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40 Days for Life & God in Hollywood

Kingdom Pursuits / Robby Dilmore
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September 11, 2021 12:45 pm

40 Days for Life & God in Hollywood

Kingdom Pursuits / Robby Dilmore

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September 11, 2021 12:45 pm

Robby is joined by Steve Witten, a pro-life activist for 40 Days for Life. Robby also introduces a new segments with his good friends at Kappa Studios: God in Hollywood.

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Not cuticle off the Russian nightmare know the devil's nightmare here from it's time to man up challenging men step into their true manhood. Your chosen Truth Network podcast is starting in just a few seconds. Enjoy it, share it, but most of all, thank you for listening to the truth. Podcast network. This is the Truth Network kingdom pursuits where you hear from ordinary people instilled with an extraordinary passion together we explore the stories of men and women who take what they love and let God turn their passion into the kingdom pursuits now live from the truth. Your host Robbie Gilmore oh.

Welcome to kingdom pursuits where we hear how God takes your kingdom and today we are lined up to have with us is not here with me. I'm told is Alex McFarland who is got this big event coming up in Myrtle Beach. It's called the worldview a battle we must win. It's Friday, October 15 start at 6:30 PM insults on Saturday so it's in Myrtle Beach I'll worldview a battle we must win. And then also with us today in the studio. We have an old friend was seen in a few years.

Steve Whitten is with 40 days for life. What a wonderful cause that has been over the years and so excited you guys are doing that again. And so I get Robbie welcome Steve, thank you very much. Very glad to be here and what a wonderful cause. And so when you guys start this year. 11 days.

September 22 runs through October 31 in just about every abortion clinic around the country is over 500 gatherings for 40 days for life interesting you would end on Halloween. Though in the past.

Actually, there's been times we've ended the but I think what it is this just the Sunday before election day right that's that's kinda what happens.

So I've never known it to you know that is interesting timing. Yes, well, she is my birthday is October 30. Okay so I hone in on those October days like yes that it meant so you know Alex's event is worldview battle rights as painting of battle right. I know that you hello my show. When we do these riddles.

So I've got to do this, battle riddles, so get ready okay you're about to be punished with you like about so I finally Sean I know you can be glad to know I finally started winning the battle of walking my dog and I did that I started dressing in a time you don't understand well see that's all he could do his business. I want to go all the way and put a hold on and so I know a guy who's a baker in the Army and you know he goes in the battle with all funds a glazing and said they traveled on the stomach is say here's a car one for you which Alex would normally love is here so you know what is the classification of a Sunday after he dies and Hyundai that's good I like that that's not really good is the key because if you spell TA you get it killed in action very.

I wasn't expecting you. So it was just part of kingdom pursuits were actually getting our Bible River right now which is you know we have in common. So what chapter of the Bible did the Amorite sunburn never sat what chapter of the Bible did the Amorites get a sunburn that never sat in a Milburn that wasn't a more even though there Amorites is Amorites and the more that anyway I got a sunburn that would never said moon burn is if you can answer that we've got some amazing x-ray.

We had a nice T-shirt. Books from the call and let's really think the answer is get your price 648-7884. All you gotta tell us and I know jump right out at you Steve oh you know what chapter in the Bible. The Amorites got a sunburn argument. Just remember the story I would be delighted to hear that 866-348-7884 and so getting back to 40 days for life easier when did you get involved years ago years ago.

I've been involved in pro-life stuff. One way or another. Golly, I would say since 1974, which is rather sobering thought really is still going on. You know Roe V Wade in 1973 to split the country that people in one hand where abortion in the first trimester is not enough on no up to delivery time and then you have the other side which wishes it wasn't there at all time I'm there and so is that is what 40 days for life is so I cannot actually find out about my goodness, it's been so long I don't remember I think college is personal friends told me about it. It started in 2007 in Texas grown every year. You know I like to clarify right off the bat that it's not a protest letter. People just think just get your out there on the street that you're protesting in this place for protests and about 40 days, no yelling, no shouting, arguing no bullhorns, no jumping up and down. In fact, if you participate, you have to agree to the to the rules of civility. We don't like entrances. We don't block the driveways and stuff like that. So how did you hear I mean, how did you personally I'm trying to get to that part of the story like I think I just friends and I thought to myself this is really good and I went down there one times many years ago and I've been going anything, just back to that day what they tell you when you got there when I knew I'd be holding the sign that says pray to end abortion and I knew I'd be across the street from the Planned Parenthood abortion clinic. How did you know that that's where you meet and that's what they said they settled on the phone before you got there. It's been so long ago whether the phone or in person. II I'm sure it was like minded people said hey Steve you know you're pro-life. And this is 40 days for life come down and stay check it out and I find it a very worthwhile thing. Lo and behold, every now and then woman on her way to the clinic will stop and talk with us and change your mind and that's wonderful and we call it a save. Okay we call if anything is one of those stories, the actual story like well I can. It was in October. I think 2017.

