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Stand Up For America

Kingdom Pursuits / Robby Dilmore
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October 9, 2021 12:57 pm

Stand Up For America

Kingdom Pursuits / Robby Dilmore

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October 9, 2021 12:57 pm

Robby is joined by Pastor Ron Baity to discuss the upcoming Stand Up For America Rally. Robb Tart from the Durham Rescue Mission also joins the show. Plus, another installment of God in Hollywood.

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Because this Roy Jones with mental grid you podcast.

Our mission is to break down the walls of recent nomination, your chosen truth radio broadcast will be starting in just a few seconds. Thank you. This is the Truth Network kingdom pursuits where you hear from ordinary people instilled with an extraordinary passion together we explore the stories of men and women who take what they love and let God turn their passion into the kingdom pursuits now live from the truth. Your host Robbie Gilmore wow everyone smile. God just makes up and you know this is something that you really just didn't see, and so I tell you that our guest today are are along those lines, like man I think you really really enjoy what we have for you so much in common with both of them and then I get a chance to talk to them both for the first time today so this is really really final. First up we have with us Pastor Ron Beatty Beatty and I gotta get this baby Beatty and oh my goodness he's involved in summary, things of the list could go on and on, including his own radio station, but the reason he's here today is you gotta know about this and return America is presenting.

Stand up for America route rally it's going on Friday, October 29, which tells me that my birthday must be on a Saturday this year. Anyway, it's at 1030 oh man that you got it you loaded for bear right after this we sure we have our Lieut. Gov. Mark Robinson is going to be speaking and Attorney David gives the heads of the Christian Law Association, and God has greatly used his organization through the years, we have a group called primitive court. They are known throughout North Carolina and surrounding states that been singing for over 40 years and not be providing some special music force set on the things that were to stand up for an rally to be so excited to hear about that but one of the things I know that the pastor stands up for right is is is Jesus, and helping the hurting, which is what they do at the Durham rescue mission and let us we have Rob tarts welcome Rob welcome. Thank you and I have for years and years and years because I have a wonderful relationship with the Winston-Salem rescue Mission, Lou Carico and those guys.

I'm sure you know them, but I've always wanted to have an opportunity because I've always heard so many great things about the Durham rescue mission and so keen to give our listeners little hint of what you guys are up to these days where we got a lot of expansion going automatic that were going to break ground in a dormitory next week but I will will bid when we average about 300 Mennonite cook 200 ladies and children at night. We got quite a large crowd really you more now I have a lot and I and I can even imagine. But I think it's it's it's an amazingly beautiful thing. Some sites excited to hear about the Durham rescue mission.

Find out more about that much know it is kingdom pursuits. So we gotta do in a Robbie's riddle to an onset time year.

Speaking of trick-or-treat to go John.

Let's read and bad for your teeth essay. That's a trick there. Believe me, I said. So I wore a heart-to-heart costume to a Halloween party but my wife Tammy. She thought it was too small.

Sean she called me a liar. Small harbors a liar. You knew that home and I got it just to catch the quiz and maybe bend this to Sean.

We all should find out what our real inner you know Hollywood monster might be hot. I mean Halloween monster we've all gotten inner one and as I really pondered that and I think that the deep down I'm I'm really a skeleton that is a right and so I told her knocked on Joe and if you know my jobs you know that this is probably likely true. I told a knock knock joke while trick-or-treating last Halloween, and all I got was a couple snicker laughed, seated at the end of that. I would have a riddle of Bible riddle for you to call in and went in the South. If you calling it 866-34-TRUTH 87884 I was, who was the first person in the Bible to get a laugh so tricky.

See if you can do it.

It was the first person in the Bible for Tagamet snicker was the first person in the Bible to get a laugh and if you know that you can win what Sean irate the winner that will win one of our prizes from the Christian car guy kingdom pursuits prize just so I call and let us know the answer and we will get you the right price.

