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The Pastor Chris & Pastor Chris Show

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May 9, 2021 11:35 am

The Pastor Chris & Pastor Chris Show

Kingdom Pursuits / Robby Dilmore

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May 9, 2021 11:35 am

Robby is joined by 2 pastors who not only share their love for Jesus, but a first name too!  The two Chris's.  Chris Lieb and Chris Hughes.

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This is Michael Carbone with the Truth Network for partnering with Bible league international on open the floodgates Bibles for Africa in many parts of countries like Kenya, Ghana, Tanzania and Mozambique as many as 9/10 Christians are denied God's word by corrupt governments majority religions in poverty and remoteness five dollars and the Bible.

$100 since $2500 sends 100 call 800 yes word that's 800-937-9673 thank you for caring. Hello this is Matt slick from the match look like podcast right defend the Christian faith and lay out our foundation of the truth of God's word for chosen Truth Network podcasts is starting in just a few seconds. Enjoy it, share it, but most of all, thank you for listening and for choosing The Truth Podcast Network. This is the Truth Network kingdom pursue where you hear from ordinary people instilled with an extraordinary passion together we explore the stories of men and women who take what they love and let God turn their passion into kingdom pursuits now live from the truth. Your host Robbie Gilmore welcome to kingdom pursuits. But first Fernando little Christian car guide business working to get to have gotten capacities in the second was to have Janice from the Christian cargo show where we are talking about being needy out loud and Janice we didn't want to not be able to talk with you this morning so I was doing the next show I thought well I'll talk with Janice if I can tell us what's going on there and I'm 71 and today I haven't had a car so I linked out to one brother, that in an $85,000, wanting remember return meaning you know, get car and two other brothers that were very you know you're not saying why don't you say. Recently I quit an agency thinking I was getting help my eight client roommate and a lot of demonic stuff. Haven't happening in the house. Anyway, I got my oldest brother to take me to car play yesterday picked out a car and he can't direct and like $7000 total. I use the 5000, and I have to pay back, and he berated me about you know not bathing and I don't make much money at times, but they're getting, I'm I done sometimes five work seven nights a week.

Over the years and you know 40 hours a day for an evening and right now I'm not sure where I'm going to be working through another eight I quit and I said I went back and my client break roommate is not in on meeting me. She was there three years since I was worried your brother used when he started writing you at outfit stuck like a knife. Yeah that word nothing in out. Can't believe I even got a Christian friend who was driving me around and they honored her and that you are nothing. Nothing. You know God has a name for you and I can assure you it's a beautiful name. I can assure you that when you hear it, because it only promises in Revelation that know the over comers are going to get a beautiful name and Satan would love to use the power of names to get this and so that word. Nothing is something that you may hear from a number of different people, but it's all from the same source one enemy who who hates God and he fears what you could become my other brother that are said you can't be with your pastor prevent any church that you and I are not right yet so let me pray over this quickly and I left a couple of the pastors with me in the in the studio who feel free.

This is puts the spirit leads you to say anything. Pastors, by all means that all start off in Jesus, thank you for Janice. What tremendous courage she has come to call in and I thank you for calling on her life to help others and to be of service to be your servant. Above self is just a beautiful wonderful gift that that she described Lorna pray that you would speak clearly to her what her name is and and that she would hear what you are that she would realize it's not what you're called but what you answer to help her to answer to you at and help her should to break the agreement that she is nothing she is not. She is everything. And maybe that's what she does. Lord, you know, and I pray that you would help her to hear that. Clearly, I pray that you would help her to see that in your eyes.

