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It Takes A Woman Or 2

Kingdom Pursuits / Robby Dilmore
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April 4, 2021 8:52 am

It Takes A Woman Or 2

Kingdom Pursuits / Robby Dilmore

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April 4, 2021 8:52 am

Robby is joined by Bill Mixon along with a couple of wonderful politically involved ladies.  Michael Austin from Christian History calls in as well.  Is that Whistler's mother?

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Woodrow Kroll here when you train one pastor and some donor friends are standing by to train a second call 833-443-5467 or go online and train a

Every gift counts and now every gift is double training hello this is Willa Hardy with man talk radio. We all about breaking down the walls of race and denomination your chosen Truth Network podcast is starting in just a few minutes.

Enjoy it, share it, but most of all, thank you for listening to the truth. Podcast network. This is good Truth Network kingdom pursue here from ordinary people instilled with an extraordinary passion together we explore the stories of men and women who take what they love and let God turn their passion into kingdom pursuits now live from the truth. Your host Robbie Gilmore welcomed the kingdom pursuits where we hear how God takes your passion and uses it to build the kingdom on this Easter Eve very fun. I'm always excited to see how God does this so today just to start off with. We have actually one of my good friends I got to see him rare occasion as he was coming through town this week. My friend is Michael Austin Christian history magazine welcome Michael and welcome to your feedback and your phone can hear me out. We lost Michael anyway we got a lot coming up for Michael in Christian history magazine issue this month is America's book how the Bible shape the nation and we could use that. Right now, I'm sure. And that goes perfectly with our other guests today, John Fleming and Linda Petro right and close enough is picture picture so that you is not silent, it's free to talk okay and they are with the North Carolina Federation of Republican women in it that in the mouthful, especially in today's climate so let's take Joan once you tell us a little bit about the North Carolina Federation of Republican women, we fancy GAP site County Republican women here and we are also a member of the North Carolina Federation and the national Federation so we didn't answer yet whether they do well like into the GOP and we tell people to try to invite people to come to the women's group we get involved with the GOP with affiliate and we don't control it with the women if you know the women nicely do the work of any volunteer organization so that's what we do.

We work hard and get out to vote. We work hard at headquarters and we have service projects that we do and we just plug away to elect Republicans. That's beautiful, absolutely. When you think about it you know that it's it is obviously Linda you want to get a word on that. This is going to say if you ask any candidate that they always say the kingdom, one without us and they could with the brains man take the credit for really the credit belongs to you got a monthly dinner that thugs can attend if there yet slightly thinking it's the fourth Thursday of every month and this coming month we have Alex Nelson coming and next month we have our state party chairman Michael Whatley and Sen. candidate for Senate Mark Walker coming, Mark, and so how cool is that. And you know it's Easter Eve so you're probably wondering Robbie, what does the Republicans have to do with Easter. I have an answer for you as you might've guessed. So, speaking of Republican you like this bill. I just found out my grandpa a lifelong Republican is going to vote Democrat passed away never happened if he was alive this and my mother died in 1990 and 1992 here in Winston-Salem. So in my name happens to be Robert Mr. Moore, Junior, and so I went to vote this year.

My dad's been dead like three and so they had me down like are you, you know, and when that when I saw the name they had on him like no that's not me.

So Kratz wanted every American to receive a $1400 check while Republicans numbness they favor giving everybody 10 pounds of Parmesan cheese GOP and align they want to make America great again. Michael you give me so there's a new store where I live.

This is where this all fits and so there is a new store.

I live in only allows Republicans to shop now they say the customer is always right and so you may know, and I really do believe this moment hard Easter has to do right goddess to make right and you know what the links he went to do that and then be able to come out of the grave.

The only way we do that is if he was in fact right and so you know the proof of the pudding will be in the eating so here's my question. Today, the one that you can call in what is right with Easter what is right. Easter 866-34-TRUTH 87884 866-34-TRUTH calling you can guess the answer that's can be subjective so you can't miss.