We have both hard as shirts or books you just tell the offspring are what you would prefer, and you call as it 866-34-TRUTH 87884 tell us who was the first person in the Bible to get a laugh. I'm shocked that the lines are just lit up because that seemed like a really easy one so you don't let me down. I know you guys got got got this so getting back to the rescue mission for second I I'm really kinda surprised you guys have women there as well as men, women toward your vision and mission are powdered milk work element mission for five years. Near the beginning of the aura started when interment night while connected with, and so are you guys, like the Winston-Salem rescue Mission lengths. You know when the neat things they do is they give people tours to come in and see what's actually going on, because wow I I. I'll never forget the first time I walked through when Sam rescue mission and saw what God was doing to split my mind yet. We have tours in her unit liked what you get for people come to the dermis commissioning and abandonment of mission-critical, I can't. I can't believe it all divided New York in August because we have a holistic program.

What we are trying to not only look at them. You know, in terms of telling them about the Lord return to do that. Of course are also trying help them academically, but occasionally we have an employment agency will be diamond job there holistic program trying to help them get on. I always stand just kinda blown away at what God does and pastor Beatty was tell me that the last one of these you guys had a gentler 12,000 people show up in Raleigh. Did you tell me yes or when the marriage amendment was front and center your North Carolina. We had a rally layer of the legislature was not allowing the people North Carolina to build on the marriage amendment defining marriage as between one man one woman and so we sent 12,000 people to the Teleflex Mall which is located directly behind the legislative building and in unison we said in the Halifax Mall. Let the people vote led to people and multitudes of people.

Even some of those who opposed the sale of that our organization was most responsible for getting the marriage amendment through the North Carolina legislature so the people of the site could vote on it and we have 61% of the people North Carolina going on record defining said yes we believe marriage is defined as one man one woman according to the Scriptures, and we're back because so many issues today are being put down, and this is not America. What were saying right now. We believe we need to stand up for the flag.

We need to stand up for law enforcement. We need to stand up for the unborn. They don't have a voice. We need to stand up for the family.

We need to stand up for the first and second amendments and so were going to Halifax Mall again right by him. The legislative mill building and we are asking thousands of people again to come back and let stand up for America was let our voices be heard less letter voices we know we want to people across our state and across our nation to know that we're still here were still standing and were not going anywhere now and you know you were telling me that you do been a chaplain stop speaking of stock stand up for law enforcement said so you can sense that while policeman's jobs today is just crazy compared to what it was right.

Just two years ago, will the last 12 months there's been more police officers and law enforcement officers killed in America than any time in previous history everyday when they go out like with their lives on the front line they stand between good and evil, light and darkness and they never know when they leave. I have been home, some eight or nine times in my opinion here to deliver the message. Two. Your husband and father.

Because of the tragic thought opportunity coming up Friday, October 29 to stand up the opportunities there every day in terms connected with the dermis to mission so much more with Robin pastor Beatty, not the state you're listening to the Truth Network and person how God takes your passion and uses it to build the kingdom and I am just so thrilled really to have these guys with me today. Pastor Ron Beatty Beatty I want to say right who's here with this event coming up with a return America stand up for America, October 29. It's on a Friday. How easy is it again after 1030 in the morning all those details are available as as it actually because we can work or sponsoring the taken part in this with with the pastor in all this going on there as well as Rob tart with the Durham rescue mission which you know we've got the stations there in Durham and Raleigh and and were so grateful for all our listeners out there in Rob insight I just sit there still just kinda blown away, and 50 more beds 50 more beds at LSU while I you know for me I always love the stories in a like there you are you you what you been there a long long time.

I can could you share the story of maybe there was a man or something when you first went that you're like oh okay, God, this is where you have me, you know, can you take us back there to give us an idea how God let that fire school and not sure what to do and always known of the government shouldn't hurt you when you work at rescue mission. I remember notes show years ago television called up Barney Miller. Oh yeah, that little thing to me that Jill is unable to in all the different people brought in on a given episode and now that that's kinda how we always got all contract characters coming in but what's amazing is like right now their mission.

