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M M A All The Way!

Kingdom Pursuits / Robby Dilmore
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April 11, 2021 10:14 am

M M A All The Way!

Kingdom Pursuits / Robby Dilmore

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April 11, 2021 10:14 am

Robby welcomes Danny and Rodney from The Masculine Journey to share the news of the upcoming Boot Camp along with film maker, Alan Autry who shares the release of his movie, Victory By Submission

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Role here when you train one pastor and some donor friends are standing by to train the second-best call 833-443-5467 or go online and train a Every gift counts and now every gift is double train a not cuticle off the Russian nightmare know the devil's nightmare here from it's time to man up challenging men to step into their true manhood. Your chosen Truth Network podcast is starting in just a few seconds. Enjoy it, share it, but most of all, thank you for listening to the truth. Podcast network. This is good Truth Network kingdom pursue ordinary people instilled with an extraordinary passion together we explore the stories of men and women who take what they love and let God turn their passion into kingdom pursuits now live from the truth. Your host Robbie Gilmore wow do we have a treat for you today on kingdom pursuits. First up we have with this Alan altering my saying that right Audrey. I did all right, and he has this moving that it is just coming out victory by submission and you know how cool is that it is from what I've seen of the trailer. There's some boxing involved right will actually Robbie martial arts which boxing is an aspect of it, boxing, wrestling the jujitsu karate stuff and the story take place with the backdrop of mixed martial well and so that whole idea victory by submission is to get pretty intense and it lay martial art by submission victory by making the other guy quit uphold arm bar leg lock so cold out but as believers we have a different way yeah basically Out to ourselves in the world and submit to God. And that's the beauty much of a spoiler storyline centers around that I think so it was convenient raised that used in both pools with me two different things about your word Out one of the radio shows I get to produce or help produce is Nikita Colossae must my nose a professional wrestler for many years. He does a show called man up on the Truth Network and so when time he was interviewing staying in interesting is talking about this Russian chain match that he had been Nikita and Nikita put the rug the chain around his neck and threw him over the top rope and apparently Sting was supposed to get his hands underneath the chain before he threw him although he didn't happen that and so is Sting's phone over the you know over the rope and the strain of choking to death. Nikita is looking at many of you know, I guess, been wrestling part of the deal is you gotta sell what you're doing is man is really selling the right to is selling this and all the time. According to Sting and instinct tells the reasons I'm I'm tapping out and you know I'm trying to get his attention that you know you still committed eventually.

Apparently Sting still with us and so sticky that I couldn't help but think of you know all to some extent, for a lot of us God's had us over the top rope of the chain arrested no real you know you still thinking you could do it on your own big bell that will Robbie said hello. So also on today with this. I have a couple good friends of mine we have Danny Marsh and Jim Graham because Masten journey radios got a boot camp coming up that you may know, April 29 through May 2, and soon Danny, it's great to have you on, you know, I know you're excited about what God's doing up this particular book. Yeah, this will be my second excited about what God is going to do for me and through you guys and through the guys who come watch and see is going to be neat might determine the top rope uniting us, is not without saying I'm okay and Jim is coming in from the bridge this morning as it works a pastor.

Jim is good to have you on and I know you're excited to write.

I got all the right number you what you Almighty. That's good so you knew that these riddles were coming and we want today we got a special prize giveaway bouquet $999 value. If you can guess my rent on the course.

We gotta punish a little bit before little slip when speaking of victory in camp. I imagine it is Danny Batman leg was laying battered and bruised on the ground as the Joker walked off, basking in his victory right and Batman said you know our seasoning. Robin comes up and kicks him in the side Batman so would you do that for you, not Robin said you don't have a lot his head look like you need a sidekick that goes along with the whole idea of you know, jujitsu, and I can't think so. You know going to boot camp.

You may want to look into insurance.