Just call us 866-34-TRUTH a new Bethann to win prizes devotionals on site big bag of candy that Michael all you have to do is call is that 866-34-TRUTH 87884 and the good news is we have Michael back so Michael is with Christian history magazine in this week's excuse me. This month's issue is America's book how the Bible shape the nation. Welcome, Michael Goodlatte, so I'm glad you like to get well. Now I just the whole Republican thing and America's shape the nation.

I think the coming so I looked at the car. This book, I just have to jump right into this kind of inquiring minds need to know if you seem to cover on the new issue.

Interestingly, there are three women that are pictured on the cover of this in my note and asked for your writing could be so I'm dying to know who are these women. I may not. I see that is the one with the white on it on her head is at Whistler's mother. I don't think so. Her sister realized she was looking off to the right. Well said with well said Michael had about the less than attractive woman that is right in the middle of the cover to you that maybe I stumped the panel.

Michael went off and instead I've got Michael will get you back here so Michael, do you know who that women might be.

So I don't yeah me neither. The look of Roosevelt and and depending on what you hold the cover she is looking right. If I turn I don't be able to be right that is good, but the Bible was a big part of, you know how this this nation was formed and women obviously paid a huge role in and keeping that central right will absolutely listening to the conversation earlier, I immediately went on the website to search the word women and not so I'm ready now. Where loaded for bear today kingdom proceeds so much more coming from Michael Christian history magazine. John and Linda with North Carolina Federation of Republican women, but we need you got Scott Barton, and yes you know what's right with 348.

Welcome back to kingdom proceeds where we hear how God takes your uses it to build the kingdom and they were so blessed to have with us John Fleming and Linda Petru with the North Carolina Federation of Republican women, as well as Michael Austin.

He is the editor of Christian history magazine. This month's issue, how the Bible helped shape the nation and cover have these women on it that we are just inquiring minds need. We looked at Whistler's mother.

We looked at family next week we looked at Betsy Ross and so far we have stumped the panel so if you want to make a guess along with you know what's right with Easter on these women might be on the cover.

We would love to know 866-34-TRUTH 87884 and Michael, if you have any any enlightenment while you're on the brink picture. I do want to remind all of you picture Christ women stand prominently. He was a revolutionary and revolutionized that revolutionized the status of women like no one in history impact. I think that's a big group. One other one of big reasons why so many well still claims more more people than in any other religion on the planet and women have played an enormous role in just say that last night, my wife Tammy and I were preparing for this Seder that were doing later today and that in order to make kosher matzoh you knew this but in order make kosher matzoh from the point in time that the water touches the flour until it's cooked. You got 18 minutes said to me, and I you know we've made matzoh many times this week we love to do Seder dinner and we always try to go for the record, and we decided that were just not kosher.

That's hard because you gotta roll it out again. Make it real thing.

You gotta put little fork imprint Senate get it in the pan is gotta cook you not picturing us but as we were working together then you got it. We are making the horse, it would you have to peel all these apples and you have to take the cinnamon and as we were doing all this stuff. I was thinking maybe for generations the mothers of Israel right have had their daughters around this holiday and sharing with them why it is that you got 18 minutes to make the stuff you know site for them. It's like making Christmas cookies and so the answer is that they been teaching their families about sin from from them. You don't make them as Christmas cookies Christmas my Passover matzoh have ever since whatever and in them and when they make the horse that I don't know if you knew that's the take apples and cinnamon and almonds and they mix it together with great juice or wind minimum you want to make it. You can guess what my choice would be so anyway.

When you when you mix it together. Oh my goodness it makes is wonderful, wonderful tasting food, but when you look at it. It looks like the mortar that they use to make bricks while they were in slavery and so you know they're teaching this story and how important because what you guys talked about. I know I'm going really long but I just I was thinking about it last night how important the nurturing of the mothers that are teaching the children from the time right and so here you guys are nurturing these candidates which clearly need some nurturing something when I got quite excited. They come in and they have no idea what they're doing and not even started and know the paperwork they have to fit, gotta sign the paperwork big trap also nurturing the next generation to be involved in the care that is get selected. Well, let's just talk about the paperwork so Beth and I would find it on my red eye that even now politician paperwork. You know how to tweet. I have 20,000 probably can.

