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Boys From Camp

Kingdom Pursuits / Robby Dilmore
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April 25, 2021 9:43 am

Boys From Camp

Kingdom Pursuits / Robby Dilmore

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April 25, 2021 9:43 am

Robby welcomes a gang of brothers from Nikita Koloff's Man Camp.  Heart felt reunion.  We learn about Robby and his love of caffeine.

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Role here when you train one pastor and some donor friends are standing by to train the second-best call 833-443-5467 or go online and train a

Every gift counts and now every gift is double train a hey this is Jim Graham from the masculine dirty podcast where we explore relationship instead a religion every week your chosen Truth Network podcast is starting in just a few seconds. Enjoy it, share it, but most of all, thank you for listening you for choosing The Truth Podcast Network. This is the Truth Network kingdom pursuits here from ordinary people instilled with an extraordinary passion together we explore the stories of men and women who take what they love and let God turn their passion into the kingdom pursuits now live from the truth.

Your host Robbie Gilmore. We really have a tree day on kingdom pursuits.

I gotta tell you, I've never done the show quite like this.

But how far you may know that I was at band camp with Nikita Coelho for the last week actually is a participant so five days of chasing after the heart of God out in the woods with professional wrestlers. What exactly what I gotta tell you that what what we experienced was God showed up an unbelievably beautiful way.

So I have with me today on the show for my fellow campers and and I can tell you every one of them are happy campers have a chance to hear and see and taste God in so many ways and so morning to just start from the top here. The first guest I have with me is Richard belly was actually in a like his bunk was right next to my bunk. He lives in North Carolina.

Unlike some of our guys but welcome Richard.

I am excited to hear your voice and I said you never heard my shower been on my show, but the jokes are coming and when they do, you got a laugh. That's part of the okay all you are next up we have Greg Goodman and Greg McKnight they assign you a battle buddy okay that Greg was actually my battle buddy. How cool is that.

And and so you know you we can find out about battle buddy is him today that's going to be exciting and Greg same instructions when the jokes come. Your responsibility is to laugh even though they're not funny okay. The lab lots are already ready. Okay, third up is we have actually a pastor's name is Bradley Joseph, and I think you West Virginia right Bradley and Bradley. I mean I just thought it would be really cool for people to hear your point of view, because you, like me, you're in ministry all the time and and and you go in here not is not as the lead pastor right yet you're here there just as when the guys sit there and that in the circle and how God showed up for you this week right yet came with no expectations that really sought after God in prayer say Lord I don't want you to tell you what you want you to do or what expectation that came out there with an open mind and open heart and he blew every expectation I ran out of water and me to me to so. And lastly, but certainly not least we have Luke Yates and Luke. I mean, you might've heard use the force, Luke and I had a few competitions and I'm to tell you if you ever want to competition in the man camp you want. Luke on your side because the EEs can help you win, but mountain man at his own right and fair in Virginia today welcome Luke hello hello hello God, I'm so not truly mere, although one yeah like we should be in a circle right now I have to tell you the thing Nikita did finally Nikita show comes on today at 1230 and so you get to hear that but he did this thing at the very end I thought was so cool he had us all stand in the circle because we gotta take one last picture and yet is all look up to have another was no camera involved, but he had us all look up into heaven because now we will probably all never be back together decide to have any girls but now God's going to take a snapshot that we can all review and as we are looking up man was, and I cool guys with the. But no letter. You know I got it correct my left quick quote. It was made man really really know about Darla really was and Bradley would you think about that snapshot there in I didn't know what the punchline was lightweight the Camry to come out when he made mention that you know God remembers everything in his veto or knowledge I might not get it better than any moment could ever produce. You are like me, like you couldn't possibly get all these people in the shop. We were standing and I thought, what's up with that and then all of a sudden here it came so I had to do this to you guys but is part of kingdom pursuits. So I have to tell is tough because we want the listeners to have a chance to call and when the day so you know where it man camp so speaking of myth, man, better than what you call men who make women belong in the kitchen jokes what you call men who make women belong in the kitchen. Jokes got an idea and I would look to make women work in the kitchen, jokes you call them single yeah you go there you go yeah, this one never gets old as I've told it for years, but it just makes me laugh every time Sandy was again sent what rock group what rock group has four men that don't sing the Rolling Stones and not Rushmore and in and this would kinda tickle me what you call a group of Spanish yes-man C-section triplets yes-man C-section videos the comedians out there. I've enjoyed this for years and years, you have no idea.

