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Spiritual Literature

Kingdom Pursuits / Robby Dilmore
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March 12, 2022 3:28 pm

Spiritual Literature

Kingdom Pursuits / Robby Dilmore

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March 12, 2022 3:28 pm

Robby has two fantastic authors one the show today. Richard Pearson who wrote “The Hour that changes everything”  his books tells the story of America’s role in the Bible. Robby also interviews Miguel R. Viera the author  of “Mission Minded in the Workplace”  where he tells us the secret to a good work environment is God.

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Hey this is Jim Graham from the masculine dirty podcast where we explore relationship instead a religion every week their chosen Truth Network podcast is starting in just a few seconds. Enjoy it. Sure, but most of all, thank you for listening you for choosing The Truth Podcast Network.

This is the Truth Network kingdom versus where you hear from ordinary people instilled with an extraordinary passion together we explore the stories of men and women who take what they love and let God turn their passion into kingdom pursuits now live from the truth. Your host Robbie Gilmore boil. Boil boy. Boy am I dislike and I am so excited really is hard and I was up till 1245 coming back from Mesha, West Point, got in and then you know to get ready for these but II you not just bursting to share all that God shared with me over the weekend and so beyond: in which we have released as a couple gas line up for you. I noticed him bless your socks off for such a time as this that were in right now in so many ways.

We need this information so badly and so it's amazing to me. I had to go all the way to Nashville to see my friend that enough to actually live here in Winston-Salem North Carolina but anyway Miguel Rivera. I've known for years and had him on probably been back when it was Robbie's hobbies. Less time is always the best that me know this very long time listener to know that this show used to be called which is kind of funny.

From my point of view. Miguel's to my boss or the owners of Truth Network.

He thought that the fact that hobbies rode with Ryan with Robbie would make a good show I and so this this show was birthed not long after I came to Truth Network and called Robbie's hobbies for maybe the first five years, but the problem was that certain guests you like. You get Charles damage some you want to come on the show I'm knocking to come on some hobby show and not the trustingly said that there were other ministries at this that they were like, I don't. This is the hobby to me and so we change it to kingdom versus lateral side note to just tell you that Miguel is written a new book actually serviced anything yet. It's absolutely amazing and and really relevant and you may go up really.

We got things to worry about that.

We got Ukraine and we got Afghanistan. We all his stuff, but man what we talked about the show I just did a Christian car guys like when darkness starts to show up.

This is when the people of God, man, everybody. Everybody that gets a little bit a light shines in on the whole place and so mission minded in the workplace, illuminating okay go, illuminating the fruit of the spirit, so man how fun is Amoco is fantastic.

You know, just going through this process.

It's amazing how many people that are Christians couldn't name the nine fruits of the spirit and if you can name them. How can you practice and see how I do, and then you think I should this find that I try. Okay used to teach them especially classes are used to have it memorized. But see, love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control. There you go. Bingo.

Oh my goodness I can't believe I did that, but I also have another I mean this man I met him I think is actually from Canada.

He he hosts a show called prophecy USA broadcast and the heat. God is given him a vision that I think you're going to be just blessed on your socks again for such a time as is his book is called the hour and I was very interesting answer. We just did right, that that the the hour that changes everything. Americans will America's role in Bible prophecy as is God is given in this thing and be blessed on your socks so welcome Richard Robbie appreciate yeah I mean with you. Now you meet some people. Miguel and I might immediately you have violence in the automation you're on the same page and and and wow I was like man I I've just been given all sorts of cool stuff by God it we just had the best time delay Richard NRB and I felt a connection to Robbie when you interviewed me and I looked in your eyes and I could see that shining light and I bet this guy getting answer beautiful and I hope that man that there be many listeners that they're going to get the light in spite of how dark it may look out there you know God bring in light and it's in it's gonna be awesome but it isn't an hour where things are serious and and and we gotta get down to it, but before we get too serious, you know it's gonna happen right here that Robbie's riddles anyway so speaking of our Carmen, as you know we got ours deal with you after hours of trying, I finally get got the lid off his cannabis got any idea how know how you lived off the cannabis gets his think anything can come at you.

Richard got the ideas you see my team. That's what happened. Melisa Goodman. I like that so truth is United. I just really pulled off the night. I did is really pulled up got it all right laughed. Richard this is your see a big laugh sign flashing in the background okay very good to make sure these are not necessarily funny but it's your job to use.