20 I can tweak but I lost some of them when I did I lost 3000 followers with during the purging of whatever happened with Twitter. I don't know. It's just what happened. Anyway that's really cool inside even thought about that you help them get their paperwork straight, endlessly advising him to go to get it done because if you if you don't get that paperwork done, especially financial paperwork. You can be so Michael, I'm just guessing I am that you don't have a woman on your staff to put the picture names in the issue and did you find him. Who are these with the names but they have the works of art direction works of art and this is Smithsonian to bring cover. I'll bring it into that's okay and maybe will do a little googling during the break will know that I'm just saying that if you had a woman he was looking at your government who are these women then obviously you guys but I love what we commonly say anytime something like that happens is because Amanda now wisdom speaking I want to remind us all you want through nine really carefully because that's where we find out who wisdom is.

And guess what wisdom is a woman and she was there from the beginning right.

That's a good on that side when so I got Scott Barton's been hanging on for average got a guess for us on what's right with Easter since Scott welcomed the kingdom. Proceeds buddy what's right with Easter little but right about all the best, about all that great and you know our writing like the most. I bet belly. The book he needed more women in his life since we thing I think about Scott is I think about that morning and you can be right more right about Jan that when he rose he could never see wasn't right with the father and then who was there first.

You know who got there first and who would not let go.

By the way, this is one of my favorite things. She grabbed hold of him and she was not letting go is like I am the father.

You don't like. I love that scene that's about it. In the end it is that heart of God because you know like man if you had a chance to grab hold of Jesus when he just came out on Easter morning. Wouldn't when you grab so that that's a beautiful thought. Thank you Scott, you win. God bless thank you so much. Got so getting back to Christian history magazine, which it really. We had talked about when you were here last week. Michael the episode before they got a lot of Quakers in the area and you guys it's taken up the whole idea of how Quakers affected America in the early days we talked about was so inspiring to me was the solution. Quakers had to slavery again. Very practical are very practical thinking and I would be surprised if women had a big pardon in this decision, but purchased and set them free. What I witnessed what what a picture of Jesus because that's what he does with us. She purchases us and sets us free to send us a lot like the things here in Winston-Salem slaves. Very few of them, but the slaves were able to at least early on, were able to purchase their fate, freedom, innocence, and retained they were accepted as part of the community, they were encouraged to married families were kept together and they could work become brick layers and make bricks in all sorts of things and eventually being a free work their way through to become free.

So it's a very similar pattern of what the what that Quakers had so I think that when you have an opportunity to meet God on Easter morning. How that works for you. It changes your heart and as we talked about the previous show, you know, to see another person is to see the face of God and his you fall in love with people you don't want them to work for nothing. You don't want him to know anybody be your slave just, you know, obviously William Wilberforce took that on in England and with politics and so you might think that what is politics have to do with Easter but it took somebody like William Wilberforce and God put this on his heart to set free all the slaves and so helpful is it for God put on John and Linda's heart work within this and we talked about what's really important in this season when we come back for volunteering as precincts in voting. In all things become so important, so we got that we got Amy Cabo and Lynn is calling from Washington. Welcome back to where we hear how God takes your passion and uses it to build the kingdom and we have answers.

You may have questions. We have answers. So the woman that is reading the Bible on the cover of the Christian history magazine that I've been dying to find out her name was Maude Jones and she was actually the artist ship was a self-portrait of herself writing you know what she needed to know from the Bible how cool is that. So Michael, at least we have one person identified that's old Margaret there and you know that's one yeah yes very very very very true so speaking of women, we have Amy Cabo witnesses. She is the host of the cure and she is on today on the Truth Network at 1 o'clock and her show this week. Again this alive shows you can call him it's the stigma of mental illness and is I talked about in the Christian card I show you know it's the illness to get snow to comply other words, you find out somebody in your Sunday school class is got.