That's what I did but I was far from impressed with my travel insurance because this is someone steals your tenant night while you're out camping you're no longer covered that Jim, you knew it was anything and so the last of my jokes. Anyway, my wife surprised me to hear that I actually enjoyed her punishment is making me sleep on the sofa. I said that it made me feel manly like I was camping in a line since I felt there is that's really angry bear nearby when she monster me she saw her alright so that you yes you will be will so here's the riddle today to enter boot camp where was the victory camp for Joshua around about so where was the victory camp for Joshua around about you know the answer that because of 866-34-TRUTH 7884 866-34-TRUTH, and Beth and you can tell them what they want, even though I told you we got a lot of great stuff along with that right now.

Bouquet magically turning the April 29 24 day experience that really how we can get into today so hope to call and answer a little bit.

Where was the victory camp for Joshua 866-34-TRUTH 87884 866-34-TRUTH so getting back to Alan so Alan is there a story behind you know how God gave you this movie a lot lobby. The movie like the light father was tortured, tortured mentally by as was based on my father. There's just bits and pieces of things that that I've experienced election of the people experience and then the whole theme of putting something over God and the consequences when you and you have a very good pursuit this case, the gunfighter is trying to fulfill about you night is young brother killed without a word to win the championship or him burning desire to become a champion, but in doing so he puts it above everything in life.

God's family and so out kind of universal thing I see a lot my lifetime that I myself so the metaphor that you like, it becomes idolatrous. You know I hate we got to break when we come back. We've got more again, Alan Autry and Danny Morris Jim Graham on the boot camp and revise your listening to the truth and

Welcome back to the person hear how God your passion uses it to build the kingdom today we have Danny Marsh and Jim Graham Masten journey boot camp coming up April 29 through May 2 and Alan Autry in his movie victory by submission nouns, actually: I believe arch call from Los Angeles or Mary going out in California this movie is available in all sorts of different platforms victory by submission and you can find it again. The but also victory by submission or you know the there's a Facebook page victory by submission. Solid status available and how fun we got rattlers on the line we got Anna's calling from Lexington, North Carolina, and you're on kingdom and you're on kingdom pursuits good morning.

I'm so excited to hear who you think where you think should stay with the victory camp for Joshua around about waiting camp. Jared well said, and that's beautiful yes absolutely. Now I've never been to a Jewish wedding in now. I have not ever go to one that is really cool tradition that they have that the bride will encircle the groom seven times did you and so like Josh rolling around Jericho, seven times a bride in it in a Jewish wedding will go around the groom seven times with the original concept was to bring the walls of his heart down, but she does that seven times because it's Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday because of man's work is from sun. The sun that a woman's work is never right and fish answer she's literally nesting.

If you think about it saying I'm in a support you and I'm in a make a godly home for you. You know, and then when the husband puts on the ring. He says I misfortune, emotionally, physically and spiritually. That's what Jesus does for us even. But what I never realized until recently, is when they went around that camp seven times which were to do a boot camp and Danny I'm just telling you to go around seven times what they're doing is they're not there making a nest, so to speak, work that ship for God's saving or supporting that maintenance when you think about how they cleaned up Jericho and clearly had to kill everybody in all the stuff except Rahab but you know what they were doing was they were making a home fit for God. How cool is that some coal.

I swallowed your answer and you are absolutely winter and I understand you've a few Of fiancé I gave who might would come to our boot camp which we would be blessed out of our socks and get your phone number will call to make those arrangements for him to get just first-class treatment and I look forward to meeting him. What's his name is Rodney Rodney. All right, well, thank you so much and God bless appreciate calling them thank you to the pipe so we also have Paul lapses in Durham, North Carolina Paulette you're on kingdom pursuits and I bet she was thinking Jericho to so moving on back to Alan so very interesting, you know, our boot camps are based on John Eldridge's wild at heart.