So last on my list before we get the actual riddles, even calling in the day is why do women have cleaner minds then man, have you ever thought about that.

Why do women have cleaner minds than men because they change there is more off, now that there is a little funny little mind around.

All right, yet from the little mind so you know the riddle out actually come up. What man in the Bible was a good omen man in the Bible is actually tough. I think 866-34-TRUTH 87884 if you want to call it, and when what man in the Bible was a good omen and Beth and they can call any guess that come with the wind reaching 866-34-TRUTH 7884 866-34-TRUTH if you can tell us which man in the Bible was a good old man, I'm just throwing a little him out there when I say old man so wonderful, wonderful, well, let me go to back to Richard and since I got him a chance to say much yet this morning so Richard as you review your time and the bunk over there next to me. How did God show up for you over the week and input that you will like man God. Now I know why you brought me will will will I hear in the world like my heart more love my wife more also connection between my wife and when cleaner like him early on, place that in my heart, now I taste the sweetness this week.

Now there was there was a whole lot about loving your wives in the curriculum that Nikita took us through so I'm not terribly shocked I have that same kind of feeling as I got the chance to have my wife so you got Richard Bell Greg Goodman Bradley Joseph Pastor Bradley, Joseph, and Luke Yates up the mountains got so many people and we have Glenn and I point counting the answer to the riddle.

So you got so much more kingdom pursuits, I think more from Jason after the heart of God. You're listening to the truth and Welcome back to Saints where we hear how God takes your passion and uses it to build the kingdom and today how fun for me. If you have all these men chased after the heart of God for five days out of Georgia in the wilderness, and in so many different ways as the key to cool off and Lex Luther let us in a in a man camp and and opportunities to to really listen and hear and hear from God so first up we got. Actually Glenn is in High Point he's got the answer to the omen idea.

Glad you're on kingdom versus good morning. So who do you think my man in the Bible, the omen might be less than oh wow, that was an old guy man well tell me your thinking behind him being in omen it make it without he was oh I see what you're saying he was in omen now that's a great answer plan and we can definitely send you out a price that was the last thing about about tell you but is still a great answer and that enhances you know it's it's it's got all the winners is in omen I'm have to go study that you can send me to my Bible.

Glenn, thank you all right God bless have a great day. All right, well, you still got a chance to win to so you can call us at 86634878848663 well next appellant talked to Luke Yates and and look here in Virginia right I am so we got listeners in Richmond Virginia. Today there listen to us live but your little closer to the mountains right yeah yeah but it Richmond you know the work workbook we order it really wow that's a big state soup salute for you clearly is a man, it spends a lot of time outside deer hunting, fishing, man look at some of the biggest bass pictures I've ever seen in my life coming. He's codfish. They were big as his grandkids, but I'm interesting for you.

How did you see God show up out there in the woods, a place that you're so familiar with a remarkable man be anything at first know what what world looking for the wild and out like okay I want here. You know that I'm going to shut my mind down and think and I just started the tree and how they were shaped in three and estimable orbit towards on the mobile grown straight up in beautiful I just compare that to humanity you know if an agent and humanity and the last people of the it was the compare though in real you wrote. I got a chance to read what what what Luke wrote about these trees as he just listen to Christian cargo, so it's no coincidence I don't think that and all the just written a poem about trees and then when Luke came in. He showed the only have four pages on what he'd written about how the older trees need to let the younger trees get some lighter otherwise it could never come up now and and how they he could see the trees how they were Benton and and the different ones that were up tall and straight, and you know, for those of us who know Hebrew.

