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God in Hollywood

Kingdom Pursuits / Robby Dilmore
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September 25, 2021 12:43 pm

God in Hollywood

Kingdom Pursuits / Robby Dilmore

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September 25, 2021 12:43 pm

Guest host Ann Ault is joined be her good friends Wes and Amanda Llewellyn. Wes and Amanda own 4LFilms, a Christian film making production company.

Also, Brad Silverman is joined by documentary film maker Garritt Hampton to discuss his latest project for another installment of God in Hollywood.

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Podcast network. This is the Truth Network kingdom pursuits here from ordinary people instilled with an extraordinary passion together we explore the stories of men and women who take what they love and let God turn their passion into the kingdom pursuits now live from the truth. Your host Robbie Gilmore now this is not a deadline Casey couldn't tell my name all glass guest host Robbie today before I forget, I think the producer Sean Ouellette. He does a great job and my guess is that there have time to think, and so thank you Jean. By the way, I am part of Robbie data show the Christian car guy and if you were listening to the Christian card. I show just today you heard episode 19 of the planets progress, which is based on the old classic book by John Bunyan called the Pilgrim's progress only. This is the car version.

The Plymouth progress and the part of the Pilgrim name Christian in the original classic is called Plymouth valiant play by Jesse Cortina was the original list and Disney's animated beauty and the beast and he did a characters of Toby and so much more.

You can see as credits on site Christian credit.

Jesse is brilliant as valiant in the series but the last episode 18 and this one as well. Valiant opposing the evil a polygon is most amazing at podcast and try to listen to these podcasts on about 10 minutes on but quickly to give you a little history of our Christian card I theater which might encourage you in your kingdom pursuits about being faithful in the little things of God gives power much but in 2015, Robbie knew I had done over in a 200 episodes on adventures in Odyssey and we talked about doing radio theater. Robbie just went for it and in the first Christian card I theater show by himself in 2015, I was on the second show and since then we gathered this most wonderful all of us volunteered talented team of actors will them anyway you can find out all about our team on the Christian card I theater side. But what an amazing thing to start with just the two of us in 2015 and watch how the Lord gathered the team of wonderful actors who love the Lord Christian car guy theater don't despise the day of small beginnings, and you know mild pastor Lloyd Ogilvie used to say when God guides, he provides and that is so true that the same time it can be exhausting holding onto a dream.

Have you all noticed that it is exhausting sometimes and that's yet another reason to just hold tight to the Lord. And today it's my joy to interview a couple that I knew all the way back to 2009 or so when we all lived in Burbank and then they moved to Atlanta and I moved to North Carolina I had wanted them to help do the film version of a faith-based movie that is a beautiful Japanese-American love story called hearts desire, and it has been quite a saga over the years that we've all gone to my screenplay won a few awards that were getting closer and they are award-winning, God honoring filmmakers Wes and Amanda Llewellyn and before I actually get them on board. Right now I'm going to read their credits real quickly so you will know what great guys and what troopers they are, they are recovering from coveted and I felt when I was in the car that I just went all the audience to to just say amen to wish them a speedy healthy recovery. Starting right now and they're both a much better Wes Llewellyn has been a filmmaker in the motion picture been the industry for over 30 years on hundreds of productions in various positions including chief lighting technician director, photography, writer, producer, most often director the Renaissance people here for for 12 1/2 years he directed dramatic reenactments on the popular Christian show. You know the talk show Sid Roth and supernatural 5.7 million a week. He has.

That's the audience I'd imagine not the money they get. But anyway he has numerous awards for his work, including three time a winner 1/16 the film festival 168 hour film festival.

Our friend John Ware and Telly awards Angel awards Dove awards and I know God's rewards in his two award-winning full-length feature films. These are great. I saw years ago.

The moment after and the moment after to the awakening when distribution with Sony home DVD and are currently with your flex. Currently Wes has several projects in development at 1B hearts desire.

That's an adaptation of the book by the same name by pension event.

Will and Donna, but indomitable force. These two are in Amanda Llewellyn. They have 70 years experience. The two of them that they're not that old. Blaming Amanda has considerable experience in the entertainment industry many years as a performer 20 years as a makeup artist and hairstylist along with a variety of other jobs on the film set from script supervisor to set decorator to production coordinator and she has done it all in the last 20 years or so is writer and producer and she said several awards for best screenplay, including the 2017 168 hour film festival in LA for 12 years was producing writing the reenactments section of the TV show Sid Roth in supernatural, and Amanda has you know gotten cautious so many things. He's currently in development for several feature films and develop television shows about the general public in faith-based market after their longtime experience in Los Angeles. Both she and her director husband Wes are continuing to work from production through post in Georgia.