We are about one of IDP BP administration EK Manning 2002 with the Clark heroin and grown and Gordon married Marilyn got a nice house and none district shining testimony of God's great and we can go on and on different people that found their way in their path in life and that's that that's the real chore.

You will the trick of their elite acquirement helping those in crisis at home, helping them to see a new day to be motivated to move forward and to try something different and not the dermis commission is a place for poor Americans like that you that's that's truly truly in dislike. Sometimes tension got I get to take part in this. I mean how fun this is to see him turn lives around and people that that that that looked you know, hopeless. But you know I think about a country that right now there's a lot of people out there pastor that are thinking there is, in the hope that I am the no that there so much hope. It's unbelievable because that's it is the wonderful thing about the grace of God is, he has enough grace to save the entire world and still has Grace left over and we're grateful that we have a wonderful Lord who was responsible for this great nation being founded our forefathers. Many of them were Christians and there was a survey done years ago to try to figure out what might our forefathers frequented them make the decisions I made the port over 15,000 documents bound 3400 direct quotes. They came to the conclusion that when our forefathers made decisions that 34% of the time to make them directly from the Scriptures, and that they were influenced by the Scriptures. 94% of the time.

So that's where we came from and are are were trouble today because there's a movement right now across our country in many of our liberal institutions to do away with the First Amendment and there's nothing wrong with her First Amendment and has stirred us through a lot of difficult times in the average length of the nations of the world who have had constitutions little constitutions through the history of the world is been 17 years and here we are 240+ years, having been guided by this great Constitution that was put in place and so were standing up, were going to Raleigh were asking people from North Carolina to come to Raleigh behind the North Carolina legislative building and less let people know that were standing up for Constitution specially First Amendment. I'm sure you're aware of the fact that our governor tried to shut her churches down during this pandemic and he shut the churches down to 10 people a minimum of 10 people feel home to have 50 churches nonempty.

So organization placed a lawsuit against the governor and we want and we first of all, go to study by a federal judge in Vienna after the study two weeks out we would we schedule to have the absolute and court the following Tuesday. He called our attorneys that were going that you have what you want so through our organization. We got the churches in North Carolina open back up so they could go back and wash this is an organization is bringing people now to Raleigh to sailor stand up for a flightless let everybody know we don't think it should be trampled upon. We don't think it should be burned. We don't think people should turn your back against it when the national anthem's plan we bow before Jesus, but we stand up for the flag that is so cool and and Rob I'm I'm curious when you got on the radio today. What were you hoping to share with our listeners that that we want to make sure gets well! Dermot where growth and expansion of God's people in her artwork that I was hungry and you gave me.

People wondered when will that work that in none of my children to me.

The recognition will be there and be not everybody can handle it on the person do everything they need to be gone, but we want we want to be that that venue through which the people of God reach out to the needy in our and and and what an opportunity because I don't think there's anybody that doesn't pull up to an intersection or want and we see this almost personally, think that I don't want to not do something for this person but by the same token I don't want to enable them to someplace so you know, just a a business card or something from your local rescue mission to say hey you know there's a better way guys please that's an okay night.

They get so much more than a dollar. And as I indicated earlier, what they eat what they really all that is an electrical, lack of relationship means of loneliness and pandemic and all the shutdowns are typically exacerbated by. Personally, I bet I know 25 to 30 people that if Dr. Moody here and an active simply because so many places like commission to shut down different thing to do everything we want to do another click services have been there and people are dying because of what they needed.

What I need to the Lord yeah and it it's is such that interesting time to live in right to be challenged with new opportunities and you know we got a lien on Jesus more than ever before going out indicated the world that seem to be falling apart around you knows what is going on under control and and what an opportunity if it is to me to like if you go here these stories. I'm sure you guys have banquets and other places where you're the guys who come to your program. Share what God's done in their life.

Thank you for bring about up with that one. December to the gumdrop adequate evident that Derek and Durham 40 if you have never been on these banquets.