You may know he's got a lot to do with the father wound in their and and so are you tell me that the the fighter in the movie is got a father wound you will lay elders the broken relationship bothered last addiction issues resulting from his dotted the story of redemption love number one and forgiveness is our forgiveness is on display in the film throughout the night. No more a movie about MMA you know courageously just a movie about cops back to write about God's power and so yeah it seems to be an issue thing out there that many men have gone through it smart like you might like my dad was great about my real father later life, California stepdad which I was going to and he was a great guy just every well but I would not yield still get drunk. We all know words about them didn't talk much, those tech guys is like saying I love you was the go out and change all of the car you go out Saturday night, but you get the story person there some accident of filament that builds the best action figures in terms of million of the fighting in the film and I was very mindful the lobby not the question, are you know we got previews of the Sonoma churches over a thousand people preview showings and we had no issue with people saying it was too much violence almost realistic and make again multiply better than creed. The locking stuff to look at it and I have to agree with you on Bragg or myself will my actors in my coordinators that's what the bill was very mindful not to push it over the ads we get gratuitous violence in the home and there's no no Vicki, no okay language and you can watch it with the kids.

I'd say Jean is tan or maybe below the ball well said Danny from boot camp sampling. Obviously, you know, we were wearing the same kind of Speak and Say This Is Your Second One Tell Us If If You Are Listing out There Today in Your Sample. Tell Me What Is the Boot Camp to What Would You Say to Somebody That Would Would You Call It in a Normal Christian Retreat, No Retreat in It Which Is One of Things I like Is the Premise behind It Is You Mention Robbie Is the Boot Wild at Heart and Talking about the Masculine Heart and God's Pursuit of That and Is a Time of Afford a Time to Get Away and Get out and Probably the Most Powerful Thing That Happened Is That the Covenant of Solace and I'm Not a Guy Who Likes to Be Silent but to Just Get Away, You and God out in the Wilderness, or Whatever. And Even If You're Not a Hunter Woodsy Guy Just Time the Think about and Process.

There Is a God of the Universe Is Pursuing Me and in Its Awesome Right and so Jim and We Know You've Been to Many, Many, Many More Than Me, and so What Would You Say That God Hears 100 Sheet Mansion. I Go to This You Know What's Gonna Want to.

You've Never Been the One yet.

One of the Getter Began Drilling Military. Not That at All.

When You Are Talking about with That. You Are Linking the One That's Roughly Have To Beat up People I Worry about That. What I Now Boot Camps in When You Said Not a Great It Is Pursuing Being Pursued by God. We Don't Want It to Be or Create, Where God Really Is All about Never Been Good But I'm Not Catholic… Think That Will Be the Case for Everyone That Comes to Mind in the Same Boat.

I Know I Have Never Knew Mr. Boot Camp since I Made the First One I Just Tune in 2009 Because What It Does for the Rest of My You Know Time of Being Able to Go after Things That You Wonder Why You Struggling with This What's Going on with That and It Seems like It's Just Layer after Layer after Layer like Shrek That God Has for You to Go after Your Identity Will Where You're Walking with Him and in Those Kind of Things Danny Look like You Had Some Object Working A Lot I Want to Get up to but Not Really Looking Forward to Our Thought about That. It's Almost like Big Dirty While Go out Get Clean Start.

We Lead Leaving Boot Camp Today. We Encourage You to Shower Jim. I Have Showers and There but Now That's a Great Point Is like, I Can Imagine. I Really Can't Imagine My Life without This Experience of Going There and in Doing over There Still Several Talks Where Essentially You Know We We Revisit One of the Quarter Size of Annas Heart. How Do You Pursue Your Wife, How Do You Pursue the Beauty in Your Life or Are You Know Your Relationships. On the Way to Success.

What Is That Look like and so There's Also Some Levels of All Sorts of Things That You Get an Opportunity to Go out There and Spend Time with God and and There You Go so Bad. I'm Sure Alan That's What You You're Hoping for People That Come to Your Movie That They Have an Experience Where God Gets in Cut out for Them through the Movie Right Absolutely Love You Equitably Go by Automated Opening Short Churches and People to Who Had All the Way from Church to Church Where People of the Congregation Could Watch the Film and the Comfort of Their Own Church but Bring Some Folks That They May Know in Their Life They Want to Bring to Church but Just Too Much.

