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Bright Light Technologies

Kingdom Pursuits / Robby Dilmore
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February 26, 2022 3:14 pm

Bright Light Technologies

Kingdom Pursuits / Robby Dilmore

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February 26, 2022 3:14 pm

Robby talks to Jessica Wynns the owner of Bright Light Technologies. Join us to learn what power lights have in the fight to stop COVID-19. Also Danny Spainhour from Pindale Christian Church joins the show to tell us about a special dental event for veterans. 


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Robbie Gilmore wow I were hoping this show will light up rehab. Just as with bright lights technologies eliminate covered 19 with clinically proven solutions welcome Jessica. I am too because this is such important stuff that we can talk about today in subtly different ways because you just got an amazing story brought up in Ecuador. Like you, you don't hear that no voice at all. Do you but did you have an accent. At one point I just my American and my father growing up and I think that it just because I'm totally ignorant what language do they speak next door okay so well anyway so bright like technologies like for those who have not heard of it. I this is really cool stuff so can you give us sort of a thumbnail of what that is why we help integrate our technology industry into your actual ability to reduce credit credit 19 exit all weekend. Ultimately the best air leak in the industry where we know comprising of several technology that combined make the ultimate pathogen defense weapon that you can imagine into operation possible. The we have the privilege to be able to help people with aerial policing and the wonderful thing to be able to do right. So, how cool is it comes through.

I tried so as you might imagine, since his kingdom pursuits 50 Robbie's little speaking of light coming next wait for this all morning, so you know, God created alternating light and darkness for 24 hours. I guess you're aware that when Angel asked him what he was doing.

You know what God said no, ideas Jessica, I said, I think I'll call it a day like this and you know what happens. This is a definite riddle right here. Robbie, do you know what happens if life breaks the speed limit is sent to prison and I this will, you may not be aware of it but if bright light tech if they opened up a satellite office in Poland.

I this whatever gigantic effect on international manners. You know why I so yeah you knew at the end of all those shenanigans, I would actually have calling and went riddle today. I really, really call it 866-34-TRUTH 87884 until a switch lamp in the Bible. Would you was a match made in heaven right which lamp in the Bible.

Would you say was a match made in heaven, and if you can answer that. Tell them what the three yes we have books on top of books given to us.

Even some for my private collection so I would love to hear your idea of which lamp in the Bible. Would you say was a match made in this whole idea of light is really really cool which lamp in the Bible which would you say was a match made in heaven, 866-348-7884 866-34-TRUTH and so speak in a sort of match is made in heaven right your husband or you get to do this together, your husband, Braxton, and you started like bright light technologies right we've been working together made couple to say I never the Lord that we be together, allowing the gun together in and out in the foundations of that really came through ministry right after we met grandpa in Ecuador and I came to college in Campbell University at Law and he is in a little town called Creek, North Carolina, about an hour south of Raleigh and Lillington and done here we are. And so you met him there and then but your parent MRI picture. Your dad was a missionary yet tonight. My mom and my little back story about our family if we can go back to 1913 Ellis got back there, yeah Ecuador. At that point that Clay would not allow me but the president changed.

You know the can't allow freedom of religion and that I may have been the border missionary.counting and an amazing young couple came on to preach the gospel and can't get new and land that you know they started creeping on the street.

There was a lot of up and a lot of it from the established you never really did kind of world that with their time that a president that I military escort to protect missionary lot teaching on that with the right and one of the military men with my grandfather and my grandfather grown up pretty in the rough situation had basically run away from home and join the military and dad at the corner listening to that man preach about the getting the key that and that God was the father and he you know in that moment got down on his knees and received the father you know you Jesus and now he had a father that you never had had an from that moment on unit nine. My God was the youngest. They traveled throughout all of the nation of aqua Arctic basically pioneered and preaching the gospel account account and yeah truly remarkable to me but I see that yeah one person how that contains not only your family but it contained a dinner. I can't think and you know a lot of you know we think will let my little me with my little yeah, but I guess it's so important because when you say yes to God plans to go beyond what we can imagine after think and fell so here I am. You know you have some cool looks really beyond cool I think about it, Jessica, that God sent some light from America, Ecuador and and that developed all the slide out your family now some of that light is come back to America right to ride like technologies. But in so many ways you and your husband in ministry and bringing light because you know that's really the big part of what we do is we bring light into dark places that right.