Let me just tell you when SMS commissions banquet test was over, but don't have another one next year. But mama tell you it's one of the neatest things you'll ever go to because here comes here comes this guy is Benedictine and all and end and that but God. In these cases is turns the deal around and it's quite obvious to the hero of the story is and you get to see God at work and and so that's December 10 and you guys website is a just term rescue term rescue how easy is that it's out of people get connected with you, stand up for America past of return we send out newsletters they can go there and sign up and get a newsletter every time we send one out there are actually flowers there now that can be downloaded and printed off for pastors to share with her churches for individuals to get we have information there. We will also have parking information next week on their website for people to part and the rescue mission is reaching all of these people in the so wonderful to have a great ministry in one of the things were standing up for when we send it for America the 29th at the behind the legislative building is them born of they don't have a voice, some 63 million have been keeled in their mother's womb. I figure that if the other day.

The amount of children who have been keeled in their mother's womb would depopulate of Virginia, Tennessee, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Alabama and Florida but so many people's been keeled in the mother's womb, and so we're going to Raleigh to say, among other things, we've got to stand up for the unborn and we gotta stand up and and and what a way to show that unit were still voting with our fees for next and it was in that way we either were still here and and and we still want what's right and and you know we have a voice because like you said, our forefathers paid dearly, dearly, dearly for us to have that right to go have you know the right to stand up and say this is what we believe this is what we like and and then a humble way right because you know that's the idea. When my people are called by my name will humble themselves right and will there be some prayer involvement discussed only a reason for sure the Lieut. Gov. is not a politician. These preacher and when he when he comes running center.

He's got something to say and we're looking forward to him saying it better stand up for America. Okay that's coming again October 29. As we talked about. You can find out more about that. It Truth Network or horse pasture to set or if you want to find out more about the term rescue mission.

Her term rescue now good news God in Hollywood is coming on next, followed by encouraging prayer is so much more, that you today you are listening to the Truth Network and

Welcome back to thing the person when we hear how God takes your passion and uses it to build the kingdom and we have our God in Hollywood segment have that with a good friend Paul long Brad Silverman and today their special guest Jared over flattery, which sounds a bit Irish but anyway excited about that. So Brad taken away.

I'm excited that I'm excited to be Jared. Well I hear and now we got all night. Now we Jared the creator of the TV show called indignation. Now I don't use the term loosely or lightly, but the date you TV.

I ride indignation at the door. He declined. We need Binkley Christian worldview, Jared, how you describe anything. Yeah I think that's a good description for it you know it when people think of crime drama.

They think it really focused on on how heinous the crime could be bad guy. What are show to dig deeper into what going on in people's lives with their factor VIII witness and throughout the investigation.

Throughout the situation gaudily think to make himself known in some way, though I like the word unique. That's kinda how we go about it instead of you know taking place in a church service or having a Scripture pop up on more than organic weight got built itself throughout the episode. The drug investigation… All night.

We are really looking pretty beat Jan diamond in the lot were based in downtown Burbank and while you looking for the incredible film 13. He said that we believe in portraying God to the culture right, we are in Hollywood dotted Hollywood all you get a number I gave you got to show coming down here that he thought would like to call them at any jackpot out that it's really true.

It's quite interesting how this whole thing came together but I think the chosen and vindication are often nowadays in the same sentence discussed in reference because of projects that are shot well written well in Cleveland and everything about them and they have a God component or gospel component send them each a pH episode so we think is a big benefit there.

In this particular project has been with vindication just been a joy for us to be a part of were excited and we hope they do a lot more and we were thrilled to be a part of it through the Christian company but yeah I doubt that they could. Now indicate that what what will find that you know to be totally honest. Our very first episode would our pilot episode. Darker than John Ryan storytelling approach when I send it over to our composer start writing or at night very talented individual smart guy.

We got we'll have a name for it yet what you think you know and he watched it and came back that one of vindication and it did it immediately.because the obsolete vindication of the biblical term. In the Bible a few times that talked about mankind.

You know being guilty and found that to the book cry dealing with the crime stuff.