She is the most amazing amazing person and doing everything for your kingdom and and I asked this Jesus name pastors and men but disagree with you Robbie and in Janice. I would just say that that we we would also come into agreement that the grace and the strength from God would be on your life that you would you would see that because you've given up so much. Sounds like to be able to serve others and we can see that it is not been supported by your family and so I just think father of the grace and the strength that you can continue to walk into thank you for what you do. Janice, thank you so much for having the courage to come in and to call the show, you know it's it's easy for other people to attack us and particularly when were followers of Jesus people like to tear us down, and Satan uses words that can be very hurtful to us. Janice, I just want to encourage you to remember that you're not nothing you're a child of the King, the Bible tells us that we are created in the image of God himself. You're a child of the living God. You put your faith and trust in Jesus Christ and the Bible tells us to because of that the royal blood of heaven is flowing through your veins and you are an heir in joint heir with Jesus Christ. Because God is adopted you as his own child, Janice, that's not nothing, so you stand firm on the word of God, and know that your Lord loves you and it doesn't matter what evil says or comes against you, your child the king and you have an eternity in heaven with God. One day I could Unless so much and I want to be praying for you throughout the week thinking about you, thanks for call life caregiving understand my wife's same way she has that same gift so that's awesome. I know what that's like. Have a great and sometimes people are not Christian.

All the more reason that they meet a Christian caregiver that's an opportunity to share what love looks like. Unless I got a go.

I'm sorry got the thing to just talk to but by okay now kingdom pursuits.

I was gonna take your passion and use it to build the kingdom and you you heard to Chris's so this is the Chris show. So first off, we have no economy. I do love it when I have somebody that's familiar with the show. Call me and say Robbie, I got a guest somebody. You gotta have on your show and that's how this one happened. My friend Jack called me and said Rob you gotta have Pastor leave on with you. He is with the dream Center of Forsyth County works with a copy. Faith church as well.

But pastor Chris tells about the dream Center is barely somebody's dream. I discussed it was a nice dream. It came out of Isaiah 58 and you know where where God says is not the fast called for you to feed the hungry and clothe the naked and the brain. The lonely wandering your house and so to be quite honest, you know I was associate pastor.

The church is still I am but observing in youth ministry and serving with young adults in and so they asked me to go to the dream Center and my heart has been captured by serving and in our community.

And so we know where off more passion Avenue been there for 20 years and and we been primarily purchasing of giving out food providing resources. But my heart as a pastor I guess is a pastor as a person is to see people be transformed and so were creating programs what we were doing some substance abuse. We also have family like counseling were helping people that are stuck in addiction which is touched just about every body something you just say everybody I like his statement, but I can assure you it's part of our division. Yeah so is in in in the church. We know that people are so ashamed. What we have Pastor Chris Hughes, also with citizens for what is right. So we got him and all we got the red in the job. Don't go anywhere to be right back. Welcome back to kingdom how God and his kingdom, and today we are having with this pastor Chris's pastor Chris Hughes with the Christian well soon to be the Christian perspective and citizens for America found an Pastor leave with the dream Center of Forsyth County, but citizens for America foundation with sectors. Robbie, thank you so much for having me here today and and I love your show because you take what people have is a passionate show that God really has given all of us a calling, no matter what. How crazy it may be in for me. It's crazy because it's politics and public policy, and most people shy away you know when you talk about that but Robbie when you look at our society today.

There's a lot going on in our culture that really needs to change and turn back to Jesus Christ and for our listeners as followers of Jesus Christ, you need to have a biblical worldview and worldview. Just how we see the things around us, how we interact and release Christians everything we do should be through the lens of God's word and his son the Lord Jesus Christ. So what were doing at the citizens for America foundation is we are trying to influence the culture fruit for Jesus and were doing that through education for Christians, and also trying to affect public policy on their ego so and you can hear through his voice and presentation. It sounds like a radio guy and so he does so part of the reason he's here is the thing about radio, but you knew I was in the riddles vineyard bedpan, so did I have how well you know with the dream Center. I couldn't leave it alone. So, speaking of dreams like this. I had a dream that the whole ocean was filled with orange soda turned out it was a chance to see him later on I had a dream that I was a technician who fixed wrecked cars not unlike Jerry it was sort of an auto body experience. Laughing can hear the not exactly like you.

But the last is actually my favorite loft is just like you see yeah so I guess I got my dream job at a guillotine factory I did.

I got my guillotine factory in. I'll be heading there shortly. There you go. And so you knew that at the end of those I would actually have a little older and riddle for you today and we are present to go with dream.