I mean darkness of light and we are carriers of the light of the in our life.

There should never be a place where there is darkness where you are in your heart you don't go back to change.

In this environment. When I step in here great because of the light I'm in complete darkness. In the absence of light and when like a then darkness cannot overcome it is that the work that you know I'm always that challenge people if you call your yeah I think that is holy. Tell you this was going to come over twice and it's a very dark virus.

You can feel the darkness of it. So I'm excited about bright light to God, dreams like this verse examples physically of what we all experience spiritually. So have fun when we come back for more. Jessica wins bright like technologies and I need your call pursue to your passion and uses it to build the kingdom out funds as they we have Jessica wins with this bright light technologies, Limited 19 clinically proven solutions, but am just really fun for me personally. We have an answer to a little from sister Jay who's calling in sister, Jay, you're on kingdom pursuits. I'm very excited to hear which lamp in the Bible. Would you say is a match made in heaven when he got really read my leave when 50105. And then they act. I want to give out a cabin and they would like how all that is absolutely spectacular right because of life is is is Jesus itself in so many ways so absolutely right to ride more so you are exactly right you're going to win one of our we actually have several answers to this question. So if you have another one sure call is 866-348-7884. Thank you sister Jay God bless you. Sorry my voice decided to run. Enjoy this lisinopril or whatever this morning.

Anyway Jessica so how does it work. I mean, that's it seems to make perfect sense because I can tell you, having absolute twice. It really is a dark front.

It takes you to a dark place where I actually but there's something maybe you've heard of it called covert head and you can't what what really disturbed me as I have from Alma relationship with God that I really really really enjoy. So I really really enjoy my prayer time. It requires a certain amount of focus it requires a certain amount of of having presence of mind and when I was sick. I couldn't get there and and I felt that darkness of that disease. And so I'm curious and I love the fact that you guys are using bright light to kill it. Yeah got the name for our company quite like technology but different technology that we integrate them might have no UV light catalytic but some don't even have light in them. In the event of how they work on that out did kind of describe one of the one of the best more powerful technology can be how to call bright light air and bright light air is the way that God actually designed for the air to clean itself out of nature while they got in the light and geothermal energy. What they produce. It positively and negatively charged oxygen ion and oxygen ions when they combine with humidity in the air they turn that humanity H2O ending at that other oxygen H2O two with hydrogen peroxide on the molecular level that actually goes after it is very proactive. That is looks out for you just can't stop Americans are slowing them with contrasts so me. I didn't want to miss it. So what you're telling me is I I'm a big huge fan of hydrogen peroxide movie big fat Greek wedding where he sprayed Windex on everything. My family to Matt's dad with hydrogen peroxide. Oh my God I love that oh so what you're saying is that some of the sun and the humidity combined to create this other time H2O to and that is peroxide like oxygen ion right when they combine with 808 that hydrogen peroxide and very basic small molecular level.

At the very low level what is you know it in the air and it continually going after being out competent going after viruses, bacteria, and what it does is when went back to the outer coating layer of a virus. It oxidizes, which means it breaks ground that outer coating layer like an egg if you crack that egg killed outright and then all of a sudden it can no longer grout.

You no longer do you think you no longer you know anything though. A virus all of a sudden become deactivated, it can no longer in fact it can no longer cut problem and so what were doing is we install the technology in your HVAC system in your home so that it will burn evenly throughout your home unit continually ongoing and so therefore you have to be active in space where people are congregating right though, there is something in the air between us that is mitigating and going after you know, creating a safer environment for people in this age.