I Know I Was like That of My Life Better Friends. They Try to Give Me Go to Church for Whatever Reason I'm Just Too Much for Me and See a Movie First Counselors.

There Is Another Frank When We Come Back and Have More Conflict Revised Submission in the Camp Coming up April 29 Test Your Listening to the Truth Network and TruthNetwork.Com. Welcome Back to Where We Hear How God Takes Your Passion and Uses It to Build the Kingdom If That Might Be How He's Given Your Movie to Do As He Is for Ellen Autry with Victory Buys Submission. How Exciting Is That Sentence Seems like a Good Topic for You Know They Have on with Her Master and Running Team Today, Which Is Part of Their Boot Camp Which Is Coming up April 29 through May 2 Again. You Can Find out All This Information Kingdom You Can Look You Know Find the Victory by Submission of All the Places That It's Running As Well As Sign up for the Boot Camp Writing Go Register for That but on with Me Right Now I Have Amy, with the Cure and She's Got an Exciting Show Coming up This Actually This Afternoon at 1 O'clock on the Truth Network so Amy You Guys Are Going to Talk about the Mommy Wine. Tell Me What Still Mommy Wine Culture. I Line College Fair Lady and Drank the Best Family. I Have Been Incredibly Shallow and They Actively Went to Get Some Clarity, and Any and Then out for This out. It Sounds like It Sounds like What an Opportunity for People to Call in with Their Stories and Share Because Your Shows My Writing, and so They Can Call in the Same 866-34-TRUTH and Danny I Know You Struggle with Those Kind of Things and so This Really Important Topic That People Need to Share, Absolutely, so I Can Amy Shows That Income on 1 O'clock on the Truth Network. Stay Tuned. We Got to Come up. Thank Amy Parking You to Compass by so Getting Back to Alan and His and His Movie so As You Have You Made Some Movies Prior to This, Alan, Is This Your First One Back like Your Local You like about It or Call Electrical and That When We Got to Keep Making More Got a Call Later Fresno California so I Did Was Be Elected As a One Term That Wound up Being Reelected. So I Had to Put the Moviemaking on All Decade.

I Want to Get a Better Look to Work on Victor but yet Why Would You Know My Name You Know Autry, I Have A Few More Names They Give Me. After Eight Years of My Robbie like It Real Quick Panda Danny and Jim and Amy Just Told Him That the on the Boot Camp I II. I Think Those Type of Things That You're Doing Are Going to Be so Essential, Especially This Global Global Event, but Stresses That about Everybody Including Believers Sometimes We Can Get a Little Bit Spiritually Cocky and Think That You Always Think There Everybody Else.

We Got the Power of Christ Which We Do, but the Devils out like Kill of the Story and Where and Try to Wear Everybody down Buddy Borne out by Distracted and That That's What He Comes and Does His Dirty Work That I Just Think It's Going to Be Essential That We Respond Places like Boot Camp Go Global States That Spiritually and I Went to One Sounds Similar to What Y'all Are Doing It Is Best, Variety Don't Really Know You Need It That Bad to Get There and Get Rid of All the Distractions of Cell Phones Gone and You Decompress You While I Needed This More Than I Thought It Was Maybe with the Addiction. I Struggled for Eight Years in Hollywood with Alcohol and Drugs and That's That That's on the Rise.