In the Bible told him he would be heading dream dream in the Bible told him he would be heading there shortly. 866-34-TRUTH 87884 and call in if you got that in that they guess it makes my five dollar home, I could start $25 to you by dream center County.

It is a dream for some lucky caller 864 8788 for all you do is tell us in and they might know that no one's ever been wrong in the history of the Bible told him he would be heading there shortly.

866-34-TRUTH 87884 so getting back to the dream Center and have you been there for 20 years noted and probably been there since the spring of 2019 and so now I just took of the dream Center. In that year in really just didn't realize how much my heart could be much. My heart was into what were doing right. There is just my passion is perfect for me to be a big builder to talk about this. It really is in the thing that shocked my friends and the reason why I think what it really wanted to get you on was. He said Rob you must.

This is the best keepsake written Forsyth County. It really like oh my goodness, here's this huge place that's providing for all these needs and nobody knows about it and and so an opportunity to get the word out that there's some dreams being fulfilled in an with people that have needs there at that at the dream Center and so again somebody's out there right now and they got it they got there needy out loud there like man I like like Janice was just talk about where I don't have food or I don't have close whatever they need to do what we have regular set hours every week for our food distribution. It's a Tuesday and Thursday from 9 to 12 or Wednesday afternoon from 4 to 6, and so I would encourage anybody that needs food and you know there's there's a stigma. People say that when asked for help and so how were things I always encourage our our team about and we pray before we open is to make sure we treat everybody with dignity because all of us at some point in life or anything, help, and so sometimes it's just a little help just to get us through. And so if anybody needs food or close either one that you contact dreams and what we would love to be able to provide us interesting image that because I for years and have the Jesus labor lover, we help single moms and widows families in crisis inquiry. The Christian cargo ship and often no hurting people hurt people. So they're short on the phone sometimes have attitude and no solid. That's when I used to tell all my monitors just get ready because these you feel like you're doing these people favor, but they don't feel that way at all. I mean, that isn't the response says interesting thing it God gave me early on that if you pray with them almost immediately, like within the first sentence or two of the discussion that you're having with them and this is the prayer that God gave me. Never I it's just amazingly powerful. All I said was still saved from from Dr. one is God, thank you so much for Melinda and for her courage to ask for help. It means so much to to actually have an opportunity to help Melinda and I'm so grateful for that honor to help her and and I pray that you made her need and and and please show us a way that you get the glory for this that people know this isn't anything that we did, but it's something more that you and that you get the credit for it. In Jesus name I pray, and wow watch what happens to the applicant melt down by means because they feel God. And when they do it's like oh yeah and so I don't mean to give a biblical Hebrew S but it just hits me something to do it anyway. So, in Hebrew there is a relationship between the third and fourth letters. The third letter is called a gimbal in the fourth letters called a doll. It will begin to look like a foot if you'd ever see one reason looks like a foot is because it is the rich man ended his porn is running after the doll in which his department, which is the fourth letter okay but the dollar.

This goes back to the gimbal on purpose because you don't want to embarrass the dollar by running after it. And you know whatever, but you see the doll. It is running after me and the gimbal is running after the dollar to give back what has been stolen. Not something that it writes it, you know, not charity, but given back to cyclically hurt Janice to slot right. Satan is trying to steal her actual identity into being this beautiful person into being nothing and so by us running back. Whatever rich person which would run back and give that to her shoe giving her back what was stolen from her and and in doing so, you bless the by the doll and receiving it by the poor person receiving what you're offering your blessing the person that's giving it 10 times so if you don't receive what that person is giving you your you literally are robbing them of a blessing. And if it's a beautiful lit lesson from the gimbal in the doll and I'm sorry didn't mean to get going all that is good, which is exactly in its own way.