19 where it trying the main method of transmission is yet air there is a solution and something we can integrate in a proactive, not just by checking and killing with allotted time that filters are UV light in the air handler builder catch and kill kind of methodology of doing that, but this is more an active proactive, not positive way to go. After that the buyer while spread like technologies and want cool things, not just for your home for your church got solutions for your organization.

Also some cool stuff are going to get into, but I need to switch over to we got dad a call in with Pinedale church they got a big event coming up.

We want you to be aware of and so Danny are on kingdom pursuits good morning, by robbing our I am excited because I know what you guys are doing and I just think it's beyond cool in in the age that were in right now covert.

All this that you guys were able to revive the so share with our listeners, which got all we have.

On April 1, second and third were having a dual clinic for our veterans try over hundred 50,000 veterans that actually the largest concentration of veterans in North Carolina and so we are going to have a dental clinic because we found out a couple years ago that most veteran only about 30% qualify for any conduit systems and so we are going to have 2025 dentist and were going to do X ready for an exam and calling names and then working do all we can do to help his veterans dealt with dental please sink your teeth and is coming up good things about the skill of a place for this not seems day. It's a boutique day by label that's exactly right.

No joke.

April 1, two and three will be a Pinedale Christian church in Winston-Salem and of veterans can go online and sign up at and I can sign up for a time and what were doing is were allowing each military veteran to bring one guest spell or child or something like that so military veterans plus our guest and I figured it was three days spectacular and I know has been since I don't see the link there is all right with Pinedale and get their and we will get there and actually got interesting because it just goes to talk about that in front of us. We have a halo with them at our facilities and so Ruby will offer a very safe clinic, safe environment and the lupine postponements for two years because of covert everything you guys been talking about, but we feel like we can now safely offer this clinic veterans benefit whenever the providers and everyone try me messages to absolutely absolutely would love to feel veterans plus one old April 1 so push this on and ensuring that what you guys are doing. Thank you for allowing thank you Robert plus saw how close I just got I have a system of that are you familiar what he was talking about. Yeah there are different type of technology that are out there.

I'm really happy that we are able to offer that really really worked in that you know the consumer a lot of different things out there and I will eat out, then you probably don't want to put in here air or don't work on the technology that we offer our client are an incredible amount of medical testing for many many many many years have been integrated in a lot of different facilities on some of them have over hundred thousand installations done of our technologies right now you know one of them. That is the meeting that we we work with is it protecting our military was developed with our military and in the bioterrorism by a defect technology that was developed for that physically and now you know we are making it available to you to our client in the civilian world right out were able to protect churches will be able to protect the health department in a hospital cool because really is.

I understand that this is government programs offers other programs that help you pay for the stuff right. Yeah, right now we have been navigating several grant programs and obviously you know we can't guarantee 100% that you will get approved that we are getting everything to help you try to obtain government funding paper that added something that is optical that we are limited to the end of the grant program that get we are also able to help with that as well. So how cool is that somebody's set up these grants for nursing homes in these, places right so can you give us some idea of what the qualifications are for those grants will come back. We got somebody talk about. Not to mention the Jessica and her husband involved two ministries, a whole bunch of stuff. So working sure with this institution we have so much more common on kingdom pursuits where we hear how you got your passion and uses. They were so blessed to have with us Jessica with my life ologies eliminate covert, 19 with clinically proven results in one (zero share with us a little bit of what you know those grants. What were they design for what are they for grant opportunity that we have are for private nonprofit organizations whether church that private school and then again all basic government entities.

But what is really unique about that that there's a lot of government funding that was giving part of it. That was mainly enough or public system of government begging at the church that kind of left out of it hate our media go will not be able to take a bed or nonprofit organization bag through this program were able to do that and then certainly working to him into because the technologies are different right for a house, then it would be for the group facility run, yet we are actually able to and out analysis of the level of risk and load and based on the risk of that space. We will put a custom solution with you know that will work for your organization that yeah you not a simple level you get home.

