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Babies & The Minor Prophets

Kingdom Pursuits / Robby Dilmore
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December 12, 2020 2:39 pm

Babies & The Minor Prophets

Kingdom Pursuits / Robby Dilmore

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December 12, 2020 2:39 pm

Mary Holloman from The Pregnancy Network and Author of "The Twelve: A Transformational Journey Through The Minor Prophets" ,  Parker Bradley proves size doesn't dictate strength.  This is a very very good one.

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Christmas gift why not the one she can have a couple of chicken maybe it's not the get for your family but it is the perfect gift for poor family ninja chicken can break the cycle of poverty for poor family yes chicken chickens and provide nourishment for family and they can sell those exit the market for income when you donate a chicken or any other gospel for Asia one her percent of what you give goes to the field and get the ball went gospel fundraiser to support family of Jesus family this Christmas and give them six explanation see chickens and camping. This is Rodney from the masculine journey podcast.

We explored manhood within Jesus Christ your chosen Truth Network podcast starting in just a few seconds. Sit back and enjoy it.

Sharon most of all, thank you for listening and choosing The Truth Podcast Network. This is the Truth Network kingdom pursuits here from ordinary people instilled with an extraordinary passion together we explore the stories of men and women who take what they love and let God turn their passion into kingdom pursuits now live from the truth. Your host Robbie Gilmore oh hour we can have fun today on kingdom person. First up we have Mary Holloman with the pregnancy network network is doing an amazing work to empower young monsters life and their goal this season really is to raise $50,000 in two weeks they can get 500 people to get $100, while right. This can empower 42 mom so welcome Mary, so glad to have you yeah you were on with me a few weeks ago and where do not campaign but this time here's is a great time right to be thinking about moms is been talked about Mary and the last show for quite a while, you know, so you know that it's it's a beautiful beautiful thing that we can take part in saving a life. You know about their care on trying to be thinking about when I hear in great effect without the air forward fully empowered to be talking a lot about that some need stories.

Mary has some beautiful beautiful stories of folks that have been there with the pregnancy network but next up we have Parker Bradley not good friend of mine Mark Varner was with me on the masculine journey might hurt them. A few weeks ago with this, but Kate Parker is the author of the 12. And I think you're gonna love this. So when I say the 12.

I bet you're thinking another 12. But this is a transformational journey through the 12 minor prophets of how cool Parker you picked a different 12 showed comic book called the 12 disciples number journey from the very beginning. That's the neat thing about it as it catches you like all the 12 know no different. 12 cool and and so where you did get to hear all sorts of cool stuff about the minor prophets today with Parker, but you might now it's kingdom pursuits and I think you do a little last week. So speaking of 12 Beth and I have assembled 12 coded Carol's especially for you.

I rated this exhaustive list so number one away away the socially distance manger like this when he met her. Maybe the first no smells disinfect the halls with boughs of Lysol, that's for the boss lady and I smell the boughs of Lysol place so dark that heralds through mask. This is actually my favorite on the list.

If you're an elf lover you love this one baby Cove it outside that that's that's really maybe I should save the next six for next week.

I think I will. I think I will so I just get right to the actual real I, save the rest of this list for later. The other six yet so Christmas Carol, would you say the pregnancy network would most likely use for their campaign which Christmas Carol pregnancy network most likely use for their campaign. And if you got that by the way, you know, there's no wrong answers just call him Beth and we have one very special so share network all my goodness I was calling to tell us what you think would be appropriate. Carol for the pregnancy network. This time a year, eight 663-487-8840 thinking of 866-34-TRUTH 87884 is call in allow the light lit up right away because family married their wantonness so maybe you can describe our prizes better because you actually seem really long time. When I ran it sounds like you and now the great conversation starters right so you're out there and you know it's it's a beautiful thing to be able to share what God's doing through this ministry. Well, just almost lightning fast and we have somebody that has an answer for.

So we got Scott Barton is in. I think Winston-Salem just got here on kingdom pursuits good morning good morning Robin, Tom, so I stab away no I think it's called Mary did you know absolutely fantastic. Yes, this is a mark sang that song originally from the Gators's name is someone I do believe you all. Yes, it really is. So Scott you are a winner. Thank you. I appreciate it so you can miss blue longsleeved T-shirt on a mansion so my pushback on hold and get your pick and will go back on the show. Thanks for calling Scott a blessing. Thank you so Parker by jumping in and of these 12 profits.