Now the Covert World and All the Stresses, People Are Just Turning to the Bottle Turning the Pill Started to Get My Hands on Time so I Commend You Going to Show It's It's Amazing Times That We're in Very Fun to See What Concept to and in All This Right and so Jim Is Your Thinking through This from the Standpoint of of Loving Your Family Well, You Know That Something That I Think Most Men Struggle, and I Certainly Struggle with How to Write, You Know, I Know I'm Supposed Love My Wife Well but What Exactly Does That Look like Practically and Can You Share What That's Meant for You and Your Luncheon Will Related All the Light Always Ordered Me Leaving Her and She Currently like That Have Been around… Or Why That's Been a Big One and They Guide Your Well, I Can't Delicately Apply for Four Days. She May Say That You Get Back. Highly Unlikely She'll Ever Keep You from Going Again. What a Big One for Me. My First Was after All My Kids Were Gone, but One of the Big Thing I Had to Look Personally Because Given the Book Random and on the Dragon the Boot Camp Dictate Here yet Clear Later and Probably Didn't Help My like My Boy Going Apologize for Something Other Same Question You, Danny, Is There Some You Learn That the Boot Camp Did to Life Is like Man I Got a Good More Than Will. What's Interesting Is God's Been Doing Me with This Genre of Stuff for Very Long Time and I Discovered You Guys Last Summer and Probably Never Be the Same in Many Different Ways but the Pursuit of Our Goal.

I Worked on Heat and Air, and Appliances.

Stefan Aust of Comes the Service Manual, Wives and Children Do Not Send You Try to Figure This Thing out and to Be around Me and Who Have a Little Further in the Journeys of His Was Very Helpful Is Either to Hear That Because I Always Have Called It Terminal Uniqueness. No Way.

My Got the Problems I Have a Home Read That into Hear Me and Share Their Struggles in Their Victories. It Is Kind of the Neat Thing That How That Helps Is Here Something in the Gutter. You Have That Problem Myself or Had a Problem with My Wife or Something and to Find Resolution As I Think That's What the Kingdoms about Fry. This Is One of the Things We Talked about His Adventure to Live for. I Think Men Crave Adventure and so We Don't Have Any Adventure.

Then We Go off into Addictions and Whatever Because like like What Alan Was Talking about Work in Pursuit of Something Bigger and Better When Your Wife Is Sitting There the Whole Time She's in. You Know an Amazing Thing That God Gave You to Pursue, but It When It Gets Tricky We We Fall off and We Get into Other Things and so Those Are All Things That Are Amazing and and Opportunities to See Where God's Call on It Which I Know Again Alan Will in Your Movie. It Now.

Did You Help, You Actually Help Write It and Directed Well Directed at Good Film.

I Did Something That I've Never Done before, but Always Prayed before I Started the Project on This One. Right from the Get-Go.

What They Were down on the Script I Got Them Amazing. I Asked God for Guidance. The More This Is Your Film, You Take It. We Want to Go Don't Know Where All Know That Your Pretty Second Ignored Your Right through Me. Your Grade Investors and Just Amazing Things Happen That I Could Find out What I Would Start My Day off.

Once the Start of This Project on Mondays, Asking Him to Do That for That Particular Day and Said, Lord, You Know I Get Distracted and Have an Image on This Mammoth Undertaking an Independent Film and What I Would Do That Things Work out. I Forget My Own Bill That's Awesome. Well, Handbrake Will Be Right Back. So We Got so Much Working since Coming up the Name of the Movie Revised Submission 29 through May 3 You're Listening to the Truth Network and TruthNetwork.Com Back to Where We Hear How God Build the Kingdom of the Day Again. We Have with Us Alan Autry and Danny Marsh and Jim Graham Allen's Movie Victory Buys Mission Which Has To Do with This MMA Style Fighting and Certainly from What Danny Was Tell Me during the Break, Which I'll Should Mention Damian and Jim with Mass Contribute Can't Come up April 29 through May 2 but Alan during the Break I Found That Danny Is in MMA Enthusiast and He's like Madeleine, Robbie, Have You Ever Seen the Stuff Man. Yet This This Is Serious. You Know What the World Really Stuck by God Is the Great Commission Is People like Those of Others Will Look MMA to Get a Look at Me Quizzically like a Dog Talk and What You Know Palm Not Quite like That It Back with a Storyline, but Love Your Wife Well on the Storyline in the Lobby Guide Is the List Provider Does Not Love His Wife. Well He Thinks He's Doing It the Right Way. The Lady Was Thought Which He Wasn't Really Caught by His Father, but That Becomes a Something to Get Resolved Knoxville and Everything There but That's That's What Caught My Attention When Y'all Were Talking about That Really Gets Home Loving Your Wife Well Galley. Most of Us Love Allies but I Would Love Well the Way Christ and Things of the Film to Ask and I Remember My First Boot Camps. Then They Came up with This Concept of Your Wife Reflects God in a Very Unique Way and Wanting a Job since His Husband Is to Kind of Discerning and I Went and What Is Her Unique Gift. What Is Her Special Sauce in a What Is It That She Does Super Well and How Do You Call That out into or Not You Know for Me Was like Oh I Never Thought I Know It Sounds Pitiful Jim. That Is Just the Way I Am Not.