So finally, before we had come the station break. Wes and Amanda Llewellyn of 4L films and folks. These are real troopers.

They are recovering from coveted getter during this interview, and I was driving to the station today enough good field asked the audience to pray for you guys, how are you doing guys were good. Oh good, I'm so glad to hear it.

I I have so many questions I want to ask you. And of course we do have the next segment to which is all you I will not be blathering, but you just now II know I talked with Amanda the other day and we talked a long time. Right. I was amazed you really really terrible where you know you on your I know quite different. But Bill yeah, gosh, and then Wesley is she was saying that you're a little a lot more robust in many ways, you know so you you seem to be. That said, buddy, not Lord just eyes of the questions I I went to the kind of just do stream of consciousness stuff here. You know what I mean just go with the flow.

Tell me with the things that we only have two minutes horrors but then we have 12 on the other sides. But don't worry it will II want you to I want to know how you met the Lord and how he called you into doing the things you doing my mother all you your mother's fault directed children local elementary school.

We know our entertainment or anything like that.

Florida report on the apartment than in the know you lost a lot of baseball you both. Will be at her and directed children all over the micro though I would I would theatrically adroit, with really low paid pinball out so there wasn't really much I love yeah ended up in the story will tell you you you have class resume. I bid you everything which kind of is need to have a nanny and a granny nanny as well as you know of been that way just jobs before you get all the acting jobs and everything else you know it's it's amazing what Wes set not tell we have about 30 seconds left.

So just get to the first part and then will continue on the other side.

My mom will drop you all what fun is Irish thing the kid off of the theater. Okay guys will be right back pursuits with Wes and Amanda Llewellyn. You're listening to the, welcome back. God takes your passion and uses it to further his kingdom and we were just the station break at the point where we were listening to Wes Llewellyn Shen from 4L films award-winning here I you guys just amaze me and at the station break we were listening to Wes explain how he got into the business are loved show business, and his mother as a kid was dropping them of the thing which makes me laugh. I had a little of that myself so continue. By all means please Wes will be over and over and over. Yeah, you know you will love the movie story below the old and new. I want to be part of it. I know you don't make doing directing but got older I realized I write what you do in front of the hearing an opportunity to go to go underground the last minute with, look at me you are no done a lot of hard school work in the dark room college you got a look at me. I regretted it every night and dark. I actually left that orientation went by and built apartment following the I love during the Bible, yeah. That story but what what is amazing to me what he thought about putting a lowly job.

What do you do all that you played the heart and he played with the slingshot which we rethink of a minor to find it was a major tool would be like right now with Don and he prepared blowing the Hartman slingshot and when the opportunity arose to guilt you needed to get working. God wanted him with slingshot in the heart and he was prepared and I look back at my life look like I are Nikon camera got back work everybody about my mobile uncle and learn how to use alert shoot with slingshot.

I built my own darkroom I would shoot and then I worked to college in the dark.

Most my job was printing working in the darkroom pretty pictures composing costly those years just studying composition and looking out look you work.

I think I would like slingshot my car God brought me and I look back yeah it's just been amazing and and and I know this life is an easy, have you noticed that you know then that is it is God's light of the said God got what got guys he provides. And if we have ears to hear that it's that listening and it Amanda. I know that your you know you, I'd love to know how you and Wes decided to to have for else. It was for L films stand for that's that's the number is number four and you know ALLLOL oriole when we were when we were when we were in no Llewellyn Beaulieu well I now LOL LOL how funny weird we're but we will have a world world world there with your goal.

Llewellyn Borneo will call the company world. Not really a big yeah her name built world build Llewellyn yeah you want to get the hang of it though it's easy but well thank you I was always wondering what does that mean that sofas and assign the demonstrates so you guys obviously met and married, and I I know this is II won't necessarily say anything, but there was a cute story, if I remember Amanda where you know you are telling Wes how you could marry him or something and then kissed you that haven't no way of doing things like the grout night what you remember. I went to started doing the crying talking thing that you women do telling me that you know we did away weekday are you going home but on one and I remember I looked at my work there for 45 minute walk. He told me while we couldn't date and that after 45 minute finally going on me only good luck and I what in the red-blooded wedding that really started going to live. Probably the real deal that I never forgot that story long way back to New Orleans on the novel concept marry your best friend. Now I now with exactly reignited what I really will will know which helped a lot writing partner yeah go on a lot dear where we we realize early on that way for the world together without yeah I like that we only have two minutes. I am so sad to say but I mean what a way to crown. I mean they know what you've done, but this gives them. I love you guys, you've put up with me where becoming friends. Whether we like it or not over this love you so much. I really do.

