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Stories About Jesus

Kingdom Pursuits / Robby Dilmore
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December 27, 2020 8:37 am

Stories About Jesus

Kingdom Pursuits / Robby Dilmore

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December 27, 2020 8:37 am

Last podcast of the year, and it ends strong.  Robby and a couple of women who have let the Lord lead their steps.  Happy New Year!

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Hello this is Willa Hardy with man talk radio. We all about breaking down the walls of race and denomination your chosen Truth Network podcasts is starting in just a few minutes.

Enjoy it, share it, but most of all, thank you for listening to the truth. Podcasts network.

This is good Truth Network kingdom pursuits here from ordinary people instilled with an extraordinary passion together we explore the stories of men and women who take what they love and let God turn their passion into the kingdom pursuits now live from the truth.

Your host Robbie Gilmore. Oh how fun is it we get to do our last show of 2020 right and I decided to bring back some favorites as I love to do this time year to think back over the year and say it would be really fun to have again since we had so much from the first time.

We have Joe and Victor, my center-right as a thick mirror. I don't want to get it wrong Joe if Mayor Larry to go and she wrote this book that honestly is just blessed my heart in so many ways she doesn't even know how much it's blessed my heart but is called it storytime the mall and answered prayer first for stories that point children because it is a children's book, but all my goodness are the stories just wonderful and and I have to tell you, Joanne. She had sent me the book actually comes out January 5, but she had sent me a copy and I told her that I would love to use the stories for the devotions that I do at at a retirement home in Marksville and so Joanne I I've used several of them and I gotta tell you if you've ever visited assisted living or nursing home or something that they love kids. They adore kids.

So to have these well-written God moment stories with kids involved is just like pennies from heaven. I mean it just like oh my gosh and and and and there you know locked up there where they can't get any visitors or whatever. So we have to smuggle me, but I have I have my sources so we get the information in you know the course they get a few my jokes which we might get to feudalism here in a minute. But meanwhile Joanne, I gotta tell you what a blessing Sargon shares more stories from Joanne today and then next up in a hope. Hope here. What is with the pregnancy network.

We fed on several times this year and I love what they do and so we never had hope before, but recently had the pregnancy network on and you guys got a year and challenge right for folks that are coming at the end of the year an opportunity to really help out the unborn. I'm so excited that I really am. I just I love the stories of God reaching down and and help in babies come to life and mothers have this opportunity to raise the children that he entrusted them to them and even help those who made tough choices along the way. So you guys are really amazing organizations will hear some stories about that but tell us about you've got a mattress on going on for this particular show for the end of the year.

Running now Michael Haller and there we are hoping that January can power nor an article in a $50,000 and 3500 people getting hundred dollars we can make it happen and you any amount of the drawing for my lunch thinking. So we've got hope on and I'm very anxious to hear that. So yes we have to get through. A few years jumpstarted get the music started, I remember Joanne so yes you know not to brag but I already have a date for New Year's Eve is December 31.

So, do you know where you go to practice math on New Year's Eve. You wondered about that when you go time squared. Hope it's okay to go live now, so I know based on this year. Some of you may be seeing the new Carol make Lonnie Tony AB forgot some of us enjoyed depends on your situation so with all that done I actually do have a little bit and I really like this riddle if this might be one of my favorite riddles and it's hard it's not hard for her to me anyway of achieving that you know I like that. That's right so who in the Bible. Besides stalks of corn celebrate New Year's day who celebrated new years day. Besides stalks of corn which always loved his day.

If you know the answer to that you call us 866-34-TRUTH 34186634878841 cell in something really tell us who in the Bible, celebrated New Year's Day, Friday, not Thursday night and summer. Meanwhile, getting back to Joanne so you gotta be excited your books coming out what January 5 grade hearing. God and being overcome with pain it with me so.

The first time. I love the story of how God did on your heart to write this book and my grandchildren are about three and five at the time and had a program on the radio stop and talk about how important it is that we make our children cry young young age, I don't have much time. I've got to get and down parent rating and they did find that the poor thing that I ate in my heart and him and I wanted them to know God. I wanted them to know that I gave the call upon and delay. I pray God give me a story of you may need healing help them conquer 50 and got and I would come in the story and it would every time they came and we took off anywhere they start chanting Mema and I pray God give me a going they need and the year went on, and there Cantwell now and their laughter story) been amazing.

My mother encouraged me to write down years ago when I did not it, but eventually I did in March this year COBIT hit the last Sunday we got to meet the chart below. It we were not allowed mean anymore that we forgot to tell me about typing and print not the story. He tell me have them published.

I had no idea Dale and I remember standing in front of the chart.

I have no idea what I'm doing here but I know God and now nine months later I have a book in my hand and I tell you Robbie greatest thing about it is there's probably hundreds of people behind the thing that did this from the County Bay. Karen and Larry Carpenter publishing company.