I Was like Oh I Can Do That I Can and so III Went Home and I and I Start to Think What This Got You Know How Much My Wife and You She's to Hold Babies. It Can Everywhere Weep in Our Week Mom Go to Church and She Would Go to the Nursery and Hold Babies and and and I Would See That This Was Some You I Said Damage Everything Not Working like in a Day Care to Think about, You Know What It Would Be like to Hold Back 00 and and You Know I've Seen Her Life.

15 Years Later and She's Gone through How Much You Know.Just Gave Her This Particular Gift of Being a Caregiver, and What It's Meant to Her to in a Play in an Arena That That She That Flips Her Lights on, You Know, so to Speak like You Know We Get to Find Our You Know Calling Whatever You Want Call That While Everybody's Got One and How Fun That We As Husbands and I Get a Chance to Do That so Danny Again Morning and Come Back to You since I'm so Grateful You Came in Today and 12 Was One of the Things Engineering on the on the Show Today. You Want to Know Man, I Will Make Sure I Get This Said There You Go.

That's Changed about 8 Ounces Salad. I Will Tell You I Have a Pastor Friend of Mine Realm Ordained under in His Churches along the Worst Streets in Burlington, North Carolina and Everybody Asking It Was Actually a Bar. They Converted into a Church and a Asking Why He Put His Church. They Are a Well If You're Going to Go Hunt.

You Need to Go Where the Travel and Then Enters Drug Addicts and Prostitutes and All Global Dentistry All the Time. I like the so I Would Not I Would Not Entertain the Idea That You Did a Bad Thing Taking Christianity into the MMA World Very Very Much, but the Two to Go Back to. I Think That I Was a Pull of the Scripture. And I Know We Will Run the Correct about This, but One of the Most Incredible Scriptures of Millions in for Me Is That When Jesus Said in John 15, You Did Not Choose Me, but I Chose You and Appointed You That You Should Go and Bear Fruit, and Albion. The Kid That Was Last Picked on the Kickball Team or the Basketball Team or Any Other Team to Think That That Jesus Would Choose Me Is Pretty Powerful and and the Whole Premise behind Were Trying to Do and What Allen's Trying to Do Is to Let You Know. Yes, God Is Choosing You That You Would Go Bear Fruit and Said Jim What Did You Want to Make Sure You Got Said Today. Well I Would You Level All I Got Hit with during Commercial Doctors Badly, Not Freedom. When I Got You Good Health That Walked in the Door. I Could Not Be Disturbed about, but the Court Now Start with like One.

It Is for Freedom. I Really Stand Firm That Did Not Convert More by You Were All and What I Hate. We Got a Jim because you can see the Jim's got some really big they want to share. I'm sorry you have to come to the camp to find out the rest of it. You got amassed and I just give me anything in pursuit that find out about the boot camp or this awesome movie Victory by after 10 got encouragement, prayer, followed by masking her hand then called office outcome and on the truth. This is the Truth Network

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