I'm just curious, you know what, what, how did God put it on your heart to write this particular book. Were you just like making can connection between the 12 or the individual stories will really just how conversation and Bible study teacher at church. How just going through the book had a powerful impact on me, certainly, but anyone that I think it really spent time with. They just have a completely different perspective. I think on how to really view is that just the love of God, the love of God. It so fierce and if it was just a powerful thing for me to go through and read them and and really unpack and discover the love of God, and a lot of people are afraid of the minor prophets because they can be a stormy punch. They say can of they just speak very differently than we would normally one thing that I found on the website is these might not be the guys you bring to the party. I said, you should put on your website myself.

No just my sense of humor. I think this book majors in the minors. We got so much more majoring on the minors coming up as well as stories through the pregnancy network and how God is working through them all the stuff is a kingdom you can go get to the campaign that Mary talked about some it's right there. 12 Christmas time question often comes up as to how Jesus got his name. First, Jesus is the Greek form of the fairly common Jewish Joshua at least five different Joshua was mentioned in the Old Testament so it was widely from the perspective of name alone.

Jesus was very there was more to the name Joshua or Jesus that it's popularity. It actually met the Lord say that first Christmas. Both Mary and Joseph were told by God to name Mary's child Jesus and Joseph was given the because he would save his people from their sin. That's Jesus's name is David Jeremiah. That is the Christmas driving the word home this Christmas on 6666 and start your journey home today.

This is the love language is Dr. Gary Chapman on not being able to be with those you love during the holidays, so many emotions Christmas together so many positive emotions when you're part can be pretty deep thinking.

First of all talk about the person who is not there with the people you are with extended family.

Other friends, people sure with whether their data whether the military where whatever the situation talk about don't simply ignore.

This is really one of the positive steps to take when were going through grief. One of the ways we work through the pain is to talk about the person bring back memories and just talk with your friends about that person and let them tell you things that I remember about that person or things they appreciate about that person. So don't try to ignore is what I'm saying talk about the person.

For more go to five love common line about winning County density with today's uncommon moment Woody Allen is quoted as saying 80% of success in life is just showing up some of the best times with family are on plan.

The times when you just present.

When you show up when I was coaching too often the demands of my job stole time for my family.

Sometimes it was unavoidable. Other times I simply scheduled too much of my time at work. But as time passed and the children got older, I changed do you need to change. Spent time with your family and love for no reason at all, but to be you witness miracles you might otherwise miss Karen times best selling County density. The popular book series, I will come back to the kingdom croissants where we help you solve your hunger for the Bible to remain my show that the end of the last break but anyway I have to start off with an apology. I feel kind of well actually feel really bad that this was misunderstood last week show we are talking about the massacre not to mask and I made a statement that upset some listeners and I feel really bad about it and so I just want to first of all, apologize but also explain myself a little bit.

I had said that if I listen to Rush Limbaugh for more than 30 minutes. It sucks life on. I did not mean that Rush Limbaugh sucked the life out of me. I mean, I know that he is more than a gifted talkshow host and he brings so much to the world entertainment from my point of view he brings tons and tons and tons of truth for my soul. Okay, this is me.

I can only take so much of the evil of the world before I want to crawl in a hole somewhere you know I know because he does go into all the stuff that people are doing out there that is that is quite thick and and if I listen to that for any length of time to search your heart.

It hurts my heart and so I switch over to my Bible and Robbie spoke again, I apologize because I am no means wanted to because by all means, demands phenomenally gifted and you know he's number one talkshow host America for reason I wasn't saying that that way is actually talking about, you know my own need to get less of the world and in more Jesus, whatever that may look like so moving back to our guest today we have Mary Holloman with the pregnancy network and pregnancy network is out to raise $50,000 in two weeks right so in 500 people give $100 and we go 42 moms that pays to get 42 moms, we hope, with 42 babies and I want one opportunity we have to do that and we have Parker Bradley, the author of the 12.

The transformational journey through the minor prophets and so I'm really excited to hear more about that but moving back to Mary. Can you share with us a little bit of something that you may have seen recently that God's done, it just kinda wowed you this year will whack and what we did quite okay and you are free, parent? Hungry practical community restart and mentorship program and I believe we can connect at one with the local church.

The long-term health network can help acquire during their and beyond her pregnancy and working where Dan parroted out during actually really encouraging. And if you want that guy will whack on the woman tell her I'm sick at our website and one year and Royal and when she first came back to where where there is no way a network will come against me getting a good question.