There were were working around suspects been evident in think of that nature just had a great double meaning. Tell me I can't claim that it was my you know my deep knowledge and intellect that brought this term about with our composer Billy came up just been wonderful… Don't you get it you just really be working people vindication where the bargaining find so vindication to one hour are pure for its original theory, the streaming service.

Click for those are familiar with it, like Netflix or Hulu focuses on the faith and family content and I were excited to have that as a Park beacon to get the what for what they have done to date they have released seven of 10 episode feet into so that the subscription service. They have a pretrial don't watch it there. There are some that they liked up and watch a little bit more that they don't want to wait for you to have the ability to purchase it on Amazon and that there and then also redeem team to get another date donor funded priestly service there. One of our our production partners well and that's also another option. I think if you going to donate you get a T-shirt and can affect the there are so multiple often and come out on PDF but I did yesterday email me. I got the first DVD that I order to indicate the lot of options: what your what your background in filmmaking and what would like to get in filmmaking and can will cut more but they do maybe have to break but what if I'd like to get the making of the to be honest with you I'm very unqualified in filmmaking.

I never never went to college level education high school when I got out of high school I was doing some subdued events with our church and by to pick up a camera and start capturing the event that they could show the church so the parents what their students were doing that I did that for about 10 years and now is to try to hone my craft through editing and camera technique, although sort of thing was really self-taught over the course of about a decade and once higher quality equipment was able to reach in the hands of consumers. You know what HD came out it in with editing and all of that.

I cannot start stepping into narrative scripted work so I don't have really background the got me here it is more of the company was called to do and God quickly yeah why you like. This is why on kingdom pursuit exactly what Robbie done it. He brings on folks who have a passion for Christ that want to serve him and see how God unfolds that so that's excited just another confirmation of just for me. That was always my heart for somebody that thought just feel God tell me to write a book of God's tell me to make a move. Even though I don't have a clue. That's why love and I love the Christian film finishing fun. I I'd love vindication because I have a pure Flix and I love your flicks, but I did know about vindication.

So ma'am, you could just get out of the fact I would be binging for that you know if you guys it here's what here's what I know right because Brad and Paul. You know they worked on the chosen and all these guys know what they are doing and if they say this is one of those that you need to.

I'm telling you that that's what that's what you need to do. Not to mention that selfie dad is on pure Flix right and you guys got a big award this this was last week or the week you actually know about that. We on the top 15 project of the year we were number two was that Brad was like, I still believe we got the number one fly.

We are like Avis. We try hard. Well, you still believe that's the deal. We were grateful beyond that was a great honor to be part of that look crowded great work of the Lord lift of the stop on that project. Certainly that was a neat opportunity but we think this is all under the banner of projecting the messages of hope and the culture and that's really what we want to see done in a long time ago. Brad actually I was talking about the subject and everybody got different lanes on the freeway in terms of faith and family world, and the lane that Jared is in right now. It will be different tomorrow lane or other lane, but all of her going the same direction point people to Christ.

And so I think there's room and space absolutely that viable Bible nature of each project and wanted their point people to God giving about left any number of those things are great but they're all moving on and when he said that I really like that. I'm excited to hear Jared Brad and Paul on John and Holly God couldn't be more excited about this new segment that God has given us here on kingdom proceeds is doing so many amazing things in some different venues. It's only different lanes is pointed out also when we come back to hear more from my friends grab Paul and Jared you're listening to the Truth Network and

Welcome back kingdom pursuits where we hear how Your passion then uses it to build the kingdom, especially with God in Hollywood right now on kingdom pursuits we have are good friends Paul and Brad and Jared on Brad being with The studios in Hollywood and Jared with the TV show on from your flicks called vindication. So, how exciting Brad level right you know I you find content that honors God quality, but we wanted you to all of our report that you can overlap around it and try to hopefully get to the next level right of factionalism we want. We want the Christian contact to be every bit of comparable if not better than anything the secular, though we have I mentioned earlier I and film finishing find and are a doctor filmmaker program and Jerry was one of the first brick, desponding.