The is as you know that I know Beth and knows that does that eat that that letter represents a tree because it's righteousness and and so trees are always at a right angle when they're always going for the sign and I was I was reading what Luke could written. I was like oh my goodness and Jesus of course we know died on the treatment that Anna was talking about in her poem, but there's just one word and all sorts of things. But when you when you're looking at it from a standpoint of sunlight. Luke you saw something really beautiful. Her you know much, but I used to say I'm better off being the would think about God and church about gluten and and it just wasn't true that what that wasn't the right outlook on it changed here in Acme and I realize you know I would fit in that homemade line Benton been in the next day and that bond that I never really shut my mind down and just listen for God never let day feelings change a lot. I know I will for me to I know will for me to thank you wow that's just part. So Pastor Bradley Joseph with this and it's not about you pastor as you are out there in the woods that a new experience for you something that you done a lot before my group did mention me, you know you're around people all the time.

So the whole point of the week was to me was to get away now. Nikita had not mentioned that we would spend all day in the would consolidate much in quality but once again at the Lord, going and I prayed on the way out of West Virginia on the way to Georgia I drove down the hallway 7 Half Hour Dr. for me and I said God is want to remove all the static you know when you dealing with religion and tradition and sometimes you gotta filter all of it outside the goddess. I want you to show up.

I know what people say about you and I know what I've been brought up to believe, but if you could just introduce yourself, you know one more time and out there in the woods yet. There were some spectacular videos by a pastor by the name of David Bradley Reed talked about chasing experiencing. You know a steak when you put in your mouth. You can read about in the magazine all you want but when you when you taste it right and so deep did you get a taster to Bradley we live in a ministry of impact or ministry for a little over a decade now, and I came up I came out of Georgia yesterday and came back home until my life is that in five days. I changed my complete theology stated that Josie got a look at me like what I'd really like know Baptist and I go guy grew closer to Shane. It takes something so radical like leaving the world for five days going 202 acre farm and pretty much a camp getting away from the world in technology to find that really every man in all saving every woman needs to do some time in our lives just to disconnect with the world and connect with Lord's be able to come to that, and experience these things so we got to my battle but yet Greg Goodman said Greg Tellis, you know where to where did you go oh God, there you are while in your experiences. We can the nature that slow room service guy J is for 36 so and I was taught I was pressuring was programmed fixed problem fix a problem be that they did not learn on the fix problem.

It's not me successes that may work God I hate dishonest, cotton in and out. Greg didn't hear because Arty kinda knew what Greg was say is what he was saying is I think it's it's a common malady about all men that we want to fix everything in on him.

If you've ever seen it you want a real laugh today and this is probably just go to YouTube and and and do a search for it's all about the nail okay if you've not seen it. Believe me you will laugh for hours because it's his girls got this great big nail in her head ever seen a Greg got it you got it you got to go to YouTube see it's all about the nail and you know her husband is trying to talk to about this nailer head and he kept saying he's trying to reach up and grab the nail now and she's like lobster. I'm pricking all my sweaters and up and she's going through all this and she keeps going to don't try to fix it, and that what we found out really and so many different ways this weekend is while we we go to these other wells to try to fix things rather than going to God, running exactly program.

The man picked her and is not that so awesome and so you know I'm I'm sure that a lot of us were sitting there as we're reading through material that they gave us in praying and studying that all the suddenly came to the conclusion on my goodness, listening was just a common theme throughout the weekend both listening to God, listening to our lives. Listening to our kids. We have so much more with Richard Greg Bradley and Luke coming up so stay 10 but we still have the little that could be riddled you know if you got an idea on who was the Bible was an old man or a woman.

What man in the Bible was a home in 866-34-TRUTH, 78847 you're listening to the truth and all welcome back to number six where we hear how God takes and uses it to build the kingdom. Today we have men that if chased after the heart of God for a week. That and they are the guest today on him versus Richard Bell Goodman Bradley pastor Bradley Joseph, Luke Yates, but before we get to them. We got Amy Carbo. Her shows coming up at 1 o'clock today. We're got lots of personality. From what I understand to be on it welcoming me what you got today on a Friday how the not how that sounds like it's can it be awesome. It's going to be live so you can call them with your personality personality six that 866-34-TRUTH 87884 is coming on today at 1 o'clock so you want to miss that. Thank you. Amy appreciates Conan you to wonderful wonderful show wonderful people always like having them on so I know you're probably thinking Robbie what happened for you. I just tell you one short story here that that you know this was Robbie's experience of like they said he likes but I think pastor Bradley said we had a day that was actually a fast so that means you know, no food, no drink other than water that may let us have some Gatorade and inner-city you get kinda hungry as you might imagine, but you know it really was not bad and it was much easier than I thought. But the next morning I woke up with this expectation we are going to break this fast right and I and I woke up with this expectation of an you may know, I get up pretty early and so it's dark and it's cold and I'm outside and I think man you know taste really good right now is a cup coffee now in order to get to the coffee you had to go up quite this hill, which was quite a hike to get to the coffee so nonetheless I thought is well worth making the hike to go get the coffee because I was in all this time so I hike and I got the place right gotten coffee the morning before and as I open up the door.