So I did. My grandsons puzzle writer went over to visit Carmen and he had this puzzling on the floor. Man, I want to tell you I got it done in an hour. You know ours. The word is pretty impressive, but it said I was in the box right would take 3 to 4 years. I got about an hour.

Richard presently is a true story. When I first got radio missed Stu Epperson I go around together versus tea shop in the mall. They sold to you like continue, but also to different brands of tea and so the students can sense a humor in mind, we immediately came up with the campaign and the name change form where you call it Mr. T's tea shop and we had a lab that we put together very clever man is where the money is commercial in another state if he listens laugh right and it was classic right and what happened the Carmen is is is they bought the campaign and things were amazing. You know it you could say that their business was brisk around inside your laughing is about it. All right, so that's right you are, so we have to get to the actual riddles of people calling when and then we'll get on to bigger and much more serious things which Bible character is very fun. Don't don't don't answer him: answer which Bible character needed a manicure is designated a manicure started.

I guess I gave way that he's a dude, all right.

He made a manicure. I mean his fingernails. It was just totally out of hand, if you know the name of that Bible character you call us 866-34-TRUTH 87884 and if they do that, tell mother when today's prizes and awesome piece of literature chosen by Robbie Gilmore himself may have their choice of either of these books, the hour the changes everything. America's role in Bible prophecy or mission minded in the workplace, illuminating the fruit of the spirit by Mikael vera and by the way, both these books are autographed.

So how fun is that. And so you get you get your choice of whichever one you want and if you talk to, and I see my name get both understand, but we would love you to call us and tell us which Bible character right.

He needed a manicure University. I mean his fingernails were just on a hand. I understand 866-34-TRUTH 87884 now to get down to like all my goodness. We got it right Richard, I know people are thinking. America's role in Bible do you don't know America is not in the Bible so I know that that's part of what God's given you, and you've got so much Scripture to back up what you're saying in this book is absolutely phenomenal.

So it is, in a ghost or something. Well that's the thing with live radio Richard Liang is as powerful as is more, and uses it to build the kingdom and how finally got my vera Mikael vera which actually was a star football player at Kentucky for those who football fans yes this is that Mikael and we got Richard Pearson the hour. The changes everything. Richard is the host of prophecy USA that TV broadcast.

How cool is that. And I think it's really can enlighten us all, as well as the illuminating of the ferret. You know through mission in the marketplace. This Miguel's book. But before we do that again. You know I always have to just go off on a sidetrack that I have Mark is in Louisville, North Carolina and Mark Huron kingdom pursuits.

Do you know what rascal had the problem with this manicure and will okay okay kingdom. That's a long answer but it's a great answer. That's exactly right now. Even his name Nebuchadnezzar like take 14 different characters so I thought, you know that's it's a long answer just all by itself without that idea of know the head of Brahms and II know where you're going with that mark. That was pretty cool and I know that I Richard you saw the prophecy and that in your Richard right writing them over to guard the girl into the wilderness, and they made a and provides a terrible thing when you get brightening uprightly only make everyone else in the room feel sick to stomach his career if it commented it all around a man on the grass of my day, speak to my friend Mark. God bless you and Norma put back in the holds a Carmen can talk about which book you'd like, or both. So without further ado, Richard. We can finally come back to America's role in Bible prophecy sir share with our listeners little bit. Maybe the back story that would be fun of how you got this would be. He was real. I would totally give them my light.

I was raised in patient theology, Baptist background didn't know God still did miracle about this is not an exact was that in Canada you remember that happening in Florida and Florida Canada Florida still have that apartment today. We lived there in the wintertime but I mean about God. And when I really felt something happen. I tap into heaven, and the door will open in the wind came into the room and encircled us.

I was with my cousin at the time we were 18 years old and I thought what on earth have I conjured up with this about, and we were on her knees, and I buried my face in the carpet and it was not agrees. It was a world came into the room. The curtains were blowing, the lamps were shaking mean it was old world and now I buried my face in the in the carpet and all of a sudden I started speaking in this other language for about 10 minutes.

This went on for 10 minutes.

I put my hand up I said Lord I don't know what's going on, but I believe your real and I know you're the same yesterday today and forever, but please, I can't take anymore. Please stop the wind and the wind went out the door and the door slammed shut behind.