Belief in a bright light air is an amazing solution just for your home environment my not only does that, you know, actively go after you know pathogen. The neutralizer packet and fight it reduces a lot of like the particulate in the air felt like dander, pollen.things that cause allergies either about going to allergy season. You want something in the air that you clean air drop down, but not in your breathing doctor not reading it into your lungs and causing those reactions right like I've met. Think of that nature. And then it also neutralizes odors and things of that nature in your house that didn't getting clean air indoors bright light air able to effectively do that but the number talking you know like the health department or in a hospital where it is where people congregate, you know work and were able to layer additional technology really, you know, make sure that we are protecting possible hi Jim, we have all the sick kingdom If you see bright light technologies from sooner or she can click on links get to their website, which is actually just bright light technologies. Please write what so you can femur your home on the website that I wanted directly to you is bright light again. It right like phone number to call it 83344 brief that is that phone number to call, but if you're an organization like a school for stem or you know that the health department or in a doctor's office and you want and are more higher-level technologies that we would be putting into your right like technology and a resident of this move. Over the years) and you have some ministries can we love to hear about those lately absolutely no you know about and be obedient to Jesus. I would say today that victory and you have to be a good father right in your life for about 15 years. We were in the marketplace. In business, integrating technologies and abilities, K-12, higher at and then all of a sudden the Lord really said I want you guys to stop and I want you to start a nonprofit organization to invest in the next generation that we started a campus ministry near the camp at the Campbell University.

I called firestarter it started I had our home with you. Now three students around the kitchen table and our desire what I call the next generation will hearted lab and obedient. Did you and you know that community has grown to 75/we discipled hundreds of everlasting years and it being a remarkable remarkable transformation. I mean creating an environment where I can say I want to be hospitable to the Holy Spirit you doubt we prepared Dave over the week at a dinner that Daniel he really set the table for the Lord to common move and people for this next generation to have an encounter with the living got weaker. This next generation, an encounter with Jesus you know not about to death. The old religion but we really have to set it at a table for them to calm and experience the love of God, the truth of God in an environment where it is real and the Lord has allowed it to do that by her great and it's been amazing so fixing this you probably both you and your husband wrapped Campbell right gently works. It's about God's put this on your heart to start this and usually would spend my experience of God, since you to do some you never feel like what you know this is more than I can really do got out on the world's offices. How do you surprise you like man I never thought it work that out yet. I will say that you know the Lord, you can accomplish them in your own power and think I will probably your I agree with you wholeheartedly. Yeah.

And when you you know one thing that we did away, we began to pray for revival in this region we began to pray for an awakening on the camp. It you know we want to get God's heart for the region so we really consistently for probably a year, year or year and 1/2 met together every week with just a like-minded believer that wanted to be God and then went anything like the prayer when you talk talking to didn't get back really is the best part of the Lord really does that hate your praying for revival on the campus at the mile away from you will not be the answer to that know and be my hands and feet and do something about that and we said okay Lord of what we do now in Temple again obedient dimple yet neck that a lot of times we compare the put in her hand to a ministry that been in place for 20 years and you go on that because that ministry 20 years ago started just like you did with the little that got put in your hand and said okay go plant and start watering it and so that the Lord allowed you here is Mina started with three and people like I think that's taking up a lot of times my mentor that you know we under over to meet with God will do when you're sometimes one year but we truly do underestimate what God will do in 10 years if we remain faithful and so that was like RR thing we did that were going this for the long haul and working to see Jesus transform the generation and Lord you are little yet you are little life we clearly are working to lay them down and try to follow you the best that we get that that are going to be good father because if you do that and will be good leaders of the people that God has entrusted to it so you guys are you you obviously been faithful in this ministry, you and your husband in the now is bright light coming to the pictures I write. So we went from making good money got going start a ministry like okay let what you say and I'm like Lord, what are you at the wild and all that and at the end of 2019 the Lord with clearly began to speak my heart that I want you back in the marketplace.