From my perspective what you're doing by sharing what you know public policy because believe me, there's a lot that people are trying to steal from us right now in the way of public policy that's exactly right. Robbing a lot of it happens because were not educated a lot of Christians you notes so so if you are a good church attending Christian according to studies put out by barn and his agency you might go to church once a month so if you're only going to church once a month and you don't read the Bible every day and spend time with the Lord and learn. The only thing you're hearing is from a pastor for maybe 30 to 45 minutes, maybe on a Sunday and that's all you're getting one other survey that was done just last year found that 90% of pastors never address the issues that we call political issues such as abortion and homosexuality. Transgender is him divorce. Those issues are not political issues but but preachers are calling on that and not addressing them. Those are issues of sin.

It's an issue of the heart and and because people are not educated Christians don't know how to respond in society. So that's a big part of what were trying to do is provide education, but a huge issue.

Robbie is on college campuses across the country. So what were planning to do right now in the fall is rollout a Christian social conservative public policy opportunity for students across campuses in the nation you you might be free with Charlie Kurt Charlie's on a Fox News a lot a sworn organization called turning point USA or TP USA there great organization.

They meet a need, but they are not really a home for social conservative Christians in all these college campus. I want to tell you, people robbing the blessing kids on campus are scared to death to take a stand for Jesus Christ because their professors punish them with their grades, their friends who have what they call cancel culture so were trying to meet a need specifically and to educate and train Christian students across the nation. Starting this fall, the American citizens for America foundation that's that's the name and then we have Ramona is in Walnut Cove has an answer for us for monitor on Kanga pursuits component good morning earlier.

That, I'm so glad I didn't call but anyway, my answer is Joe when he was in Chris Baker. You know that's a great answer absolutely where your winter there's no doubt about that.

Ramona that Joseph was the one who interpreted right and so afraid of unnecessary and we got more welcome fashion and uses it to build the kingdom and were so excited to have with his pastor for citizens for America foundation and pastor for sleeping with Forsyth County and they're going to be talking with us more here in a minute, but next applicant Amy Cabo with the cure and Amy, you got a show lined up for us today. Right all along that kind of time aiming there's a lot of us with PTSD nine yeah yeah I know I know I mean to you know there's trauma is any point in your life or you thought you might die and so this can be really helpful. It's alive so you can call in with your story.

She's going be on at 1 o'clock today don't want to miss the cure with Amy Cabo and her sidekick Boris, just a delight to be on the air with them anytime I get a chance. Thanks Amy appreciate you going in that I will I will look forward to it today at one on the Truth Network some pastor as you got there can and then you working at the dream Center, Forsyth County. Obviously the meeting needs for food and other things. Shortly after you got there. I haven't just having been around you couple times.

I have a sense that like all that one point time you went, oh God this is why you brought me here you have a story like that of a family or something that happened that you discounted what took your breath I had. I do have one story of a week we start this program called evolving the part of what were getting into his is mentor ship or coaching just helping people through life we got the counseling and sales stuff that we we we start a program it's it's in its infancy, but is called evolving as a young lady that called me as a benevolence and she was using hospital get Ray to have her second child and her boyfriend had her first child and he had some mental challenges is bipolar.

Her car was going to be evicted or repossessed repossessed after carbs can be repossessed and ensues. They got out since you left the hospital. They were there facing eviction said this is hurt, circumstances, and she and so at first you think I will. How can I help you meet and what it because me times I don't even have the answer browsing, but you have God's got an answer for you.

And so we prayed with her and what evolve does is it connects a person like that that need support they need some I to come to help them make some wise decisions. Is it it can be tough crawling out of those seasons and so we are working on this program called evolving supporter with a mentor and so fast forward a year, you know she's not, I wouldn't. She's out of that relationship. She's got her own apartment she's working she's got her self back steady.

She's got a car I mentioned this her car payment was 700 and so yeah but before she did tell me a month.

She said my car payment under $65 a week. I grabbed a calculator to do you know my study is nothing she said what about $350 and said that it hears its way toward Madison Summit and enough car is this, and it was like a 2009 Ford focus, and so people get taken advantage of. And so that's by car dealers, of all people. Well not every body that can take advantage of some is a said it's helping people like that that I want to mention is really quick.