Bipolar disorder, depression, you know that's not the person you run out and buy chicken pie for an and deliver it to him. It's got a stigma doesn't Amy and again you you would have experience with little I might try to correct our way and I Darrell I am so glad you're doing that as such is needed thing just is. And for a lot of folks that are searching for what is my faith fit into this equation said it's a beautiful program. It's on today at 1 o'clock on the Truth Network again. It's life seeking calling. Thanks for doing the same S so again we have John and Linda with this and you know as we talked about in the show.

That obviously we know there with the Republican convention.

Obviously doing some very needed wisdom that the Republican Party needs a lot of things I heard you mention was precincts right in and so maybe if you're like me and you're wondering G what happened to my vote.

I mean, what happened to the people's votes in Pennsylvania and Michigan are all those things if you Republican. These things are a concern. If your Democrat you you you may be wondering about election integrity.

Those are just important issues so I talked to Mark Walker just I was part of an interview with Chaim Forney with interview with Mark Orcutt took that question to him and because I said what are we doing to make sure that you know this that something happens here and you only sent said Robbie, this is the state deal.

He said it's the state legislatures that actually determine you know how vulture can happen in Pennsylvania how that can happen in Michigan and so the fact that we get involved with the Republican Party that we get involved with the Democratic Party if if you try to get election integrity. It's like a happen at the national level you you know it's going to happen right and harassment, grassroots, and so this is why we we need groups like you guys in all happens at the state level election laws that are not national or state line and each state has some things a little bit different. We had a great program last statewide and here in North Carolina. We did our job. The turnout was wonderful. The eyes on the election was very, very strong and we were very successful. We took three state Supreme Court seats. This is a big big this is why you guys need help right write it up.

It starts at the precinct level because the person is the precinct level you talk about that you we have 101 precincts in Forsyth County hundred and one. That's where you vote, and most people don't even know where there precinct is because they are so used to betting early and we go to the 17 precincts and and each year we have to have graders. We have to have Paul observers and we have to have judges we can all learn why Paul observers, yes.

We've seen it firsthand. The stuff is uncritical and this is why I've heard other talkshows talk about. We got a volunteer got is I put this all together because my minds got a small you been trying to figure out that picture on the chairs are just a vital part of our grassroots romanization and like I said, we have hundred one precincts right now we have 60 how many are there and try to get people without either way, the Nrnberg Drive listed in Raleigh. My goodness honey precincts again on Aaron White County. I can imagine probably ever 200.

I would say looking women in wake County are there in Charlotte course just wondering what has this week. Mecklenburg County has I think three if not for Republican women's club. Wow. Well obviously there's 100 precincts. I had no idea how ignorant I am just think about staffing holidays precincts bill did you know that one thing we've got here questions. I can feel ignored or not the precinct there 100, oh you did know, yeah, I'm silly, but that I just recently found out is also because I go to the Monday lunch for conservatives in Forsyth County does anybody else that would like to join us at noon at Golden corral would love to have you come join us. So how so hundred precincts hundred one ingest Forsyth County and I live in Rockingham County, so who knows we might have 12 of about 13 or 14 in Davie and I think they be smaller. I did not know that. I mean, I didn't know that Davie had 13 I work in Davie County.

I have searched around there but I didn't know that.

And so I know that in Rockingham County. We go out to I like to go the precinct and we went out to the high school that's out there and voted and so that's beautiful wow and so yeah you got a lot of that and so when you wind if somebody was to respond and say I want to volunteer number one how they do that a number two. What then I got a number one, they can call their local GOP office is Michael office and all the counties and we have 100 counties and number two, they can go to the website and check out committees and where they want to volunteer in bed precinct is where we ask people to start. So when you say the web there's a website precinct website for Mesa County parties G all okay so I got Rockingham County GOP party and so once once had been recruited into this GOP team then what you can get. We love having volunteers.

