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Kelly Gilbert and Rasheed Ahcter

Kingdom Pursuits / Robby Dilmore
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August 7, 2021 12:44 pm

Kelly Gilbert and Rasheed Ahcter

Kingdom Pursuits / Robby Dilmore

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August 7, 2021 12:44 pm

Robby is back and he's joined by two believers, Kelly Gilbert and Rasheed Ahcter, who work around the globe, allowing others to access the glory of God.

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Hi this Roy Jones with man talk radio podcast admissions to break down the walls of race and nomination your chosen truth radio broadcast will be starting in just a few seconds.

Thank you. This is the Truth Network kingdom pursuits here from ordinary people instilled with an extraordinary passion together we explore the stories of men and women who take what they love and let God turn their passion into the kingdom pursuits now live from the truth.

Your host Robbie Gilmore.

Wow, what a treat we have for you today. Truly an international trip as our guest today are coming sorting from around the world. So first up we have Rasheed, I'm number should for years about still in the same last name. Well I think it's ask her buddies with light of Pakistan and is actually in Pakistan this morning. So welcome or shade, and wow, there's a crisis that's welling up as a result of covert in countries like Pakistan and receipts, on the front lines of that is he is an orphanage and all that. And so Rasheed called me this week and said Robbie had really like to update your listeners on what's going on in Pakistan so so glad to have you on today and then next on and we are good friends they'd known each other for years and years and years. I can tell a lot of Rasheed stories, but I won't right this minute because I gotta get my guest Kelly Gilbert is with Transworld radio and Transworld radio Africa needs Jesus.

Obviously, like Pakistan needs Jesus, but we got a campaign going on between the Truth Network and TW are or were trying to get some radios out there right Kelly partnering every meeting and so actually Transworld radio has operators on staff right now. Taking calls from people that want to give to this cause right in this number the 800-456-7897 number nine.

Alright, I'm glad I asked so and so Kelly briefly we can we can put her radio in the hand of somebody in Africa which will getting all the reason that's necessary, but for very little money right now and will look like to gather around around one radio one $60 you you really can create a whole spectacle in one of these villages just call them at 888-988-5656 wanted to get that right out of the chute and then got an operator standing by and they want to get going with that. But those who have been missing me but since I been on vacation probably say Rob is time for rental.

And of course it is speaking of radio.

Sean, you knew this was common shade now is, and I don't think Kelly's ever been on with me so she didn't know. So the question is Sean can radio be an addiction. I would assume so.

But I know why it depends on the frequency yeah I like that now in America when you call. It would be the same in Africa or Pakistan. I doubt but in America, what would you call the average radio stereo typical in this scene really lame to some, but is absolutely hilarious to me and my sense of humor, so I radio ship radios the German Coast Guard is ready for this and this should help were sinking as you might do if you radio the German Coast Guard German German Coast Guard.

Of course responded is thinking about what they said but anyway so you know at the end of that actually would have a little bit you could call it, and when today and we would love for you to call in that number little different 866-34-TRUTH 7884 and tell us in the Bible had the highest frequency of imprisonments who had the highest frequency of imprisonments in the Bible. If you can guess that Chantel about that when that little is to get the kingdom pursuits.

We have a whole host of Robbie's got back in his office so call and let us know what we think the real answer is, and Robbie will get you whichever book you would like that has available.

We have like a treasure chest prize vault all that stuff is in my office with all these books I've gotten from so many offers over here all you do is call us at 866-34-TRUTH 87884 and tell us who in the Bible had the highest frequency of imprisons imprisonments think you'd probably get one anyway.

Moving back to Pakistan for minute service shade. Last time I saw you actually were in the United States. How long have you been back in Pakistan all almost a whole year with going on and all that stuff all be in you know you don't know what will make on all that I know you all the more people I see Shirley as I received, this is this is the temperature rises with all that's going on that the needs in these countries, Third World countries like Pakistan and Africa. They just keep going up right Kelly and so I'm sure that all this is really affected like how I more important to radio now be in Africa than it was a year ago about what going on. You are fine. Find a perfect heck of hope and encouragement can only be found in either getting married, and then all you have church in their home. They don't have all that that pictogram green here.