Let me to take up all the time but but I just ministered this the other day and this is the passion translation and I think it's probably not from Psalms 130 verse seven and into that says that God has a thousand ways to set you free and that's in the passion translation. It doesn't say that in the new King James says he has abundant redemption and that has just stuck to my heart because all of us feel stuck and you know it. At certain places in life but God has a thousand ways that you free the circle. I then sometimes I cry and noted people know I can see why because there really are and you know that you know not present on so often have run into that with the Jesus labor this love.

The same kind of thing like minimize will have a Dixie cup and try to go into the ocean is try to help this person seems like there's so much going on but as you just go okay God. Clearly, we have the right appointment here.

Clearly, you want me to do something so I know to do and it's almost like okay you're my only answer so I guess a better pray like it fixes the rise I was let you put this there on purpose so you can show us the does have a thousand ways that is so amazing is just a great story past Chris, is there a thousand ways that tell him that he's been helping you out because I imagine when it if I was sitting in your shoes with public policy right this very minute I feel like I had a Dixie cup and a big ocean together.

There's definitely a lot going on. You know in our nation right now is traditional family marriage is being destroyed in his image and cantle culture you with with Kober there a lot of things going on in churches right now there are still a lot of churches who were not meeting across the nation are just like businesses have gone out of business. There are many churches who know and not open doors or they will never open doors I was in a meeting last week, a good friend of mine pastor Rob McCoy. He is in California and robs a pastor of the Calvary Chapel church out there and he was the mayor of his town. So here's a pastor who ran for public office. Boy am so proud of him. He's a hero because I mean why shouldn't pastors one for office. You have your platform already in your community. You have people that love you. Sometimes your good public speaker you know and you and you know how to address the issues. 11 people and Rob became the mayor of his town and then Covidien and his church got shut down and the government came in and said were to put you in jail. His lawyer said Rob you need to be prepared to go to lose everything that you've got your gonna end up in jail. They threatened that the state of California threatened to fine the first thousand people showed up at his church on Sunday morning but Robin, Chris, God works in such a great way because were all the body of Christ on that Sunday morning when they said were going to meet even though you've ordered us not to meet because is not the state that tells us was to do that. The Bible clearly tells us that we are to gather it is a body of believers on a Sunday morning and on that Sunday morning that the president said there were find the first thousand people try to scare people from, and what happened is people from three or four hours away, drove to his church in nearly a thousand people circled his church and held hands and prayed. While the members that church when inside and the people outside said we will take the thousand finds you take a stand for Jesus and that's what were facing just you're just like your talk them out there. It seems like it's overwhelming right now but there are ways to help in getting involved in public policy electing godly men and women to serve in public office. You God. God created us in his image and then he told us we had dominion over this earth and we have forfeited that dominion is a church in the United States of America today and it's time for us to get engaged to register voters to become educated and have not. I vote Max ever. You know my own and only when I put it because I want to throw stones because I don't know what it's like you know for other people but I do know the church that I belong to what I teach special needs and so special needs people. We do assume class but a lot of them can attend right and we been doing this for over a year. I in their sample may be will be able to get back together in June. Maybe I'm like Walmart figured this stuff out a year ago. Okay whatever we need to do to make sure that we are safe to do whatever people go to Walmart people going to the grocery store people going to restaurants over the place. How in the world can my class. Not me.

I mean, the NII strip clubs, casinos are all considered essential church of Jesus Christ can't meet and I'm not attacking people in covert is a real sickness out there you gotta do what you feel you're comfortable with. But God told us to meet and if these other like you're saying if they can meet walk in the body of Christ and also depends a lot on the state that you live in the type of elected officials and whether there legislating in and serving from a biblical worldview. I just recently went to Florida. Goodness is like nothing ever happened on their people meet together great place so we got a Dixie cup.

Fortunately, God has a thousand more diversity is found a way to will be back was much more please take you can hear my friends Chris Hughes and Chris Lee both very passionate one with citizens for America foundation in and the dream Center for site County, which by the way Sean won't know more about the dream Center for site County kingdom you can find it there or I just googled the dream Center for site counting all that information comes up.