And the reason was because line care that Derek and Danica ran and have been impregnated during thought I could not want to be involved a lot of yellow light. Naturally military, where they can give you people get hurt and Royal look like now. I need an ultrasound anyway okay and aren't they really mean that appointment when we get an opportunity to share the cost and styling seeking payment line and Lauren went Royal nation shared the gospel and get out of your life, not just the Royal how Christ came to an end in her free and I impregnated with Lyle and I write down) the appointment and not a heart like her and she told Eric no way that I can get an abortion now we could get the complete 180 from our earlier question on anything about it. She continued her relationship with Mary and came back where we actually were able to carry earlier last night, November 2. Her baby girl was born and the really neat way from the beginning of the year and tell now how we are able to be a one-man and powered scary situation but you act in a way that the planet your absolutely beautiful again. To do this more and more and more in 2020 as they are expanding their network into new communities and so you can be part of that by going to kingdom pursuits or obviously the pregnancy network and you could see Royal story for yourself. But the idea obviously is there trying to raise $50,000 in two weeks as they come into this part of the year, but as I was listening that Parker, I couldn't help but note that some of the minor prophets dealt with some of those issues right I can think of at least one anyway and so I thought you might might take a swing at this one will one thing that I will say doing what Mary got really really applaud her work.

There, but yeah they just the menu minor prophet to speak about the value of life and one thing that they really focus on as much as justice is they focus on injustice and the damage that it does to culture to people and can do even and even in the church and you know one thing that is came to mind was back one of my favorites. But in chapter 3 Habakkuk able to respond in a powerful way strong words from God.

Habakkuk open the book by pointing out all the bad things that were going on in culture and say you know hey God, are you seeing what I'm saying because this doesn't look so great. Are you going to do anything about it. And God trusted that man enough to give him a hard answer to a hard question in the hard answer was yes I'm going to do something about it and it's going to be harder for you than you can possibly imagine. And the date, okay you want.

But the amazing thing is Habakkuk was able to lean on God's character knowing that God was going to be God. In any and every situation in his goodness and judgment in his blessing and in his wrath is character is reliable.

The whole way through.

So chapter 3 and with beautiful home of praise to God even though he was daring right into the faith of intense hardship in the days and that is the canvas. That I think of the minor prophet, really, in part, to the believer because they lift our eyes above the normally and the broken of culture to see a God who is at work in the midst of all of his mouth like that's what I back again. John three chapter 3 verse verse wanted to. In the midst of the years make live sustainer give us life hard in the midst of the years give us understanding. There's a lot of question I need understanding from you, God, if I'm going to make it a place for life be praise for understanding and he said Lord in wrath remember Mark and when you look at wrath can be translated in times of trembling when the times make me tremble. Always remember your marketing to me is that three think that he prayed for those that the right thing to think we really need you could say that again when you think about it in their day they were murdering lies babies right to all in and I wasn't so much under the rug like we can do this for the mom and all the state they were doing this to worship a false God, which I can't even imagine. And certainly the government was standing behind it. It wasn't someone different their Supreme Court's whatever that look like you know all this is okay. How how in the world and yet a `man, it's so beautiful it really is Parker. I'm I'm so grateful that God is giving you that insight because it is so much what the culture is saying versus what you know what God saying and so Mary back to you on that. Really important not we may not be blank here about God and God were bowing down to about the art Convenient and on autonomy and a lot of when when we write will be right back with working here to help me understand God's purpose for your life to the eyes of a layman. For decades we've lived in this paradigm, believing that the sharing of your faith is an option, in spite of all the Scriptures to the contrary is in fact your first and most important responsibility before God and the one that opens the floodgates for God to make everything in your life work for good faith sharing is the least understood and most underappreciated path are opening up God's blessing for real life, as is its simplicity without any training or Bible memorization. You start loving everyone everything right now and experience the knowing that God is making everything in your life for good.

If you're still standing outside of that promise. What on earth are you waiting for your job is revival outside the walls injured moving everyone everything doing a go tomorrow. hi this is that whole thing. You're listening to plug-in in Disney plus the idea of what a fairy godmother should be. It's a 21st-century makeover for eons at godmother's job is to help a prince and a girl find love at times it changed in the new godmother named Eleanor is determined to change with them. Nevermind her assigned girl is actually a weary fortysomething single mom there's some drinking a bit of profanity and some suggestive innuendo here plus magic, of course, but the story ultimately suggests what's most important is learning to be happy in each moment were given godmother. 3 1/2 out of five for family-friendly. Read the full review of I'm not a horse for Focus on the Family is a real economic pitfalls associated with Christmas it's spending more than we have. Hi am Chuck Swindoll responded amazing people who were normally logical thinking, deliberate and intelligent can move along for 15 days into a fog and with little concern for restraint pop out that credit card. Time after time they put that thing down, forgetting that it took up to a year to pay for the previous Christmas, but they say nevertheless put that on my charge again and again. We've all seen it happen and it's a habit for some of us my advice.