I want you back in business world and I honestly at that point I would like to get it to campus ministry for the rest of my life and for me it was a big if they okay got you in that because God does not add the hours of my week. I think I say Lord led to do this and that we were going to start a company. Start by like technology and at that point we thought we were going to start doing today which was technology for school district instructional technology think about nature and then all the think it and then were like Lord here. You write like you know and then immediately. The largest by getting up with them to United to look into technology that would do the work of the disinfection.

The mitigation ministry right correctly so we got a another break we come back is bright light technologies in the and is bright light home with silver website skylight bright light your right by their uses it to build the kingdom.

Maybe for Ministry. Whatever he is continues to to things like my case the core business members different ways he integrates our lives into teaching is like oh that's why you have me about about all we go so refer Jessica Braxton stories just more than amazing, but I know a lot of listeners are curious. I know I am so you know, man. I am concerned a lot of older folks are really really concerned about him other house are scared what what's actually processed. What should I call should you have several application where a house look.

You know what what would one of the steps that we actually go through the great question.

If you are able. Good bright light We have a website where probably most in all of your questions that you have the technology, but if you buy now button you know you can actually find that that that the system in a write off our website and if you're in the greater Raleigh area. We will do that installation for you for free and if you're not in the greater Raleigh area.

We will help you to find an HVAC company that will install it for you but easy as just going to our website.

I think by now you have the option to use the credit card or F4 easy payment option that you can just do on the website is divided into payments Is the easiest way to go about it.

But if you want to collect at 833443833443 Monday through Friday at 4:51 PM. That is another option that you have.

To be able to to ask questions and and we can take your order over the phone in and help you in that way as well You get the dart. If this is for your home. If your residential client. If you are a commercial client where you go hey I want this for my business. I want that for my church.

I want that for my my doctor's office been on again. You can call 83344 breed and then we can start the conversation and how we can evaluate your particular building and the proposal from there. Easiest way to do that. So how much is since we talked about how much is bright light for your house okay for your house is 1499 per air handler that you have in your home. So show it to commissioners need to correct and so you know, greater Raleigh area means a lot of different things were broadcasting here in Greensboro, Winston-Salem, High Point is a greater Raleigh area earth wherever your crime and we will come alongside and getting that you know right right in the Raleigh area is about 55, 50 miles from the greater Raleigh area. So, since it's Capitol Hill and determine the capital held her exactly Burlington student. So when you go to install this on curious like this is go like into the system like right by the air conditioner were to go back handler on on the blower light died of that outside of your home or if you have it in your attic like you got it wherever it is that your located but yet it is in the actual system so it will distribute the air evenly throughout your house does not like a standalone little purifier something that you having a really no were taking care of the whole environment the whole building sharing your faith again, bright life bright light and bright light technologies for those of you know how you know II do a devotional assisted living in Marksville and they have literally been back on quarantines last three weeks I'm going there really is like 13 cases of and so like I am and their nonprofits of them I could get a grant and stuff like this that this would be wonderful for some like that right yet you want to email at or invite bright light commercial division, We will, we can go from there and I will contact you and we can do proposal for your organization. Your nursing home but relatively the cost of integrating our technology versus having to redo your HVAC system or do something.

What it is. It is very reasonable and not respect and we can help with finance lease options and obviously try to get you got the grant. If you qualify for this literally a matter like certain splices like me absolutely, and we can help and then while you're there. Jesus was light and there were also lower so grateful for bright light technologies bright light air today were just the winds and then you know let me just mention that we have a really urgent prayer, Pastor James wants to pray for the Ukraine. That's coming up right after this, followed by journey and then it's time to man up with the key that we have so much truth, on the Truth Network rope and that's bright life Douglas have really thought this is the Truth Network

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