They have canceled radio that they can aerate very important right and again I mean how cool is it just for $50 you can put this radio in the hands of a family in the village one radio go so far because so many people can listen to it that I've heard stories of them listening out into the fields and people just gathering all around again, that number to call in for Transworld radio. If you want to take part in that is 888-988-5656. $50 give one obviously give 10 for 500 are, however, all that works in service shade for those of that that one of see about what's going on for your you got a new website right for going online or snitch. What's the what's that got God on all but not yet you have blocked off on the ratio let's let the website address to know okay I IGHI all life of life.

I write my life will get more on that she forgot a lot more coming from Kelly and we got Michael is in Ohio so got some new stations around here now in Ohio excited to take that call to be right back to the minute you still have time call us at 866-34-TRUTH 7884. You're listening to the truth and's where we hear how God takes your passion and uses it to build the kingdom and they were so blessed to have with this Kelly Gilbert Transworld radio Africa needs Jesus give her radio and give hope many parts of Africa do not have the means to connect to the Internet so joining the Truth Network in Transworld radio to put the word of God straight into the hands of most people in Africa again. $50 gets a radio in the community or a home or if you know biggest what opportunities they got operator standby right now. 888-988-5656 as well as Rashid asked her with the light of life in Pakistan very fun old friend of mine who's actually in Pakistan right now trying to get an orphanage together, you got people with covert it's it's quite the situation, but also for the first time ever in the history kingdom pursuits. I have a color from a city in Ohio that I cannot pronounce because I think it might be Ashtabula in my right, Michael, Michael, are you with me. He's trying to be back on hold and hopefully we can check back in within Sean and see if we can get them, but I I'm really dying to know something else. Master both how do you spell that you have.

It is critical that we just started a new way to new stations in Ohio, one in Toledo and and one in Dayton so I'm very excited that we have those people online with us as well. In kingdom pursuits, but Kelly getting back to you. This covert thing is really change the game had insert go ahead and we were able to get hurt planning on having all that I declined, allowing Eric numbered like a degree in the going radio elsewhere. Think a great actor, but either electric or windup radio. They have an internal battery after I we have one of those radios in the studio for anybody ever comes and visits that you can see, I mean how beautiful is it that you really you can listen to the radio wherever you are.

The other cool thing is Transworld radio. You may think or how to get a signal out there in a bushel.

You guys have some of the largest transmitters in the world right crazy 1 million what you and I we were thinking were great if we got 50,000 W.

You know, but you guys have some transmitters that are out of this world and Africa right all all and and Mullally all over right and so the good news is that not only did you know that obviously people got a radio out, and wherever in Africa, but the reception is terrific because you don't you not competing with the signals that you compete with. So you got 200,000 wants to begin with and then you don't have 47 cities and frequencies that are that are competing like they do in United States right right and so the other neat thing about what's going on there is the programming itself right is in a lot of times their native language where they don't know necessarily good to hear that very often right a lot of people in Africa be able to turn on the radio to Kayla and I have a lot of programming language that right now. The big one, people are able to listen language and hear the gospel where people they might not be able read a Bible now only way to get much more impactful in trying to translate and understand it and we can understand likely increase perfectly. The other guy just worked out wonderfully. I was through the years as we partner with you guys since unbelievable what God is doing right Scott things going on around the world. Again, we want to give you a chance to get in on. It's the number to call to give right now.

They have operators available. 888-988-5656. $50 gives one radio you can give. Five.


Whatever you want with whatever God puts in your heart but also with this again were not only do we have Africa, but we got Pakistan and and received your tell me on the phone as I was talking the other day that this covert thing that you got people literally running out of food right in his will have so people can. It's a little hard for what ever reason the connection is not great received but but I know that I listens really anxious to know how to connect with your ministry and we were trying to get light is light out perfect and then life I'm supposing civets light 0F of life LIFE all will light LIF E. Light of light of life. okay. We finally got it all right.