Now, the layout had this particular Planned Parenthood is that it's it's built kind of on a hill in the lower portion is where the clinic is in the upper portion at the time. Other businesses were there. What's interesting about it is, people would park there to go to Planned Parenthood, only they didn't want you to and I was across the street with my sign and I know to happen to notice this woman was sitting in her car.

She had the front door open and it was a Saturday, so there weren't other cars there, and she was actually vomiting. She had the door open and was heaving and I thought to myself okay it's kinda like now or never. And I said, Lord, go in across the street and I approached her I said something so I wouldn't startle her as she turned to me and she heard this her first word she says I can't carry this baby is really to say I can't carry this baby what she had been in the clinic. I guess got sick and came out and and I carry a card with me referencing the local pregnancy care center and I simply set there or you know you don't have to do this today and I said this place here. I'm giving you this card. They deal with people like you work with you all the time. Okay and I gave it to her and I hardly suddenly I realize you know it's small cell phones that she was on the phone. She called them up right there while I'm standing there and I sure I said some of the things. But anyway, but I left her alone to private. There and went back across the street and many minutes later she composed herself and she laughed and I actually don't know. In this particular case. If Sherry came back but the words of encouragement.

Then you know the pregnancy centers. As a result of Roe V Wade to something like 3000 of them in the United States of America and the wonderful work and I pray she will have a wonderful well we've got Steve Whitten 40 days for life it's cranking up in the Winston-Salem area is 40 days for life and find out you know how you website. Yes, across the South will be right back.

We got God in Hollywood, the last segment. Now I can finally you're listening to the Truth Network and your passion is to build the kingdom. Today we are talking about Alec McFarland world battle. We must win Friday, October 15 at 6:30 PM in Myrtle Beach and again you go to Alec Find out all about that, as well as Steve Whitten with 40 days for life in Winston-Salem and see what's the website where they can fairly simple. Robbie, it's 40. The number 40 days for a for 40 days for really urge you to look at it you learn all about it and you can also click on the of the get the location of the abortion clinic near you and you can join people there. Like I said when you sign-up your agreeing to the rules of behavior and if you have never done this I would really urge you to do it because it will change things for you going to see the abortion situation up close and I you will see women change their minds and you will also invariably meet people who decided for life are so happy they did. And the interesting thing Robbie is you will find in the pro-life movement.

Huge number of women who had abortions and they just realize how awful it was. They regret it and they want to save other women from that terrible experience. They fall into the category called a post-abortive woman and most of them that have abortions never forget. I can assure you I am was a task. One time I went to the Association of Christian counselors.

I world event or whatever, that they had in Nashville and one of those Association Christian counseling companies was the national right to life hotline and enough women to call when the wind ain't when they had that situation and so I had a chance to interview. Maybe two dozen of these ladies that handled these phone calls and you can almost in each case, I just started out the interview by saying you know God comforts us for the comfort that is comfort others with God is at work out in your life and they would each go into their story on how God did you know shown them through their own abortion water horror that the situation was, but more importantly, in my view, the healing that he affords for those people who have had it. But again, they just don't want anybody else to go through what they went there to and you know, the same is true for men so they have men counselors and so with every pregnancy.

As you might guess where there's meant there's a man involved his mother as well and most definitely manner, the forgotten group in all of this, the pro aborts think he's got nothing shouldn't be involved doesn't understand it. Who were you can even talk about it okay, but the fact of the matter is that the man's kind of on the short end of the stick sometime legally in courts have not given him any rights you can have a situation where the woman wants the abortion. The father does not end up in the man is lost in an Indian court. They say too bad. And then the other thing is that basically virtually every abortion is a man behind it. Just pushing to have it done.

The boyfriend and, tragically, sometimes it's the girls father. But the irony of all this, quote choice stuff is that another thing if you join us at 40 days for life and you meet some other people in a very short period of time. You will hear a abortion, testimony, and the woman will say I felt I had no choice, which is very ironic because she's just being pressured into this thing by usually a manner to write. So if you got another one of those stories that you remember or something that you saw in your personally involved in something that is stuck out with me for about three years now. I attended a conference I heard this woman's testimony she got pregnant upright and in college I had an abortion and then two years later met a guy who she married in two years. After that they had their first child, and to show you the impact of all this.

