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Helping Those Around Us

Kingdom Pursuits / Robby Dilmore
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October 23, 2021 12:44 pm

Helping Those Around Us

Kingdom Pursuits / Robby Dilmore

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October 23, 2021 12:44 pm

Robby is joined this week by two amazing women. Sharon Wayne is a story teller, and now, a published author. She talks about her new book "Adventures of Levi." Pamela "PJ" Lofland also joins the show to discuss her bid to be on the Clemmons, NC town council. Plus, Robby has another installment of God In Hollywood with special guest Chad Gunderson, a producer on "The Chosen."


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Hello this is Matt slick from the match look like podcast right defend the Christian faith and lay out our foundation of the truth of God's word chosen Truth Network podcast is starting in just a few seconds.

Enjoy it, share it, but most of all, thank you for listening and for choosing The Truth Podcast Network. This is the Truth Network versus ordinary people instilled with an extraordinary passion together we explore the stories of men and women who take what they love and let God turn their passion into kingdom pursuits now live from the truth. How fun. I gotta tell you I cited about what we've got in store for you today really II go share. First off, at 1130. If you're like me and you're one of the big huge fans of the TV show/series. The chosen if you seen that if you been amazed by that. Well, one of their producers are main producer who is Chad Gunderson's gonna be on with us and God. In Hollywood, so that's can be on 1130 but before that, even more exciting maybe not as will see how it goes. We have Sharon and Sharon is the author of the book adventures of Levi. Actually, their books and she just came out with a new one which is Levi making frenzies of children's books and the original one was the journey of courage try and so see what you don't know is that I dearly, dearly love Sharon people that have never been on the radio really never thought they would ever write a book or anything like that and then all my gosh got put it on their heart. The next thing you know there they are there on this adventure.

And so see our listeners. They really can't relate to guy like me that's on the radio all the time, they can completely relate to you who you know is is the first time you read this book, you don't exactly know so here we go see Sharon thank you for coming into your courage be with us today in your courage to write this these books. Yes, it took a lot of courage and alighted my family and friends encouraging me today that I've told stories to my children. It actually started with my mother and I wonder thank you Robbie that were inviting me to be on your shadow today and to permit my stories before my promise and also to the Pam Loughlin and she indicated she didn't know his invoice for Clemens. She's running which I just think it's awesome that God put this passion on her heart to run for the Clemens village council right we get we collection, frypan November 2 is number 11 Tuesday I'm just guessing that's probably the first one in November, arrives to some like that but anyway and if you happen to be in the Clemens area. Guess what you can find out more about the voice of Clemens, possibly Pam and you know I have to tell you, my good friend, dear brother, actually for years is is Bill Mixon and so Bill Nixon was the one who said Rob you gotta get Pam Loughlin and if you have Bill Mixon's endorsement as far as I'm concerned your shoo-in is just that easy right so welcome Pam, thank you for your courage to run. That's gotta be a yeah nerve-racking. So speaking of running for office. You knew this was coming.

Initial, of course, music. I'm enjoying it so speaking of running for office and I which Clemens candidate, do you think Tom Brady would support advancing no idea Sean think that timeframe Brady man okay he would support the one that would reduce inflation naturally so that I hated. I hate it when political candidates put their signs up in my front yard. Let me know in the world is closure really sit right there that they were foreclosure in my yard. I don't understand so I do not fear about the Clemens Council candidate who died in an accident while mountain climbing. It works out because if you're their opponent Pam, you win by a landslide for this little bit of torture because of the opportunity to be on the show so you know at the end of the shenanigans is that they would be actually a Bible riddle that you could call it and went, and so I have a good one. I have one of my favorite Bibles out probably but which runner in his name, was not glass okay which runner in his name, was not glass was the clear winner second Samuel second Samuel. There was two runners who was the clear winner. If you can answer that Sean Toma going by rubbing the winter that is weighing the adventures of Levi by her friend Sharon in studio right now so call us let us know the answer and we will get you the adventures of Levi making new friends and he is making new friends and let me just tell you I've I've read the inventions of Levi and Natalie make friends, but you know I think is really cool to children and beautifully beautifully illustrated. I hate that a listers can't see it. I hope to put it up the kingdom but unfortunately our Internet crash this morning Truth Network I don't know why I struggles with that but nonetheless you can go on Amazon.

The adventures leave Levi by Sharon Wright sure Wayne will come right up for you.