The enchanting.immediate although that did the logo and all of that. I did one thing, pray prayer much and I had no idea eight years ago that I would be sitting here talking to you about it Tell me to have published that he had planned for his plans for the stories.

Oh my goodness, or the stories I can see why your grandchildren are still asking for. That's what some stories will hear more from the pregnancy network. Your challenge and a course you got a call in and tell us celebrated in the Bible, 866-3487.

Welcome back person to we have got a couple of really cool guests, we had to Joanne Mayor with her book that's coming out.

Actually, January 5 at story time Mema answered prayer for stories that point children to God and hope with the pregnancy network and their end of your challenge and so I think I was confused which is often the case, but knows me well but actually the Truth Network is doing $1000 match for you guys right on the yes so here's the deal.

If you give 50 working to match 50 if you give 100 were to match 100 of the Truth Network's got a match of 4000 so it's only want to give up house working to match that the Truth Network itself wants to participate in this program so the way I'm reading it by the email that I got this I knew that there was this match so your opportunity to really double the fun of somebody being able to raise that child enjoying a Christmas like I did with my grandchildren.

Yesterday that's that's all available but hope I'm very curious how did you end up come to work for the pregnancy network here in Europe.

Holly Brown sharing and abortion and real-time hearing and landline I get more involved and greater helping empowerment through rating find all of our three so when you were in college and I imagine you have this opportunity to really I'm in God's put you right in the fray of what's going on in the kingdom and so was there a story of like you saw this happen right from your own eyes zero, like, okay, God, this this is where I need to be is your story like that that you recall, one story and are the wine and I don't like any other option I won't be able to pull John a light rain and I called to get involved in really each individual and be able to be involved in ministry something really gone after this one story. You know like I'll never forget when this you know obviously like to name names, but you know let's just use a name like my wife's Tammy.

When Tammy showed up and oh my goodness. And then this you know all she decided to or not to whatever happened you know you have this kind of put flesh on on the on the story for some I give you to think about one or two of those would be really cool to go back to Joanne Joanne.

Do you have a story loaded up for us today. One minute, hamburgers and fries to go play here. Too hot to play outside right now. Temperature hundred 1 hundred and 16 the great my name is Joanne Mary 50 and I were cool enough that Mary we had ridden bike earlier and pedaled out here. What a rare sight.

They look like black America really definitely know no wind either just hot debate was on fire.

Yuri think pelican.bomb and the water was spectacular high in the air. They take a two or three would dive straight down and make a huge splash when they can't make amazing pelican that they're targeting me on and I think Bob a bit on the water.

The water Bam Bam water line to look for God. Everything because everything the beauty of God's creation cannot be matched. We were bored. Mary grabbed the phone and we started making prank calls.

We call people.

It must be taken thing just reminding me of Dr. appointment tomorrow with Dr. Mary, the poor lady said honey I don't have an appointment with Dr. Barry Mary told her yes ma'am you dammit dammit then hung up. We roared and it was time to call the drugstore and asked him what met client today. She hung up before they could say why we couldn't stop my turn now I call the local caf I didn't know my aunt had started working there. I thought it sounded like he could be. I disguise my belief the best I could. My name is Miss thing I've hamburgers and fries and five Coca-Cola plea. I'll be there in 20 minutes to pick it.

Here's my number. We found this to be extremely amusing. We had cooled off we went out to ride bikes again falling rapidly. We all split up and I headed home.

What a wonderful day. I thought put my bike in the garage and marking time. When I went to her and my mom, I'm so sorry.

We will make it right.

I'll be there in about 20 minutes. Click you get in here right now. I came, and did you call the local caf in order. What can I say I have to tell the truth why he so mad. Not a big deal yeah I answered. We loaded into the car right away, took off when I get you there. You will apologize. I will pay the bill, but you will work in. I am so disappointed in you Joanne couldn't cover it with Derrico. We all had a ball.

I don't know.

We thought it was fine that you people work hard, making five burgers and 5 PM during rush hour, when they come to know what was going on now she knows it was you.

Are you proud of yourself. Know what that proud of myself fine. I thought I had nothing compared mom pulled up to the Family when he and the bill was $30 and 42. Mom paid it. Miss Carson, I'm sorry for pulling the prank phone call. We thought it was fun at the time, but it's not funny at all. Now I'm so sorry it will never happen again. Mom drove back home. Dad the work truck within the driveway.

He worked construction. Mom went straight to him and informed him all that I done today. Dad with more than a call for me. I came running with the stern face people ordered yet out there and watch that work truck inside and out. You work hard for that $30 and 42. I'm so disappointed in you. At least it was cool outside. Now I watch the grinding money truck I could bobbing that was probably dumbest thing I had ever done. Working all alone flapping a soapy sponge on the tailgate. I thought about and began praying and I asked for forgiveness. I told Steve that I never wanted to wind up in a mess like that again please help me make better decisions and do right.