So life light of life, again for received and for those longtime listeners of kingdom pursuits receipts got quite a history played cricket back in the day he was the Michael Jordan of cricket in Pakistan and then God is given this platform to reach so many people there in Pakistan and this he mentioned they're building an orphanage. The hospital they got a lot going on in given food right now in the name of the Lord. So you know that's absolutely absolutely huge with Kelly. I know one of the neat things are listeners always and for two to hear from Transworld radios you got stories of families that have actually been impacted by this and I went little concrete building radio collected by account people at church for a radio again not radiant people on radio Oliver and Ely Dori E having problems with the great point where he could walk without a cane. I could even lock it all without any quote by Dr. ever walk again only if you are the program on Friday night. Live with would be my people, today could claim and one time he started praying about Frank told the person your hand where the part of your body that may hearing the Ingres put it like that. Oliver don't think what… If you are not over here like that guy yelled quite like that. You don't look for it and how God worked it like way everybody Dori… My Jesus. Think about the whole I have somebody on the year speaking out to people that really I mean the have the healthcare they don't perhaps have jobs, food all these kind of things that that he is actually in his own way teaching them how to pray, reach out to God and connect in with the person that loves more than anybody in the world and and for those elites listening right now you know we don't even think about the fact that we get to hear Christian teaching and talk every day on the radio like how many times have you been fed by the Truth Network well this is our opportunity to give that back some of those people in Africa again.

The numbers 888-988-5656 and the got operator standby $50 will get the radio in somebody's hand.

That man and them put them back on the road, so we have so much more kingdom since coming up.

You're listening to the truth and is willing to build the kingdom. We are so blessed to have with his today Kelly Gilbert would Transworld radio Africa needs Jesus and they got this campaign partnering with the Truth Network to give away these wind up radios.

People don't need electricity that can just hook up even though they can get Internet they can get radio so there in Africa as well as Reseda actor who's with the light of life ministry in Pakistan that right. But right now I got Amy Carbo who was with the cure.

Her shows come on at 1 o'clock and Amy got quite a show lineup don't I count on radio that will help right how cultures are there. I'm hoping it will lie in imposter, toxic thinking hospital how she locked her I will know she'd hope to help you shall Now this is a conversation we just need to have more and more, don't we Amy is a just man it just breaks my heart that the suicide a lot more I certainly has affected many of us, this is a live show an opportunity for you to call in and enjoying the discussion, 1 o'clock on the Truth Network with Amy and Boris.

You got Boris Holly tree always to have that's always wonderful.

Thank you Amy God bless appreciate you calling today at A great show is good to be back. But getting back to Kelly in Africa.

When we left her heroine. You even got some of the stories which I just think you're awesome. Hopefully encourage all our listeners with no a lot of these folks list and probably have given in the past and so they can kinda hear what that what they've done. Along the way serve you got another story for us.

I'm in Kelly. Kelly with some kind of losing your signal maybe your volume somehow wow yeah yeah yeah is wonderful. We appreciate your back to the corner of the Lord, your doubt really believe in going out and knowing change my life. At one point and it came and went out. People glided well and opportunity you will go are visually impaired greater behind our client and around and hearing their jointly paying a couple different. I wonderful. They're going build the rail and prayed to the Lord and prevented talk about how much they wanted a radio TV icon before you get there, but they haven't been able to get everybody and once again we were able to get them to everybody there and would be willing they will wait until next time, if you can't find here that that you know how weak my radio very humbling. I think that what I got up. I will willingly thank you all a late), a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for them being great way to get really touched my heart being there joy in the Lord and bite what they had to deal with in life and I'm in Outland. Eric Heitman enjoy ever getting their first radio while absolutely I can't help but think that's a good one person since God comforts us with the comfort we them have the opportunity come from other people live in so for Victor. I mean how cool is it that that God met him through radio and in my own way. You know, radio played a real role in my own discipleship and I bet a lot of people listening you feel the same way and so you know it's really a really neat deal that we can now give back to the way that we were blessed through radio by calling 888-988-5656 again $50] puts one of these radios on those kids. Imagine you think about all the time Dutch Kelly like man you know I want these kids when I come back the next time to be able to get the radio right there all yell and really understanding that what you like, don't much care yell I think about is those kids would take those radios back. And as those kids come to faith. Guess what we find out in this country all the time right through Child evangelism Fellowship that the kids leave more people to Christ, you know, that's a real fire so that's why the Pakistan right that what you're doing received with your orphanage.

