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God Our Father

Kingdom Pursuits / Robby Dilmore
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March 19, 2022 4:28 pm

God Our Father

Kingdom Pursuits / Robby Dilmore

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March 19, 2022 4:28 pm

You'd think it was fathers day with the amount of dad jokes in today's show. Robby has special guest Benny DiChiara from famous band "Three days". Also in the Truth Booth Jim and Rodney from the "Masculine Journey" Podcast here to talk about the boot camp experience.

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Hello this is Matt slick from the match look like podcast right defend the Christian faith and lay out our foundation of the truth of God's word. Your chosen Truth Network podcast is starting in just a few seconds. Enjoy it, share it, but most of all, thank you for listening and for choosing The Truth Podcast Network. This is the Truth Network kingdom versus where you hear from ordinary people instilled with an extraordinary passion together we explore the stories of men and women who take what they love and let God turn their passion into kingdom pursuits now live from the truth of your host Robbie Gilmore that I am. This is really beyond belief that I get such neat people on my show and I've got them today all actually very good friends of mine that I've known for a couple years. One of the others I've known for a lot of years and how long have I known you, Jim, were double digits. Not sure how far it's it's been a while, but anyway so today show.

We have Rodney Smoot's and Jim Graham of Masten journey radiating off like to hear them around noon. If you're in the Winston-Salem area, but they are here because we have a big event coming up right to Masten journey radios fall, spring.

We fall into this.

The following spring, man, hyper, March 31 of the month it's boot camp. It's right around the corner.

Robbie and we can be more excited and so you know we we need to share them at the gym. We do is the same person that wrote fall spring, the one that said that if you come to boot camp will bow you and anchor to keep you afloat. Probably and also with me today. I have my friend from the NRB.

This was Danny did.

Charlie, he's with the band empowered and along the idea.

As you know, if you go to Masten journey boot camp there can be a lot about a father was in there and he wrote the song as his dad went to be the Lord, your so go meet you. They are so welcome any hate.

It really really is and that song a better be prepared for it to shed a tear or two.

If you want. By the way, if you go to kingdom it's there but you know I was thinking actually today. My father died on March 19 and 20, 19, and so kind in the one of the gifts that we got from a young man was. He gave us a tree that blooms on March 9, 19th, and so it that thing is time that perfect every year is my father's tree. It sits right in the front yard and I can look out the window and see it must be the day my dad passed away, because at that that tree bloom this morning and it did at Apple and so it's gonna need. It's actually really neat many that that your story that goes along with you dancer organa get a chance to share that but you know all our listeners know that if it's Robichaud he's going to tell dad jokes so speaking of daddy I were to give away some spectacular in a minute but anyway, speaking of dad jokes ready for this, I'm writing okay when my son was five. He told me I'm his daddy by the end usually works that way. Anyway, he wanted to marry his grandma. Imagine I told know why you can't possibly marry my mother and answered, but you married my mother that was totally hypocritical. It works that way that they Rodney see it all has to do with dad Joe. It's really just saying.

So this is I don't know if you knew this but my name is Robert Bruce Delmore Junior so I am in fact named after my dad so you know some people are not surprised that I was named after my dad because how in the world. If you think Jim as you were to be named before your dad that is it that you just say this is just plain bad joke and I really really love it the more I thought about it the more I laughed so here you go.

Why did Han Solo not enjoy his steak dinner. Why did Han Solo, not Benny want to try that one.

Why did Han Solo not enjoy his steak dinner and it was chewy. So you probably know this one call hippies, white and Carmen call hippies wife, Mississippi, and their role that is and so you may want to this I wanted it for years.

When does a joke become a dad, Joe… Carmen Wayne is a joke become a dad, Joe.

Close when it becomes apparent like night and play so you have fun with these. But anyway, speaking of old dad riddles right. I just thought it be fun to who is the oldest dad in the Bible that in the Bible you can guess that boy we got the value of 109 Dollars Camp Will Take Pl. on March the Bible and go right. I believe there's more than one answer.

So if you want, and we would definitely want to have you there.

The boot camp you call us 866-34-TRUTH 87884 I go do to win this boot camp seriously 866-34-TRUTH 87884 tell us who was the oldest dad in the Bible 866-34-TRUTH 87884. We are anxious to know.