There's a sign across the coffee it says you can't have any coffee until you break until the fast is broken now I'm feeling my need was not going to be met here.

I turned around to the guys that were sitting there with the coffee and I was like how was the fast get broken will you wait till Nikita breaks the fat and if you know me well you know that when my needs are not met immediately. Sometimes I get very frustrated and so I did not. This is not pretty and I mean I had been for that. So this was yeah it would've made a great Snickers commercial and as I turned around with my finger pointed at these guys and I was like well before you you you could tell a guy before he walks all way up that likely bled yet you know this was not pretty. Okay yes I did and then I walked out, slammed the door when got my car which was right on the corner and and took the key out my supply could go get my own coffee. I don't even know and then all of a sudden you know what happened. The Holy Spirit was like Robbie your bonehead for guys are just doing what they're supposed to do. So I go back in sheepishly as you might imagine, say, I am so sorry guys, you've been so helpful to us all weekend service in so many ways I can't believe I did that. Can you forgive me. I had a unmet expectation and they were very gracious and they forgave me and so I walked back out now about 745 we all get together.

Nikita says now as far as the some people beating spiritual food this morning and some people will be in physical food and so what I meant to do is have everybody pray I and decide and you let God tell you if you can break the fast. So wrong about our heads for minute and then you can pray and decide to break the fast. So as I bow my head first around like thinking for sure I might get my coffee. Instead, what I hear and I hear it very clearly is Robbie. Let's go have some fun and it was said with an anticipation of some amazing fun and I couldn't believe it, but I walked back out into the list, Bible in hand o'clock Robbie and and what he showed me it just it it it it may seem simple to some, but for me it was profound in that what he showed me was Yahweh and Yahweh, meaning that I am Robbie. I'm in the coffee. Yes, but I'm also out here that Al that you're here hooting I'm I'm I'm in that grass. I'm in the trees that and he was showing me all the different and I was just amazed as I sat there and just have this sense of God is the biggest reality there is and everything else is secondary and not just have this amazing time. But you know little humor at the end of the story so you know we did it again, you could break the fast.

If you wanted for lunch. He could going for lunch and I felt like he did let me break the fast go back in for lunch so as I'm standing in the lunch line is older pastor by the name of Pastor Gary because up to be with this couple coffee like Robbie.

Would you like some, and the answer was yes right so Richard getting back to you.

You know you can imagine me pointing my finger and be mad at anybody can still admit Richard yes okay can you imagine that. Could you imagine me being mad at somebody well if you get to me know me really well and Beth and I Yeah yeah so yes, I'm sure you have pictures of me but anyway so what else Richard while you were along the way that it just kinda surprised you like man I wasn't expecting this letter. I learned a lot like interment need you actually taught me that I knew more than I need conversation we had all it was. It was a divine moment I felt like you were just sitting there talking for about 30 minutes and he told me that you start questioningly about things and I will answer questions that in our I was rounding on the morning I have more plate than I thought I and I think really help me discover my plate a lot better and and and finding friends which is just a big part of what you know was there once was the fellowship, go back to Luke and say look, did you get that sense that it was in the fellowship that we combine to get to know God better.

That's all right.

I clicked the phone about the time that I asked the question I said what it was in the fellowship like it was a 23 or four guys combined was a lot stronger if I'd just gone out in the woods by myself or you know that.