But anyway, in this book, this young man, he goes fishing now just being a person that I am, and anybody who knows me Robbie or your immediately I'm I'm relating to Levi. Okay. And Levi, not unlike me is catching the little fish and you want to catch the big fish right Sharon. Yes, and so it's kind of a really beautiful story about how to not judge a turtle by its cover right right so I have to tell you that since I can relate to this story, you have never heard of the legend of the DuPage River. Have you okay so when Robbie was about middle school, maybe six grade 5th grade.

One day we were going down the DuPage River.

Me and my buddies and we saw this tale coming out of the out of the mud and this tale had spikes on it and I love like if your mom is to read about the baby Stegosaurus right bit of effort the shy Stegosaurus. Remember that book when you're a kid you probably read it.

Sean, the jury, but I remember Linda for time we talked about I okay yeah you can picture that Stegosaurus on this tale, the mud and its copy spikes on it and be in the bid I am. I've read this book, how may times. I'm certain of the dinosaurs there in the month so I did what any other figure 6 grade boy would do, and I grab hold his dinosaur and I started to jerk with all my might and when I did, guess what is not a dinosaur but it was in fact a snapping turtle unable big, snapping turtle here in the DuPage River Jubilee yes and I was so excited, my friends and I we were lever where like what we can do that because we had all of it by say I was very upset, snapping turtle and it was breaking off branches leads to come here.

He was man, and so we found this great big huge box. It was huge we got from the grocery store we carried snapping turtle home to show my dad what else would you do Nana giants not correct so you can imagine my dad's joy as I said that luckily God we got. He's like are you out of your mind.

You gotta put this turtle back. Can you imagine you put it back in River so we thought about this and there was a bridge that went over the DuPage River and we had a box with a great big turtle in it and and I were on the bridge and we thought will now would it be cool to just kind of see how this turtle can fly and as we were looking. There was a canoe that was coming down the river and we thought will from the backside of this, they won't know let go. The snapping turtle and slight bombs away. Did you see now you know Ives the legend, the DuPage River and so when I read your story about the turtle. I couldn't help but think of my days in the muddy turtle) is just right there and so I guess you're wondering what happened when that turtle hit that aluminum community. It made a sound and might imagine, I know you're not shocked to know that the two new words a man and a woman who thought they run a very casual jumped into the river didn't get anything about the Clemens I'm sorry golly, I just tell my story but I bet it makes you want to read the adventures of Levi.

They were safe and sound. We ran, we were never captured and never incarcerated for my turtle incident, but I would say that that was forever known as the USS shellshocked you're listening to the Truth Network and your use is so blessed really have Chad Gunderson, one of the wood but right now we got Pam Laughlin who is the voice of clemency fronting for Clemens Village Council as well as Sharon Wayne and she is the author of Levi making new friends, and I am personally shocked Sean that no one has called in with my second Samuel this I thought this was easy which runner there were two runners Academy will give you more.

They were running the tell King David about what happened to us on okay and second Samuel, there are two runners 866-34-TRUTH 87884 which runner was the faster the clear winner.

And he wasn't glass 866-348-7884.

We want to win this book we want to call in and get that. So, Pam, how did you feel God calling you to do this to run for office when I'd have to say that I suppose I lived in Clemens almost my entire life and in 2017 there was an issue that came up that was going to affect everyone in claimant's, especially at the other end actually to Southland, and most of the residents did not want it to happen. What wasn't said it was a median that was going to separate down the other end of Clemens all the way down and the road would have to be widened and businesses taken out in homes taken out and most people did not want that so I decided to file to run and course my platform. I was against that and we wind and we stopped part of it and said they will not be one all the way down, at least not in the foreseeable future That's what got me interested in running up that will apply to my whole life. I'm older now so what sign is now that you're on the inside. You've been doing with what you think people need to know about her issues right now. The that the really feel like they need to know well if you live in Clemens you already know what our biggest problem it is and that is the traffic is terrible. It's used to call the Clemens has a Louisville Clemens Raceway. Yes.

Well, not anymore.

Like I said recently that if if the development doesn't slow down that soon you'll be able to walk somewhere quicker than you going to get there in your car because the traffic is so bad and especially on the north and where we have three schools that empty out onto the road every day during the school year and there within rockthrowing distance of each other and there is we need to stop by which we haven't been able to get in. Thursday is the question that you seem like the left-field is high, how I feel so what makes you think that the election happening on November 2 is legitimate. All legitimate well not that there isn't somebody somewhere that might come to get some voter fraud. Clemens is a small town they all are. And now Shelley is a lot smaller that it would be a lot more difficult and I frankly in an in Clemens.