By the way, if you're one may want to give it away to your husband or some board that were good with that will be happily happy to help you to come back with a whole different sense of humor than they left with no nose but anyway so Benny share with us little bit about your you know the story behind your song for your dad. Thanks a lot. I call my dad, Danny is very it is never a time where we get on the cheek thing with my memory.

I find myself I find myself not saying my dad the way on October 2020 after my dad had heart issues by aortic.

My heart couple years or whatever. Nobody knew that diagnosed a 990 so listen you have to answer that very pragmatic right versus right you know like get your stuff in order like week.

Maybe really make a name for me Pastor boy so Pastor boy break. I'm sorry I really am.

But when we come back.

Here the rest of many story plus you know more on the upcoming boot camp and oh by the way, don't forget, it's your opportunity calling when this boot camp, 86634878848663487884 where we hear how your use is to build the kingdom and really fun. I have my friend brought me and Jim here with Masten journey in their spring boot camp March 31 through April 3 as well as any judge with the band empowered does a lot of the cool things for God. He was at the NRB and his song meet you there. Daddy saw very cool very cool and we have Annie Duncan who is calling him for. Originally we want to get the anti-anti-neuron kingdom pursuits good morning.

I am so excited to hear your answer as to who is the oldest dad in the I love that answer your exactly right about like okay it's actually it's a great answer, so I must save it somebody in the studio Lance audience had another answer that I told him was wrong, but I if you call and tell you it's right but this is how it was actually you know from my perspective the exact right answer and very cool. From the standpoint of you think about it and maybe you seen this as you have done a timeline of Bible timeline that Methuselah died just days before the flood like God waited like on your person would have the other answer you agrees with her from a temporal per spell very good and I would also it would be obvious and you probably agree with me many that Methuselah must have a terrific relationship with his dad because he lived long in the land God is our great great great great great great. I could go on for a while.

Grandfather were always you know we all have that DNA somehow don't like burgers began this boot camp alive above 12 and if they're under 100 all right will put you on hold so that Carmen can get your name and email and we will get you fixed up because I'm excited to see coming is your guest. Thank you Annie very much right so while were waiting for the rest of many story while we left her severely when we left you it was your dad and and and it's a very interesting I should tell you since you you know, sitting with me. The man who answered the question incorrectly or actually you probably answered correctly but anyway he has serious and had a wonderful relationship with his dad in the loss of his dad also affected him greatly. I know friend so I know that your story is near and dear to his heart as well. Of all of us that are listed in well here so I'm talking about last week. Life here. Maybe, just maybe today struggle and write it.they're not gone back so that nine days like that diagnosed the way to heaven like within the last three days like we had talked to Mike. Not only do you have a place for the buffet table. You got a name tag that so I need you to write like I need you to tell me how you know that you know anything yet.

Going Pastor boy, I'm like that really cute really cute answer, not on I need you to tell me well you know I am going to heaven yes you are. Doctors tell you anything yet you are so very very fast.

After after he left this earth. God put on my heart to do this song right and I'm like seriously what you want me to, and I knew when I was talking to Mikey how about producer will make it right. You know what you want to know what I don't and here's here's those who have a lot. Especially your daddy dear to.

I don't want I don't want to. I morbidly cannot continue to type song you know if I'm speaking in real-life terms. It really just bought.

I know where he lived so I said I wanted there needs to be something in here and that's what God told me something this software. Although there is joy in it. There's no more suffering no more pain, God liked all of our sins away right that's part of the American song and just know where it starts out so for me I really motivated. Really, it was met at a time on like that. I cannot wait to see my daddy and I know where I'm going and I know his address to get what they so that by title and I'll meet you there and daddy song parentheses is just a little.

My daddy or your daddy or anybody else so so comforting. Did you really talk to your dad that way. Michael, who else will actually had the exact same talking must not whiten news that you can call me preacher boys got away right.

I remember so this kind hearted man. He looked at me is when I I said dad you have this talk, and he looked at me kind of puzzled because now it is that they're kinda disoriented and he said are you tell me I'm dying, And it's going to be there too, will have long and we need to and I could see that reality crosses Brian Eno and I can always in my mind I can see that look in his face when we you know when I had that talk but like you, it was a critical thing I needed to know because I'm unlike you, I want to meet you there.

I mean that's the deal and and Jim.

You had similar. I know for you boot camp has everything to do with your father's death. There's so many links today. First of all I had just lots of tingles down my spine and then after your jokes, women lettering in my stomach this morning I was talking about both my human father is a wonderful man.