She gives birth. They bring the baby to her and all she is thinking about is the abortion of four years ago and the baby that she gave up, took her. She said two weeks to fully bond properly with the newborn that she had here conceived with her husband and assist this lasting affect thing and it just shows you that man's involvement that back when that happened to this such a typical story if you don't have this abortion. I'm leaving and you have a lot of women who have gotten themselves into this cohabitation situation and their sharing expenses with an apartment and they think this guy leaves, I can't do it on my own etc. etc. and just feel really really stuck now now and and so while it and in it's kind of a meat thing from my perspective, but mostly what you guys do is you pray. It is called a prayer vigil's not a protest. Okay, like I say, no jumping up and down bullhorns, etc. a prayer vigil and the sign you hold says pray to end abortion and you can learn all this for 40 days for life 40 days for and that's what the bit that's the beauty of the most real don't like confrontation must be honest about it and I like to sit here and tell you that nobody's there are people driving by are going to throw certain gestures that you or something or other, but the majority of people that the express themselves that are driving by our friendly honks and thumbs up. It's really wonderful job and you know, for those who had a chance to see the movie unplanned diagnostic movie and it was all about a 40 days for life vigil.

It was that really made an impact in Texas. Yes, it was rather low-key. As far as putting forward 40 days, but that's exactly who and what it was this fellow named Sean Carney and they were literally next door.

The office is he from Henrico to the abortion clinic in the wonderful story about that is that that very abortion facility is now housing the headquarters of 40 days for life.and the lady that was over, Abby Johnson, that's corrections got a wonderful story. It is amazing she had a couple abortions for self continued to work for Planned Parenthood but there came this day when she just you know she had enough because of the prayer and a bit about the thing I love about the movie is it makes it so clear right that how you change hearts right now. We can change the hearts of his country.

How would you change the hearts of a mom that's in the situation you know God is the one. This got that's right that's right. That movie was very good because at the beginning, it showed a court protest, group in their calling out another calling the women going in there murderers in the course that gets you nowhere and then 40 days came along and she saw them every day and the just standing there the way, even at her high smiling and they print that's what it was and you see a rapport was established that when she finally had it. Because, as you may recall, she saw on the screen.

She was asked which you were never was really was asked to come into the abortion room at the help out in some way and she saw this baby and she saw the baby in the womb being sucked away by the evacuation machine and that what what was even more horrific. From my standpoint was the callous attitude of the doctor was involved in the whole thing is very demeaning, dehumanizing, intrusive, this guy walks in with a mask having an defendant with coven and you know that you know and bang bang out the go and assist this awful empty feeling in there can be physical ramifications. You don't hear about it much.

Every now and then they got a call 911 bleeding and all this, Stefan tried to hide it from the public. You know that EMT is called to an abortion clinic, but it does happen. So back to Sean Connor Carney and Abby Johnson. There was this rapport and when she had it, she realized what was going on. She showed up in his office next door. She had to talk to somebody right and so you know the thing about about it is it puts a face on the whole idea of a portion of words at this abortion clinic) Winston-Salem career as a director and this woman has an impact on lots of people's lives and what's going on in that woman wants to serve God sucked out somewhere down and not wilting right and shifted God's eyes hold an American. So when an opportunity we have to really pray for the enemy so to speak to me this is and when they did that with Abby Johnson. You know what an impact. It made for the king just probably more than you can measure and you know she started this foundation are ministry I guess you know there are lots of abortion workers that want to leave they get to a point where they want to leave but then like everybody else. Megan knew for income and this and that and her ministry will actually if they if they wanted to quit today will cover her costs, make up the gap of no more income for 23 months whatever it is, help her get another job. It's really cool and course she came full circle and understood it at a level that you know a few people in which she was sued by buyer Planned Parenthood and she went underwent a whole lot of trouble immediately but but you see how God can come prevail in these things and so I would urge people in the 0 to 3 years later another youth you can get that on DVD unplanned so good it's it's it's very good that's another one that didn't gain weight. The notoriety you know, budget constraints, and also what it had a problem getting into some theaters and that's was the movie Gosnell and that was about an abortionist up in Philadelphia and they just turned a blind eye to him for many years and finally the authorities went in and it was just a horrible horrible place, and so again it's 40 days for life, which is the number 40) days for life in the neat thing is is that right there you can see where you put in your ZIP Code or you can put in the town the rep at any sign up for like a one hour shift to get on there.