Unfortunately, this last thing was a little bit shorter than our other two so pastor lead. What'd you want to make sure you got said today that you haven't had a chance to say just want to mention this because there are semi people that are stuck in in situations where they feel like they can't get free and were starting celebrate recovery. This next Tuesday the 11th and I to be every Tuesday night will serve a meal at 6 o'clock then will have a service with worship and I cannot believe that there's going to be so so much job transformation. I use that word, but in the Novell breakup in small groups, and so if anybody's listing this and you're stuck I doesn't have to be alcohol or drug it could be a pornography. It could be a eating addiction could be it could be anything that you feel like you can't escape from What Jehovah my faulty.

I just learned that this week. That's my God, not by God to deliver God as it delivers. I just want to mention it. He really is and I can tell you so many friends of country celebrate recovery of the testimonies were just bring some amazing tears while God brings people through this so this is going to be available again. You can go to the dream Center you got something and you know it's a beautiful thing when you can meet within a bunch of people that love on you at the do not in any way shape or form see anything to throw a stone and because we know when Jesus is there, you have no accusers right. That's what it was.

I mean with the woman caught in adultery. There are no accusers and quite honestly everybody standing there that may have a stone like the ones in Jerusalem Monday there just as addicted to something else I'm interested.

It's just part of what it is and so as we help others. They help us and you know it's not them. All of them owe them all. Lord stand and then you need a prayer it's meal meal meal stucco pastor Hughes what'd you want to get said the day that you maybe think of Robbie I just want to thank you for let me be here today and share with your listeners across the nation and I want to just challenge you out there if you'd like to learn more about how you can impact the culture for Jesus Christ. We like to show you how to do that in the biggest part of what we do is provide education so you can know what does the Bible say about homosexuality, same-sex marriage, transgender is him are a variety of other issues there out there in the culture today if you'd like to know what God says about the know what Chris says but what does God say we like to help train you and give you information free of charge to help you out. Maybe you're listening and you say man this is a cause that I like to help out. Maybe you like to help out financially or volunteer, contact us and let us know because we love to have you on our team again. It's called the citizens for America foundation and were here to impact the culture for Jesus Christ citizens for America foundation is correct right so as a foundation. It sounds like you got resources right well. We need more I wondered about that. So for those who you know feel that right back. They cannot obviously go to citizens for America foundation, and that would be a great place to see how you can only one of the huge resources I'm sure they need is prayer.

This just like the dream Center needs prayer and we all do. I think it's so cool that that God called you, and since obviously got another minute I I'm I'm very curious for you Chris on his. I know God's put it on your heart to somewhat start a radio program, even talking to Stu about that is called the Christian perspective. So what is God kind of put on your heart will you and that's culture related Robbie in the Christian perspective with Chris uses a program where people can come and learn what I just said what does the Bible say about these issues and really it doesn't matter what anybody else is. What does God say. And God addresses all the issues of our culture. So were hoping to partner with truth radio network to provide this avenue were listeners could come on and learn what God says. From a biblical worldview and a Christian perspective how we should live our lives right that's that's amazing. So were excited to see what God may have for possible new radio show the Christian perspective with Chris years and then pastor leap as as you see you know what, what is your dream for the dream Center to see families put that together. Honestly, that that is the core of what all the programs were looking at nothing, but that's what my brother Chris is trying to do.

He's doing it from a different angle of God's got God is bringing all these resources together. This is in my mind, this is what I see is like were being net and the net is closing and I believe this will be a big harvest. I think me, I think we all we believe that and I don't know when Isaiah and Malachi) is turn the hearts of the fathers to the children and the children to the fathers name in and so I'm just doing my part.

Any a name it it's it's it's moving and something for Chris. What he's doing. I'm thankful for you and what you're doing. Our God is good he keeps ringing and thousands away so out. Thank you guys so much for being on with us today again and find out more at citizens for America foundation or the dream Center for site County now. Stay tuned. Got so much truth in action.

Oh my goodness, encouraging prayer with James Banks. That's all excited to come up next, followed by masculine journey starts here now and then to keep Nicole off, it's time to man up.

The man itself.

Nicole off got up at 1230. Don't miss it so much truth. This is the Truth Network

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