I did not know that the second chapter of acts existed, where it says and when the day of Pentecost had come, the disciples were gathered together with one accord, and suddenly there came a sound as of a rushing mighty wind. It filled the room where they were at and they began to speak in over being different dialects. The wonders of God so that totally changed my life and put me on pursuit of God. I went to Oral Roberts University for the next four years and studied their and that was my first theophany, Robbie, and this makeup most people in the same well when I was 18 I Happen, but when I was 32 heaven came down it happened to me and not given a large sum of money. I considered large 10% of my network. I had been tiding by the time I was 32. I was in business and I had an opportunity to be on the Board of Regents at all. Are you and I went down there and I realize I felt convicted that we were doing medical missions projects that time and I was in business I was doing well. I was making money, but I wasn't even tied and I thought Lord. This is terrible. I told you I give you my life. I'm not even typing so I checked Robbie for 10% of my network and gave it could medical missions and when I did something supernatural begin to happen very similar to Cornelius in acts chapter 10. An angel came to him and said your arms and prayers that come up for a memorial. Cornelius goaded Peter and he will lead you to the way of salvation and eat them. Cornelius was a Centurion soldier. The first Gentile to get saved and come to Christ he got saved and went to Christ and came to Christ because of his ties and offerings and that's something in the spirit realm for a period of seven days. I would say I had revelation knowledge going through my head, almost like a music you know when you get a song in your head and you can't you just can't stop singing it just keeps going and over and over. This went on for about seven days all about things that were coming to America and I thought I could not understand what was going on and on the seventh night of the seventh day an audible voice woke me up, called me by name, spoke to me. I thought questions in my mind and the voice answered me audibly and be quite honest with you I was absolutely horrified at the presence of God.

The fear of God was all over me, but I said Lord, why are you calling me why are you telling me this, and the voice said audibly because I love you Rick and Dan.

It entered my chest and spoke audibly on the inside of my chest and said I want you to have it remain, and in Ezekiel when the Lord spoke to Ezekiel it says as before, as the Lord spoke, he entered me and put me up on my feet Voice spoke that same experience. Ezekiel had I want to go into 2 gallons guy was just cannot take a pause for second. That is an awesome story. I loved hearing a man. The first time I even love that more the second time because I know that you know it sounds, I'm sure a lot of people think and why all the cool thing is when you can hear later in the program is what this voice was doing was giving him specific scriptures that would would would be illuminated to him that you can see what he's talking about clearly in Scripture and Sargon get to the Scriptures in just a minute. But in the same way. I guess Miguel you you got an illumination of the same kind of thing on the fruits of the spirit right yes so so for me it was it was working an organization for five years.

That was in the process of getting bought by companies in 20 Texas solidified across the country for training and long story short I found myself in a taxicab in the front seat.

Eaton Street tacos okay and so were going back to the hotel and I just you know having casual conversation with taxicab driver and a start talking about football that you talked about Kentucky and Rhode Island and started sure my testimony but receiving Christ in college and he said something very interesting. The taxicab he said you know just last week I had two passengers and that they were just come back from a Christian concert and was about a 60 mile drive so the guy had plenty of time to share his testimony taxicab driver in it was about how he was addicted to the different drugs came to Christ went totally clean and then here I am sitting in the taxicab. This guy share my testimony.

So we get people to the hotel was about a Three Mile Dr. and he's getting all of these requests to for for different you know carriers pick up and he's ignored him and he is totally fixed dinner conversation in and I get to the point I said estimates would you like receive Christ said absolutely right there in front to the taxicab he received Jesus Christ and I went back in the hotel room. It was probably about 1130 12 o'clock at night I called my lifeless deliverable. He would just happen by coming God took me to San Antonio. I end up in the taxicab I share my testimony of this guy receives Christ and she said earlier today earlier this evening I had a strong urge to pray for you and so she both without my knowing she was she was praying for me about that. This all happening in what is happening is is I took that story I just wrote this is it happened I just wrote down everything the catalytic to that that event and I started sharing it with coworkers. Hey, look what happened.

You know, and God is put on my heart to write a book about you know that the fruit of the spirit and in him as I did. He just brought other people in my life to share their stories and as we come to go on. I consider at least that other story ulcers about a Cambodian pastor that basically lived in Cambodia during the Holocaust and in how he has an undeniable.

We talked about light undeniable joy in his eyes because of the relationship.

Yes, Christ is and I See that at the NRP.

There was folks that had been in this Chinese torture That was on. We budget you made them together and then I do not get the memo as it will this little guy. I mean I saw what they put him through, and the fact that he could even stand up. Was beyond that, he didn't just stand there he stood there with joy that was just unbelievable. Unbelievable.