I don't see the point.

I really don't. I don't see the point in that. I understand understand understand what getting back to Levi needed friends so share with our listeners. I know you your heart was that they share some things about your story pitch that you wanted them to be excited about the story I'm trying to reach parents and grandparents to teach their children great story that you can't always judge people by the way they and this is what Levi found out with the turtle and I E it ended up where Levi realized that the turtle lesson got hurt in, and that they could become Frank that he wasn't snapping turtle like my friend now just hide out in the fisherman's line yeah yeah and said it was money.

I look scary and Levi was intent in getting this Sally said that turtle can figure it out for himself, but then he realized that he remembered days parents said help others if you can said Danny cannot let that part. I let them harvest torso. How did God put it on. Obviously I've I noticed in the in the book itself. It talked about your grim mother story told stories your mother still told stories how to got put it on your heart to write, you have the courage to actually publish now and I told stories all the time to the children and my grandson when I was able to watch him and we I would tell him stories and we would do play. Then I went him to be able to use his imagination and we passed out onto the family through years and he was amazing. In fact, when he was able to tell the first story to his other grandparents.

I was so impressed because he remembered almost word for word and then as we were nine people would say why don't you write the story, but I had never written a story said this is where I came up with journey of courage and Seo in Isaiah 43 God says behold him doing anything and you said it doesn't matter what your age or oral or anything. If he opens a door for you. Try to have the courage to get through that door.

So with family and friends encouraging me to do this. I just said well the Lord if you die this on my heart and I have to step forward to tided siding a chance to do this because nobody called and I guess my question was too hard to answer my calls on?

I sure thought they were.

But nonetheless, so you're sitting there wondering Robbie, what morals are two runners. It's a beautiful story.

There is no sure this is because Pam was running right yes is beautiful are the feet of those who have good news and if you read the story it where the guard is watching these two men running the guard says that must be a good man. He brings good news. So if you think about that culture. There were runners, even enemies papers. They know they have runners and you could tell by the way somebody was running or they can lay a bombshell on your are we thinking a run with good name. Try and and so you might realize one of the pieces in the armor of God, right right is right. Your feet are supposed to be shot with what the gospel good names right and so when people see you, they see somebody's running like Pam with a smile.

She came in with a smile. You can tell she's running because you feel it God's got something for you to stand up for goodness on the on the village counting right I do at an absolutely and you know Sharon's got the story. That's good news of Levi and willing to run with good things right so that he was the guy now is lying last name is not class but I I've always loved the story and I've always thought about.

While due when I when people see me running that they think wow that guy's got good news or they think I love fish, you know that that that that you know that's part of the deal is that your feet become to be beautiful and that's a real opportunity.

So what would you tell those folks to get them out on November 2 that while the selection means well. I think that when someone decides to run for office. That's taken very seriously because it's a big responsibility and if you are not running to be an asset and advocate for your constituents than I question why you running and any one in a place of authority that can affect someone's life for the good of the bad needs to consider very carefully the decisions that they make and that would be me who I am. That would be me and I did that takes courage right to say you. It does take me, pick me Lord, I am willing to stand in that gap and do what I need to do in order to affect the change that will have to play with that and it's a lot of hard work. It's a lot of time but it's worth it if you can help your neighbors and your community. It's worth it. So again, her name if you happen to be in the village Clemens knowledge people listening in Ohio. They they are involved in their local elections and his people in Raleigh and the reason I speak to the validity of elections. I imagine a lot of people feel like I do like man I I've lost a lot of faith in the in the process, and it starts by the way the local precinct because I was there in a very small town way smaller than Clemens. As I voted out of the gigantic town of Stockstill North Carolina and the others whatever 80 people on the role but you know they're wanting to know if I my dad's been dead for a long time.

Okay. And you know I'm immediately not filled with confidence in the system right so I but what I've heard from so many politicians is okay if if you're concerned about this. Why not why don't you run want to pick up the minimum run in some commend your courage and then those of us who you have the opportunity to vote. We were given a God-given right, and people fought and died to do with them. We got to go out and do it right and absolutely we can do to to to make a difference for our communities and that election is coming up November 2 and so I'm so grateful that AU ran to you became our show today. Thank you so much that Billy had a nail would do that and so Sharon was the one thing you want to make sure you got said today that you haven't set. I found that it is that my goal is to reach the parents and grandparents that they can have their children out to get to know their children and reach out in the adventures of Levi coming to you that Amazon put in their Sharon Wayne adventures Levi now. Stay tuned because guess what got Molly would fall long red Silverman and the producer of the chosen you're listening to Truth Network and serving the Hollywood system. These insiders at The studios are now under seem to live for Christ. Right at the epicenter of the film and television industry is God in Hollywood. Welcome to God in the Hollywood have elected new intro I firstly love it.

