got that from.

But then let Brian and I were actually talking about Vista give the background where I was going was the fact of what will the kingdom of the animals will be like in heaven and how will experience those in will there be, you know what I believe that the Bible clearly defines there be animals, but what will be the nature of what we have our own Darren stuff so maybe you can speak a little bit about that. I know it's a little bit a different type of topic, but I think you know is much as we have an affinity to animals here on the side of the pits here on this side of heaven, that it that it's an important part that you know maybe this is the this is coming from the third grade class. You know question, but you know hopefully it still what we are all guilty of the heart, so not critical critical and not off-track. It's right in restoration have to have God destroy the restore love love love to restore the enrollment date. While Christians have heard that Romans eight Paul makes it very clear that this creation is all creation. This world, including the animal kingdom has a day of redemption.

It grown from an think that the day of its restoration when the sons and daughters of God are revealed. And of course you have the promise of the restored Earth right soccer restored. Revelation 21 God does not destroy the restore does not destroy the animal kingdom. He restores it and can you imagine the new earth without any animal, why would he do all those beautiful Old Testament prophecies in Isaiah and Jeremiah a wolflike delicate lamb right there will graze with the Cal capsule played together, those prophecies are talking about the restoration of creation. So yeah animals in the kingdom of God. Jesus comes back on board one animal that one great earth is reached toward creation is not destroy God's restore and it comes down very very personal.

We just lost our dear Emily.breaker people. It can be so stating the call, mount behind our house and bury our beloved thought, God hears about the things you care about each hears about the things you care about. When Jesus promises the kingdom to Peter in Matthew 1928, 29 Peter all the things that you have lost are going to be restore to you and then he gets very specific and very surprising. He says Houston Lane may, he's trying to make it very concrete.

I'm not destroy the things that you care about. I'm going to restore the court your beloved animals are restored to you in the kingdom of God. Of course hopefully will give me a Poseidon morning when you get about this is Sam again. You know, one of the questions I would ask you as we spoke about this is you can't out give God answers you wrote this godliness on your heart. How did he work for you and that restoration process. If you don't mind sharing what this book to your heart as you put it together and walked with him and yeah well if we go back a couple years. My war year was restoration and I didn't know at the time that was going to be a year where I would take out a call. I am a hardcharging guy and I will love to get stuff done to everything like I get home.

Heart mission around the world. I just love to get stuff done and I needed to take a break.

I'd really fry my stolen I wasn't. You know drinking. I wasn't having an affair right. I was cut and Jesus spoke the word over the year. This is your restoration year and then through the course of the year.

He brought the beautiful things to me. Sometimes a very deep healing prayer with Fran some processing of old Greeks that I had not dealt with and through the course of the year on time in the wilderness time on the river nature heal me. So healing and through all of that.

It ended up.

The theme of the year ended up really coming true was was restoration what gift that was yeah that was a big part of the inspiration for writing a devotional that actually had a scheme to people through it, a journey of restoration. Wow. And so can you give us is a snippet that's inside there somewhere that that you feel like wow I can hardly wait till he read this one I think lost hope.

I think hope is big and I think hopelessness noted by great thing.

We need to restore people. Now you have no idea how we are that this show was over, we got precious chance to talk with John Eldridge. His book restoration year 365 day devotional and him ransom unbelievable resources all of enjoyment drive. Do what you can do will not be disappointed by any of their podcasts. What's going on there so ransom Thank you John so much. God bless you and hearing you. Thank you. This is the Truth Network

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