I looked up to and how that makes accepting a good loving unconditional loving God much easier for me and the that was what I will say to 8 o'clock this morning. Norman's breakfast when you came on with that.

I love your he just moved for me hooked on this early to for me was I now have two heavenly father's for me that my father was a very godly man. There was never any question you have that conversation, but the it it's one where the one of the greatest compliment you could give me is that I am my father's son networks. Either way and and actually you know we deal with it boot camp. These these father wounds and your father.

One was actually in along those lines you when we get talk about boot camp. That's one of my most powerful boot camp memories.

I don't know if that's going to come up or not but not now than 15 seconds. Jim came out of the closet though it's only different ways we come back. Jim will be coming out of the closet and if you have another answer to the oldest father was in the Bible.

683487884 today with Rodney Graham of the masculine journey in their spring boot camp coming up March 31 through April 3 Benny to Charo. The group empowered and his song to their daddy. We can talk about that again. Boot camp has got everything to do often with with folks woundedness and getting back your heart to live the masculine journey right running so this is something we continued to dig in. And even this week and with God as father often different picture than your temporal father is Jim put it, and often you have to struggle through that wounding that you lived out for years and become a part of who you are, become your identity that you have to overcome and change and actually believe what God tells you which sounds easy, but practically it's very hard right so what a neat way to go.) After the heart of God for four days and spend time out there. Most of the time, and from my perspective. You have the opportunity to have those discussions to essentially get your heart back right and so that leads us to the gym story of how he came out of the closet.

I was expecting to talk about most significant moments it boot camps. This was my second one in Colorado and I struggled with the father. One part of the message because I didn't really have often said, I thought of course I had a few minor cuts and abrasions father injuries anything. I consider wounds, but my father died and 99.

Suddenly it was this computer mother was out shopping and she came home and found dead in his chair and he had had an incredible day before while things he wanted to do before he died when she was age 77. But he never kept a scorecard and he was close and I want to believe he did but got I had thought got know the barrels. Yes, I think Josie should 77 switch.

I think a lot of my names God is all right. Just checking out but after some sessions you go talk to God and those of been the most significant times I've had many boot camps.

This is one where I literally went into a closet behind the stage. Colorado and it was afternoon talk God much done with my wounds were good here but if you have something tell me and I very clearly heard God say, why are you angry with us now in the context like a lot of things but I immediately knew why are you angry with me and with your father died and my father died 3/2 weeks before my daughter I'm doing it again mixing up my genders still talk about that out of the closet thing right. My father died 3/2 weeks before my daughter was married and that was a very bittersweet thing at that event, but I thought got it prepared me if you asked me if I was mad at God or my father for dying.

I would've said no but as soon as I heard that question began weeping like a baby and I knew that I was had this in.

This was 5 1/2 years after he died and I finally have the opportunity to deal with that wind and it was very it was lovingly confrontational, which is what my human father was Jimmy did something wrong. It was not let go, but I always knew he loved me through it and God did the same thing and just a way that took me from a rather intense moment of grief to complete peace and matter. A few minutes over my father's death and never since then I have not had that inkling of being angry about that father is where he supposed to be with his father swell and again for those not familiar with our boot camp semi-one of the things that we have is called covenant silence and so you hear these talks from the stage people and talk about certain things are ways that they been wounded or whatever and then you're going outside for an hour literally and with no reason to be talking except you and God and and the things that people here it boot camp. From my perspective, or what changes every words as teachers all over the world to teach all sorts of cool stuff that when God speaks it changes things permanently and you don't want to go anywhere without paint and paper because you don't know what to give you what is going to give it to you and you just you want to be ready to write it down because I know for me for not writing it down click consuming go what was that you just try to go back to its sometimes it is such a big download it just pages fold notes for you just like okay Lord. This is this is meant for me. This is where I'm supposed to be. This is what was mostly working with the smoke was mostly talking on whether it's the wound. Whether it's our acting as posing and not living authentically and him you get all those conversations in their personal and then their wonderful. I know I don't really get that time outside the company. I'm sure is your listing your thinking and I am in the boot camp that you had that kind of experience I'm sure one of today have your guy I may not be yeah that was my night.

If you are a frail little. I'd come over on it like I'm just letting you know that old me that he knew, but it also.

I think it was God's way. Caring me, over the next couple of days.

You know, like Jesus in the garden.