Well, we have committees we have that registration will also train you train me to well working well. I think we can train you on that you so you can go into the data center into your precinct; here in New Orleans. Michael Robert, I had no idea. Like a lot of other people too; you do not only precincts are in your area. I haven't a clue. But let me say that women have been so I have been saying this to women for centuries.

In fact, Christians are known for other people but who started the first hospital. Her name was Fabiola. She found that she mentioned the issue a Christian magazine actually number 17. One of the earliest issues. The whole issue neglected women of the early church does that mean that they were neglected because their names got right magazine classic problem got so much working since they to all sorts of ways you can get involved and also how you can get this magazine to see the cover for yourself where we hear how God takes your and uses it to build the kingdom and bills always told me it had a passion for so he said that the North Carolina Federation of Republican women, which is very all sorts of stuff in my good friend Michael Austin. I wish we had the most delightful conversations he was come through town. We set here for an hour Michael by my boss had to break us up because of I just went on and on. You can imagine. But anyway, Michael.

I know people want and how do I get my hands on this cover. Let's see this magazine and the wonderful stuff you do somehow how is it people get connected to Christian history magazine, Michael Clement, we've lost him know he's coming back okay thank you Christian is a wonderful website where folks can go and read all of these magazines including issues 17 which is all about women in the early church just a great website for the home school and the church library and it's amazing how often women are mentioned. Once again, as I said earlier, Jesus transformed their position in society and we don't think about that.

We take it for granted today. In fact, I want to give a shout out in a call out to our women in the audience to to acknowledge their power and an ability to direct the attention of men. That's something that they're extremely successful at. They know all about that, and they're good at it and they love to do that and I want them to direct their attention to what their responsibility what their role is and to get them to convert from saying that I never heard of that. You didn't even know about that, accepting their role is leadership especially in the Republican Party and I just know wonderful women for the work that they're doing and encourage them to remind these men direct your attention to what is really important when you think about Michael. You know, one of the first evangelists out there was the woman at the well. I mean she made a huge impact again that she wasn't a Jew.

She was a Samaritan, so she's out there you know telling everybody I mean just spreading the word and immediately evangelized the whole town town leaders then came out to Jesus yelled while we we want to be a part of the way Michael not to. She was not a woman of great standing. You know this was likely but it wasn't her know you thought Mary's talking now. This women was you know but that did not stop her, nor did it change your credibility. I mean, like the rest of and in my later testimony so powerful it is as it is like my friend Bob, my tongue Christian junker diary says this is what I thought made me disqualified. Ask me makes me uniquely qualified to get out there and share from whatever platform God gives you risk because your past is is a big part of your story which you know more politicians could share that stuff because they would have more impact extinction I did. I absolutely agree. I had a student one time he said in college. He wasn't didn't do anything because he wanted to run for office one day. I'm not an event for you and he said why because she never messed up and made a mistake and learn from.

So we are all of our mistakes and what we've learned from and we need to push that nation to not run away from it. Agree with beautiful yeah I think about it. Michael and besides, women are the first educators in the family. We civilize the children we educate, we civilize that is very true. It's very true it's very true so very significant role in the early church killed off in an battle of the population of the church with predominantly women, which is the case today. But the important thing is true. So Michael real quick to 30 seconds left in the chance to say what went issue coming out is the one you're most excited about what the current one I think is most important because it focuses on the Bible and by the way, it's only the first of a series is going to be another issue later this year, possibly early next year on the Bible but what we need to do as a nation is turned back to the truth. Turned back to the wall. Realized day, he's risen, the so see if you can be the first to the tomb in the morning out run James and John are marrying whoever you got very very cool right now you listen to a lot more truth to match on the Truth Network James Banks encouraging her special Easter episode coming up right after this that and then masking journey starts here now on the truth and the key to colostrum and he did a Christmas with a lot of Easter with cholos special. This is the Truth Network

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