Pretty simple. If you don't have it visit insight for living's website. It insight.RG. Welcome back to where we hear how God thinks your passion uses it to build the kingdom we have today with this Parker Bradley is the author of the 12 transformational journey through the minor prophets. The book again is called the 12, and Mary Holloman with the pregnancy network the pregnancy network is right help in mom's empower them to choose life, but also as you pointed out help and people that are suffering men and women with the choice that they might've made through abortion and so they are using this time a year to get resources in order to help more and more people and more areas are looking to raise $50,000 in two weeks and 5P 500 people will give $100 and that will essentially go to work on 42 mom's and hopefully 42 baby so Mary as you guys are part of this fundraiser is everybody but gives is it any amount they get registered to win one of these prices, which we talked about earlier. All 20 and you will be really cool mentioned earlier and collected the Truth Network you heard about it here and that at drawing I can't even conduct 40 came on we get back there because it takes about $1200 and Tyler 11 and fix it by taking her to all of our medical service that enters that $1200.40 came on at 50,000 cattle and We can't rally together you can and how many moms really empowering to achieve life for their unborn children to see this link to the cost of doing ultrasound and having this somehow in the building and have him around and organizing all that and and so the cool thing from my perspective is God's been providing that I mean is we hear the stories of Royal and other people that you know this is sort of a gift that keeps on giving and giving and so you know what a beautiful time year to be thinking about what you could do along those lines. So moving on to the back to the 12 as I'm excited to hear about these guys. Parker so of the 12 which one of them surprised you the most. As you began to study like I didn't see this one coming. We know that a `is and I've heard say I've I've interviewed several people I just wrote books on her back. I mean, because immediately he's amazing amazing minor profit. I think they get the short end of the prophet stick when their cost because they're all major league characters.

By all means and I'll tell you one that just always intrigues me personally is Jonah like that story about the shade tree in me, the more the older I get, the more I study the word. The more I find that I would like to Jonah which was just shocked you like man I did not know will I really until I really got into writing the book. I didn't really know how to approach Micah hello and so it was famous for their about Jesus being born in Bethlehem and there's some Micah 68. Everyone knows that justly lover will come. We know we know the little bit hard for me to count of pickup on his rhythm and style focus that I got tell you that I got I got hit them out of the park. It was really neat to to dig in and study that one because of all the 12 he may be the most use the word relevant because it is overused, but as far as culture today Micah seemed really hit our wavelength. That was a powerful thing for me to see you. He talks about in chapter 7. How cultures really turned against the ways of God to the point where you're afraid to say what you think in public because there might be some pushback there might be some you know we think about no social media today.

There is some thought about that. This trust which was, so among the people to where even in people's homes.

They were afraid to share their hearts with each other because it was politically expedient. If you want to use that word or it was just so divisive that I was hard to trust each other and that something that kinda sorta deep today but it is his daughter rises up against mother-daughter log and interview and we see the breakdown of the home, but we we see, I don't know so many things that that seem to rise up and Micah, but he in all way when he lists this kind of ghetto heart issues he has with something like this but as for me I will look to the Lord. I will wait for the God of my salvation, my gun and he just in the missed of things that would bring us a lot of consternation or fear. He is always there to say, but I'm going to trust in God and the powerful thing when he says rejoice not over me.

My all I shall ride when I sit in darkness. The Lord will be alike me and those kind of words just deal me with strength, how to say it can be a real hardheaded person is the minors really seem to be best friends to those of us who dollars get it right the first time I did, yeah, but it goes wrong in times when times are at their worst, because in Samaria I can't help but think there's times write their stories where the person doesn't make the choice or hoping for an and where do you guys find help when you actually seen this first-place like man, this lady she made this choice and that's going to break your heart really important startling when at a time. There 41 and year behind the door after one even charge any women or impact that actually get me. We did have a one in abortion and grain brown paint be the crucial thing is that after her abortion. He experience that filing a grant and I first got because he may like to. She called her back and that they help me and that we were able to connect her red. One of our volunteer cavemen abortion in her path.