My time here giving about foresight and I'm not carrying Jesus. I'm just saying that foresight we got the first time it became a way I became aware that daddy but he was very close to that little thing right very close to feeling valid like someone what you don't know is it for years. Masten journey to cohost the radio show's name was Vinnie Menino and Vinnie Menino was a Sicilian. Believe me, if you can try to grow up in New York City actually in Manhattan and he was had all the connections of Sicilian related.

I'm sure you are. He was even the neat thing that I anybody that knew Vinnie. He lived from his heart and I'm I've had that sense of people from Sicily and I always sunset from YouTube. Any is it you live completely from your heart, which is the idea of what boot camps about his is to give you back your heart will mad we get dumb down a little bit, especially with everything gone on in the world. Right literally done soda up that way. I think I think I like the little skirmish going on right now.

Oversee everybody by quality coming to guess what God did this pandemic rather than a lock everybody down in for something to be everybody. God now yeah yeah when we got another brick so be back in a minute now and just say once more that there may be another answer to the oldest dad in the bottom and Jim had that same answer so you can call angry with him that 866-34-TRUTH 7884 we come back more with Rodney and Benny and come up March 31 to April 3. All the guys you normally hearing the Masten journey will be there. I'm looking forward to it very much is it just becomes like, you know, for me when I think about that in the springtime in the Kings go to war and that's just it is just part of every year and on spring were to have a big camp in the fall. We do the same thing and so that's coming up as well have been in the charter. He is with abandon power just really neat thing and it's all their itching By the way, if you go there you can see me there daddy song as well as all about his band and how you can connect with them, but also need to tell you that very cool Pinedale has this amazing veteran dental clinic is coming up Friday, April 1 through Sunday and if you go to Pinedale's page.

You can sign up they still have some openings for this free dental care if you're a veteran April 1 again Saturday, April 2 and Sunday, April 3 and so you just go to the Pinedale's website and you can register there so you want take advantage of that and then now very exciting. I have Joseph is in Richmond has another answer to the oldest dad in the Bible and he could he could agree with Jim. It could happen just to see your hunting proceeds. Good morning good morning Don, it's going awesome. It really is and I'm so excited to hear your answer that and brilliant man okay yes and no doubt so here's here's I would say you're exactly right. I'm very excited you want to come. The boot camp. Joseph Biot, my mom, my wife, her baby here in the next is that so, yes, yes, well, then by all means will get your information in.

We will get in contact with you so if you want to come by all means you can also we understand completely if you got a new child in the house that you that you get to have fun with, however, that works out.

I say this as an excuse because I left my wife for very long weekend, three days after I let me child and that they will let you forget that you are. Thank you, Jessica, and I appreciate you calling and agree with Jim. At least somebody does, you alright so Rodney, you know, when you had an idea that you're coming on today. What would you share that that would be someplace you like man God for listen as you. You were totally a truth listener before you came to boot camp and you thought man. What in the world goes on at these things. Yes, I was basically had the conviction as I came to Christ that men are the problem in the church because we are not living up to what we are supposed to be. We are not the bride of Christ. We are not the leaders of the church.

We are not leaders in our own families at risk. God called us to be and then listen to these yahoos on the radio talk about this kind of thing. Now this thing they call boot camp, well, okay, let me know that I need to do something I need to learn something, go somewhere, talk to somebody and it was great getting a face-to-face what was be the best word when you guys are you talking about the messes of cottage on elders, say typically men and what were supposed to be in our roles and just look but for me, but the first one wasn't like oh I went there got all the answers. I didn't have that feeling.

I know some have had that and realize later that it's it's a journey, but right off the bat.

It was for me was like this is a journey. This is something I need to be invested in. This is something I need to be intent about and that's what me going to boot camp does for me allows me to keep being intentional, moving myself closer and closer to God and being trying to be transformed into the likeness of Christ as best I can do it to an end. You do come to the conclusion that this is not a solo sport right that's that was the reward for being obedient to God and going something like this was I got this band of brothers. I've got people in Christ that I can turn to entering more and more to them because you guys being so open and truthful about your life, your situations is allowed me to open up and now when others I see that need to open up some of their world and their life. I can have much more open and honest discussions with them about my life and there's so no doubt you actually have a band class was your brother is actually the band empowered, but I would imagine that for you guys is not a community, Godfrey ran out of time. How can I do that again. Just so much fun, and he and my fan of Jim is on you have a different answer for my little prayer. James got a personal prayer. He shares their fellow by the mass fun and you this is the Truth Network

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