We had it donor step, but Jared needed anything fine to complete episode. Some of the production of epic new and we had it donor step up and give it tactical donation for the Jared finished it project the Jared well in the right wing you were told hey yet it donor step up and help you get to the finish line on the cell yeah what I was just you think God and know that he somehow had a hand in God I don't know, don't show up.

They were even aware of that or doing it in a you know about, but we realize we had patient in our postproduction budget and you know where were coming up with contingency plan ways to try to get it finished. Based on what we had no will take what God provided to the part we can and then to hear that this opportunity came up, but below he had a plan all along to be able to get us to the highest level that we could on the postproduction side note know this is one of those.

Oh well, okay, you still very much with this project. At the get but not what what we look for when you're looking for project that you want to wrap around. You want to help and you want to raise the quality of Christian content weight look at your mind you're looking at different project that you exciting predicted the project that I deftly want to help but that's a good question, but you know the way we actually do it is we we do it through prayer and Brad and I will and look at each project she was gone. I would like to meet know the people and see what their heart is so personal looking at the people do what they're doing. What's the mission where they going and why. What is this all about, and secondly I okay now let's look at the messaging and sometimes you do it together with her debt because those are just one currency. If the article man what product it think that we can get behind. We we try to do it that way to make sure that we are being God let them doing ourselves and it is a joyful thing out there. One of the favorite things Brad I love Bill was making that phone call and let people know hey guess what this family decided to donate get behind you and the general fund at work to do it somehow your you're going to finish a project that is super fancy.

We love doing it yet yet I never really got other God and all you technically like the telethon failed.

Brad never would to be like report going on and I think rightly but I can't do and help out claim that the blessing like dump it in my and Paul that Leah went donor step. I love talking about that the doctor make bargain physically break to call Gary at daycare get donated dollars for your project. The kind of black tea anyone. It would be the upcoming project that we had in the work that a Catholic to enter a doctor filmmaker program you reach out to the conduct that there Will think you look about a project that you can be what what in the work.

That year on that point.

What you have in the work like what you did your full-time job doing vindication what you do like you get big, get other project. That can occupy your time. What's going on in the world. Garrett yeah though vindication has been all-encompassing, at least for the last 14, 15 months, I would say maybe before that it has been my full-time work. Working with the again limited resources that we have been no we don't have a team of 200 people working behind the feed like major studios work to get the thing out a lot of work a lot of long hours, 70 hour week. That sort of thing that has been my full-time work on our season just started coming out September 1 10 episodes. Once all 10 of those are out boiler for me to stay the way the wrap stop. Certainly Olympic bell that 1/3 would be appropriate. Though making phone calls and, weighing things in God open those doors for us to do 1/3 season. Just but but you know we were lucky to come out before we get too far ahead yet there that's really the whole cell and yes how wonderful I know… Excited again it's on your flicks is called patient first got The studios you find out more about the Christian film finishing fund.

Thank you Brad and Paul and Jared. You guys are awesome.

Thank you. It's always so fun to have you guys and right now you find Italian purging prayer. Interestingly, James Banks, his head towards the 23rd Psalm as well, followed by masculine journey starts here. Now if overclocked and then time to man up when Mikita fell off the Russian might so much. This is the Truth Network say what would you do if you were a new Christian and you didn't have a Bible Michael Woolworth my way from Bible, the international you probably say well and hop in my car and go to Christian bookstore or have one shipped to make one of those word options sing with him due to the faith. I mean I need to know what it means to grow in the grace and knowledge of Jesus, you know, you would pray that someone, anyone would bring you a Bible. That's exactly the way it is for literally aliens are Christians around the world are part of our spiritual family there new to the faith they want to know what it means to grow in the grace and knowledge of Jesus but God has them planning where it's very difficult to access a Bible and that's why the Truth Network and Bible league of teamed up to sing God's word to 3500 Bible as believers around the globe. Our campaign is called the world needs the word five dollars in survival $100 since 20. Every gift matched make your most generous gift by calling 800 yes word 800 why ESW ORD 800 yes word or give a Truth

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