Amen. I thought about it word, the Bible said it mercy and new every morning great is thy faithfulness. I was comforted knowing that tomorrow is a new day mercy will be name well I just have to know one quest to get the burgers offered.

My mother said that the Sears for 30 boxes must be buying same.

I'm like my possibly only thought today would probably well.

I love those stories. Well getting back to hope. I'm sorry if you thought a one now that really struck your heart story is actually more real time here recently. We want in the world had been turned down by how you talk about being a single mom acting another baby so involved in our programming mentor at a local church and our mentor reached out to a social media era and their really hot when an overwhelming and respect her way to provide for her children in behind Andy over other family and all started one woman, and now that client and other family well and the thrilling story that time had encouraged really shown how the community has come together to meet the needs of women. As we mentioned is doing $1000 hearing this, a person' find out about a preorder book or you can just go ahead and donate again of $2000 will match whatever you got pregnancy. Welcome back to pursuits where we hear how God takes your use is to build the kingdom. We certainly have a couple of poster children for that today we have Joannes McNair and her book.

It's story time Mema and answered prayer for stories that point children to God and hope it would. Pregnancy networks end-of-the-year challenge in the truest match of the thousand dollars to help out the unborn are other mothers that may be facing struggles along the ideas of of unplanned pregnancies, but also because we always get a chance to do this we have any copy combo with this who's got the cure. She's going to be on at 1 o'clock across the Truth Network Eastern time. So we are very excited because Amy this show was kind of you guys doing for Sharon. Your heart, try and show quite like okay I'm looking and wonderful waterway like okay on our grasping, not controlled typewriters on how we can all come together and focused on what's really important. Yes this really cool divorce texted me Amy is going to get really philosophical so is your feeling philosophical for 2021 approaches the opportunity.

1 o'clock to call and talk to Amy. The cure it's on what a delightful show for some Amy are Amy and Boris Harvey, one of that in whatever order to share today on what is been a really really cool year your first full year broadcasting. I think it well yet that's right you you I forgot you guys from here before we started caring so you're right, this is your second and always so awesome thank you Amy all you was part of what he said okay. All right. Thank you Amy God bless you too excited about your show so all right.

Getting back to hope and pregnancy networks that I just did I just cut them off by accident. That's how it happened. So we lost her just for the moment, but when you have phones you know these things happen. So we get it for me to share that wow I mean is, is you're looking ahead to 20, 21, and you hear Joanne story I that God said I want to write a book. These stories are good. I want this to happen. One of the original purposes behind kingdoms pursuits was to in fact inspire folks here from other people just friendly people know what God loves written people and and he gives them extraordinary missions are mean Peter was just regular fishermen and Matthew was a tax collector, however, that all worked. He put something on their hearts and they had ministries that greatly impacted lives and so it is always been our prayers are working to pursuits that we would hear the stories of other people that you simply obeyed and in Joanne's case, she prayed, and the next thing you know know God does is take her on this adventure, which is just beyond cool and sharing the stories that have really adjusted my own life born a lot of fruit as is the case with the pregnancy networks right hope you know heard the call to join this network and to become part of the fundraising and the next thing you know she becomes an off Mike I do with Jesus labor 11, the middleman, the people donate the money over here and then we get to see God use it in this people's lives over there and and again in July I mean God takes you on these amazing adventures and so if you know somebody is Adventure like that you know is always just contact me and go to King pursuits icon Christian and go to my emails all those places and simply you just send me something Sam Robbie I noticed right just for you certainly taken a passionate news using it to build the kingdom. So we did get Joanne back hello Joe, I am so I went by myself little while there, but it's okay if you got another story for us about my dad tell me this story from port years ago and never forgot it.

Love it, can anyone beat Jeff and Joe went to go with it. How they talk every day, deal with the chair. Joe had ever met this really the boyfriend of six grade gel with the strong muscle that it is very competitive but can't do it best in everything Joe did Beth know in the grant. He did Beth clean and his running he did Beth go back sleep did his best in support. He loved football, wrestling, baseball and boxing competition need to be in including planning Joe would be having Patty, he won the box internment and the rest by tournament Joe without rent boy contract as a running back when Joe got the football and ran. No one could stop him with being so good in school board think that would be happy he really was something missing. Joe wanted be happy like you. It was something different about when it came to swimming BL payment better. Always play second he couldn't understand Kelly kick his arm to beat me this time.

All my no matter how hard he tried deal deal one. How could Bielby feel was born without leg when he plan he had no leg to kick Bielby couldn't play football or baseball box jump out fine for Bill always actually went to be just. It was cool having all the kids in school talk about Joe think the bill bill would laugh a bit.

Joe guess you can't be the best in everything. Joe couldn't stand it any longer. He abruptly and rather sternly at Bill.