There's other people. You hold your sign prayed end abortion and that's exactly what to do and in time you will meet a woman who will is is struggling in all of this business. Pray with her health and long does it feel really really good. You see God in any way we can possibly say thank you for being with us to come back were going to be talking about God in Hollywood got Amy, you're so much more finger pursuits, not your listening to the truth and Welcome back to where we're your passion and uses it to build the kingdom and we got a whole bunch of Hollywood coming up for you. But first we got Amy, with the cures can be on at 1 o'clock today. And speaking of life and that thing Amy.

You guys got a big show coming up today.

There I hope I acting God in control and is in Amy, you know, obviously Russian say obviously for those who read your book.

You know this is part of your story and you've seen God come in right.

Love is the answer. God is the cure. In this particular whole arena in light now I'm not asking as beautifully and absently is to be a really wonderful show. It's alive today at 1 o'clock on the Truth Network and of course you can call him they would love to have your costs and so Boris is there. It's going to be a big thank you Amy God bless you guys have a great show today by so I'm so excited to introduce a new segment for you guys today. We have God in Hollywood and so sort of hosting this segment we have Brad sell Silverman with The studios and the Christian film finishing funds on the turnover you Brad and let's roll Robbie how are you I am excited to hear this actually Robbie, but rather on a day like today on your anniversary of 9/11, we have that great day… And I'll get with today. The minute there's not anything we document everything you can find out more and appeared on your website as well, but A PPA You can check out our Christian film finishing finding one more about what were talking about today and I'm karate. I love that the title of the start, everything that that people think that your listeners think about Hollywood is probably pretty Hollywood is what it there is a rent right there are in Hollywood. Truly, to honor Christ with a personalized load of work and your your listeners are familiar with the show called the chosen well. I'm personally I mean like I bet I watched it.

I mean, it is absolutely powerful. I hope my listeners are very familiar with it, it is it is a phenomenal thing and I know you guys are a big part of the anything on that right. We are yet. We were were were really love that you will be a part of and yet] and what and what were doing here because of the remnant in Hollywood because they think God in Hollywood believers in Christ, you are in Hollywood.

We like to give your listeners an opportunity to partner with more shows like the children impact the culture how your listener can partner with more advanced the kingdom through film and television and we have our Christian company, think on it were just starting God in Hollywood thing were starting our adopted filmmaker program. We got along well. Paul minute talk about what is the adopted filmmaker program and how people can help you more product impractical to write a high guys paid on Robbie how are you I am just thrilled again. Have you got snow yet. We love you shall and all about the passion right certainly a perfect match. The adopted filmmaker program by recognizing that filmmakers do sometimes get into trouble in faith and family will grant you the term called partner and that's really what were looking part of the filmmakers that run out of money and wherewithal back into their show. And there are a number of projects right now we've got about 15 like to get out there gospel in faith and family met shows that give hope and point people to God and the message of Christ. And so in that endeavor, we realize we need to adopt the filmmakers we need to come on by and get behind them they were doing that now. We wanted to open an opportunity for the public at large to get behind and know the story.

If you've ever done anything with like world world impacted vision. You adopt a child and you come into their life.

You get into what they're doing to support them. You pray for the new wraparound and even though it's a world away your wrapping around. So basically we thought the same concept we really are to be thinking about for filmmakers because they're pretty discouraged a certain point going through this and we come alongside with prayer and just support job and then we get more working down the culture with the chaos and the fear the world today.

It should so important to project more more messages of faith in God is put in the middle that you never looked for it was our plan strategy or the largest direction and often that the needful thing when you see something just go do it and actually started doing edits resulted in the Christian film finishing fund and adopt a filmmaker… Bog more, go to Let check out the creek don't be all the info on the details on adopted filmmaker program and today Robbie work work work work will that we want to focus.

We will highlight one particular project that we want your listeners to prayerfully consider getting behind partnering with him either project get an impact and into the culture and the guy with your friend brother in the Lord. David Helling and I will love it. Got that incredible Gatorade. David warmer start in the United States Marine Corps and Iraq war veteran, and David you there. Yes sir, I'm here.

David man on a day like today though I know you for a while love you man, but you on a reflective day like today, thanks to me later. Appreciate that. What an honor for me to be here with y'all on not grain thank you so much and I hope your life but on behalf of all of it.thank you for your many years of active duty in that the dangerous spot in the world. Thank you for serving as man think observing the country's absolutely thanking Toronto Brad yet check it out riding everyone out. David went from serving in the Marine making out thought about how you got from me to be like right now we want to focus and and let your listeners know that it is a brand-new movie called only nine gave Kelly about that movie is only one yeah and you know a lot, going back a little bit. My time in Iraq with was very pivotal and really everything I do. I was really a battleground in my own heart.