Time it was kinda like, you know, like it if God was holding a flashlight in the Haven and just shined it down and being went from narrow to fly over all of you just knew that everybody over even the same time that you felt like all man II break the spotlight rather than when the college floodlight rather than the you're listening to the Truth Network and Welcome back to kingdom pursuits where we hear how God takes your to build the kingdom and how about you passionately go after the heart of God for five days out there in the Georgia wilderness with Nikita and and we were all the time out in the woods.

There was a lot of studying and worshiping going on a lot of stuff we got Camille Susan Winston-Salem. She thinks she knows who the man was. It was the old man so familiar. On kingdom pursuits good morning hi hi okay I'm taking a bite. I think the old man is Obadiah exactly what that was what I thought, you know she he was an omen so many different ways. Don't think well I think there were multiple people named Diane with a warning, particularly the minor pocket guide to think of a Edomite judgment that God was going to bring against him for their hostility toward Israel while I love that you and your client is clearly have an understanding of Obadiah, and I was able to catch you, because I would like someone everyone is going to be calling in about that point you got it and so you want and I'm so grateful for you: and and and I was thinking about. I love the way that it kinda worked like Jesus in his own way was to an omen right. I mean, he was deftly prophesied that he was given, and then clearly all this happen and so you know Obadiah certainly was the old one. I was thinking about God bless you. Thank you Camille. I appreciate Conan thank you for taking my call is my pleasure, but by how alright let's see where to go back to Pastor Bradley and so well when you're Emma put Luke, the same time because when we left our hero Lukey was talking about God shining the floodlight.

As a result of having all of us there so I didn't want to. You did not finish her thought Luke so go ahead and finish and then I wanted to get pastor Bradley's take on that when I got there with me and you know not not not anything bad but I would like to know God I'm here for me. I mean I'm I'm here because I want to lick me and make me a better person and further my brother my walking. Like I said when I realized being in the woods clot not talking ever that I really I felt myself off the real realizing that I would. I was thinking more about about all the brothers there and I was thinking thinking I might fail. I would thinking like man. You know the parable I wonder what I wonder what each of them is experienced in right now and any not, for a price break up a know, display blatant on the public eye when we get back. Give them a magnificent experience that I can just tell about it and take it home with them and I realize that that block the spotlight wasn't just down on me just count on you.

It was as if he was holding a giant floodlight above the and it looked like the pain was coming out work got closer and it discovered all equally and we could all get from that what we wanted to get from that, and inasmuch as we wanted to get from that and I just I just felt myself.

You notice drawn so go closely My fifth. When I first got there praying for my family and I was praying for me and money, but I realized after after day one truly was praying for everybody else. There is clear sent Bradley go off topic but you were again okay get a little bit to get back up what you were talking about whenever he came out in the morning and said breaking the fast. You know and allowing us to pray about it. One thing that I was really convicted about all week was made to statement the beginning. The camp number one trust the process. The number two like Joyce Bell five days that were out there on that camp gear he could've directed, and forced us to do everything from when it came to fasting or the additional day and that in order when it came to know an opportunity to share our burdens, one with each other you know that you wouldn't you would enforce any evidence that you let the Lord to start because what really convicted me after the fifth day and what we come back I'll get out Nikita and Laxton recipe going to be there and were left to either be led by the Holy Spirit, or to go back to being led by our own, our own mind their own devices and so thankful that he kind of a corporate debt throughout the week and I was really my thing. I would like all Nikita will break the fast will go back to eat and then you want to let you allow the Lord to break the bad and the like that don't you dare eat bread you know you get that you got comfortable for you in the same when it came to sharing even force anyone, but it was just the leading of the Holy Spirit where you dispel freedom and liberty to say you know what we want you to be in control and that you talked about with the copy the unmet expectation and they will know when the Lord really showed up. I mean it was, he met he actually met every expectation so went by so fast.

Richard Greg Bradley, miss you guys hopefully will get together soon the podcast tomorrow guys. I'll send you the link for that I I'm so grateful to each and every one of you being on with me today. Thank you guys so much. Thank you I appreciate you guys them is hard to be on hold for the is so awesome really sure. For listeners now. Stay tuned as much truth coming at you on the Truth Network got encouraging prayer powered by 1230.

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