So you can tell, we unloaded loaded great content. Can't believe how God illuminates so wonderfully and morally come back stake to your passion is to build the kingdom and how fun they really can't provide for us. I have my good friend Miguel Rivera with mission mine.

His new book mission minded in the workplace, illuminating the fruits of the spirit and my new friend Richard Pearson who is written, the hour that changes everything. America's role in Bible prophecy, you can hardly wait. I know I can however I was just thinking Miguel that I really think you know what happened to me as I when you're talking about sharing Christ the marketplace so I was a car salesman anybody knows me well knows that that's what I was I was a party, so cars for long time when I became a Christian I would get up an hour early every morning read the Bible and whatever I would learn that day would just flip me out to the point that man. I had to go tell people and so it just became like my normal habit. Mandy know what I read this morning and I was tell people like I was on firelight limit.

I just read and and and and and then it was interesting. A lot of times they would look at you like what the world but over. Time right because you working with them every day and then all of a sudden I got something that comes on in their life right then. I don't know how to go to and there like Robbie can you print a Robbie and all the sudden you thought it was all fallen on deaf ears.

But I was so excited I love the rocks were going try out based on what I learned I might man you know this and it's it's really like you turn on the light manages his cool songs really. I'm really excited to know bike that's what happened, and it is you know during during COBIT which which everybody can relate to.

It was just a lot a lot.

The process lets villages marinate our minds about isolation and appeal to go places and wearing masks and I said, you know, instead of focusing on the negative things I want to focus on just spending time just like he said in God's word in the morning and I want to invite some people to do this with me so so after being workplace for 20 years. I started invite current coworkers and former coworkers to Bible study.

15 minutes every day. 745 8 AM over the course of seven day weeks. I had about 18 to 20 businessmen, 15 different companies in three different states, periodically joining for the call in doing just what you said mean that I just been excited about it but actually sharing it with them it in the blessings that came out of them.

The things I heard and in in men, you know, share their struggles with me. Just being able to be an encouragement to them.

Being a Barnabas and encourage her is been a tremendous absolutely.

And so when we left her here. Richard your fix to get the ultimate download right thinking Miguel I got it over the head with the spiritual 2 x 4 in order to get this revelation, but 99.9% of the time God operates through that still small voice just like you when you were sensitive enough and not taxicab where God wants all of us to be listening for that. For that moment moment where he can speak through you and minister to others. This is where the body of Christ.

I believe being pulled to right now between now and in the rapture. We are going to be. I thought about that but I was just can point out items on notice that they were listening closely and pretty sure Clarence just got his wings is really the range I was. I'm sorry you are making a great point to. I really feel bad but to me as I was listening I thought hey Clarence just got his wings and said I had. I'm sorry I'm sorry I get we see dramatic encounters like I got what we just need to do is just like Magill said that still small voice to me how many times God will speak to you in a day and show you things about people that you're talking to and you can see in Encouraging Word you can say something to exhort someone. I remember once I was in the near ordered an FBO and this guy came in with his private chat and he just drank on the girl at the desk. He wasn't happy about this poor little girl. She's probably 19 or 20. She was just shaking out at the register. You know, and he laughed and I walked over to her and I said you know what just yelled at you was a jerk and watching you all morning. If you were my employee ID so proud of you. How you work in that little girl just about started crying but you know we all can be equipped with the brain word we just watch and look around us and just like Magill or not taxicab. This is what God wants us to beat in light of the world asking absolutely. I can agree with you more. So getting down to the band. We got to get to it sure is a least one or two goodies anyway about America's role in binary okay show me things about America that was coming and I didn't realize that there was a nation in the Bible, called mystery, Babylon the great, and mystery Babylon the great, there are four distinct chapters in Jeremiah 5147 Revelation 17 and 18 about this woman that rises up in history.

There are eight providential nations throughout Scripture eight providential nation is a new world order and antichrist government that's global and the Sabbath nation is described as a woman now.

The other six nations have all come and gone, you know, Daniel said he raises up kingdoms and he deposes kingdoms so we are right now we have six prominent donations that have come and gone. We have to laughed. The last one is the eight. You can find that in Revelation 1710. The beast is the eight but the seventh is described as a woman and she comes before the eight kingdom and it says that the warm and sits upon the beach. This is 710 horned beast and she sits up on a network happening and means rules over or polices over the same word work use The meal where Jesus sits on the throne one hold the beast down and hold the evil down all around the world on seven continents of the year. She's the richest, most powerful nation or near she's recognized in Scripture as the only providential nation with the symbol of course United States as the Statue of Liberty was established by thunderhead which, when she was when it was built represented the seven continents of the world.