The Lord was doing work in me over there, you drew me into his work.

He showed me that my own sin, but repentance really meant what is sacrifice and atoning work on the cross really meant. And since that time, my life mission is to illustrate Scripture's truth so that others can see what I saw and so that others can be drawn to the word have their IPO.

So for years and years later I jump in on you that music tells us that we got together will bring in. So let me tell you again, go to The studios to find a Christian film finishing fund them again. David Helling's new movie again. As you can partner with him. This is a really cool opportunity so I hope you'll stay tuned as we hear more about this new upcoming film we can all your listening to the truth and Welcome back to the kingdom/God in Hollywood to work in the Hollywood.

How fun is that when we left David Helling are actually hero today.

He was not sharing this yeah will you are in so many ways anybody that steps forward for God, and especially in Hollywood. What were called him a hero today for sure. David as well as what you done an in-service force but again I hated but to start where you words are to share this vision for this movie yet film written and directed and the cost actually but it helped the account of Abraham, and I particularly when the Lord tested Abraham by asking the sacrifice his son on Mount Moriah which is actually one of the most controversial lien scrutinized accounts in the Bible, but really the field of the dual narrative work so on one hand we watch Abraham to get done on the three-day journey-on the other hand through flashback. We explore Abraham and their decade-long struggle to have.

I particularly, there is heartache and pain in the years and years and years of infertility they were waiting for the Lord to provide man great and I when you look at that picture a picture of right picture of the back about God. I finally got it done. Powerful project yet all on an honor to watch the early K of this movie a month ago and we really moved by and I was right yeah all the doubt about that. I think it shows the power of God and really speaks to obedience and how this man was able to obediently serve God in the most difficult possible situation ever.

David like that yet. What we think people take away your click the project and he lived with it for couple years, leading people to what you know yet like that the last three years as I work on the film is been the darkest and really most heartbreaking fees in my life and I know with everything going on in the world.

Most of us are hurting, but the Lord is been very gracious in allowing me to spend so much time with the spring Abraham and and be able to see that in Abraham's trial. The Lord was very pregnant and it was for a very good purpose. So with this bill yet. I hope people are stay by the going forth of the gospel that, but my brothers and sisters that are already here. I hope this film brings such a comfort and a reminder that in our work in the waiting and the long-suffering that the Lord here is very present. He is God with us in his purpose for the trial.

Whatever our trial is good only time we just like a couple more minutes, so let your listeners know what they can do now to partner with this film to get it going. Besides, obviously, we need to pray going right now right yet playing or movie and what you think you we weave through our Christian film finishing people can make a tax deductible donation debate. I work film can cut hundred thousand million dollars.

But always making earlier title and many others are just a little short and totally transparent. David like 24, $25,000 short that that where people can make it Deductible donation to help Gatorade and advance the kingdom. Spell David. People conduct that can can we send them a trailer for your movie. Yes please do. Okay, that you look at Robbie and got an exclusive trailer for it is only as well as more info and people can make that will do anything to help Robbie yet been and you will truly be adopting that your brother don't get to the finish and we have many more to come. But on this day we certainly want to focus on David so Robbie you are a blessing and we we are thrilled to be able to serve Christ in this way, film and television to get into the culture.

Brian got one more thing, film particular, and many others like it need to go out to churches all across the country and this is the way get done I will film get out first. We have to finish it and then let's get it out everywhere so people can invite their neighbors, and there can be a gospel in evangelistic opportunity.

Absolutely again the name of the film is his only son, and then you can find that it K a PPA the Christian film finishing fund and let me just say that that story about Abraham and Isaac like we always do a Passover Seder every year and we slaughter the street and and so I've held the knife and slaughtered a sheep and when you do that you get a sense that Dino Abraham and slaughtered a bunch of sheep and he held that life you know that day and that's it and it's something that you really have no understanding of how God could possibly have been the one that he actually made the cut. Where were Abraham fortunately never did and what a powerful message. His only son again go to The Brad, thank you guys. Thank you, David. Thank you, Paul God in Hollywood and thank you for listening. You guys make all the difference.

Truth Network now stay tuned out encouraging prayer followed by a masculine journey of Salem and then the key them all off on man up the devil's worst nightmare. This is the Truth Network

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