And now they're working together in the flag and healing think that when women are making a need to feel safe and asked you, not just the church and gave me a headache that correct question asked forgiveness and redemption of the reality of her father's are hurting because of this 20 and that you are alive and had women, at 30 years.

I got home the question forward. Can you help me and I cannot get Jesus Christ yelling when economically made their mistake that we feel like we can come back from then why and when you look at the story.

I got carried using unborn child to bring about how well I do have one more segment of have more on the minor profit both without one more okay man, this is your time you're here now go out there and start caregiver clean, either emotionally and physically. Physical therapy, doctors do show the world caregiving is tougher than tough on the tour guides you need/counsel Billy Graham today our imagination to go back 2000 years to that first Christmas when the world experience. Second, there was a new song in the third. That was good news. The star song.

Good news all about Jesus, the Savior of the world was born on the first Christmas morning, God incarnate, joined God and man reconcile you had nothing but bad news last Savior had come to save men from sin. Do you know Jesus learn more and find peace with that's find peace with were the Billy Graham evangelistic Association you find the news confusing.

You wonder who you can trust the breakpoint this week is designed for you. I'm Shane Morris with Colson Center for Christian worldview. Join me in my Colson Center, College Johnston Street every week right here on this station for a half-hour discussion of the news you care about looked at through a biblical worldview lends that's breakpoint this week half-hour of clarity, conviction, and compassion to help you sort out a chaotic and confusing world. Welcome back to person's where we hear how God takes your passion is to build men right now I have my good friends Amy problem with this was supposed to show comes on today at 1 o'clock and Amy, I gotta tell you I am totally jealous because you get to interview TC Stallings right on this movie about PTSD and my brother. You know I got to I got to interview him in person. One time when he was in the movie war room and he is such a neat believer. I mean it best this man loves Christ and God's given him in our platform that's unbelievable and I know that Juergen have a great time today at one and guess what blisters you can call in and actually talk to TC yourself which I can tell you he's got quite a story to me. Amy brought going on man production, screenwriter, movie, very stout and great neck, while expanding Ashley back in the time or people that if gone through an abortion or near abortion right we talk about trauma this life and death right there and and I you know that's that's real life stuff and so God bless you for what you count down. I know I know God bless you Amy, thank you so much for what you do you guys tune in 1 o'clock today Eastern on the Truth Network.

Thank you YouTube about so again are there to guess today Mary Holloman with the pregnancy network that have to raise $50,000 in two weeks and Peter Parker excuse me you think Peter Parker so if you ever been related by this writer asked Parker Bradley. It's like Spider-Man because he is author of the 12. He's got to cover a lot of ground.

The transformational journey through the minor prophets in God really he packs a punch through these minor prophets are in and I can't help but think about the very end of the minor prophets where it says in God's going to turn the hearts of the fathers to their children and the children of their father to their fathers, and in that's the prophecy John the Baptist essentially Christ coming but there's so much in that particular prophecy. What might you add to that force Parker because it's one of my favorite passages yeah absolutely one of the really great thing about the minor profit profit. In general, is yesterday. They they call balls and strikes. Yet, they did call it like this. And of the Lord speaks powerfully through them. But it is always of restoration in Christ.

There always looking forward to the Redeemer there always looking forward to Jesus and in Christ, the restoration that the prophet long for that.

We long for is found fully in him. And so when Malachi in the last verses of the Old Testament know what you just said the figures Luke chapter 4 I think but is at the very beginning of the gospel is the angel announcement to Mary the end of the announcement.

I think Zachariah to Zechariah correct announcement is in fact Malachi's work and what you go on over years will you been long for is heart turning father to son restoration redemption.

Those kind of thing. Finally coming coming to be the Messiah tear the Redeemer is here and that's with the sweep of the minor profit is to be very clear about the brokenness that we live in, but always looking for full faith to our Redeemer who restores asking for Mary. Now I have a couple more minutes, but I wanted you to have time to share what you didn't get a chance to share it there. Talk about making money and power.

When questioned what can I possibly be a drop in the water hear the voice that I would pay you are looking for a way. Practical and getting current financial tracker and it will impact when it will impact my practical way to think about that that we can have 31 and want to get found questioned the cost currently $300 back here for free and be fully informed and Beltway so awesome Parker.

Thank you Mary thank you so much for this wonderful show today. I really bless you guys keep up the great work and have a Merry Christmas, Naomi, oh man. What this encouraging prayer come up with things really awesome, followed by Matthew 12 so much truth, truth.

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