We have Paul Long and Brad Silverman you guys ever really big time guest that were so excited Brad arrived. Now, I love your cat there and now only when you thought well with multi family and everything it don't big time with you hair guy you're going glad to be glad to be on here. I think we still kind of contract of the little big I don't think we realized that if the big you know I think when you're when your head down and you're working on stuff don't realize you know what it is God, and honestly God is doing a big thing with that show, and it definitely happened.

I think earlier than we anticipated you not think we kind of maybe half jokingly asked positively kind of well maybe but even three or maybe even in the five then you know if you look at most TV show that kind of the trend they follow.

Normally even wanted, I got a pretty good pretty great. Look what happened.

Then, kind of in the following be honest with you before we even started to we kinda were like wow this is something else, something now that we finish eating. Feeling it out. You're right, it is just really exploded and just gone worldwide, though not in a pretty humbling experience to be part of the bracketing here Hollywood that the director, the credit and the producer get the altar down at how accurate that is not by the giggle from Paul. I hear you got it is kind of an expression now, but I also like to state that you know when you go to the author not that far are are are gold or anything either on the award thing you know there are individual words the individual editor there individual composers. There actor accurate in all the things in there that individual for director is not an individual or producer, but the B award that goes to the producer is the best picture. Overall and I think I cried kind of fairly well what do obviously, the director in charge of what that little space right that that box that you're watching the weather at the big screen or TD your phone or whatever over everything out so I do gotta say I got it to let you that you probably know the project amazing. You know that people fail my gosh. The talent was just a grade of Mac accurate the writer director just so amazing. But then something fails to fight black men. The producer really messed that up today. They did know what they were doing that show the collaborative effort behind any sort of show and the relationship between the director, our involvement with the children as being nominal in getting to you to get you better, but you can't you are Amanda your life your daily living at all. I would say a little bit and things are happening kind of slowly but oddly I'm sure Dallas experiences that even more and obviously some of our stars yet know we definitely are starting to see little things Dragon and outcome of the body are one are you know almost people that you daily basis whether a church or you know in your daily life in school with kids or whatever it look like their little topics like we can talk you about Joseph right because you know that that would be weird. I would be oddly likely will we talk we talk about the last project I did.

That was a mediocre problem, but why would we not want to write and know that but it's good now and were very very glad part of it noble Dallas Riley, started our careers together around the same time in Dallas and I've known each other for about 20 years now and when our first feature film together over 15 years ago, and felt to be on this journey with him. And the funny thing is we have worked together that first project but stayed in touch over the years and maybe get together and Joe thinking along the kind of look like hey try this kind of crowdfunding thing.

I don't think it'll work but sleep or do you know like it was kind of this this joking now you know here we are again very very blessed and fortunate to be part of it.

I got to know what was the first project midnight clear, so actually before that we had done too short together. One was called a clich and at the funny one about that when he was doing that he and I admit that I literally wrote daddy and letter like bike and wrote a fan letter. While of an engineer. He responded that well you know Clyde that hey if you ever get paid right and he wrote me back and said well they are being made to be in my gun dollars that Dallas and I connected long story there.

Dallas Jerry kind of grade dollars combat initial project went on to come become what it did, but through that outside stayed in touch in the first short film. We did together. Hey, I'm doing this work them are sitting on LA one of your part, I literally flew myself LA that might get 20 and that the myself up. Slept on his hotel floor and worked as an unpaid PA by the end of that short film out of the coproducer on and then we did midnight clear at the short film I produce that and then we did midnight clear at the feature and it was his first feature of the directorate night that it be that Clement doubt what you when I met you you were already doing project that I got what what brought you into that world yet producing in general. Honestly, I never know I was going up but it wasn't like one of those. Oh, I want to be like when I grow up like it was not that for me.

I was a biology major school and I was going to work better. Actually, without there in LA, I went to school at Pomona College, you know there in North County, and that Gord had done no theater and stuff growing up in the work of the think like that again. Never thought about it a career. Oddly enough, I was an extra in a couple big movies out there in LA on and I do remember sitting on that gross point blank if you ever saw that going interesting like this is the thing.