There is another way of of reaching children, but I wonder rushing. It's kinda hard to hear you too but have you got a story for us and what's going on Pakistan and what I think so my mind I know I shall not want. Really all I don't know what's going on with our connection but received this just really really hard to make out what you're saying and I know you try to get right to the point it be nice if if we could hear it. We can hear is just that there's this echo or use the speakerphone or some speaking right into the phone.

Yeah well and who knows okay will you got a couple minutes will go back to Kelly and so Kelly you yourself, how did you get involved with Transworld radio. I will Ohio activity. I have heard about where the learned colony will okay want to give up that number again to give to the radio opportunity 888988565688898856561 more segment, back hopefully will ever see your listening to the truth and Earlier I got to so blessed today to have with Kelly Gilbert would Transworld radio in Africa needs Jesus give a radio and give hope we talked about many parts of Africa do not have the means of connecting with the Internet, but they can connect with all these wonderful transmitters of Transworld radio has throughout West Africa and in there with these wind up radios even without electricity they can hear the word of God. It's absolutely amazing thing and so we got Kelly with us as well as Rashid actor would light of life, light of life ministry in Pakistan service she'd how we doing. Let's see if we can hear you better. I don't know tell us what you wanted to tell us a minute ago. Oh that will write white I'm gonna find.see if I can since it's a little harder for people to hear.

Maybe I can for the translatable bit so I'm I'm hearing you say is you're doing what God told you to do and you've gotten the money and purchased the land for the orphanage and the hospital will the school so you got so at this point in time you're raising more funds in order to build the building and right but at the same time you got a maybe you got a meeting yet you got me got immediate needs for food right okay so that's light of life, ministry, light of life. so getting back to Kelly so Kelly for those just tuning in and don't know about what you guys are doing in Africa. Can you give them the the Reader's Digest version so they can kinda speed about what's going on there country and I cleaning I traveled have a network of about 11 or 12 wind upgrade $50 you that there are people getting radio and continuing another country you are allowing well and people are able Wind up integrating their internal battery pain. Many people can afford it wind up the radio and hear you are here, where they really can't easily hear otherwise. Absolutely beautiful and again the number the get involved in that is 888-988-5656 number 888-988-5656. $50 gives one of those wind up radios. Obviously you can give multiple depend on what God puts on your heart and for all of us. Obviously we can be praying God's going to meet those needs is people have a desire for these radios will clearly with all this going on with Covidien others. There's also its opportunities, you know, is God unfortunately allows you know, a lot of pain a lot of other stuff. It leads people right to be more hungrier for Jesus to maybe forever before and so it really is a unique opportunity for such a time as this right Kelly will help anyway I yeah absolutely it's really cool. So for those of us are ignorant like me can you try to tell us how to find Molly. Where were you talking about an effort all liver water now. He, like Mullally Porter, the country, allowing a whole lot of other pre-acrylic on now. I want to plant at least when you say South Africa.

I can and I am remembering so clearly when you when you get a chance to see what God is doing.

As we heard in these stories is amazing thing that we can partner with Kaiser on the Truth Network, thank you so much Kelly and thank you Shane for being with us in Pakistan for God's doing their in Pakistan again. It's light of life, in Pakistan.

The flight of life,, as well as the number to call one more time. 888-988-5656. Thanks, Kelly Transylvania.

I got so much truth, that prayer followed by masculine journey starts here now this is the Truth Network

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