I always Avenue tell me you love me. It is another amazing thing, but I mean it is amazing when you when you had the guts to expose yourself as a human being with all the flaws and you still love each other that's marvelous thing yeah really know much yeah really are obligated to one another and be kind whenever we can do to think of your partner spell. Think about earth every every moment and and we should be doing the same thing here modeling behavior when and now is an easy where human unfortunately still sullen humans saved by grace we have now. I just can't thank you enough for being on you know may the most high in the sky bless you dear guy as I am so blessed to know you through thick and thin and I look forward to and I do think there are good things ahead. Don't you guys think so. I mean it is crazy is the world as I believe were headed is not too late to create good excellent project and films that draw people to the waitress in life that you worry about yeah amen I'll thank you, Wes and Amanda well enough for L films and most high in the sky. Dear Lord bless and keep you both make you stronger than ever. With all the antibodies you have now and God granted leave their love you so much bye-bye. Stay tuned.

You're listening to the God Hollywood posted by Brad Capa Studios in Burbank caliphate and his maker yesterday. Garrett Hampton way. Brad, your boyfriend, you do well on cool firing God Hollywood. You know, learning… Burbank media capital of the hearing what your deleted right then we are right and left your rate the other filmmakers around want to have one thing they want to impact the world for Christ through their film held and we don't even called really help identify somebody very talented, very regional filmmakers were doing stuff for the cause of Christ and we got Garrett and Gary live like that very young daughter Linda would go with area and why something bold bearing only. A lot of people do. I know I would. Garrett tell it what you know, a few years ago God called to tell everything our home all Russian but suffer from filmmaking here and gather our family into a travel trailer and leave our home and traveled the country to make a documentary on homeschooling and more than just homeschooling.

It's really a film about family life will ship so that's what we did and we spent about 2 1/2 years living in that travel trailer traveling the country shooting the film and we just finished and now the film is that Capa Studios" and we couldn't be happier.

Amazing project and how we want one interview project and will maker the body of Christ. The greater body of Christ, and will rally around the filmmakers and help them get project to the big screen platform. The culture because the finger are incredible implement right and very likely that there project for example in the yeah Garrett fell at about project why homeschooling what was your passion. Passion will follow up with what happened her obit why homeschooling over the past sure will actually we never wanted to homeschool and change about 10 years ago at a home convention in California that are fun to go to but we were the family that always but we would never never homeschool but once we started we thought that it was a great opportunity to train up the hearts of our children to integrate God's word and every part of their education and so we really became huge out the movement, and even before we were making the movie we would talk everyone we know that hey what are you doing with our day-to-day because we know that education function important part of growing up in the butter made affect their truly their eternity. And so we wanted to call parent where they would take the discipleship of their children seriously and really can't figure how day-to-day they were training their children so we felt him forgot. I would think we felt like a great way to do that was to use our talents and filmmaking to make a film to really show people what they could do and what the results would be an growing number that break the purpose of the homeschooling to the vehicle that the mission that were called during our children and youth thought it you wanted to be with them. Really all the time and really did influence them and ended when I love it how we were the same way we would never family we got every Burkett orchid older than your we got down how to what you are living in the motorhome for all the time in your wrap your 12 people part of the homeschool movement out of the habit. God opens doors miraculously and got invited miraculously when we took off. We knew we have money to live a few months, but we have to trust God to provide for five years when we started we didn't know anyone was going to be in the movie we literally had no connection from the world and God provided everyone are one of our first early interview was a man named Andrew good law been in this industry for 30 years and knows everyone and when we were able to interview him. If there's anyone you need to talk to you. Call me and I'll help you get a hold of them and God.

You and others to open every door for you provided an amazing calf, but it's not just a bunch of experts in academic also real families were living without, and who got the dog working in the hearts of their children over the years and it was truly all by our and all for his glory. I am a perfect example of Christ strength being exemplified in my… Called home school house rock house rock. The homeschool revolution band powerful documentary and yet what going when we inquired encouraging and challenge hearing. So really our role by pulling our children more. I would think a week, month, year in IE, it's more critical parents are readily functional with archaic log homeschool center project "better documentary.

I look. I would like it right now Mike is Republic going and yet I still challenge and encourage step up my game by people my children you like me that you not only likely yeah as we speak culture changing so drastically and I don't wall coming down everywhere and really it looks like the foundation is crumbling.