How can you be so happy all the time.

You have no lag.

You can even play my part chair and be happy about that party. There it is again. Bill and his big smile and chuckle. You think you can handle this, of course, I can tell, and for Bill explained you're right.

I wasn't happy all the time. Several years ago before I met you I was miserable. I was bad. I cried a lot and Asking God why me, why did you give me Lang I really want to run and play, do all the things that you do.

Jim might change. Then Bill, Joanne Bill explained she Jesus happen and moaning and groaning and filling sorry for myself doing anyone any good. Hated myself and I was ugly. Finally I just had a long talk with God, I realized that God does not make day NRM I think God is a jealous God.

I have a purpose born without leg.

Maybe that so I could beat you at swimming. Jeff they both laugh. Bill continued, I thought about God being jealous God that man had put him first. I had the choice to make good guy everything everything God with that accepted my heart and I am a new creation, a new creature old is no more. If you want the joy I have a break. I hate that Joanne but we will be back with more from the pregnancy networking Joanne with all welcome pursuits will your help.your passion is to build the kingdom. So today were so blessed to Joanne for Mary and her book that's coming out early January is called it storytime me Monia.

God of hope there will pregnancy networks and your challenge go with the Truth Network shells just for today show. If the treatment will match up to thousand dollars. So what if you give you get to give double some of you it was 500 and you get to the truth of the pregnancy network 500 was double a thousand. That's how it works is critical so getting back to hope which I'm so sorry we cut you off but actually our phone system kinda did that. However, work that were glad to have you back, so hope what did you want to make sure you got shared today that women have a chance to glitch do that you are our expansion into Lincoln, our grand opening and are going really to reach more women in the triad last year there were more than 3400 women seeking abortion and abortion and lots of light and the trauma that went on will go through an abortion and heartbreaking and then just 1500 every year that are sent down abortion industry claims to be pro-woman and on the need for abortion if you dig deeper what industry is really that women can't handle parent head can't handle client had been a single mom and pop for entry but we network a look at one day you can do it and we will help you sell in our expansion, we provide planning & counting all the resources that they need not only get your life back off or make healthy choices that will be more like outcome.

Her and her child big reason that we wanted to come on and share and also by the end of your giving campaign. Know what we hope that your listener will come alongside and back at me and her therapist. When you gave me not only empower 11 you strength and entire family. You pour into the next generation. Support your community and you help make abortion very you're playing a part in real women story in the triad. That's really what were here to share today in writing. Thank you so much for all absolutely love what you guys do and how you do it and we would love the stories and the fruit of your labor's Joanne to get back to you. I gotta tell you that it's interesting you know what the second. The first story had to tell us about the little boy in the crawdad fishing story which we can show that time which was off the hook. Just amazing, but the second story that I showed shared with the people at the nursing home was that when you just told about Joe, which I did not know when I shared it. Joe was your father that that's not a piece of information I gathered out of the book but like oh my goodness. Apparently Bill when you really think through what I'm now understanding bill with no legs had to greatly impact your father which greatly impacted you and now God is blessing all of us with with what a lot connected. We all do realize that point, years and years ago and how important what day and let my dad cry and my dad could not get over the fact that this man was bad happy and yet born without leg you ever met Bill now and I'm not even sure if his name was Bill dead tell me that the years back. My dad passed about three years ago years ago and I don't remember the name. I just remember that dad could not beat him in swimming. No matter how hard he tried to understand that Bill used his arms a lot but that's just us to such a cool story and that's the way the whole book is it's coming out early January.

You go to kingdom pursuits. I can't get it on Amazon and when you get a book like this just means much.

The authors that you rated and that you make comments about what you liked and know it's encouraging for people to hear what's going on and by the same token, if you have it on your heart to help these mothers, but believe me of struggling with life and death decisions that are so difficult have huge consequences, and I want an opportunity to double your money.

Essentially, right now you just go to kingdom pursuits and the click on the pregnancy network there and show you how to give and again for everything that you give on the show from what we understand as to what I got from Stu was easily double your money. So if you give us 50 is to make 100 if you give us hundred were elected to up to thousand dollars so we are so blessed to have you guys on his partners, and so blessed to enter into 2021 with you guys and I need to get to my I'm shocked but I'm shocked I thought this was my easiest riddle ever but maybe not ever. Was really easy. So I gave you Thursday night's member. The Easter story, there was the guy he was something to the high priest as I recall, Peter cut off his ear. Jesus put it back on, so he celebrated right Good Friday is New Year's Day 00 all celebrated the corner of my humor. So there you go guys that you hope.

Thank you Joanne right now. Stay tuned. Got so much for coming at you, encouraging prayer which is really awesome for the new year and then journey if you don't laugh that shallow shop and then the kickoff it's time to man up so much truth. This is the Truth Network

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