The big thing right again. I work at a movie theater in high school, like all the bank and then it just kind of like I'll interesting. So, fast forward I quitting sports money disappears. That happens when you don't play the sport that you're being schools being paid to do. And I came back to Hector and ended up at our universe did not build the department and still a biology major, but started to a computer class under our elected and before I graduated that year before I graduated. I ended up switching film and started my first company in college, night and day film that we did short films and commercial local band think like that and it just very very quickly escalated and it was one of those things where even today. I deftly set up more than but still some today I coming to Lily, glad to be doing it right like this is time and time again shows me that this is where most they thought faded all well and addicted a new unit. Never knew that back yet that likely had to relate to bring it back home here like when we look at what we do with you guys now and is in your back any rent on it.

I thought all got to get up to 30 years in the big bed and agree with Karen, he would direct care of all the family did show the judge and visit every caning early on finding out that the more excited like oh my goodness, I can hardly ever I can find out about that. So we come back we can have more with Chad and Brad and Paul so stay tuned. You're listening to the Truth Network and serving the Hollywood system. These insiders at The studios are now unashamed to live for Christ. Right at the epicenter of the film and television industry is God in Hollywood today when God in Hollywood. We've got Chad Gunderson at Silverman and Longchamp is the producer of the chosen.

I hope you seen it. If you haven't, hopefully, will share some ways that you can go about seeing mad because I'm a tell you something you will never forget. So Brad taken away. A lot of fun and good unit with God in Hollywood. You mentioned early on before the court phenomenon thing better would you like hearing that are buying our member that yeah oh yeah yeah that's right, I think it really is true.

I mean, I pretty much lost track of how many shows we've done I mean there's just a lot of projects over the years many many many things that I tell people often it's all like cotton candy. God is nothing there and it it is our finest hour. There's no doubt my mind about that. You know, I will say one quick tire, which I was talking about earlier. We were at a garage sale last weekend and some lady walked up were talking with my wife friendly love loves the world and she's talking to her and she mentioned to the woman working on the chosen. She started shrieking and the people at the garage sale thought there might be an act or not they're all looking like what you know what you do I bid my just the ball but I I knew that that was just another bears witness to a chance talking about the Lord is doing something great and I will do a new thing I will do a new thing and that's what going on something fun and exciting and we describe will be a part of the cool thing that we are being you're being our work here in Burbank. So many people are you think you would not want did not like being almost probably like a week now able to see people. Chad you are like factoring in building talk there long time that both producer director EP camera what it whatever date and their coming to. I think I do it anymore and what that means either believers in Christ you been working in particular Hollywood getting to a place readied you that they bear their compelled to do project that honor God are that right way like oh there is the possibility of making a career doing that are generally doing that that that honor God. What you got Brett really get good not just low 5] work. Iron a lot of people would you show anything but you have to have you been faithful will prolong kind of way for people you are better than Hollywood could start doing that honors God. You have any like dipping it like to think you would talk to whelming deftly been a journey for sure right like there's no doubt about that. I'm sure it's probably applied anybody. I don't care what your believer or not.

I do think you are a believer that much more difficult.

Just because II believe everything downstream of Hollywood. Everything downstream of media influence that you have world right leg and pick politics, pick education, pick whatever it is now the world is expanding so quickly with that with social media and various other things, which is not a easy place to be, in general, but as a believer I mean I think there's a lot of backers with the show and got a vector that we will never know until the other side right like it should not be understood why show off because we've all seen it like there's good shows that deserve. And there's bad shows that there right but but but it happened that it it it sometimes people come and go. Why did that show the movie or television show and why did this one. Not this will be here with amazing this one was not there so. But what I can say that, at least in the practical that we the feel and touch is I do believe the chosen we can't have this perfect storm and we talk about that than to be honest with you. You guys are a big big part of that right. These are all people right again. I think you look at everybody. You look at Dallas where he is myself and Chris.

The other producer and where were at the other producers at the other people at this project and then all of the crew VP production cost and designer mean, you name it we can go and make 1/4 of all the things that we got in. This is kind of that perfect storm right again like I said As a part of that we have this perfect storm everybody at the top of their game who had been sharpening their tools for years and years and years, you know, grinding through. As believers, many of them and obviously not all of our Crew are believed right that we set a tone and we created an environment where these people stand what were doing, but the other day.

Many of these people that are not believers. There a lot of time guys, can you share with us for listeners. What's the best way to get season three going after your download all of their way and we promise were so excited, Brad.

Thank you Paul, thank you. This is been absolutely a blast again.

It's chosen that I was thinking. I know I was a perfect storm.

They were chosen that you guys first learned of this paper, we gotta go.

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