We realize that part of the reason for that is because Christian Christian families have been very comfortable and they've trusted kinda cool and funny morning church to do the bicycling or them and so no matter what the effectuation is with your education. We know that as Christians we want to transmitter values chart we have to be intentional about that.

We have to be in God's word word and fill the biblical worldview for them in a solid foundation and that really time an investment in their part and so we we really want to encourage people, we didn't want to be the Holy Spirit and bring you know the heavy conviction to people but at the same time we know that we really needed a break up all of the church and even our needed death several years ago and brought Bob was gracious to do that for Dr. we are regularly pretty fair but it started now about one minute, which is fine. I'll let you know. Oh, and got it I got one minute. Last week about how cold the corn yeah always been all of it had to be homeschool.

But we like it or not. Well all you there a lot you thought about obit in one of those parent pies were quickly opened that they could be with their kids all day so many parents think I could never do this.

How would I manage my help to deal with the time. How could I deal with the education and COBIT really took the curtain down and just made so clear that parent could do that. I can tell you that homeschooling looks like probably triple so true, and I hated her belly of the station, bring that I haven't drawn the workcenter London okay. Stay tuned. More you're listening to the and new calling post grad Studios in Burbank and his still make a guess Garrett Hampton and it's been so exciting and I love what you guys are talking about so please continue. Great way.

What we started in Christian film by nonprofit tax deductible where we invite people or lead people are praying as the body of Christ fees themselves protect the fading in project that can impact the work right. We said let's good people can make tax deductible donation to help project like Garrett get finished and get into the culture for maximum impact. Anyone with you. you'll find the Christian film finishing fun pad you can kind of find more about it and contact that we can give you a lift in the film trailers and not dozens of project that can impact the world work right you can see how you can make The declination to help the project get finished and into the culture. You can pray about it but You can contact that we continue the film trailers and all that good stuff. But I did get don't buy get Bill fired up when I talked to Garrett Garrett what you would what you mean take away what you hope that is accomplished through the documentary Schoolhouse Rock while our hope is that there's a generational impact for quite we understand that parents invest in the hearts of their children as they build a biblical worldview as they share the gospel with their those kids will go on to do the same with their grand and so our hope really is so much more than just to help with the Bellmore to you know didn't get into theaters or whatever we want to be the gospel proclaimed that we want to use the tool but then after that we want to provide really great resources for the family to actually do what were calling them to do so along with the film we produce so far.350 podcast.those were we guide people through the prophet of training their children of teaching them day-to-day of building healthy families of parenting and we want to walk along a long fight them out.

The five other children brother why we want to Garrett on leading the charge neglected and called wonderful ministry and really help parent in all walks of life and all of their parenting to really be morning here you will all bring it up. It's working okay you and Yvette fight a lot for the yacht Schoolhouse Rock and I want to point you, but for our stake youth Dr. by the look but here you that you might want encouraging me to want to get behind you and help you get with got in Hollywood and with What you like that well it's easier to talk about what my girl time. Yeah, at the same time we left our home. We brought our girls with automation and they were called to leave their friends and their family California as well and we as a family lived in very very tight quarters for a long time we were really basically homeless, but for now here's just in January. We are finally in a help again, which is a blessing, but because of that for years our family was kind of always stone and our girls have learned to survive on the road to be very close to each other.

It has been a great growing. But it's also been a challenge for them socially, and we've all had to learn to live God. Additionally, you know the just really was everything we had to be done and God has provided miraculously, but at the same time. The reason that have taken five years is because as you know fundraising for Christian ministries really are and we never really fully funded the film which is kind of why we have to because of the Christian film finishing fun and out ministry to filmmakers so were so thankful that God provides that great tool getting the gospel out loud brother you what you say you know very quickly. I wanted to say what comes to me is the enemy is out to get the compete. The children he's out to kick the children and I think what you're doing is just so noble and so admirable in Jesus name.

Keep up the good you be and hopefully look well this is what will really encourage the Garrett guy like that. We want to get in touch. We want to rally her.

We will work them personally support the project as we we believe in the book the guide me to make the sales. But, I mean the cocaptain about that if people you could be a trailer for this movie to contact us through Catholic will anybody want it will send you a trailer for the movie info on this movie info that Garrett and that ended the Lord is rally around them, helping financing and timing. Thank you for joining us today thinking emphasis in Hollywood Silverman and sign my ranges when the is a Garrett Hampton bless you and go out there and do God's work. This is the Truth Network

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