She makes the merchants of the earth rich through the abundance of her delicacies. She is a world currency dominates the world with her current state and the Bible said that she's a golden cup in the hand of the Lord. She's actually in covenant with God and by by living in covenant if you hear my voice these things shall follow as this is the promise is to covenant nation. I will make you the head and not the tail I will bless you coming in and going out in the states of America is eight providential and a covenant nation in 1620. Applicants rock the pilgrims deal with God dedicated to allowing man is right in the middle of the good stuff.

We will be back with more clearly. Got a question or something, feel free to call us 866-34-TRUTH 878 840 my want to know about these free time was to 866-34-TRUTH, eight, 784 will be right back where we hear is wonderful examples of that welfare place illuminating the fruits of the spirit as well. As Richard Pearson. The hour that changes everything.

America's role in Bible prophecy and I know we got just a short time left on this last segment, which is really sad because that would be so much I could talk to both these guys about the essence. Better that work that we got more than then we need so we have them both back that I want to dig into a concept is that you mentioned. I know that a lot of people want and what about the Scripture. What about the Scripture bubble bath well go get the book. You know it's the hour, the changes everything, and Richard Pearson right Ameena CVs you can find it if you just Google running. I mean the hour. The changes everything by Richard personal case are easy enough to get the book but to move on to what I want to talk to you about which I think is absolutely beautiful because I had never thought about it and tell what you would mentioned here that when you're in a covenant.

It it has to do with your identity right so when you become married and you are in a covenant with you wife no longer just Robbie Gilmore. Your Tammy Gilmore's husband in your identity literally changes when you are Christian you get a new heart and your identity attribute you're now a child of got your identity changes and so what what Richard just described is absolutely accurate. We are a covenant nature and so when you and I think you know this inherently that you are an American, and it is part of your identity. Just go to Mexico or whatever country you want to and immediately you're going to feel like wow I this is an executor. I'm an American, right you you feel that sense of identity.

And so what Richard is teaching here is critical that like this is part of who we are not just obviously Kristin that we have this really neat opportunity to be the light of of America right Richard and you know right now is that a turning point and when you break when a nation breaks covenant.

It's a very serious nation can break and fall into outer darkness. But that doesn't mean the remnant inside of her chance to fall into darkness. We each have a personal comment.

So when the nation starts going down and darkness starts starts occurring. The light inside the nation gets brighter and each of us now become my shining light inside a nation falling into darkness, and so it's not a negative thing but God will always always always deliver those who are incompetent with, even if the judges of the nation will deliver his children out of the nation. If judgment comes on the nation back to Egypt.

He did it in in Sodom and Gomorrah that because you know you don't like granular real answer. That's why like McGill's book mission minded your mission. We gotta get that way because what you're saying Richard is so critical, especially in this hour because this is our hour and is really neat that we got to be on the earth at this time and I really need to be illuminating where you work like you can go to Afghanistan right now you can go to your claim that you can you're going to work tomorrow unperturbed on the church, hopefully to work and those people with you right, you can be alights on to give the final work on the gal in an and how to get your book the book to be found in miss money and in there you could see the inside look at the book and some of the that the businessmen that share their stories, pictures of them and just kind of the brief descriptions of things that that they're doing morning devotions from the visa morning devotions I have with with the mental over the country actually post the morning devotions there in the website for people to read 30 day free challenges different challenges on how to love your coworker showpiece picture for you could do over the course of 30 days for each one of those as well is a raising awareness for corporate chaplains and workplaces that summary it talks about the positive statistics related to that hell coworkers are all going through something and in just the know. I think we've we've come up so this multiple times.

As this is an exciting time to be on this earth because people are looking for hope. People are looking for a place where they can feel safe. People are looking for a place where they're going to feel loved and the judge and then we could we could show people that through the fruit of the spirit we we could love people in a way that that you can normally love them and show them a joy there that they just can't quite wrap their fingers around her head around because it's the joy of our salvation it and it all goes back to the gospel all goes back to to going the receiving the good news and then going in telling somebody building relationship so I just encourage those or listening to got to the website. Let a lot of free stuff to look at an even to do a free challenge where you work practical ways to live your coworker over 30 days just have a conversation. Richard will tell listeners what they can do to connect with your ministry even your broadcast I was on, so awesome was listening today encouraging prayer, followed by turning and then met up with Michaela, how funny was my roommate and I make the Russians nickel if I'm sick of one time. This is the Truth Network

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